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I'on6ibly it may seem out of place to
some people for the editor of this paper
who is so new to Cass county, to pre
sume to suggest how the voter of Old
Cass county should cast his vote at this
Having lived in Nebraska for over
thirty years and never having cast a
vote outside of this state, we feel that
we are in a position to fully discuss
the situation in Nebraska, and what
may be true of the state is likewise
true of not only Cass county, but eveiy
county in Nebraska.
The republican party in Nebraska is
confronted at this time by a condition
not a theory. Last year the state was
turned over to the democratic party
because they made promises to the
voter, which, notwithstanding the fact
that they have never kept a promise in
Nebraska, the voter believed and de
cided to give them one more chance.
The record is before us.
W. J. Bryan carried the state. A .
M. Shallenberger was elected gover
nor. A democratic legislature with a
large working majority was given
power to make the laws and do busi
ness for the next two years. Every
possible chance was placed in the
hands of the democratic party to make
good their promises to the voter.
With a democratic majority of two to
one. With a democratic governor to
sign all bills passed. With the able
counsel of W. J. Bryan to aid them,
what greater opportunity could any
party ask to carry out their pledges
and their promises.
Their very first act after the organi
zation of the legislature was perfected
was to attempt to capture a portion of
the offices of the supreme court. Their
next act was to change the political
complexion of the different boards of
the state, taking the appointive power
from those boards, which were republi
can, and transferring it to the govern
or, who was a democrat, so that demo
crats could be appointea in piace 01
Were they satisfied with that? No!
In nearly every instance this demo
cratic legislature which had promised
the voter to legislate in such a manner
that the affairs of the state would be
looked after in a more ecomical man
lier, introduced bills increasing the
would be filled by democrats.
Was that legislating to save the tax
payers money?
In nearly every instance every bill
which was introduced to give a demo
crat a job at an increased salary, some
member spent a great portion of the
time which the tax payers were paying
him five dollars a day for, trying to
pull such political strings as would land
him or a friend in one of those jobs.
More than half of the session was
wasted in an endeavor to pass such
la ws or change other laws which would
give some member of the democratic
majority or a particular fiiend a chance
to land one of the positions which would
be at the disposal of the governor if
they succeeded in amending the laws
which governed the appointment of
several good positions to be filled.
As a result, so much time had been
wasted that it soon became evident
that if promises to the voter were
kept, it woutd be necessary to make
haste. But it was too late. In the fight
or the speakership, jealousies had been
treated. In the fight to capture the
supreme court offices, factions had
sprung up. In the attempt to change
existing laws so that republican ap
pointees would be discharged and demo
cratic members or their friends ap
pointed, valuable time had been wasted,
and when such democratic members as
Taylor of Custer and others, who from
the start had seen the hand-writing on
the wall and had entreited and begged
their fellow members to get to work
and redeem pledges made the people,
but were made fun of for their per
sistency, finally succeeded in getting
the legislature to work there was no
time left to discuss the measures up for
passage, and they were hurried through
and passed without proper discussion of
their merits.
Everybody knows the result. Nearly
every important law passed has not
9 a. J iUn 4nn4 rf n I rr n 1 a v a m I r o t trn
Not only has a republican supreme
court declared me bins oeiore mem
illegal, but leading democratic lawyers
u..a ahowu1 fha nnnrra fn KrpaV thpm.
In this regard republican courts and
democratic authority have for once at
I least been of the same mind, and there
fore political expediency cannot be
1 charged to the undoing.
! In the public institutions of the state.
! which have all been filled with demo
crats by the new governor, lack of
harmony has been the rule, rather than
j the exception. Very few institutions
but what have been kept in a turmoil
j by reason of the incompetency and the
Notwithstanding that many cam
paigns have has been made against the
republicans in former years when they
presided over the state institutions,
because the officials used their offices
to assist their own party, the demo
crats have at the present time gone
farther and have spent days and even
weeks working in the interests of the
democratic party while the tax payers
have been paying the bills. Not only
have the employees themselves left
their work to engage in the campaign,
but the horses and carriages of one
institution at least owned by the tax
payers, were used to carry democratic
voters to the polls to vote in the city
election in Lincoln.
These are facts which can be sub
stanciated. These are facts which we
defy the opposition to refute if they
can. These are facts which it will pay
every voter to think well over before
he casts his vote. They are not made
just before election so that you will
have no chance to look the matter up,
but you have a week to do so. Enquire
into the matter and then think it over.
In conclusion let us say to the voter
who for some reason or another may
hive voted to place these people where
they are, you had your reasons for so
doing. If you felt that you wanted to
vote the way you did it was your privi
lege and nobody else's business. The
question for you to settle is as to
whether it has paid. Has your invest
ment in democratic promises resulted
in good returns? Are you satisfied? If
not, withdraw the account and invest it
where it will do you the most good the
same as you would with any other
business investment. The casting of a
vote is a business venture. It should
be looked upon in that light. If you
are convinced that the democratic
party is the party which will do the
most for you and for your state, then
it is your duty to vote the democratic
ticket. But if you believe on the other
hand that the republican party can bet
ter be trusted to give the state the best
service then it is your duty to support
the nominees of that party.
Don't let prejudice against some man
upon the ticket away your judgment
against the whole ticket, if that pre
judice is a personal matter. Sit down
alone and discuss the matter with your
self. Look back over the history of the
state and the nation and take up the
record of both parties. See which one
of them has done the most for you and
for the cosntry, and then vote as your
concience may dictate and you will
have done your duty as a man, as an
American citizen, and as an American
When a woman was created it was
for the purpose of her being a help
meet for man. It was not intended
that she should run for office for the
purpose of knocking some man out of a
job. It may be all right for her to
vote. That we do not question, but
after casting that vote Bhe should trot
right home and fry the coffee and boil
the pan cakes ready for the coming of
the husband who earns the living by
the sweat of his brow or the work of
his think tank. But if woman choses
to enter the political arena, she should
not expect that her skirts should pro
tect her from attack if she herself
paved the way by her acts. When she
enters the field of politics and pushes
herself up to the political lunch coun
ter, she should takes her political
coffee and her political hamberger
sandwich and not expect that there
was to be more sugar in the coffee or
more onions in the hamberger just be
cause she was a woman. In short, she
should not take advantage of the fact
that she is a woman and expect that
she can do different than a man or that
the treatment she should receive would
be different than that given her politi
cal opponent who might possibly be of
the other sex.
County Court.
In county court Tuesday before Judge
Becson a final settlement was made in
the J. B. Meisinger estate.
The Kind of Information Dished up
to That Paper's Readers.
"The republican candidate for
county superintendent has never
taken a course in any state institu
tion. "-Journal.
The republican candidate for county
superintendent DID take a course at
the Peru Normal school.
"Odell does not hold a first grade
certificate, so we are informed."
Mr. Odell does hold a first grade
certificate issued by Miss Foster the
present superintendent and it was of
record when that spasm was written.
"Do the patrons of the public
schools want an incompetent ele
vated to the office of county superintendent?"-Journal.
Miss Foster issued to Mr. Odell a
first grade certificate upon his pre
sentation of his certificate from Otoe
county to her and she issued to him
that first grade certificate without
first notifiying the county superintend
ent of Otoe county and the state super
intendent of Nebraska, as the luw re
quires, because as she informed the
editor of this paper that she knew Mr.
Odell was all right and entitled
in every way to the certificate.
"Odell the republican candidate
for county superintendent went to
Otoe county to get a certificate and
had a hard time to get it. "-Journal.
Mr. Odell went to Otoe county to be
examined for a certificate because he
happened to be near Nebraska City at
that time and as his average was
ninety per cent, far above the per
cent of most of the certificates issued,
could not have had a hard time to
get it.
"He has taught here but two
years and went to Otoe county to
get a third grade certificate."
Mr. Odell has taught in all, seven
years. During his residence in Ne
braska he has never entered a school
but what he has remained there two
yeai s and could have stayed longer.
The democratic candidate has never
taught in the same town school more
than one year, so we are reliably in
formed. Why?
"If the friends of Odell the re
publican candidate for county super
intendent of schools desire to know
the qualities of that gentleman for
the position, let them write to
County Superintendent King of
Otoe county. He can perhaps tell
them as to. his examination."
The aoove written in such a manner
as to lead the reader to infer that Mr.
King knew something about Mr. Odell
that would be detrimental to his can
didacy appeared in the Journal Thurs
day. Taking the advice of the Jour
nal the editor of the Daily News called
up Mr. King by 'phone and when asked
about the qualifications of Mr. Odell
said: "Mr Odell appeared at my office
to take an examination for a first grade
certificate. He passed the examina
tion the first time and did not have to
be re-examined in any department.
His examination was good and I at
once followed the requirements of law
and sent the same to the state super
intendent." As Mr. Odell passed with
a rating of ninety per cent and did so
without having to be coached or take a
second trial on any point, the Journal's
contention falls to the ground as have
all its previous statements.
In justice to Mr. King we wish to
ay that he objected to entering into
the controversy at all, but when in
formed that the Journal had drawn
him into it unauthorized, he at once
made the above statement and author
ized the News to say that it was his
statement of the case.
Now in conclusion we desire to say a
few words. The campaign againsl?Mr.
Odell has been made without the least
iota of evidence or anything else to
substiar.ciate the contentions of the
Journal. It has deliberately published
false statements against Mr. Odell
after its attention has been called to
the untruthfulness of those statements
and instead of correcting them it has
persisted in putting them before its
readers and kept up the deception.
The question for the readers of the
Journal to consider now is, if the Jour
nal has made false charges against Mr.
Odell when it knew those charges were
false, is it not reasonable to suppose
that its charges against other candi
dates are equally unreliable. If a man
persists in deceiving you day by day on j
one matter will he not do the same
thing on another if he wanti to carry
his points?
Don't let party politics sway you in
this matter. lit re is tho case of a
young man who has made a success in
school work at every place he has been
who has been plaed before tho people
of Cass county by his party and asks
their vote upon his record. In doing so
has he so far over stepped the usual
methods of asking the votes of the peo
ple that he should be subjected to a
campaign of falsehood by a newspaper
which for some reason wishes to defeat
him, and wishes to defeat him so much
that it is willing to tempt its readers
to do an unfair thing, just so its own
personal ends are accomplished?
Are the voters of Cass county going
to allow bucIi an unreliable oagan to
lead them to do something which is
wrong and which would be an injustice
to one of the finest men that ever
taught a school in Cass county.
Is the democratic candidate for county
superintendent going to continue by
her silence to give her sanction to the
methods of the Journal and if per
chance such methods should prevail,
gain her election upon a campaign that
to say the least is questionable?
Is the democratic candidate for county
superintendent going to allow the
standard of education to be dragged
into such a dirty pool of politics and re
fuse to attemp to keep it out when a
statement to the Journal insisting on
its being fair, would do more to purify
the political atmosphere than anything
that could be said by anyone else?
It has been a rule of the editor of
the Daily News to conduct a campaign
in such a matter that he could take a
candidate by the hand after election,
win or lose.and look him or her straight
in the eye without the quiver of an
eyelash. Will the opposition to E. E.
Odell be able to do the same thing?
This paper has not Baid very much
about the republhan candidate for
county clerk during the past week for
the reason that Mr. Lushinsky is meet
ing with such a recption all over the
county that his election is partically
assured at this time. George Lushin
sky has made a clean campaign because
he is a clean man and the people like
that kind of a man. He represents the
laboring element of the county and
that means that the laboring men are
going to have a representative in the
court house. He represents that sturdy,
honest type of citizenship which comes
from across the water, and which has
done so much toward the upbuilding of
this government. George Lushinsky
came io this country from Germany
when he was very young. From the
beginning he has endeavored to make
of himself that type of citizenship for
which his fathers have been noted
true and responsible. He has suc
ceeded. For the first time in his life
he is before the people at the request
of his friends for a public office. As a
representative of those whom ho repre
sents, the laboring class, every citizen
ihould show their appreciation of that
class which asking little from the voter
receives little, and now that the time
has come when they can be accorded
representation, let the voter remember
to cast his vote for George Lushinsky,
candidate for county clerk.
Is there anything in your acquain
tance with Sheriff Quinton which
would lead you to believe that he is
the robber that his political enemies
would try to make you believe? Now
honestly, when you come to think it
it over and look into the matter
isn't it easy to see the "nigger in the
With one or two exceptions not ont
of the republican candidates have es
caped the notice of the fellows who
delight in misrepresenting their politi
cal opponents. Stories have been put
in circulation which have had no founda
tion and which have been , false and
misleading. There is such a thing as
over-stepping the bounds of justice and
decency, and in one or two cases these
people will probably have to answer to
a h'gher tribunal no matter what the
rettH may I e next Tuesday.
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Stat of Nebraska, I , - . .
County of W Ib Cmnt "t-
In the matter of the estate of Jacob r. S. Slen-
ner. deceased.
To all persona interested:
You are hereby notified that a petition haa bran
filed in this court for the administration of the
estate of Jacob 1. Hteniwr and that Inn Stnnner
has been nominated aa such administrator, that a
hearing- will he hail upon mid petition on the 5th
day of November, 1909, at nine o'clock A M. at
my office in the City of Plattnmouth, Nebraska,
before which hour all objections thereto must be
filed. Hy the Court.
ISkai.I Ai.lkn J. Bkkhon.
M- County Judge.
CTttbr"k-sS. Count, Court
In the matter of the estate ef Mary Miller, de
ceased. To all persons Interested:
You are hereby notified thai a petition haa been
filed in thia court for the adininiHtratlon of the
eatate of Mary Miller, that David J. I'itman haa
been nominated aa aurh administrator, and that a
hearing will be had upon aaid petition on the Kth
day of November A. D.. luw, at eight o'clock Ai
M at my onice in the City of riattsmouth. Ne
braska, before which hour all objection! thereto
muat be filed. By the Court
Byron Ci.akk and Ai.lkn J. Bkrson.
W. A- NoRrRTHON, County Judge.
Attorney 6.1-6
Notice ot Election.
Before the Board of County Commissioners of
the County of Cans. Nebraska.
In the matter of the orgnnitatlon of Liberty
Drainage District,
To all whom it may concern:
Pursuant to the order of the Board of County
Commissionera of thecounty of Caaa. Nebraska,
made and entered on the ltth day of October. A.
D 1909. and by virtue of the authority vented in
me by the Statutea of the State of Nebraska
hereinafter deacribed. I, W. E. Rosencrans,
County Clerk of Cane ffemtv, Nebraska, do
hereby Rive notice that on the 2xth day of Octo
ber, A. 1)., 1WH, A K. Taylor, II. G. Todd. J. E.
McCarroll, 0. W. Conard, Luclla B. Taylor, Jns
aie H. Todd. Barbara A. Taylor. M. tl. McQuin.
L. J. Hall, lieorge N. La Hue and P. H. Mc
Carthy, filed in the oltlce of the County Clerk of
Caaa County their petition In writing' and aim
their bond with surety thereon, all in manner and
form aa by luw reiiuirod, and which bond and
surety thereon waa on tho 2nd day cf Novemlier,
A. D 1908. approved by me. The object ami
prayer of aaid petition being for the organization
of Liberty Drainage District; said petition being
filed under the provisions of an act passed by
the Legislature of the State of Nebraska and
approved by the Governor thereof, March 27th.
1KU7, entitled:
"An Act to provide for drainage district to
drain wet land; and land subject to overflow: and
any land which will be improved by drainage;
to build dykes and levees: to construct, straight
en, widen, deepen, or alter any ditch, drain,
stream, or watercourse; to riprap or otherwise
protect the bank of any stream or ditch; to con
struct, enlarge, extend, imnrove or maintain anv
drainage system: to construct, enlarge, extend.
improve or maintain any system of control of sur
face water or running water: and the rinhta.
obligationa and powers of such corporations.
Including the power of eminent domain, the crea
tion of debts. Issuing of negotiable bonds, and the
levying of special assessments on such real ea
tate and easementa therein as may be benefited
by such public work, and defining the duties and
powers of public officiuls, ' And amendments
1 hat the boundaries of said I.ihertv flralnaira
District aa fixed and determined by aaid County
Commissioners are aa follows, to-wit:
Commencing at the center of the Missouri River
where it intersects the east and west half sec
tion line of section twenty-eight 2K). in town.
ship (10). range fourteen (14), in the County of
Cass, Nebraska, thence continuing due west on
shio nan section line through sections twenty
nine and thirty (29 30). of.aid township and
range to range thirteen (II), thence continuing
due west through section Iwenty-tive (26) to sec
tion twenty-six taj. thence north eighty (HO)
rods, thence due west one hundred and sixty
(160) roils to the half section line, thnnra north
on the half section line to the northern boundary
of section twenty-three 23). thence due west on
tne north boundary line of said section twenty
throe (211). with sections fifteen and sixteen (15 A
Iti) on the north and sections twenty-one and
twenty-two (21 A 221 on the south, to the north
west corner of section twenty-one (2r, thence
south one mile to the southwest corner of section
twenty-one (21). thence due east on the section
line to the northeast corner of section twenty
sevpn ), thence one ami one-half miles to the
half section line between sections thirty-four and
thirty-five (,'14 4 :tfi), thence due east on the half
section line through said section thirty-five (116)
to the center of section thirty-six (,'), thence
south eighty (M)) roils, thence east one hundred
and sixty i IliO) rods to the section and range
line, all in township ten 1 10. north, range thir
teen (1.1) thence south to tho southwest corner
of section thirty-one (31). and to the Otoe
County line, thence eaxt on the county line forty
(40) roils, thence south in Otoe County one hun
dred and sixty (liiol rods, thence east fortv (40)
rods to the center of said sirtion six (), thence
south one hundred ami sixty liiO rods to the
section line, thence east on said section line to
the center of tho channel of the Missouri Kiver.
thence up tho center of the Missouri River with
It meandering to the pomt of beginning. All
of said lands in Otoe County being in township
nine, north of range fourteen.
All land owners within the boundaries of said
rro os;d Liberty Drainage District and all others
co,V,Trnfd- ,rt "mhy notified that an election
will be held on ' riday. November l. A. D 1909
between the hours of eight o'clock A. M. and alx
o clock P. M. at theofliceof the County Clerk of
the County of Cass. Nebraska, at Plattsmouth In
said county; that at said election the question of
the formation of said Liberty Drainage Diatrict
shall be determined and a Ronnl of seven direc
tors shall he elected, said boar j to take office
contingently on the foinntion of said dis'rict.
In Witness Whereof, I have herein to subscrib'
"ln eflicial signature us County Clerk and
s (lined the seal of Cans county. Nvb-aska, at. my
office in the court houre in the city of Platts
mouth, in said county, this JOth day of October.
A. D 1W9.
Byron Clsbk and W. E. Morbncrans.
W A. Hohkrthon, County Clerk of Cass
Attorneys for I'eUlioiiera County, Neb.
ISeali 65-8
iii e..'iEaffarmiw',i
At Low
Round T: ip
On sale every first and third
Tuesday in each month to .very
part of the Southvvet.
Hugh Norton, Agent.