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Logical Solution
Divorce Problem
The great crops of 1909 are making
themselves felt tn freight congestion
Bt some points, In upward revision of
estimates of the money value of the
fear's farm products and In a quicken
ing of the pulse of Industry and trade.
That they will bring the country a
yfar of unusual prosperity Is doubted
hy nobody. Next year or tho year
after the crops may not be bo abun
dant, but there Is never a total crop
failure. Even In tho drought of 1301
tho short corn crop had Us compensa
tlon In an Immense yield of wheat. Dl
Terslflcd farming and Improved cultl
ration lessen the probabilities of fall
ure In any considerable percentage of
the crops. The Increasing yields and
the growing average of prices are mak
Ink affluent the landowner and the
thrifty farmers wiNo a few years ago
had cause to complu.'u of poverty. The
Improving comforts o; rvral life and
the great financial Independence are
broadening tho intelligence of the
farmers and the growing value of the
lands Is building up a land-owning ar
Istocracy In tho west that Is gaining
In political, social and economic Influ
ence. Theirs Is an Influence of con
It may bo Impossible for the depart
ment of agriculture at WnRhlngton oi
any other human power to succeed In
every attempt to cause two blades of
grass to grow where one crew before
But there Is no doubt of tho efficient
work done by the department In stlm
ulatlng crop growing wherever poss
Iblo Now the experts of branch
of the government are turning atten
tlon to opportunities In the Panama
canal tone, which Is under American
Jurisdiction. It Is believed enough fruit
and vegetables, Including tnose of
both tho temperate and tr.tplcal ell
mates, can be produced to meet tho
requirements in this direction of the
oo.OOO persons now residing on the
sone. If this can be done a fresh tri
umph will be scored for the depart
ment and important economic results
will follow. And al. that will be In
line with the practical Ideas whljh
govern the department of agriculture.
Manila has been celebrating the
eleventh anniversary of the capture
of tho city by American troops. What
has become of that Philippine disaf
lection and Insurrection which the
"antl-lmperlalsts" were wont to pre
dict so gloomily? asks the Evening
Wisconsin. Really the admirers of
Agulnaldo have had little to talk about
for some time. Perhaps they will
seize the Incident of the Invasion of
New England by the regular army as
an opportunity first to protest loudly
and then to tako to the tall timber.
The little shah of Persia Is between
11 and 12 years old, about the age
when tho average American boy Is
naving me carefree time of his life
Yet they propose that the young shah
shall marry and assume the responsl
blllty of a domestic establishment
And apparently they have the esta'o
lishment picked out. No wonder the
little fellow tried to run away. Also
no wonder that even the sluggish east
ls awakening to the farcical charac
ter of Borne kinds of monarchy.
There are International exchanges
ct various kinds commercial,, edu
catlonal and aesthetic. Years "' ago
Great Britain Inaugurated an Interna
tional exchange in birds by giving this
country the English sparrow. Lately
England has received from this coun
try the American robin a generous
repayment The new arrival Is much
appreciated In the "tight little Island."
Whether the birds will stay In Eng
land through tho autumn and winter Is
now a matter of debate.
To deprlvo of his adopted national
ity a Chinaman who served in tho
navy during the civil war, was wound
d five times In the service of the
country, and has held citizenship pa
pers for 35 years, must be In accord
with the law, since the courts say so.
But It leaves a liberty of opinion as to
what sort of law It Is that Inflicts such
A Montreal paper has figured that In
dancing at a ball beginning at ten
o'clock at night and ending at flv
o'clock the next morning the distance
covered Is more than 11 miles. Yet
the average girl prefers It to a day
at the washtub, where there Is very
little walking.
The head of tho chemical bureau
says that modern housewlvesire Lu
cretla Horglas, who devote themselves
to bridge while ptomaines revel un
checked In the Icebox. This Indict
ment la enough to freezo the marrow
of their bones even to the extent of
boycotting the Icemen.
Georgia has a nev lawTprohlbltlng
false gossip about women. It Is still
lawful there, however, to tell a : woman
to her race that her new bat Is too
weet for anything.
HL'UiS AUK various common causes of marital infrlicitv Hint
'T1 I load ultimately to divorce,
aaa I rlintn ..jii I il...
vw.. iim.ijin uiu
for omv tiow object of
niury fault of the party who ultimately feels justified in ask
ing for K-n;raiice of the holy lond3. Taking too much for
granted; ne-lect by one
jRTaice; too niich fondness bv the husband for the club or
jrninin resort, or too
functions, wither in the higher or the lower spheres of life;
parsimony on the part of the husbaivl, or wastefulness and extravagance,
or deficiency of tact on the part of the wife; selfishness, all breed indiffer
ence, if not repugnance, and the natural consequence is the injured or
neglected wife seeks outside the family circle for comfort, affection or the
means to provide for hr-r fancies; or
mate in pastures ne?.
It would be diflieult to measure numerically, without a most elabo
rate statistical analysis; but experience of 23 years as a specialist in divorce
practice leads mo to the conclusion that the offender against the marriage
vows and obligations, taking into account the remote as well as the proxi
mate cause or divorce, is about as often the woman as the man.
There are many cases arising from marriages contracted too early
in life, and even between parties of
acquaintance; without due consideration of temperamental conditions, and
neglect of proper investigation of
tions; hut the almost universal rule is that marriages are contracted in
sincerity and with an intention of fidelity to the sacred vows, and the
aggravating cause of divorce is a matter of later development. It rarely
happens that the marriage that follows divorce results unhappily, which is
an indication that what in youth is mistaken for undying love is but a
burning, blinding passion, which maturity and a practical experience in
me prosaic reamies 01 me learns to
carriages, liKe lunerais, need
lsh 6entnnent and the application of
common-sense rules and herein is the
no well
Harm in
fii I your
iniDgS I call.
Too Well
her, he was addressing an envelope
he became suspicious of the number
and tried other schemes of convincing
bers on other sheets of paper, but they
Lvcntuaily lie had to co over to
in order to satisfy himself that he
had been perfectly right, but tho trouble was that ho knew them too'wull.
ttw . . t .
mat sometimes occurs to a person miner an address in n sir. Tf
slips out so naturally that when by chance the shopman repeats "blank
blankety-blankth street?'' you begin to wonder if you have it right after
all. And the first breath of suspicion kills your chances of reni.mbi.rin
correctly. You simply have to go to
live in ana naturally that leads to
Subsist I Ilearly
on Natural
for Health
I had studiously thought out a creat
I was compelled to in order to put
i oeiicve that building up the human body nnd
repair is the most important study among civilized people, and I believe
this can be made a science. In order to make it a science we must have
some starting place, some certainty which is the basis of nil ,i.
to begin with.
The reason no progress has been
. ... ... 1 . v. uu.iUll.1 U 111 1111
the lust thousand years is because, we have been led by appetite instead
of hunger and have permitted the most uneducated, unlearned and unsci
entific classes to select and prepare our food.
Blamed for
Neglect of
'hiiigs if we would le hcal'.liful, contented and happy.
yet which are not. always the imnn
k t l . t i . i ?
inuM imjiMMu cause is iniiiiuaimii
nlTcction, causi'd too often by the prl
partner of the other! poverty; intem-
much attention bv the wife to social
the injured husband seeks a congenial
more maturity, with too short previous
antecedents, habits or financial condi
analyze in electing a life partner,
most of all the elimination of mawk-
often folks get to know a thing
that they don't have to think to
remember it. Take, for instance, your home
address. If you have been living in the
same house in the same street for years
address gets easier and easier to re-
Except sometimes. It doesn't tako
tho influence of liquor to make you forget,
cither It merely is that von know it too
There was a man who was in the habit
of writing letters to n girl and after n year
or so he got to know her address by heart.
One day, onr after ho started writing tn
to the 'vottnsr woman, when Rml.lonlv
V J 7 ----- . v. . v. . r
ho had written. He read it aloud
himself. lie wrote the same num
did not seem entirely right.
call on the rir . instead of writing
C71 V "
still know tho address II la flmm
the directory to verify the place vou
suspicions on the nart of the slmn.
I subsist entirely upon uncooked foods
that is to sav. unon natural fcmU na
in tht''r natural Ptale ns possible.
1 was led to adopt this diet because
after many years' suffering and experi
menting I found in order to make a sci
ence out of eating or establish a science of
human nutrition, that it was necessary to
partake of food, chemically speaking, in
its natural or unchanged state.
The results have been a condition of
jterfect health gained from a condition of
fhronic invalidism.
I did not ndonr
4 1 --...iv.n,i,in, m a u u.U
dietetics upon a scientific basis.
made in wionti
The churches would be full to overflow
ing if preachers would follow the injunc
tions of the Bible.
Tho Dible says: "Heal the sick and
comfort the sorrowing," but the ministers
of to-day do not do it.
If the members of congregations felt
free to call on the preachers when they be
come ill or go to, them in distress and sor
row, the church .would mean much more
to them than it does now.
The trouble with most of us is that
Ave are not broad enough.
should study not one thin-? but all
Body Behind Fore Legs Rests on a
Little Gig and Animal scampers
About Apparently Contented.
A curious sight In the streets of
one of the residence districts of Vi
enna Is a two-legged black water span
iel. Ills owner, Fran Uerta Hoflinger,
thinks ho Is more wonderful than the
two-legged dogs on exhibition be
cause they were born so, while her
pet had his hind legs amputated after
he had been "ruthlessly wounded by
inhuman huntsmen." After tie
wounds had healed the woman con
sulted many people as how to provide
artificial legs for the pet, and finally
adopted the Idea of a saddler, who
constructed a little two-wheeler, by
means of which the dog now moves
about. The body behind the fore
legs rests on the little gig, and the dog
scampers about, apparently perfectly
happy, contented with the wheels as
substitutes for the lost legs.
Common Enough In Oceanlca and Is
Cultivated in South America
Is Big Ball.
Raconteurs of strange adventures
have made the bread fruit, famous,
their heroes always find It at the mo
ment when they are about to die of
hunger. As a result, It Is thought
generally to be an extraordinary
A Bread Tree.
vegetable. Really It Is a common
enough tree. It Is cultivated In
Oceanlca and the Antilles and In
South America. Its fruit Is a big
greenish ball, which grows about as
large as the human head.
Ingenious Student of Holy Scrip
ture! Composes Biblical Statis
tics in Novel Form.
A student of holy writ has com
posed biblical statistics in this novel
f.onn :
rtlbic con
tains 3.5IM.4SO
letter. 810.697
words, 31,15 ver
ses, 1.1S9 chapters
and Ct books. The
longest chapter Is tha
llth I'salm; the shortest
and middle chapter the 117th
Psalm. The middle verse Is
the 8th of the 118th I'snlm. The
lonsest name is In tho 8th chapter
of lsitlah. Tho word "and" occurs 46,
627 times; the word Lord 1,855 times.
The 37th cluipterof Isaiah and the 19th
chapter of tho I'd ftook of Klnrs are
alike. The longest verso Is the 9th of the
8th chapter of Ksther; the shortest verse
Is the &th of the 11th chapter of John.
In the 2st verse of tho 7th chap,
ter of Kzra Is the alphabet.
The finest piece of reading
is the 2i;th chapter of Acts.
The namo of God Is not
mentioned In
t h e
of Esther. It
contains knowledge
wisdom, holiness and lovt.
The composition Is called by Its au
thor "The Tree of Knowledge."
Amount of Work Necessary to Pre
pare Them In Proper Manner
- Is Simply Amazing.
We tako so many things for grant
ed that at times, when we loam of
the amount of trouble a simple-ap
pearing thing has cost, we aro
amazed. For instance, how many.
when they glibly stick a postage
stamp on a letter, think of the trou
ble that has been taken to put just
the right amount of mucilage on tho
stamp? And yet the labor and care
?xpendcd on the backs of stamps Is
onsidcrablo. It is a most delicate op
ration. After the printing great sheets of
tamps are passed under a roller from
vulch they receive a thin coating of
;um; then they are gradually dried
ver steam pipes. Of course care is
aken to make the coating even. Tests
iro hourly made to seo that the heat
nd humidity are exactly right,
hen for each season of tho year
ilownnce must be made. A harder
,um for summer, a thinner one for
.Inter. In winter the gum Is apt to
rack and care must be taken to pre
ent that. A third grade for spring
nd fall gum is known as "interme
late." So you see even so small a
titng ns a postage stamp is an Item
of interest In the country's workshop.
Oh. busy be, oh, busy bee!
lou are working ull the uiy.
Do you never slop to luke a rest.
in or 10 nave a bit of piuy?
"I'm laying up my store cf food
C-.n .1... 1.1 I .1
. uiu iuiu iiuiK niiiivi s uuy.
Ami honey 1 must make for you
WI,U 1... 1 ..1...,
"And when In winter you will have
The honev. nnrp unit nvi-it
That I have worked all summer long
10 make, that you may eat,
"You'll understand, my llttlo child
AVhy I must work ulwuy,
For I must feed tnvai-lf and vou
AA'hile you run out and play."
Amusing Pastime for the Children
That Finally Develops Into a
Tug of War.
Two of the players join hands, fac
ing each other, having agreed private
ly which is to bo "Oranges" and which
"Lemons." Tho rest of the party form
a long line, standing one behind the
other, and holding each other's dresses
or coats. The first two raise their
hands so as to form an arch, and the
rest run through It, singing as they
"OranRes and l.cmons,
Say the Bells of St. Clement's;
A'ou owe mo five farthing,
Say the bells of St. Martin's;
AVhen will you pay tne?
Ray the hells of Old Uailey.
I do not know,
Say the bells of Itow.
Ik-re comes a candle to light you to
Here comes a chopper to chop off
your head!"
At the word "head" the hand arch
way descends, nnd clasps the player
passing through at that moment. He
is then asked In a whisper: "Oranges
or Lemons?" And If he chooses "Or
nnges" be is told to go behind the
player who has agreed to be "Oranges'"
and clasp him aroupd the waist.
The players must be careful to
speak In a whisper, so that the others
must not know what has been said.
The game then goes on again in the
same way until all the children have
been caught and have chosen which
they will be, "Oranges" or "Lemons."
When this happens the two sides pre
pare for a tug of war. Each child
clasps the one In front of him tightly,
and the two leaders pull with all their
might until one side has drawn the
other across a line which has beeu
drawn between them.
No One Would at First Suppose That
the Four Lines Are Perfectly
Are these four lines perfectly
No one would suppose at first sight
that they are perfectly straight nnd
Optical Illusion.
parallel, but they will stand the test
of a straight edge. The divergent
rays distract the vision.
A New Paris Game.
Juvenile Parisians have a new game
to take the place of tho dlabolo craze
It is called tho "looping bird," and isv
a Utile aeroplane shot up by aid of a
hook and a pair of dlabolo sticks.'Tho
Tullerles gardens are much frequent
ed by players of tho looping bird. But
more ambitious models of aeroplanes
than the bird nro now sold from l.C0
to $10. One of the latter Is a very
good imitation of the Farmnn ma
chine, and Is propelled by twisted In
din rubber strings. On being wound
up the llttlo aeroplane, which I pro
vlded with wheels, runs along tht
ground for 20 feet nnd then rises tc
from' five to six feet and flies through
the nlr for some 20 yards or so.
cute little toy for good children
though no doubt Eonie bnd ones nr
not deprived of it by their Frcnc
cvc )owes; dcawses
ftvo sscm ejjccuay;
abxa cQusaQii
To Ces beuejvixoX
ejfec8.awasbu lvo
0 riANurflCTuRro n the
Fig Syrup Co.
"Dear mo! Wby do you cry bo bit
terly?" "I'm cryin' 'cause I'm so wicked dat
I'm goin' ter play hookey, instead of
goln ter school, boo hoo!"
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
7 local applications, as they cannot react Mit dt
etucd portion o( tlie ear. 'mere la only ou way to
cure uVuliiriu, and that la by const Itutionil reomllea.
Dralnnu la caUK-d by an Inflamed condition ol tha
mucous llnlnit ot the Kuntarliun Tube. When this
tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Im
perfect hcarlin;, and when it la entirely doted, Drat
Den Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can b
Liken out and this tuba motored to Its normal condi
tion, hearing will bo destroyed forever; Dili cases
put of ten are caiw-d by catarrh, which Is nolblug
but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surface.
We will mve One Hundred Dollara tor any case ot
Dfafnem (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by liull s Catarrh Cure. Semi for circulars, free.
,. t F. 1. CUK.NKY A CO.. Toledo, a
Sold by rmirelata, 75e.
Take UaU'i tamUy rills for eonstlpaUon.
The Soft Answer.
At a dinner in Bar Harbor a Boston
woman praised the wit of the late Ed
ward Everett Hale.
"Walking on the outskirts of Boston
one day," she said, "ho and I lnndvert.
ently entered a field that had a 'No
I respassing" sign nailed to a tree.
Soon a farmer appeared.
" 'Trespassers In this Held are oroser
cuted,' he said In a grim tone.
Dr. Hale smiled blandly.
" 'But we are not tresnassers. dt
good man,' he said
"'What are you then?' asked tha
amazed farmer.
" 'We're Unitarians.' said Dr. Hale."
Washington Star.
Expensive Silence.
I Little four-year-old Alice was lvlna.
on the floor whining and crying stead
ily one afternoon, until, her father'
patience exhausted, he called out to
her: "Oh, stop, Alice, and I'll giv
you a penny."
Alice stopped only long enough tt
answer: "I can't stop for less than l
nickel! Boohoo! Boohoo!"
Tuberculosis Among Soldiers
For 1.000 active troops In the armies
of the great world powers, the Vollow
Ing figures show the percentage of
cases of pulmonary tuberculosis:
L'nlted States, 4.72; Great Prltaln and
colonies, 2.4; France. 5.3, Germany,
1.6; Austria, 1.0. and Russia, 2.7.
A Frencch Schour.
As William bent over ber fair face
he whispered: ."Darling If I should
ask you In French if 1 m'ght kiss you,
what would you answer? '
She, calling up her ajanty know',
edge of the French hnguage, ex
claimed, "Billet deux."- Tlt-Blta.
A Ready Ej:plai.ation.
"What is the reasou you were
late In discovering the worth pole?"
"Well," answered th explorer, "you
see they have such Ion nights In tho
arctic regions that I overslept."
Broken by Coffee and Restored by
A banker needs perfect control of
the nerves, and a clear, quick, accu
rate brain. A prominent banker of
Chattanooga tells how be keeps him
self In conation:
"Up to 17 years of age I was not
allowed to drink coffee, but as soon as
I got out In the world I began to use
It and grew very fond of it. For some
years I noticed no bad effects from its
use, but in time it began to affect me
unfavorably. My bands trembled, the
muscles of my face twitched, my men
tal processes seemed slow and in other
ways my system got out of order.
These conditions grew so bad at last
that I had to give up coffee altogether.
"My attention having been drawn to
Postum, I began Its use on leaving off
the coffee, nnd It gives me plensure to
testify to its value. I find it a delicious
reverase; like it Just as well no I did
coffee, nnd during the years that I
have used Postum I have been free
from the distressing symptoms that ac
companied tho use of coffee. The nerv
ousness ha9 entirely disappeared, and
I am as steady of hand as a boy of
25, though I am more than 92 years
old. I owe all this to Postum."
"There's n Itonnnn " TlnnA tha little
" -----" -- - -' klJ 11 111!?
book, "The Road to Wellvllle," in
pkgs. Grocers sell. i
Rvrr rrnrl (he nbowe letter A new
pirnr 1 rum untr to umf, Tiles' 1
Btariat. 1