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4 Entered at tne postomce at nattsmoutn, Lass county, Nebraska,
I as second class mail matter. 2
Editor and Manager
One Year in Advance, $1.50. Six Months in advance, 75c
Plattsmouth Telephone No. 85. " Nebraska Telephone" No. 85
OCTOBER 25, 1909
t. . nJmoretoeat worn tter clothes and
All logewer now lur n uu
bigger Plattsmouth.
Robert S. Lovett has been elected
president of the Union Pacific railroad.
with the voter that it is willing to
sacrifice its standing as a newspaper to
accomplish that end.
The Grand Lodge I. 0. 0. F. which
held its session in Lincoln this week
voted to return there again for their
state meeting next year.
nuTOurnun me part oi our
The Czar of Russia has dolared war .. . .. r
. .. ...... . . """"'"B ""Ke"ieiH we nave at last
ah aim nhina If a an it a frhnr ha i a AfraiI I
u.i ail omuo. i10k,vii..ii.i.. j. . .,
. , ... , """u'I,w wuero me non-partisan
, t. ' ... ., . . . "cneme comes in. It seems that Lc
ing the red flag will sail over him and ...... OL ,
. , . .. . . . . j tr "' viuvcrnur onanenoerger
drop a bomb on his devoted head. He . . . . . ,
has strong aversions to being blown up, - , ,
. . A i, from the Btate of Nebraska, has been
., . working in democratic Btate head
uiuwn uown, , . . , , , .
Muuimra ai uoiumDus auring the past
non,i;,ioto tnr t,p, .iinnmK lwo montns instead or in the state
court are asking republicans to support house' and the tax Paye" have been
... I rilUlllff V. 1 n onlnw.. -.11 . 1 a! ml 1
wo Dumijr mi me nme. mat is
where the non-partisan scheme works
Matthews puts in his time working to
help defeat the republican candidates
for the supreme court and democy-ati"
and republican tax payers pay his sal
ary. Great stuff.
them for office on the "non-partisan"
plan, and then turn round and donate a
good wad of the long green to help the
democrats defeat republicans. Oh, but
they are a smooth bunch, that demo
cratic committee.
The Journal has made another dis
covery in the Quinton matter. It is
too bad that the editor hadn't made a
dash for the north pole some time ago,
for as a "discoverer!' he has the Cook
Peary bunches razzledazzled to a
We are reliably informed that the
opposition to Sheriff Quniton is prepar
ing to spring just before election a lot
of stuff that is too unreliable to stand
investigation, and will therefore be set
afloat at the last minute so that the
friends of the sheriff will not have time
to meet it. Voter, look out for roor
backs, sprung just before election day.
If your neighbor should come to you
and ask you to trade horses with him
and should persist in not only taking
your horse but the other one too, you
would consided him just a little un
reasonalbe and also unfair. That is
just exactly the scheme the democrats
are working this campaign. They want
republicans to vote for the democratic
candidates for supreme judge and in
return they will vote for them too.
If the Journal persists in its cam
paign to make Sheriff Quinton a bad
man we expect some morning to come
down town and fee the sheriff's emacu
late form hanging from a telephone
pole, for surely such a hard customer
as the Journul persists in claiming the
sheriff to bo could not possibly be ex
pected to live in a civilized and chris
tian community. How in the world
did he live in Cass county so long and
not be found out.
The law plainly says that the Sheriff
shall make his reports every quarter,
file a report for the CURRENT year
and "THEN" turn over the fees of the
office. When is the "current" year?
The courts of the state have decided
that the "current" year is the caler,
dar year, or the present year. An off
he wants to turn over fifty cents, he
cer cannot turn over fees for the year I can do so, but he does not have to until
1909 until the year has ended, for he I the end of the year. In the discussion
has no way of telling what those fees of this matter let the voter remember
are. When the law says that he shall that if Sheriff Qumton has kept one
file a report for the current year and cent of fees which do not belomr to
then turn over his fees, it means just him, when his books are examined at
what it Bays and any man with a lick the end of the year and that showinir
li made, the bonding company will at
once make that nn runt muvl BnA if u.;n
The Minden Courier got it again last Lot be neremurv to hnf if
week and bewailed the conditions that either as it used to be when an officer
of sense in his noodle ought to see it.
it thinks exiats. The suoreme court is
rotten, the corporations all do juRt as
they please and there is very little
worth living for with the conditions
which exist under a republican adminis
tration. If the editor of the Minden
Courier has not made more money, had
enjoyed life more during the past few
years under republican rule than he did
before under democratic policies, then
it is his own fault. He reminds us
very much of the fellow who was al
ways cussing his mother-in-law who
was supporting the whole family
After considerable search, research
and overtime work on the part of our
Some of our democratic exchanges in
this county are slurring Editor Mayfield
of the Louisville Courier because he is
supporting the whole republican ticket
this fall. As we understand the matter
Mr. Mayfield has been in the habit in
the past of supporting men for office
whom he thought best qualified for the
positions. This year he is supporting
the republican ticket in full because a
republican has no reasons for doing
otherwise. Every candidate on the
ticket is competent, well qualified and
honest, and there is no reason why
Editor Mayfield or any other republi
can should not only give them their
support but their hearty and best
efforts. If Mr. Mayfield chooses to
support the republican ticket it is his
business and no Jim Crow democratic
editor should have any criticism to
If anyone believes that Plattsmouth
is not full of live wires they should
come and visit this city for a while and
they will have plenty of reasons for
changing their minds. The commercial
club is not the only organization that
does things, for the representatives of
the Red Men who went from this place
to Omaha this week to attend the
Grand Council of that order came home
with the next meeting of the state or
ganization landed for Plattsmouth.
This will mean great things for this
city when the representatives of this
great order visit us next year. Platts
mouth is certainly being placed on the
map in good earnest and the pull-all-to
gether spirit which seems to have
struck the town is going to mean big
things for us in the future. It is the
only system.
There is no law to prevent a sheriff
from turning over any amount of fees
that he may wish to at any time. If
The Journal still has fits over the fee
matter of Sheriff Quinton. It started
out after Quinton's scalp and it seems
that there is to be no let-up until, the
sheriff has been vindicated, which he
surely will be, at the election on
November 2nd. At first it was a spasm
over reports, and now it is worrying
over the fees. At first it howled be
cause Quinton did not turn over fees,
and now that it has discovered that he
did, it howls because he did. At
first he broke the law ' because he did
not turn over fees of the office and
now he breaks the law because he did
With the Journal it seems to be a case
of "Be Damned if you do and be dam
ned if you don't." It has twisted it
self up so much since this controversy
started that it can't tell when it sits
down to breakfast whether its vituals
are going up or going down.
After sleeping off its attack of bile
on the liver, the Journal felt so mean
about it that it became necessary to
give some excuse for its cutting the
Daily News off of its exchange list on
account of the little controversy in
dulged in between this paper and the
luminary up the street, and says that
after sending this paper several copies,
we failed to reciprocate and so there
was nothing doing for the Journal but
to quit leaving the exchange at our
door. The Journal is decidedly mis
taken for the fact is that the
News carrier boy has left a copy of
this paper with the Joureal every even
ing, and with one or two exception the
News circulation manager knows that
this was done. In all probability how
ever the Journal editor did not look
hard enough or else as this paper shines
so brightly in comparison with the one
up the street that its editor mistook it
for the electric light.
The entering wedge has been made
and there is no reason why Plattsmouth
should not be the manufacturing town
of south eastern Nebraska. It is sit
uated on the main line of two great
railroads, only nineteen miles from the
metropolis of the Btate, naturally en
dowed with good water and good drain
age, and with the start that has now
been made it is only a question of time
when the city of Plattsmouth will be a
manufacturing town that will have as
wide spread prominence as the great
shoe town of Brockton in the Old . Bay
State. The editor of this paper can re
memcer when as a boy Brockton, which
was a small village in the county where
we lived, was little known, but
W. L. Douglas with his - shoe
factory and ' with others which
followed have made it one of the
most widely advertised towns in the
United States and which is now in
point of population one of the largest
cities in the state outside of Boston.
gave a personal bond. The bonding
compuny will make good the amount
and settle with the officer afterwards.
The county will not lose one cent. The
Journal knuws this if it krows any
thing at all, but it is so persistent in
its efforts to queer Sheriff Quinton
The democratic platform reads some
thing like this: "We urge all Ne
braskans in voting for supreme judges
and for regents, to lay aside party pre
judices and ties." That sounds real
nice, but when we know that that is
only meant to catch votes for the demo
cratic candidates, it is nice only from a
democratic standpoint How many
democratic papers in this vicinity are
asking democratic voters to vote for
any of the republican candidates?
Every last one of them are advocating
the non-partisan plan, but urging the
election of the full democratic ticket.
If a man should open up in Plattsmouth
a game where the percentage 6f win
nings were as much one Bided and in
favor of the dealer he would be ar
rested ami placed in the city bastile
before he had run his game two hours.
but the democratic state committee
can run a game in which every chance
for them to win is on their side and the
chances for the republican voter is
nothing, and play it openly and it
catches the voter easily. P. T. Bar
num, the great showman, said that
the American people liked to be hum
bugged, and the democratic committee
have caught the idea and are workirg
it so successfully that they are catch
ing the suckers just as fast as Barnum
It wasn't so very long ago that
democratic newspapers and democratic
speakers ret upw nights orking the
voters on the plea that republican em
ployees in the state house at Lincoln
were drawing a salary from the state
and at the same time working in re
publican headquarters. In many in
stances they were successful in making
voters believe that such a state of af
fairs existed, but in the experience of
the editor in his four years work in
the state house we never knew of an
instance of a republican employee put
ting in the full campaign working for
the republican committee and having
the taxpayers pay his salary. It is
true that very frequently republican
employees assisted at the republicun
headquarters at Lincoln, but as far as
we know , it was done evenings and
after hours, or if it was necessary to
put in the day their usual work at the
state house was kept up by putting in
extra time. We do not believe that
there was ever a case of a republican
employee putting in full time at re
publican political headquarters and
asking the state to pay his salary as an
employee of the state while we were
in the state house. But the fact stands
out boldly that a democratic employee
at the present time has been putting
in several weeks in democratic head
quarters while the state has been pav
ing the bill.
There is probably no town in the
state of Nebraska more advantageously
situated to receive the manufacturing
industries which will sooner of later be
compelled to move from the larger
cities than Plattsmouth. It is the
history of all large cities that in time
real estate values and rents become so
high and yardage room so scarce that
it becomes necessary for large manu
facturing concerns to branch out to
smaller towns where they will have a
change to expand and at the same time
secure the help that cannot bs had
in the large cities. Situated as Platts
mouth is, on two big main lines of rail
roads, and with all the other things
that naturally attract the manufacturer
who is looking for a p'ace to expand in
business, it means that it is but a ques
tion of a short time when other big
concerns, following the example set by
the Smith factory, will be looking
Plattsmouth way as a solution for their
troubles. It is no detriment to us that
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we are only a half hour's ride from
Omaha. On the other part it will be
something in our favor when it comes
to securing added industries. If in the
course of time a trolly line should be
built from Omaha to this place it would
mean Plattsmouth would be the subur
ban home of many of the wealthy men
of the metropolis. The claim made that
Plattsmouth is too close to Omaha to
ever amount to very much is not well
taken and cannot be bourn out. Take
some of the large cities of the country,
they are surrounded with large and
prosperous cities within only a few
miles of their borders. Take for in
stance the city of Boston. It has Lynn,
Lowell, Chelsea, Waltham, and several
smaller cities all within ten miles of
her borders, and many of them cities
of over fifty thousand people. Then
come farther west and see the large
towns that have been built up in cloEe
proximity to our large western cities
and it only means that with the natural
advantages which we have here that it
is only a question of time when this
city will be one of the best in the state
and probably standing next to Lincoln
in point of population. The day of
cold feet has past for Plattsmouth
We are not caring so much whether
we are living under the operations of
theMcKinley Bill, Dingley Bill.Aldrich
Bill, or Buffalo Bill, as to what the
prospects for the next meal of vituals
are. We have lived under the opera
tions of several Bills, but we shall
never quite forget our experience while
the Wilson Bill was in force. We shall
never forget that under that democratic
bill we could not make enough in the
newspaper business to pay the cost of
the print paper, saying nothing about
buying grub for the family and a new
dress for the baby. We shall never
forget that under that bill in which a
democratic party trusted, that we as a
republican newspaperman busted. We
shall never forget that hundreds of
men in our locality were without work
the same as ourselves under that Bill.
We shall never forget that the editor
and his wife would have gone hungry
and the baby would have cried for pro
per food under that Bill, but for tho
kindness of a loyal and royal friend
who owned a lumber yard and gave us
three days work a week most of the
winter at a dollar and a quarter a day
rustling lumber. We shall never for-
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