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L. Frank Baum
(Copyrih'lit, by tho Uoblis-MiTrill Co.)
(Copyright by L. l'rank Buum 6c W. W.
Dorothy lived tn Knnsns with Aunt Cm
and Uncle Henry. A cyclone lifted their
home Into the air, orothy fulling asleep
Rmldst the exrltemriit. crash uwakened
her. The house Imd landed In a country
of marvelous beauty. Groups of queer
little people preitcd her to the I,nnd of
Munchklns. The house had killed their
enemy, the wicked witch of Kust. I"r
cthy look the witch's sliver shoes. Plie
started for tho KmcruM City to llnd the
Wizard of Oz, who. she was promised,
tnlKht find a way to send her back to
Kansas. Dorothy released a scarecrow,
Riving him life. He was desirous of ac
quiring brains and started with her to
the wizard to Ret them. The scarecrow
told his history. They met a tin wood
man who lonped for a heart. Ho also
Joined them. They rame upon a terrible
lion. The lion confessed he had no cour
age. He decided to accompany them to
the Wizard of Oz to get some. Tho senro
crow In pushing the raft became Im
paled upon his pole in the middle of the
river. The scarecrow was rescued by a
friendly stork. They entered u poppy
Held, which caused Dorothy to fall
asleep. The scarecrow and tin woodman
rescued her and her doi from the deadly
flowers. The lion fell asleep and belnn too
heavy to lift, was left. On the search for
the rend of yellow brick which led to the
Kmerald Citv they niet a wild cat and
field mice. The woodman killed the wild
cat. The queen mouse became friendly.
CHAPTER IX Continued.
At this the Queen of the Mice stuck
her head out from a clump of grass
and asked, In a timid voice:
"Are you etire lie will not blto us?"
"I will not let him," said the Wood
man; "so do not bo afraid."
One by. one tho mice came cropping
back, and Tolo did not bark again,
although he tried to get out of the
Woodman's arms, and would have bit
ten him had he not known very well
he was made of tin. Finally one of
the biggest mice spoke:
"Is there anything we can do," It
asked, "to repay you for saving the
life of our Queen?"
"Nothing that I know of," answered
the Woodman; but tho Scarecrow,
who bad been trying to think, but
could not because his head was
Btuffed with straw, said, quickly:
"Oh, yes; you can save our friend,
the Cowardly Lion, who is asleep In
the poppy bed."
"A Hon!" cried the little Queen;
"why, he would eat us all up."
"Oh, no," declared the Scarecrow;
"this lion Is a coward."
"Really?" asked the Mouse.
"He says so himself," answered the
Scarecrow, "and he would never hurt
any one who Is our friend. If you
will help us to savo him I promise
that he shall treat you all with kind
ness." "Very well," said the Queen, "we
will trust you. But what shall
we do?"
"Are there many of these mice
which call you Queen and are willing
to obey you?"
"Oh, yes; thero are thousands," she
"Then send for them a to come
here as soon as possible, and let each
one bring a long piece of string."
The Queen turned to the mice that
attended her and told them to go at
once and get all her people. As soon
as they heard her orders they ran
away in every direction as fast as pos
sible. "Now," said the Scarecrow to the
Tin Woodman, "you must go to those
"I Will Not Let Him," Said the Wood
man. trees by tho riverside and mako a
truck that will carry the Lion,"
So the Woodman went at once to
the trees and began to work; and he
soon made a truck out of the limbs of
trees, from which he chopped away all
the leaves and branches. He fautened
It together with wooden pegs and
made four wheels out of the short
pieces of a big tree-trunk. So fast and
so well did he work that by tho tlmo
the mice began to arrive the truck
was all ready for them.
They came from all directions, and
thero were thousands of them; big
mice and Utile mice ami middle-sized
mice; and each one brought a piece of
string In his mouth. It was about this
time that Dorothy woke from her long
sleep and opened her eyes. She wasf
greatly astonished to find herself ly-
itig uion the grass, with thousands J
of mice standing around and looking
at her timidly. Hut the Scarecrow
told her about everything, and turn
ing to the dignified little Mouse, he
"Permit me to Introduce to you her
majesty, the Queen."
Dorothy nodded gravely and tho
Queen made a courtesy, after which
she became quite friendly with the
little girl.
The Scarecrow and the Woodman
now began to fasten the mice to the
truck, using the strings they had
brought One end of a string was tied
around tho neck of each mouse and
the other end to the (ruck. Of course
tho truck was a thousand times big
ger than any of tho mice who were
to draw It ; but when all the mice
had been harnessed they were able to
pull It quite easily. Kven the Scare
crow and the Tin Woodman could sit
on It, and were drawn swiftly by their
queer little horses to the place where
the Lion lay asleep.
After a great deal of hard work, for
tho Lion was heavy, they managed to
get him up on the truck. Then the
Queen hurriedly gave her people the
order to start, for she feared If the
mice stayed among tho popples too
long they also would fall asleep.
At first the little creatures, many
though they were, could hardly stir
the heavily loaded truck; but the
Woodman and the Scarecrow both
pushed from behind, and they got
along better. Soon they rolled the
Lion out of the poppy bed to tho
green fields, where ho could breathe
the sweet, fresh air again, Instead of
the poisonous scent of the flowers.
Dorothy came to meet them and
thanked the littlo mice warmly for
saving her companion from death.
She had grown so fond of the big Lion
bho was glad he had been rescued.
Then the mlco were unharnessed
from the truck and scampered away
through the grass to their homes. The
Queen of the Mlco was the last to
"If ever you need us ngain," she
said, "come out Into the field and call,
and we shall hear you and conio to
your assistance. Good-by!"
"Good-by!" they all answered, and
away the Queen ran, while Dorothy
held Toto tightly lest he should ruu
after her and frighten her.
After this they sat down beside the
Lion until he should awaken; and the
Scarecrow brought Dorothy some fruit
from a treo rear by, which she ate
for her dinner.
01 TIei2v
It was some tlmo be
fore tho Cowardly Lion
awakened, for he had lain
among the poppies a long while,
breathing In their deadly fragrance;
but when he did open his eyes and roll
off the truck he was very glad to find
himself still alive.
"I ran as fast as I could," ho said,
sitting down and yawning; "but the
flowers were too strong for me. How
did you get me out?"
Then they told him of the fide
mice, and how they had generously
saved him from death; and the Cow
ardly Lion laughed, and said:
"1 have always thought myself very
big and terrible; yet such small things
as flowers came near to killing me,
and such small animals as mice have
saved my life. How strange It all Is!
Hut, comrades, what shall wo do
"Wo must Journey on until we find
the road of yellow brick again," said
Dorothy; "and then we can keep on
to the Kmerald City." .
So, the Lion being fully refreshed,
and feeling quite himself again, they
all started upon the Journey, greatly
enjoying tho walk through the soft,
fresh grass; and It was not long be
fore they reached tho road of yellow
brick and turned again toward the
Emerald City whore the great Oz
The road was smooth and well
paved, now, and tho country about
was beautiful; so that the travelers
rejoiced In leaving the forest far be
hind, and with it the many dangers
they had met In Its gloomy shades.
Onco more they could see fences built
besldo tho road; but these were
painted green, and when they came to
a small house, In which a farmer evi
dently lived, that also was painted
green. They passed by several of
these houses during the afternoon, and
sometimes people came to the doors
. i ,
As His Mistress Had Done
Chinese Cook, Like All Hit Race,
Capable Only of Imitating the
Acts of Others.
"Chinese need to be taught to be
more self-reliant," said tho woman
who employs a Chinese cook. "Tho
other day I ordered my cook to mako
a pudding for dinner, stopping a min
ute to see if he followed my Instruc
tion's, for I had taught him to make
this particular pudding. He had seen
mo smell tho eggs before putting them
Into a bowl and he began by putting
tho first egg to his nose. He seemed
on the right road, so I left the kitchen
for a minute. Ileturnlng I discovered
that he had used five eggs Instead of
three as I had taught him. Taking
him to task for not following my In
structions he answered '".'us, three
here (pointing to the bowl) two here,
(indicating where he had thrown the!
others). Same as you.'
"It dawocd on me that when I had j
and looked at them as It they would
like to nsk questions; but no ono ennio
near them nor spoke to them because
of the great Lion, of which they wore
much afraid. Tho people were all
dressed in cloihing of n lovely emerald
green color and wore peaked hats like
those of tho Muuchkins.
"This must bo the Land of Oz," snld
Dorothy, "and we are surely getting
near the Emerald City."
"Yes," nnswered the Scarecrow;
"everything Is green here, while In tho
country of tho Munchklns blue was the
favorite color. Hut tho people do not
seem to be as friendly as the Munch
klns am! I'm afraid we shall be unablo
to find a place to pass the night."
"I should like something to eat be
sides fruit," said tho girl, "and I'm
sure Toto Is nearly starved. Let us
stop at the next house and talk to tho
So, when they came to a good sized
farmhouse, Dorothy walked boldly up
to the door and knocked. A woman
opened it Just far enough to look out,
and said:
"What do you want, child, and why
Is that great Lion with you?"
"We wish to pnss the night with
you, if you will allow us," answered
Dorothy; "and the Lion Is my friend
and comrade, and would not hurt you
for the world."
"Is he tame?" asked the woman,
opening tho door a little wider.
"Oh, yes," said the girl, "and he Is a
great coward, too; go that he will bo
more afraid of you than you aro of
"Well," said the woman, after think
ing it over and taking another peep
at the Lion, "if that Is tho case you
may come In, and I will give you some
supper and a place to sleep."
So they all entered tho house, where
there were, besides the woman, two
children and a man. The man had
hurt his leg, and was lying on tho
couch in a corner. They seemed
greatly surprised to see so strange a
company, and while tho woman was
busy laying the table the man asked:
"Where are you all going?"
"To the Emerald City," said Doro
thy, "to see tho Great Oz."
"Oh, indeed!" exclaimed the man.
"Are you suro that Oz will seo you?"
"Why not?" she replied.
"Why, It Is said that ho never lets
any ono come into his presence. I
have been to tho Emerald City many
times, and It is a beautiful and won
derful place; but I havo never been
permitted to see the Great Oz, nor do
I know of any living person who has
seen him."
"Does he never go out?" asked tho
"Never. Ho sits day after day In
the great throne room of his palace,
and even those who wnit upon him do
not seo him face to face."
"What Is he like?" asked the girl..
"That Is hard to tell," said the man,
thoughtfully. "You see, Oz Is a great
Wizard, and can take on any form ho
wishes. So that some say he looks
like a bird; and some say he looks
like an elephant: and some say ho
looks like a cat. To others ho appears
as a beautiful fairy, or a brownie, or
In any other form that pleases liini.
Hut who tho real Oz Is, when ho is in
his own form, no living person can
"That is very strange," said Doro
thy; "hut we must try, in some way,
to see him, or we shall have mado our
Journey for nothing."
"Why do you wish to seo tho tor
riblo Oz?" asked the man.
"I want him to give me some
brains," said tho Scarecrow, eagerly.
"Oh, Oz could do that easily
enough," declared the man. "Ho has
more brains than he needs."
"And I want him to give mo a
heart." said tho Tin Woodman.
"That will not troublo him," con
tinued the man, "for Oz has u large
collection of heurts, of all sizes and
"And I want him to give me cour
age." said the Cowardly Lion.
"Oz keeps a great pot of courage in
his throne room," said tho man,
"which he has covered with a golden
plate, to keep It from running over.
He will be glnd to give you some."
"And I want him to send me bark
to Kansas," said Dorothy.
"Where Is Kansas?" asked tho man,
In surprise.
"I don't know." replied Dorothy, sor
rowfully; "but it Is my home, and I'm
sure It's somewhere."
"Very likely. Well,' Oz can do any
thing; so I suppose he will llnd Kan
sas for you. Hut first you must get
to see him. nnd that will bo n hard
task; for tho great Wizard does not
like to see any one, and he usually
has his own way. Hut what do you
want?" ho continued, speaking to To
to. Toto only wagged his tail; for,
strange to say, he could not talk.
taught him to make tho pudding I had
found the second and third eggs that
I had broken to be bad and had
thrown both away. He had simply
dono what he had seen me do after
smelling tho second and third egg ho
had thrown them away."
Earthquake Fears,
Mankind are strangely Inconsistent
n the matter of running risks. There
.s no danger that appalls the Imagina
tion more than tho danger of earth
quake, and yet thoso parts of tho
world that nro most subject to earth
juakes seem never to have been
.uerefore shunned by human beings.
An earthquake Is an "act of God," and
-:en aro clearly helpless against it.
.Ike denth, no one knows when it may
-ome; but, unlike death, It may nover
come to all, and thereforo men fear
it less than death. Joadoa Time.
Prisoner Put Comlnj Gastronomic Joy
Ahead of a Brief Period
of Liberty.
A colored man from Georgia had
lived In Washington but a few years
when he was arrested for some slight
violation of the city ordinances. Upon
hearing that the negro was In Jail, the
secretary of the colored Y. M. C. A.
secured the services of a minister to
g with hiiu and sign the prisoner's
bail bond. They reached the Jail
shortly before noon, and told the
negro the object of their visit In re
sjonse to the proffered kindness be
"Mist.ih Johnslng, I sho Is glad you
nil Is gwlne to git me out, but I
wnnts you-all to fix It so I can't git
cut till lato dls evenlnV
Of course the two Samaritans were
somewhat taken aback by this unus
ual request. Hut a moment later they
lost their breath when, in answer to
the secretary's question, the Georgia
iKf;ro replied In a whisper:
"Well, sab, dey's aglttln' dinnah
ready, an' dey's cookln' greens; an' I
slio would like to git some o' dem
greens befo' I leabes dls place!" Lip
Itched and Scratched Until Blood Ran
$50 Spent on Useless Treatments
Disease Seemed Incurable.
Cured by Cuticura for $1.50.
"When my little boy was two and a
half months old he broke out on both
cheeks with eczema. It was the Itchy,
watery kind and we had to keep his
littlo hands wrapped up all tho time,
and If ho would happen to get them
uncovered he would claw hla face till
tho blood streamed down on his cloth
ing. We called In a physician at once,
but ho gave on ointment which was so
severo that my babe would scream
when It was put on. We changed
doctors and medlclno until we had
spent fifty dollars or moro and baby
was getting worse. I was so worn out
watching and caring for him night and
day that I almost felt sure the disease
was incurable. Dut finally reading of
the good results of the Cuticura Rem
edies, I determined to try them. I
can truthfully say I was more than
surprised, for I bought only a dollar
and a half's worth of tho Cuticura
Remedies (Cuticura Soap, Ointment
ind Pills), and they did more good than
all my doctors' medicines I had tried,
and la fact entirely cured him. Ills
faco la perfectly clear of tho least
spot or scar of anything. Mrs. W. M.
Comerer, Burnt Cabins, Ta., Sept. 15,
Potter Drag A Chcm. Com.. Sola Trot., Boston.
Dorothy and the Stork.
When little Dorothy Walworth was
Introduced to her baby brother In the
first Methodist Episcopal Parsonago
In Yonkers, N. Y., she manifested In
tense interest, but was not astonished.
"I knew be was coming," she ex
claimed; "I knew It."
Pressed for an explanation, the five-year-old
said: "I was down to the
Dronx zoo the other day and saw
the stork In his cage. I recognized
him by the black stripes on his wings
that papa said were there. Well, when
the stork was standing alone on one
leg, I went close to him and whispered
In his ear that I wanted him to bring
mo a baby brother or sister. He didn't
say anything, but I knew he would do
It, because he bent his head toward
me and winked an eye."
A One-Part Melodrama.
"Dut you can't have a big scene
with only ono person in It."
"Sure I can," said tho star. "After
a struggle with myself I throw myself
over the bridge." Louisville Courier
Journal. Not to Be Envied.
"After all, a rich man only has
three meals a day."
"And no tlmo to eat 'em." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
In case of pain on the lung Hnmlini
Wizard Oil act like a muturd plaster,
sxeept that it is more effective and i so
inucu nicer and cleaner to use.
A girl never feeis more Important
than when sho is getting married, and
a man never looks moro inconspicu
ous. mr. KoriHE or Tiiorni.R
mnt be rcm-licd before It can lio cured. Allen'
l.uriK H&K-iiii Krn tu the mot ut Tour couiili, six
cuimIu Uuruileiianil lure. Alullilmgiilmt.
Wo live truly for ourselves only
when we live for others. Seneca.
Mr. Wliialnw' Soothing Srrop.
For children tnetlilux, tnftrDi tin iiutni, reilure n
tanraiailuu, alia) ia, cure wtnUoollu. JscoutU
Money talks, but It often falls to
tell the truth.
Aids Nature
The great success of Dr. Pierce's Cotdcfl Medieal Dii
covery in curing weak stomachs, wasted bodiei, weak
lungs, and obstinate and lingering coughs, is based oa
the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden
Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building,
tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in con- ,
densed and concentrated form. With this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength to the stomach to digest
food, build up the body end thereby throw oil lingering
cbstinate coughs. Tho "Discovery" resfhlishes the
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purities
nd enriches the blood, and nourishes the nerves ia
. ... ....
uwi ciuiuiisocs sound vigorous cestui.
your dealer often aometblni "last as tfooo,"
it la probably better FOR HIM.-lt pay better.
Dut yoa are thinking of the cure not tho profit, to
there' a nothing "lust aa Hood" tor you. Say ao.
Dr. Tierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or, rVfml
iftine Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Ldition, paper-bound, sent for 21 one-cent stamps, to cover cost o( niuiliog
nly. Cloth-hound, 31 stamp. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Color mora aoodi brlnhtor snf fitter colors tlisn sn other dr. One tOe osrksg color sll fibers. The ft In cold wsler belter than sni ottr dm. You
Wj atripont without ripping apart, Writs tor lrtt torUMHU to Or. Blush and Mis Colors. MOMRQE DRUQ CO . Oulnav. Illlnota.
The highest medical authority
on foods,
Sir James Crichton Browne, LL D.-F. R. S.
of London,
gives the best reasons for eating more
Quaker Oats
In nn article published in the
Youth's Companion of Septem
ber 23rd, 1000, Dr. lirowne, the
great medical authority on
foods, says, about brain and
muscle building
"There is one kind of food
that set-ms to me of marked
value as a food to the brain and
to the whole body throughout
childhood and adolescence
(youth), and that is oatmeal.
"Oats are the most nutritious
of all the cereals, being richer
in fats, organic phosphorus and
He says oatmeal is gaining
ground with the well-to-do of
Great Britain. He speaks of it
as the mainstay of the Scottish
laborer's diet and savs it pro
"Your father ordered some wood
from mo this morning, miss. Do you
know whether he wants hard or soft?"
"Oh er not too hard."
Usually There Are Other Troubles to
Prove It.
Pain In the back Is pain In tho kid
neys, In most cases, and it points to
the need of a apo
dal remedy to re
move and cure the
congestion or In
flammation of the
kidneys that Is In
terfering with their
work and causing
that pain that
makes you say:
"Oh, my back."
Thompson Wat
kins, professional
nurse, 420 N. 23rd
St., Parsons, Kan.,
says: "For some
time I was annoyed with sharp twinges
across the small of my back and ir
regular passages of the kidney secre
tions. Since using Doan's Kidney Pills,
I am free from these troubles."
Remember the name Doan's. Sold
by all dealers. CO cents a box. Foster
Mllburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
How She Knew.
The cartoonist's wife was talking to
a friend.
"I Just know Fred didn't want to
work at the odlco last night," she
"Why, how do you know?" was
"Because In his sleep he said: 'Well,
I'll stay, but I don't want to draw.' "
Llppincott's Magazine.
Is Poor Consolation.
"Yes, It must be a terrible thing to
g through life without your limb. Hut
you must remember It will be restored
to you In the next world."
"I know It will, mum, but dat don't
encourage me, for It was cut off when
I was a baby, an' It won't come with
in a couple of foot of de ground w'eu
It's restored."
The angels are always waiting to
open the windows of heaven over the
bead of the man who will bring the
last tltho into the storehouse.
I think the first virtue is to restrain
the tongue; he approaches nearest to
the gods who knows how to be silent
even when he Is In tho right. Cato.
Tell the Denier you want a Iwi' SiriRle
Binder cigar for it rich, mellow quality.
Live up to tho llible you know, and
your Hlblo will grow.
duces a big-boned, well-developed,
mentally energetic race.
His experiments prove that
good oatmeal such ns Quaker
Oats not only furnishes
tho best food for the human be
ing, but eating it strengthens
and enlarges the thyroid gland
this gland is intimately con
nected with the nourishing pro
cesses of the body.
In conclusion lie says
"It seems probable therefore
that the bulk nnd brawniness of
the Northerners (meaning the
Scotch) has been in some measure
due to the stimulation of the
thyroid gland by oatmeal por
ridge in childhood."
The Scotch cat Quaker Oats
because it is the best of all
Best Kind
Of Life Insurance
Is health insurance. The best
way to insure the health of your
family when any member gets
in a "run-down" condition, is to
use a tonic that removes the
cause of tho ill-health. Such
a tonic la
A "run down" condition is
generally due to the failure of
the digestive organs to properly
digest the food. Dr. D. Jayne's
Vermifuge tones up the digestive
organs so that they supply the
body with proper nourishment,
nd in this way bring about latU
Ing health. Ordinary tonics
simply supply food material in
predigested form, and conse
quently are only effective as
long as the tonic is taken.
Sold by all Druggists
two tlxes, 50o and 55c.
Dr. D. Jyn't Eipectorant his
bren relieving and curing; Coughs,
Colds.and similar aiUncnW for newly
four generationa.
a nvfrOn rositivciy cure-a ay
CARTERS th-L,,r,-
T JlTTIF tress from Djrpil, In.
Vj 1 1 f r n dlgeitionandTooUeartf
rl I V E R Gating. A perfect ra
I J n 1 A tCiJ turVUtiatf, No-
fl rILIaWs Drowslneu, B
E Taste In the Mouth. Co'
r " I ed Toiiirue. Palo In tht
' lai., TonPin L1VEB
They regulate) the Uowel. Purely Vegetkbta
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
Sick Feeling
that follows taking a dose of castor
oil, salts or calomel, is about the
worst you can ensure Ugh it
gives one the creeps. You don't
have to have it CASCARETS
move the bowels tone up the
liver without these bad feelings.
Try them. su
CASCABRT9 Toe a rm for a week
'treatment, nil dnirrfit Pinrrm m-llrr
in 1 be world. Million boxes a month.
JM W. Adams St Chicago
nunrnl t
111 px'tul
-HUhiT tn'h" nnlf U onnre m nrii an
Klin .111 Itanjk -1 w. I
relervuuus. Uwt tau.
" II.. OMAHA. NO. 43-1909.
UP The