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Matron Knew What Sho Wat About
When She Went to Engage
The manager of the employment
agency was lined to hearing women la
search of maids ask applicants all
sorts of queer questions, says the New
York Tribune, but this matron made
him mildly curious. Of 14 girls la
turn she had Inquired: "Have yoa
worked in a minister's family?" None
of them had. "Too bad," said the ma
Iron to the manager. "None of thes
girls will do."
"May I ask," said the manager
"why you are anxious to know II
these girls have worked In ministers'
"Why, the fact Is, we're very hard
up just now," said the matron, candid
ly; "I want a girl who knows how to
economize, and those who have worked
In clergymen's families, I've discov
ered, have learned that lesson."
Backache, Pains in the Kidneys, Bloat,
ing, Etc., Overcome.
A nurse Is expected to know what
to do for common ailments, and worn-
l..,lv.J CU Wh0 8lllTer 0aCk-
S ' I ache, constant lan-
TfyN I Euoi", and other com
I ,llon symptoms of
iAu9v I Ir t H n a ir nimitlnlnr
I suou!d ho grateful to
Airs. Minnie Turner,
of E. B. St., Ana
darko, Okla., for
pointing out the way
to find quick relief. Mrs. Turner used
Doan's Kidney 1'llls for a run-down con
dition, backache, pains in the sides and
kidneys, bloated limbs, etc. "The way
they have built mo up Is Blmply mar
velous," says Mrs. Turner, who is a
nurse. "My health Improved rapidly.
Five boxes did so much for me I am
telling everybody about It."
Remember the name Doan's. Sold
by all dealers. BO cents a box. Foster
MHburn Co., Iluffalo, N. Y.
Guess Where She Is From.
The head of the houso had been 111
for many months, and bad lost his ap
petite entirely.
"I can't seem to fix anything that
he'll enjoy and he hardly eats any
thing," the mistress was saying to the
maid, who was a new arrival from the
old country.
"That's always the way," returned
the girl. "They're all the same, them
invalids. All they want is nothing at
all, and then when you bring it to
them they don't eat it."
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Alcrcury,
M mrrniry will wirrlf destroy the fniw of nmrtl
vid completely tlrrutice the wholfl system when
mttTlng tt tltroush the mucous Btirf.ircs. nurd
rllelt RhotihJ never bo uwnl except on presenp
Unuft from rrpntablo phyfllruuia, iw tiie damniM? they
will do U ten fold to tlio iiid you run piwiihly de
rive trum thr:n. It all's Cntarrh Lurr, manuluetiired
T F. J. Cheney ft On., Toledo, O., cnntln no nier
mry. and Is taken Internally, artlmr directly Uixra
the blood and mumiu urlace ot the vKm la
buying. Ilnll'i ffeurrh Cure be rniro you net tti
renulne. It 11 taken Internally nnd made In Toluttk
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A Co. TcnUmnnlal free
Bold by PriinrbiM. Price. 7Sc. per Imitle.
liUe llali'i iamUr I'UU (or coaitUulloa.
The 800-foot brldgo over the Yellow
river at Lanchowfu, in the province of
Kansu, Is neariug completion. All ma
terials had to be conveyed nearly
1,000 miles in Chinese carts.
With a smooth Iron nnd Defiance
Starch, you can launder your shirt
waist just aa well at home as the
steam laundry can; it will have the
proper stiffness and finish, there will
be less wear and tear of the goods,
and It will be a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that does not stick to the
Strange how a girl's ideal can de
velop Into merely her husband.
Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Columbus. Ohio. "I have taken
Lydia K. I'inkham'a Vegetable Com
pound u u r in g
hamro of life. My
doctor told me it
was good, nnd since
taking it I feel so
much better that 1
can uo all my work
again. I think
Lydia E. rinkham's
Vetre table Com
pound a line remedy
for ail woman's
troubles, and I
iLtofiililwJncver forget to tell
my friends what it has done for inn."
Mrs. IS. Hanson, 304 isast img &t,
Columbus, Ohio.
Another Woman Helped.
Graniteville, Vt "I was passing
through the Chaneof Life and suffered
from nervousness and other annoying
symptoms. Lydia IS. rinkham's ego
table Compound restored my healthand
Btrenpth. and proved worth mountains
of gold to mo. Tor the sake of other
BUtlering women I am willing you
should publish my letter." Mus.
Ciiaki-ks Bauclay, U.F.D., Granite
ville, Vt.
Women who are passing through this
critical period or who are suffering
from any of thoso distressing ills pe
culiar to their sex should not lose sight
of tho fact tliat for thirty years Lydia
IS. rinkham's Vegetable Compound,
which la mado from roots and herbs,
has been tho standard remedy for
female Ills. In almost every commu
nity you will find women who have
been restored to health by Lydia IS.
i'inkham'B Vegetable Compound.
'AC (ft
Helps His Little Sister Out of Per
plexing Dilemma by Completing
a Big Bicycle.
"There! She's all done except for
the asseinMlnjr," muttered Dan, with
greatest satisfaction as he stood what
looked like a giant cycle against tho
wall of his workshop.
Further reflection was interrupted
by the sudden entrance of his sister
Nan. Trouble was written upon every
feature of the littlo girl's face.
"Can't I do something?" inquired
Dan, with that anxiety which made
him the nicest of brothers.
Nan now leaned wearily upon the
workhox. "Oh, I suppose It's some
thing nobody can help," said she,
"You bcc," tho lass explained, "sis
ter Kva and I have been invited to a
little picnic at Hrown's woods to-morrow,
and now papa says the horse is
too lame to drive, nnd wo can't go.
The place is too far away to reach by
walking and, it's nowhere near a rail
road station. Oh, dear! It's just my
"Things aren't as bad as they
seem," cheerily replied the brother.
"Both you and Ethel rido bicycles
very well," ho added.
"Yes," sighed Nan, "but that won't
help us any, because we haven't our
wheeJs any more."
Dan smiled as he said, triumphant
ly: "It really does help, Inasmuch
as I've Just about completed tho finest
tandem bicycle you ever saw. It's a
new invention of mine. Two persons
ride on opposite sides of this great
wheel and work pedals that move a
gear chain connected with tho smaller
front wheel. Anyone who knows how
to ride can uso my twin bicycle with
out the slightest dfiffculty.
"I'm sure, now, that you and Ethel
will attend your picnic in spite of the
fact that the outlook has been so
glooiiy," ho concluded.
"You're Just tho dearest, dearest
brother any girl could have!" cried
Nan, rapturously hugging Dan.
Then sho ran to Impart the good
They Rode to the Picnic.
news to Ethel, while Dan proceeded
to fit together the parts of his re
markable machine.
Of course, the twin bicycle worked
splendidly, and the two girls had as
much fun oporating it as they bad at
the picnic.
Thirty-Two-Year Old Horse Creates
Much Alarm in Breast of Woman
from City.
Peter, 3J years old, was the white
horse of all work which had belonged
to the Dentons ever since, 30 years
ago, they had moved Into the country
to farm and "rest." Peter had done
most of the resting, however, and his
perfect health seemed to promise that
he was destined to keep on resting al
most Indefinitely. In spite, of his quiet
nature, Mrs. Benton, who had grown
up In town and was not accustomed
to horses, regarded Peter as a fear
some animal.
When not otherwise employed,
Peter moved deliberately about the
yard at the end of a rope, "mowing
tho lawn" with his hungry mouth,
says Youth's Companion. It would
havo been safe, so far as Peter was
concerned, to let Mm roam free, but
Mrs. Denton insisted that such a
course would be disastrous, and stern
ly forbade it.
Dob, the six-yenr-old son, of whom
Peter appeared to be very fond, was
allowed a special privilege. When
ever tho grass In the middle of the
lawn was too short for even Peter to
crop, Bob would lead him to the bor
ders of the garden, and still holding
him by the rope, the 32 year-old horse
would eat the longer and greener
One day, whon this process was go
ing.' on. Dob became Interested In a
butterfly, dropped tho rope, and wont
pell-mell after It. Peter naturally
kept on eating. As long as the rope
Was tied to bis halter, he considered
himself tied, just as an elephant Is
said to believe himself hound.
But Mrs. Benton, ever watchful,
saw from the dining room window
what had taken place. To her to hnve
Peter looso spoiled danger. It tfiok
but a second to throw tip tho window
and cry, "Bobby! Bobby! Peter's got
awny from you. and he's moving!"
See-sutv, nrp-siiw: nwny tip in the airt
Sto-saw, Ktv-miw; kdIiik i-vrrywliriv.
Nie-Kuw, mv-Niiw; visiting tlio moon:
Si', hiv-huw; I'omiiiK Imrk o uoonl
Sce-siiw, wi-o-Hutv; Mary. Tom nml Joo;
Hro-Miiw, avi'-mtw, to tin- clomlM ilo ko.
SVo-Kiiw, noi-satv; licur tlu-lr Kluilsoma
As tlicy H't-8iitt-. ni'(-h:iw all iliiy InnfJ.
Moving Pictures Provided with DevlcS
for Realistic Imitation of Barn
yard Animals.
The cry of the public that moving
pictures are not as real as tliey
might be, because of tho absence of
the sounds that would attmd tho
movements or display in real life, Is
causing moving -picture concerns to do
voto considerable tuicrgy toward fill
ing the demand, says Popular Me-
ifkintd Horv WM"ncy- Cow-Moo Pi e Grtint
Rootter Grow
For Imitating Voices.
chanies. Now, many moving picture
sets are provided with excellent me
chanical devices to imitate the sound
required, no better example of which
can be given than this set of barnyard
animal imitators. The first Is a de
vice which gives a realistic imitation
of hens cackling, the second gives a
combined horse whinney, cow moo,
and pig grunt, and the third a roos
ter's crow.
Young Women Who Cannot Afford
Trip to Seashore Inaugurate
Novel Means of Amusement.
Any kind of outdoor entertainment
is preferable In summer to staying In
the house, so, for that reason, several
young women who cannot go to tho
senshore or mountains for the "heated
term" have inaugurated what they
call "back-yard parties" In the spaces
In the rear of their homes. These
have been mnde attractive enough to
warrant asking their friends to spend
the evening there.
At one house lu town In particular,
the ynrd has been turned into a really
lovely garden. Ivy and other climbing
plants have been planted along tho
fences and now completely cover
them. The center is a grass plot, and
around Is a border of gay blooming
geraniums and other hardy flowers.
Benches, garden chairs and tables are
placed here and there. A low cot bed,
with rug and cushions, forms a divan.
At night, with Japanese lanterns
strung across and little lamps hung
among the Ivy, the effect Is surprising
ly pretty.
The daughter of the house finds her
friends more than ready to accept her
Invitations, and the open air entertain
ment is thoroughly enjoyed. Some
times they play games, or they have
music of banjo or mandolin, and sing
college songs. The men, of course,
have permission to smoke, and the
cold lemonade, Ices and cakes are
especially delicious served under, Uiese
unusual and Informal conditions. Try
It; it is well worth the trouble.
Fail to Keep Up Reading; Have Na
tional Obtundity as to Art
and Literature.
If the truth were told, most young
American men are not especially in
teresting. They do not keep up their
reading, says Atlantic Monthly. They
have a national obtundity when it
conies to music, to art, to literature;
nor do many of them take any of
these things at all seriously. Tbo
young among them are not good con
versationalists. Our cleverest men
are tuonologists pure and simple.
They lecture admirably. They aro
born orators along modified lines.
They are inevitable story tellers.
None of this is conversation; and
women like conversation, liko its
courtesies, which at least pretend a
little Interest when their turn comen
In the game. Knowledge of peoplo
and affairs outside our own country
pricks more than one bubble about
our young men.
Luxurious Bee Hives.
A school muster in a small German
town, being very fond of bees, rtv
solved to build for them something
novel In tho way of a home. As beo
lives are generally of the snmo size,
color and shape, It Is sometimes dif
ficult for a bet! to find Its own particu
lar home, so this kind-hearted school
master decided to give each of his
MvcH some distinguishing mark, so
tho buildings represent an Inn, castle,
houso, cottage, windmill, etc. There
are also a number of animals, includ
ing an elephant, carved from wood,
closely resembling their living broth
ers. Tho owner is naturally very
proud of his creation and Is cou
btantly enlarging It.
1 A
r i nrp.
'II till HIE
Mr. W'illlnm A. RncWnrct win answer
f -1'Ntlpnn nml ttlve iulvlri Kit Kid OK
('1ST on Hit ftiilijrts pertiiliilnK to tho
k .liji'i't of biiililliiK for thi rciuliTK of this
l i n-r. On ui'couiit of IiIh wlilo cxpi1
r nro us Kditor, Author unci Mnniifur
t: tit. Iio Ih. without (loiil)l, tho hli:hist
)i itlmrlty on alt tin-so tmlijrrtn. AililP'SH
n M liitilrio to William A. I'ailfonl, No.
M I'lfth Ave. t'hliaKO. III., ntid only two-rt'iit Mtump for reply.
Many thousands of city and town
dwellers have but lately returned from
siimiuer resorts to their usual Voca
tions with lingering memories of tie
liKlitful days beside lakes, rivers and
In the mountains. "I want to build h
Ftiiamer home out there next year,"
is a thought that accompanies these
.r.iiimirieM. The architect has given
1'iiuli time to the summer home and
tiie bungalow, ami the result is the
iii'tlon of many beautiful struct tires
til this type. The lake regions and the
riversides afford charming sites for
these co.y little structures, and It Is
possible to surround them with
grounds that add to their appearance,
so that tiie outdoors part of the place
vill seem almost to join bunds with
tin1 Indoors.
In the building of a summer home
one point is to be considered above
all others, and it is a vital consldera-
t ion. The summer home is closed dur
ing the fall, winter and spring, and
usually without anyone to care for It.
Tho exterior construction, therefore,
should be of a form that will stand tho
-I t i 'l-f. f
I I I I M ) ! I
Floor PUn
onslaught of tho elements. Cement
plaster la of low cost and when well
and prcperly applied will stand per
manently and require no repairs. A
llret coat of lime paste is applied to
lath over furring strips and this coat
is scratched to afford a holding sur-
Mr. Wallace Was Willing to Oblige
Neighbors, But They Piled It
on Too Thick.
"Hey!" shouted Mr. Wallace's neigh
ior as Mr. Wallace hastened past his
house on the way to catch the suburb
an train. "I'm not going in town to
day, Wallace; will you bring me half
a dozen big screw hooks big enough
to swing a hauimock with?"
"Sure, Milto," said Mr. Wallace,
I'lonsantly. "Anything else?"
"Not a thing," said his neighbor;
"unless you'll stop by Miller's and see
!f he's got my trousers cleaned. If he
l as, bring 'em with you."
Mr. Wallace wended bis way townrd
'he station. As he passed Mrs. Pit
Kin's home that worthy lady caught
sight of him nnd ran toward him
"O, Mr. Wallace Mr. Wallace!" sho
tried. "Won't you bring me out a nice
watermelon? I've tried to get one
here, but there are none to be had.
Cet ft nice big one for about 20 cents."
Mr. Wallace continued his walk to
ward the utation. revolving things In
!ils mind. He did not like to carry
On the way he was stopped half a
doi'.en times by as many people. One
uantod a half dozen cigars; another
wanted some washers for his garden
hose. Still another desired, greatly
nnd above all things a half gallon can
of green paint.
Then Mr. Wallace milt. When he
ruino home that night it was with set
jaws that he marched to his home.
To all who reproached him for his
neglect he replied firmly:
"I'm sorry, you know; but M people
" I Kitchen tsj
Dining Rm. irxiio' zr
I ll ffXH O' y Jy Qjjjjl
lE-Z-'lV Bto Rm I
Living Rm -is
I J2-J PorCm
; OE 11 0X10 a
mr xH iv:
faco for the finishing coat of cement
Tho design shown here Is of a low
cost house ;;o feet, six Indies wide nnd
;tl feet, six Inches long. A charming
feature as one approaches the houso
is the pergola in front, the pillars of
which are hIso plastered. At the right
is a porch and on the left is a living
Hack of the living room, seen
through a wide grilled entrance, Is the
dining room. The pantry and kitchen
art to the right. ICnt ranee is had to
the bedroom from the porch nml also
from the living room through n small
hallway, off which also access is had
to the bath room. A good many sum
mer homes are provided with running
water by means of a wind motor and
tank. Tills little house is planned for
such equipment.
Witty Irishmen Meet to Fight,
Duel Has Altogether Happy
A duel with a happy ending bcchis
an anomaly, yet one is commcmi)-
rated in Ithickwood's Magazine, In an
article on Irish "fire-eater." The duel,
as arranged, was between John Kgan,
a county judge, nnd Roger llarett,
master of the rolls, lloth men were
humorous, and the meeting, upon the
fair ground of Donnybrook, was char
acteristic. Upon the combatants taking their
ground, llarett, who was tho chal
lenger, promptly fired without waiting
for the signal to be given, and then
walked coolly away, calling out:
"Now, Egan, my honor Is satisfied J"
The judge, however, was by no
means contented, and shouted: "Hallo!
Stop, Roger, till I take a shot at your
llarett thereupon came back, and,
planting himself In his former sta
tion, said, composedly:
"All right, then, fire away."
Kgan presented his pistol, and tak
ing most deliberate aim, first at one
part of the master of the rolls' anat
omy and then at another, seemed de
termined to finish him outright At
last, however, he cried out:
"I won't honor you! I won.'t be
bothered shooting you! So now you
may go your own way, or come and
shake hands with me, whichever way
you like best."
llarett chose to shake hands, and
amidst the plaudits of the crowd the
antagonists departed from the field
In much good humor, the best of
friends. Youth's Companion.
gave me commissions to execute and
I fofot yours." Hut he did not ex
plnln that he had forgotten all the 14,
deliberately and designedly forgotten
That was a matter he considered
strictly his own business. Galveston
Jim Knew.
While Oov. Wlllson of Kentucky
wns home-bound last winter owing to
a strained tendon In his leg he was
attended by "Jim," who has been gen
eral factotum to many governors, and
who was a source of much fun among
statehouse attaches. The lame leg
caused the governor to move his office
temporarily to the mansion, where ho
received many delegations. On one
occasion Mrs. Willson had waited
luncheon for lit) minutes, and she told
his excellency that he must come
down and eat with herj "My dear,
said Mr. Willson, "Just as soon as I see
that delegation of men downstairs
be with you." Mrs. Willson was
termined and said: "Jim, you go down
nnd tell them to wait."
frowned the governor, as that worth v
started ofT to obey the mistress of the
mansion "Jim, you know who Is
governor, don't you?" "Yas, sir,"
grinned Jim, with seeming Innocence;
"yas, sir. Ml go down and tell tho
gemmeu to wait, sah." Kansas City
Up and Down,
Ounner liowdy, old man. I own an
Llrshlp. Drop up sometimes.
Guyer Thanks. And you must
drop down sometimes.
Gunner Down?
Guyer Yes, I own u submarine
Why so clnm. old man? Won't sho
return your love?"
"No. Hut tho worst of It Is she
won't return tho presents I gave her!"
Spread Whole Box of It on Crackers
.Not the Least Injury Resulted.
Cuticura Thus Proven Pure and Sweet.
A New York friend of Cutlcura
"My thrco year old son and heir,
after being put to bed on a trip across
tha Atlantic, Investigated the stato-
room and located a box of graham
crackers nnd a box of Cutlcura Oint
ment. When a search was mado for
tho box, it was found empty and tho
kid admitted that ho had eaten tho
contents of tho cntlro box spread oa
tho crackers. It cured him of a bad,
cold and I don't know what else."
No nioro conclusive cvidenco could
In offered that every ingredient of Cu
tlcura Ointment Is absolutely pure,
eweet and harmless. If It may be
safely erien by a young child, none but
tho most beneficial results can bo ex
pected to attend Its application to even
tho tenderest skin or youngest Infant.
PoHr Drug A Cboin. Corp., Sola I'ropt, Itottoo.
The Thirst for Gore.
Unsophisticated Onlooker I think
this Is a first rate place. See what a
fine view wo havo of this car coming.
Seasoned Spectator Flno view fid
dlesticks! Nothing ever happens on
these straight stretches not even a
broken leg. Como on down to the
turn and wait for the fun. Puck.
MayWctmoxvc overcome
rcet vrawa$ws wfcVtae as-
Voxo!ivv6 tevaSyro cjTv&tlxr
may be roAua &spaisc& Wv
ukrvvw uicr ncck&.askk& ej
Tmeses var&cprc& arc toassvs
JuxvcWows .wvcWvi& Aqpul
Tt$d te W$A$Js.tfvwysmy ttvt emua
Fig Syrup Co.
Neglected Colds
and Coughs
are the cause of many cases
of Pneumonia and Con
sumption. No matter how
slight your Cough or Cold
may be, cure it before it has
a chance to do any harm.
Is the oldest and best known
medicine in the world for reliev
ing snd curing Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Croup,
Whooping-Cough, and diseases
of this class. Your drucgist
will supply you. In three siso
bottles, $1.00, 50c. and 25c.
Dr. D. Jayne's Tonic Ver
mifuge is an excellent tonic for
both adults and children. It is
also a safe worm medicine.
For the baby often means rest for
both mother and child, little ones
like it too it's so palatable to take.
Free from opiates.
AU DnuaLU, 25 ccnta.