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NEWS. E;.tbli!ihf d Nov. 5. 1!1 I
UKHALD. Established April 16. 164 (
Consolidated'Jan. 1.
and no matter what city you go
to you cannot find belter clothing than we show you right
here at home. Then again you will like onr exclusive suit
idea-one suit of a pattern. This gives you individuality in
your attire. These fine suits run in price from $20 to
$35. We have others not so good $5 to $18. Come in
and pick out your pattern now.
C. E. Wescoffs
News Notes
Special Correspondence Relative
to the Doings in a
Busy Burg.
Miss Hazel Jameson Sundayed with
the home folk?.
Peter Opps folks have been enjoying
a visit from relatives.
Mis3 Frona Kime has returned to her
home in Rock port, Mo.
NVs Anderson transacted business in
Weeping Water Saturday.
Mrs. Tlybon and son were Weeping
Water passenger Saturday.
Miss Mary Grotter was a Nebraska
City visitor the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Garber took in the
street fuir at Murdoek last week.
Tl.e Methodist parsonage is being
treated to a coat of paper and paint.
I:. A. Warton of Plattsmouth was a
guist of Rev. Burdick over Sunday.
Cunningham Bros., and mother have
moved in one of the Pittmnn houses!
Scott Norria is visiting his father's
family in Antelope county for a week.
Mrs. Kate Nelson's house is finished
ai d she will occupy it the last of the
Mr3. Humphrey was another Ne
hawka visitor in Weeping Water Sat
urday. Otto Carroll has just moved into the
Cur.idngham house which ho has pur
chattd. Henry Gruber is home from his medi
cal examination in Omaha and is much
R. Viall wants to keep the mice out
of hb canned fruit, so he is cementing
his cellar.
' Mrs. Geo. McConnell has been visit
ing mother in Burt county the
pa;t week.
Our assistant postmistress, Miss
Kate Willis, Sundayed with her mother
at Weeping Water.
The Plattsmouth Telephone Co., has
Mr. Browncll on the road Belling tele
phone stock in this vicinity.
Joe Behrns was in town Tuesday
evening trading. Something will catch
you Joe, if you don't watch out.
Edwin lladlcy has moved to town
and opened a jewelry btore, where
everybody will get satisfaction.
The funeral of Mrs. Chris Miller oc
curred Sunday at the Otterbien church.
Our Coal Makes
. -SO;3-
We might as well settle this
question now as ever. You
either do or you don't. You
either will or you won't. Which
is it? "We've proposed" to sell
you the best ready-made cloth
ing in the world. If you'll ac
cept we'll both be happy. You
will like our new Fall line of
Quality Clothes. You can't
help it. They have been picked
from the cream of the best makes
in the world yes in the world
Mrs. Miller was formerly Mrs. George
Rev. C. A. Burdick has been elected
superintendent of temperance instruc
tion for Cass county Sunday school as
sociation. . The W. C. T. U. will have a silver
tea Saturday afternoon at Mrs. Kirk
patrick's. Bring your silver, she will
furnish the tea.
Mr. Flemke of the Christian church,
who is working for the foreign mission
ary society of that ehurch, preached in
Anderson's hall Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Dr. Walker was treated toa visit
from her mother, Mrs. Gilmore, Mon
day. Mrs. Thompson an" aunt of Mrs.
Walker, from Pa., accompanied her.
Mrs. Grace Bird returned from a
visit with her brother in Iowa Sunday.
She will go from here to Kansas, for a
short stay, and then go to her home in
Earl Kirkpatrick has been making a
few days visit with his parents. He
came home from Cleburne, Tex., via.
Grand Canon Arizona, San Francisco
and Colorado.
Mr. Tucker has returned from Om
aha, where he underwent a second
operation for his tycsight. He has
strong hopes of having his eyesight al
most restored.
Forest Cunningham drove Dr. Davis
out to the country in his automobile
Monday. The doctor, was called from
Lincoln to treat his father, who has a
i.'vcro attack of asthma.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams took a spin
down through Johnson and Auburn to
Brownville Sunday. They came back
in the evening, having mado the 100
miles and a visit all in one day.
Mrs. Covell of Omaha delivered a
temperance lecture Sunday night in
the Methodist church. It was a strong
earnest plea, from a strong earnest
woman for a clean temperate life.
Mr. ard Mrs. McClcarg and son of
Lawrence, Neb., are visiting at Mrs.
McCIeary's mother, Mrs. Pollard, this
week. Aunt Lena is deligi.ted to en
tertain the latest, and of course the
finest grandson.
Isaac Pollard and sons have ehiped 16
card of apples of their own raising this
fall, and the late winter varieties are
on the trees yet. They have also
shipped 3 cars of cider, and two of
vinegar of their own manufacture.
A. Kiser of Eight Mile Grove got off
the train hero Monday from a trip
through Kansas, Oklahoma and Ne
braska. He says Ezra Crabill, who
was in the jewelry business here three
Vt'ars aCTO is rloino- n linn lmsmii:i of
Waukecny, Kan.
Warm Friends
Plattsmouth, Neb., Octber 5th, 1909.
Board of County Commissioners met
in regular session, with all members
present. Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved, whereupon the
following business was transacted in
regular form:
James Robertson District Clerk, filed
his report showing amount of fees
collected during 3rd Quarter 1909 as
did H. A. Schneider Recorder, and W.
E. Rosencrans, County Clerk. A. J.
Beeson, County Judge.
Clerk was instructed to call for bids
for furnishing coal to the Court house
and poor farm and paupers.
C. D. Quinton.Saly. and board
ing Co. prisoners $168 80
C. D. Quinton, Boarding city
prisoner:', 1 75
C. R. Jordan, Saly. and Exp. . . 17 25
M. L. Friedrich.saly. and exp., 16 10
W. E. Rosencrans, saly. and
exp 208 84
James Robertson, saly. 3 Quar
ter 211 23
W. C. Ramsey, saly. and exp. . 91 78
Mary E. Foster, same, 128 88
E. E. Hilton, same 44 00
C. E. Hulbert, Fees State vs
Samuel Thomas 1 50
J. J. Andrus, same 9 21
T. S. Svoboda.saly.and laundry C2 50
Louisvillo Courier, Printing, ... 17 60
Wm. Wehrbein, Livery, . . 1 00
Neb. Lighting Co., Gas 29 07
The News-Herald, Printing, ... 13 00
Plattsmouth Water Co., water 17 60
T. S. C. Dabb, Labor, 2 00
H. C. McMaken & Son Ice, ... 4 50
Asemisscn & Klinger, Mdse. to
poor farm, ..' 5 10
M. L. Johnson, Mdse. to farm, 5 80
Turn Verien Society, Room for
Primary election 4 00
Wm. Holly.Mdso to poor farm, 5 40
C. W. Baylor, Mdse to poor. . . 8 11
J. E. Tuey, same 15 00
Djra Flei3chman, care of blind ,
man 3 months, 18 00
W. W. Windham, House rent
to pauper 1 00
Weyrich & Hadraba, Dust-to-
go 11 78
Neb. Telephone Co., Rent and
tolls, 4 50
Wm. Hassler, labor, 21 50
J. II. Tarns, Threshing 5 25
J. H. Tarns, salary 75 00
Aug Nolting, use of seeder. ... 3 20
Plattsmouth Telephone Co.,
Tolls and rent 21 60
E. Manspeaker, Fees Wortman
vs Pratt and wife 4 05
E. Manspeaker, Fees Norton
vs Norton, 85
E. Manspeaker, Fees White vs
Sturm ct al., 85
Wm Holly, Mdse to farm 11 20
J. H. Ash, House rent to poor, 9 00
Frank Rouse, Road work.Dist.
No. 5 $120 00
H. Manspeaker, same, 2, 7 50
Will Heil, same 2, . . . . 3 00
G. G. Mcisingcr, same 2, 3 CO
Adam Meisinger, same 2 7 50
J. J. Meisinger, same 2 3 75
Anton Meisinger, same 2, 7 40
James Johnson, same 2 3 90
Geo. Pick, same 2, 12 75
Allie Meisinger, same 2 90
Clarance Meisinger, same 2, . . 3 00
John Bower, same 2, 3 00
Elmer Misinger, same 2 16 50
Baltz Meisinger, same 2 .... 13 GO
Geo. A. B. Hicks.same 2 C9 00
Aaron Wright, same 5 30 00
Will Lcnhart, same 5 21 00
Will Stohlman, same 8 209 22
Ben Beckman, same 10 220 50
G. K. Grawlich, same 7 9 00
Fred Lau, same 7 3 00
Herman Schmidt, same 7 3 75
Paul Schewe, same 7 3 75
F. W. Wilson, same 7 32 62
Lawrence Rikle, same 7 3 75
J. M. Hoover, same 3 75 83
J. W. Wiseman, same 14 8 50
J. A. Wilson, same 7 68 50
Henry Bornemeier, same 7. . . . 2 00
Carl Rissman.same 7 3 00
H. T. Squires, same 7 5 10
Village of South Bend, same 19. 150 00
Village of Eagle, same 26 150 00
Village of Greenwood, same 20. 150 00
Geo. Sutton, same 6 9 (;o
M. Sulscr, same 1 113 37
Hans Komp, same 1 117 75
Jay Roberts, same 4 3 25
Joe Roberts, same 4 6 50
Walter Farmer, same 4 8 10
Wm. Farmer, same 4 l 65
John Jenks.same 4 9 50
Geo. Christian, same 4 1.. 5 50
Aug Rissman, same 4 8 10
Howard Richards, samo 4 6 50
O" T. Richards, same 4 56 75
Chas. Goldsmith, same 4 25 00
Walter Clause, same 4 26 00
Geo. Walhngcr.same 4 48 75
Aug. Thimgan, same 4 13 00
Henry Snoke, same 16
W. A. Cole, same 14
J. E. Bates, same 13
Platte Gravel Co., Gravel, Dist.
No. 2
J. L. Young, Labor. D. N. 5..
A. N. Speer, Lumber, D. 8
Asemissen & Klingtr.Mdse. D.
H. C. McMacken & Son, Mdse.
D. 1
Linch & Stone, nails, D. 6 ....
Gus Newman, Posts, D. 4
McCartney Bros. Mdse. D. 4..
115 75
97 45
122 15
1 95
4 25
120 70
5 19
2 55
1 00
5 96
Bagley & Renard, Lumber, D.
Wm. llassler, Repairs, D. 1...
16 58
9 80
34 70
22 50
15 25
31 77
81 11
A. W. Barrett, Lumber, D. 7.
Geo. V. Voss Co., same 13....
Geo. W. Voss Co. same 9
E. T. Tool, same 7
J. Adams & Son, same 16, ... .
Bagley & Renard, Bridge lum
ber Geo. W. Snyder, Taking care
of bridge washed out
Geo. W. Voss, Bridge lumber,.
53 76
20 00
2 00
The following list of names were
this day chosen by the board of Com
mission from which to select a jury for
the next term of District Court.
Weeping Water City First Ward,
Wm. Dunn.
Weeping Water City Second Ward,
S. F. Girardet.
Weeping Water City Third Ward,
George Olive.
Greenwood Precinct, G. W. Curyca,
Chris Huffman.
Tipton Precinct, Joe Allen, Chas.
Frolich, Ed Casey.
Stove Creek Precinct, Ed. Dorr, Dan
McNeely, Joseph Mullen, Geo. Bruti
hoeber. Weeping Water precinct, J. W. Wise
man, George Towle,
Salt Creek precinct, G. B. Zeigler,
John Coleman, Henry Weideman.
Elmwood precinct, George Towle,
Geo. K. Graulich, Herman Schmidt.
South Bend precinct, Walttr Clause,
W. H. Rohrdanz.
Avoca precinct, John Bogard, Wm.
Nehawka precinct, Charles Brandt,
Frank Cox.
Mt Pleasant precinct, O. II. Dawson,
B. S. Philpot, Wm. Foltz.
Center precinct, Cha3. Gaebcl, Fred
Louisville precinct, Miles Drake, W.
II. Hoover, Martin Sjogren.
Liberty prcct. John Chalfant, Wm.
A. Taylor, C. W. Clark.
Rock Bluff prect. 1st Dist. G. II.
Mcnford, VV. A. Brown.
Rock Bluff prect. 2nd Dist. Geo. S.
Smith, John Sutton.
Plattsmouth City, 1st ward, Fred
Black, John Linderman.
Plattsmouth,2nd ward, Leonard Born,
Chas. Gradoville, Carl Fricke.
Plattsmouth 3rd ward, Emil Ptak,
E. J. Richey, Wm, Holly, Henry Zuck
weiler. Plattsmouth 4th ward, Frank Neu
man, J. W. Sage, Loe Cotner.
Plattsmouth 5th ward, Ira B. Green,
Geo. Perry.
Eight Mile Grove prcct.Wm. Spence,
Philip Stohr, W. H. Hcil.
Plattsmouth prect., Ed. Brantncr,
John Hirz, A. E. Todd.
A resolution was this day received
requesting the sheriff, to file his quar
terly reports according to law and the
Board instructed him to file all otiar-
terly reports on or before next regular
meeting of the Board.
Board adjourned to meet October 19
1909. W. E. ROSENCKAN.-!,
, County Clerk.
Surprise Parly.
An enjoyable surprise party was
given Monday evening in the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McElroy in honor
of Miss Giulia Begley of Omaha.who is
the guest of Miss Mary McElroy.
Music and games whiled away the hours
and light refreshments were served.
Those present were the Misses Theresa
Droege, lrinc Hartwich. Helen E,'e:i
berger, Mary MuGuire. Clara Hunter,
Clara Goose, Hulda Goose, Delia White,
Mary McElroy, Giulia Begley and Rue
Frans, Emil Droege, August Cloidt,
Henry Egcnberger, George Murray,
Derwood Lindy.
Sunday School Convention,
The local contingent of the commit
tees having in charge the county con
vention of the Cass county Sunday
School associition which will bo held
in Elmwood on Tuesday and Wednes
day, October 26 and 27, report excel
lent progress and state that the pros
pects now indicate that the coming
convention will be one of the most in
teresting in the history of the organ
ization. '
The association is undenominational
and interdenominational and is repre
sentative of all Sunday schools in the
county. The annual conventions are
given character by the participation in
them of the best talent in the county.
They have come to be the chief in
spirational conclave of the Sunday
school workers of the county, and the
coming meeting is being looked for
ward to with great interest.
The people of Elmwood will this year
furnish free entertainment to all dele
gates, and that they may know at the
earliest possible moment the number
to prepare for it is requested that the
various organizations select their dele
gates as Boon as possible.
Meelt With Accident,
Mis3 Mildred Rogers, the young
daughter of Mrs. J. W. Parkin, met
with an accident Tuesday which while
not at all Berious was very painful and
will result in the young lady taking a
vacation for a few days. While swing
ing from the limb of a tree at tho resi
dence of J. M. Roberts on West Main
street, she felt that it was about to
break and loosed her hold. The dis
tance to the ground was short but from
the nature of the injury her physician
thinks that perhaps the knee cap was
dislocated. While tho ligaments are
still very Bore, the inflammation is
rapidly subsiding and the little lady
will doubtless soon be her usual self.
Muslo and Elocution.
Prof. II. S. Austin has resigned his
position with Dovey & Son, and on the
18th inst. with his wife will open in the
Gund building, at the corner of Fourth
and Main streets, a studio for instruct
ion in music and elocution.
Prof. Austin's reputation as a teach
er of music is too well known in this
city and vicinity that we need dwell
upon it at this time. Suffice it to say
that the increasing demands upon his
time makes this move necessary, and
assisted by his wife who is one of the
best elocutionists in this section of the
country, the new venture will doubtless
fill a long felt need. In addition to
vocal work Prof. Austin will also open
classes in harmony and composition.
Mrs. Curtis Moore, who have ben
quite sick, is reported to be improving
now, but slowly.
iv".. -v. . .
.1 r v m'M-j:-.
Copyright li.nt SJuffncr & Miri
The Home of Hart SchafFner & Marx clothes
Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats
Their 50th
Another Couple Pass the Half
Century Wedding Milestone.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Wendell cele
brated their fiftieth wedding anniver
sary in their beautiful home on Gospel
hill in this city Tuesday. About two
hundred invitations were issued for the
reception from 2 to 6 o'clock in the
afternoon. Tho day was an ideal one,
warm and sunny, quite reflecting the
happy vein which reighed within the
home of the happy couple.
"How does this weather compare
with fifty years ago?" was asked Mrs.
She smiled and said: "Well today is
exactly like fifty years ago and I feel
just as young and happy as I did that
Refreshments wero Bcrvcd on tha
beautiful lawn by Mrs. VV. L. Pickett
and the Misses Lena Fricke, Hallie
Parmele, Helen Clark, Mary Donnelly,
Lucile and Helen Gass.
Jacob S. Wendell was born in Sara
toga county, N. Y.,on January 27, 1830
and is a carpenter by trade, and was.
employed in the local Burlington shops
for 25 years. Miss Harriette A. Sher
man was born Pittstown, N. Y., on
October 2, 1335, and graduated from a
college in Fort Edward, N. Y. and was
very successful in teaching school for a
number of years. They were married,
in Pittstown, N. Y., on October 5, 1859
and came to Nebraska in 1883, where
they have since resided. They have
two children, Mrs. Eliza M. Forbes and
Mrs. Arabella A. Ga3s, who were pre. , , ,,
sent and assisted in receiving. They
also have eight grand children, who,
wero also present.
Among the old settlers present were
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White, who came
to Plattsmouth in 1857; Mrs. R. R.
Livingston, who came in 1858;Ucv. and
Mrs J. T. Baird came here on Septem
ber 11, 1864; Mrs. Amelia Swift, who
came in 1868; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Pollock and Mr. and Mrs. Washington.
Smith, who came in 1870: Mrs. Jennie
Schildknecht, who came November 17.
1870; Cannon and Mrs. H. B. Burgess,
who came 1874; Mr. and Mrs. Dan
who came in 1876; Mrs. H. I). Travis,
who came in 1881; and Mrs. Allen Bee-
son, who came in 1879.
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell were thereci
pents of many beautiful and usefut
presents, one coming from British
Columbia and one from Kansas City.
Their children and grand children gave
them a gold headed cane and a gold
headed silk parasol. Their friends pre
sented them with a purse coatainirar
$75 in gold to remind them of their
golden wending.
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell are enjoying
the best of health and their many
friends hope they may live to celebrate
many more as happy birth day anniver
Republicans or
democrats, it
makes no differ
ence, come here to buy
their clothes. Not
because they like our
politics any better
than others but be
cause they appreciate
our "value giving"
policy, our up-to-date
store methods and
our large assortment
of good clothes.
You can't buy bet
ter clothes than we'll
sell you, and it's a
"cinch" you can't
buy them cheaper.
If ycucfln, remember
we'll pay for the suit
no matter where you
buy it. Look here
before you buy, if we
haven't what you
want, we don't want
to sell you.