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NEWS. Estnljlifh.fH Nov. 5. lfOl
11KUALD. published April 10. 1864
! Consolidated' Jan. 1. 1835
The Merchants Carnival which closed
Monday night was a decided success
from beginning to end and those whi
promoted the event and labored cease
lessly for its interests may well be
proud of the result of their efforts.
While the weather was dark and
threatening during the morning hours
of each day, but little rain fell and the
result was but to cool the atmosphere
and make the conditions delightful for
the balance of the day. Large crowds
were in attendance at all the days, and
the concensus of opinion is that it was
one .of the most successful events ever
attempted in the county. The best of
order was maintained throughout and
visitors generally expressed themselves
as fully satisfied with the treatment
The morning of the first day which
was set apart for a live stock, fruit
and grain exhibit was quite cloudy, and
a Blight sprinkle threatened to turn to
a downpour of rain, but the owners of
live stock gladly welcomed the accom
panying cool weather and many who
might not hive brought in their fine
stock for entrance on account of the
dust and great heat hurriedly prepared
their animals for the Bhow and brought
them In for entry. The scene at
Smith's barn and enclosure, where the
stock was exhibited, was very attrac
tive and lively, there was little
confusion and before the noon hour
every available stall and space had
been filled and the stock correctly
entered on the secretary's boaks.
Mr. J. F. Coupe of Falls City was on
hand ready for duty, having arrived
the evening before and the judging be
gan promptly at 10:30 a. m., as had
been arranged. Mr. Coupe though a
young man proved to be an able judge
and much credit is due him for his fair
ness and ability. At the close of
the judging the premiums were
awarded and the exhibitors dis
played their stock in a grand parade
which was one of the best features of
the entire carnival and excited the ad
miration of the spectators who seemed
surprised to learn that such beautiful
and valuable stock was raised and
owned in the confines of Cass county.
Nearly one hundred animals were in
the parade and it was generally con
ceded that it would be next to impossi
ble to find anywhere in the state a like
umber that could beat them for grace,
beauty and quality. A list 01 owners
. and their animals that woo premiums
While the Weather
the Mornings it
was Dark and Cloudy in
Usually Cleared up by
Noon and Good Crowds were the Result
is given below:
Percherons Best Reg. Stallion
James Sage
2nd Best Reg. Stallion-
Henry Ifirz.
Best Bred Mare
H. Gansemeier
2nd Best Bred Mare... ,
H. Gansemeier.
Best Yearling Chas. Shopp
2nd Best Yearling -H. G. Todd
Best Suckling Colt-
. , John F. Wehrbein
2nd Besi Suckling Colt-
Louis A. Meisinger.
Ceach - Best Reg. Stallion-
James Sage
Best Yearling.
Chas. T. Peacock
2nd Best Yearling-
S. L. Thomas
Best Suckling Colt-
Ed. Donat
2nd Beet Suckling Colt-
Julius Pitz.
Clydesdale-Best Mare Glen Wiles.
Shire Dtest Mare-J. E. Hanna
2nd Best Mare-J. E. Hanna.
Belgian Best Mare P. Mumm
2nd Best Mare-J. E. Hanna
Best Yearling-Bryan Snyder
?nd Best Yearling ......
.Harry Manspeaker
Best Suckling Colt- ....
Geo. H. Meisinger
Shetland-Best Reg. Stallion-
Wm. Gilmour
Best Mare - M. Soennichsen
2nd Best Mare-D. Patterson
Best Pony Sam Gilmour
2nd Best Pony
H. M. Soennichsen
Best Suekling Colt-
Sam Gilmour.
Sweepstakes Champion Stallion
James Sage's Coach
Champion Mare ...r.....
P. Mumm, Belgian
Best Driving Team-Philip T. Becker
Good Order is Maintained and the Con
census of Opinion is That it Was
One of the Best Events Ever
Held in Cass County.
If you knew how cheap we
are selling good school suits
for boys, you'd waste no time
in getting here for them.
3 Special Prices
A good substantial suit of
clothes (not all wool) but only
a few of them left 01 QQ
for IiUU
A strong line of gray mix
brown and fancy weave, most
ly all wool g gg
Here's a line of handsome all
wool suits in grays, browns
and blues, extra well made,
unmatchable g2 Q
Dutchess Guessing Contest.
The buttons in the Dutchess jar will be counted by
a committee next Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. A
pair of Dutchess $3.50 pants will be awarded to the
person whose guess is the nearest.
during the week.
Anyone can guess
C. E. Wescotfs Sons
"Where Quality Counts.
Best Driving Team-
Elbert Wiles.
Single Driver-Ralph Wiles
2nd Best Single Driver-
S. G. Smith
Draft Team-J. E. Hanna
2nd Best Draft Team-....
R. Chiiswisser.
Best Draft Team H. Gansemeier
Best Yearling-L. Baumgart
Best Suckling Colt-
J. N. Elliott.
Red Polled-Best Reg. Male.....
Luke Wiles
2sd Best Reg. Male-
Luke Wiles
Best Reg. Female
Luke Wiles
' 2nd Best Reg. Female-
' ..r.LbWe wnes.
Black Galloway -Best Reg. Female
-H. Hirz.
Jerseys Best Reg. Female ...
T. Parmele.
Herefords-Best Reg. Male
C. A.Bengen
2nd Best Reg. Male
Geo. A. Kaffenberger
Best Reg. Female
C. A. Bengen
2nd Best Reg. Female-
' Geo. A. Kaffenberger.
Short Horns -Best Reg. Male
Elbert Wiles
Best Reg. Female
John P. Tritsch
2nd Best Reg. Female-
Elbert Wiles.
Pell Durhams-Best ?eg. Male-..
S.L. Thomas
2rd Best Reg. Male-....
S.L. Thomas
Best Reg. Female
S. L.Thomas
2nd Best Reg. Female-...
S.L. Thomas.
Holstein-Best Reg. Female
W. C. Hamilton.
Swcetstakes-Champion Dull ...
C. A. Bengen
Champion Cow . .
C. A.Bengen.
Duroc Jerseys-Best Reg. Male
Ed. Trkseh
2nd Best Reg. Male-
Chas. Wiles
Best Reg. Female . . . .
Ed. Tritsch.
Tierkshires-Best Reg. Male-....
Geo. A. Kaffenberger!
2nd Best Reg. Male-.... I
Thomas Fry'
Best Reg. Female
Thomas Fry
2nd Best Reg. Female -
Thomas Fry.
The grain, fruit and poultry entered
were placd on exhibition ki the room
first door east of the court house and
though there were a large number of
grain entries there were not as many
entries of poultry and fruit as had
been expected. A great many tall
stalks of corn were entered, the winner
of tho premium being nearly 1G feet
tall. This was owned by Master James
Ferguson and was but a few inches
taller than the stalk entered by Master
Joe McMaken. The grain win of ex
ceptionally good quality and the poultry
was the cream of the finest strains.
Supt. A. II. Smith, of the Nebraska
State Poultry Association was present
to judge the poultry and Mr. Kiesscl
bach of the Nebraska State Farm
acted in like capacity for the grain and
fruit. Both gentlemen arc expert in
their line and loud in their praise of
the quality of the exhibits. These
above the
men and Mr. Coupe of Falls City, who
judged the stock are very clever
cultured gentlemen and during their
visit in the city met a large number of
people who are glad to know them.
Below is given a list of the premium
Plymouth Rocks-1st and
.. 2nd on cock -Dr. J. II. Hall
1st and 2nd on hen....
Dr. J. II. Hall
1st and 2nd on pullet
Dr. J. II. Hall
1st on cockerel Dr. J. H. Hall
2nd on cockeral
. ... Cash L. Wiles.
White Plymouth Rock-lst and 2nd
....on cockerel-Peter Halmes
1st and 2nd on pullet
Peter Halmes
1st on cock
' .. ..Mrs. Geo. A, Kaffenberger
1st and 2nd on hen....
....Mrs. Geo. A. Kaffenberger.
Buff Orpingtons 1st en cockerel
W. C. Hamilton
1st and 2nd on cock....
W. C. Hamilton
1st and 2nd on hen
W. C. Hamilton
1st and 2nd en pullet ....
W. C. Hamilton
2nd on cockerel
Wra. J. Streight.
Bost Peck of Winter Wheat ...
Wallace Hunter
Best Peck of Spring Wheat.
Geo. A. Kaffenberger
Best Pook of Early Oats-
Geo. A. Kaffenberger
Bast Peck of Late Oats
Peter Halmes
Best 10 ears of White Corn-
Peter Halmes
Best single ear of White corn -. . . .
Dan Kiser
Best 10 ears of Yellow Corn ....
Rex Major
Best single ear of Yellow Corn
W. G. Schuetz
Tallest stalk of corn exhibited by
boy indcr 15 years of age
James Ferguson
Rest Peck Rod Clover Seed-
Chas.T. Peacock
Best Peck Timothy seed-Jake Hild
Best Bale of Alfalfa Hay-Julius Fitz.
Peck Early Potatoes-
Peter Halmes
Best Peck Late Potatoes
Peter Halmes
The Largest Pumpkin Wm. Furguson.
Best 1-2 doz-Wm.Schneider
Crabapplc-Best 1-2 doz-
Michael Timmh
Wolf River-Best 1-2 doz G. G. Pitz
Grecnling Btist 1-2 doz-U. G
Yellow - Best 1-2 doz - Geo.
Red - Bost 1-2 doz - George
Bost Plate Pocklington
II. C. McMaken
Best Tlate Niagara
II. C. McMaken
Best Plate Lady H. C. McMaken
Best Plate Wordon-H. C. McMaken
Best Plate Wrestling Joe
In connection with the
members of the committeo on live
stock, fruit and grain wish to thank
the several exhibitors who gave their
time and money and exhibited their
animals, fruit and grain, all of which
contributed in the greatest measure to
the success of the show.
The committee also greatly appre
ciated the many valuable suggestions
of exhibitors and other interested
parties; and in conslusion wish to say
that the decided succi. as of this year's
show has proved that it is possible to
make it an annual event and the co
operation of the enterprising farmers
and stock raisers of this community
and Cass county is earnestly solicited
with the above end in view.
Pioneer Day.
Tfeirsrfay, Pioneer Day, though it
opened with cloudy sky and very dis
couraging outlook turned out to be one
of the best days of the carnival. By
noon the clouds had passed on and the
minsmne and blue sky were very ex
hilerating to the large crowd which
had begun to gather on tho streets to
see the splendid free attractions.
These were all a great success and
especially the balloon ascension in
which a man and a dog participated,
each dropping very gracefully on
separate parachstes. This stunt was
greatly appreciated by the crowd as it
was a novel and pretty scene. An
other great feature of this day was
the Fort Crook Military Band which
arrived with the base ball team, their
music adding much to the pleasure of
the day. Tho Fort Crook ball team
won the game from the locals by a
score of 9 to 2.
Governor Shallcnberger, who arrived
unexpectedly from Union by automo
bile, was tendered a reception at the
Hotel Riley and later in the afternoon
delivered the principal address of the
day, which made a hit with the large
audience. Other speakers introduced
by Chairman R. B. Windham followed
in a happy vein and Grandpa Bailey a
man 94 years of age was introduced by
uasii b. Kamsey as the oldest pioneer
present. Other prominent men who
were present and made speeches
which were well received were Hon. J
B. Strodo, Rev. A. L. Folden and 0
S. Payne of the Nebraska Historical
The grand banquet to the pioneers in
the evening was a fitting close to this
great day Hon. R. B. Windham pre
sided as toastmnste. and introduced
the various speakers in his usual
brilliant manner. Messages from Hon.
F. E. White and Orlando TefTt en
pressing their regret at being unable
to attend were read. Conrad Schlatcr,
the veteran organist, was present and
played on the same organ he had
played over fifty years before for the
choir then tinging in the Methodist
church in this city. I his was an in
cident filled wilh beautiful sentiment
and will never bo forgotten by those
present. Canon Burgess pronounced
the invocation, a fervent and eloquent
appeal for blessings upon the aged
Pitz. ' pioneers both present and absent. The
toasts were eloquent'y responded to by
; the following gentlemen. Mayor John
jSattler, Hon. E. M. Pollard, Conrad
i Schlatcr, Hon. S. L. Thomas, Hon.
! ii.uL .:... t V l-i I..,.
Aiaunew lil-rili!, JUUKU J. t-' I'uuKliin,
Rev. A. L. Folden, Judge M. Archer,
Attorney A. L. Tidd, Hon. J. L. Root,
Rev. A. A. Randall, County Judge
Allen J. Beeson, Father M. S. Shine,
I) strict Judge II. I). Tiavis, Attorney
1). O. Dwycr, I). W. Foster, Geo. L.
Farley, E. A. Kirkpasrick and Dr. M.
Merchants Day.
Friday was Merchants day and an
other success was scored by the
energetic and enterprising business
men of the city. Weather conditions
as on live stock and Pioneer day were
threatening and the cloaring of the
atmosphere soon after dinner waa
greatly appreciated by those who had
prepared at great expense for the
amusement of visitors. Bright sun
shine and blue Bkics quickly dwpelled
the gloom and soon a happy and large
throng, were on tho streets takug in
tho various attractions. The stores
were handsomely decorated and their
goods skillfully displayed by the mer
chants. The object of the merchants
was to let the people of the surround
ing country see for themselves the
variety, quality and price of goods
which could be purchased in the county
sjat and they succeeded admirably,
their success being bi'yond measure.
In connection the free attractions were
well given including the slack wire,
trapeze, and contortionist perform
ances, band music, balloon ascension
and parachute leap. As the wind was
from the west the aeronaut expected
to travel towards the Missouri river
and the dog was net taken up. . lie .
himself was compelled to cut loose
sooner than otherwise necessary in
order to escape a plunge in the river.
A good crowd witnessed the base
ball game between blmwood vs.
Plattsmouth the locals winning by a
score of 5 to 0. The game was a much
better one than the score would indicate
as the following will show.
Plattsmouth 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 X 5
Elmwood 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
The Elmwood nine was accompanied
by a large number of rooters who 1
came In on the special train chartered "
by the carnival promoters for the oc
casion. Another feature of Merchants
day was the awarding of special prizes
by the enterprising clothing firm of
Falter & Thierolf, who offered a $5
stetson hat for the largest ear of corn,
which was won by Wm. Murray of
Mynard, and a $2.50 Manhatten shirt
for the pecond largest, which was won .
by Jake Bengen of Mynard, while the
third prize was won by Mayor W. F.
Gillispie of Mynard he receiving a 1-2
dozen pairs of Everwcar hose. The
valuable sanitary milk bucket offered'
as a special prize for the champion
cow by Krochler Brotheis, hardware
merchants was woo by C. A. Bengen
of Mynard whose splendid Hereford
cow carried off the sweepstakes
Sports Day.
The damp and clowdy weather which
had prevailed during the first three
moriings of the carnival was given in
evidence Saturday, which was to be a
day of sports. .However as on other
days the weather cleared and the
crowds proceeded to enjoy the program
ef various sports which had been se
cured for the occasion. The feature of
the day were the double header ball
game at the park in which the locals
met and defeated Union by a score of
5 to 4 and Manley by a score of 4 to 0.
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Best Plate Moores Early- ,
II. C. McMaken M. Butler. Tho Imnmiel was one of
Best Plato Telegraph G. G. Pitz
Best Plate Concord - G. G. Pitz
Best Plate McKinley-
H. C. McMaken
Best Plato Cilverna - G. G. Pitz
Best Plate Clcnton - G. G. Pitz
Best Plate Brighton-Joe McMaken
Best Piute Newton Joe McMaken
Best Plate Deluwarc-Joe McMaken
the best ever givtii in the city and the
ladies of tho Epucop il church, by
whom it was served, were extended a
vote of thanks for tho feast. The day as
a whole was a splendid success and the
comtnitteu headed by Hon. R. B. Wind
ham and Ex-Senator Thomas arc de
serving of much credit for their tire
less cleats in its bthalf.
T.Try Stetson bears
tn Stetson Nam
Keep this on your mind. It
is one of the most popular
hats we ever orfvred. It has every
quality feature for which the
Stetson hats are famous, is
lijjht in weight and conformable
to any head.
Wt h,Y the ttrtton Suit ind Dctbr
H'tl to (II (hi liten urlcl.
JalUz SfJhleicfA