The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, September 02, 1909, Image 7

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At the KrhnolhouKC there hnd been
a leiture in sweeping denunciation of J
all wealth. Shaking his blael! niano
and seeming to pop his forellnger, the
lecturer, in n sort if frenzy, had de
clared the dollar to lo tho enemy of
the human rare. There was no hotel
in the neighborhood, so the leeturer
went home with old Limuol JueU'in.
Several of tin? neighbors dropped in.
"I always like to hear a man talk
when he appears to believe vlnt ho
lias to say," remarked old Lhn. "The
fact that the fiddler is In earnest adds
n good deal to tin; quality of the fid
dim". Hat n man may be situ ere and
tit the nanio time fiddle out a tune that
I here nin'l much mimic in. So, profes
sor, you say that the dollar is the
curse of the human race?''
"Well, yes, I may so concentrate the
trouble of the world into the dollar.''
"Ah, hah. Hut don't you think that
the dollar represents the concentra
tion of man's Incentive to work? The
greatest cui::o that could fall upon
man would be idleness. In all ages,
so far as I have been able to gather,
"Out Do You Think It Is
work has been the pnlvatlon of man.
I'njoyments and all sorts of sports
and pleasures wear out, but labor en
dures." "You forget," said the professor,
"that labor was first put upon man as
ii penalty, as a curse for disobedi
ence." "No, I don't forget that. I don't for
get that It mny appear that way. Put
Adam wasn't thoroughly satisfied with
idleness. If he had been he would
have let good enough alone. He
wouldn't have eaten the forbidden
fruit when live oli'cred it to him. lie
didn't have anything to occupy his
mind and he yielded. IUit leavin' the
tilings that we can never know much
about and comin' down to man of to
day, we see the virtue of work and the
evil of Idleness. Money(is tho essence
of industry. Without it all life would
bo confusion."
"Hut the love of It has been aptly
termed the root of all evil," said tho
"Yes," admitted Lim, "that's so. Hut
the love of money ain't money itself
He Proposed and
ain't the use of It. We commend a
man for savin' his dollars, but if every
man were to save to the very closest
life would hardly be worth livin'.
That's where an abundance of money
tomes in as a virtue wherens a littlo
money might be nn evil. When we have
a great deal we are Inclined to spend,
and this makes others prosperous."
"Very true," admitted the professor,
"but don't you believe that in Ameri
ca the present Htrurs'.e for money is
about to ruin the country?"
"When men race at full speed for
money they drop out some that Is al
ready In their pockets, and those who
pick it up profit by it And, when the
etid of the mad race Is about reached,
the racer halts, draws a long breath
and then decides to build a college or
found a library. He wants to leave a
footprint. Ho wants to be remem
bered by the racers who are to come
alter him."
"Ah," sighed the professor, "but
how about those who are run oer
whose lives are cruMied out? How
.bout Hie mililo'i-) Unit are ground
down? l'o.v pbout the man who Is
not willing t : : a t labor should have its
"He is an evil until he la dead, and
then ho" may become a blessin'," old
I.!m replied. "I'overty-.strlcken men
I'tfte committed murder. Hut murder
Jfei Wii( MyfVsf 't-
is not tho principle of the poor.
Illches have oppressed, have been
heartless, but that is not the spirit of
money. Money is every man's serv
ant. If he permits It to beoomo his
master he suffers for It. Money dis
covered America, and you must admit
that this country has been a blessin'
to the human race. Columbus was
looking lor a road over which he could
transport wealth. Men seeking for
fortunes have, made about all the dis
coveries on the face of the earth. The
rudder of the ship is the universal
longue of the gospel. Science may
Hall and discover and come back and
report; but commerce halts and builds
up the country."
Then the profc ssor'thousht to sound
a dcadehcr with the following: "But
do you think It right to marry for
"Well," drawled the old man, wink
ing slyly nt one of his neighbors, "not
unless you love the woman that has
money. Most of men love women on
account of beauty or some other at-
Right to Marry for Money?"
traction, and money has the faculty
of nfakiu' both men and women power
ful handsome. I recollec t an old maid
that used to live not far from here.
She was so ugly that hosses would
get scared at her. And her homeli
ness wn'n't goodness, either. She had
a disposition liko a porcupine. No
matter from what direction you intent
approach her, there was a quill. Folks
didn't like to pass her house, for she'd
tome out on the veranda and shout
vitriol at them. The hip bones of pov
erty stuck up through her farm. She
just about made a livln". Hut one day
her old mule died, report said, and
loft her n hundred thousand dollars.
Then the folks began to travel by her
house. Some of them stopped to pay
their respects. Among them was
'Squire Goodall. He pretended that
he hadn't heard of her good fortune.
He asked her how her uncle was get
tin' along, and remarked that if she
needed a side of bacon or two he
would willingly fetch It over to her.
She beamed on him and he dodged,
but stood It. He told her he'd like to
make her a present of his horse, and
She Accepted Him.
she thanked him and took it, and ha
walked home. Ho drenmed about her
that nlfeht and it was a nightmare, but
ho decided that he was in love with
her. Two days later he went back and
made her a present of n cow. She
smacked her mouth and took the cow,'
and 'lowed he was the sweetest man.
Ho thought so, too, but didn't say so.
Well, shortly atterward he proposed
and she accepted. They were married
and the folks came In to drink cider
and eat ginger cake. Just after the
ceremony up conies a feller an' says
to her: Miz Goodall, I was in tho Syc
amore country the other day and met
your old uncle, and he told me to tell
you that he was mighty In need of
help and that he wished you would
send him a dollar or so if you could
spare it.'
" W hat uncle Is that?" tho new hus
band Inquired; and tho wife nn
swered: 'Why, the one Hint was re
ported dead some time ago. Poor
man; I think, lovey, we'd better send
him a cow.'
"Goodall sneezed out some ginger
cake and was never known to smilo
after that. So, you see, professor,
even the love of money did good In
that Instance. It got a husbnud for a
deservln' woman."
(Copyright, by Od! lUa&
Rumor Says That Picturesque
Senator Will Resign Seat.
Is III at His South Carolina Home of
General Nervou3 Debility Hi3
Stormy Career in Upper
House of Congress.
Washington The bl.rill voice o(
Senator Heujamiii ltyan Tillman of
South Carolina may never be hi ai d
In tho senate chamber again. Senator
Tillman Is 111 at his home, a farm
noar Trenton, S. C. The rumor that
ho contemplates resigning his seat Is
revived, but Mr. Tillman Is following
the same course he did last summer
and refuses to confirm or deny the
Senator Tillman has not fully recov
ered from the attack of partial paraly
sis which seized him last summer. Mo
tried to cure this by nn extended tour
of several months in Europe. The
health resorts of tho continent helped
him greatly and ho returned to the
United States muc'i stronger than he
was when he left. While the paralysis
lias not returnej, a general debility
from nervousness has made his life
unhappy in tho last few months.
The going of Tillman will take from
the senate one of its most picluresquo
characters. "Pitchfork lien." as he Is
called, Is feared of all other senators
for the sharpness of his tongue and
the keeness of his wit. No man In tho
United States senate Is an abler rough
Senator B. R. Tillm.-n.
and ready debater than Tillman.
Y.'hile his remarks have never carried
niiicli weight they have appealed to
the galleries and looked well in print.
His logic might have been poor and
his speeches Inferior to those of bis
opponents, but his mannerisms have
won the victory for him In the pop
ular mind.
Senator Tillman's brother, the late
George R. Tillman, was a congress
man from tho Second South Caroliin
district. In the house he was knov n
as one of the most quiet and unemo
tional men that ever sat In the body.
During his service he seldom talked
and when he did he spoke simply and
to the point. Tho name of Tillman
was practically unknown itll Sena
tor Tillman was elected governor of
South Carolina in 1802. -To celebrated
his election by forcing through tin
legislature the dispensary liquor law
In that Ftate.
Always interested in education, h'
founded his second college in th"
state after the Inauguration. Th lii'
school established through his effort
was the Clenison Agricultural and Me
chanical college at Calhoun's old
home,' Fort Hill, S. G. The second
school is the Winthrop Normal avel
Industrial College for Women at Itoek
The successful canvass for the
gubernatorial chair encouraged Mr.
Tillman to try for the senatorial elec
tion against Gen. Butler. The two men
canvassed South Carolina county by
county, and Tllimnn won In the legis
lature with 131 votes against (ba;
Butler's 21. He took his seat In the
Honate on March 1, 1S93, and has been
re-elected twice since. His term of
office would expire In 1913 If ho con
tinued to.Berve.
In his career in the senate Mr. Till
man has had n stormy time. Always
ready with his voice to attack or d
fend as tho mood was, he got Into a
wordy war with Senator MeLauiin of
his state over a new brand of Demo
cracy which Tillman preached in
South Carolina as "commercial I1' -mocracy."
McLnurin dubbed it plain
Republicanism. The two senatois
clashed over some trivial matter in
the senate chamber and were soon
pummelling each other like pehool
Senator Tillman suffered the worst
slight of his career after this fracas
President Roosevelt had invited hi wv
along with the other members of th
foreign relations committee, to d'ne
with him when Prince Henry of Prus
sia was the guest of honor. When th
president heard of tho fight In th"
senate chamber he recalled the invita
tion to Mr. Tillman. The senator
never has forgotten the rneb and un
til President Taft Denuded tli- Whne
House never entered the W'hl.e I!ou-.-grounds.
His fight with Roosevelt was lrr:;.
The president scored in tho last en
counter when ho replied to Tillman's
criticism of his secret service policy
by publishing letters "vhleh tended to
show that Senator Tulman was Inter
ested In n land deal In the west whose
Interests were being furthered by hU
activity as a senator.
if '
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U F OR TUN A U R V I V A lT "r"j - W,-N--'- A-A' N" 3-"1909,
Mm 3 r OM fhpt
Hiram Po olo Hank Hardapplo had
a hand-to-hand fight with a Erlzzly
b'ar an' lived f tell th' tale?
Hilas (disconsolately) Yas, by gum,
n' thet Beenis f bo all ho lived far!
Fifty cents per acre la tho price at
which the State of Colorado Is Belling
land In the Littlo Snako River valley,
Routt County, Colorado, which la
open for entry under tho Carey Land
Purchasers of land must also con
tract for a water right, to be paid for
In ten annual assessments, the total
cost including a perpetual water
right In tho Little Snako river canal
system, being thirty-live dollars per
This Is pronoimcod one of tho most
fertile valleys in Colorado, and record
crops of all grains, grasses and roots
are now being raised there. Both
the Moffat Road and tho Union Pacific
nre building Into tho district.
Persons desiring full Information
about tho land and water should write
to the Routt County Colonization Co.,
1731 Wciton St., Denver, Colorado.
The Uni is sold lnv tracts of 40, SO,
120 and 100 ncrcs.
Those desiring "land will have to
act quickly, as tho applications be
ing received Indicate that the desir
able land will be quickly disposed of.
The canal plans, water supply, etc.,
arc nil Investigated and approved by
the State Engineer.
Their Appropriate Place.
"What Is this institution?"
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faddists ought to go,"
"Why so?"
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the real blmplo life."
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Tbfy aluo rellfre Dl
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uUlitutei o( imitation..
neoldrd In "niralii n vimKji winii lif n.'
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