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r. 0. WAITERS, Builnew Manager
A Good Deal of Information Given
in a Short, Paragraphical Way
A Bjieclul dispatch from Sulonlkl
Bays that Sultan Abdul Hamid has
handed the authorltleH there a check
for J5,0(J0,OO0, which will be devoted
to the needs of the second and third
army corps. Abdul Humid wished
$300,000 of this amount to lie devoted
to purchase the vlllaya where he re
sides, but the request was refused on
the ground as tho nation's prisoner he
cannot own property.
With elaborate ceremonies In which
the entire diplomatic corps from To
klo and many of the Yokohama gov
ernment participated, Yokohama cele
brated the semi-centennial of the open
ing of the port to foreign trade. The
city was decorated on the most ex
tensive scale ever attempted.
Two strikes of exceedingly rich gold
bearing ore were made almost simul
taneously on the Island of Luzon. The
first strike was made In the Parachale
district, Camarines province, and the
other In llnguio district of the Den
quet province. In tho former a strin
ger In the lode Is reported to run $20,
000 to the ton, and the whole vein Is
said to average $500.
Cardinal Sutolll, who has been ill
for some time, is believed to be in a
serious condition. Dr. Kttore Marchla
fava, consulting physician to tho pope,
made an examination of the cardinal
and announced that the patient was
suffering from nephlrltls and atrophy
of the right lung;.
A semi-official news agency ' an
nounces that Chancellor Von lluelow,
during his audience with tho emperor
nt Kiel, aBked permission to resign.
Tho emperor, however, declined to ac
cede to this request under the present
A Navnlshn, British Kast Africa, dis
patch says: All tho members of the
Hoosevilt expedition, which Is now In
the Solik district, are well. Theodore
HooBevclt has shot three buffaloes.
This Information was brought into
Navalsha by porters returning from
tho Koosevelt camp. 7 "
General. -
On the occasion of the dedication of
tho Forbes field the new million dol
lar grounds at Pittsburg, 30,300 people
Iron and steel workers of Pennsyl
vania to tho number of 10,000 walked
out over the question of an open shop.
Congressman ftortholdt says that
the spread of prohibition Is duo to the
Ignorance of rights of people.
Members of tne Nebraska Flanking
board and the secretary of the board
have been temporally enjoined from
putting into effect the new bnnking
law enacted by the late legislature.
The temporary Injunction was Issued
by Judgo Van Deventer of tho circuit
court of appeals and Judge T. C. Mun
ger of the federal court, following a
two days' hearing on the application.
Final decision will come in thirty
Max Goodman, a butter and egg
dealer of Chicago, was found guilty
with his brother, Jacob of manufactur
ing and selling oleomargarine as fancy
butter, and was sentenced to serve
two years in the Leavenworth, Kan.,
Tho senate takes fright at protests
from constituents on the corporation
tax bill and would side-step its con
sideration. The Ilalladay prohibition law has
gone Into effect In Tennessee amid
scenes of hilarity nmong liquor drink
ers. Flre, which destroyed the plant of
the Kleckhefer Box company In Mil
waukee, caused a loss of about $2!0,-
President Taft told the Yale alumni
that the republican party must fullfll
promises or be relegated to Hie minor
ity opposition.
The pope confirmed the election of
Kev. Edmund Michael Dunne, chancel
lor of tho arch diocese of Chicago, to
be bishop of Peoria in succession to
the Right Rev. John L. Spalding, re
signed. Farmers in Kansas are in want of
thousands of harvest hands.
The comptroller of the currency has
authorized the City Natlonnl bank of
Omaha, capital $200,000, to begin busi
ness. For the first time, It Is said, an
Illinois Jury has acquitted a murderer
on the strength of the "unwritten
A statue of Lincoln will probably
be placed In tho state memorial build
ing at Topekn, Kansas.
The house committee on appropria
tions began preparation of a deficien
cy appropriation bill, the total of
which It Is now believed will approx
Meat In eastern cities has been ter
rific and many have succumbed.
American circuses when In Canadian
territory must fly thn British flag.
Dynamite explosions In Chicago
have become so frequent that the
jnnyor has offered rewurd3 for guilty
rtof. George HinTiham Foster was
dropped from the roll of the Chicago
Baptist ministera' conference.
There were eight deaths due to heat
in Philadelphia on Sunday.
Throughout the east a hot wave Is
on, and many prostrations are re
ported. Ambassador Naubuco of Brazil de
livered the baccalaureate address at
the University of Wisconsin.
Unusual Interest and alluring pos
sibilities center In the opening of tho
Flathead reservation in western Mon
tana, the Coeur d'Alene in northern
Idaho and the Spokane In eastern
Washington this summer.
The visit of the Russian emperor to
Stockholm was marred by the sensa
tional assassination of Major General
Beckman, chief of the coast artillery.
A man dressed as a workman shot
General Beckman in the street. '
The heat wave continues In the
east, causing deaths, prostrations
and much misery.
The christening of Princess Beat
rice, the Infant daughter of the king
and queen, took place at La Granja
with the usual ceremony. Archduke
Ferdinand and Archduchess Maria Te
resa, the godparents, wero represent
ed by the Infanta Isabela.
It la not believed any apeal will be
taken either by Mrs. Howard Gould
or her husband from the decision of
Judge Dowllng, granting Mrs. Gould
the separation for which she appealed
and the $30,000 a year alimony.
Katherlno Clemmons Gould secured
a legal separation from her husband,
with $3,000 a month alimony.
The Right Rev. Joseph B. Cotter,
aged sixty-five, head of the Catholic
diocese of Winona, Minn., which com
prises the entire southern half of the
state, died at his home In Winona.
The government suit against the
New Haven and Boston & Maine rail
roads has been dismissed.
Secretary MacVeagh declared him
self strongly In favor of legislation
making the Internal revenue tax on
oleomargarine 2 cents a pound, colored
or uncolored.
Two negroes were killed nnd five
others were wounded at a stone quar
ry near Ripley, Okla., in a quarrel
over a "crap" game. The shooting
was general. The dead are Daniel
Calwell, Guthrie, and F. IT. Smith.
The injured were members of a con
struction gang nt dishing, Okla,
A mutiny in the prison at Vllna,
Russia, led to a pitched battle In the
court yard. Four Warders and seven
convicts were killed and six wounded.
Forty persons were Injured, several
seriously, In a collision between two
southbond cars on the Wilmington &
Chester line.
Nebraskn Is to have a priceless
work of art In tho Abraham Lincoln
Changes In the daily cash state
ment of the treasury department, es
pecially to correct discrepancies in
publication of balances, wero an
nounced to take effect July 1. The
published record of receipts and dis
bursements issued by the bookkeep
ing nnd warrants division have never
balanced with the dally cash state
ment of the treasury, but under the
new system this will be remedied.
A call on national depository banks
for a return to the treasury of govern
ment funds aggregating approximately
$25,000,000 was made by Secretary of
the Treasury McVeagh. Of this amount
$9,000,000 has been called for July 15,
and $16,000,000 for August 15. Bal
ances in all active depositories are
uniformly reduced to the lowest
amount which the dally needs of the
government will permit.
The town of Decatur, Neb., Is to be
protected from the Inroads of the Mis
souri river by a congressional appro
priation. Senator Gamle's amendment provid
ing that when 1,500 tons of tin yearly
are produced In the United States that
tho duty on tin shall be 4 cents per
pound was adopted by the senate. Un
der existing law production is fixed
at 5,000 tons per year when the same
rate of duty is to be collected.
Former Congressman Frank Boyd
of Nebraska had an exciting adventure
on the streets hro. He was on a
street car, when an altercation arose
between the conductor and a passen
ger. Boyd was giving the row some
attention, when he felt a hand in his
pocket. He turned, but not quick
enough to grab the man, who Jumped
from the car, with the former congress
man In pursuit. A chase of three
blocks resulted, but the thief filially
threw down the purse and escaped.
Judge Boyd recovered the wallet and
contents Intact.
A sentimental letter written by
Mrs. Woodill to Kastmnn has been
The president nominated Lieuten
ant Colonel James A. Irons, Four
teenth Infantry, to bo colonel, Com
mander William F. Fullam, U. S. N
to be captain, and Millard T. Hartson
to be collector of internal revenue for
the district of Washington state.
Mrs. Carrlo 13. Uurnham Kllgore,
aged seventy-one, the first woman ad
mitted to the bar in Pennsylvania,
died last week at her home iu Swarth
more. Chancellor von Buelow Is soon to
retire with fame nnd fortune,
IMttsburg street car strikers havo
returned to work on amicable terms.
The New York chief of detectives
says tho catching of Leon Ling is only
a matter of time.
Chlcngo, the past month, broke all
records In tho Issuance of marriage
The Chicago city council has offered
$3,000 reward for apprehension of
It Is believed that F. A. Cook, tho
arctic explorer, has reached the Nort'u
AMOUNTS OVER $89,000,000
Estimates Given Last December Indi
cated That It Would Reach
About $114,000,000.
Washington. Treasury officials are
pleased at the present showing of the
government finances. Ordinarily a de
flclt in the government revenues of
$89,811,15C,as shown by Thursday's
statement, would not be a matter of
congratulation. Nevertheless, at the
close of the fiscal year 1909, the treas
ury officials express much gratification
that the official estimate of a deficit of
$114,000,000, made last December, has
not been verified and are hopeful for
a continuance of the improvement
which has been especlallyafltcd dur
ing tho last four months.
Since the December estimates were
submitted to congress, however, the
receipts and expenditures have shown
marked Irregularity, and as late as
February last the expenditures were
increasing at such a rapid rate, and
tho revenues falling off so sharply,
that it was greatly feared the balance
on the wrong side of the ledger might
by the close of the fiscal year reach
But a slight upturn In customs re
ceipts was noted about the middle of
December. Improvement was slow,
however, until about the beginning of
March, when large Importations were
made, probably induced In part by the
prospective tariff changes. The re
sult, both of Improving revenues and
the strong holding down of expendi
tures has resulted In a greatly re
duced deficiency.
The customs receipts for the year
aggregated $301,29,803, which Is an
Increase as compared with last year
of $15,000,000. Tho internal revenues
produced $248,329,063, a decrease of
alimt $3,000,000. Miscellaneous re
ceipts from all sources during the
year aggregated $004,432,840, which is
an increase over last year of $3,250,
000. On the side of expenditures, the
total for tho year was $694,244,002,
which is an Increase over 1908 of
about $37,000,000.
Tho civil and miscellaneous expend
itures amounted to $164,288,538, an
Increase of $5,000,000 over last year.
The" War department expenditures
aggregated $164,100,242. an Increase of
$40,000,000. The navy account 13 the
only item In the list to show a do-
crease, the figures for the year being
$115,988,869. as against $118,780,233 for
the year 1908.
Pension payments for the year
amounted to $161,689,423, an increase
of about $8,600,000.
The expenditures on account of the
Panama canal were $6,000,000 less
than for last year, being $31,420,286.
It Is fully expected that tho new
fiscal year will start with a series of
monthly deficiencies, notably for July,
when the new appropriations made by
congress become available, July last
year resulted in a deficiency of $24,
868,000, and this would have been
nearer $30,000,000 had it not been for
the anticipation of about $5,000,000,
representing tho last payments to the
government account of the last Indebt
edness. In July, 1907, there was a de
ficiency of $10,901,000, and In July,
1906, another of $13,511,000.
Messina Shaken by Quake.
Messina. Messina experienced two
terrific earthquakes at about 7:30
ociock in tne morning, which wero
accompanied by roaring sounds, and
are said" to have had a stronger and
more undulatorv movement, than the
earthquake of last December, which
destroyed Mess na. Reec o and other
cities, laid waste many villages in Ca
labria and killed 200,000 people.
Revenue Receipts Are Big.
Omaha. Internal revenue receipts
of the Nebraska collection district for
the fiscal year ending June 30, show
substantial increase over tue preced
ing year amounting to $313,232.95, of
which nearly $300,000 la for spirits
alone. The receipts for the year from
all sources were $2,437,268.75, while
the receipts from all sources during
the fiscal year ending June 30. 1908,
were $2,124,035.80. The receipts for
the month of June, 1909, wero $222.
309.80. For tbo month of Juno, 1908,
they were $212,162.38.
Harvest Ripe, Reapers Scarce.
Topeka. A scarcity of men for har
vesting the wheat crop again threat
ens Kansas, according to the state
ment of W. E. Stevens, assistant claim
agent for the Missouri Pacific. "In
Kansas they have started the harvest
of their wheat," said Mr. Stevens,
"hut find they cannot got enough men
to handle the big crop. Kansas has
trouble nearly, every year getting
hands for the wheat fields, and this
year, with a bigger crop than last sea
son, tho farmers are dlrely perplexed
as how to get men."
House Reconvened In Special Session
Will Relieve Situation.
Havana. The strnlned situation re
sulting from tho adjournment of con
gress without passing tho budget, and
tho issuance of the presidential decrea
putting Into effect Gov. Mngoon's
budget of 1908-'09, was relieved to
night by tho action of the house,
which, at an extraordinary sessloa
convoked hy Senor Ferrnra, thn ehnln
man. after consultation with the presi
dent, agreed to pass the budget as
amended by the scjute,
.Youth (it a bun emporium) I say,
you know, this milk is sour.
Sweet Thing Well, there's plenty
of sugar on tbe table, ain't there?
"Let me," said tho stranger at the
baseball gate, "ask you a hypothetical
"Go ahead."
"Supposing that I had ten cents,
and desired to witness an exhibition
of the mnnly sport Inside the en
closure, the prico being 25 cents; and
supposing that I were to approach you
for 15 cents necessary to fruition of
my hopes, what would you say?"
"That's easy. I'd say: 'Lend me the
10 cents as I have Just 15 myself, and
am a rabid fan."'
Thus, after all this subtle eloquence,
there was nothing doing.
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of tho fabric Is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods; This trou
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more thinly because of its great
er strength than other makes.
A Broad Discrimination.
There is an elder of a certain
church up-state who thinks that things
are only half dono or not well started
in which he has no voice. At a
prayer meeting he offered thanks for
the safe return from their vacation
of the minister and his wife. With
proper dignity and In a loud voice he
said: "O Lord, we thank thee for
bringing our pastor safe home, 'and
his dear wife, too, O Lord, for thou
preservest man and beast." Success
His Stomach Rebelled.
A dyspetic Atchlsou man went into
a restaurant sthe other day and or
dered fried catfish. "Fried cat!"
bawled the waiter to the cook. In
stantly the weak stomach rebelled.
"Cancel that order," the customer
said, "and give mo an order of country
sausage." "Sidetrack the cat and
make it dog!" yelled the waiter, and
he Is wondering yet why tho man
grabbed his hat and left Exchange.
The extraordinary popularity of fine
white goods this Bummer makes tho
choice of Starch a matter of great Im
portance. Defiance Starch, being free
from all Injurious chemicals, Is the
only one which is safe to use on fine
fabrics. It great strength as a stlffen
er makes half the usual quantity of
Starch necessary, with the result of
perfect finish, equal to that when tho
goods were new.
Not Noticeable
Little Mose Lamblack Do teachen
dono sent mo home, mammy, 'cause
you didn't wash mah face.
Mrs. Lamblack (angrily) You fool
chile, what fo' you dono tole her I
didn't? Illustrated Sunday Magazine.
Scoi'iffg a Point.
"I thought Jenks had made a mis
take In that story, so I just nailed him
"And foui.J, as I expected, that he
was on the wrong tack."
Nebraska Directory
attention. All supplies fur the Amateur strlejly
fresh. Send for cntnlopue nurt finishing iirlrrs.
Box 1197, Omaha. Nob.
THE PAXTON European Plan
Koonm from JI.UO tip winkle, 7,1 renin up double.
-Jrln your lnnd
a n il make I h e in
valuable. llollou
nullrtine Blocks. Ilrii-k. Tile KooMntr anil nl
kinds ot Paint ami Colors. Omaha Brick, Pain
ft TUe Co., worlii 2nd and Hlckorj Sti.. Omaha, Neb.
Handled ny nil linx-ors. (Jimmnloivl to Ki-.e
mtKfuetlnn. imported, Uooxtel an.l Pni-keit by
1. 1). l-AKMLK CO., Otuultn, Jvubmski
Velie Wrought Iron Vehicles
Will Not Wear Out. Insist ou having them
nak your local deuler or
y; ,A,.?V rwii ipiic, w a snip
( ,ij " 1 1 1 im turn inn, no ut
Vpo'lt Urn ft.r N Htrtftin Km M off. r
" -MmmH'.,4iI1 11 Jim. .Omaha.
gold by tlid ftntbejilcrn. Wa III send to tmplla nd
tMctmnionrci-vlpt of l!.pt.ln tmnt. a IMiH-h, hnn
uipl. hT-iwuk-ednilo. JOHN G. WOODWARD
4CO."TheConcl, Mn"Counolt Bluffs, la.
M. Spiesberger Son Co.
Wholesale Millinery
Thi Beit In the Wait OMAHA, N EB.
at bargain prices. Writ
for lint. I.INiGER IMPLE
MENT CO., Onrtha, Nab.
Uemi of Interest Taken From Here
and There Over the State,
Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe of Nebraska
City celebrated their fiftieth wedding
At a meeting of the Otoe Poultry
and Pet Stock association It was de
cided to hold the annual show Decem
ber 20-23. A committee has been
Carl A. Newman, the fifteen-months-old
child of Mr. and Mrs. Newman,
who live eleven mies southwest of
Mason City, was drowned in a water
ing tank.
Three regents from the Slate uni
versity wero at Valentine looking foi
a location for an experimental farm
and were very favorably Impressed
wltj) what they saw.
The park commissioners of Ne
braska City have received from the
the government one of the large
Spanish cannons, which will be placed
in the new city park.
Councilman Frank Carson ia having
an ordinance drafted by which ho pro
poses to send to Jail, Instead of fining,
all automobillsts who violate the speed
ordlnauce at Nebraska City.
Albert Hester, who lives northwest
of Tecumseh, was, thrown from a
mower by a runaway team and one of
the wheels passed over hisbody, lac
erating hia head bo badly several
stitches were required to close It.
The city council of Humboldt has
decided it does not wish a skating
rink within the city limits and, as a
polite way of getting rid of the one
now located there, raised the license
on skating rinks to $.100 per annum.
The Midwest Life of Lincoln wants
a local agent to represent it in every
town In Nebraska. For particulars
write the company. It pays good
The largest wheat crop in years is
looked for and predicted In this Im
mediate vicinity, says a Wymore dis
patch. Farmers report the largest
heads they have ever raised. It Is
only a question as to whether the
heads will fill out. Should they do
bo the yield will be a record-breaker.
Corn is in fine condition, most of it
having been gone over twice.
A number of small whirlwinds,
formed in to a tornado southeast of
Beaver City and raged over a terri
tory two miles wide and thirty-five
miles long, extending from Beaver
City to Woodruff, Kan. At the Bro
nuette ranch, near Duizes, forty-seven
head of cattle were killed and tho
ombuildinga were destroyed. Mr. Mil
ler, who lives on the ranch, Was saved
by going to a storm cellar.
A peculiar accident happened to
Albert Panks, a farmer living near
Peru. He was riding a horse, and
driving his other horses up from the
pasture, when the horse he was rid
ing stumbled and threw him off. He
landed In a pool of water, and the
horse fell upon him, rendering him
unconscious for a time. When he re
covered his senses he was lying with
his mouth and nose Just out of the
James Ersklne of North Tlatte kidi
naped his own child and Is now in
Jail, charged with the offense. Some
time ago a divorce was granted to his
wife and certain privileges were given
to Mr. Ersklne in regard to visiting
his little girl. These privileges, it
is charged, were abused, and later the
decree was modified and he was en
Joined from visiting or having any
thing whatever to do with his child
at atjy time. Now he has kidnaped
the youngster.
On the 28th day of April, 190G, The
Midwest Life was authorized by the
insurance department of this state to
do a general life insurance business
on the level premium, legal reserve
plan. The stockholders are Nebraska
people, associated together to Insure
Nebraskapeople, and thereby to keep
within Nebraska the premiums paid
for their insurance. The business
methods of The Midwest Life aro
clean. It sells and always has sold
life insurance as life Insurance. Home
office 1007 "O" street, Lincoln. N. Z.
Sncll, president. Write for an agency.
While loading gravel, George Rldg
ley of Indianola, unearthed a huge
tusk measuring four feet five Inches
in length and five Inches in diameter
at the larger end. It was found fif
teen feet under ground and about
eight Inches was left in the ground
attached to what Is supposed to be
sthe head of a mastodon. It Is be
lieved that the whole skeleton is
buried there and excavations will be
be made.
The recent rulings of the Nebras
ka Insurance department, through the
auditor of public accounts, the Hon.
S. R. Barton, did not affect The Mid
west Life in the slightest degree. It
had never used "estimates"; Bold
"special" or "board contracts"; placed
misleading "statements" on the face
of'ita policies or elsewhere, as to how
or In what manner Its policies were Be
cured; or sold "ttock, bonds or se
curities" of any .nsurance or agency
company as an inducement to take
life insurance with It. The rulings
against such practices are in harmony
with the position publicly taken by
The Midwest Life ever since its or
ganization. Home office 1007 "O"
Htreet, Lincoln. N. Z. Snell, president.
Write for an agency.
A cash deal was closed last week
whereby C. Scow of Prague bought
forty-eight? acres of land from Thurlo
LI ml of Walioo, paying $160 per acre.
The. land Is outside the corporate
limits of Wahoo and has no Improve
ments. The enumeration of Callaway has
Just been completed by R. M. Crimes,
which shows that the town has a
population of Just 812 souls, or ex
actly double the population it had
whn thn census was taken 1n l'joo.
The growth of thf town has practic
ally been made during tho last thrco
years. "
It It Warning That the Kldneyi Ar
Sick and Need Help.
A bad back makes every day a dull
round of pain and misery. It's a sign
the kidneys are eicK
and cannot keep up
their never-ending
task of filtering the
blood. Lame back,
backache, dizzy
spells and urinary
disorders are warn
ings that must not
be overlooked. A,
G. Smith, 403 E.
Mills St., Liberty.
Mo., Bays: "I was
racked with pain,
Sp?S3 stiff and lamo, had
dizzy spells and a terrible condition of
the kidney secretions. I got so mis
erable I went to bed, but the doctor
did not do anything for mo and no
one expected me to recover. Doan's
Kidney rills first relieved, then cured
me, and I have had no kidney troublo
for seven years snce."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Miibura Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Was Proud of His Dad.
Here Is one relating to Jhe public
schools, even though It has no bearing
on the present public school contro
versy. Like as not It Isn't even true,
but somebody 'lowed It was. Anyway
little George came homo from one of
the schools on the West side and told
his dad that he wished he would write
him a little essay on skating.
George's father, while not a profes
sional writer, prides himself on his
ability to put his thoughts into good
clear English, and ho willingly dashed
off a little composition for his son's
The following evening George
greeted his male parent with much
enthusiasm when the latter came
home from the office.
. 'You're all right, popsy," he de
clared, proudly. "I copied off that es
say of yours and turned it in, and the
teacher said there was only one bet
ter one in the whole class." Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Starch, like everything else, is b.
ing constantly Improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 25 yerrs
ago are very different and Inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery Defiance Starch all
Injurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another ingredient, In
vented by us, gives to the Starch a
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
A man may not be able to find his
wife's pocket, but she always knows
where his is located.
yll the Dealer you want a Lewis' Single
nik.ifr riunr for its riph. mpllnw nnnlitt'.
Th ancient watch dog ia a member
of the wld guard.
Removed by Lydia E. Pink
barn's Vegetable Compound
-""""-I mjwii Ai( Aiua
ham's Vegetable Compound removed
a cysi tumor or
four years' growth,
which three of the
Lest physicians de
clared I had. They
said that only on
operation could
help me. I nm very
glad thatl followed
a friend's advlco
and took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound,
for it has made mo
a. cf rmi rr nrtri
woman, and I shall recommend it as
long as I live." Mns. Mat Try.
Lindley, Ind.
One of the greatest triumphs of
Lydia E. Tinkham's Vegetable Com-
Sound is the conquering of woman'3
read enemy tumor. If you have
mysterious )ains,inllanimation, ulcera
tion or displacement, don't wait for
time to confirm your fears and go
through the horrorsof a liospital opera
tion, but try Lydia E. llnkham's Vege
table Compound at once.
Tor thirty years Lydia E. Hnkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
andherb3,hasbei'nthoBtaudard remedy
for female ills, and such unquestion
able testimony as the above proves tho
value of tlila famous remedy, and
should give confidence and hope to
every Bick woman.
If you would like special advice
about your rose write a confiden
tial letter to Mrs. Pinkhnm, at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice Is free,
and always lielpf uL
Positively enred by
these LltlU Pills.
They also rcllcru Tm
tress from Dyspepsia, in.
digestion and Too Heart
Eating. A perfect rem
edy fur Dltzlness, Nau.
Drowninesd, find
Tnateln the Mouth, Cuat
ed Totimie, Pulu In th
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They regulat, the Howel. Purely Vegetable,
Hive a
Genuine Must Bear.
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