The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, May 27, 1909, Image 2

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    Spring Styles
At 39 to 50 Per Cent Oil
We are now entering'
our second Spring season
in the retail shoe business in Omaha. When
we started we believed it possible to give
the public the best shoes, in all styles, al
82.80. We are better prepared than ever
this spring to show you what you want at a
great saving for yourself.
Ladies' Oxfords that retail everywhere at
$8.00 and $4.00, in all leathers, styles and
lasts, at Alexander's
Fishermen. Residents of a "Dry"
Town, Declare They Saw Reptila
in the Pacific.
Cuy Orifflth, J;ui -s Harvey and
three other fishermen who were out in
the hiiTK h lb t., report thiit when 18
miles IT the roast they sighted a sea
seiptnt 10 feet Ion,',', with a brown j
head as hi?, around a.s a small barrel
Vi 1 eyes a.s larg ! ;is a in;tns fl.nt. The !
S'Tpent Is said to have moved lu head
from sidi? to side as a snak:- does, and
hnd a bin dorsal Uti 13 feet back of
the head. '
l'iie flslioriucn say the same monster
has been reported within the hut few
months near the Philippines and j
Along the northern coast ;f this coun- '
try. j
They furthermore aver that n heavy
ilnk'-r. which one of the five threw at. !
the sea serpent as tin.' boat was pull-
n! nw.iv frnni tin. un.::if inlrhluir.
hood, was caught In the rreat lire's
mouth and spit back with sinh form
us to make a deep dent in the fish box
on deck.
"Never saw such a splttor," said
one 01 i no men; "just. ii;b a young I
cannon. Lorn; Beach is a "dry" town.
Low; Beach H'al.) Dispatch to tho
N'cw York World.
Baldwin Apple Honored.
A chance seedling that grew up on
a farm near Lowe)!, Mass., about 1740
bTamo the first Haldwln apple tree,
but it was not, until 17s t that Col.
IluMwIn became Interested In the ap
ple, developed It an 1 ;:ave It his name.
Tho orbital tree lived t.ll after 1817.
and -the place where It grew Is now
r.ia;':rd by a monume.-.t. The MaUw'.a
1j tl .'j only apple thus hi r.nryj.
Where Mr. Wabash Lost Out.
Mr. Wabash (to Miss Waldo of Bos
ton! "I suppose. Miss Waldo, that
your father Is in business in Boston .'"
Mis Waldo "Oh, yes; ho is one of
the prominent shoe manufacturers,
there." Mr. Wabash "Ah. indeed, t
have never had much business experi
ence myself. Now. about how long
does it take your fathei to make, say,
a good eight dollar shoe?"
Spiled Her Slscr Word.
A !;!! ; hi cf four nrs was heir 1
repeatedly murmur'r.g a long word.
father, tliir.kir:; to pi her,
t ! ! I vr the meaning of It. She burt
te.iis. At I.u.t, with her mothers
ussls'aace, the father learned the
meaning of her grief. "It was my word
tha.'. I put my.-.elf to sleep with, and
no'.v you've, spoilt it." M. I.iano In
"An hi'lishmun's Cast In."
Characteristics of Servians.
Servians In their good nature and
love of humor are said to remind trav-
olera of the Irish peasantry. They are
i hospitable to strangers; their patriot
' Ism is vehement, almost quixotic, and
they take Rreat Interest in politics.
Many of the domestics In tho towns
j and cities come from abroad, as tho
Servian girl Is too independent for
domestic service.
Open Until
Gth Floor Paxton
IJlock, Omaha.
Family Starting to Git Were Properly ',
Sure They Must Land Up Some- j
where Eventually. j
In tho smoking car on a southern
Tailroad, where they hnd sat up all
night, was a family consisting of hits
land, wife and five children. They
were rubbing sleep from their eyes
and wrangling with each other when
a man entered the car and espied
them and advanced to say to tho
"Howdy, Joe I'm s'prlsed to seo
"Howdy, Tom?"
"Where you all gwlne?"
"Down to Harbor Pint, I reckon."
"But I thought youall lived up at
Cherry Hill?"
"We did."
"What youall totln' away from
there fur?"
"What youall gwlno to Harbor
J'lnt fur?"
"Dunno. .lest thought we'd go."
'' "Oh, I see. You-nll thought to Kef?"
"I reckon. Yes, thought we'd Kit,
hnd we pulled tip and started a glttln',
and If we keep on Ions 'nuff wo Hiiro
'nuff must Kit sumwhar' or other."
"Yes, sure. Been a-glttln' inyse'f
and always got there some day. It's
heaps better than never git tin' 'tall."
Hunter's Prize Made Sufficiently Buoy
ant to Float, Marked with Buoy
and Set Adrift.
Then began the work of bringing
the whale to the surface and blowing
It up so that It would float. Taking a
hitch about a convenient post, tho
rope was slacked and run through a
pulley block at the mast head to re
lleve the strain of raising the great
body. The winch was set in motion
and for IS minutes nothing was heard
save tho monotonous grind as fathom
after fathom of line was wound In.
When the body was brought alongside
the lobes of tho flukes were cut off
and lifted to fhe deck. Then a Ions
coll of small rubber hose, one end of
which was attached to a pump Hnd
tho other to a hollow, spearpolnfed
tube of steel with perforations along
Its entire length, was brought info
play. The spear was Jabbed well down
Into tho whale's side, the nlr pump
started and tho body slowly filled with
One of the Greatest Mistakes Possible
to Make Is That of Holding
Oneself Too Cheap.
Do not hold yourself too cheap. If
you do not think well of yourself oth
ers ore not likely to think much of
you. You nre usually taken at your
own value. By this Is not meant a
foolish self-conceit, but a proper self
respect. Have a regard for the esteem of
those whose opinion Is worth bavins;.
Xo one can be admired by all. He
who has no enemies may doubt wheth
er he has real friends. Try to win
the regard of the good and the wise;
If the foolish take offense' pass It by.
Think too well of yourself to stoop
to anything coarse, mean or untrue.
However humble your r.tatlon In life
may be, you may think yourself wor
thy only of that which Is good anl
true. To be genuine puts you on n
high level. Whatever your purse, you
nay be rich In character. Think your
self worthy of the best to which you
ran attain. Aim for the highest you
see, and should you fail to reach It,
you will Ktill be higher than it your
aim had been low.
Intellect Ruled by Superstition.
A man more absolutely governed by
pure reason than Lord Macaulay could
not well be found, but In his diary he
refers to an after-dinner talk about
the feeling which Johnson had of
thinking one's self bound to touch a
particular rail or post and to tread In
the middle of a paving stone, anil he
adds: "I certainly have this very
strongly." cf Ertombing the Dead Which
Will Resist Decay.
The manufacture of concrete burial
vaults is becoming quite a large Indus
try in various western stales, says
Cement Age, New York. At Joplin.
Ma, there has ben organized a com
pany whhh operates a large plant. In
tie manufacture of concrete burial
vaults a full body of suel re-enforce-mont
Is set up within a solid mold nt
an exact center of the ccmer.t which
strengthens the vault at ev;ry point.
S'eel thus protected is everlasting. It
cannot rust and coll;;?. so with time, as
such vaults must which are made en
tirely of steel. The vault is made ab
solutely waterproof by the addi'lon of
a waterproof compound which is In
itially mixed with the cement. The
vaults remain in the molds for three
to five days until thoroughly set, after
which they are allowed to season
about thirty days. A trip to the ceme
tery shows the vault lowered in the
grave, followed by the lowering of tho
casket and the putting on of the vault
lid, which snugly fits upon the vault.
A mixture of pure cement and water
proofing is then poured into the space
oviwieu me vauu and tne iia. making ci0rp,- look I saw that it was a mother
the vault and lid practically one solid j rnouse moving her whole family. At
l,''re- i least, I hope there was none left be-
At Lawrence, Kan., there Is another j hind, for very soon a small snake, but
company engaged In the same line of large enough to put into a panic the
ork. This concern has been con-1 mother of four less than half-grown
ducting some Interesting tests of their' children, came through the empty fire
cement vaults. In one Instance tho place, and after the little fueitive.
Russian Legal Regulations.
Twelve hours, with two hours' rst.
is the legal laboring day at Odessa.
Russia. Workers under 1" must go
to school for three hours daily. Chris
tians are not required to work on
Sundays or feast days, nor Hebrews
and Mohammedans on their religious
holidays. Those who have to work
on Sundays have the next day for
Moving on Short Notice.
I was lying on the floor of an old
country loghouse one summer day,
near a big, open fireplace, when I
heard a peculiar, frightened squeak.
I got up to see what looked like a
huge mouse moving at a very rapid
walk across the room. When I got
Dny dreams, castles in Spain, fo
ments of the Imagination ah. how
we laugh nt them all nowadays! They
rro good enough for the little ones,
tor the hoys and girls, perhaps, but
as for us we have long ago outgrowp
' them. With what gusto we speak cf
Knew Her "Missis."
"Hadn't you better wash the dishes
before wo go?" said a man, who was
taking a hired girl out for a walk;
"your missis will be sure to see them
and scold you." "No, she'll not," re
plied the girl; "as soon as she learns
I am going out for the evening, she'll
spend nil the time looking through :uy
trunk." Buck.
"I console myself." said the fellow
I knew, "with tho knowledge that
when I was a baby there, were some
people, who thought I was a very
handsome baby."
vault was Immersed In a tank of water ;
to demonstrate that it could withstand j
nny amount of pressure. The vault, !
' which Is made entirely of cement, is ;
constructed In two parts. Instead of
: fitting the cover on the top of the
I vault and then sealing it. the vault fits '
i down over a cement slab. When the '
j vault is lowered over the ensket, it is, I
(if course, filled with air. Tho vault It-;
self Is molded or made In one uir-tlght:
piece, open only at the bottom which!
(its down over a cement slab. A per
fectly tight space from which the air i
cannot descend or escape is formed..
The water, when rising to a level with
the bottom of the vault, will bo
checked by air, which Is now firmly
incased by the vault on sides and top
and the water on the bottom, and wa-1
ter can never rise in the vault. A
piece of glass Is fitted into the top of
the casket, so that spectators can look
down into the vault and see that
everything Is as dry as it was wheu it
was put In.
The mother mouse hail two In her
mouth, and fastened to either side of
her, apparently holding on with their
mouths and for "dear life" were the
other two. I killed the snake, and
watched the moving family disappear
through a hole in the corner. St.
nlr. When Inflated sufficiently to keep 1. s,,aml So 11S a hnrci.ll,.u.!ed chap.
It afloat the tuho was withdrawn; the
Incision plugged with oakum and the
chains cast off. A buoy with a flag
was then attached to the carcass and
the whole get adrift to be picked up at
the end of tho day's hunting. Popular
Cut One Infallible Way by Which
, Test Can Be Made, According
V to One Writer.
Some people claim to make a Rtudy
of human nature. They will tell you
they can read character at sight I
know faces and what they Index. Let
us grant all this to be so maybe they I
ran. Then again, maybe they can't j
they only think they can. Rices don't
always tell the whole story. Behind
the frown and the knitted brow may j
lurk a big heart and a soul full of j
healing humor. Behind tho eusy smile
may skulk tho worst old wolf of a j
'temper you ever saw. Often you will j
face a face bo closed up you wouldn't j
nsk it for a cent. Itching to subscribe ;
liouvlly to your half dozen benevolent
schemes In your Inside pocket. Then i
Again a face ho bland you think you I
could aay "Brlckelbrlt" to it. and see
The Characteristic National Meal.
It Is not only In Scotland that break
fast is the characteristic national
meal, Bays the London Chronicle.
Travel where you may. the first meal i fhe rli h
of the day is the one that strikes tho
foreign note, luncheon and dinner
having gradually absorbed cosmopoli
tan qualities that are not even con
fined to hotels. But you never feel
so much of an Kngllshman as when
Switzerland gives you rolls and butter
and honey, and nothing more, with
your coffee, or when Prance makes
this Into one exquisite crumbling
"croissant," with an Inch or two from
a yard long loaf, or when Denmark
adds cream Instead of milk to the
coffee and a dangerous piece of pas
try to the black bread and round
white roll.
Yet our Kngllsh breakfast became
an Institution ouly In the eighteenth
century. Before that only royalty
breakfasted, off meat, bread and
cheese and ale. The commoner, such
It cough tin specie. Ilko the donkey In i 'h as IVpys. took merely a morn-
the falrv tale, will cough un nothing. ! iS draught, of buttered nlo.
A man tells mo that to study human
nature In the wood you need to bo
a person of little Influence, and to go
around with a subscription paper for
Borne religious or charitable object.
Then you find out. Because you have
no personal influence tho cause looks
the giver (or the non-River) right
smack In the face, nnd the nature of
the person concerned will be as evi
dent as an open faced watch. Whether
much, little or nothing be given mat
ters little, but the spirit matters a
whole lot so tho informant tells us
money getter, while wo dismiss tilt
rival with a lift of tho brows as "au
Impractical fellow."
Shame upon tis for If, too! On)
give us more drramers. I pray; mor
of those whose Inner eye Is free of
cataract. We need them here In Amer
ica to-day; we are too practical a peo
ple. We are young In years, but we.
have fought an aging battle for the
supremacy of a great continent. We
have come up out of the struggle with
trophies of victory fast
Remark of '.he Grouch.
"When Johnny came marching
heme," grumbled tho Philosopher of
Folly. "It was probably because the
cars were bo crowded he couldn't
Search Thyself!
What are you worth to-day? Not
in money, but in brains, heart, pur
pos. character? Tell yourself the
truth about yourself. George H. Hep-worth.
This Mixed-Up World.
If things would not run into each
other so, it would be a thousand times
easier, and a million times pleasanter
to get on In the world. Iyct the sheep
iness be set on one side and the
goatiness on the other, and Immediate
ly you know where you are. It Is not
necessary to ask that thero be any In
crease of the one, or any diminution of
the other, but only that each shall
preempt its own territory, and stay
there. Milk Is good, and water la
good, but don't set the milk-pail under
the pump. Pleasure softens pain, but
pain embitters pleasure; and who
would not rather have his happiness
concentrate Into nun memnralilo ilav
that shall gleam and glow through
lifetime, than have It spread out
a dozen comfortable commonpl
humdrum forenoons and afternoons
each one as like tho other as two peas
In a pod? Gail Hamilton.
clutched In our calloused hands. WV
have worked desperately hard for
them, and tbey are good to look upon
but we must have a cans now lesV
we bow down before them In uhjp'.t
fetish worship. Charles Francis Read,
in Smart Se'. ,
Most Men Have Weakness for Being
Photographed on Horseback, Says
Observant Photographer.
A young man wont out with a cam
era one morning not long aso and
tiiok seven snap shots of early morn
Ing horseback riders. He sent proofs
cf the pictures that turned out well
to the men who were photographed
and every one of the men sent him an
onler to finish up a few of the pic
tures. -Of courso they did," said a more
experienced amateur photographer
when he heard about It. "A man wdll
idway9 buy a picture- of himself on a
liorse unless he's an unusually poor
rider and looks bud on a horse. No
matter how modest a man Is, you
catch him at tho one tlmo when you
may appeal lo his vanity, when he's
niouDted on a good riding horse."
Married Women Must Work.
i As long as women workers stop
I work at marriage they will continue
i to be. as a class, low-paid, over-worked
' unskilled, looking only to the day and
! never to the future, entering Industry
casually without training, retiring
from it unexpectedly without warning,
! hard to organize Into trade unions,
hard to interest In technical Improve
, ments, hard to inspire with financial
ambition, behaving, in every respect.
with the utmost good sense. Just ex-
I actly In the manner In which any
class of admittedly and consciously
temporary workers should behave. It
Is hard to believe, that such a situa
tion ran be right either for women or
for Industry. The women lose oppor
tunities. Industry loses abilities.
Form Colonies for Tramps.
Perhaps most tramps have no de-
! sire to work, preferring to cling to
their habits of shiftlessnoss, but thero
are doubtless many men In tho ranks
who would settle down to the serious
task of making mo;iey and Improving
their condition If they had the proper
training. The latter may and prob
ably will, be rescued by a term on the
"farm," but the veteran who has
walked rails when no freights were
available; who haj shied at anything
savoring; of labor; who has begged or
stolen what food hp has obtained, can
not be reformed. He will go on until
tho end In his old way, a scourge to
humanity and a disgrace to civiliza
tion. Usefulness was never and ran
never bo for him. To the extent of
the number constituting this class the
farm colony will be a failure.
. v . . . .
Keeping a Wife.
Feminine Intellects are now both
ered as to the best wav "To Keep a
' Husband." Of course they don't real-
Ize that for centuries countless legions
i of men have been worried nearly to
the grave by the problem of how to
keep a wife. New York Herald.
Idea of Gen. Butler,
Red nnd green side lights for ves
sels were first used on the Hudson
river In 1 802. and they were Intro
duced by (Jen. Benjamin K. Butler,
who was Interested In a factory that
made tho lights.
upon I
He Got None.
"What's a pun, father?"
"A pun, my son, Is a play
words. There are three kinds of puns;
Good ones, which you laugh nt; In
different ones, which you take no no
tice of. nnd had ones, which make
you throw something at the punster."
"Can't you make n pun, father?"
"Of courso, my son! Now, you're
thinking about your supper, areu't
"Yes, father."
"Well, that'supper niost In your
mind nt the present time. That, you
see, Is a play on Here, you young
rascal, what did you throw that book
at me for?"
Thin Sklnnedness.
"Tho most tinplensant kind of van
ity to meet with." writes a reader, "Is
thin sklnnedness. The thin skinned
person is always on tho lookout for
slights nnd takes every allusion tc
himself. His amour propre must bo
consulted on every occasion, thereby
making every one around constrained
and unnatural for fear of hurting him
Ho Is u wet blanket everywhere, and
one cannot help a fooling of relief
whenever ho leaves." Home Chat.
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Size 27 inches by 43 inches , 140
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A lot of Carpets and Rugs about 27x54 inch sizes ct frcm 79c to $1.25. A nice
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beautiful patterns.
Summer Underwear
Ladies Uuion Suits, low neck, sleeveless, cuff knee, 3.'c, ,"0c and $1 00. Low
neck, sleeveless, lace trimmed, 35c, 50c 75c and $1. Low neck, sleeveless, extra
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