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11 'nf,.
N I'WP. F.staMi.hml Nov. 5. 1 -M .
11 liHALLi. L-labli.hi-a At ril Hi. 1 V.4
VOL. XLV1 NO. 10
Consolidated Jan. 1. 1SLC
I'lattsmouth, Neb.. May IS, 1:0:.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
all numbers present; minutes of previ
ous meeting read and approved, where
upon the following business was trans
acted in regular form:
Resignation of J. P. Wood as justice
of the peace, Louisville precinct, ac
cepted. The County Board of Equalization
will set for the purpose of equalizing
the assessment of Cass county for the
year 1900, in the Commissioners Cham
ber at the court house in Plattsmouth,
Neb., beginning Tuesday, June 15th at
10 o'clock a. m., and continue from day
to day up to and including Monday,
June 21, 1909. All claims for equaliza
tion must be filed on or before Satur.
day, June 19, 1909.
Board instructed the county clerk to
advertise for concrete bridges, i-uch as
they may determine on later on.
M. L. Friedrich, salary and ex
pense I 20 2.
C. R. Jordan, same 20 25
L. D. Switzer, same 24 00
E. Manspeaker, fees 33 07
C. D. Quinton, salary and board
ing prisoners 1S3 00
C. T. Richards, assessing South
Bend precinct 63 63
C. D. Quinton, boarding city
prisoners 40
F. E. Schlater, juror certificate
and Postage
J. I Corley, asses.-ir.g Weeping
Water city
W. H. Puis, assessing Mt.
Pleasant 97 7.i
Will Rummel, assessing Platta-
emouth precinct 123 00
II. M. Soennichsen, trip through
county assessing
W. E. Failing, assessing Salt
Ceek precinct
W. E. Rosencrans, meals to
J. H. Donnelly, labor in asses
' sors office 42 00
25 30
73 40
17 44
90 70
1 50
C. S. Wortmar.. lea.e of land .. 10 on
B. C. Marquardr, mde to poor.. 20 ti-'l
A. T. Fitt. sharpening lawn
mower 73
Neb., Telephone Co., tolls and
rents 3 43
M. E. Bunnell, livery to com
missioners 1 5o
Matilda Olson, r.ur;ing sick man. 13 (Hi
E. Sturzeiegger, rndse to poor . 23 33
C. H. Smith, stamps and en
velops 42 hS
W. J. Herring, labor at jail ... 5 25
Hans Johnson, mdsetopoor ... 5 00
Riley Rector, rent to pauper. ... 4 00
Dr. E. W. Cook, insane Emma
Handrock 8 00
C. A. Rawls. same. 3 00
James Robertson, same 7 35
C. D. Quinton, same 37 33
C. D. Quinton. Taylor vs. E.
Austin and Cass county 15 60
W. E. Rosencrans, same 2 00
A. Hathaway, same 3 SO
D. W. Foster, same 3 80
J. E. McCarroll. same 4 00
E. Austin, same 3 70
Gjo. N LaRue same 3 70
James Robertson, same 17 85
Dr. J. B. M;irt;n, lt Qr. salary
physicians dist. No. 1 50 00
B. I. Clements, Peter
Johnson 14 73
Walter J. Schneider. Constable
same . 4 70
Henry Leuchtweis, juror same.. 1 10
Wm. Keil. same 1 10
Geo. Horn, same 1 10
Con. Sears, same 1 10
Philip Stoehr. same 1 10
Henry Indelder. same 1 10
A. Koeler, witness, samp 1 30
E. I. Horn, same 1 10
Ray Wallirger, same 1 10
road Ft:r.
Lee Arnett, culvert road district
No. 10 94 40
W. C. Bartlett, road word dis
trict No. 13 53 00
Henry Snoke, same No. H ... 8. 67
A. J. Tool, spikes No. 7 1)67
No further business, board adjourned
t meet June 1, 1909.
W. E. Rosencrans,
County Clerk.
A Conklir. Fountain Pen for the busi
ness men at Gering 4 Co.
Mix Things
Monday about eleven o'clock a hobo
was taken to the office of Dr. J. B.
Martin to have his wounds dressed. He
gave his r.ame as Chas. Burke, of Chi
cago, Illinois. He had purchased some
thing to eat and had gone with his
morsel to the B. & M. yards, when two
other hoboes fell upon him and beat
him severely. He had seven severe
scalp wounds.
His assailants were placed under ar
rest and taken to the county jail. They
gave their names as John Mercer and
A. L. Fleishar. Thy were bound over
to the district court by Judge M. Ar
rfier. While Dr. J. B. Martin was engaged
in caring for the wounded man, a rep
resentative of the Journal called him
up by 'phone and wanted to know the
details of the .man's injuries. The
Doctor told him that he could not give
the information then.
The Journal's attack on Dr. J. B.
Martin was unwarranted and uncalled
for, and a malicious falsehood, and
shows that the Journal's representa
tive either has but little sense or is a
Masonic Lodge
Elects Officers
The Masonic Lodge at its regular
meeting Monday night elected the fol
lowing officers for the coming year:
Worshipful Master-O. C. Dovey.
Senior Warden -Fred Ratnge.
Junior Warden-John C. Crabill.
Treasurer-Carl G. Fricke.
Secretary-Michael Archer.
Fred Salsbury, aged 30, died at his
home in Conrad, Montana, Tuesday
night. He is survived by a wife and
one child, six months old. Rev. J. H.
Salsbury departed Wednesday morning
to attend the funeral services of his
younger and only brother.
J 1 - J4
k-s!- wA te U
m k ti
If f-t if fS
4 Mill
HH A $20
Suit for $9.98
h Largely Buncombe and
Questionable sldver'isin;.
When you buy from uswhether it is some
thing from a substantial clothing manufac
turer or something to sell for less money
you must know all about it at the time of pur
chase in order that our relations with you may
continue to be pleasant. We could not afford
to sell you "a $20 suit of clothes for $9.98"
and later have you learn that it was worth no
more than you paid for it. We carry the
cheaper grades if you must have them, but we
always tell you before buying just what they
are. The values we give in all clothing are
the best that can be obtained anywhere at
any price, and we do not resort to sensational
"cut-price sales" in order to move the goods.
Look at this Omaha style of advertising, and
you will find the same tactics indulged in by
dealers in all the larger cities. We invite a
comparison of the goods at the prices quoted,
feeling absolutely confident of what your
verdict will be:
Strictly hand tailored, made to
sell at $25.00, and well worth it.
Scores of splendid new pat
terns and styles, on
sale, at
Come in and look at our line at
$12.50 and you will soon be con
vinced that you can save things
beside care fare by staying at
$18 0) to $22.50 suits. Every
imaginable color, best fabrics
and styles, strictly the
best in the land 4 QP
at price 1 lD
See our $9.50 Suit and you will
come to the conclusion that the
difference of $2.45 is principally
$10 and $12.50 suits, 18 differ
ent styles to select from, the
new weaves and colorings,
matchless at sale n A A
price I.UU
After you have looked pt our
$5.0ii clothes you will begin to
wonder whether that $7.00 suit
was really intended to sell for
$10 and $12.50, or if the advertis
ing was not just a little t-trong.
You cannot obtain better value any place on earth than is here offered. A
cordial invitation is extended to call and examine the goods.
C. Wescott's Sons
"Where Quality Counts."
The Lecture
on Alfalfa
At the regular meeting of the Com
mercial Club Tuesday evening Dr.
A. E. Duvissoii nddressed a fair aud
ience cm the subject of Alfalfa. He
gave some very interesting facts as to
the possibilities of this particular crop,
and made various comparisons as to its
commercial value. There is but little
doubt that alfalfa is the most profitable
crop that the farmers can raise, and at
the amo time it greatly improves the
land. An acre of alfalfa will produce
nearly or quite double the amount of
feed that an acre of Corn will produce.
Either hogs or cattle fed on alfalfa are
worth more than those fed exclusively
on corn. Cass county last year had
only si I acres which is a poor showing
for a county so well adapted to this
crop. This county ought to have not
less than 10,000 acres annually of alfalfa.
Matters in
District Court
Brief Session Held This Morning
and Several Cases Set
for Trial.
District court convened this morning
and the following cases were called and
set for trial:
Henry Stuli vs. Missouri Pacific Rail
way Co., May 24.
Flora B. Argo vs. Mathew G. Mc
Quinn, May 20.
Minnie Osbon vs. Albert Pope, May
State of Nebraska vs. Chas. Hixon
May 31.
State of Nebraska vs. John Clarence
June 2.
II. E. Wilson, the painter and decor
ator of this city, suffered a slight at
tack of paralysis last Saturday. At
last reports he was recovering and
hopes to go back to his work soon.
M. W A Log Rolling.
The Log-rolling 'Association of the
M. W. A., of Cass county held its regu
lar convention at Coates Hall in this
city Tuesday. About fifty delegates
were present, and all were enthusiastic
on the subject of the next annual log
rolling. The convention voted in favor
of holding it at Union, (August 2S.
Judge Allen J. Benson was selected
chairman of the convention, and Henry
doss as secretary. A set of By-laws
was adopted for the future government
of the association. The date for the
next regular meeting was fixed on the
first Saturday in June, l'.UO. The fol
lowing olficcrs were then elected for
the ensuing year:
W. A. Taylor, Union, President.
E. B. Chapman, Union, .Vice Presi
dent. Louis Anderson, Union, Secretary.
Chas. L. Graves, Union, Treasurer.
Give Birth
day Party
Booze Kills
John RollT, a laborer employed in the
quarries at Cedar Creek, was found
dead in his bed at the boarding house
where he was living Monday night. It
was at first believed that he had com
mitted suicide but the opinion of the
physicians who called is that the cause
of the death was heart disease brought
on by excessive use of alcoholic liquors.
He was a German of about forty-five
years old. It is not known whether he
had relatives living in this country or
i Mrs. II. B. Burgess, Mrs. E. H.
Booth, Mrs. L. A. Moore, Mrs. C. A.
Burgess, Mrs. Emily Dickson, Mrs. W.
J. White, Mrs. Edith Donelan, Mrs. T.
P. Livingston, and Miss Barbara Ge
ring attended the meeting of the Ladies
Auxiliary of the Episcopal church in
Omaha Tuesday.
Some days ago L. C. W. Murray, of
this city, was injured by having his leg
severely cut while loading a corn lister.
He was getting along nicely at last re
ports. Pure Soda Water at Gering'a.
The home of Gus Roman in the south
part of the city, was the scene of a
most enjoyable event it being in honor
of Mr. Roman's birthday. A number
of his neighbors and friends gathered
to do the event justice. Games and
music were enjoyed, interspersed with
social conversation until a late hour,
after which a delicious luncheon, con
sisting of ice cream and cake waa
served to which all did ample justice.
The guests departed at a late hour wish-
ing Mr. Roman many more such pleaa
ant events.
Those present were: Ray Campbell,
Glen Campbell, Amanda Campbell,
Prof. Beck, Paul Sitzman, Frank Sita
man and family, Will Sitzman and fam
ily, Gus Roman and family.
Notict to Contractor!.
Bid will be received at the office of
the County Clerk of Cass County, at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, up to noon of
Saturday, June 12, 1000, for one Fifty
(5ii) foot reinforced concrete arch,
located about four (4) miles west of
Mynard Cass County, Nebraska, and
one Fifty (5o) foot reinforced concrete
arch locate! one-half 0) mile east of
Elmwood, Cass county, Nebraska.
Specifications may be seen at the
County Clerk's oflice. Bidders may also
bid on their own plans and specifica-
Bids required on each job separata
and each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check in the sum of $500 made
payable to the County Clerk.
Bids will be opened June 15, 1909.
W. E. Rosencrans,
10-8 County Clerk.
Married la Chicago.
W. W. Windham and Miss Minnie
Will left Monday for Chicago where
they were married yesterday at the
residence of an aunt of Mr. Windham
Both are popular young people, but
this action comes as a surprise to Jtheir'
many friends, who join, however. In
extending best wishes.
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