The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, May 13, 1909, Image 3

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Want Column
WANTED Younjr men and women to
fill jtositions pajir.j; ?UHO to ?2u"u er
annum. Bij; demand for stenograph
ers in the (lovermnent service, as
will as in private l upines life. Our
new method of teaching shorthand
by mail insures a thorough and
practh al a training at your own home
as is obtainable by personal attend fit any! college in the
country. We guarantee sueeess.
Complete course for small cash pay
ment; balance to be paid when you
secure a position. Trial lesson free.
Central Business Institute. Central
Building, Wa-hinpton. D. C.
SALESMAN IJest commission offer on
earth. New-all retailers samples,
coat pocket. Reliable, Iowa City,
Iowa. D ti
FOR SALE- 4U acres, 2 miles south of
town with good 3 room house 211x2-1
and kitchen 12x10. .! acres of apple.
peach and cherry orchard. 7 acres I
timber. Can all be plowed except II
acres which is irood pasture withiuii-1
. . - .. . 4 11 J - .1 11! II A. I.
nintr water. All fenced. W ill take
in exchange a piece of town property
consisting of a ',i or I room nouse with
from 2 or :i lots to an acre or two.
See J. E. Karwick in the Dovcy
Block. !S-4
P. F. GOGS, Prop.
bailey & mm
lltt't otit(cf Rl.k-Grifl (Irnti It Bflson
bit PtIim. llrM-'qaipprd fimtal Of-
f C1 miCOUNTt TO CiTT Vlt'TO'S.
M riotr ) I .t ,iti, Varum. OMAHA. NEB.
Rank of Eark Eagle.
Nehawka Rank, N'ehawka.
Rank of .Murdock. Murdock.
First Nat'l lunik. Greenwood.
State bank of Murray. Murray.
First Nat'l bank, l'lattsmouth.
C. . MMSHUL, D. D. S.
: I
..Graduate Dentist..
Prices Reasonable
All Work Guaranteed
Twenty-six Years' Experience
Office in Fitzgerald Block
Second hand goods of all
descriptions. Sewing
machines, washing ma
chines and wringers re
paired. All kinds of stool
repairs. Store on fith st.
opposite postolfice.
Notice to Creditors.
State if N'lira"ka.
C.juntv of Oisx. '
In duply Court.
In the mailer uf the estate uf J.iui.'S H,
Notice i hereby given that the creditors of faid
il.-eeHKed wil1 meet the Administrator of paid
"tnte. before me. County Jmltte uf C'u County,
Nebraska, at the County Court re-i in I'liitts
mouth, in nai'l County, on the 24th day of May,
r". and on the 124th day of November. 1 at 10
o'rlo k A. M.. each day for the iiurpose of .re
Kentinic their claims for examination, adjuxttnent
uml lillc wanre.
Six month are allowed for the creditors of sn!d
decmsed to present their claim, and one year for
the Administrator to settle said estate, from the
IMthclayof May, bM.
Witness my hand and seal of said County Court,
nt l'laltnmuulh, Nebraska, this '.'1 day of April,
l0. Al.l.KN J imr.soN.
Seal IK st County Ju'lvrc. .
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, ' ,, , ,., p.,,. .
County of Cass. i- In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Zerah Wilbur Cole,
, deceased.
Notice is hereby iriven that the creditor of said
deceased will meet the Administrator of Kaid
estate, Itefore me. County Judtceof Cass County,
Nebraska, at the County Court room in I'IiiIIm
mouth. in saiil County, on the Hist day of ,Muv.
l'.iO'.i, anil on the 1st day of December, I'.Ui, at Pi
o'clock A. M., each day, for tbe purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination, udjusim.'iit
and allowance.
Six months ure nllnwe I for the cri-ditor? of said
deceased to prc.icnt their clainis, and one rar for
the Administrator to settle said estate, f nun the
.list day of May, I !.!:,
Witness my hand and seal of said County (Viirt,
at I'lat'sin.iull.. Nebrn'-ka, thin IMth day of
April. l' i !'.
Al t v. J. Hi ' shn.
D;-S ISrAl.l I "iint J 11.I1
Spct Was Mentioned by Jcrepus and
Stone 'rem There it Bci.eved to
Have Been Used in Build
ing Temple.
As a result of the effort
artin 'i;t if state to bain
pissible if the "birthplace
ry." Ti. nuis It. Wallace,
ctn.-ul at Jer'.isale:n. has i:
tensive investigation of
quart ies" In the Holy city,
to the slate de .11 Ur.ei.l Is
of the de
ail U1.1t is
of Mason
A:nt lican
Hide a:i t-x-"Solomon's
His p'l'ort
ol interest
to Masonic budhs, and pa. t:i u'.arly to
Amt i lmn Masons, because an Ameri
can, Holla Kloyd, Lecanie senicr war
den of the Hoyul Soli men Mother
lodge, instituted in Jerusalem In I S73.
"Solomon's qua:i lis" were men
tioned by Josephus In t lie writings of
the ancient historian. They were
lost through the Middle Ayes and un
til most lecnt times. A chamber is
pointed out in the quarries as the
original meeting place of tin ancient
body of Masons. The chamber is the
so-called "Chamber of lirotherly Cove
nant." Mr. Wallace said that his Investiga
tions led him to believe that the quar
ry became lost wluu the Humans de
stroyed Jerusalem. It is believed that
the stone with which the ancient tem-
,, wa8 ,,( wa8 t;il;,,n fn,m ,, n,mr.
ry. The basis of this belief is that
.Tse,,biiF described the temple as hav-
Ins been white, "like a mountain of
:ov." The stone in the quarry Is
white arid soft, hardening with expos-
tire to the air.
The quarries were discovered by ac
cident. According to the story told
Mr. Wallace, a Or. Itarclay was out
hunting. His dog disappeared In a
hole near the north wall of the elty.
The dog failed to reappear. Dr. liar
clay tore away the earth and weeds
about the hole until he had enlarged it
enough to enter. It was the entrance
to the quarries.
A chamber is pointed out In which
It is said the first meetings of Mason
ry were held. It Is a small semi cir
cular place with sea' - about it formed
of shelves of stone. Crumbled into a
shapeless mass at one end of the semi
circle Is what once was a pillar of
stone and Is said to have been the
chapel of the lodge. It Is In the same
condition now as when discovered, Mr.
Wallace said.
An American named Page, accord
ing to Mr. Wallace, gave the best Indi
cation of the time which passed since
the quarries were lrst. A small pot
tery lamp such as those used by the
early Jews was found In the quart leu
by Mr. Page. It was filled with the
minute particles of dirt which float in
the air. These particles would remain
in the vessel utter falling in, because
protected from air currents by the rim
of the vessel. The pottery lump had
a bowl one inch deep. It contained
only these atoms of dust, showing that
It required ages to 1111.
The supposed connection of Bolo
mon with these quarries, together with
the traditional Idea that associates him
with the early history of the .Masonic
fraternity. Is responsible for the In
terest with which Masons regard
these caves, and especially the partic
ular chamber where lodge meetings
are sometimes field, (iavels and pa
per weights made from the white
stone of the quarry, and on which Ma
sonic emblems are carved, are to be
had In some of the stores of Jerusa
lem, and are much prized by Masons.
Cure for Headache.
One of the very best remedies for a
sick or nervous headache was suggest- J
ed to nie lecently by a Finnish serv- 1
ant girl. She took raw potatoes with- I
out either washing or paring and cut
them into thick slices. These were j
laid close together on the forehead and I
temples and kept In place by covering 1
with a large handkerchief folded cor- 1
nerwlse and tied In the hack.
In a short time the pain disappeared.
As the pieces of potato get hot replace .
with cold fresh ones. i
They give all the coolness of Ice j
without the incidental dampness, and '
there Is not the burning sensation ice
often causes.
Twenty Five Dollars
Will be given to the
one suggesting an
appropriate name
for a new perfume.
Ask us about it.
F. G, Fricke & Co.
Our Oriental School.
In spt eking of his appointment n
the head of the American School of
Oriental Research In Palestine, Prof.
Jiii hard J. H. (lottheil said: "The
school Is sustained by the leading
universities and seminaries In the
1'iiiud Slates, and it serves the
same purpose that Is served by t he
schools al Rome and Alliens, and Is
in (dose connection with the Arch
aeological Institute of America. The
school has a commodious bulldltiK i.t
Jerusalem. Hiid there I shall make my
home for a year, when another profes
sor from oTie of the contributing In
stitutions will ho chosen to till the
Prof, tiottheil will start on his trip
to the orient next month, and will
pe:ul Mime time in Constantinople lie
foie bctilnnliiK his work In Jerusalem.
Wood of Mummy Coffins.
A query has been addressed to Kew
rs to the wood used for mummy cof- j
tins in Kgypt. which was stated by the
correspondent to he that of sycamore.
Some pieces of mummy coffin wood
were presented to Kew In by II.
II. Calvert. II. M. consul at Alexan
iria, and later specimens of the wood
vf finis syeomorns were forwarded
from Egypt by Dr. Schwt Infurtli. The
microscopic structure of these speci
mens has been compared In the labor
atory and we learn from the "Hullo
.In" that there is no reason to doubt
'hat the mummy coffins referred to
were made from the wood of Ileus
sycomorus the sycamore fig.
For Insomnia.
For insomnia try this simple rem
edy: Have a barber chair rigged up
In your room. Then, when unable to
go to sleep by 1:30 a. pi., send your
motor car for your favorite barber.
When he conies, have him give you 11
thorough shampoo. If not sleepy
(hen, repeat, and continue treatment
until put to sleep. If the treatment
fails to do this in live hours, just take
a look at the bill.
Life of Human Beings Prolonged and
the Ravages of Infectious Dis
eases Checked.
During the last Till years preventive
medicine has done far more to allevi
ate suffering and to prolong; life than
the average man Is aware. It iR esti
mated that during the seventeenth
and eighteenth centuiles the death
Kite throughout the civilized world
'linked fiuni 50 to perhaps W per
1,11(10. To-day in London. Merlin anil
New York the average lies between
17 and l'.. This great decrease In
yearly mortality in due principally to
protection from infectious diseases
now afforded to children during the
( it v
live years or life. In New ink
there has been a reduction since
of over Til) per cent, in the death
of the Infantile port inn of the
population. It is obvious thaf the
probable lifetime has Increased coinci
dent ly with the prevention of dlsenses
to which children of tender years are
especially susceptible. Or. Hermann
M. Itiggs (if the New York city health
department has estimated that "the
expectation of life at birth In this city
In was only a little more than
5 years, while In 1!0:'.. calculated on
the death rate for that year, It had
almost doubled, and equaled about
forty-two years." Such statistics as
these are certainly striking: commen
taries on the advance and triumph
of medical research; for It Is true be
yond cavil that this progress has been
dependent primarily upon the knowl
edge gained in the laboratories, the
harvest of persistent Investigation.
Dr. John C. Torrey, In Harper's.
Mrs. Malaprop Young Sharp will
have lo apologize before I'll speak to
him again.
.Miss Interest Did he Insult you?
Mrs. Malaprop Did he? The last
time I met him I told him that my
uncle, Lord de Stvle, had locomo
tive atacksla, and he had the impu
dence to ask if he "whistled at cross
ings." He's an unsympathetic brute.
In Praise of Music.
Music Is tho only one of all the arts
that docs not corrupt the mind
Bit of April Fooling That Dcubtlets
Mrant Disgrace ct Dignified
Charles Kroiiman. In the 1 -i.iol.l.ij:-room
of the l.usii.ui.u. lo'.d a:i Apr;
fool sto-y.
"A Kitth avenue mllliena r " w
said, "had 11 butler i f hni.ion us bent.
The butler was English, lie had
; worked seven years in a duke's house
I .'told. Therefore his word was law
, on questions of etiquette.
"To oblige his friends the million
aire would let them send ipclr own
! young butlers to his palace to serve H
i day or two under the Kngilsh veteran,
i The youngsters learned a lot In this
1 way. The Englishman was made a
! regular free school of. Hut he didn't
i nihi, I.
j "It happened, one spring day, that
j the millionaire was giving a dinner to
! a (ienmtn prince. A friend's butler,
, as usual, was helping tbe veteran to
the table ami wines ready and at
the same time was taking 11 lesson In
"'Since this here man's a prince,
Mr. l'otts, is there anything special In
the way we are to serve him?' the
pupil inquired.
"The humorous butler l'otts, re
membering that It chanced to be the
1st of April, said calmly:
" 'There's only one specialty, and
I'll leave that to you, my boy. When
his highness sits down you must take
up his napkin, unfold It and knot It
round his neck, continental fashion.'
"Hadn't you better do It, Mr.
l'otts?' said the youth, timidly.
" 'No, no
ain't my place,' was
the reply.
"l'otts forgot
the press of
all about his joke in
work that followed.
Therefore his surprise and horror al
most equaled his master's when, the
guests having seated themselves that
evening at the magnificently laid ta
ble, the young butler leaned over the
prince, took his napkin, shook It out
with a nervous flourish and then knot
ted It like a bib i.bout the dumb
founded potentate's neck."
Agricultural Resources of Chile.
"Chile is one of the richest coun
tries In South America," remarked
II. A. Ylngut, a mining engineer, who
has spent the last ten years In that
country. "Not only Is It rich In mines,
but lis agricultural resources are un
limited. In the southern part of Chile
are Immense stretches of cattle and
sheep lands and as good grazing
grounds as those of Texas. In the cen
tral part of Chile are hundreds of thou
sands of acres of fertile lands that will
grow almost every known crop. Of
course, Argentina Is the premier
wheat producing country of South
America, hut It cannot surpass Chile
in the quality of grain grown.
"There are fewer Americans In
Chile than in any other South Amer
ican country, I believe. 1 don't know
the reason for this, unless It Is that
tho Chilean people are not overfond
of Americans. (Jermans and Kngllsh
men seem to be In favor" with the peo
ple of Chile, and the people of those
two countries ure capturing a large
part of the trade."
The Language of Clothes.
A pompous colored woman wheeled
Into the cloak department of a down
town store.
"Can I direct you. madam?" Inquired
one of the managers.
"Yessah. Ah wants the gown do
pnhtment." "What kind of gowns, madam?" fur
ther inquired the official.
"Why, women's gowns, of eo'se,"
replied the customer, disgustedly.
"Y'all think Ah wants a gown fo' a
"Hut, madam," explainer! the man
ager, "you see we have different kinds
of gow ns. There are tailor made
gowns, evening gowns and night
"No. sah," put In the woman,
promptly, "Ah don' want no tailnh
made gowns, or night gowns, or early
In the evenln' gowns. What Ah wants
Is jes' a plain gown to do washln' In.
Ah wants a calico wrapper. That's
what Ah wants." Cleveland Plain
Forty as the Voting Age for Women,
One of the object bins to woman's
suffrage has been that It destroys the
home. The woman who goes to the
polls neglects her young brood I am
now referring to those who are mar
ried. The unmarried woman loses
her maidenly charm and reserve nnd
young girls will he too apt to he
swayed here and there by emotions
or some consideration. Very well.
Let all women vote at 40 years of
age, and not before. Here Is a solu
tion. The matron of 40 would have
children quite well started toward ado
lescence. The unmarried lady of 40
would find a metier, In case she bad
not one, and at that age there would
be less chance of her marrying than
at 2d, and she should certainly at this
time of life know her own mind.
An Author's Initials.
Initials are sometimes the resort of
the writer who Is anxious to conceal
his Identity, ami a glance through any
one of the Toll volumes that comprise
the catalogue of the lirltlsh museum
rending room will discover some
strange Instances. A theological
book entitled "Inquiry Into the Mean
ing of Deiiionlacks hi the New Testa
ment" Is attributed to T. I'. A. I'. O.
A. II. I. C. ). S. Its i ea I author was a
certain Arthur Sykes, and the initials
reveal his position as "the precentor
and prelien.lary of Alton Horeji.lU In
the church ol .Salisbury,"
No. 1914
Condensed statement of the condition of
The First National Bank
of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, at the close of
business, April 2Sth, 1909.
Loans, Discounts and Investments $:ii-l,3.V 'J."
V. S. Honds and Premiums. r.l.MlO IK)
Keal Kstatc U,.Wt 70
Hanking house, Furniture and Fixtures IO,7tH 7!)
Cash and siirht exchange ... Uvl.L'Hl 41
Hue from U. S. Treasurer iJ,.r)(MMH)
$;.:,.!. 72-1 l
Capital Stock $ riO.OOO (HI
Surplus and Profits llii.Titit! !)"
Circulation 20,HM) (H)
Deposits .Ii:.l.r.7 2.1
$5:1:1,724 is
We Respectfully Solicit Your Account.
(.Koitr.K K. Dovey, President. H. N. Dovky, Cashier.
F. K. Sciil.ATKii, Vice Pres. ('. (I. Fkicm:, Ass't. Cashier.
Furnishings and Work Clothes X
y ?
y It may he that you do not know wo carrv a full
Y line of Overalls, Shirts, Jackets, (ilovcs, Underwear,
j Sox, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, etc., suitable for
j every man.
Y Work Shirts, all sizes and colors 40c and GOc
Men's Overalls without bib 50c, 00c, 85c
y " Overalls with bib COc, 75c, 85c, J)0c, $1.00
y " Jackets 50c, 00c, 85c, $1.00
' ffiffnn TTInnnnl r.luma twi!x or .A.
J xVUVII J. IUII1IVI Ii7V.i3, tj 'til I , 4fJU
V " Leather Gloves at per pair 50c, 75c, $1.00 y
j " Underwear, per garment 25c and 50c y
y " Union Suits, per suit $1.00 and $1.25 y
y " Mixed Sox, per pair 8c and 10c y
y " Fine Cotton Sox, brown, black and fancy y
y at per pair 10c, 12e, 15c, 25c, 35c y
y " Suspenders, at per pair 25c and 50c y
y " Red and Blue Handkerchiefs at 5c and 8.1c
y " All White or White with Colored Border y
y each at 5c, 10c, 15c, 25c y
y Boy's Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Gloves, Under- y
V wear and Handkerchiefs. V
y y
No. 1. We are headiuartersfor Butter and Ers
V for we receive more and better quality than any store.
Let us add your name to our already lare list of cus-
tomers that et their butter and ee;o;s every week from
us. Market price always.
y No. 2. We are headquarters for all kinds of
y Cheese, American full cream, Brick and Limbing, 20c lb.
y Sap Satfo 10c, Lunchen 15c, Ini)orted Swiss 40c.
y No. We are headquarters for vegetables, fresh
y every day, Strawberries, Cucumbers, fresh Beans,
y Rubarli, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Radishes, y
y Cabbage, etc. y
y No. -1. We always have on hand a nice line of y
y fresh Oranges, l.",c, 25c, 35c, 45c, per dozen. Bananas, y
y 20c a dozen. Pine Apjiles, 10c and 15c each.
. - . .
f We Want to Talk Quality Not Quantity. I
X y
Plattsmouth - - Nebraska.
Kvcry l.awn Mower
we carry outside of the
cheapest ones are made
by the factmy that made
the celebrated Pennsyl
vania l.awn Mowers, the
best km w n and highest
irritdo lawn mowers in
the world. We carry a
a miiplite stork at
piias to mil everybody.
From $2.25 to $15.