The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, May 06, 1909, Image 2

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A Hasty Little
Beginning with a plate of soup followed by a dainty sandwich or salad becomes a
delightful repast to an unexpected visitor. The line of canned meats, fish and fowl
carried by us is as clean and healthful, and in many respects better than those gen
erally prepared at home. We are trying to conduct the best store in Plattsmouth and
we mean BEST. We give below a list of good dependable groceries that we wish you
would look over. We have all kinds ot fresh vegetables, canned and bottled meats,
fruits, cheese, relishes, olive oil, oh lots and lots of table delicacies.
Rex Roast Eecf for luncheon Qg Pettyjohn's Breakfast Food 1 lb. package Argo Gloss Starch French Imported Mushrooms Jgjj
Richelieu Peanut Butter Qfln 3 lbs. Sack Rice ORfi Advo Extra Lima Beans . QR. B. & C. Salmon 1 1-2 lb can JIT
10c and &UU for for -Wfc o for (JQ
Rex Chili Con Came Qq Marvelli Spaghetti gg 1 Gallon Jug Hawkeye Catsup yg Old Manse .Maple Syrup per gg
Cornet or Chef brand Salmon QC a Red Kidney Beans IE 8 cz. bottle Lemon and Vanilla OE H. M. Soennichsen's Special P ft
3 cans for at Extracts for 40C Coffee 2 lb. can... 3llC
Presto Prunes 1 lb. can Ifl Macaroni fC Fresh Saused Mackerel jn. Package Diamond "C" Mince ft E
at IUU at IOC 20c to HUC Meat 3 for &3G
i Salt Water Baths in London.
' A flourishing business In England
now Is Handing sea water up to London
for the use of those who wish a dip In
the ocean without the trouble of travel
ting down to the seashore for It.
At the Twig t Bent.
I There It some hope for the boy who
a to be driven Into the bathtub, but
there it mighty little hope for the boy
who hat to be driven away from the
mirror. Atchison Globe.
A Dude Wrote Thia.
A woman In said to have Invented a
machine for darning socks, but nobody
hm yet devised means for making
darned socks comfortable. Provi
dence Tribune.
A certain newly-elected congress
man met a society bud of Washingtor
at hit first reception.
'!) you like" she quelled.
"Well. I never played It," dravvlec
the westerner. ' Hut I'm wlllin' to takt
K hand." l.lpplm oil's.
The Touch Artistic.
"I'd like to take you to the theater
to-night, obi man."
"And I would If I had the price.
Could you spare a five?"
When Women Are Included.
Miss Crystal McMillan, M. A.. H. Sc..
explained to the women at a recent
suffrage meeting in Scotland thai
women were only "the people" when
there were taxes to pay or they com
mitted crlinea. When there was only
voting to do "the people" means only
men. A university woman suffrage
union has been formed In Scotland.
English Firm Has Neat Scheme
Prevent Disputes Over Amount
of Money Tendered.
Locating the Blame.
"You sometimes make mistakes In
forecasting the weather."
"Not I," replied the expert. "My
methods are strictly scientific. I can't
help it if the climate insists on being
a nature faker." Exchange.
One's Own Judgment Biased.
Our opinion of ourselves, like our
shadow, makes us either too big 01
too little. Hronte.
Intricate Mechanism of Watch.
There are more than 2.000 distinct
operations In the work of assembling
a watch.
The lady behind the counter at one
of the winer drapery sales In Old
bam j-'reet v rote t -it the bill for my
I u (liases (writes "B") on a little
manifolding book, which reproduced
her wilting by means of a urbon pa
per on i he page below. ' hen slit
took the half sovereign I ti .dered Ip
payment, and. placlnr it on the tippet, pressed It ban. dovv with hei
thumb. I asked the r son "We hnvi
li'strtiotioiis," she exp In 1, "to takt
ilie Impression of any .j!ii received
ly means of the carhoi paper In flu
bonk. See (turning to I he duplicate
of n.y bill), there's, the impic-siou ol
our half-sovereign. You couldn't very
well think you'd given me a soverel-.i
f;er seelni: that, con!!' you? Yoii'i
tie H'.ii 'pi is;-!'." she said, "how ofti .
we have to show our bonks to eop'i
'o on luce I In hi v. I've not made u
t'i tal.e." .Y,:.i:i 1 1 : i C.i.i.riliaM,
New Hampers. re'e Name.
New Hampshire was oa'.led so with
reference to t!ie original patentee,
who was governor cf Portsmouth in
Hampshire, Kngland. It is known as
the Crauite state, frcm the fact that
Its mountains are largely coiupot-ed
of that stone.
Next Pure Reading Matter.
Poet "Will you accept this jKieni at
your regular rates?" Kdltcr "I guess
so It appears to contain nothing ob
jectiouable. tin to the advertising de
partment and ask them what the rates
are. How many times iKd you wish
it ins-rted?"
Cannot Stand Prosperity.
Your novelist in his prosperity gets j
away from touch with the mass of h;i -inanity
which gave vitality to Ills,
earlier boi.k. Although l is later workt i
may be more perfect In writing craft j
they are less human. Ht ok Monthly j
Owned by the British Public.
The value of pictures In the Hrltlsh
National Gallery is about Jfi. 250,000.
Millions of Miles of Salt.
The world's oceans contain 7.000,000'
cubic miles of salt. I
The News-Herald is equipped to do all kinds I
of Job Printing and will appreciate an opportunity :c
to figure with you when.ijn the market for anything J
;: in our line. No jobgis too large for ourJability to
execute and no job isjltoo small to receive our'most i
i painstaking care, we cordially invite the attention ?
of our. farmer friendsto our sale bill department. j:
;; This is splendidly equipped; for the prompt execu
'' tion of work of this character, and our prices will
:: be found to be as low as the lowest. To the bus-
J iness men, if you will telephone your wants a rep- ;
4 resentative win can ana quoie you prices an any- t.
1 thing you may need. We earnestly solicit a share
J of your patronage.
Pastoral Adjuncts.
In these i!. ys the ilea arils upon die
i;;'(i ;: v i ;:: n any and com
H(.i;e,i. "I i o busy to i!o a Male woe'."
or off?"! a theatrical
i:Mni:.rr, i;nd the pl;i w; H:ht jtiyiiiflei.
is v. 'illluglM ss In i 1 1 in . t It.
'.Vi lli-hf." the tiieaf
te . "We've get e: n hi Ion fioin lb '
Kiuir to lit on a d.a.iKsii.aiion oi'
The M'iiImi r's Yacatimi,' that (.,u:t:
I'i'ii l'i:H's I'd I : I i -hi": i; ii 1 1 the an
i.or's vvliling we sbou'd v.oik In oin
, tv.n mine iueldeiils tn make tl'.e I'
ll ii I: vi ly.
"Now I v...i;t yen in v.i'.te iiji a cy
'(!lie ami a oi;ple if uiek mules
ve .mi iln u. in blue, ,v lor the cyclone.
I. ii ii;e i wo ninli's a,e gient. I wa.H
in1 pi sU.. nl flavor or t Ii book ki-pi
m iiiiii'-i but j;i'-i a lit : 1 moio
H' In It." Youth's Coiui ;i!i:on.
Twenty-Nir.e Suits Shy.
A Nt w York society lnuli-r says r.o'inan can get alons with tewet
than TO siii:s of (lutl.cK. It appears
to be (iil!e pialn t!:at our tailor does
not c insider us a gentleman. i'lilla
deli l,l,t l-'tar.
An Impractical Stjgsestion.
"You must lea: n to trust your fellow
men." said the pri fessicnal optimist
"There's no use in talking that way to
me." answered ihe worried looking citi
zen. "I'm In the M'ecery business."
Paper as a D.ind:ge.
For a slight cut there Is nothing
better to control the he-uorriiage than
common ung'azeil paper, such as Is
used by groet rs and market nieu
Hind a piece on the cut.
Their Narrow Eccape.
Mi. his, v.eiii led beyond endurance,
,. seeing that everything he toiuhei'
t '.rueil to gold, looked about for some
liiilit oeeiipa! Ion. wiih a view to rest-'
n'A his iiiitid, and was aliom to K .
i:i!o the luillbei' liusiness. i
"I'.nt that won't do, either," he said !
"U I should touch wood I'd knock tbo
wood pulp business into a cocked hat
and bankiupt the timber klnss!"
Ueali.iiig that crowned heads should
stand by one another, and uncertain,
besides, what the Payne tariff was go
ing to do with lumber, he foroboro,
and amused himself by going out and
buying a gold brick from a con in a it
which, in his case, was a perfectly
sal'o U'i"u,i lion.
Don't Crosd the Line.
Women have need to learn the
great lesson that there is a line be
twten essentials which, overstepped,
leads to mental and physical shipwreck.
Never Be Afraid to Doubt.
Never be afraid to doubt, if only !
you have the disposition to believe;,
and doubt In order that you may end ;
in believing the truth. heighten. i
The Funny Thinga We Hear.
"What time Is It?" ".lust struck 12."
"Oh. ii must he later than that. You
couldn't have counted right," Hoston
Transcript. ;
Progress in Argentina.
The nuiln factor in Argentina's
progress during recent years has been
ltd constant railroad extension j
The Home Paper
Gives yon the reading matter in
wiich you have the greatest in
terestthe home news. It every
a welcome visitor to every member of the f soul v. It
issue will prove
should head your list of newspaper and periodical subscriptions.
OllUdl) lib
Furniture That Pleases
Old Winter with his reign of ice and snow will
soon be gone. Those chilly blasts will be a thing of the
past. Spring with its new demands will soon be here,
and you will need some new furniture. Our line is re
plete with up-to-date, designs and patterns, which ere
sure to please, and at prices, which are sure to appeal
to the prudent buyer. See our display, we are glad to
show the goods and quote you prices.
For Hot Fires Get Egcnber-
ger's Coal !
Sure satisfaction every time you light a lire if on
top of the kindling is ebony fuel from our yards.
It's heat and light giving and slate-free when it
leaves the mines, screened and cleaned again here
and served to you full weight and with celerity of
delivery. Order any way that suits you. Both