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Villi fT A IIIFP"Lf ' n V.
NEWS. Kslnbtirticd Nov. 5. tKftl
11 KRA1.D. llhtablishcd April It'.. lsT, t
Coribolitiutcd Jan. 1,
Report of the
Report of the Pluttsmouth City
schools for the month ending April 30,
1909. 1
Teacher. Mcm'ship. Atl'n. Trd. ft. c. ,
Brooks m m 11 .
Cole 35.4 3t;.-, 1 .968
Ghry 3K.7 12 2 '
Martens ii.l 1 8.91
Yelinek 37.2 33. 1
Frceso 37.6 3H.7 0 .976
Haines 3S.5 37. 2 .
TarUtch 32.5 30 2 1 Xi
Morgan 3LK 32.2 0 .9.15 i
Johnson 2S. S1.4 11 .976
lluisel 40. 37.7 .94
Mason 27.8 23.4 I' .92
Hansen 27.6 K.9 3 .833
Kankm 41.7 41. 1 .918
Hawksworth 35.2 33.1 0 .912
Itaird 41.8 41. li 2 .921
Whalen 46.1 4I.R 2 .90
Wilson 38. 3.2 0 .953
Smith 42 7 2 .S3
Stcnncr 36.9 33.4 0 .US
Barwick 30.9 27.: 4 .89
Hibcr 16.9 K'. 1 .9'-2
Total 907.9 &-.D.3 41 .914
Will Contest Commenced.
The hearing in the DahncrT.Thacker
pVinnl!w'" co,,test commenced Monday in
OLIiUVJIO J (.ounty fourt, The testimony of twei.ty-
four witnesses were taken. The cor.
j testants contended that that the late
Dabncr T. Thacker wan incompetent to
make a will and that his son, Walter,
had used undue influence over his
father. Argument of counsel was sub
mitted Wednesday morning, at the con
clusion of which the court sustained
the will and submitted it to probate. It
is understood that an appeal will be
i PJattsmouth. Neb., May -1, 1909. j A.
I County Commissioners met in regu-1 H,
j lar session with all members present, ! M
minutes oi previous meeting rcnu aim
South Bend
The entertainment given in the high
school building Monday evening was a
very enjoyable one. The proceeds from
the admissions and booths amounted to ; .,vith friend
$65. A part of this will be used in i
Special Correspondence.
E. Sturzenegger was an Omaha vis
itor Tuesday.
Sam Long was a visitor in the me
tropolis Monday.
Mrs. C. Hill spent last week visiting
her people in Lincoln.
I. Campbell shipped a car of stock to
South Omaha Tuesday.
Prof. O' I )e!l spent Monday evening
in Murdock.
C. Wortman and M. E. Bushnell
Kurtz, same
F. Kropp, same
Archer, cost State vs. .1 hi'
approved, whereupon the following i C. D. Quinton. same 6 00
business was transacted in regular j Anton Nitka, sume 100
form: Ben Rainey, same loo
In the matter of the petition of Geo. C, I). Quinton, same 1 00
Horn and 4o others praying that a ! M. Archer, costs State vs. An-
liquor license granted to Andres I drew Bloom 3 50
Thomsen for the sale of malt, spirit- C. I) Quinton, same 6 (X)
uous and vinous liquors for the period j Cuthman & Cory, same
of one year at Cedar Creek, Cass j Neb. Lighting Co., supplies,
county Nebraska; the Board first voted j Swartz & Weichel, mdse
as to whether on not a license should 1 poor
be granted in the village of Cedar J. Hatt & Son, mdse..
G 02
10 00
A Small Blaxe.
Monday evening Chief of Police
Rainey and Ollicer Nitka noticed flames
in the oflice of Attorney Byron Clark.
When they reached the office the door
i was found to be locked. They broke in
and put out the fire, but not until a
number of valuable papers had been
destroyed. The fire seems to have
started in one of the drawers to Mr.
Clark's work table. Tho source of the
fire is unknown unless some matches
kept in the drawer had become ignited
in some manner. There was no partic
ular loss to the building. It was a for
tunate discovery by the police, and
they are to be commended for their
prompt action.
sending our representative to me aiaic i ty t visitor3 Tuesday
Declamatory contest ai Alliance ami
the remainder will be used to help fit
up the new laboratory that we are hop
ing to have next year.
Robert Sherwood gave two very in
teresting talks to Central Building
students and teaches on rubber this
month. The talks were illustrated by
rubber in its crude state and in the
various processess of manufacture. He
also donated a collection of specimens
to the schools. We appreciate his kind
ness very much.
Considerable interest is manifest
among students in the schools concern-
ing the competition in the way of at
tending at present. The room having
the lowest per cent of absence for the
last six weeks of school will be pre
sented with the clock now on exhibi
tion in the window of John Crabill's
W. J. Bryan in a recent letter statea
that he will be on hand to deliver the
address to the graduating class on the
evening of May 20. This will be an
address that will be worth hearing. His
subiect for the occasion will be "The
Trice of a Soul."
The Commencement programs are;
out and are of a very neat design. The
Mrs. E. N. Green and daughterspent
a couple days with the Lansing family
last week.
Among those viiu:ig the county scat
Saturday were Wm! Klcisser, G. Vogle
and It. Talbot.
J. Li-h has purchased the lots cast
of the M. E. church, from South Platte
Land Company.
A surprise party was tendered Louise
Bloom and brother Saturday evening.
All report a good time.
John Olds and son, Chester, came in
Sunday to visit with the former's
sister, Mrs. Fred Weaver and family.
Mrs. Olson and daughter, who have
been with Mrs. Fountain throuhtout
the fall and winter, have returned to
Omaha to live.
Rev. and Mrs. Keiser of Murdock
came in Thursday to be in attendance
at the Package Social given by the
Sunday school.
The Italian gang of about ninety
men are to make their headquarters in
Louisville for a short time, the work
between here and that point being
about completed.
H. B Ackerman, the Burlington
Creek, Friedrich and Jordan voting yes
and Switzer voting no. The Board thui
proceeded to vote upon the petition ot
Geo. Horn and others praying that a
license be granted to Andres Thom
sen to sell malt, spirituous and vinous
liquors for a period of one year, com-
I mencir.g May 17, 1909 to May 17, 1910,
at the village of Cedar Creek, Cass
county, Nebraska, and the petition
was granted as prayed for and county
clerk ordered to issue license to Andres
Thomsen upon the payment of the sum
of $1000; bond of Andos Thomsen also
approved for the sale of liquors at
Cedar Creek.
Water Republican,
1'iinting ? 50
Hammond & Stephens, supplies. 20 30
Smith & Smith, livery 2 00
H. M. Soenniehsen; mdse 22 10
W. J. Schneider, Care of corpse. 5 25
C. W. Baylor, coal.... 3G 54
John Waterman, sash 3 40
C. H. Smith, supplies 17 72
F. E. Schlater, expense 2 54
Mrs. Kate Minor, labor in re
corders office 4f 25
Nkws-Herai.d, printing bar
docket 23 43
J. H. Tarns, salary GO 00
Wm. Holly, mdse 3 50
In the matter of the application of J A. G. Bach, mdse
John Gauer and 4'J others praying that : Plattsmouth Telephone Co., tolls
a license be granted to Henry Leueht j and rents 22 50
weis to sell malt, spirituous and vinous Henry Snoke, Assessing Tipton
liquors at Cedar Creek, Cass county, Precinct 87 13
Nebraska, was taken up for hearing i J. W. Crabill, care of clock ... . 45 00
and same was refused by the board. Diers Bros, mdse 14 Gi
A small traet cf land in fcouth iJend i btone Mercantile Co., made ... 4 15
precinct was leased to the county by I Max Spanhnle, fees Ossenkop
L. . Wortman trom the 4tn cayoi, case 2 00
May, 1911 for the consideration of $10. IUMD 1:so
G. W. Fender, labor road district
No. 16 7 00
Stroemer Lumber Co., same 16. 1 85
A. W. Barrett, lumber same 6 . 7 05
Wm. Kitch. work same 12 .... 222 75
J. Adams & Son, lumber 16 .... G3 14
J. II. Hall, insane case Adolph
Rhode 8 00
D. O. Dwyer, same 3 00
James Robertson, same 7 00
C. D. Quinton, same 15 82 !
Mrs. Helen Rhode, same ,.. 2 00 1
T. Carter, same I .' 2 00 j
E. W. Cook, insane case James
Donohoe 8 00
D. O. Dwyer, same 3 00
C. D. Quintsn, same 6 12
color scheme is Maroon and
the class colors. The printing is of a
high order and is the work of a local
Work has already begun along the
line of debating for next year and we
hope to have a team second to none in
the field next year. Debating is of
great value to students and should be
encouraged. It is prcbable that girls
will be barred from the team next
We hope to be able in u few days to
make a report on the course of study
and requirements for entrance to the
High echool for next year for the bene
fit of non-resident students who con
template attending the Platt3mouth
High school next year.
Old Gold agent, at this point
has h;(d a promo
tion. He expects to leave for his work
at Juniata some time this week. Mrs.
Ackerman will remain for a week or
two before joining Mr. Ackerman.
The Package Social given by the
various Sunday school classes was
given Friday evening instead of Thurs
day on account of the inclement
weither. A goodly number were in
attendance and a neat little sum realized
from the sale of the various packages.
Mr. and Mrs. Claries Sullivan of St,
Joseph, Mo., are visiting Mr. Sullivan's
parents in the city this week. We are
glad to learn that he is doing well in
Do you want to see
something new in hats?
We have it. The Blue
Serge Hat. Will ex
actly match your blue
serge suit. A light
weight dressy hat for
Spring wear.
All the new shapes and
styles of straw hats just
in. Come in and get an
early pick. 10c to $7.50.
C. E, Wescott's Sons
"Where Quality Counts."
James Robertson, same
G. F. Switzer, same 3 80
Thomas J. O'Day, same 3 80
John Van Horn, insane case
Joseph Van Horn 4 00
E. W. Cook, same 8 00 j
D. O. Dwyer, same 3 00 1
James Robertson, same 7 10!
C. D. Quinton, same 30 21 j
W. E. Rosencrans, salary and j
expenses 214 52 1
W. C. Ramsey, same 102 44
L. D. Switzer, same 40 00
M. L. Friedrich, same 30 00
C. R. Jordan, same 37 00
MaryE. Foster, same 137 3G
T IT rinnnnllv Inhnt oaanuanra
J AO ! Henry Snoke, same 1G 0
F. M. Svoboda, salary and laun-
A fir , SO
E. E. Hilton, salary 40 00 Wm
Dr. L. Muir, reports of births
and deaths 2 50
D. Steffins, Eame '. 3 30
1 25
5 25
W. C. Bartlett. work 15 18 45
, L S'dsur, game 1 ..- 14 25
W. A. Cole, same 14 3G 25
I Lewis Johnson, same 7 9 45
i Frank Reece, same 7 15 38
I J. A. Wilson, same 7 33 50
,; J. F. Wolff, mdse 2 2 05
A. W. Barrett, lumber 7 2 10
J. E. Bates, work 13 53 20
A. N. Speer, lumber 8 79 20
Lee Arnett, culvert 5 40 94
Lee Arnett, same 15 G3 71
Lee Arnett, same 2 5G 40
Lee Arnett, same 5 30 58
Geo. A. B. Hicks, work 2 .... G2 75
J. II. Meisinger, same 2 2G 00
Henry Albert, same 2 3 00
A. B. Fornolf, same 2 20 25
J. J. Meisinger, same 2 25 50
James Johnson, same 2 3 30
! Henry Keil, same 2 3 00
! W. J. Hicks, same 2 11 25
I A. D. Hursh, same 1(5 40 75
A. D. Hathaway, same 11 50 50
Ben Beckman, same 10 108 00
Special Corri'iiHindcnie .
Mrs. Cummins
Luncheon Monday at One o'clock;
Proves Delightful Affair.
Prof. Watson was in Lincoln over
Chas. Owens of Springffeld was in i
town Monday.
John Spenso was a county seat visit
or Wednesday.
Mrs. Otto Spraguc was an Omaha
passenger Wednesday.
Dr. T. E. Dailey was anOmaha pas
senger Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Lewis Eddy left Wednesday
evening for her home at Minford, Neb.
Ralph Twiss and Earl Maylield re
turned from Knife River, Minn., Sunday.
Game of base ball Saturday after
noon by Louisville und Weeping Water
Mrs. E. G. Lewis is filling the va-
cency of Miss Solome Krentler at the
store of Diers' Bros.
Mrs. Dora Masters and Misses Golda
Eager and Fern Harper were Omaha
passengers Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wood and daugh
ter, Whelma left Wednesday for Nau-
voo, III., to visit Mrs. Adam Wolff.
Mr. Nicholson, Gen. Mgr. of the Om
aha Hydraulic Press Brick Co., was
looking after business interests in
Louisville this week.
Miss Salome Kreutler chief clerk ' of
Diers has resigned her position andjpur
chased a General Merchandise store in
Iowa where she will soon go to take
Henry Lenhoff of Lincoln died Tues
day morning. The remaines will be
brought to Louisville Thursday morn
ing over the Burlington. Funeral Fer
vices will be held at the German Luth
eran church conducted by Rev. Theo.
Mrs. Edgar I). Cummins very charm
ing entertained a party of her friend
Monday afternoon, at a one o'clock
luncheon. The day being most propi
tious for social ameneties.after the long
siege of chilly weather, nearly every
one availed themselves of the oppor
tunity to enjoy the hospitality of Mrs.
Cummins, whose "At Homes" are al
ways pleasurably anticipated. Mrs. C.
A. Rawls most ably assisted the hostess
in receiving and introducing the guests, -who
afterwards found their places
around tho prettily appointed tables,
where dainty and appetizing refresh
ments were served in four courses,
Mrs. William B. Elster and the Misses
Richey and Cummins assisting. "A.
feast of reason and a flow of soul" fol
lowed close upon the material satisfac
tion of the occasion, when the hours
were delightfully whiled away by music
and recitations, a number of the guests
most entertainingly contributing to the
enjoyment of the afternoon, with their
most gracious hostess.
Those who enjoyed this delightful
occasion were Mesdutnes Jus. Holmes
of Murray, K. II. Wescott, C. E. Wes
cott, W. W. Coates, C. C. Wescott, H.
N. Dovey, Fannie Dickson, Marvella
Howland. Wm. Baird, J. W. Crabill,
Carl Fricke, C. A. Rawls, E. W. Cook,
Rae Patterson, Gertrude Morgan, G.
F. S. Burton, C. A. Marshall, Donelan,
Luther Moore, Misses Mae Patterson,
Barbara Gering, Mia Gering Alma
Wattcrman, Emma Myers, Jones Mes
dames Pollock, W. J. Streight, F. A.
Murphy, P. E. RulTncr, W. K. Fox, T.
B. Salmon, Emily Dickson, H. B. Aus
tin, Dora Moore, F. B. Shupp, H. B.
Rfgnier. T. B. Patterson, Geo. E.
Dovey, E. G. Dovey, D. O. Dwyer, A.
E. Gass, W. L. Tickett. L. A. Moore,
Henry Herold, Byron Clark.
The Olson Photograph Company
through their Attorney A. L. Tidd,
have applied for a Photograph Printing
Machine This is a great machine1 as it
enables the photographer to print from
500 to 1000 photographs per hour and
make every one of them uniform. Mr.
L. D. Hiatt was at Ralston the fore
part of the week making arrangements
for the manufacture of some of these
Peter Smith of Murray was a busi-
ness visitor in the city Monday.
Reitter jr., same
I. Clements, same.
W. E. Hand, same 2 50
Mike Tritsch, same
P. S. Crink, same
H. M. Soennichsen, same ....
b 50
2 75
7 55
Stohlman, same 8 72 25
BltlliOK KI ND.
Neb. Construction Co., brid;e
work 2000 00
Stroemer Lumber Co., lumber.. 23 52
J. Adams & Son, same 23 73
A. W. Barrett, ssme 27 75
Cedar Creek Lumber Co., same. 41 55
A. N. Spoor, same GO GO
Board adjourned to meet Tuesday,
Wm. H. Lyman, same ....... 4 G5 j May is, l!i.. W. E.
A. E. Stites, same 70 j
County Clerk.
Water Items
Spocial Comwpondcncc.
Winter still lingers in the lap of
J. M. Fowler made a flying business
trip to Lincoln Friday,
j Miss Mildred DeWolf is under quar-
antine with a mild case of diphtheria.
I Dr. Tuck the Veterinary Surgeon
now occupies the C. E. Chandler resi
I dence.
J Herbert Coglizer has sold his resi
, dence property on the south side to S.
I. Compton.
I Chris. Rasmussen is on the sick list
and Martin Johnson is clerking in John
son's store in his place.
We notice seven autos on our street
at one time one day this week, four 4
them belonging to farmers.
I Miss Mortal, who has been in Lincoln
as a stenographer for the past year is
at home for a short vacation.
II. P. Haslam went to Douglas,
Wyoming, some time ago reports it
snowing about every day and and rnelt
ing as fast as it fall?, which makes it
very disagreeable to work.
Hans Johnson made a flying trip to
Omaha Friday to purchase a car of hay
and not finding any good hay on the
market and the price very high he had
to content himself with a car of fine
Last Friday evening the High school
iuniors entertained the seniors at the
home of Miss Mary Jameson. There
were fifteen senior and sixteen juniors
present together with the instructors.
The rooms were prettily decorated in
(cardinal and corn, the High school
: colors. A dainty four-course lunchoon
' was served by Misses Mildred Butler,
Stella and Myrtle Jewell an I Mrs. J.
F. Brendel of Murray. Tbo tables were
decorated with pink carnations tho
senior cla-s riower, nrd the place ranis
bore tiny pink enrnati'm designed in
water color. At a late hour tluy re
tired to their homes, thinkivg how
good it '.v:.s to haw ! ce!i there.
EACH store has a personality of
its own as pronounced as that
of individuals.
"Good on promises but poor
on carrying them out" you
say of one, "Full of tricks
worth watching" is the com
ment about another, "Con
servative but pretty high
priced" is the estimate of a
third. "A fair store and a
careful one" that's what we
want you to say about us in
years to come.
Fairness in its broadest sense
may be expected here. Fairness
which makes your satisfaction
assured on every purchase. Fair
ness which stands for low prices
on worthy goods. We're careful
to see that promises are carried
out to the letter. Careful to see
that only dependable goods enter
our stock. We stand for fairness
and carefulness, by the practice of such principles we expect,
to win the confidence of Cass county people. Our spring;
stock is full and fresh. Come in and buy as little or as much
as you like, or just look. We'll be glad to welcome you.
Hart Schalfner & Marx Clothes
Manhattan Shirts. Stetson Hats.
Three-Button Novelty Sack,
No. 561