The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, May 03, 1909, Image 7

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J Spend a Pleasant Hour Dt
I The Cosy Corner f
tom troop. i-RorRiEroi:
P. F. GOOS. Prop.
" When in Plattsmouth get your
dinner at
I: The Perkins House
' ' Cuthmsnn & Cory, Prop. ;
Latest ADpiloicrs ni.&.Grjf Orntl t Ruw
tble Prlcrt. HfM-'Oclppf i) D'nial Of
fice it the Mmdie Het.
111 floor I mm I i It iftti. Kinm. OMAHA, KEB.
J- I have just moved into the Union
'f block, and respectfully solicit a
I share of your patronage. f
f Je.-se Porrv, PariMH' ?
5 91-H " 4.
Hank of Eagle, Eagle.
Nehawka Bank, Nehawka.
Hank of Murdock. Murdock.
First Nat'l bank, Greenwood.
State bank of Murray, Murray.
First Nat'l bank, Plattsmouth.
C, A. MARSHALL, 3. 0. S.
..Graduate Dentist..
Prices Reasonable
All Work Guaranteed
Twenty-six Years' Experience
unice in mzgeraia biock
Your Printing
It should be a fit representative of your
business, which means the high grade, ar
tistic kind, That.s the kind we do,
These represent our facilities for doing
the kind of printing that will please you.
The prices are ri(;ht, and prompt delivery
the invariable rule ut this olEce.
Legal Notice,
Stnt of Ni'braska. '
fa. County.
m. In County Court.
In tho mnttff of tho estnto of Abbie It. Bradforil,
itlTf&HI d.
To all persons intori'stiil:
You are heivby notilU'd that tboro will bo a
twarinu upon tho roport nnd pftition for final "t
tli mont in Haiti i stalo In-fur thin rourt at I'latln
nvjuth. in said county, on tho loth tlay of Mav,
l. 'K'. at 11 o'olook a. m. All objection must lie
rn file on or before said tim.
Al.I.EN J. Met SON,
I ska I.. t).1-ti County Ju.Ikc
Legal Notice,
Stntenf Nebraska,
County of Cass, ('
In tho matter of the ostnte of IVtrr Turn, de
ceased. To till norions inloros oil:
You are hereby notified that a petition toirother
with an instrument pnrportinit to Iv the last will
ami testament of said Peter Turn, deceased, huvo
hoen tiled in this court. The prayer of said peii
tion is that said instrument lie al'owed and pro
bated as tho last will and testument of said tic
eon sell
You nro notified that a hearing will bo hail on
vaul petition Is fore this couit on tho loih dav of
.Mav, l'Ki't. at 2 o'clock p in , and that all objec
tions, if nny, must bellied on or licfore said day
anil hour of hcarimr
Witness my hantl anil tho soul of tho county
court of said county this 17th day of April. I'm'.'.
si:ai1 .1. lllXKON.
!'l-il County Jutli:o
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, ,
County of l ass. t In ( ounty ( ourt.
In the matter of tho estate uf James It, Catliey,
Notice is hereby Riven that tho creditors of said
th'cea-eil wil) meet tho Administrator of siml
e- tnte, before mo. County Juilire of Cass Coui-ty,
NebniKkM, at the County Court room in Phitts
ni'Hitli, Hi Mini County, on tho L'lth tlav of M.iv,
I lied on the '.'till tlay of NovomlMT. I at HI
o'clo k A. M., each day for the purpose of pre
entintt their claims for examination, adjustment
nnd alliiivnnco.
Six months are allow,. for Dip rrodilors of said
ili ri u-i il lopiestnt th"ir claims, nnil one year lor
tho Ailminisirator t.i settl,. said intate, from the
:'lth day of Mav. l'-..
Witness my hand and siil of sai l (bounty Court,
a' t'hn'smniitii. Ni'briiskn. this Jl day of April,
I '''. At.i.cs .t In-f stiN,
ISlTAl It l.'niiity Juilire.
Society's Ce!fij'ire:r.
Intend if sharint tho '. '..r.!."i (f
rlty if.y wo retreat. hi v. t:: K. -trit
t In which we !iuv' I t;i:t our fac
tories becomes too crowded with
workmen r.iui tlie atmosphere Ho op
pressive with smoke and udcrs. we
withdraw to some ;u!i t suburban
town und think little of others that
niut continue to live their lives in
our service and In the euvronnient
we liave created.
Coal Dust Put to Good Use.
Only So yearn ago the dust of coal
whs considered to lie entirely useless,
but since then a great change has
taken place, anil at present in Rhen
ish Westphalia the Ruhr coal district
alone produces o.oi'O.onO tens, of bri
quets each year. I'p to the prevent
time coal tar pitch has been used for
making coal briquets and its produc
tion in the past ten years Las in
creased ubout Mil per cent.
To Work and to Est.
1 hold, if tho Almighty had ever
made a set of men to do all the eating
and IK. tie uf the work, he would have
made theia with mouths only, and no
hands; and If he hail ever made an
other set that he had intended should
do all of the work and none of the
eating, he would have made
without mouths and with all I. anils.
Abraham Lincoln.
Charscter In Snub Ncses.
In the matter of noses there are
"snubs" and "snubs." Some i f them
belong to the peculiarly vivacious folk.
Th ir vivacity is not always of the
most agreeable kind, as they are fre
quently Inclined to sacrifice other per
sons' feelings to saying "a good
thing." Turn-ups are gem rally indi
cative of a merry disposition.
Well-Trained Memory.
"I do not recall anything on that
point," said the witness. "Oh, you
don't?" sneered the lawyir. "You'd
butter take memory lessons." "Kxcuse
me," rejoined the witness suavely,
"but my memory has been trained by
one of the highest-priced lawyers in
the business." Philadelphia Public
Element of Danger to Society.
The real danger to modern Instltn-
tions Is not In the difference in the ;
size of fortunes or that some live in j
mansions and others In huts. The j
real danger Is that the current of sytn- !
pathy which should circulate freely
among the entire citizenship is ou- ;
structed. ;
On Her Calling List.
Mrs. Flynn had Just moved into the
neighborhood and an old friend
dropped in for a visit. "And are ez
on callln' terms wid yer nixtdoor
neighbor yet?" "Indade Oi am. 01
called her a thafe, an' she called me
In the Nature of a Slur.
Sir Hubert von Hi-rkiuni r says he
once saw the reproduction of a picture
called "The Coming Storm" adver
tised for sale In a shop window and i
under the title there wre the words
in large type: "Suitable for n wedding
present." i
Tailors Sympathize with Doctors.
The doctor Is the last person whom
the average man thinks of paying, j
and in this he has the entire sympa- j
thy of the tailor, who stands Just
next to him at the bottom of the bill
file. London Outfitter.
Fate Not to Be Avoided. j
Fate Is n mighty successful bill col-.
lector, ami you are w Ise in paying
your debt the minute Jt is due. If
you wait for her to foreclose the mort-'
gage she always adds the Interest and
costs. -.lohn A. llowland. 1
Thinking One's Self Old. !
If nt "0 you expect to be an old man
or woman at fiS yon will be one, be
cause the mind makes the material
correspondence of whatever It sets It '
self permanently upon. Health Hoc.
Can't Grow Two Cnps at Once.
"The trouble with a lot of long
haired geniuses," Mr. Taukaway says,1
"Is that the lnsldes of their heads
never produce as well as the outsldes ;
do." I
Want Column
WANTED To buy n good Jersey cow,
not over S years old. Call on or ad
dress, A. F. Sturm, Nehawka, Neb.
WANTED -Young men and women to
till positions pitying !?!HMl to 2HHI per
annum. Pig demand for stenograph
ers in the Ciovt-rntncnt service, as
well as in private business life. Our
new method of teaching shorthand
by mail insures as thorough and
practical a training nt your own home
as is obtainable by personal attend
ance at any business college in the
country. We guarantee success.
Complete eoutse tor small cash pay
ment; balance to be paid w hen you
secure a position. Trial lesson free. I
Contial Iltisiness Institute, Central
lhtiMing, Washington, 1). C. 1
Rc;l N'.-ture cf the Kits, 3 Viewed
Ly a V.'i 'tr V ro H;s Clearly
S'u.ed ti c SjbjCit.
It l tho'iim of the n.ure bilicn
nicia'.lMs to nt kissitij n::ici,g the
pri's-s ;li;!Hii;rn, with culing, )odling.
etiotlitg ntil the use of tobacco: but,
ns a matter if tact, it Is t:ct a corpor
eal delight at all. says a writer In the
raltiiiiore S tin . Its sole physical ac
companiment, indeed, is a sens t ion
fif suffoi alien, and this, as all will ad
mit. Is siarccly agreeable. No; the
insidious charm uf the pastime must
be sought in its psychic effects in its
marvelous and delightful interference
with the normal processes of rat loci
nut it n. A man kissed is a man trans
figured and transmogrified. Let him
be the worst of tr.hanthropes before
the sweet impingement of nose upon
ixse, and he may yet emerge from the
turmoil a philanthropist. One kiss,
propei ly stagemnnnr-ed, Is enough to
transform a pirate into a poet, a poli
tician Into a philosopher, or vice ver
sa. One small kiss, indeed, Is sutll
cient to turn a proud, heaven kissing
hat lit lor into a servile married man
the n lis t stupendous, antipodal and
lamentable transformation possible, at
this wilting. In a mere human being.
Guest at Philadelphia Dinner at First
Caused Great Consternation
by His Action.
A Philadelphia doctor has discov
ered a brand new use for a nail file
which Is lib fly to become much more
promim nt than the old use. A short
time ago this doctor was a guest at a
dinner in one of Philadelphia's most
exclusive houses. When the last
course had been served and the cigars
were being passed the doctor reached
down into his trousers and extruded
a penknife. Slowly he opened n blade.
Kvcrybody gasped. Could It bo that
Dr. would so far forget himself
as to manicure his nails at the table?
All watched with bated breath. Slowly
the doctor reached out and secured a
match which was near his place. Then
he deliberately struck his match on
the rough part of the nail file and lit
his cigar. The suspense was over and
the doctor had not commi'teil thn
frightful breach of etiquette which his
associates had feared. Now the cus
tom Is spreading fast, for It Is less ef
fort than It is to stand on one leg to
strike the match on one's shoe, and
decidedly more elegant than the time
honored method of striking it on one's
Prcbably True.
"Say," said the farmer, who was un
loading potatoes at the grocery, "do
you believe that story about little
fjeorge Washington and the hatchet
ami the cherry tree?"
"Don't ask me," laughed the grocer.
"Well, I think it is probably true.
I've got a boy ten years old at home,
and after he had teased me for a year
or so I bought him a boy's ax."
"And did he cut down your favorite
cherry tree?"
"He ditl a heap better than that.
He cut down most of the apple or
chard orchard."
"And did he tell a lie about It?"
"Nope. Owned up like a little
"Anil, like Washington, you praised
"I'nllke Washington, I didn't do
any such blamed thing. I gave him
a hiding ou the spot, ami have licked
him once a day since and am going
to keep It up until he Is twenty-five
years old."
Requcct for a Loan.
Hanging In our front hall was a
large Japanese hat niatle of rice straw,
and the colored girl In the kitchen was
preparing to go to a masquerade ball,
so we were not surprised when she
sent the Infant daughter of the house
into the parlor Marili Gras evening
with the following note:
"Deer lady will you please mam loud
me that hat that hing up In the ftolnt
hall and let mo have 2") c again
and this will be the last time I am
going to Vvory you hut please loud nifc
that lint please mam this is the last
(liae I am going to mass (mask) pli'iiso
loud me the hat please from Myrtle
"Please lond me the hat.
"Answer soon.
"Don't come send me word."
She got the hat. Houston Post.
First Fare on the Comet.
Dr. John Inglis remembers a conver
sation with an obi gentleman who
claimed to have been the first to pay
passage money on hoard the first pas
senger steamer in Europe the hl
toric Comet. The voyage undertaken j
was from the llroomlelaw to Dnlmulr
fourpeiice now by tramway car and
the fare w its four shillings. It was j
taken by Henry Hell himself, the Com-
et was stopped and wallet! for hair
an hour till Hell ami his passenger
adjourned to an Inn, where the first '
fare wet the toast of prosperity to the
pioneer passenger steamer. Glasgow '
Herald. 1
The Hour Glass,
Instead of being obsolete and sim
ply an Interesting relic, the hour Rs3
in various forms is a twentieth cen
tury necessity. A machinist author
ity points out that f-jr such purposes
us liming, hardening and ti m,ierln:-j
heats in twist drill manufacture,
whi le seconds or minutes twist be
gauged accurately, nothing serves like
the hniir kIuks with the right amount
of sand. Accuracy to rritct i:ns or a
second can be had much nmve o ully .
than by watching the haui 1 of a 1
Wil';u. I
t..j K (..
Fishermen, Residents cf a "Dry1
Town, Declare Tley Ssw Reptile
in thj P.:cific.
Guy Cnfi-h, Ja:: t s Harwy nnd
three ether f.shirmin who v re out in
the launch Ktta. itpirt that when IS
miles off the coast thty sighted a sea
iorptnt in fici long, with a brown
head as !dg around as a s:na!l barrel
nd eyes as huge as a man's tlst. The
serpent is said to l ave moved its head
from side to side as a snake does, and
had a big dorsal tin 15 feet back of
the head.
The fishermen say the same monster
has been rt ported within the last few
months mar the Philippines nnd
ilong the northern ceusi of this coun
try. They furthermore avr that a heavy
sinker, which one of the five threw at
the' sea serpi nt as the boat was pull
ing away from the unsafe neighbor
hood, was caught In the creature's
mouth and spit back with such force
ns to make a deep dent In the thdi box
on deck.
"Never saw such a s liter." said
one of the men; 'Just like a young
cannon." Long He::c!i Is a "dry" town.
-Long IVach (Cal.) Dispatch to tho
New York World.
One cf the Greatest Mistakes Possible
to Make Is That of Holding
Oneself Too Cheap.
Do not hold youi si If too cheap. If
you do not think well of yourself oth
ers are not likely t0 think much of
you. You me usually taken at your
own value. py this Is not meant a
foolish self ci iiccit, but a proper self
respect. Have a regard for the esteem of
those whose opinion Is worth having.
No one can be admired by all. lb'
who litis no enemies may doubt wheth
er he has real friends. Try to win
the rigaul of the good and the wise;
If the foolish take offense pass It by.
Think too well of yourself to stoop
to anything coarse, mean or untrue.
However humble your station in life
may be, you may think yourself wor
thy only of that which Is good and
true. To he genuine puts you on n
high level. Whatever your purse, you
may be rich In chantcter. Think your
self worthy of the best to which you
can attain. Aim for the highest you
see, and should you fail to reach It.
you will slill be higher than If your
aim had been low.
Day dreams, castles In Spain, fig
ments of the Imagination nh, how
we lauuh at thoni all nowadays! They
are good enough for the Utile ones,
for the boys nnd girls, perhaps, but
as for us we have long ago outgrown
them. With what gusto we r-pcak of
So-atnl So as a hard headed chap, a
money petter, while we dismiss his
rival with a lift of the brows as "an
Imprsrttlcnl ti How."
Shame upon us for it, too! God
give us more dream is. 1 pray; more
of those whose inner eye is free of
cataract. We need them here In Amer
ica to-day; we are too practical a peo
ple. We are young in years, but we
have fought an aging battle for the
supremacy of a great continent. We
have come up out of the struggle with
the rich trophies of victory fast
clutched In our calloused hands. We
have worked desperately hard for
them, and they are good to look upon
but we must have a care now lest
we bow down before them In abject
fetish worship. Chillies Francis Head,
in Smart Set.
Form Colonies for Tramps.
Perhaps most tranis have no de
sire to work, preferring t; cling to
their habits of shil'tlessness, but there
are doubt loss many men In tho ranks
who would settle down to the seilotiR
task of making money and Improving
their condition If they had the proper
training. The latter may and prob
ably will, be rescued by a term on the
"farm," but the veteran who has
walked rails when no freights were
available; who has shied at anything
savoring of labor; who litis begged or
stolen what food he litis obtained, can
not be reformed. lie will no on until
the end In his old way, a scourge to
humanity am! a ill. grace to civiliza
tion. I'sefiilness was in ver and ran
never be tor him. To tin: extent of
the number constituting this class the
farm colony will be a fvllnre.
He Got None.
"What's a pun. father?"
"A pun, my son, Is a play ttpon
words. There are three kinds of puns:
(nod ones, which von laugh at; In
different ones, which you take no no
tlce of, and had ones, which make
you throw something at the punster."
"Can't you make a pun. father?"
"Of course, my son! Now, you're
thinking about your supper, aren't
"Yes, father."
"Well, that's upper most In your
mind at the present time. That, you
see. is a play on Hire, you young
r.voal, what did you throw that book
at me for?"
Thin Skinnedness.
"The most unpli rs.tnt kind of van
it y to meet with," writes a leader, "Is
thin sklntiedness. The thin skinned
person Is always on the loo!:out fm
slights and takes every allusion to
blins''f. Ills amour pmpre must he
consulted ou every occasion, thereby
making every one around constrained
and initial utal for fear of hurting him
lie Is a wet blanket evetywhi re, and
one cannot help a feeling of relief
whenever he loaves." 1 Ion. c Chat.
Hoine-Mads Sausages
Wo are headquarters for those rich,
juicy Sausages, the delight of the epi
cure. We also have a fine line of
r.nlonas, Wiener, Steaks, lloasts, etc.
(.'all us up on either phone.
- v. ... vnv. k
perior quality of leathers and construction, Sorosis
Shoes forcibly commend themselves to women of fash
ionable requirements. Their correctness in shape and
leathers is assured from season to season by the fact
that Sorosis Style Creators studiously follow the de
mands of fashion and suggestions and ideas of patrons.
Staple Sorosis.
Sorosis Specials.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 So. 15th St.
Frank Wilcox, Mgr. Omaha.
eiulimtrters For Sttit Mi ',: ?illilctic Goods,
Ixisc Balls, Bats, dlorcs, Mills,
Masks, etc., litis season at
Herold Book & Stationery Store
Iluy Spaulding's I?all Goods. There is
none none "just as good." Iluware of the
"just as good" dealer who mafcos "appear
ance" first and "quality" secondary, and of
fers the customer the "just as good" article
when Spauldings are asked for.
Full Line of Fishing Tackle.
Fresh shipment of Hod Hand Hrand Candles
just received from New York. See window
display of these 20 cent candies which we are
selling at 12 cents a pound.
Head all the latest copyright $l..".o hooks for
10 and lo cents. New arrivals, "The Ilonnd
Up," "Servent in iho Houee." "Lewis Hand,"
"The Man in Lower 12," "The Iironze LelL
"The Yoke," "The Music Master." "fvMOor
Fight." "lied Mouse," "The Misi..ner." lie
sides about 2'M) other books of recent popular
fiction for rent at 10 and J3 cents a week.
HcroM Book & Stationery Store
One Door West of Fanger's.
& Romge
Kvery Lawn Mower
we carry outside of the
cheapest ones are made
by the factory that made
the celebrated Pennsyl
vania Lawn Mowers.the
best known and highest
grade lawn mowers in
the world. We carry a
a complete stock at
pi ices to suit everybody.
From $2.25 to $15.
Sorosis Shoes For
Women, Boys
and Girls
Owing to the beautiful
lines and proportions of
Sorosis Mmlnls: nnd tYin cn