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Troubles of the Grown-Ups But Bub
ble Beilde Tragedy That Har
rowed Boy's Soul.
People talk of calamities-the drop
of a few points in some stock, the
irash of a runaway horse, the burst
ing of a water pipe, the cook leaving
Just as the company arrives, a fellow
Betting mat! and trading at another
tore, an editor writing the word
'damn," the loving helpmeet running
Into a dash of rain while out in ber
richest plumage, the lawyer losing a
plain case which he took on a contin
gent fee wo say poople talk of calam
ities like these, and they fall back in
to unspeakable anguish, but they are
all the mere foibles of disappointment
compared with what we saw the other
day, which was this: A small boy
built a kite out of sticks and tissue
paper, and it had a long graceful cali
co tail, and be brought it forth to sail
it In a sunny breeze. What a realiza
tion of great hope was there whei
he held up that thing of beauty to
catch the first palpitating beams of
the morning! How his heart thumped
with delight! Away goes the kite,
borne on the sweet breath of the
morning up, up It goes, and now It
Bails and soars, as if it transfigured
some happy dream-but look, lo, there
is a flurry and a dart and down it
dashes on a malignant tangle of tele
phone wires, and a boy's soul Is har
rowed with despair. That's what we
call real calamity. All the others are
bogus.-Ohio State Jontal.
"Why didn't you come around ear
lier? The snow is all melted away."
"Dat'9 just my luck, lady. Every
time I feels like worklu" de sun comes
out aud docs me out of a job!"
- - - - -
Liundry work at tome would b4
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used In order to get th
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use co much starch tuat the
beauty and fineness of the fabric it
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This troi
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much more thinly because of its great
er' strength than other makes.
The City of a Thousand Tongues.
"Why do you devote so much time
to the study of the languages? Are
you going to study abroad?"
- "No. I want to be equipped to carry
on an Intelligent conversation with
any one I may happen to meet in New
York." Washington Star.
Omaha Directory
by trial! at out prlota. Band far fro oatalogna,
THE PAXTON European Plan
ftoum from li cit) lip Mn(:lr, 75 rents up dnnblr.
New Way Corn Planter
Nothing Ilka 1 Auk us.
All Kinds
Dyeing and Cleaning
nufulng, Buttons, rtf. Send for fre price
llHt and DAtntilrs. IDEAL PLEAT1KU CO..
01 Douglass lilk., Omaha, Neb.
eohann Knirtnis, Ilnllrra. Motors, liynaium. Auto,
and mvih1 Miu-hlnrrr for the Mill. HHi-Tnlor.Cn-am-err
and 1-HutiJrr. Complete UesUng, LhUUiik, or
Power 1'lnntn Instnllml.
VKTEKti ED1IOLM CO., Omaha, Neb.
Drnln your lamia
and make them
Tnlimhli. Hollow
Biillitlnir Blocks, Brick, Tile Kootln ami all
kinds of Paints and Colors. Omihl Brick, Paint
Tile Co., Worki 2nd tnd Hickory Sti., Omaha, Neb.
Insist on having thrm. Ask your local dealer,
or JOHN DEERE, Omaha-Soo Fall.
from !!." to lb',-, on oil waken.
Send for large list Number 5.
Ineniilrlng nf nil kinds.
for thla
book tree.
A money
wirer fur
of buying
a piano
or organ.
I.M3 n,
F -a
J Ml " I
Assemblyman Ferdinand WlttlR of
i he First district of Drown county
died at his farm In New Denmark,
Wis., from a Mroke of apoplexy.
A ihoroiiRh official Investigation will
lie made of the repot led 1 m hing of
William Wright, a neuro and an Amer
ican citizen, at l.fviimston, Cnitu-inalH,
on December 1.", hist.
I'nl. John Hicks. American minister
lo Chile, hits forwarded his rcslgua
Uon to the mate department at Wash
intiiou. It U understood Unit ihe res
isnailon will he accepted.
Joseph llynoy, employed In a
cheese factory near t'oopeistown.
Wis., met hi death when he fell into
a large tank filled with ImilltiK water,
ihe lad being scalded to death.
One hundred and eiRhiy four people
were killed and L'.JHM in jured in I rain
accidents duriiiK I lie three months
ending December !ii uM, according;' to
an interstate commerce cnimnlsMon
Miss Ainiee Toursee, licttirer and
author, daughter of :lie lale Albion W.
Tom-gee, a well known auihor, died in
Pittsburg in u hospital where she had
been ill for five weeks. Sli" wns "!
ears old.
The business section of Cordell,
Okla., was destroyed by fire. .Mis.
James I'asion. wife of a restaurant
proprietor, was filially injured by
jumping from a second story window,
loss. $;0,0t)0.
Jules Cainbon. I he French ambassa
dor lo Germany, has been decoru'ed
by Ihe emperor with the grand cross
or ihe Order of the Keil Kngle in con
nection wilh the conclusion of tho
Moroccan agreement.
Action to prevent the collection of
luxes upon Creek Indian lands was
instituted at. Wewnka. Okla., by the
Cieek national attorney, M. I,. Mott,
and the result may affect Creek land
holders to the extent of $7,000,000.
At the western Intercollegiate ath
lellc meet in Lincoln, Neb.. Chicago
university was first wilh points;
Minnesota second, 1.0SS; Wisconsin
third, l,0t;:!; Nebraska fourth. 640. and
Washington of St. Imls fifth, 2V.
The steamer Oundelotipe arrived at
Port Union, Cost a Rica, with Senora
Castro, wife of the former president of
Venezuela, on board. She did not
land, but expressed her intention of
proceeding to St. Naaalre to meet her
The battleship Mississippi was final
ly accepted by the government. On
her way tip the Mississippi river to
Natchez to receive ihe silver service
presented by the stale of thai name
the vessel will stop at various cities
along the route.
I'nder the will of the lale Charles
K. tills, the millionaire street railway
magnate of Philadelphia, who killed
himself accidentally with a revolver
on April 6. more than J2.500.000 la
given for the establishment of a homo
for fatherless girls.
The senate confirmed the nomina
tions of Charles I). Ililleg lo be assist
ant secretary of the treasury; Aloy
kIiis I. McCormick lo be I'nited States
attorney for the southern district of
California, and Ira A. Abbott to be as
sistant justice of the supreme court of
New Mexico.
The validity of Oklahoma's "Jim
Crow" railroad regulations Is left to
the United States circuit of appeals by
a petition filed in St. Louis by negro
residents of Oklahoma. They appealed
from the United Stales circuit comt of
Oklahoma, where the railroads' de
murrer was sustained.
Explosion at Wamock, O., Works
Havoc Among Underground
Wheeling, V. Va., Apr. 20. Seven
men were killed by a gas explosion in
a coal mine in Warnock. O., 12 miles
from here, yesetrday. The mine had
not been worked since Saturday, and
the gas, which had accumulated mono
of the rooms, ignited Just as the men
were starling to work. Nearly all
were foreigners.
New York, Apr. 2".
UVK BTOCK-Stcor ti a lit 7 15
I logs 7 2ti fit 7 a&
Hhecp 4 i i 6 40
KMU'll-Wlnter Straight.. S 4 6 15
W11K. XT-May I 'i'l Hi I 32
July l siu'u l iVi
COKN-July 73 41 74
ItVK-Nn. 2 Western Ml fii Ml
lil'TTKll-c'reaintry 21 (i 2sVj
Klitirt Ill (u 20
I'HKKSK 12 4.1 17
CATTI.E-Fancy Steers V 2.1 U 7 HO
Medium to CSimmI Hteers.. ft 50 tl H 25
Cows, I'ltiln to Kiincy.,.. .1 4ii 'if 5 75
'hnli e l'eedcrs :i 75 U 5 &
'Hives 'i Ail ft 6 75
HOGS -Heavy l'arkei 7 H5 f 7 13
Heavy KuU'tii'l 7 15 fti 7 37'i
1'lK AM a 6 V.
lU'TTKH-Creutm-ry 22 fj Su
Imlrv 2ii 4i 2u
KiiS :t (i a
KLOI'lt-HprliiK Wheat, Hp'l 7 M S 7 16
WHKAT-Muy 1 2i;fi 1 28
July i 15',$ i ls'i
Corn, May C'.i( 71'i
Oats, Mav 5SVci 5Vi
Itye, May 7 (ft 79
GRATN-Whr-ut, No. 1 Nor'n $1 2S4yJ 1 29
May 1 7 1 10
Curn, May KiWr 70
OntH, Stnntlard ,",7 w 67'4
Kyis M' 84
GUA IN-Wheat. No. 2 Hard $1 Tt I 37
Nn. 2 Ked 1 4.1 H 1 4S
Corn, No. 2 Mixed lis H Bt't
Outs, Nn. 2 White f,7 u J7i
CATTI.K-Nntlvc 8tcer .... M 5D ft S 15
Texas Steers 4 IK) 4t S :io
IIOGS-I'in kers K, r,, 7 u
llutehem 9i S'f 7 !S
SIIEKP-Natlvin IM tj A Si)
CATTr.n-Nntlve Hteets .... 4 M J"i 3fl
Htorkerii and l-Veders II 25 Hi u .'i0
( Viws And 11 el fv m : s.-, itt 4 yt)
ltOGH-Heiivv il !I5 'a 7 10
SHEEP Wuther Ou i
J. T. DuBois of State Department It
Promoted to Pott at Straits
Washington. A clianpe of particu
lar Interest to the residents of Wash
iusion will shortly be made at the de
partment of stale. It Involves tho
transfer of James T. DuUois. the ef
ficient law clerk of the department, to
Singapore, Straits Settlements, a
United Stales consul general and the
appointment as law clerk of Charles
K. Wilson, now clerk to the senate
committee 011 rules. Mr. Wilson lias
been closely associated with Secretary
Knox for several years.
Mr. Dullois' transfer Is regarded by
his frletuls as a well-merited promo-
James T. DuBois.
lion. The salary of law clerk of the
state department Is $2,500 a year,
while the salary of the consul general
at Singapore is R.riOO.
.Mr. DuKols has made a fine record
In t ho government service. He was
appointed United States commercial
agent at Alx la Chapelle November 2,
1877, and three years later was pro
moted to the grade of United States
consul and assigned to duly lit Callao,
Peru, but declined that, position.
In November, 1SSI5, he was appoint
ed i'nited Slates consul at Leipzig
and served creditably at that post for
three years, when he resigned to re
sume journalistic work in this coun
try. In November, 1S97, he returned
to the consular service as United
States consul general at St. Onll.
Switzerland, where lie remained until
July, 1901, when he was summoned to
Washington to assume the duties of
law clerk of the state department.
Mr. Dullois wns born in Hallstead,
Pa., In isr.0, and was educated at
Ithaca academy and Cornell uni
versity. He has always been more or
less identified with newspapers and
magazines and is regarded as a writer
of great ability. Tor five years lie was
editor of the old National Republican
in this city.
Wonderful Geographical Contrivance
Gives Mean Time in Any Part
of the World.
New York. The Kmpire clock, which
J. Hadilen Overton of Woodstock has
shown lo King Kdward, Is nn Ihgenlous
contrivance for giving practical Instruc
tion In geography and enabling the
Clock Which Tells Time in All Parts
of the World.
BHidont to ascertain at a glance the
mean time In any part of the world.
At first glance this wonderful clock
might be mistaken for one of the or
dinary globes used In schools, its prin
cipal novelty Is an Invisible clock,
which performs with absolute accuracy
and precision the duties ordinarily per
formed by the toucher in giving les
sons on the earth's diurnal motion, lati
tude and longitude and geography gen
erally. Some of ihe points claimed fop the
Kmpire clock are that It gives ihe cor
rect time all the world over; that It
demonstrates the ucttial rotation of the
earth on Its axis in M hours, and
shows nt a glance tho difference in
lime between nil places on th earth's
surface and the correct mean time nt
any town or place In either hemis
phere. The motive power Is a clock In
the base of the stand upon which the
globe Is mounted, and the apparatus
requires winding once u week.
3 t?r"Si
Tortoise What, have you started a
motor car?
Snail Yes, one must move with the
times, you know.
Pteer wtiite foods. In ftct, any fine
wash goods when new, owe much of
their attractiveness to tho way they
re laundered, this being done In a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory If proper attention was
riven to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
the goods. Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
improved apfitarano of your work.
Not Our Discovery.
The Greek, Kratosthenes. 250 Tl. C,
taught the doctrine 0 Ihe rotundity
of the earth, and the Ideas of the
sphere, Its poles, axis, the equator,
arctic and antarctic circles, equinoc
tial points nndthe solstices were quite
generally entertained by Ihe wise men
of that time. There were plenty of
men In Rome, therefore, who were
prepared to talk about the earth as a
sphere and to make globes illustrating
their Ideas.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tli rra1er nt thla paper will h pleiuwl to learn
that thrre la at Irani our dreailM (tlenus) lliat H-Knr
liw been able lo rure In all III tiiitea. and thai
( suirrh. Ilall'a Catarrb Cure la I lie only pmitlve
cure how known to I ho nmllral Iratrrnlty. Catarrh j
linn- a roiiMltutloiul iltaeaM'. reqiilrra rensiitu
tioiml Unit Catarrh Cure la takrn In-
triitlly, act His dlrrrllv upon the hkxxl anil iiiuioui
urrai-i-a ut Hie avmeni, thrn-hy f1entrnymg the ,
tuuiKlnllnii of the illwaae, and alvlini the (ml lent j
irrnitth by buHillng up the comtiiititmn and art- .
Imu n.iture In iIiiIiik Hi work. Ihe nrnpnetnra liava 1
xi much (allti In lla ciirntlve puwrra that they nlh-r
One lliimlriil Dollar! tor any raw lliat II fulls lo
rure. send tor Hat nf tmtlinnnlala
Addrraa F. J. KI-;V A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by nil Iirumilaia. 7V.
'lake Hall tamlly rills tor constipation.
One Thing She Was Sure Of.
Grace Really, mother, you seem
cross this morning.
Mother (sternly ) How often have I
told you not to let that young man
kiss you?
draco I don't know, mother, but
certainly not as often as he has
kissed me.
Whale What are you going to tell
your wife when you get home?
Jonah I don't know; I don't sup
pose she would believe me if I should
tell her that I hud been to a fish din
nerThe Bohemian.
Asthmatics, Read This.
If you are afflicted with Asthma write
me at once nnd learn of notnclliinK for
which you will lie grateful the teat of
your life. J. ti. Miilride. Stella. NVbr.
Tho habit of viewing things cheer
fully, aud of thinking about life hope
fully, may be made to grow up lu us
like any other habit. Smiles. j
Lew-is' Single Minder ttrniglit Sc. Many !
smokers prefer them to 10c tigm. Your I
dealer or Ix;wii' Factory, Peoria, 111.
It doesn't take much to satisfy most ;
people who are self-satisfied.
!fIAT JoyThEyBrINi&
! To Every Home !
as with joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and play when in health and
how conducive to health the games In which they indulge, the outdoor life they
enjoy, the cleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and the wholesome
diet of which they should partake. How tenderly their health should be preserved,
not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of every medicine of an injuri
ous or objectionable nature, and if at any time a remedial agent is required, to assist
nature, only those of known excellence should be used; remedies which are pure
and wholesome and truly beneficial in effect, like the pleasant laxative remedy,
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co.
Syrup bf Figs and Elixir of Senna has come into general favor in many millions of
well informed families, whose estimate of its quality and excellence is based upon
personal knowledge and use.
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna has also met with the approval of physicians gen
erally, because they know it is wholesome, simple and gentle in its action. We inform
all reputable.physicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna, obtained by an original method, from certain plants known to them to act
most beneficially, and presented in an agreeable syrup in which the wholesome Cal
Ifornian blue figs are used to promote the pleasant taste; therefore it is not a secret
remedy, and hence we are free to refer to all well informed physicians, who do
not approve of patent medicines and never favor Indiscriminate self-medication.
Please to remember and teach your children also that the genuine Syrup of Figs
I and Elixir of Senna always has the full name of the Company California Fig
Syrup Co. plainly printed on the front of every package and that it is for sale In
bottles of one size only. If any dealer offers any other than the regular Fifty cent
size, or having printed thereon the name of any other company, do not accept It.
If you fail to get the genuine you will not get its beneficial effects. Every family
', should always have a bottle on hand, as it is equally beneficial for the parents and
the children, whenever a
Aegetollc Preparation For As
similii I ing the Food and Refiula -ling
the Stomachs atkl Bowels of
Promotes Digc$lion,Clvf rful
I nrss and Rest Contains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral
' X.' .
K; iWl' .NAIttOTIU
Jni it .! d
C Apcrft'il Ki'tiirdy forConMipa-
VI ,i lion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea,
Fac Simile Signature of
The CcNTAi n Company,
m l
VGuarnnteed under flic FoodV
Exact Copy of Wrspper.
It Jarred Him. i
Howell How did you come to break !
your etiKiipeinent with that cjrl?
Powell I had nnson to tliluk that
she hadn't eiioiiRh practical knowledge
to make her a good helpmeet.
Howell What Rave you that Idea?
Powell I told her one day 'that tho
hens weren't laying, and she said she
supposed that would affect the price
of PKK coal.
The extraordinary popularity of fine
white goods this summer makes the
choice of Starch a matter of rcat Im
portance. Defiance Starch, being; free
from all Injurious chemicals, Is the
only one which Is safe to use on fine
fabrics. Its great strength as a stiffen
rr makes half the usual quantity of
Starch necessary, with the result of
perfect finish, equal to that when the
goods were new.
They Deserve It.
She (horror stricken) That's my
new aprlng hat in the chair there!
What ore you doing, John?
He (meekly) 1 am sitting on the
style, Mary.
Hrd. Wrnk. Wiirr, Watrr? Kjtm
ftt'lleviil by Murltif Ky? It.-tni'ily. Com
pruinili'il liy K.ieil.-m-,., I'Iivkh Iuiih. I'nn
fortim to Pure I'mnl ami Drnn I,hwi. Mil-rim-
liiM-mrt Kinait; Siinllie lOye Pain.
Try .Murine In Your Kyes. At Ui UKKiHtH.
When you wear out a suit of clothes
you can generally get another, but It's
different when you wear out your wel
come. laxative remedy is required.
I It - - aaW Sm, . ----- II
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tvi NTaua sMair, mtm mtt
Positively cured bf
these Little Pills.
Tlirjr also reltere Dla
irraa from Uynyepala, In
duration andToo 11 earty
Eiitloff. A perfeot rem
fdy fur Dlizlneas, Nau
ra, DroirHlnraa, Bad
nl TunRiie, Tain In the
Hide, TOItriD LIVER.
llowela. rurelr Vearetmblo.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
1 h Karra Miwaslnn la a arml-monthl farm
paiMT tlmirv. rjr (iimicr will nut unlr enlur
rrailinit. but will aliiu llnd an Inraluabl. am In
hi fitriii work.
'Tim f arm MnvnslnKlntho ronncrllun bctwwn
tli fnrmi r and l hn aiirl-tiltunil rollrirn. and
llw viiTiirnnii'iilrioriiiirntHl atallniK.
Km-rjr I.mii. ,f 'j .rro Muunilna has
rHpm?iall prrpnri-,1 artlrli-a thai aro of vital
I in Xiri n in n t o I hi- fit riui-r.
Ih lin hu. rurih w haantlful rprodae
tinnn from naliiri. that will hn aiiprrrlaUsl lr
I'arii tiiomlicr of tin. family, anlinlil. for ao
allium vollm-llnn or fnrnirri-Kponilrnrti.
'I'hla ir7T will not .jiix-ar aaako; send 2&o In
itauipaur ailmr to
aslf it to work with and
alarclits clothe, meat.
rnrjr rrguloto the