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R. 0. WAITERS, Business Manager
AS ID il. A LI
The Busy Reader Can Absorb In a
Few Moments a Cood Deal of
Newspapers of Madrid express lit
tle regret at tin- expiration throe days
hko of article, four, of the treaty of
Paris, which gave Spain equal com
nierclnl privileges with the United
States lu the 1'hilipplnc Islands.
During the voyage of the Cunanl
liner, Luscantn, which sailed from New
York April 7, for Liverpool, two young
women ( Americans I, who had occu
pied, n Hocond-clusH together, commit
ted Hiiiclde by shooting. The bodies
hurled at sea.
With but a short distance separat
ing them from their home port and a
market for their catch, the 20o men
comprising the crew of the sealing
steutner Vanguard, wore forced to
abandon their ship and all on board,
the results of a months' strenuous
work, when the steamer's main shaft
was broken among; the Ice fields of
New Foundland. A catch of 'J.uuii
Benin went down with the steamer.
A dispatch ironi Messina to a local
newspaper declares that, notwith
standing reports to the contrary, the
king and queen, who recently visited
the earthquake districts, are greatly
displeased with the small amount of
work so far accomplished.
A permanent company for the pro
duction in Germany of F.nglish plays
in Knglish, under the management of
Madame Meta Wing, will open at the
Royal theater In Wiesbaden, May 17.
The French government has In
formed the state department of Its
determination to put Into effect Im
mediately the decisoin to expel former
President ('. Castro of Venezuela
from Fort do France, Martinique, ami
compel tit in to return to liurope.
An empty balloon came down near
Contl, and apprehension Is felt for
the three aeronauts that sailed away
in the airship from I'arls.
The latest intelligence from Gorman
Southwest Africa says the discoveries
of diamonds at Ludorit. Hay are
more important than was at first
supposed. Diamonds hitherto have
been picked upon the sandy desert,
but attempts to bore for water led to
the finding of blue earth pockets
containing diamonds similar to the
Klmberley and other South Afrlcau
President Taft went to New Haven
to attend a mooting of Yale corpora
tion, visiting In New York by the way.
llakers of Chicago appeal to Secre
tary Knox for assistance in their hat
tie with the wheat combine.
The fact that hides have been put
on the free list Indicates that the Mas
sachusetts shoemakers are more pow
erful politically than the agricultural
west that grows hides.
Hy a vote of 84 to 54 the Missouri
house of representatives passed the
bill submitting a constitutional amend
ment providing for statewide prohibi
tion to a vote of ihe qualified electors
of the state.
Honjaniln Thaw, well known banker
and half brother of Many Thaw, Is
critically 111 from pneumonia at his
homo near Pittsburg, Pa.
Gov. Shallenberger of Nebraska has
issued his Arbor Day proclamation.
The time is Thursday. April 22d.
The French government is to pro
sent San Francisco with a commemor
ative gold modal.
Presidents of several of the anthra
cite coal railroads held a conference
to discuss the situation growing out
of the failure of the coal operators to
reach any agreement with the miners.
A movement is on foot in Nicaragua
to displace President Zelaya.
Vice President Sherman was a
peaker at the I'ticn chamber of com
merce banquet.
President Taft has been urged to
put a premium on sobriety In the
Theodore Roosevelt, in a cablegram
from Port Said to a Paris newspaper.
denies that he kvo any interviews to
French correspondents at Naples, lie
says he never saw the correspondent
of 1a Journal, whose "Interview" with
Mr. Roosevelt was widely published.
The season of aerial flights is soon
to begin at Fort Mayer.
A fire In Rochester. N. V., destroyed
property worth $."0o,0iio.
The summer homo of President Taft
will be a bouse on Woodbury Point at
leverly, owned by Robert D. Kvans
of Boston.
After the death of lloston Stalnakor
at a cheap lodging house in Parkers
burg. W. Va it was learned that bo
had 1100,000 worth of property.
Robert Rice, a wealthy planter, 'and
his wife of Santa Anna, Tex., ure dead
from the effects of wounds Inlllcted by
the Baine bullet.
Lorando Taft, who has boon award
ed the commission for the Columbus
memorial fountain to he erected In the
Union Station plaza at Washington,
I). C, receives the first prize of f20.
000. Crazy Snake Is ns hard to find ns
the truditlonal needle In the haystack.
Speaker Cannon may change the
whole, house banking and currency
Gompers had an audience with Pres
ident Taft to discuss labor matters.
It is said that 1,500 men employed
In Nebraska saloons will lose their
jobs July 1.
A reduction of $20,(ion,0(jo is the esti
mated effects of the house amend
ments to the Payne bill on revenues.
Fifty thousand pounds of govern
ment powder exploded at Wayne, N.
.1.. at the Dupont black powder mills
instantly killing one workman and
seriou:-iy injuring several others.
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson de
cided that the claim of the New York
Central railroad for $;ii;,(ioo fur ex
penses In fumigating its cars under
the foot nnd mouth quarantine order
Is unjust, and has notified the com
pany the department will decline to
jmy the claim.
At F.I Paso, Tex.. Clay Had. li.Te. 17
years old. shot and killed lllanche At
kinson, 17 years old. because she had
broken her engagement to marry him.
Among the nominations sent to the
senate were the following from civil
life to In- second lieutenants in the
coast artillery corps: Robert lilton
Guthrie of Nebraska and George Kl
nior Nlkirk of Iowa.
The Payne tariff bill passed the
house on the Pth.
Mayor I'nterklrcher of Davenport,
la., issued orders that all the gamb
ling houses and sporting houses In
the city be dosed and the tenants
driven out of the city.
F. Marion Crawford, the novelist,
died at Sorrento, Italy. He was born
in lSI.'i. He had been IU for some
A vacancy in the office of chaplain
of the navy will be filled by the ap
pointment of a minister of the Metho
dist Fpiscopal church, and Secretary
Meyer will ask the board of bishops
soon to meet in Richmond to nominate
a candidal.
The Times of this city says that Mr.
Kryun will make the race for United
States senator from Nebraska.
Fruit Jobbers of Omaha, Lincoln,
Sioux City and the whole west are
wiring their senators protesting against
the proposal of the Aldiich bill to
double the tariff on lemons.
Senator Hurkett notified the New
lingland senators who are making the
light for free hides, that he will talk
two months on the tariff bill before he
will allow hides to go on the free list.
He is convinced that the live stock
interest gets the benefit of this tariff
and he proposes to Insist that it be
Wool, hide and coal, In which Ne
braska, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota
and inter-mountain states are greatly
interested, will be taken care of by the
senate tariff bill.
A medal In gold, the gift of the
French government, commemorative
of the restoration of San Francisco
from the tire and earthquake of three
yoarsc ago, is to be presented In per
son to the authorities of that city by
Ambassador Jusserand between May
2o and 2.r.
According to the official report of
the department of foreign affairs of
Japan, ;I07 more Japanese returned to
their native country from the United
States nnd Hawaii during March than
entered the states and Hawaii.
Rev. K. K. Davidson of the First
Christian church of Washington, who
Is charged with having contracted n
common law marriage with Mls's
Laura Dunn Clark, daughter of a for
mer mayor of this city, at the Metro
politan hotel, St. Ixiuls, last Decem
ber, lias resigned his pastorate. Mr.
Davidson denies he entered into any
sort of marriage contract with Miss
The State college of Washington
won the national competition cham
pionship for rifle shooting, with 22
caliber cartridges, among the col
leges ami universities on their in
door ranges in the contest last week,
that institution making the highest
score 940.
President. Taft has won a signal
victory for the Philippine Islands in
the acceptance by the senate com
mittee on finance of the provision of
the Payne bill for the free admission
of :;oo.o0o gross tons annually of Fili
pino sugar.
Western senators say free shoes
must accompany free hides.
Delegates to the Kappa Delta con
vention called on the president.
School children of Des Moines have
petitioned Roosevelt not to kill wild
Death Is announced or Sir Donald
Ciinio, the well known Knglish ship
owner. Gompers is going to Europe to study
the labor situation.
Rear Admiral Sakamota or the Jap
anesu navy visited (lie naval academy
at Annapolis.
Wade H. Kills was called Into con
ference by President Taft to help
straighten out the tangle which
exists in the filling of a number or
federal officers in Ohio.
l.ord Kitchener will cross Canada
this summer on his return trip from
Tewflk Pasha has been appointed
grand vizier, Rlfaat Pasha, foreign
minister, and Ahmed Pasha, minister
of war of Turkey.
Grover Walker, president of the
First National bank of Hoxle, Kas.,
was so dangerously Injured in a mo
tor car accident that ho died.
Joseph J. Hanks, a cousin of Abra
ham Lincoln, died at Hloomington, III.
Mrs. Louise Ann Ilarrin, a second
cousin of President Jefferson Davis, of
the confederate states, died nt Mobile.
Andrew Carnegie hns given an
Omaha church J1.0O0 toward securing
a Pipe organ.
i nee
Uncle Sam Defrauded of Eighty
Thousand Dollars in Revenue on
Topeka, Kau. Charged with de
frauding the government by violations
of the internal revenue laws, an indict
ment was formally returned against
the C'udahy Packing company of Kan
sas City, Kas., in the United States
district court here Friday.
The company is indicted on tilt.'i
counts. The odicers of the company
will br summoned to appear in court
and defend the charges outlined in the
The Cudahy Packing company of
Kansas City was indicted on the
charge of wholesale violations of the
United States internal revenue laws.
The chargf is Hint the company has
defrauded tno government out of over
$80.0nti in revenues on oleomargarine.
The revenue law provides that each
pound of imcolored oleomargarine
must bear a revenue stamp of a quar
ter of n cent, but that each pound of
which coloring matter has been added
to give it the appearance of butter, a
10-cent revenue stamp must be at
tached. It Is charged in the indictments that
the Cudahy company has sold the
colored product under the quarter of
a cent tax and consequently has de
frauded the government out of large
Inspectors have been working on
the case several months and have se
cured samples sold in towns and cities
from New York to Seattle and from
Duluth to Jacksonville. These were
forwarded to the government chemist,
wiio reported that every sample con
tained coloring matter, and this evi
dence was turned over to District At
torney H. J. Hone of Topeka, who sub
mitted the facts to the grand jury.
livery sample now in the hands of
the government experts bears the iden
tification mark of the inspector who
purchased it, as well ns the analysis,
which shows that It contains coloring
It is claimed by the government of
ficials that the I udaliy company has
succeeded in monopolizing the oleo
margarine market by selling the col
ored product and paying the tax on
the basis of uncolored, there being u
difference or cents per pound. Hy
this means, it Is claimed, they wore
enabled to undersell other manufac
turers and control the market.
Washington. Internal revenue offic
ials expressed no surprise at the an
nouncement that the Cudahy Packing
company .had been indicted at Topeka,
Kas.. for frauds against the internal
revenue laws.
It was admitted that the oleomar
garine business or the company bad
been under observation and investiga
tion by treasury agents for three
months or longer.
South Omaha Packer Says No Color
ing Matter in Oleomargarine.
Omaha. When the Associated Press
dispatch from Topeka was read to li.
A. Cudahy, president of the Cudahy
Packing company at South Omaha, he
sta'.ed that he had anticipated such
action being taken by the government
for some time. Mr. Cudahy declared
thai the suit was without foundation,
as there had been no case of fraud'
connected with it, and that the law
had been lived up to.
Soldiers Seemingly Powerless to Con
trol Situation.
Constantinople. A massacre of Ar
menians has taken place at Adana,
Asiatic Turkey and, according to the
latest telegrams from Mersina, is still
in progress. Soldiers, powerless to
control the situation, are joining in
the pillage of the town. The fatalities'
are said to be numerous. The riots
began last Wednesday and the town
of Anada has been burned and many
Christians killed.
Fairbanks Goes to Orient.
San Francisco. Former Vice Presi
dent Charles W. Fairbanks, accom
panied by Mrs. Fairbanks and others,
sailed for the orient Friday on the
Japanese liner Chiyo Maru. lie
stop at Honolulu, leaving then
May 17 for Yokohama, whence he
proceed to Pckin.
Tarred and Feathered.
Linton, N. I). J. Hlernian of Stras
burg, N. D., was tarred nnd feathered
and about to be hanged when he was
rescued by the sheriff. Hierman Is
accused of attempting to attack a 9-year-old
Iowa Officials Raid Diner.
Des Moines, la. County Attorney
R. C. Howard nnd Sheriff Tom Can
Held raided the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul diner at Chundan Friday
and on n search warrant seized two
kegs of beer, one barrel of wine and
a quantity of whiskey. Conductor Sain
Snow of the diner was arrested undtir
the new law, which prohibits drinking
on trains in Iowa. Seventy-five sam
ples of wet goods purchased on diners
will be used as evidence in the suit to
be started nt once by the county attorney.
Items of Interest Taken From Here
and There Over the State.
For the first time in its history Wol
ba'ii, Greeley county, has gono dry
by a majority of fifteen votes.
The large farm house on the farm
of George Smith, six miles southwest
of Stella burned, the loss being $4,000.
Mrs. Augusta Krlckson, six miles
south of Holstein, suicided by drink
ing carbolic acid. No cause is given.
Hundreds of acres of alfalfa will be
growu in the vicinity of Sutherland
the coming year.
A. D. Hurr, deputy clerk of the dis.
trict court of Lancaster county, died
from ptomaine poisoning, caused by
eating cheese.
Frank How land, who, two years ago,
forged checks in Tocumseh, lias been
apprehended at Falls City and will bo
taken back to answer before the courts.
The farm of ItiO acres owned by the
Cloud estate and located three miles
northeast of Reatiice, was sold last
week to John Harnard for $112.50 an
Thieves stole thirteen horses lu
Holt county and sold them at Ord.
The animals were replevied, but the
thieves got nway.
William Ladd Is suing the Lincolu
Traction company for $10,000 dam
ages for injuries sustained, being
struck by a street car of the defend
ant. For the first time in eleven years
Kearney will submit to a liquor drouth
as a result of the recent election. The
temperance people are jubilant over
the outcome.
Miss Luclle Hates, a daughter of
Colonel M. A. Hates and wife in Platts
inouth, has been appointed by the gov
ernor to a position with a $l,noo a
year salary.
One thousand trees have been
planted along the Union Pacific track
between Kearney and the cotton mill
west of town. Kim and bull pine are
the varieties used.
Frank Riechow. a farmer living
southeast of Norfolk is in jail at Stan
ton for shooting his neighbor. Otto
Hernstrong. Hernstrong received two
shots in the face, though they did not
penetrate deeply.
W. H. Wlleott of Sutherland, aged
71, was taken to Omaha for amputa
tion of one oT his legs. Over fifty
years ago a ruuning sore started as
a result of a burn, and he has suffered
greatly down through the years.
M. W. Hurger has inaugurated 'a
movement to organize a farmers' ele
vator company at Crab Orchard, in
Johnson county. The object is to buy
or build a fanners' elevator at that
Peter Hackes, an inmate of St. Jo
seph's Home Cor the Aged at West
Point, died of senile debility in that
institution. The deceased was for
many years a respected citizen of
West Point.
The property, franchise nnd every
thing belonging to the Citizens' das
company of Nebraska City were sold
by a special master in chancery to
Frank II. drover and Christy C. Loser
of Chicago, who represented the bond
holders. The price paid was $(1,000,
Polk county is on the water wagon.
Saloons were knocked out at Shelby,
Osceola and Stroinburg, and Osceola
went the others one better, for pool
nnd billiard halls are bnnned. Osoe
olans will have to travel sixteen miles
to Central City to get a drink.
The faculty and students of the
Peru Normal are very much pleased
over the $10,000 appropriation for an
administration building. To show
their appreciation to the legislature
they decided to hold a jollification.
New towns along the North Platto
are springing up like mushrooms along
the new Union Pacific extension to
North port. The Union Pacific has re
sumed track laying along this route
nnd the rails will soon he down as
far as North port.
The body of G. T. Stains, one of the
early residents of Humboldt nnd vi
cinity, was brought from Salt Lake
City, where he died, nnd interment
made at the ct-metery near Morrill,
Kas., just across the Nebraska line,
whore his wife was buried nine years
The dates have been fixed for the
next annual convention of the Ne
braska Travelers' association for Aug.
(I and 7 in Grand Island. On the 7th
the local U. C. T. will have Its annual
picnic at St himmer's lake, as a fea
t in o of the entertainment exercises.
Mrs. Dick Steinbeck of Hall county,
widow of a farmer who passed away
about a year ago in n temporary aber
ration of mind, wandered nway fronr
the home of relatives during the night
and was not found until twelve hours
later, when the deputy sheriff discov
ered the woman in the underbrush
along Wood river, She had suffered
greatly from exposure.
Gotleih llott, who lived sixteen miles
north or Chappell, and was about 7a
years old, had been sick for some
time, and his daughter, Mrs. George
Poole, thinking he would get better
care by taking him lo n hospital in
Omaha, started to bring the old gen
tleman to town to take the train.
When about half way to town be died.
At Xellgh Jess Klnman was sen
tenced to the penitentiary for ten
years tor at tempted outrage or a 6-year-old
Leo Calvin was arrested In Central
City, for absconding from Cannon City,
Colorado, with public funds, lie will
be taken back for trial.
Mrs. Doty nnd her two sons, who
live south or Cody, were arrested nnd
brought to Valentine charged with
arson. It Is charged they set fire to
a barn which was totally destroyed
and a horse, wagon und harness, to
gether with several hundred bushels
of grain.
A Dissenting Opinion From Member
of Supreme Court in the Led
with Mandamus Suit.
Judge W. B. Rose of the supremo
court lias filed a dissenting opinion in
the case wherein John J. l.edwlth
brought a suit for mandamus against
the state treasurer to compel him to
sign a warrant for $:)' for services he
rendered as an instructor in the uni
versity and to compel him to credit
the university with the sum of $IMv
In his opinion, in which a majority
of the court concurred, Judge C. H.
Lofton granted a mandamus to compel
the state treasurer to countersign the
warrant, but t he relief for the credit
item was not granted. In the same
opinion the court also hold that the
"proceeds of the I null levy" meant
the entire l-mlll levy. It was held
also that the proceeds arising from
the Investment of the permanent uni
versity fund and the fund donated by
the general regents without the legis
lature appropriating the same bienni
ally. In his conclusion Judge l.etton
said :
"As to the details regarding the
funds involved we are not fully ad
vised, but enough appears to justify
us in requiring the respondent to coun
tersign the warrant presented by the
Judge Rose takes exceptions to this
statement on the pan of Judge l.etton.
He said:
"If there is an unexpended appro
priation out of which the state treas
urer may lawfully pay the wirrant for
$:'.."), I am of the opinion relator should
be required, as a condition of relief, to
describe it in definite and precise
terms, especially under a constitution
providing that "each legislature shall
make appropriations for the expenses
of the government, until the rxpir.i
tion of the first fiscal quarter after
the adojurniuent of the next regular
session," and that "no money shall be
drawn from the treasury except in
pursuance of a specific appropriation
made by law. Wle-n these provisions
of the ((institution are respected, there
is never any mistake or uncertainty
about the identity of any appropria
tion or the amount of any unnexpend
ed balance in any fund in the state
New State Fair Building.
The hoard of managers of the Ne
braska state fair met at the stale
house and took action toward the erec
tion of one-half of the new stock coli
seum. Tliis building is to lie similar
to the stock coliseums in the Minne
sota. Indiana and Kentucky fair
grounds, and is to have a ring J2o by
270 feet. Around the ring will be
placed the seats, which will accom
modate over 4.0IMI people. The build
ing, when completed, will be 200 feet
wide by ;,;) feet long, and will be
constructed of steel, brick, nnd con
crete. The complete cost w ill be $!l."i,
(loo, but it is the intention of the board
to only erect half of it for t ho pres
ent, and when a later appropriation
is received to have it completed. The
action of the board regarding the new
building will be referred to the board
of public lands and buildings, as that
board has charge of the disbursement
of the appropriation. As soon as the
hoard of public lands and buildings
gives Its approval the woik on the
new building will be started, and It in
expected (hat this will be in a short
time. It is the intention to have it
completed, or at least in such a state
that it can be used by next fall at
fair time.
On the Covcrnor's Staff.
Governor Shallenberger sent a com
mission to the general freight agent
of the Hurlington railroad west of the
Missouri river, making him a colonel
on his staff. The appointment Is to fill
the vacancy caused by the resignation
of Colonel Fanning, accepted by the
The Saloon Closing Law.
letters are still coining to the gov
ernor In bunches in regard to the S
o'clock closing law, nnd some of them
have unique features. A letter was
received from a guard at the Lincoln
insane asylum. The guard staled that
during the beat of the excitement he
went into the dipsomaniac ward and
took n straw vote; among the inmates.
Hy a vote or 2 to I. they declared in
favor of the governor's action.
J. F. Swain. Ilarrishurjt. Neb., wrote
that before the governor hail signed
the hill he had bet with a friend. 2
copper cents, that the governor would
r-ign It. After the cents were paid to
him he bad t hem made Into a fob,
will) a compass attached, and sent the
fid) to the governor as a memento of
the occasion.
The Fruit Outlook.
"We will have an abundance of
fruit." said ox -Congressman Pollard
while here on business from his homo
nt Neliawka. "If we had ordered the
rpiing ourselves it could not have
boon better from the standpoint of ihu
fruit man. The cold weather has kept
the apples back and it will be two
weeks nt least even with warm wrath
T,for them to bud out. Hy that time
Hie cold weather will have been
passed and there will be little danger.
I have been told th" peaches have
been damaged, but ours are not."
Begins General Insurance Campaign In
State Av. litor Harton has started
out to make every insurance company
doing business in Nebraska either con
form to the law and the requirements
of his office or quit business.
To a number of companies Mr. Bar
ton has written letters calling atten
tion to their weak points and giving
instruction for these matters to be cor
rected or he will at once proceed to
put the companies out of business.
The action of the auditor has stirred
up quite a rumpus among several of
the companies and one company wrote
the auditor a lengthy letter telling
wiiat It intended to do In the way of
reform. This was answered by Mr.
Harton with luo statement that prom
ises did not go and that the evils
must be corroded by May 1 or pro
ceedings would be instituted.
Hetween now and July the auditor
will issue his order prohibiting any
company from printing on its policies
the statement that the same is guar
anteed by the state. A bin which waa
introduced in the legislature attempted
to prevent, this, but it failed or pas
sage. The bill gave the companies
until January 1. 11110, to conform to
the new rule and get rid of their pres
ent literature. The auditor win make
his ruling in conformity with that bill,
which v. as killed by the insurance
Experiment With Sugar Beets.
Nebraska will very shortly begin to
experiment with sugar befls, the
board or public lands and buildings at
the earnest solicitation or Governor
Shallenberger having signed a con
tract to cultivate inn acres of beets,
to be sold to a contracting firm. The
state wilt be out about $3oo for the
seed to start with. The governor an
ticipated it would require about eigh
teen convicts to attend to the culti
vation of i ne beets. On paper the
governor lias figured an immense pro
tit to the stale. Warden Smith, how
ever, is verv much opposed to the ex
periment and he is satisfied the state
will lose money. In the first place
private parties have failed to make
money out of the sugar beet business
and several factories in Nebraska have
been shut down. The convicts, mem
bers of the board believe, are not
capable of working the beets success
fully and nelieve that there are too
many risks for the state to enter Into
the business.
Chance to Test New Law.
An opportunity is at hand to test
the alidity of the act of the late leg
islature to charge $50 for listing with
the secretary of state the resident
agent of foreign corporations. Here
tofore i his charge has been nominal,
.".0 cents, but the late legislature in
creased the fee to $."iii. So far one in
corporation lias paid the increased fee.
An electrical company of Omaha sent
down the name of its agent, who takes
tin; place of its retiring agent, and the
company failed to send the necessary
$.ri0 fee. The company lias been noti
fied of the change in the law, and the
listing of its new agent is held up
pending the receipt of the $50.
Valuation Law Includes Street Lines.
If the street railways of Omaha am'
Lincoln have an idea that Senator
Ransom saved them from the opera
tions of the physical valuation bill
when he saved the bacon of the stock
yards, they have another guess com-,
ing. Under a ruling of the state rail
way commission the bill applies to
street railways. The commission
bases its construction on this section:
"Sec. 2. The term public service
corporation w hen used in this act shall
mean and embrace every railroad,
railway, telegraph, express, telephone
and the railroad transportation prop
erty of stock yard companies."
Experts Open the Vault.
The vault in the governor's office
was broken open, men drilling holes
in the steel combination lock and forc
ing the door, then proceedings were
stopped, all being by order of the
governor. The vault has been used
for storing the janitor's Implements of
warfare on dirt and oilier supplies of
no great value. Some one turned the
combination nnd the vault was locked.
No one knew the combination nnd ex
ports had to lie sent for.
Co After Delinquents.
A campaign against all delinquent
taxpayers win be started by County
Treasurer Perry, as soon as the rou
tine work or the office for the next
month has been handled. Mr. Horry
says (hat his plans are so complete
that he will begin issuing distress war
rants against all the responsible de
linquents who have paid no attention
to (lie notices that have been sent
them. Mr. Horry declares that he will
clean up all the delinquent taxes that
are collectable before he goes out of
oflice. Total amounts to $50,00o.
Bankc Incorporated.
Articles of Incorporation for the new
stale banks were filed with the bank
ing department. These two make six
teen since February 2J, or twenty
four since the first of the year.
Seward Bonds Missing.
The owners of $10,d00 Seward coun
ty court house bonds are trying to get
the state auditor to record duplicate
bonds because this little batch can
not be located. The bonds were kept.
In a bank, but somehow they cannot
be found, so Attorney Gary and the
county attorney of Seward county told
nt (he state house at n recent visit
here. The lawyers said the ow ners of
the bonds were willing to put up Be
curity that the county would suffer no
losn were the bonds duplicated. The
auditor has made no decision.