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n. 0. WATTER3, Business Manager
The Busy Reader Can Absorb in a
Few Moment a Good Deal of
At Friedrlchshafon Count ZMP
lin's airship made a successful flight
of twelve hours' (liiration. It wont
lirst to Wangen, Wiirttoinberg,
and returned to ! rledrlohshafon by a
different route.
The Hritish torpedo destroyer l!la k
water was sunk off l)utiK-m;sH as a
result of a collision with the steamer
Hero. Tlit' crew of the Hlaokwnter
was Baved.
Kir AlphoiiHO Kuffer, an Kngllsh
nohlenian, died Hiiddetily at hotel in
San Antonio, Texas.
By the bursting of a dyke at Catan
zaro, twenty-two llshcrmcn were
swept to sea. Eleven of them wen
drowned. It Ih believed at Palermo that the
names of the hkkiipkIiih of Joseph Pet
rosltil, chief of the Italian bureau of
the New York detective force, are
known to the Inspector of the ministry
of the Interior Bent down from Koine,
t and that they have been communicat
ed to Premier (Jlolottl.
ChnrloH B. Maroon, former provl
Mional governor of Cuba dining thu
last Intervention of the United States,
cabled to tlenorul Thomas II. Harry,
who commanded the American troops
left on tho Island after thu with
drawal of tho provisional government,
congratulating him upon the success
ful termination of the military occu
pation. The Prussian government has In
troduced a bill In the diet forbidding
foreigners to acquire, mineral proper
ties and operate mines within Prussia
without the special permission of the
king or the authorities representing
A seml-ofllclal note gives complete
denial to the statement that Germany
threatened Russia to oblige that
country to recognize tho annexation
of Ilosnla and Herzegovina by Austria
Hungary. Hoth Lord Northland and Mrs. John
Alexander Stirling have lodged ap
peals against tho decree of divorce In
favor of Mr. Stirling handed down
last month by Lord (Jutbriu.
The royal Swedish academy has
presented Thomas A. Edison with tho
Adelskiohl gold modal for his Inven
tions in connection with phonograph
and the Incandescent light.
Washington women expect much of
Mrs. William II. Taft as the first lady
of the land.
(tovernor Shnllenhergers signature
to senate file No. 10( affords Ne
braska this year the novelty of a non
partisan state election.
Railroads of Missouri have been re
strained from putting a Il-cent fare.
Jules Lunihard, the last of the three
Lumbard brothers, all grout vocalists,
is dying In Chicago.
President Tnft will attend the meet
ing of the Yale corporation on April
A winter wheat average of per
cent of normal against 01. :i a year ago
and rye average of xl.2 against MU
a year ago were announced in the
report of the department of agricul
ture. A statement of tho treasury bal
ances in the general fund, exclusive
of the $150.(100,(100 gold reserve,
shows: Available cash balance, $1:12.
950,920; gold coin and bullion. $ 1 1 .:,.-..
502; gold certificates, $47,7117.700.
Mr. llryan is left off the list of
speakers at the New York Jefferson
day dinner April 13.
The funeral of ex(!overnor Poynter
was largely attended. His burial took
place at Wyuka cemetery.
Victor Emanuel, king of Italy, met
and cordially welcomed ex President
Ex-Prosldont Roosevelt spent a few
hours in Naples, being given a cordial
The house, rules committee has
fixed April 10 as the date for a vote
on the tariff bill.
The French tariff bill has been
amended and notable concessions
made to the United States.
The legislature of Minnesota, with
but one dissenting voice, passed re
solutions requesting representatives
of the state in both houses of con
gress to use their best efforts to see
that lumber Is put on the free list.
Paris newspapers xked fun at the
mannerisms of Mr. Roosevelt.
Nebraska w ill have no state primary
election this summer, though three
supremo judges and two regents of
the state university will be elected
this rail.
In the recent elertlons in Nebraska
the "wets" appear to hnve a few more
victories than the "drys."
The supremo court of Alabama has
declared the state prohibition law
valid, all the judges concurring la the
ttovenior Shnllenberger signed the
"daylight saloon" bill, which goes Into
effect July i Saloons open at 7 a. in.
tnd rjoee lit X p. in.
Tho centenary of the birth of Niko
lai Vassellievitch (iogol, tho Russian
novelist. Is being eo'ebrnted.
Special agents in the field serviio
force of tho general land olllce for tlx;
Investigation of alleged land frauds
In the west were appointed by thu
secretary of the Interior.
.Mr. Rooseelt was given a kindly
welcome when be landed at Gibraltar.
Kdmuiid Pennington was elected
president of the Wisconsin Central
Railway compuuv.
Ex-Covcruor Poynter, who died sud
denly In Lincoln, wns governor of
Nebraska from 1S9'J to l'.tOl.
The Missouri bouse committee on
constitutional amendments voted to
report the statewide prohibition con
stitutional amendment without recom
mendation. Mexico City was the scene of a de
monstration for President Diaz.
The country's trade conditions ar
some bettor, but still Irregular.
That section of the now insurance,
law of New York which limits to $150..
000 the amount of business an Insur
ance company may write in one year,
wns declared constitutional by Jus
tice O'tiortnan in the Now York
supreme court.
Denial Is made of an epldemie of
typhus at Madrid, Spain.
A French tank bark was blown up
and twelve of her crew killed.
During the month of March sixty
one new cases of bubonic plague ami
twenty-eight deaths from the disease
wore reported in Ecuador.
In honor of Tokutaro Sakhal, com
missioner general, and lllkojiro Waca,
commissioner of the Toklo exposition,
who are in this country In the Inter
est of the Japanese world's fair, a din
ner was given at tho White house.
Tho light for free lumber was lost
In tho house by the nerve-wrecking
vote of 171 to 170. Hut this Is not
dual and the advocates of free lumber
are confident they will win later.
The Wyoming stock growers' asso
ciation, represent ing practically all
the cat tie-growers of the state, adopt
ed a resolution protesting to congress
against the removal of the tariff on
hides. The resolution .asserts that in
view of the high tariff on manufac
tured leather goods, the placing of
hides on the free list Is an unjust dis
crimination against the cattle-growers.
Wrangling, confusion, captious ob
jections, personalities and language
bordering on vituperation, marked the
lirst day's discussion of tho Payne
tariff amendment In the bouse of rep
resentatives. The fixing of rates for tho new tariff
bill was begun by the senate commit
tee on finance. Night sessions will be
held by the committee henceforth.
A decision has been rendered by
Commissioner Dennett of the general
land olllce against the Red Lands Ir
rigation &. Power company, a Colorado
corporation, in a case involving four
teen desert land entries nproxlmatlng
4,:i00 acres in the Montrose land dis
trict of that state.
Money to tho amount cf $IOO,0(0,
(ion may be borrowed by the secretary
of the treasury on the credit of tho
United States for tin? purpose of
erecting public buildings which are
authorized by congress for cities hav
ing a population of S.noo or more
people, If the bill recently introduced
by Senator Scott of West Virginia be
comes a law.
The statement of the treasury
shows a balance In the general fund,
exclusive of the $l.".o.0(i().(i(io gold re
serve. Available cash balance, $133,
1:I4,07I; gold coin and bullion. $12,
511.528; gold certlllcates. $ 47.CC. l.CdO.
Lieutenant Leigh C. Palmer or tho
navy has been assigned to duty as the
naval aid to President Taft. succeed
ing Commander William S. Sims, who
Is transferred to the command of tho
battleship Minnesota.
President Tnft hopes to get away
from Washington about the middle of
Juno. He has declared that he will
be agreeably surprised If the tariff
law is ready for the statute books by
June 10. but he Is hopeful that tho
surprise will materialize.
Three of the colonels on (low Shal
lenberger's staff have resigned since
bo signed the dayllgt saloon bill.
Chairman Payne says department
stores are misrepresenting his bill.
Mr. Htyan and wife are in Texas to
spend some days on their farm.
Dr. Charles W. F.llot. the retiring
president of Harvard university, has
definitely and finally decided that he
cannot accept tho tender or the am
bassadorship to (iront Hrltaln.
President Taft sent In the name of
Judge Richard E. Stone of Proscott to
be governor of Arizona.
Mr. Roosevelt and King Victor Km
manuel met nt Messina, Italy.
William Allen White, editor of the
Emporia duetto, Is being boomed for
the republican nomination for lieuten
ant governor of Kansas.
Judge O. E. Ilooo, defaulting clerk
In the Kentucky state auditor's olllce
was sentenced to eight years' addi
tional In prison. This makes his to
tal sentence thirteen years.
The Mexican minister to Russia has
requested the government to send a
circular to Russian manufacturers ask
ing for bids on now railroad construc
tion In Mexico.
President Taft sent to the somite
the nomination of Judge Richard L
Sloan of Proscott as governor of Ari
zona, vice Klbhey, whose term ex
pired. Several persons claiming to bo tho
kidnaped Charley Ross have bobbed
up In various parts of the country.
Mrs. Herbert Ellswgrtlf dates, presi
dent of the Nebraska State Society of
United States Daughters of 1SI2, has
been appointed an officer of the na
tional cabinet.
The president of Nicaragua Is tho
latest aspirant for n brush with tho
United States and other nations.
A Day Filled With Excitement, Mem
bers Being Keyed Up to
a High Pitch.
Washington. After three weeks of
consideration the Payne tariff bill was
passed by tike house of representatives
Friday night by a vote of 217 to 101.
One republican. Austin (Tex.), voted
against the measure and four demo
crats, all from Louisiana Rhoussard,
Estoplnal, Pujo and Wickliffo voted
for it.
The day was filled with excitement
from the moment the session began at
noon until the minute of adjournment.
The members were keyed up to the
highest pitch, and n practically full
membership remained on duty through
out. The final vote demonstrated the
capacity of tho republican organiza
tion to get together. The situation
with respect to lumber was greatly
relieved to the republican leaders
when it became manifest that the
advocates of the proposition placing
it on the free list were In the minor
ity. Recause or that fact. Mr. Fitz
gerald (N. Y.) charged that a mid
night deal had been made last night
whereby free lumber was to be voted
down and the rates on barley and
barley malt increased, and this not
withstanding the denials of Messrs.
Mann (111.) and Cushman (Wash.),
who offered the barley amendments.
The general public was greatly In
terested In the proceedings and the
galleries were packed. Hoth the dip
lomatic and executive reservations
likewise were fully occupied, Mrs. Taft
being among those present.
When the bill actually was passed
the republicans cheered lustily, some
dancing up and down the aisles and
patting their fellow members on the
While more consideration in point
of time has been given by the house
to tho Payne bill, it was passed In
fewer days than the Dinglcy bill was
acted upon alter being reported to
the house. The Payne bill was Intro
duced on March 17, reported to the
house by the ways and means com
mittee on the following day and was
under general debate for sixteen days.
On Monday the rules committee re
ported a special order which closed
the general discussion and provided
for the consideration of the bill under
tho live-minute rule. Chairman Payne
handled the bill on the door and di
vided the time in such n way that only
paragraphs affected by committee
amendments and the amendments per
mitted by the special rule had been
considered when the time to vote on
the measure was reached.
Tho Dinglcy bill was under consid
eration In the house for two days
longer than the Payne bill, but the
house was not in session as long each
day as during the consideration of the
latter measure. All during the gen
eral debate on the Payne bill tho
house sat for ton and one-half hours
each day, thus establishing a record
for that body. Mr. Olmsted (Pa.)
presided as chairman of the commit
tee of the whole house on the state
of the union throughout the twenty
days that wore given to the bill.
Government Refuses to Pay for Dis
infecting ards.
Washington. Secretary of Agri
culture Wilson refused payment of
the claims of the New York Central
and Hudson River Railroad company
and the Union Stock Yards company
or Paltlmore against the government
tor disinfection work during tho re
cent epidemic or foot and mouth dis
ease in cattle. The secretary held
the claims were not proper subjects
for reparation by the government.
The claim of the railroad was for
$:,".".."" for cleaning and disinfecting
the stock yards at East Huffalo and
of its stock cars as the result of an
order of Secretary Wilson to prevent
the spread of foot and mouth disease
and the claim of the Union Stock
Ynrds of Ilaltiniore was for similar
work done In its ynrds.
Passes Away After Several Days of
Washington. Kthan Allen Hitch
cock, secretary of the Interior under
Presidents McKlnley r.nd Roosevelt,
died here Friday morning at II o'clock!
aged 71. He had been critically ill
for several days.
The passing of ex-Secretary Hitch
cock marked the close of a career
whose pre-eminent feature was an
administration of tho interior depart
ment that stirred the western land
problems as never before.
Illinois Sensational Deadlock.
Springllcld, 111. In the Joint ballot,
for United States senator In the legis
lature Wednesday olio ballot was cast
for Charles Comiskey, the owner of
the Chicago American league baseball
club. The sixty-seventh ballot re
sulted in no choice.
How About Hides?
Washington Western senators have
started canvass of the senate to de
termine the Pcntlnicnt In relation to
putting hides on the free list or as
nesting a duty upon them.
Items of Interest Taken From Hers
and There Over the State.
The Midwest Life fold linet wants
good local agents all over Nebraska.
Write to Homo Oflice at Lincoln for
A life insurance company is a finan
cial Institution which furnishes money
to the family of the man who dies
hoblliifT a policy in the company. It
stands In precisely the 'same relation
to the Individual that the fire insur
ance company does to the bouse In
which he lives. If your home Is fully
Insured in a fire company and it burns
you are paid its value. If It Is not in
sured the lire company pays you
nothing. You carried your own risk,
and not the company. Hut you can
not carry the risk on your own life,
although you may on your property.
This risk must bo carried either by
your family or some life insurance
company. Which of the two is the
better able to assume It, the family or
the company? Upon which of the two
will the loss be less severe? And upon
whom do you prefer to leave tho risk,
upon the lamllv or tho company?
The Midwest Life of Lincoln issues
all the standard forms of policies.
The Wahoo postotllce, from present
growth, expects to be rated as second
class by July 1.
Albert l.eofer of Cage county will
have to answer to the court on the
c harge of bootlegging.
Stanton county has decided upon
September 14. 15, 10 and 17 as its
fair days.
A new hank is to be organized at
Wyniore, taking advantage of the bank
guaranty law.
The Child Saving Institute at
Omaha is endeavoring to raise $75,000
for a new building. Thus far about
$lu,on0 has been secured.
A quarter section of land, eight miles
from Mindeii, was sold for $10,000.
This is not very well improved, so that
the price of tho bare land would be
about $100 per acre.
According to the mortgage record
for the month of March there were
forty-seven farm mortgages llled with
the recorder for the last thirty days,
amounting to $171,4.10, and fifty-six
were released, amounting t o$151,(it!4.
York has a "window peeper" whom
the authorities have thus far been un
able to apprehend.
Hastings and Kearney are under
consideration by the workers' institute
of the Seventh Day Adventlsts for
the location of the next state camp
meeting of that denomination. Hast
ings has, perhaps, the larger support
by reason of tho fact that tho state
Adventlst headquarters are located
Relatives living in Polk county have
received a telegram from Ashton,
Idaho, stating that James lioness had
died after an illness of a few months.
Mr. lioness was among the earnest
settlers In Polk county, having come
there in the early seventies and home
steaded a farm nine miles southwest
of Stronisburg.
The Fremont postoftlce has passed
the $lo,fi(io limit for receipts and will
undoubtedly be made an office of the
first class after July 1. The receipts
for the last year were $10,:? 1.1.50, an
increase of $1,500 over the preceding
year. The net earnings were $24,UOO.
There are but three other first-class
offices in the state, Omaha, South
Omaha and Lincoln.
Fireman Frank Larson of the North
western, who last year received a
medal for his heroism in saving the
life of a little child near Exeter by
standing on the pilot and snatching
her from the track, may, in addition,
receive a cash bonus from the Car
negie hero fund. The trustees have
written to Engineer Otis Gardner of
Fremont for further Information In
regard to the act.
Governor Shallenborgor has ap
pointed the following to be members
of the new State Normal board: W.
H. Green of Crefghton, democrat; term
expires 101 0. N. N. Graham of South
Omaha, democrat; term expires 1911.
Edward L. Adams of Minden. populist;
term expires 1!H2. Frey Nye of Kear
ney, democrat; term expires 191!!.
Thomas J. Majors of Peru, republican;
term expires 101 1.
The move of the fanners of Merrick
county to build a line of six elevators
has finally reached a stage where it. is
assured that the project will be car
ried through, and before another sea
son has rolled around the farmers will
be handling their grain products
through an elevator system all their
own. At a recent meeting articles of
Incorporation, modeled after those
used by the farmers' elevator system
in Rufl'alo county, were adopted and
it was decided to Incorporate with n
capital stock of $.'0,000.
A statewide movement has been In
augurated in the interest or Hastings
college which is expected to place that
Institution upon a safe financial basis.
At a meeting of tho trustees an amount
su Indent to moot one-third of tho pres
ent outstanding Indebtedness was
pledged, and it is believed tho re
mainder will be forthcoming soon. The
campaign over the state will have as
its object the provision of funds an
nually to make up tho difference be
tween tV income from the endowment
and tuition and the expense of opera
tion. Governor Shnllenberger has signed
tho daylight saloon bill, nnd on and
after July 1, next, It will bo In effect
In Nebraska. Liquor men are much
disappointed and temperance, people
correspondingly elated.
Pert Taylor, alleged murderer of
Pearl Taylor, his sister-in-law, nar
rowly escnped death at the hands of
the rather of tho Minden girl ns be
was about to board a train for Lincoln,
where ho Is being held for safe-keeping.
Douglas Taylor, father of the
murdered girl, pulled a revolver nnd
nlmi d It at Port Taylor, but was over
powered before bo could shoot.
Put Through, It is Said, as a Measure
of Retaliation Against Omaha
Closing hours of the legislature
were marked by passage by the house
of tho bill by Senator Wiltse, amend
ed, to close all saloons in the state
at 8 o'clock In the evening and to
open at 7 a. m. The bill was at
once taken to the senate and the
amendments concurred in there. The
bill received 51 votes in the house.
"The action of the legislature."
says the Omaha Hoe correspondent,
"in passing this temperance measure
at the last minute of the last day of
the session after killing a 7 o'clock
closing bill, is credited to the Omaha
Bot'jitors. The action of the senators
in standing out for the interest of
the stock yards angered many mem
bers of the bouse, who took the op
portunity to get even. Gov. Shallen
berger also came in for his share of
credit because he Vetoed the Fot
Crook bill and thus lost one vote
ngalnst the 8 o'clock c losing measure.
When the bill was discussed in the
house the day previous it was amend
ed to leave Omaha out entirely, but
after the report of tho conference?
committee on tho physical valuation
bill and its adoption by the house,
Omaha was at once put back in the
Wilts.; bill In retaliation.
"That the news came as a shock
to Omaha expresses tho feeling mild
ly. It was not believed that the bill
could be passed, and when it was
given out early in the evening that
it had been passed the surprise of
everybody soon gave way to a feel
ing of wonderment as to what would
be the outcome. It means a crush
ing blow to the brewery and saloon
men or the city, and tho hotels and
restaurants will also suffer. Thejter
parties will have to go to the restau
rants before seeing tho play if they
want to sip a glass of wine or beer;
the lobster or the rarebit will, if
taken after the play, have to be ac
companied by pure water or a cup
of coffee."
The bill originally provided that
saloons which sold liquor on Sunday
should lose their license and the
house judiciary committee amended
It to close the saloons nt 8 o'clock.
Senator Wiltse brought up in tho
senate the matter of concurrence In
the house amendments to S. F. 28.",
during the afternoon and It was
pushed to vote with scarcely a word
of debate.
Woman's Suffrage Defeated.
The senate put the last, touch or de
feat to the efforts of the suffrage
workers when II. R. 421, by Taylor of
Custer, providing for municipal suf
frage for women owning property was
not advanced to third reading.
Signed by Governor.
The following bills were signed by
the governor:
House Roll 112, by Fries of Howard
One mill levy for building or repair
ing bridges In emergency case.
House Roll 131, by Itownian of Nuck
olls Forbidding intimidation of vot
ers. House Roll 242, by McVicker of
Dodge Providing for publicity of
campaign contributions.
House Roll 270, by lllystone of Lan
casterAppropriating $l.0ii0 for main
tenance of the G. A. R. rooms at tho
state cnpitol.
House Roll M7. by Taylor or Hitch
cockProviding for resurvey of tho
fifih guide meridian through Dundy
House Roll 12:1, by Cotnnilitee on
Schools Appropriates $75.ono for
state aid to weak school districts.
House Roll 150, by Thomas or
Douglas Raising salary of Douglas
county district court bailiffs to $1,200
a year.
House Roll 2::o, by Miller of Custer
Providing for transmission of pro
scribed coursc or study to teachers.
House Roll 254, by Smilh of Cass
Providing for f pedal levy for tho pur
pose of erecting school houses.
House Roll 5X!, by Wilson of Polk
Provides for rochnrter of national
banks under state law and for permit
ting national banks to la so advantage
of state guaranty law.
House Roll 4. by F.vans of Hamilton
- Provides for settling grain shipment
House Roll 10. by Stoecker of Doug
lasProvides for electing members of
Omaha school board by wards.
House Roll 114, by Taylor of Hitch
cock Provides that Judgments may
not bo revived after being dormant for
live years.
House Roll 170, by Unshoe of Kim
hnll Provides for the appointment of
Held superintendents to measure water
to users In Irrigation districts.
Closing Hours of Legislature.
The closing hours of the senate
were calm and ncnoorul. that body In
dulging In no undignified antics while
waiting for tho engrossing clerks to
complete their work so adjournment
could be taken. Not so with the
house. Speaker Pool was presented
with a gold watch by the members
nnd employes, nnd after this was off
Its hands the lively times com
menced. At 0 o'clock Friday It was
Been the engrossing clerks could not
complete their labo's, and a recess
was taken until S o dock Saturday.
Attorney James P. Whit la aud fam
ily, including Willie Whitla, who re
cently was kidnaped, returned to their
homo In Sharon, Pa., from Atlantic
Postmaster General Hitchcock has
approved a rectangular design for a
special issue of stumps on June 1,
commemorative of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
exposition. .
The identity of Mrs. lioyle still re
mains a puzzle to the detectives and
they nro sending broadcast pictures
of the woman in the hope of learning
something alit'mt her.
Senator John Sharp Williams of
Mississippi, former minority loader in
the house, has accepted the invitation
to deliver the commencement address
on Juno 10. before the University of
Great damage was done by a tidal
wave that swept over the islands of
Phlotonga and .Moorea on March 15.
according to reports brought by the
.steamer Mariposa which arrived at
San Fn.neiseo.
Collector l.oeb announced that the
American Sugar Kenning Company of
N w York lias completed payment of
the dut.v duo the government on (lie
re-liquidation of its sunar entries. The
amount was $l.2:!0.nss.
The Iowa house indorsed the special
invcsHgaiing committee's sensational
report on cruelty to inmates ol slate
...mIuiiis ami denied the, formal re
quest of the state board of control to
make a statement as to the facts.
Chief of Police Charles llruhaker
and Policeman G. It. Johnson were ar
rescd ami jailed at Fiugorahl, Ga.. on
a charg" ot murder in the lirst degree
for i lie killing of Robert Gieslmm,
vliiim they were trying to arrest.
Tile interlocutory judgi-ient giving
to .lesHo Kei Taylor, daiight'T of
.lames I!. Keone. a decree of divorce
from Talbot .1. Taylor on statutory
grounds, was allinned by the appellate
division of the supreme conn of New
Col. George A. Sanders, an attor
ney widely known throughout Illinois,
and for many years prominent in Re
publican politics, died at his homo in
Springllold. He served as assistant
state treasurer during throe adminis
trations. A giani steel girder with an Ameri
can II tg attached was swung into place
over the middle of tin- East river ami
marked tile connection nf tho great
steel superstructure of tho .Manhattan
bridge, the fourth of the spans link
ing .Manhattan Island and Long Island.
Charles .MeConnayghv. former cash
ier of the Moiitiecllo (Ky.i Citizens'
National bank, was indicted in the
United Slates court at Covington, on
12 counts, involving a total of about
$15.UiMi. Embezzlement, misapplica
tion of funds and falsifying of entries
are alleged.
The committee appointed by Gov.
Hughes to Investigate methods of
stock ami commodities trading in the
Now York financial district has com
pleted Us inquiry and will hold no
more bearings of any kind. Its re
port, will be read for submission
probably about April 21.
Nineteen Out of Twenty-Seven Coun
ties Oust the Saloon Republicans
Carry State Ticket.
Dolioil. Mich., Apr. 0 Nineteen out
of the 27 Michigan counties which
held option elections yesterday wenl
"dry." Eleven counties having gone
"dry" in previous clot lions. 51 are now
in the "wot" list.
The Republican ticket was elected
by an estimated majority of 75,fiuo.
Women took great interest in the elec
tion of school trustees, on which they
are permitted to vote.
Ex-Lawmaker Held as Eurglar.
Richmond, Ya.. Apr. 0. Orel way
Puller, a former member of the legis
lature, and u prominent young attor
ney of this city, was shot early yes '
terday by policemen just after having
broken the window of a saloon. He
is now in :i hospital under the sur
veillance of the police on a charge of
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