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n. O. WATTERS, Business Manager
! '
AS W I1! ft LIKE
The Busy Reader Can Absorb in a
Few Moments a Good Deal of
The Naples newspapers announce
that the Duke of Aontn will give a
dinner there In honor of Theodore
The Servian minister Hi Vienna, M.
Simltoh, handed to Foreign Minister
Von Aehrentliul the note from his
government that marks the conclusion
of the difficulty between Austria Hun
KHry and Sorvla.
The Ixmdon Daily Mail, describing
Dr. Eliot an "America's first citizen,"
says that the I nited States could have
no finer representative, us he is all
that is best In American national life.
Prince Kasatkin Uosteofseff, a mem
ber of one of the best known familicu
in KiibhIu, was killed at Warsaw by a
concert hall singer named Rosa Bauer.
The woman made an unsuccessful at
tempt to commit suicide.
A sensation has been caused by the
report of a case of sleeping sickness
in the heart of Paris. The victim Is
a missionary of the Order of the Holy
(host, who dropped unconscious In
the Luxomberg Burden nnd was con
veyed to Pasteur Institute.
The solution of the Palkan crisis
lias been received in St. Petersburg
with rage and shame, rather than
with a feeling of relief, by the press
nnd chauvinistic public which blame
Foreign Minister lswolsky for the sur
render of Slav interests without con
sidering the circumstances which
have dictated the Russian policy.
Twenty-two death sentences passed
upon political prisoners were con
firmed at St. Petersburg by the su
preme military court. Fifteen of
these were convicted of an attempt
to escape from the Irkutsk prison
when a prison guard was killed.
Prince von Huelow's conlltion of the
conservative-liberal and radical par
ties apparently reached n fatal crisis
over tho scheme of financial reform.
In the relehstag Ilerr von Nermann,
the conservative leader of the floor,
informed the leader of the national
liberals, Heir Hassermann, that the
conservatives were reform without
considering where they would get a
King Victor lCnimaniiel reopened
the Itallun parliament with the cus
tomary ceremonies. The king nnd
queen, accompanied by the royal
princes, drove from the qulrlnul to
the senate building, where they were
enthusiastically greeted by 4'it) depu
ties and .ion senators.
There Is no likelihood of Kniperor
William and Theodore Hoosevelt
meeting in the Mediterranean In
April, as Mr. Hoosevelt. on board the
steamer Admiral, will he In the neigh
borhood of Aden, at the southern end
of the Red sea, when Kniperor Wll-
Ham goes on bonrd the imperial yacht
Hohenzollern at Venice.
Kansas financiers spring question
whether national banks have same
rights in connection with guaranty
fund as do state banks.
Republican factions will make com
promise, nnd an effort will be made to
vote on new tariff bill on Saturday,
April 10.
Gen. Miles says he "never could
quite see why a man wants to shoot
elephants, zebra, antelopes and other
animals wilfully."
President Taft declares himself in
favor of the creation of a tariff bureau
Twenty-seven traction lines In
fireater New York earned in three
months $7,000,000.
It is reported in financial circles In
New York that all preliminary steps
have been taken by the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey for the in
crease of Its capitalization from $100,
000,000 to $500,000,000.
Dr. Canfleld, former chancellor of
the Nebraska university, died sudden
ly in New York from a stroke of apo
Dr. Harvey V. Wiley, foe of green
Ice cream and pink lemonade, will
clntlnue to hold the jiosltlon he has
made famous, that of chief of the bu
reau of chemistry In the department
of agriculture.
The llliickwell Island bridge, cost
ing $12,.r00,0u0, has been opened to
the public.
Chin Yen Qai, a wealthy Chinaman
was arrested in Chicago as au alleged
participant in a conspiracy to smug
gle Chinamen into this country at El
Paso, Tex.
The United States consumes 80,
000,000 pounds of tea annually.
Three men were carried over the
falls at Waterloo, la., and drowned .
Mother of fifteen children, all liv
ing, and only 42 years old at that, is
the remarkable record of Mrs. Mary
rupenbrlnk of Chicago, now a widow
Crazy Snake, whose Indian name is
Chltto Harjo, and whose English
name is Wilson Jones, is tho leader
of the Snake baud of Creek Indians.
Crazy Snake and several of his
tribesmen of Creek Indians, who are
on the war path, were in Washington
during President Taft's Inauguration
Congress expects to be able to vote
on tho Payne measure by April 10.
The woman suffrage bill passed the
Wisconsin senate with n referendum
attached to it. If the bill is ratified
by a ofe of the people woman's suf
frage will heroine operative.
The international ballon nee for
the James Cordon Hennctt cup will
be held ui October instead of Oc
tober 10. as previously announced.
The senate has knocked out t lie
proposed only oil collee.
At this writing Crazy Snake has not
been captured. He has fled to Tiger
The I'tah Fuel company pleaded
guilty in the I'nlted States court to
day to the fraudulent acquisition of
,440 acres of coal land and paid a
line of $8,000, also $102,000 for the
oat extracted, hikI relinquished the
Warden I teenier of the Nebraska
penitentiary died suddenly on Sunday
In u race against time to re.ich the
bedside of his dying mother. Frank I..
Vanderlip, president of the National
City bank of! New York, covered the
distance from New York to Chicago
fifteen hours and fif:y-edght
minutes. This according to railroad
officials, broke all railroad records for
the trip.
Courtesies preliminary to the de
parture of the last American troops
from Cuba were exchanged In Havana.
The use of wireless telegraph for
moving trains is predicted.
(iov. Dlckerson of Nevada has
signed the Tallman banking act, the
mining inspector bill, the unU gam
bling bill and the Juvenile court bill.
There Is a movement on foot to
consolidate the cities of St. Paul nnd
Minneapolis as one metropolis.
The body of Lester Elklns, a youth
ful aeronaut, whose parachute carried
him Into i he ocean and who was
drowned March 8, was recovered from
the outer harbor at San Pedro. Cal.
Denial was made that the oil para
graph in the tariff bill was Intended
to aid the Standard.
Near Henrietta, Okla., twenty dep
uty sheriffs and a hundred negroes
engaged In a pitched battle.
Austria seems bent on having a
brush with Servia.
The senate will be ready to report
a tariff bill as soon as the house arts
on the Payne measure.
Portland, Ore., has n scheme for
placing all saloons under one owner
Commercial movements In the do
mestic field during February on the
whole Indicate n larger degree of in
dustrial activity than for the preced
ing month.
In honor of Chales K. Magoon, the
Nebraska State association, number
ing over 200 members, temporary res
idents of Washington, gave a largely
attended reception nt the Norniandie
hotel annex.
Former Representative Joseph W.
Ilahcock of Wisconsin Is seriously 111.
Senator Gamble secured a favor
able report from the committee on
Judiciary on the nomination of K. E.
Wagner to be I'nlted States distric t
attorney for South Dakota.
Representative I.atta, although he Is
a brand new member, has decided that
he will not try to suppress himself on
the tariff question, and has applied
for time to make a brief speech. He
said thul he will tnlk in favor of free
lumber, and that he is prepared,
speaking for a great stock-raising dis
trict, to say that he will favor free
hides, if the district may only have
the benefit of free lumber.
Hear Admiral George A. Converse
died at his home here of uraenilc poi
soning. Although placed on the re
tired list several years ago. ho was in
active service at tho time of bis
death, being president of the board
of construction of the navy.
Several important changes affectinR
the personnel of tho interior depart
ment were nnnounced by Secretary
Ballinger. Joseph R. Webster of Ne
braska was appointed an assistant at
torney In the office of the secretary
at a salary of $2,750. Fred H. Bar
clay of Wyoming was promoted to be
assistant attorney in the oflko of the
assistant attorney general at $2,f00
per annum.
Representative Moon of Tennessee
attacked Champ Clark In the bouse,
accusing him of being a mock czar.
Denial is made of nny attempt to
assault Mr. Roosevelt on bonrd the
steamer Hamburg.
Castro will be allowed to land In
Venezuela If he wants to.
At Washington Crazy Snake is not
regarded as a very bad Indian.
The Wisconsin delegation is for
downward revision of the tariff.
Nebraskans at Washington ten
dered a reception to Charles E. Ma
Lucky Baldwin bequeathed only
$20(i,ooo to his wife.
President Elliott, late of Harvard
college, may be anibnssodor to Great
Jack Johnson was given an ovation
by the colored men of Now York.
President Taft will not bend an
inch in his demand for lower duties.
Dr. J. If. Cunlield, former chancel
lor of the University of Nebraska, died
after a short illness at New Y'ork.
Klklns of West Virginia has Joined
the senate Insurgents.
Mrs. GunJIro Aakio, by her ninrrlage
to the Japanese at Seattle, Wash., re
nounced all rights as a native born
American woman.
If K. II. Harrlman could have lifs
way lie would bring all the railroads
of America Into one glunt combine,
under one head.
James Dahlman lias been renomi
nated for mayor by the democrats of
Officers of the Hamburg Present the
Ex-President With an Illuminated
Address From Passengers.
Gibraltar. The steamer Hamburg,
with Theodore Hoosevelt and the
members of his parly on board, came
into Gibraltar a few minutes before 0
o'clock Friday morning. The vessel
sailed at noon for Naples.
Richard L. Sprague, the American
consul, and an aide do ramp of Gen
eral Sir Frederick Forest ier-Walker,
governor of Gibraltar, went out to the
Hamburg to welcome the former presi
dent of the I'nited States. After an
exchange of greetings, Mr. Koosevc-lt.
wearing a frock coat and a silk hat,
came down over the side and stepped
into a launch sent out by the captain
of the port and was brought ashore.
The party proceeded at once to the
residence of Mr. Spragm'. At 1 : :0
o'clock Mr. Roosevelt (ailed upon
General Forest ior-Walker.
The general invited .r. Roosevelt
to luncheon, as had also Mr. Sprague,
but Mr. Roosevelt was not able to ac
cept either of these invitations on ac
count of the short stay here of the
Mr. Hoosevelt refused lo be photo
graphed ami lie declined every recpu-M
for an interview. The weather is
bright and warm, and Mr. Roosevelt
appeared to bo In the best of health
and spirits. I'pon leaving the Ham
burg he shook hands with a number
of tho passengers, who cheered him
It. Is said that the Roosevelt parly
does not Intend to go ashore at
Naples; that the members wil1 merely
transfer themselves and lhei belong
ings from tho Hamburg to the- steamer
Admiral. In this event Mr. iioosevolt
will not he able to see the i-iieheSH of
Aosta at the Italian port .
The Invitations for liii.cheon a!
Gibraltar were sent out tc the Ham
burg by wireless telegraph, and ..Mr.
Roosevelt's replies were c-Miniiuiiieat-ed
by the same means.
Mr. Hoosevelt visited '.lie second
class and steerage epiarurs of the
Hamburg and was given mi enthusias
tic reception, lie was accompanied
by the Italian immigration commis
sioner on board the vessel. In the ab
sence of Caiitaiu liurnu iriier, the chief
officer of the Hamburg, called upon K.
A. Powell to present to Mr. Roosevelt,
an illuminated address prepared by
the passengers. Mr. Powell made a
hanpy speech, eulogizing Mr. Roose
velt and wishing him a good voyfige,
and his remarks were received with
applause. Mr. Roosevelt answered in
a brief and c haracteristic address.
Minimum Rates Are to Apply to. All
Countries for One Year. '
Washington. President Taft was
informed of the senate program for
the administration of the new tariff
bill. It provides that a minimum
tariff shall apply to all countries for
one year. At the end of that time
the maximum rates will go into ef
fect against all count ides, which in
the opinion of the president are not
giving the United States their best
tariff rates. .
The president is understood to fa
vor strongly this idea of application
of the maximum and minimum jirin
ciple and it is believed that it will
be the plan finally agreed upon. The
plan of ail ministering the minimum
and maximum rates In the house bill
as It now stands Is said to be more
indefinite and less effective than the
one proposed by the senate finance
Expresses Great Interest in Subject
of Aerial Navigation.
Rome. King Victor Kiumauiii 1 re
ceived Wilbur Wright, the American
aeroplanlst. in private audience. His
majesty showed bis intense Interest
in the subject of aerial navigation,
und said he was glad Italy was
among the first countries to greet the
American inventor. Mr. Wright ex
pressed the desire to charge a fee to
witness tho lllghtu he Is to make near
Rome, the proceeds to go to the ben
efit of the earthquake sufferers.
Dead at Age of 1,000 Years.
New York. Methuselah died here
at his homo In the Bronx Zoo. He
was l.uoo years old. His death Is
ascribed to Ills Incident to old age.
Methuselah, also known as Rameses
II., was a toad which was discovered
In a rock pocket In n mine fioo feet
below the surface nt Butte, Mont., two
years ago. Its age was carefully com
puted by zoologists and geologists.
Harvard Man Declines.
Washington. Official conllrmr.tion
was given at the state department
that Dr. Charles W. Kliot. the re
tired president of Harvard univer
sity, hail declined the ambassador
ship to Great Britain.
Daylight Saloon for Omaha.
Lincoln. Closing hours of the log
Islature were marked by passage of
the bill making state-wide the day
light saloon. Drinking places are to
dose at 8 In the evening until 7 in
the morning.
;tems of Interest Taken From Here
and There Over the State.
William Havel and wile were both
adjudged iiis.ine by the insanity board
of Pawnee county.
The effort to oiganle a company of
the Nebraska Natioml guard in Grand
Island has been abandoned.
Klmwod will vole at the spring elec
tion on the proposition of issuing
bonds for a JIC.oco school building.
Gov. Shalleiiberger has pauloned
Mildred Bowles, who was serving a
term of one year in the penitentiary
for shoplifting.
The Methodist church at la kh y, a
country place t-n miles northwest of
Guide Rock, burned down Sunday
night after service.
Mrs. Caroline Da foe and sons have
bought three business properties in
Tecumsch. They will establish a
bank in that city within the next :!0
A new county jail is being urged
upon the Saunders county commis
sioners. A special tax levy of 2:,:4
mills is being urged w hirii would bring
in about $.),Uiii) for this purpose.
The United Brethren congregation
at Crab Orchard has decided to erect
a commodious and modern church
building. The old church building
was destroyed by fire recently.
After a two-year legal fight the Nor
folk city council annexed considerable
territory lying outside the city limits.
This gives Norfolk .',:! 1 1 population,
as against I. Si:!.
The village board of trustees of Ta
ble Rock propose submitting a propo
sition to the legal voters at the com
ing municipal election to vote bonds
to build a city hall.
Two prisoners confined in the coun
ty jail at Geneva started a lire, suit
posed ly by accident, and one was
found dead from suffocation and the
other in a serious condition.
luis McNeil, aged '.)'.), was found
dead at the home of his mother in
I'tica by his sister, who tried to call
him for breakfast. He had been' dead
for several hours from heart disease.
Davis Thomas of Platte county
about a year ago bought I! 12 acres of
land at referee's sale and paid $21 .IMS
for it. He sold the land to Fred
Luckey the other day for $2i.ri20.
Adjt. Gen. Uartigan, who inspected
Company B of the local National
guard at Stanton, expressed himself
as being much pleased with the show
ing the company made.
An agricultural club has been or
ganized at the Peru normal with an
enrollment of lo0 members. Mr.
Weeks, who is the head of the agri
cultural department, is the advisor of
this club.
The two horse thieves that tried to
steal the big bunch of horses from
near Merrimnn a couple of weeks ago
had their preliminary in Valentine be
fore Judge Quigley and were bound
over to the district court.
The coroner's jury which investigat
ed the death of Mrs. Charles Stelie of
Hall county, found her death to have
been caused by excitement, caused by
the running away of the team whey
William R. Walters dashed by in an
The preliminary hearing of George
Crlser and Benjamin lleddendorf, who
were charged with killing W. C. Dil
lon near. Stamford, was held at Alma,
and the boys were bound over to the
district court without bail by County
Judge Shclburn.
One of the oldest persons in How
ard county died at Farwell and was
buried in the Catholic cemetery at St.
Paul. It was Mrs. Mary Blaszczyk,
wUo believed herself to he more than
100 years old, a belief that was shared
by some of her friends.
The women of Hastings have organ
lzed a civic league to work for better
government and a ( leaner city. Three,
hundred women have pledged their
active support to the movement and
are holding mass meetings in prepara
tion for greater efforts.
Mrs. Dora Harstick of St. Charles
township. Cuming county, reached her
100th year last Friday, being born in
the province of Hanover, Germany,
March 20, ISO!). She is without doubt
the oldest living person in northern
Nel-raska. She has been a resident
of Cuming county nearly fifty years.
Judge William Hayward, wife and
son, returned to Nebraska City from
Washington, where they have been for
some time. Judge Hayward refused
to accept any position that, would take
III m away from Nebraska. He was
tendered several positions while in
About thirty minutes after young
Miller of Te'.amah had paid his fine of
$100 and costs for bootlegging. Deputy
I'nited States Marshal Sides arrived
and arrested him for selling liquor
without a government license. Miller
wll! bo held there until the return of
I'nited States Commissioner Singhans,
when he will be arraigned.
Ferdinand Brandt of Beatrice re
ceived word from Rushvi'.le stating
that his brother, Gus Brandt, a former
Beatrice resident, had been trampled
to death by a team of horses whic h
tie had started to harness In the barn.
One of the horses kicked him and he
fell under their feet In such a way
that he was trampled to death before
assistance arrived.
Will Busboom, living near Pleasant
Dale, Seward county, met with a tor
ilde acc ident while riding on a stalk
utter. The team ran away, throwing
him in front of tho machine and drag
ging lil nt s-omo distance. His injuries
will probably prove fatal.
II. M. Tripp, engineer in charge of
the Valentine division, with bis sev
eral assistants, arrived last week to
upon oilices and direct work of build
ing tho new railroad bridge and cut
off east of Valentine. The bridge is
to be a big one and will take over a
year to build, and there will bo about
200 men employed in building it.
Paesage of Pool's Bill for Treatment
of Curable Consumptives Other
Legislative Doings.
Ninety-seven thousand dollars in
appropriations was added to the gen
eral maintenance bill by the senate
committee of tho whole above the fig
tires of the senate finance committee,
which carried an increase of $::2l.0iiu
over the bill as it came from the
house. The house bill carried an ap
propriation of $l,!ili."),12S. The sell:
ate committee recommended changes,
makiug the figures $2,2;, 4 IS. and
tho senate committee of the whole
added enough to make the total
The new items were as follows:
Sue for hospital in connection
with medical school in
Omaha $20,0ui
New building for nurses and
attendants at Norfolk
Traveling expenses for district
Increase for employes at Mil
ford Soldiers' home
Wing for State Historical so
ciety building
Hog cholera investigations
Overruling the cut to $:.0.0(i')
of $7.".0M0 house appropria
tion for normal training in
high schools, making differ
ence; in bill
For attorney general prosecu
tion expenses, increase
Total ?:iT.imio
Treatment of Consumptives.
The senate has passed Speaker
Pool's bill, providing for the treat
ment of curable consumptives at the
public expense where the patients are
unable to care for themselves. The
measure is the result of the effort of
u number of members live, it is said
who have undergone the treatment
provided in the bill at the hands of
Nebraska physicians and have over
come the effects of tho disease. The
bill, II. R. 222, specifics that a patient,
to receive treatment, at tho expense
.if the county in which bo resides
must have lived there at least a year,
must be indigent, and iniut satisfy tin
county judge this, is the case. Ad
mission to a hospital treatment,
which must bo by the ern vaccine
therapy method in conjunction with
open air and other sanitary methods,
must also bo on a certificate of a re
sponsible physician that' the patient in
The state board of health shall cer
tify a list, of hospitals that will carry
out the provisions of the act on their
application and shall prescribe the
system of treatment.
Department of Citizenship.
Tho joint resolution by Senator .Mil
ler of Lancaster authorizing the re
gents of the university to extend the
scope1 of the teaching of civics by the
establishment of a department of citi
zenship was passed by the house.- by a
vote of .')1 to to.
Stock Yards Bill Sleeps.
Taylor of Hitchcock is probably
doomed to return home with no re
sults from his efforts to fix rates for
the union stock yards at. South Oma
ha. The bouse passed his bill, but
the senate committee changed it ma
terially by cutting it down. The silt
ing committee of the senate has thus
far ignored tin measure and it still
sleeps on the general tile.
Building for School for Deaf.
The senate finance committee de
cided to recommend for favorable ac
tion the bills appropriating $:i0,ooo for
a new building at the institute for the
deaf and dumb at Omaha, and $18,uoo
for completion nnd furnishings of
buildings at the; Norfolk asylum.
Resolutions of Sorrow.
A committee consisting of Senators
Randall, Majors, Hatfield. Fuller and
Thompson was appointed by the sen
ate to draw up resolutions expressing
the senate's sorrow over the death of
Warden A. D. Boomer.
Donohoe Bill Dead.
. After a hearing in which I. J. Dunn
of Omaha appeared against, and
Frank Tyrrell, county attorney of
Lancaster county, for the bill, S. F.
".VI. by Donohoe of Holt, was recom
mended for indefinite postponement
and later the house concurred in the
report. The bill provides that thf
state railway commission shall have
power to issue indeterminate fran
chises to and regulate electric light,
gas and water companies doing busi
ness in cities ami villages.
For Occupation Tax.
Whatever figure appropriations total
this session, after the house and sen
ate have settled their differences, the
legislature will provide for meeting
some of them by a new form of In
creasing revenue of tho state. This
Increase Is provided for In i bill fo"
levying an occupation tax upon all
corporations, foreign or domestic,
which do business within the state.
While the amount to be assessed
against any Individual corporation Is
comparatively small, the to till revenue
will bo $150,000.
Canada may purchase an airship of
the Silver Dart pattern for military
Congressman Lowden of Illinois has
introduced a bill asking congress for
$10o,0o0, to be used by the department
of agriculture In ei adieating hog chol
era. The luterJjorough Rapid Transit
Company of New York has signified
Its willingness to try the experiment
of cars for women on the; subway
Senator Agnew's bill, designed to
prevent the publication of racing tips
and betting odds in New York newspa
pers was favorably reported by the
senate codes committee.
At the third day's session of the Na
tional Dental association in Binning '
ham, Ala., a systematic campaign of
education in hygiene in all states of
the United States was urged.
An eagle measuring eight feet from
tip to tip of its wings was captured
near St. Charles, HI., alter a desperate
light. The bird was hovering over the
head of a little child when first seen.
C. W. Dirch, a Los Angeles inventor,
says he devised a plan or destroying
gas-filled airships at a distance of ten
miles, lie has patented a dirigible,
which will be filled with heated
instead of gas.
T. W. MoGovorn, secretary of the
Riley Shoe Company of Columbus, O..
fears the body of a man found at
Blooniington, Ind.. may ho that of W.
II. Reichel, a traveling salesman em
ployed by the firm.
Count Gen. Ktiroki, commander of
the first Japanese army in the (add
against the Russians, has retired,
owing to the expiration of his mili
tary term, according to advices re-ee-ived
from Yokohama.
Harueyv Bovine. Leonard Stevens
and Matthew Taylor, who weie in
dicted eight years ago for the murder
of Clarence' Warric k, 15 years old, at
Sotuertoii, I'.cliiiont county, Ohio, have
been arrested in Zancsvillc.
Rather than pay $l,uou alimony to
his wile as ordered by ifi. court, Ro
land 1 1 i ii t on Perry, a New York sculp
tor and painter, declared ! hat he would
sinreiidei- himself to the sheriff and
pass six months in Ludlow street jail.
Cairo!! W. Gales, a millionaire land
and cattle owner, was arrested in l.e.-i
Angeles, fill., by fedora! officers upon
an indietnieni returned some time ago
in Oklahoma (barging him and e. til
ers with being interested in the land
Tin- .luiiia adopted the bill for the
establishment ot a Russian agricultural
agency at Washington with the object
of Introducing methods end machinery
into Russia. The Yeknloriiioslav
Xemstvo maintains such an agenc y at
Admiral Prince Henry of Prussia
will retire next fall from the position
of commander in-chief of the navy, to
become grain! and genera! In
spector. He will bo succeeded either
by Admiral von Fisohel or Vice-Ad-iniral
von I lolizendorf.
Because of a misunderstanding as
to elates, the proposed confereiKje be
tween Secretary Knox ami Senator
Root and various Canadian officials
touching tin- senate amendment to the
waterways (rent. v. negotiated about a
inonih ago, has he.n postponed.
Toledo Police Baffled by Mysterious
Murder of Aged Couple, Evi
dently by Robbers.
Toledo. (.. Apr. 2. In the finding
of the bodies of l.udwig Krueger.
aged i;ei, nd bis wife, aged (i;!, buried
in the cellar of (ledr homo, which was
destroyed by fire yesterday, the police
are confronted by a puzzling murder
M. Soboleski, a tailor, who last Sat
urday gave Mr. Krueger $2,000 as
part payment for the purchase of the
It is believed thai robbery was Ihe
motive and that the slayer, afier hur
ry ing the bodies and replacing the
brick Mooring; in tho collar, set fire
to the house to cover up the niurdov.
Now Yen k,
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