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    The NewsHerald
N::VS. K,!i.-1 r.! S.,v. ! i:-:b!i;litd April 1S. 1-M
, Cunsuliilattil Jan. 1. 1 -.:'"
Commercial j The Federal
Club Meetings Finances
Matters at
Married Tues
day Evening
Ml .
The Plattsmouth Commercial Club
In. Id its regular meeting Tuesday night
at Coates Hall. A goodly number of
the business men were present. Re
ports were made from the officers and
The matter of the basket factory was
taken up and discussed, and a commit
tee consisting of E. A. Wurl, Guy Mc
Maken and L. W. Lorenz were appoint
ed to investigate the matter and see
what can be done to encourage the in
dustry. The matter of the I'lattsmouth and
Cass country interurban railway was
discussed and the importance of build
ing it seemed to be the general senti
ment. Mr. R. B. Windham stated that
there would in the near future be some
outside capitalists here to look into the
matter, and asked that a committee
from the commercial club be appointed
to meet with them and and discuss the
matter. Messrs. George E Dovey, E.
II. Wescott, C. W. Baylor, and J. M.
Roberts were chosen to represent the
Commercial Club. The sentiment is
rapidly crystallizing in favor of incor
porating an interurban railway com
pany on the plan ontlined in the last is
sue of the News-Herald. That is on
the plan which would include all of the
business men and others who might de
sire to become the incorporators. This
is the only equitable plan for such an
incorporation and would be a safe
guarantee of the success of the enter
prise. It is an enterprise in which all
have an interest and all arc enabled
to be let in on the ground floor basis.
The Nkws-Hekai.d cordially endorses
such plan of incorporation. We have
advocated the interurban railway enter
prise and also have advocated this plan
of incorporating the company. It is
the right way to do the whole thing.
It can all be done very easily.
The club extended a vole of thanks
to the News-Herald for very neatly
printed stationery furnished to the
secretary for correspondence of the
It is with very great pleasure that
we note the addition to the membership
of Messrs. L. C. Sharp and W. A.
Sharp. These two new members are
numbered among the enterprising busi
ness men of this city. Mr. L. C. .Sharp
has become quite distinguisncd as an
inventor and manufacturer.
Republican Convention. i
The Republican Tarty will hold a j
riKiss convention at the Council Cham- j
ber, at 8 o'clock p. m. Friday, March i
li, lUllH, for the pourpose of nominat-)
ing one candidate for mayor; one forj
treasurer; one for clerk; one for police
judge; two members of the school board;
one for councilman for the full term
frmn the First ward; one from the Sec
ond ward; one from the Third ward;
one from the Fourth ward; one from
the Fifth ward; and one for one year
to till vacancy from the First ward; to
be elected at the next general city ,
election to be held on Tuesday April 6,
l'i;t. T. L. Mt'itriiY,
To take any chances on
the clothing you buy
here. It's all covered
with our insurance of
good quality and mon
eys worth. Our 30
years of business in
Plattsmouth is an as
surance of our ability to
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500 new suits now
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prices from $10 to
C. E.
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Coolidge makes a statement showing
an improved condition of the federal
finances for the month of March. He
"There is no foundation for the
widely circulated report that the pay
ment of over $."(), 01 Ml.OOO of claims
against the government now due has
been postponed by the treasury for
want of ready cash.
"On the contrary, the department is
abreast of demands upon it, honoring
requisitions, and no payments are post
p ned for future action. All claims are
met as fast as appropriations therefor
are made by congress. While the ap
propriations and expenditures of the
government are increasing annually and
the expenditures for the current fiscal
year are largely above the revenues for
the year, the available cash in the
treasury is equal to all demands that
may be made on it for some time. The
revenues from imports have recently
shown substantial gains and should
these continue the treasury is in g'od
condition to await the approaching re
adjustment of the tariff.
"So far from the treasury being in a
desperate way, the outlook is better to
day than it has been before in months.
The revenues for the first fifteen days
of March have been $26, 4:10, 75(5, as
against 20,7X5,256 for the correspond
ing period a year ago, an improvement
of over 27 per cent, while the excess of
expenditures over receipts for the same
period has been $l,50!i,2i:i, as against
$1,371,741!, an improvement of over C5
per cent. The revenues for the first
fifteen days of March were greater
than for any corresponding period in
the last five years.
"The new administration comes into
office with the general fund of the treas
ury in as good condition as it was at
the beginning of the administration
which has just come to an end. The
available cash balance on March 15 was.
$1.'15,087,!)H2. On March 15. l!W5,at the
beginning of the last administration,
the available cash balance was $141,
4H8, 4:56. and by August 23, llo:. it had
fallen to $12:5,704,710. The working
balance on March 15, llO0, was 860,561
514. On March 13, 1!W5, it was $:J6,870
7'M. The free told in the treasury
general fund March 15, 1!)0! was $87,
531,825. On March 15. 1!05 it was oniy
"Thus it will be seen that the condi
tion of the treasury does not justify
the disturbing reports which have gain
ed currency."
Advertised Letter List.
Remaining uncalled for in the post
office at I'lattsmouth, Neb., March 15,
Maymc II. Cleaver, Patterson. (!eo.
GrifTcn, Percy Pickett, Joe Pagne,
Chas. B. Sowards.
These letters will be sent to the dead
letter office March 2'.', limit, if not
delivered before. In calling for the
above please say "advertised" giving
date of list. C, H. Smith, P. M.
V7 Ji'
mm n
A Ict.otHi.-sJr'
hJi ' Mm
The Majestic, 5 and 10 cents.
See us for sale bills.
"Booster" envelopes at Irwins.
See the "Booster" envelopes at
H. E. Walton is visiting with his sis
ter iiiKearney.
Ceorge O. Owens and family have
moved to Lincoln. i
J. C. Petersen is spencri.g a few
weeks with relatives in Elkhorn.
Judge A. N. Sullivan was in attend
ance at the supreme court Tuesday.
Miss May McLaughlin of Sutton is
visiting a few days in the city with
Court Reporter Earl Travis departed
Tuesday morning for Nebraska City
where ht is attending court.
Attorney Wm. Deles Denier and C.
D. Clapp of Elmwood were business
visitors in the city yesterday.
W. II. Pool and Attorney C. E. Tefft
of Weeping Water were looking after
business in this city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ruhland of
Letcher, S. D., visited a short time
with the family of John Ruhland.
John Brady, who has an appointive
position in the legislature, visited over
Sunday with his family in this city.
The very latest thing in business
stationery is the "Booster" envelopes.
Orders taken at this office or at Irwins.
Commissioners L. 1). Switzer and C.
R. Jordan were in attendance at the
regular meeting of the board Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hodgson of
Arlington have been visiting for a few
weeks with their daughter, Mrs. Hale
in this city.
Con Sears of near Cedar Creek was a
business visitor in the county seat this
morning looking after some matters at
the court house.
Charles Dennrrla of Alvo, a thrifty
young farmer of that section, wm look
ing after business matters in this city
the fore part of the week.
If the letter is worth sending at all
it is worth putting in a good envelope.
See those "Booster" envelopes at Ir
wins, or call at this office.
Wm. Hngabone of La Platte was a
business visitor in Plattsmouth yester
day, coming on the early Burlington
and returning on the fast mail.
F. M. Temlin and his uncle, W. C.
Temblin, both of Weeping Water were
looking after some business matters at
the county seat first of the week.
Martin It. Houck and wife who have
been visiting in the city for the past
few days with friends departed last
evening for their home in Omaha.
S. H. Atwood of Lincoln of the firm
of S. H. Atwood & Co., was a business
visitor in the city jesterday looking
after some business matters for the
Barnard Wurl was a visitor in the
various cities of the county, during the
week, looking the cigar trade and sup
plying bis many customers his excel
lent cigars.
Thomas M. Carter departed yester
day for a short business trip to Blair,
where he is interested in some real
estate which recently was platted as a
portion of that city.
Attorney C. E. Tefft of Weeping
Water was a visitor in the city last
Monday evening, looking after some
legal business and departing for home
the following morning.
We pay $!'(' a month salary and fur
nish a rig and all expenses to introduce
poultry and stock powders. New plan,
steady work. Address Bigler Company,
X 894, Springfield, Ills. 84-2
Henry Sanders of Cedar Creek was a
business visitor in the city jesterday
morning looking after some business
matters and attending the funeral of
Mrs. Walforth, which occurred yester
day morning.
A. E. Jamison the contractor of near
Weeping Water was a business visitor
in the city yesterday, and after attend
ing to the matters calling him here
went to Omaha where he also had some
busitiess to look after.
George A. KafTenberger from west of
the city was in the city yesterday and
made this office a very pleasant call
advancing his subscription for another
year, and spent a few moments chat
ting with the mannger of thi household
necessity .
i C. A. Marshall, dentist
J Mrs. William Lockwood of Salina,
(Kansas, is the guest of Mrs. Ceorge
Kathary of this city.
A. E. Jameson, well-known carpenter
of Weeping Water, transacted business
in his city Wednesday.
L. E. Curtis the barber of Union
was an over night visitor in Platts
mouth the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Schleicher vis
ited a few days with the family of
Chas. Miller south of this city.
Attorney Wm. Deles Dernier of Elm
wood was attending to business matters
in the district court Wednesday.
t. M. Carter has gone to Blair, Ne
braska, to look after some business in
terests which he has at that place.
Mrs. Kate Oliver celebrated her
seTentieth birthday yesterday at her
home in this city by having a family
August Stander of near Manley was
transacting business in Plattsmouth
thil morning having business at the
office of the Register of deeds.
John Fasbender of Wahoo, formerly
of Plattsmouth, was an over night visi
tor in the city looking after business
matters and renewing old acquain
tances. E. M. Barker of Union was a visitor
in the county seat last evening and this
morning looking after some business
matters and will if arrangements can
be effected become a resident of the
citjf the coining summer.
C, N. Lewis was in the city this
morning after having been at home for
some two weeks on account of an attack
of the grippe. While he has gotten so
he tan be around again, Mrs. Lewis is
now down with the same disease.
W. F. McDonald is delivering fifty
cords of wood for W. W. Coates, from
the farm northwest of the city, to
ChrfBlfan Mockenhaupl, south of the
city which will be used the coming sum
mer for the purpose of burning brick.
Frank Fight who lives west of My
nard was an over night visitor in the
city a guest at the home of his parents
Mr. and Mrs. John Fight, returning
home this morning and was accompanied
by his father who will spend a few days
on the farm.
A smile much like the one which
Roosevelt uses when he grasps your
hand with a cordial shake, and says de
lighted, is now being worn by Ceorge
Wittstruck, caused by a young man
coming to board at the Wittstruck
home yesterday morning.
Ceo. R. Saylcs of the city has been
appointed to succeed his fatheras agent
for the Phoenix Insurance Co., for
Cedar Creek and vicinity. He will soon
call upon all the policy hok'ers and
parties having business with the com
pany. P. W. Wright the Burlington fireman
between here ami Souix Citv, was
around the first of the week with one
of those smiles that wont come oIL
Upon being compelled to disgorge he
said that it was a girl, came to his house
Saturday, and that all concerned were
doing nicely.
Frank Gobleman, the grain mer
chant, who has been having so serious
a time with his leg, on account of a
'white swelling' in which a portion of
the bone came out, and who went to
Omaha last Friday, underwent nn oper
ation Tuesday, in which a portion of
the flesh and bone were removed, and
which promices to be successful, the
member after the operation was rest
ing easier, anl hopes are entertained
that the recovery will be permanent.
The pain for the past two months has
been very severe, and that relief even
partically has come is a matter of con
gratulations to the sufferer.
Second Church ol Christ, Scieutist.
Sunday school, !:4j a. m.
Divine service at 11 a. m. Subject
Mid-week meeting Wednesday even
ing at N o'clock.
Church is located on Sixth street,
two blocks south of Main street. The
public is cordially invited to all services.
The reading room in the Coates block
is open ever Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday alternoon from - tint ill
Congress organizes, and Speaker
Cannon was elected speaker. Demo
crats and republicans both vote for him.
President Tuft sends a brief message
to congress urging prompt action on
the revision of the tariu".
"1 have convened the congress in this
extra session in order to enable it to
give immediate consideration to the re
vision of the Dingley tariff act. Con
ditions allccting production, manufac
ture and business geiictally have so
changed in the last twelve years as to
require a readjustment and revision of
the import duties imposed by that act.
More than this, the present tariff art,
with the other sources of government,
does not furnish income enough to pay
the authorized expenditures. By July
1 next, the excess of expenses over re
ceipts for the current fiscal year will
equal $100,000,000.
"The successful party in the late
election is pledged to a revision of the
tariff. The country and the businoss
community especially expect it. The
prospect of a change in the rates of im
port duties, always causes a suspension
or halt in business because of. the un
certainty as to the changes to be made
and their effect. It is therefore of the
highest importance that the new bill
should be agreed on and passed with
has much speed as possible consistent
with its due and thorough considera
tion. For these reasons, I have deemed
the present to be an extraordinary oc
casion within the meaning of the con
stitution, justifying and requiring the
calling of an extra session.
"In my inaugural address, I stated
in a summary ( way the principles upon
which, in my judgment the revision of
the tariff should proceed and indicated
at least one new souice of revenue that
might be properly resorted to in order
to avoid a future deficit. It is not
necessary for me to repeat what I then
"I venture to suggest that the vital
business interests of the country re
quire that the attention of the congress
in his session be chiefly devoted to the
consideration of the new tarifr bill and
that the less time given to other sub
jects of legislation in this session, the
better for the country.
"(Signed) Wll.l.lAM II. Takt.
"The White House, March 16, Y.W,"
Fred Warner from Cedar ('reek wi s
transacting business in the county seat
yesterday morning.
j. In i. n A V 1.4
'. A..iu.. ..V,
Copuijlit uy) b
4rl .vBiltnef & Miri "-
v.: t iv!5i.V .
liif i
If I
Manhattan Shirts. Stetson Hats.
Hart Schaffncr & Marx Clothes.
Eve t In ni:
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas
K. (look, last Tuesday evening occurred
a very pretty wedding, in which were
united, the lives of Mr. Glonne Vallery,
of near Murray and Miss Sophia Shep
hardson of Weeping Water. The young
people are among the best of our citi
zens, and are highly respected. Mr.
Vallery has a home fitted up for house
keeping, having just gotten the new
furniture installed. The new married
couple will occupy the farm of A. A
Wetencamp, upon which Chas. Clot
felter and wife formerly lived, a short
distance west of Mynard. The News
IIrhald joins with the many friends of
both parties in wishing them joy and
every happiness as well as unbounded
A Very Beauti-
ful Wedding
Mr. Glen Vullery and Miss Louisa.
Shephcrdson were united in the bonds
of matrimony at 9 o'clock p. m. Mon
day, at the beautiful home of Charles
Cook, south of town. The Mendelsohn
wedding march, played by Miss Mar
garet Dovey, as the contracting par
ties entered the beautiful arranged par
lor, where the Rev. J. H. Salsbury, of
the Presbyterian church, performed
the ceremony, was most pleasing. The
bride was attired in a beautiful gown
of white Persian lawn, trimmed with
satin and lace insertion. The cere
mony was performed in the presence of
a few of the most intimate friends of
the contracting parties. They will
make their home on the farm about
two miles south of Mynard. They
have the best wishes of their friendu
for a long and happy life.
Promotion For
Mr. Hay ward
Judge William Hayward has been no
tified of his pH)intment as assistant,
postmaster general. Mr. Hayward has
been prominent in Nebraska polities
for some years. Mr. and Mr?. Hay
ward left Nebraska City Monday for
Washington to see about the matter o
accepting his new appointment. Mr.
Hayward has the good wishes of hfa
many friends in his promotion. The
Nkws-Herai.I) wishes him the highest
success in his broader field of labor.
A man stepped into our
store one morning this week and
said: "My name is Mr.
1 travel out of Chicago, don't
sell anything in your line, but I
couldn't coming into this
place and congratulate you. You
have the most up-to-date store
that I have seen in the west. It
would be a credit to state street."
Feeling thus highly compli
mented we took particular pains
to show the gentleman our Hang
up System, which takes care of
400 suits complete, free from
dust and moths. Our hat de
partment which takes care of
700 hats also dust proof. In fact
everything in our store is up to
the last minute.
By means of our prison glass
used in the front and back of
our building we have perfect
light. No matter how daik the
day, you can see perfectly in
any part of the store.
We don't sell anything but
good clothes at honest prices.
The important difference is in
the way we sell our clothes, and
in the way you're treated when
you buy; and often you buy.
Glad to show you any day.
Pi icra to ki ci
you ill liumo.
m i