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NFWS. Established Nov. S. l-'Jl
HEKALD. Established April 1. 1m,1
Conso!iJtcd Jan. 1.
vol. xlv No.asO:
Meeting of
City Council
The city council met in regular ses- tr the faithful discharge of the
sion Monday night. Minutes of previ- of the counc.lman giving the same, and
ous meeting were read and approved, shall be further conditioned that if the
The finance committee reported favor-'. counc.lman shall vote for the ex
ably upon the following claims: 1 penditure or appropriation of money or
John Miller, work $ 50 creation of any liability in excess of
W. R. Gardner, labor 5 42 i the amount allowed by law, such coun-
J. W. Crabill, poll tax 300'cilman, and the sureties signing paid
Phil Harrison, labor I27!nd, shall be liable thereon. Said
M. Archer, salary 00 00: bond shall be filed with the city clerk
John Hickson, same 2 53 1 and approved by the Mayor and any
Chas. Bates, hauling cart 1 60 1 liability sought to be incurred, or debt
Chas Bates labor 1 75 (created in excess of the amount limited,
Neb. LightCo., cinders.!!".'.... 1 00 ! or authorized by law, shall be taken
Neb. Light Co., light 1 00 1 and held by every court of the state as
Neb Light Co., light 3 00 the joint and several liability and ohli-
fllivo Jones salarv 25 00 gation of the councilman voting for and
Jas. Donnelly, same 9 68
Ben Rainey, same 50 00
Anton Nitka, same . 4 00
Platts. Tel. Co., rent 1 65
M. C. McMaken, hauling cart.... 1 50
The city treasurer reported $6287.92
in the treasury on the last day of
The police judge reported that dur
ing the month of February, no fines
had been collected.
The judiciary committee reported
that City Attorney B. S. Ramsey
asked further time to explain his be
lief in the matter of the suit on the
Wescott light bond. As is his custom,
the city attorney is rarely prepared
with anv matter at the time that it
should be acted upon. In
case he seems to be either
tius bond '
desirous of
avoiding the bringing of the suit or
recognizes his incompetency to prose-
cute the matter on behalf of the city.
He seems to seek to draw his salary on
much the same basis as the former
M.f r,r nnl.Vo Pit7rorld. In thin case
it might be well for
the Committee tO
change the allowance from
, 4 1 m
Tho M.-hraska I.i.rht Co. submitted a
UA fnr ii,htinir tho citv and aeeom -
Mn!.,i tv, nmo with ratified check
for $1500.00. The bid was as follows:
for 95 32-candle-power 40 Watt Tung
jton lamps, at the rate of , $1600.00 for
a ten year contract and $20fiO.OO for a
five year contract. It also included
power for day service when
or i - horno -
power was secured and proposes a re
duction on gas rates of 10 cents per
1000 fett. On motion of Councilman
Neuman it was referred to the light
committee.Councilman Dwyer from the
first ward offered an ordinance regu
lating the price of gas, reducing it to
$1.50 per 1000 cubic feet. This ordi
nance was read the first time and then
laid over, under the rules, until the
next regular meeting of the council.
It was shown that the road fund was
....... nii.4riiinn mnrn tho (I!)
These appropriations in excess of the
fund limited by law, under section 8511
Cobbey Annotated Statutes of Nebras
ka, 1907, makes the councilman who vote
for the samo and their bondsmen per-
sonally liable. The statute reads as
follows: "Each councilman before
entering upon the duties of his office j illness and after the death of our be
shall be required to give bond to the ! loved wife and mother. Such acts live
city, with two or more good and suffi
cient sureties, or some responsible
surety company; if by two sureties,
PS ipa
0. E. Wescott's Sons
"Where Quality Counts."
th?y shall each justify that he is worth
at least two thousand dollars over nnil
above h11 debts and exemptions. Such
bonds shall be in the sum of one thou
sand dollars, and shall be conditioned
the mayor approving same, and not the
debt liability, or obligation of the city,
and voting for, or opproving of such
liability, obligation, or debt, shall be
conclusive evidence of malfeasance in
office for which such councilman, or
mayor, may be removed from office."
Misery in
the stomach
Indigestion Vanishes in
Five Minutes.
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ever r'd yourself of Stomach trouble
1 ana" Indigestion? A dieted stomach gets
1 the blues and grumbles, oives it a
j good eat, then take I'ape's Diapepsin
i . . . . 1 . 1
! "ari inc aijrcwive juices woriung.
; T"erc wi be 110 dyapepma or belching
of Gas or eructations of undigested
! 'od; no feeling like a lump of lead in
. , . ,...
Biomm.ii ui m-ni i,uui 11, aim iitmiaLiit
1 and dizziness, and your loocl will not
I . 1 U......U ...:.u
ii'miem aim iiuibuii yuut uii'imi wuii
nauseous odors.
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! siomacn ana, ana ucsiucs,
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Tell your druggist that you want Tape's
Diapepain, because yoa want to be
1 thoroughly cured of Indigestion.
Card ol Thanks.
We desire to extend our heartfelt
, thanks, to the friends and neighbors
i who so kindly assisted .us during the
long in the memory.
Louis Sciiitz
and Family.
methods and policies of doing business were
alike in every store then there would be no
"best" place to trade. We take prie in point
ing to the methods and pol.cies which have made
this store so justly popular. It stands for cer
tain things and these certain things make it a
safe place and a satisfactory place to buy
It stands for quality, good quality. If we can
not sell good clothes we'd rather not sell any.
It stands for one price and no monkey business
a square deal for everybody.
It stands for money's worth or money back. If
you buy anything here not satisfactory bring
it back and get your money.
It stands for a uniform cash discount to the man
who pays cash. No premium, no chance
If these things appeal to you then let us sec
you when you want good wearing apparel.
See us for sale bills.
C. A. Marshall, dentist
Isaac Nelson and wife of south 0
the city were in Saturday.
A new boy at Emos Masin's adds to
the joy of the household.
F. M. Young and wife of Murray
were doing the city Saturday.
John Webster and wife are happy at
a boy all concerned doing well.
Major Hall of Rock Bluffs was shak
ing hands with old friends in this city
Miles Standish (not the captain) of
near Murray was a business visitor
Sam Tubbs and sister from west of
Mynard were in the city the first of
the week.
John Lewis of west of Mynard was a
county seat visitor the latter part of
the week.
J. R. Vallery from the vicinity of
Mynard was a Plattsmouth visitor
Saturday. ,-
David Stuart and John Roddy of
west of Union were Plattsmouth visi
tors Saturday.
George Hi Id, one of the prosperous
farmers of southwest of the city was a
business visitor Monday.
Jelf Lewis and wife were interview
ing the Plattsmouth merchants Satur
day from the vicinity of Murray.
Gust Johnsen of the Burlington
freight repair shops in reported as be
ing on the sick list with an attack of
Mrs. Edith King, who lives in Chicago
is visiting with her sister Mrs. T. H.
Pollock, and her brothers T. M. and
Rae Patterson.
Max Adams returned to his studies
at York College Monday after spending
Sunday with the home folks, Mr. and
Mrs. Will Adams.
Mrs. Henry Lohnes and two son,
Henry and George, came in Saturday
from Pekin, III., and are the guests of
friends near Cedar Creek.
George Foxworthy of Malvern, la.,
left Monday morning for his home af
ter a visit of several days in this city
with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hainer.
Walter L. Thomas departed Tuesday
forCalifornia, where he will visit friends
at Sacramento and Los Angeles. He
exnects to spend about three weeks on
the coast. mother and sisters in this city.
Mrs. Lee Cotner has gone to Lebanon, j Sheriff Matt Plunkett, of Deadwood,
Kansas, to visit her brother, and be j S. D., took Roy Benfer, who was ar
treated by him for gall stones. Her j rest fome days 9go by Sheriff Quinton,
brother is one of the leading physicians j hark to Deadwood to be tried for rape.
of city. j j Elliott who has been residing
Mrs. R. O. Schleicher and daughter j wcst of 0maha for tho t h
01 anermari, vvyo., are vis.umk
the family of John Lutz, on their way
home after a visit in the cities of the
eastern states. j
... ,, r,. 1 1 1 J W. Moneypenny, Schuyler Grant
W. F. Gillespie, the jolly and popular 1, , Cim ,, , , ...
,' ,' , J . ,. and Sam Hackcnberg were visitors in
grain man of Mynard, was mingling ., , ... . . , , ,
..... , .. , the county seat Saturday and made
with his many friends in the county,.,...,.. , '
. . I. 1 .
s-eat Saturday and looking after some
business matters.
Pert ami Will Philimt. Dr. G. H.
Giln.ore and Glen Boedaker, cashier of , lurlK'(1 tu thu Clty yesterday, afterhav
the Murrav bank, were Plattsmouth -njycd "Visit at thu hospitable
visitors Saturday, coming up in the
automobile of Bert Philpot.
The reading circle held a very ani-
mated and interesting session at the
office of the county superintendent
Saturday, at which a large number of
the membership were present.
A. A. Holmes and James Hoggett,
formerly of Rock Bluffs but now of
Hartington, in Cedar county, came 111
last Saturday for a few days' visit old
time friends in old Cass county.
In conversation with a representa
tive of this paper C. H. Warner, who
has some lands in western Kansas,
stated that things were looking fine in
that vicinity with the promise of an
abundant crop the coming season.
J. F. Heine-man, who has resided in
South Dakota for some time past, has
sold his farm there and will shortly re
turn to Plattsmouth for a short time.
Accompanied by his father he will then
depart for the Pecos Valley in New 1
Mexico to make his future home.
W. II. Puis of Murray was attending
to some business matters in the city
Saturday and tells us that things are
looking line in his vicinity. Mr. Puis
, will begin his work as assessor in a
short time, he being the deputy for
, that portion of the county.
The Majestic, 5 and 10 cents.
Mrs. Harry is visiting relations in
Lincoln this week.
On Sunday, a daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Pollock.
L. H. Stander of Weeping Water
was in the city yesterday on business.
John Kreager, one of the substantial
farmer, transacted business in the city
J. C. York returned the first of the
week from a visit to his brother of
Watson, Mo.
Oscar Glenn, of Orion, III., is visit
ing his father, T. W. Glenn in the city
for a few days.
Rev. A. A. Randall and wife are
spending a few days with their daugh
ter in Lincoln.
J. P. Falter has gone to Burwell,
Nebraska, to look after some real
estate matters.
Emmons j. Richey was attending to
some business matters at Fremont the
forepart of the week.
Earl Amick of Weeping Water, was
visiting for a day with his uncle, Judge
M. Archer of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chriswisscr, of
Nehawka, spent Sunday in this city
with the former's parents.
Jesse Blunt left Tuesday for McCook
where he goes to resume work for the
C. B. & Q. railroad.
Claude Hostetter a brother of Mrs,
James Darrough of Union departed for
j Denver, Colorado, yesterday,
FOR SALE-A good team, harness and
wagon. Apply to J. Jordan, oppo
site Jirousek s store. 82-3
Miss Vesta Douglass, who has been
attending the State Normal school at
Peru, Neb., is visiting with her parents.
J. W. Sutton has Becured employ
ment with Oliver Niday of Wausa,
Nu. to which place he departed Mon
day. William Schwabe of Rock Bluffs pre
ftfimt Vtruil ltanari(ttSn kitni'mma I n U a
1 v!t ' -"
mjr gvaivruny. tic m one WI vne good
farmers of his precinct,
E. A. Wurl, one of our progressive
and up to date merchants, attended the
meeting of the Federation of Nebraska
Retail Merchants, at Lincoln.
Thomas L. Murphy, traveling sales
man for the Porter-Ryerson-Hoobler
Company of Omaha, visited with
returned to P rttsmouth and will mnko
his home on the Hanson place north of
'f w cjlv
; mm mure n piuasani can. urnie again,
1 j,onemcn
i Mr- aml Mrf' Frank Gohleman re-
home of Mr. and
I near Rock Bluffs.
Mrs. Mark White
Guy Newcomer, formerly of this city
j Ul't mow engaged in the Union Pacific
railroad shops at Omaha, was an over
, Sunday visitor, the great of his parents
and another clear f riend.
1 uaorgc W. Snyder of Mynary made
the editor a pleasant calll and renewed
1 his subscription to the Nkw.s-Heh.ald,
; George is a progressive stockman, and
we always enjoys his calls
S. Baldwin, a former resident of
Rock Bluffs but now residinglat Den
ver, Mo., left Monday for his home af
ter a short visit in this city with his
friend, E. W. Moreland.
Miss Evelyn Taylor has secured 1
good position with the forestry depart
ment of the government, Steamboat
Springs, Colorado. Miss Taylor has
the best wishes ofj the Nkws-Hekai.d
and of her many friends.
Frightened atJAuto.
While coming to the city with his
two daughters to attend church, John
Lovcll's team became frightened at a
passing automobile and ran away. The
occupants were spilled out and quite
severely though not dangerously bruised
and the buggy was pretty badly de -
! I
A Citizen's
The Citizens convention, the call for
which appears in another column of this
paper, is for the purpose of nominating
a clean business city ticket. Back of
this movement are most of the best
business men in this city irrespective
of former party affiliations. It is the
belief of practically every business
man in this city, that the manner of
handling the city's business can be
greatly is fully appreciated
that during the past few months the
city government has been an absolute
failure and a farce. Every good citizen,
who believes in good citizenship and a
clean non-partisan city government
should attend the citizens convention.
Better and cleaner city government
will be the slogan of the citizen's con
vention. Read the Label.
Under the Pure Food Laws baking
powder labels now show the ingredients
of which the powder is made.
Those who appreciate the importance
to health and good baking of using a
pure cream of tartar powder will read
the back of the label carefully and
make sure that the ingredients mention
ed include cream of tartar.
The food law docs not force consum
ers; it merely helps them to protect
themselves. All good housekeepers
want cream of tartar baking powders,
and will not use alum substitutes in the
food, if they know it. As the ingredi
ents are printed on the back of the label,
all may know the facts.
Good baking powder is one of the
most useful things in the kitchen; it is
easily obtained nt any store; the better
it is, the more economical it is in cook
ing materials, and the more it conserves
the health of the family.
Will Build New Home.
C. W. Baylor, the coal man, has pur
chased the three lots at the corner of
Ninth and Elm streets formerly owned
by Mrs. J. L. Root, and will soon com
mence the erection of a modern resi
dence thereon. When it has been com
pleted it will add greatly to that por
tion of the city and will make a de
lightful abiding place for Mr. Baylor
and his estimable wife.
Four Tons of
1 Copyright 190R by
Hirt Schiffnet it Mir
The home of Hart
Manhattan Shirts.
- iiK!
thi: Niiv stoiu:
Cass County
The Loser1
C. W. Phillips Monday loaded his
household goods into a car and shipped,
them to his new home at Cambridge,
Neb., where he will take the position
as cashier in a recently organized bank.
Mrs. Phillips left for tho new homo
one day last week. The News-Herald
joins with scores of friends in regret-
ting the loss of this estimublo family
from our midst, but trusts that their
lines may be catt in pleasant places
and that the best that life affords may
be theirs in their new home.
School Board
Has Session
A special session of tho school board,
was held Monday night for the purpose
of electing teachers for the eominf
year. All the present teachers had
filed applications for positions and all
were elected again and given until the
27th inst., to file acceptances. General
satisfaction has been given the past
year and no changes in the faculty haik,
been anticipated.
The Live Stock Superintendents for;-?
the 1909 Nebraska State Fair are:
Horses, J. A. Ollis, Jr., Ord.
Cattle, O. E. Mickey, Osceola.
Swine, Geo. A. Leonard, Pawnee.;
Sheep, Chas. McLeod, Stanton.
Our pure stock exhibitors will realize
the necessity of securing stalls and pens
WillMoveto Plattsmouth.
J. W. Darrough of near Union, who
recently sold his farm and took
course in an Omaha barber college,,
was in the city a few days since look-ting
for a place to locate and finally de
cided upon this point. Mr. Darrough
is an excellent gentleman and a long
time resident of this county and we
predict for him a nice business when,
he gets established.
Store Fixtures
Clothing, Cabinets, Hat
Cases, Floor Cases and Win
dow Fixtures, all of the
latest designs.
Everything in our new
store will be free from
dust. That's worth your
consideration as well as
ours. We will have our
formal opening
Next Saturday,
March 13th,
13 is in an unlucky num
ber, but we're not super
stitious. There will be cut
flowers, music, etc., as ad
vertised. We want you to
come in even though you do
not wish to make a pur
chase. It's a pleasure for
us to get acquainted with
Nothing but New Things
in the New store.
Schaffner & Marx.
Stetson Hats.