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Mr. George K. Hunter is a Mald
Btono, Saskatchewan' (Central Can
ada), farmer, who writes to a Cana
dian Government Agent as follows :
"It was the- first week in November,
1907, w hen wo arrived here. Therowaa
very little snow or cold weather until
after the holidays, then tho snow and
cold Increased, but to no great extent.
1 think the coldest I heard of was 30
degrees below zoro, but that decree of
cold would not be felt hero any moro
than 10 degrees below zero would bo
back home in Michlsan, owing to tho
beautiful dry atmosphere of this coun
try. There came a good thaw every
month that settled tho snow, tho fields
6oon became bare, and on the 12th of
April 1 commenced ploughing. Tho
biiow was then nil gone and Ftiinmer at
hand. This last season was some
thing more than an average year
around here, with fino crops gathered
from a largo acreage. In parts tho
crops were less than average, but gen
erally speaking they were above it.
Tho price of wheat was quite good.
Some fino yields old at f 1.10 per bush
el, while some were marketed at much
less, but hardly any went below about
60 cents a bushel.
"Oats started on tho market at 35
cents a bushel, barley about 60 cents,
and flax from 90 ceuts to J1.00 b
"As this was my first year in this
country, It was a hard year for my
horses, owing to their being eastern
horses, and nut used to the western
climate, but thoy will soon get cll
matized. "The soil on my farm is a black
loam, about one foot In thickness, be
low that we find about six feet of
rlay, and below that again gravel and
sand, with an abundance of excellent
water. This was the condition of the
ground as I found it when I dug a
well. I can say that the water is as
sweet and as free from alkali and im
purities as I ever saw.
"My opinion is that tho man who
comes here with a little means can do
no better than invest $300 or $1,000 in
cattle, after locating a homestead ad
Joining or near some hilly part of tho
country where it will not be taken up
as soon. There la plenty of grass and
hay to bo found in the hilly country
and small lakes and sloughs will afford
sufficient water for any amount of cat
tle. Tho bluffs with a few hay or
straw sheds will make sufficient shel
ter for them. There is no need to
worry about the market for cattle, as
there is already a great call for stock
of all kinds to satisfy tho continued
demands of the large packing houso at
Edmonton, established by Swift nnd
"Tho dairy business should by no
means be forgotten. It is one of the
paying enterprises of this great west.
The price of butter seldom goes below
25 cents and reaches as high as
40 cents a pound. Also tho new cream
eries that are fast being erected along
the lines of railroad are calling on the
farmers for their cream.
"These creameries are greatly wel
comed in all communities, because sell
ing cream Is better than making but
ter, even at an average price of 23
cents a pound. For a new country the
railroad transportation facilities are
good; not yet, of course, what they
are in older countries, but the new
lines are swiftly gaining as tho coun
try gets more settled and supplies
them with produce to ship. It is hard
to say too much in favor of this coun
try. All one needs is a little money
with grit and ambition. I have seen
homesteads that were filed on a little
over three years ago that the owners
have refused $3,000 for.
"There is much more that can be
said In favor of Western Canada, but I
think my letter has been long enough."
It was In the hotel of a western min
ing town that the New England guest,
registering in the office, heard a suc
cession of youd yells.
"What in the world Is that a mur
der going on upstairs?" ho demanded.
"No," said the clerk, as ho slammed
the book and lounged toward the
stairs. "It is tho spring bed up in No.
5. That tenderfoot up there don't get
the hang of It, and every few days he
gets one o' the spiral springs screwed
into him like a shirt stud. I guess I'll
have to go up, if there ain't anything
more I can do for you for a few min
utes." Youth's Companion.
May 6, the Stato Land Commissioner
of Wyoming will distribute 7,000 acres
Irrigated land at Cooper Lake, near
Laramie nnd Denver, on main lino of
I'nlon Pacific; 50 cents per acre. Old
est Reservoir and Direct Water Rights;
$3 an acre cash and $3 an acre an
nually for ten years. Free trip and
.wo town lots to all who apply before
May 1. Write for application and cir
culars. Tallmadge nuntin Land Co.,
Agents, 2nd floor, Railway Exchange,
Chicago. Agents wanted.
To Save Time.
A small machine glass with mark
ings Indicating different numbers of
drops will bo found a great saving of
time to every mother, whllo the ac
curacy of measurements by means of
it Is well worth taking into considera
tion. The Night of the Game.
First Splflleated Person Doesh
thlah student belong here?
Landlady (coldly) No, all my stu
dents were brought homo un Lour
ao. Wisconsin Spkitu.
About a Dream I Had
Charles Battell Loomis
(Copyright by W. U.t'hauinun.)
I had a dream last, nigiif.
I dreamed that I had grown a pond
deal stouter and a good dial better
looking, and it was the New Year
pretty well on in the New Year after
the Fourth of March, but just exactly
when I couldn't determine.
Wherever I walked people waved
tli'dr hats at iae, and I was more pop
ular than I had ever thought of being
I was not at all used to the action
of my jaws which were more energet
ic and strong and quick acting than
any I had ever had, and I wondered
who in the world I was, anyhow.
All of a sudden a rough-looking chap
In a blue flannel shirt and bearing a
shovel on his shoulders passed me
and looked kind of hard at me, and
I recognized him at once as a fellow
who had busted bronchus with mo
years ago.
With a smile broader than any I
was ever able to compass before, I
rushed up to him and said: "Don't
you know me, Frank?" And he
grabbed my hand and called mo
"Teddy" and at that I said "Dee
lighted:" and realized at once who I
I wasn't tho least bit sorry that I
"Twitching His
had ceased to bo myself, because if I
was Teddy I'd always be myself.
I found I wns on my way to tho
African steamer, which sailed from
Hobokcn in an hour.
Then the scene changed and a whole
lot of people clustered around me and
I was standing on tho back platform
of a railroad train, saying pleasant
things to the multitude, but all tho
time thinking: "Dear ni' will they
ever Ft art, or am I going to miss that
At last tho whistle sounded, and I
shook hands with five or six who
clambered on the steps at the immi
nent risk of their lives, and then
just as the train pulled out a mother
handed nie her baby to klr.s, and be
fore I could hand it back wo were at
least a quarter of a mile away and
going at a rattling rate in tho wrong
direction, and I had a strange baby
in niy arms, nnd didn't know what on
earth to do with it.
Put the mother seized a megaphone
from a Harvard boy ami shouted:
"You may have It. I have nine
That delighted me. I yelled back
above tho roar of tho train:
"What's the baby's name?"
"Theodore Taft"
I Instinctively put otft my har.J to
shake the mother's, and there I was
back at the station, handing her my
photograph with my autograph on it
and asking her the quickest way to
the Afrlcun hlcamer.
She said: "Three squares to the
right nnd mind the baby doer.u't get
lost in tho jungle."
I told her I'd be careful, and grab
bing tho child in my left arm, I sprang
on a horse that happened to bo stand
ing at hand and did what you might
call a Teddy bareback ride at a pace
that, would have killed nomo cavalry
officers I've heard of.
Just as I got to the dock I saw the
African steamer pulling out, and there
was a crowd of about a million people
bidding me farewell and I nof, on the
I was In such a state of mtr.d that
I flung the baby at the captain, who
was standing on the bridge, nnd be
caught him and clapped a uniform on
him so that he wouldn't cateh cold,
and made them put back t-h- :mu
plank and I was :i(V on boi'rd.
It seemed as If v.e upwt would got
to Africa, and in point of fact it wn.-i
over an hour before the loimed for
land appeated on the horizon. The
ft 'iwMwfesw
B 1
b ll'V bad d''le;ie.l into qul'p a lilkkv
young in. in ;id 1 made him my prUato
secretary, s h wrote a !;iod hand.
,U last I was in Africa and was go
ing after bU g.tme, and then I was
goins to write it xrj ut a dollar a
At this point I didn't seem to bo
Teddy Roosevelt so much na V.
seemed to bo myself and that Is wh;
a dellar ft word seemed bigger than
f-iieoting a covey of hippopn ami.
We w"ro In the middle of an Amer
ican forest reservation in the heart of
Africa and I a rhinoceros high
up on the limb of a redwood,
twitching his bushy taH and scoldlux
at me. 1 immediately leveled or
rather raised my Krag-.Iorgensen at
him and tired and the big fellow came
tumbling at my feet, lie still showed
signs of life when lie fell to tho
ground, but with my big stick I
clubbed the life out of him and called
for a typewriter and an qcean cable.
These Theodore Taft brought to me.
"Do you understand tho Morse
code?" 1 asked.
lie did not answer, but taking out a
telegraph key he began to click it,
spelling tho name of my New York
"Never mind the typewriter," said I,
impetuously, hurling the machine from
me. I struck a herd of Itengnl tigers
and exploded, and when tho smoke
hail cleared away I found that I had
killed nine.
I at once began to dictate my story
at a dollar a weird, fust wiring that I
wished tin1 money cabled to mo as
soon as the words were counted.
" 'I came, I saw, I conquered,' " I
cabled, "which is plx dollars and rath
er more than Caesar got for tho same
words." Hero I realized that the mod
ifying clause had brought mo in $11
and I was very happy.
I proceeded, Theodore cabling It an
I spoke.
"I was limpy when I was a cow
boy, but this brats It, I was happy
when I was a student at Harvard un-(
der Proxy Kliot, but tills big gamo
Bushy Tall."
hunting In Africa is tho happiest thing
yet. I was happy when I was lighting
in Cuba, but I am happier now. I was
happy when I was police commission
er, but thin has it beaten to a frazzle.
I was happy when I was an assembly
man, but this knocks it silly. I was
happy when I was assistant secretary
of the navy, but this gives it the gfi
by. I was happy when I was governor
of New York, but this is the bulliest
thing I ever struck. 1 was happy
when I was president, but none of
these former things could hold a
candlo to this hunting big game In
Africa How many words is that,
"One hundred and fifty-six at a dol
lar a word."
"flee, this Is slow work! Cable 'em
to go hang. Tell 'em Theodore Roose
velt doesn't want tho money, it's tho
sport of the thing he's after."
And at that moment I saw a Nu
midlan lion climbing a redwood and
just ahead of him a nature faker
climbing for dear life.
With a most chivalrous instinct I
leveled my gun nt the lion there was
a tremendous report, tho whole mid
dle of Africa dropped out of the map,
leaving an inland sea, into which I
slipped and Immediately woke up.
!'..;.' I was happy while it lasted, and
I think I understand Roosevelt batter
for the dream.
Surprise That Cams to One Whc Was
Pasting cn Red Cross Stamps.
"I never actually realized the extent
of the white plague," said one who has
been buying and using tho Red Cross
t'hi'i.-tma'! stamps, "till I canio to do
up my Chrlrtmas packages.
"Then it struck mo all at once that
I mustn't put the stamps on bundles
sent to anybo.'y suffering from this
mrdady or into any family with a
member alliieted or that perhaps
had lost one. Ami do you know that
when 1 curim to think I was surprised
nt the nunilxr of those 1 could .--mil
from rluht. nmong my owu clcno ac
quaintance. and friends to whom these
stamp'! would be a far from pleasant
"S.i I withheld sta-:i3 from some
p:icl::i",o:', but I put il uibie slumps on
nil the re-it; ami I am io!;:g io luiy
lucre .tamps to give what lnd' I ran
to tho lit lit ;';ain:;t this dread Uls-
this competitive age and when of ample character it places
possessor in the front rank of
The Well Informed of the World.
A vast fund of personal knowledge U really essential to the achievement of the
highest excellence in any field of human effort.
A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowl
edge of Products are all of the utmost value nnd in questions of lif and health
when a true; and wholesome remedy u desirt d it should he remembered that Syrup
of Figs and Klixir of Senna, manufactured ly the California Fii? Syrup Co., is an
, ..!.:.. I :,t. ,u. 1 .1 ,l. , : . 1
Clliuai iiuuut-t Mim 11 lias mil vwill uiu UiiUtll til 111C 111USI CIlllllClll
mx- Ilmi',lc:i1 c itl.T li-';nn lrv.T1Ke it II Von,, wit, .if
Ifrinwrl Oil n 1 , 1 7
Tarts and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the W ell Informed of the
world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first
and best or f jnury laxatives,
Tliis valuable remedy has been long and favorably known
under the name of Syrup of Figs anil has attained to world
wide acceptance ns the most excellent family laxative. As ils pure
laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians
and the Well Informed ol the world to be the best we have
ndontcd the more elaborate n.imo of Svrnr f Fie nml
VVR l.l ..l.t... v .
sy JA uui aouuucss 11
name ol
No Heed Paid to Begging Letters.
As nearly na can be ascertained, the'
wealthy persons of New York city re
celvo 25,000 begins letters a day
from nt rangers, and tho wrltera Bland
n better chunco of finding money than
In petting from them, for even tho
most liberal of philanthropists do not
disprnsc their charity excepting nc
cnrdlnR to careful plans and after In
vestigation. Hlg First Practice.
The old farmer stood In front of tho
"Human Frog" In the museum. "How
did yoou ever llnd out yeou were a
contortionist?" he drawled, curiously.
'"t'.h!" whispered the contortionist.
"It's a secret, but I onco tried to dress
In the, upper berth of u I'ullmau
No iim in Cirlit'M Tim. Na
t hit's laxittivr- it is composed wholly of
i li;in, Mvrot, health -;ivini llnlis! I'or con
Ktipation, liver nnd kidney troubles.
Why doesn't some enterprising at
torney write a book of unwritten
A (Viiicti, If ncu'li Tteil, nfti-n riffer-tn tlio
laitif.'. "lirmvn'H Hronelilul Troches" uiv
relief. 2,1 ernts a Imx. Samplis cent free
by John I. Urown & Hon, lioston, Maps.
When a man's heart is broken by a
woman ho employs aome other wom
an to mend It.
T.ewin' Single Hinder ptniinht 5c cipnr.
Miide of ricti.i oniliiy toUireo. Your
dealer or Lcivis' lac'tory, lWia, 111.
A woman probably feels blue when
she Is green with envy.
rn rs n nrn is n to 14 davs. HIM'VKN I' li Kuanint'i'4 to cum any csm
f'f Iti-hln. lUlml, lili'Hlinir or rromidlng l'llutln
C tu 14 dajt or dhuii'J retunded, fiUc
What you call temper In your wife
you call temperament In yourself.
Allen'a Foot-I'mp, ti I'owilee
Forwoll,,ii.wi-imnu r.'i.t. i.ivi-siiiMain rellrf. Thu
originul poHUnr fur IMo feet, idc ut all lirimgiits.
Tho cf.mmon people believe without
proof. Tacitus.
V, 8. i ul. Lfl:
The genuine sold everywhere
Cnlnr mnre gimrlt brighter and fattc ee.!ors thsn an cthnr dya. One 10c o.irkjo" c'nr all flbera. The dva in cold water better than ant other dv V- e.. d..
lor gjftnent millwul npuing apmL ttiila lor lrc beoUet-ntw to b,t, Uleat,h and Mu Ctlor. MONRO C ORUU OO . , Qu Iney, tillnoll
li-ifci; VALUE x&x.
Personal KNOwLEDGiil
Personal knowledge is lite winning factor in the culminating
I("nniun F,v-fll.-f nn,l IT
villi uivi.l.,l.i; ILUll lliunil
lor which no extravagant or unreasonable claims
II I I ii if i .i i .
win aiwnvs ue cat ca lor dv mo shorter
name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial
effects, always note, when purchasing the full
the Company California rig Syrup
printed on the front of every package,
whether you call for Syrup of r igs
or by the full name Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Senna.
45 to 50 Du. of Wheat Per Acre
have Lcrn grown on (arm landi in
Miuh Irsi would he j
latulucloiy. 1 he grn.
eial nmiipc it above
twenty huiiieli.
"Allure Inud In their
prattles ol the Rreiit
crop unil that won
del hit rnuntrv."- f.r-
t.Kt fwrt cnrrrtmnlrn.r Uttloml tJllvrltl
Ai3Kl.ilion vf August,
It it now possible to lecure a Immrslead o 160
arret (rre and anollier 160 actei al $i.(K) per arte.
I lundredt have paid the eosl rl their Urmi (if
purcli.ivd) and then had a balance ol (rom $10.00
In $ 1 2.00 prr acre Irnm one crop. Wlirat, hailry,
oots, llax all du well. Mixed Iniming it a great
euccest and dairying it hii'hlv nmfitahle. Lurl.
; lent climate, splendid tthnols and churches, rail
ivayt bring most ecry clislm l wilhin easy reach
ol maikrt. Railway and land companies htvo
lanui lor talc at low pneet and on eaty terms.
"Laat nest West'p;imrhli'tii nnd maps aent
free. Kor these nnd inlomicitlon as to how
to secure lowest mllwiiy riitrn, npply to
Superintendent of Immlirrntinn, Ottnwu,
Canndn, or the authorized Canadian Govern
ment Afent:
SOI New York Lite Bulldlnl. Ooitha. Nftrnclt,
Omaha Directory
h" mnll nt pnt priced. fVrnl for frer rntnloi'iia.
M. Splesberger & Son Co.
VS.olesale Millinery
TheBostlnlhaWett OMAHA, NEB.
tlovero Rubber Hose
At-k your
lftlr, or
misled by imitations
its fortunate
puySlCiailS dllU r,
VWilljyM,Vlll '
arc made.
TMF TFCTII fa,l''ne 'celt any dentifrice
I lit I Lb I II ;n cleansing, whitening enj
removing lartai from the Icelti, besides dcstrnyin
all RTmt ol decay and d, ioo which ordinary
tooth preparations cannot do.
Ttir MftlrTU Faitinft used as a mouth
I UL lfl3 I li wh dife. ttthe mouth
end throat, purifiet the breath, and kills the germi
which collect in the mouth, causing tore throat
bad teeth, bad breath, grippe, and much sickness.
I lib dlLU and burn, may be instantly
relieved and iliengthened by Paxtine.
f ATA OPU r'axline will destroy t!ie germs
W I Mnriii tint cause catarth, heal ihe in
riammation and lop llie discharge. It it ture
remedy for uterine catarrh.
Paxtine it a hartnlest vet powerful
Berniicide.dijiiifeilant and deodorizer, f
I 1 . 1 .1 . 1 . 1 v
vjicu in uaining u ocurcy ouorsanu
leaves the body autitepiically clean.
',C3CTB Cotti((k90c(tracrtfor&ted. KiZSSl
HJ M'it tfiixlorfMlffraHRnf tlisrvntiirT.ylrltliriM' trin
ym i 1 u mm nr uy n-r at ami iitn i.r p.fiu''i
Ll Itimilv tT..wn.irrfiwi irrownt Cut mixta
aJ nut in 4 kil t Itmkftfor the mnivfr aalu . ki'I
to 011. iirownniij nonriPiitw tvttry rirrr tin rvrr;
'innln Amfrlm. I hr-aitnAillrt. Itiiiir.Miit am t n'tH Ifttirli of Krypu littr rmJ mtnl-tr frf or
-diui 100 m KiAiMpB nn rrrrivo Hamiii fr thlr
woiulorrii I rraMi .liHif Hprlu, t tin r-ril wnni-r.
Mfcrirr .Utii,('iorr, (lrf, ft. , rt. ,nd (iitk
'ir rri. or !.1 4c nri will aM KRiiii.ii-
1 Briu eeu nnitjuj neTr Hfril vj you iMMortj.
La Crossff, Wli
DErltHCE Cold Water Stnch
nialiOH luuuUry work u plrusur j. 10 oz. vlit. luo.
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 9, 1909.
A flaTnrlnjr thnt Ih nseil tlie nme n lemon
orvMiillln. Ily ilisMilvitii? irraiiuliiti il miimr
In water nml iiil(!lii Maili-im, di-lli-iotia
ynip It nuiiln aril n yrup bi lti r tlmn maple.
Maplelna la Mild Iit,tikitv 1 1 m l n-mt .V.cfur
tloi, tMit. aii'l n-ctpnhu,l(. I rrwrui It's- ., S.illU.
w ymm.
I Mi vll W
WFwajr tiw-
for the
Don't be