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NEWS. Established Nov. 5. 1-31
H KKALU. t.-ulilihcii Apiil 1 1-
, Consoliiiatid Jan. 1. l-'.'j
A POPULAR CITIZEN "nrKliLr.a'eoloi-oa "vaffiSJnii!
; man out of employment
Tom G. Barnum Who Died InM.
P. Wreck On 14th Instant
Cass County Eoy.
The Plattsmouth
the World-Herald under
correspondent of j
date of the
x brok-i
and a
caine to his
home at the noon hour. All three were
ushered into the dining room and sump
tuously dined. The soldier was given
money, the unemployed a position and
the colored man went his way with his
better nature aroused. When a mem-j
her of the board of education he saw j
; that the heavy work was telling on the
. ill.... I.,. . 1 I
l'.tth gives a very reauaoiebKcico 01 u.e ... ,!li anil ho iumi him
life of a popular citizen of this county, ' awa tQ the river m a duck bhootiB
T. G. Barnum of Union who was killed CXH!(,iliHn anj luU.r insisled that he
a week ago last Sunday in the wreck mugt brtfak o drjve AUm I a WoodtHl
near Union. The World Herald says: ; wWch w, highIy ftnd
Thomas G. Barnum, the victim ot the ; man di(, not under3tand hU mo.
Missouri Pacific wreck of last Sunday, . Uve untj, thu red Wo0(1 of hcath wag
comes of an old and well known family. , jn tfc h hU yt ..
His father, Hon. Evander Barnum,
came to Nebraska in the early '50s, j Battle Ships Return,
settling at Union, Neb., in 18W). In i Today the American battleship fleet,
the same year he served as territorial after a most marvelous voyage of
representative and in 1873 he entered j about 45000 miles, is expected to again
safely drop anchor in Hampton Roads,
It will be remembered that just about
fourteen months ago, all manner of
disaster was predicted by the so called
Case Given to the Jury Saturday The Two Cent Fare in Missouri
Afternoon -Verdict for j Proves That the Kate is
Defendant. ! Not Confiscatory.
The suit of Henry It. Gering against . .
. , , , In. Missouri the 2-cent rate is paying
John M. Leyi a. wherein Gering claims . .
' ' T , ,. out, and the conditions there seem to
$")0;i0 damages from Leyda, on the .. , , .
. J . contradict the idea that such a rate is
Vlliirire ill Hi l cua mcbiauiiiiii, wii v- ,. . . i
1 nuiiltuiMit.trir rriikju mviTititpnna in Inn
Beggs on July 5, 1908, and upon
that case before Judge Allen J. Beeson,
Mr. Gering was discharged.
State Journal bearing date of the lxth
inst., contain such information. The
State Journal says:
Statements made by attorneys for
railroad companies that the 2-cent rate
thu state senate, serving one term. He
was justice of the peace during the
times when history in Nebraska was in
the making. His mother is of Scotch
desccnt.being a lineal descendent of the . naval experts and magazine writers,
family of Lord Lovell. His mother is They were confident that the battle
the only member of the family in the j shifts would be lost in the storms in
state today, excepting his wife, who rounding Cape Horn, or if they should
bears the name of Barnum, his father j ever reach the Pacific and should make
dying in 1808. the journey that they would be worn
Thomas Barnum wa3 an only child, j out and rendered useless. Not a single
He was born at Union, Neb., March 18, 1 ship has been put out of cjminission
littl. He was educated at the Nebras-1 and practically all repairs have been
ka City college of the Episcopal church, i taken care of by the mechanics on the
n institution that docs not now exist, ; vessels. The officers and men have
but which educated some well known ; been tendered ovations by every country
men. Horatio N. Dovey of the First they have visittd. The cruise has fur
National bank in this city, John Stein- j nished the world an object lesson in
hart, ex-mayor of Nebraska City and j naval affairs. The sixteen battleships
president of the Commercial club, Carl . composing the fleet are the Connecticut,
Morton and A. L. Dorrington of the : Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont, Georgia,
United States army, now stationed in ' Nebraska, New Jersey, Rhode Island,
the Philippines, were classmates of Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia,
Mr. Barnum. Paul Morton was an up-' Wisconsin, Illinois, Kearsarge, and
per classman at the same time. Canon I Kentucky. Rear Admiral Charles S.
Burgess of Plattsmouth.whohadcharge ! Sperry has been commander-in-chief of
of the funeral services, was at that ; the fleet on the voyage,
time instructor in Greek and Hebrew in , Today we welcome the home coming
the college. Mr. Barnum completed of our fleet, and every patriotic citizen
his work at the college in 1880 at the ( can justly feel proud of such a naval
age of 19, and on November (5, 1882, he j fleet. No such marvelous voyage
was married to Miss Harriet Pollard, would hardly be attempted by any
daughter of Isaac Pollard of Nehawka other naval fleet in the world. The men
and sister of Congressmau E. M. Pol- on the fleet are now experienced and
lard and a cousin of ex-Senator Sheldon, i trained in the school of experience, and
count of a complaint filed against Ger
ing by C. A. Rawls, as County Attor
ney, last July has occupied the court
the past week. The criminal action
charged Mr. Gering with unlawful sale
l: . o.....l I'
01 UllUXll HllMu IHIUur iu Ullir oaiuui.-i i... ... i- . i :
vi iiiki'Aiv....i to iftiilioiitArv rnntrmlirfiM in
iriaioi j , ., " ... , . ,
report ot me rauroau aim wureimuse
commissioners, given out tonight. This
iii liiiail ntum utirrtiMi ot a mi inn t a if tVii
. . . ' l& tl-lDllt Lt LIWI I Dtl Vltl DlllWVHIVIIVtl V HIV
areas follows: C. G. Bailey, C. F.
Chandler, Jno. McGuiness, Harry
Thomas, J. I). Cross. F. A. Creamer,
Edward Parsell, W. N. Minford, A. N.
T rr1. Vioifnlwith Inun urnm.
, 1 ' . . ! fr the road of $087.74 a mile
IllLtM it I 111 OLilLU lunuut lain.
McCrory, Geo. E. Bucll, Jos. Wiles,
Win. Rtimmell.
The plaintiff was represented by
Matthew Gering and General John C.
Cowin, of Omaha, and the defense by
J. Elmer Leyda, of Falls City, and
Byron Clark. Mr. H. It. tiering and
Mr. J. M
inent in
politics, and a very bitter feeling exists
between them.
Much interest has been manifested
by the public in the progress of the
trial, a large audience being present at
every session of the court.
The case was submitted to the jury
Saturday afternoon about four o'clock.
A verdict was found for the defendant.
railroad companies.
Although many of the roads did not
make a report of their exclusive pas
j senger earnings a mile in Missouri for
l'.H)7, a comparison made on a basis of
! the earnings a mile of the entire road
show that the majority of the roads
I did not lose money, but on the contrary
j the earnings show an increase. The
j Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Itail
J road company has figures for 1907 and
190S and these figures show a net gain
in Mis
The Missouri Pacific, whose attorneys
asserted in the recent rate hearing in
Kansas City that the road was losing
money on state business, have no
figures for Missouri in 1007. The pas
sengers earnings for 1908 in Missouri,
however, show that the road earned
$1,002.27 more on its state business than
it did on the business of the entire
More Money for Posloflico.
Washington, Feb. 20-In the sun
dry civil bill, which passed the senate
tixlay, Nebraska appropriations are
made as follows: Beatrice, improve
ing, $:i0,000; Columbus, completion of
building, $45,000; Fairbury, site and
completion of public building, $55,000;
Fremont, completion of building and
improvements, $:I5,000; Grand Island,
completion of building, $45,000; Hold
rege, site and continuation of work on
building, $50,000; Kearney, site and
continuation on building, $20,000; North
Platte, site and continuation of build
ing, $(10,000; Plattsmouth, completion
of building, $.'15,000; York, completion
of building. $15,000. -Lincoln Journal.
This indicates that Plattsmouth is to
get an $85,000 federal building, as $50,
000 was appropriated at the last session
of congress.
Roth Sides were Exceptionally
Good but Plattsmouth
Proves Best.
Sunday School Workers.
The Sunday school workers of Ne
braska, especially those interested in
the Organized Adult Bible Class work
will have an exceptional opportunity to
hear Mr. W. C. Pearce, the Inter
national Adult Superintendent in Lin
coln, March 2 and .'J. Mr. Pearce is
making a tour of the country, holding
Adult Conferences, and Lincoln is one
of the favored twelve cities selected.
Further particulars may be secured by
writing to the office of the Nebraska
Sunday School association, Lincoln.
C. C. Wescott and wife left last even- system in 1907, though the business of
ing for a ten days trip to the eastern I the entire system shows a decrease of
markets. $171. 70. ;
I must feel a high degree of confidence,
which is a most valuable asset in the
hour of of trial. Every American must
feel that the expenditures for building
! condemned our fleet as worthless and
unseaworthy, is not to be believed,
i Hurrah for the American naval fleet
After his marriage Mr. Barnum took
up his residence on his father's large
juuu k uk. . -h - " . batt,cahi ( have not a waste
Here Mr. Pol ard erected a palatial 1
7 .fi . , m, of money, and that the muck rake
res dence as a gift to his daughter, Mr. , . "
1 , L i f . magazine writer, who has so harshly
P.arnum encraired extensively in farm-, h, ....
ing and stock raising, employing a num
ber of men. The past few years he
devoted most of his time to sheep. In
1905 he registered for the Gregory Valentine Party.
county land drawing at Boncteel and There was a surprising surprise for
drew claim 323. He and his wife lived J JeHnnette Teegarden and a number of
on the land the required time and prov- hcr frjt.nds last Saturday. Mrs. II. B.
ed up on it. Mr. Barnum is survived Wolcott entertained for Jeannctte at a
by an only child, Mrs. Vernie Cheney, ' Valentine party. The guests were sent
his wife and his mother, Mrs. Eliza , t0 Mrs Wolcott's homeon the pretense
Gilchrist Barnum. of errands. The rooms were prettily
"Tom Barnum, as he was universally decorated with hearts of all colors, a
kr.own, was a pnuosopner wua wmmi ; delicious two course luncheon was
it did one good to converse. Jovial, 8crved aml a each plate there was a
prosperous and kind hearted, be was j valentine for a place card. It won't
known to every man, woman and child j be a hard matter to get those young
for miles. His door was never closed ' fk s to go on an errand to Mrs. Wol
arul no matter who applied for charity i cott's in the future. Weeping Water
or food, or lodging their appeal was j Republican. -
fltP f AJjrnlPAW ,i.V.;V KJnnm; fry Irnil in
V vour national capacity must always exalt the just
pride of Patriotism more than any appellation derived
from local discriminations." Washington's Farewell
f Address to the People of the United states.
Adam Schanz Diet.
Adam Schanz, youngest son of George
Schanz and wife of this city died at
the home of his parents in this city last
Thursday evening, of the dread disease
consumption. The young man was a
little over 22 years of age and was
Advertised Letter List.
Remaining uncalled for in the post
Friday evening the High school of
this city won in the debating contest
ugainst the Weeping Water High
school. The contest took place in the
auditorium of the High school.
Miss Marie Douglass and Josephine
Hall and Mr. John Falter, maintained
the affirmative of the subject: "Ke
solved, that disputes between Labor
and Capital in the railroad business
should be settled by Board of Arbitra
tion with compulsory power."
Misses Grace Teegarden and Maryr
Hungate and Mr. John Clark main
tained the negative side of the ques
tion. These young people handled the
subject in a way that showed much
force of thought and training, and this
speaks will for the High school of our
neighboring city.
Misses Hall and Douglass were partci
ularly strong in elocutionary power.
I and their address showed much research
i and careful preparation. Mr. Falter,
j while younger than the others, showed
I a clear logical mind, and by his logic
S and strong analysis of the subject, did
I much to win the contett.
The local High school as well as the
I visiting High Bchool deserve congratu-
lations on the strength of preparation
shown by this contest. The partici-
Bs pants on both sides deserve the highest
! commendation, and we predict that
office at Plattsmouth, Neb., Feb
Miss Kate Ducan, Andrew Arohwieh, I these young people will be heard from
Hal. Chapman, J. E. Doley and Mar
tian Tike.
These letters will be sent to the dead
letter office March 2, 1000, if not
in later years.
The musical numbers by Mr. E. H.
Wescott, Prof. W. G. Brooks, and
Mrs. J. W. Gamble were highly ap
delivered before. In calling for the 1 predated by the large audience. Master
above please say "advertised" giving j Ben Windham gave an humorous read
date of list. C. II. Smith, P. M. j ing to the delight of all.
The judges were M'bj Maken of the
We've been selling pants, most
ly pants since we began our annual
pant sale. Just 4 prices:
$1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00
Best values we ever offered.
All new goods. Mostly Dutchess.
Wherever there were 1, 2 or 3
pairs left in a line we have put
thenrin this sale, all sizes 29 waist
to 56 waist. Come before they
are gone. Bring the cash.
C. E. Wescott's Sons
Where Quality Counts.
Capt. Palmer May be Mayor.
Captain H. E. Palmer has formally
filed for the republican nomination for
mayor, that formality being performed
for him at 1 o'clock yesterday after
noon by Sylvester E. Searl, the attor
ney who is the duplicate of William H.
Taft. nresident-elect. in anncaranee. cigar maker by trade, although he had
With it was a petition signed by sev- not worked at his trade for Home
eral hundred ardent republicans, pray- months, owing to his illness. He leaves
ing that the captain become a candidate surving his parents and one brother,
and his letter accepting their prayer, George Schanz of Evangeline, La.
dated January 23, before he left for Also an uncle and aunt residing in this
Cuba, where the captain is now sojourn- city, being George Klinger and wife,
ing temporarily. as well as three cousins, George J.,
Captain Palmer has served as fire and ; Henry and Sophia Klinger of this city,
police commissioner, park commissioner I His brother has been notified and will
and postmaster of Omaha; has been for j doubtless arrive for the funeral today,
several years one of the board of direc-1 The funeral occurred today at 2 o'clock
tors of the national soldiers' home; has i i" the Evangelical church, Rev. Lang
been department commander of the G. j hrst in charge. The pallbearers were
A. It.; has had honors and duties galore V "I Hassler.James Ptak.hmil Droege,
within the republican party organiza-1 Charles Wilkins, Anton Kouberk and
tion; but is now for the first time in his j Henry Hesse. Interment was made in
political career, appealing directly to . Oak wood cemetery.
the sufferage of the voters for a public 1
honor. ! Sunday School Workers.
Father Shine Surprised.
Father M. Shine, of St. John's Cath-!
olic church, wan made the recipient of
a surprise party of the junior priests
from this vicinity. His guests present
ed him with a handsome walrus skin
traveling bag. Thoss attending from
abroad were Father Moran of St.
Thomas orphanage, Father O'Brien, of
the cathederal at Lincoln; Father
Murphy of Davey, and Father Lougnot
of Alverno.
Install Olfioers at Creenwood.
J. (5. P. Hildcbrand and E. E. Black
man will go to Greenwood this evening
where Mr. Hildebrand will be the in
stalling officer and Mr. Blackman will
deliver an adreBS before the Modern
Woodman lodge. Mr. Blackman's ad
dress will be on woodcraft.
Miss Eveland Weds.
At noon Thursday at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Eveland, near Murdock, occurred the
marriage of Miss Jo Eveland to New
ton Lang. A large company of rela
tives and friends of both parties wit
nessed the ceremony.
Omaha High school, Prof. Sreedie of
Benton, and Prof. Greyson of Council
At the close of the exercises a recep
tion was given to the visitors by the
Senior class and high school faculty.
It is to be hoped that these contests
may be kept up regulurly, as they must
prove beneficial.
Engineer Moore Improving.
The condition of George II. Moore
the Burlington engineer hurt at La
Platte, as a result of a collision with
a pile driver, is favorable. Mr. Moore
was not so seriously injured as at first
reported, and it is said he will soon be
able to leave the hospital.
Marriage License Issued.
A marriage license was issued Fri
day to Adelbert Leesley, of Greenwood
and Miss Belle Vickers, of Alvo. The
parties are well known and popular
people from the west end of the county.
Albert Johnson of near Weeping
Water was in the city Saturday at
tending the sale of the realty in the
Lynd estate.
With Captain Palmer in the mayoralty
race, adding his name to that of Arthur
Briggs and Harry Frost, who have al
ready filed as republican candidates,
the republican political situation be
comes exceedingly complicated. World
Farms For Sale.
I am offering a farm for sale two
miles south-wesi of Mynard at ninety
dollars per acre. Also one 3 1-2 miles
south-east of Murray. Earl V. Cole.
Mynard, Neb. 74-8
Luther Hall of Elmwood and Miss
Pearl Gamble, of Yates Center, Kan.,
were married in Lincoln by Judge Cos
grave Thursday.
Information of the illness of "Grand
ma" Giberson, one of the oldest resi
dents of Weeping Water has just
i reached thcNKWS-llKitAl.n.
The Adult Bible "lass Conference to
j be helil in Linclon March 2 and 3 prom- j
ises to be one of the events of the ! o-4M t t
year among Sunday School workers, j
1 Mr. Pearce has appeared in Nebraska
I before, at the State Convention at Fro-
mont last June, and at that time he
l won the hearts of all who heard him.
i The Conference or Institute will conti-
Fainled In Court Room.
While performing her regular duties ; nue for two days and will be under the
at the County Judge's office Friday 1 direct supervision of Mr. Pearce, the
evening, Miss Gertie Beeson fainted international Adult Superintendent,
and fell to the floor. The Judge was j The range of subjects to be considered
absent having been called as a witness j ja so wide that any person who will
in the Gering-Leyda lawsuit, and the . have the opportunity to attend the
janitor who happened to be in the room j institute will have a complete working
summoned Judge Beeson at once. Mrs. I knowledge of this important and grow
Miner and Miss Weidman came in from j ing field of Sunday school endeavor,
the Register's office and a doctor was Full information, including a provis
sent for. Miss Beeson was unconscious 0nal program and plans of the Confer
for nearly twenty minutes, but finally enco may be secured from the State
was restored so as to be removed to her j Sunday School Association office, in
home. She was not able to be in the : Lincoln.
office Saturday and Monday.
Moving to New Home.
El.MWooit. Nun., Feb. 10. -Walter
Funeral ol Herman Herold.
The funeral of the late Herman Her-
Cromwell loaded his household goods in old of this city took place at the family
a car Thursday and left for Foster, home on Saturday afternoon and the
where he has purchased a farm. Mrs. : services were conducted by Canon If.
Cromwell and the children expect to B. Burgess of St Luke's church. The
leave Sunday. The Cromwell family ; body was interred in Oak Hill cemetry.
have resided in this community for al-' Among those attending from out of the
most thirty years. They are a splendid city were Mr. and Mrs. William Skin
family and will be greatly missed by ; ner, Mrs. Frank Hager and Mr. Frank
their many warm friends here. j Herold of Lincoln.
Wise Talks by the Office Boy
You can take my word for it-whatever
a fellow hopes to be.hc will be, unless he
gets on the wrong car. Whenever I hear
one those worldly wise chaps using that
expresssion, "Where do I get off?" I
always feel like edging up and saying,
"Put him off at Plattsmouth because he
will then know just where he is going to
get off and we will all know where he is
getting off. We know that he will get
off better than he expected for the
simple reason that we are primed
to the muzzle with new goods and we don't
care how soon the people know it. Times are improving,
business is improving, people are imtroving, everything
is improving except the weather and you can't improve
that because it isn't made to be bossed. Have you tried
our Plattsmouth brand of M & J coffee? Then you can't
t go wrong on.
t X
itnintimiHittiii mmiiitiiMiiiMM