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    All Who
Would Enjoy
good health, with it h Mossing: must un
derstand, quite clearly, that it involves the
question of right living with all the term
implies. With proper knowledge of what
is best, each hour of rvrn iit ion, uf enjoy
ment, of contemplation and of effort m:iy
bo mudo to contribute to living aright.
Then the use of medicine may lie Uh
pensed with to advantage, but under or
dinary condition in many instances a
simple, wholesome remedy may le invalu
able if taken at the proper time and the
California I'ig Syrup Co. holds that it is
alike important to present the subject
truthfully and to supply the one perfect
laxative to those desiring it.
Consequently, the Company's Syrup of
Figs and Oixir of Senna gives general
satisfaction. To get its beneficial effect?
buy the genuine, manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale
by all leading druggists.
. B
About American Fathers
Charles Battell Loomis
"There's plenty of work about If you
only look for it."
"Yes, and by the time I've found It
all me energy's gone!"
The druggists have already been sup
plied with the reruna. almanac for
1909. In addition to the regular astro
nomical matter usually furnished In
almanacs, the articles on astrology
nro very attractive to most people.
The mental characteristics of each
sign are given with faithful accuracy.
A list of lucky and unlucky days will
bfi furnished to those who have our
almanacs, free of charge. Address The
Peruna Co., Columbus, O.
Not a Trcuble Maker.
When six-year-old Oliver returned
from his first day at Sunday school his
father asked him what they had told
him, whereupon Oliver related as best
ho could the miracie of the loaves nu'.
fishes. His father suggested that tins
6tory was a rather hard ono to believe,
and asked the boy what he thought
about it, but Oliver evaded his fa
ther's question. The next morning,
however, the two were alone at break
fast. "Father," said the boy, suddenly and
"Well," answered the father.
"I didn't believe that story about
the loaves and fishes yesterday," con
tinued the child, in a quiet, confiden
tial tone, "hut I didn't say anything. I
ddin't want to start mi argument."
6ucces8 Magazine.
The Auctioneer's Hourglass.
An auctioneer of Philadelphia col
lects all sorts of objects pertaining
to his ancient calling. He has, among
other things, an Interesting set of auc
tioneer's hourglasses.
The auctioneer, a century or so ago,
concluded a sale, not by saying "do
Jng going gone!" and rapping tho
counter with his hammer, but it was
his better method to turn up a free
running glass toward the end of tho
bidding, and to end the sale Irrevoca
bly when tho sands ran out. This
caved confusion and dispute.
Tho auctioneer's glasses in the
Philadelphia collection are pictur
esque. One Is of tortoise shell and
mother of pearl. Another is of amber
nnd cold. A third is of leak and
Coffee Was the Cause.
Many daily habits, particularly of
eating nnd drinking, arc formed by fol
lowing our elders.
In this way ill health is often fas
tened upon children. A flu. lady says:
"I had been allowed to drink coffee
ever since 1 could remember, but even
as a child I had a weak stomach,
which frequently refused to retain
"The taste of coffee was In my
mouth all the time and was, as 1 found
out later, the cause of tho stomach re
belling against food.
"I now seo that it was only from fol
lowing 1 ho example if my elders that
1 formed nnd continued i ho miserable
habit of drinking coffee. My digestion
remained poor, nerves unstrung, fre
quent headache, and yet 1 did not sus
pect the true cnuse.
"Another trouble was a bad, muddy
complexion for which I spent tiino and
money for creams, massaging, etc.,
without nny results.
"After I was married I was asked to
try I'ostuni, and would v.u believe it.
I, an old coffee toper, took to I'ostuni
from the very first. We made It right
according to directions on the pkg.,
nnd it had a most delicate llavor, and I
at once quit coffee, with the happiest
"I now havp a perfectly clear, smooth
akin, fine digestion and haven't bad a
headache ill over two ears."
"There's a Kasun "
Name given by I'ostuni Co. Fatth"
Creek, Mich, 'end, "The Howl to Well.
' vllte," lu pl;gs.
l',rr rrii'l the nhine ellrf new
one nnnrnr from time In lime. They
nrr in-nuliir, irur, mW lull ul liiiimin
(Copyright by W. U. Chupmau.)
Have you ever been "the head" of
a family made up of strongly indi
vidualized members?
"Ain't it awful, Mabel?" (to use a
cant phrase that 1 particularly loathe).
"Shall the people rule?" They do
rule In my bouse, although I am the
head. The "people" are my son John
and my daughter Dorothy, our cook
and the wife of my bosom, Mrs.
It necessarily follows that I am Mr.
Courtlay, because such a thing as
divorce is unknown in my family, und
so my wife's name is the same as
You know I hold that divorce
doesn't really change a woman's name.
If she gets married to a man to begin
with that settles it. His is her name
to the end of the chapter. It. may be
a whim of mine, but if I can't have
my own way in my own house I can
at least have my own whims.
Well, Mrs. Courtlay has a good mind
and it is a mind of her own. I do not
pretend to influence It. Oh, yes I do.
"Ye," said mother, "they are nearer
Christianity than any other sect."
Hui to get back to my daughter. I
am a Christian.
She is an aguostie.
It's only iudependenco. I tell you
what, if 1 had understood how this
new generation was coins? to act I
would have become an infidel when
I the children were born so as to Insure
their being Christians.
My daughter Is a well behaved child
and I think she is well intentloned.
and I know she is generous and kind
hearted, but she will not go to church.
It makes it very hard on me, because
as John stays away from church bo
cause he doesn't approve of our pas
tor's brain, 1 have to go to church
myself or else let my wife go alone.
I'd rather play golf if I knew how.
Mind you, I believe In churches.
Why. my father always went to
chinch, but 1 get so sleepy, and my
pasior never has any new thoughts to
give me. Hut I go faithfully, and they
are thinking of making me a pillar of
the church because I'm almost the
only man left in the congregation.
For a head of a family I'm oftencr
at the foot than any man I know.
Take one more example. Wo had
to pull up stakes and move this fall.
Owner wanted to keep house himself.
I am naturally a man of decisive
mind (I've been successful In busi
ness and that counts for something
these days) and I made up my mind
at once that we would try the city,
having lived in tho suburbs for a num
ber of years.
As my son Is a student at Yale It
didn't make any difference to him
where we spent the winter, so he did
not ofTer any objection, but my daugh
ter said: "That's Idiotic, father. You
know how I like out of doors. We'll
stay where we are. It'll be easy
enough to get another rent."
Jlv daughter used so authoritative
No stroBger or better evidence can
be given of the merits of a country
than that, which conies from the testi
mony of the settler who has deter
mined to succeed. This Is why wo
reproduce- the following letter, which
speaks for itself. These people were In
duced to go to Western Canada
through the solicitation of a Canadian
Covcrnment agent, who secured for
them the low railway rates.
"Cannangay, Alta.. Canada. 12 15 - OS.
"Mr. C. J. Urougliton, Canadian llov-
eminent Agency, 1,55 Adams Street,
Chicago: We had audacity enough to
tackle the proposition of buying four
feet ions of land in Southern Alberta,
thirty miles east of Clalrsholm and
heading up on the Llttlo How, and our
two boys eiuh got a homestead ad
joining. Wo fenced three sections and
the two homesteads, and built a house,
barn, corrals and granary, and have
since enlarged some of these build
ings. We have broken 200 acres of
land, which has been sowed to oats
and wheat. During the severe winter
uf two years iibo the winter wheat
killed out somewhat, and our crop
yielded only ten bushels to tho acre,
but the spring wheat went 21 bushels
to the acre. In this country wo must
be prepared for storms and cold, at
times 20 to 30 below zero, yet on tho
whole the winters are mild ; and while
there are exceptional crops, it Is fair
to say that the average farmer can
depend on having a yield in averago
years of from 20 to 25 bushels to tho
acre for spring wheal; and winter
wheat in our imniedfato neighborhood
yields from 25 to 80 bushels to the
acre on tho average.
We have- now quite a bunch of
horses, over f0 In all, about. 1150 sheep,
after having sold 140 for mutton this
fall. We have 20 head of pure bred
registered Shropshire, which are
worth $20 each. The average prlco
received for mutton sheep was $5.00
and a little over. Pork brings 5 and
6 cents a pound. We have about I'D
head of cattle on ojir ranch now,
and last winter they picked their en
tire living from our pasture, running
to the straw stacks for shelter at night.
"The Increase of land values has
been extraordinary. Our land four
years ago cost us a little less than
$0.00 an acre. We have sold one sec
tion for $15.00, but. we would not sell
any more for less than $25.00 per acre,
as we expect the railroad within four
miles of our ranch within the next, IS
months. Southern Alberta of West
ern Canada is a mighty good country
for nny man or woman w ho loves out door
life, and who wants to get good re
turns for their labor and investment.
"We have been pleased with our
treatment from thp Canadian Govern
ment, and can heartily commend South
em Alberta as a uplendid country in
which to locate.
"Yours very truly,
The Head of the Family.
To speak exactly, I do pretend to in
fluence it, but everybody in my fMii
ily Is on to tho pretense and we all
lauRh at it together.
My oldest child, John, is 22, and he
has voted once.
I havo always voted the Republican
ticket. 1 did it because my father
did it before nio nnd because 1 was
brought up to think that a mugwump
was a disgrace to any family, and it
was, of course, out of the question to
be a Democrat. So I voted the Repub
lican ticket nnd was secretly glad
when Orover Cleveland was elected.
John voted for a Democrat who was
Known to be inferior in every way to
the Republican candidate for governor
of my state, and he did it just to show
his independence. I couldn't help be
ing proud of him eveti while I de
plored his pigheadedness.
The evening before election day 1
bad taken him aside and I had said
to him: "John, you are about to en
joy the most blessed privilege that
an American has if he doesn't hap
pen to be a woman paying taxes and
responsible for debts and owning real
estate yuu are about to cast a vote,
nnd 1 hope that you will show your
party loyalty by voting as your fa
tlier and grandfather did before you,
even though the Hepuhlican candidate
be the devil himself."
And John, who Is taller than I, looked
down at me henignnntly and said:
"Father, I have a mind of my own
and a vote of my own, nnd just to
show that a Courtlay is not neces
sarily a faithful dog with a collar on
bis neck 1 will vote for Mulrennan, al
though I do not think he Is as good a
mini hs Uradford."
"Aro you a mugwump?" I almost
"There is no such thing as a mug
wump now," said he, "but they were
honorable men with convictions who
dared thro off the party yoke. Most
men of my generation refuse the yoke,
father, and you are a dear old moss
back and a back number. And I'll
tell yuu something else, father. I be
liev that by next year I'll vote the
Socialist ticket."
Yes, that's what he said.
Take my daughter, also. I don't
mean take her away, because we are
not thinking of marriage for her until
the Is 22 at least, and she is only 19.
1 am n Clnistiiin. Well, of course,
I don't mean that 1 act like one. That
would be expecting too much. A fel
low doesn't have to net like a Chris
tian in order to be one unlets he hap
p-ns to le: a I'nitarian. And I am not
one. Some one referred to a I ultar'.an
the other day u ' neur-ChristUu."
an air, and there seemed so much to
recommend a suburban life, that I
suid :
"Oh, very well; we'll see what wo
can do here."
Then my wife said: "No, I'm sick
of suburban life. It's neither one
thing nor the other, and as the city
is bad for all our throats we'll move
to the country. Brother George was
saying the other' day there's an
abandoned farm not three miles from
his place, and it would be lovely
"Very good," said I. "I'm perfectly
agreeable" (and I am). "Let's go and
look at the abandoned farm."
"What, and be country frumps?"
said my daughter.
"Ah, I hadn't thought of that," said
I, wavering. (I was born In tho coun
try, but that was years ago.)
Then John spoke up. "The best
thing for you to do will be to move to
New Haven and then I can seo some
thing of you old folks." (I'm not yet
50, mind you. and I feel as young as
1 did when I didn't vote for Cleve
land.) "The very thing to do," said I, but
that afternoon my wife told mo that
our servant whom we havo had for
three years (we've thought of exhibit
ing her) utterly refused to leave the
suburb in which we live, and so we all
of us bowed to superior force, and
we're living across the street from
our old house and I'm still running for
And I am also still the nominal head
of the family.
And I want to shake hands with
thousands like me all over this broad
We might he divorced.
Needed All Three Seats.
Managers of London theaters are
not unfamiliar with men who nro so
desirous of comfort that they book an
extra stull on which to rest their hat
and coat. At the duke of Yolk's thea
ter, however, a man at the last mati
nee paid for three stalls for bis solo
lie explained that his comfort re
quired i hat no one should share the
arms of the chair he occupied, and for
that reason he paid for a seat on each
bide. On one of them he placed his
coat and hat, on the other a bug of
biscuits, whirl) he ute during the per
formance. A lady w ho w ant d to move Into one
of the tbn e seals because it was In a
better position than her own Inquired,
v.htn (he situation was explained lu
her, if It would not be possible to pio
side tliti Uiau with a bofu.
Woman to Conduct Large Estate.
Mrs. Jennie L. Donne of Hrockton,
Mass., has been appointed to adminis
ter the half million dollar estate of tho
late R. N. Packard and also to havo
complete control of his large shoe fac
tory. Mr. Packard died suddenly
without making a will. His heirs were
a brother and two sisters, none of
whom knew anything about his busi
ness. Mrs. Donne had been in the
employ of Mr. Packard for a number
of years and ho had often spoken of
her ability to bis relatives, declaring
that she hud more brains than any
two men of his acquaintance. Per
that reason his heirs asked to havo
her appointed and put in full charge
of his business.
with eve troubles, quick rc-
lief by iihiiik I'l'ITIT'S I'.YK SALVK, 2.
All druggist wor Mown rdlinH., Buffalo, N.Y.
Take time by the forelock. Swift.
Ho wise today; 'tis madness to de
fer. Young.
PAO OINTMKNT In Rimnnitrwl K -nr" an ,"M
uf ItchlnK. Hllnil, WliHHiinn r rniiradlng r(h-ln
0 ti II diijn ur money nf unded. MK
The words coined in the mint do not
increaso our vocabulary.
"Do you know of any woman who ever received any
benefit from taking Lycha E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound ? "
If any woman who is suffering with any ailment peculiar
to her sex will ask her neighbors this question, she will be
surprised at the result. There is hardly a community in
this country where women cannot be found who have been
restored to health by this famous old remedv, made
exclusively from a simple formula of roots and herbs.
During the past 30 years we have published thousands
of letters from these grateful women who have been cured
by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and never
in all that time have we published a testimonial without
the writer's special permission. Never have we knowingly
published a testimonial that was not truthful and genuine.
1 lore is one just received a few days ago. If anyone doubts
that this is a true and honest statement of a woman's experi
ence with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound write
and ask her.
Houston, TYmih. " When I first 1opnn tiildn? Lydia 1'. Plnk
Imni's Wsotablo ('omnounil 1 wan n total wreck. I lnwl lncn
nick for tlin'H years with female IrmibloN, rlironiti dyspepsia,
and a liver trouble. I had tried several doctor's medicines, but
nothing did 1110 any Rood.
"For three years I lived on medicines und thought I would
never get well, when I read an advert ismcnt of Lydia !. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, nnd was advised to try it.
"My husband got me one bottle of the Compound, and it did
1110 so much good 1 continued its use. I am now a well woman
and enjoy the best of health.
"I advise all women suffering from such troubles to give
Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. They won't
regret it, for It will surely euro you." Mrs. Uessio L. Hicks,
8 1 1) Cleveland St., 1 louston.
Any woman who is sick and suffering is foolish surely
not to give such a medicine as this a trial. Why should it
not do her as much good as it did Mrs. Hicks.
4- - 'wtWfg.fcVri Dfthoccnturv.
John A. Saber Seed Co.1
Samo crow
every Yhoro and
yMds from 12 to
IS tons ct hay,
besides per acre.
Larcest growers
Cl Clovors.Alfilla,
Timothy & Grass
Soad In America.
Satw'i CaUtof
It'll Chn rant oriel
Pint I nk p"1
llihiflnndtlKladlr niiilh.Unlnti-iiiJliil
mr !iarnifrri or
ri'inlt 10a mnd t''t
Iota of ri'mnrkAllo
farm .imiilnn,
IrirlndllK HUM"!) I
Grniui.mifl lift ill tin
fnrin tu gut lUrt
Smoker appreciate the qunlity value of
Lewis' Sinulo Hinder riar. Your dealer
or Iwis' l'aetory, IVona, 111.
A typewriter without
an equal, lkst ma
terials, best work
manship, ease of op
eration and absolute
visibility combine to
make it the
Rest Typewriter
411 Smith i;th Street. Omaha, Neh.
Mnn.rnn'S Cold Ilemeily Relieve! tha
IieuiJ, tli rout onil lungn nlmnxt hmnerifnte
ly. Check' Kevers, Htna DUiiiarijea of
the none, tnkt' aw.iy all ai lie aud pains
rniiKi'd liy colds. It etiren tirlp and ob
Mltiate Courtis und prcvuuts l'ueuiuuula.
l'rlee 25
Jlavo you ntiff or awnllen Joints, no rtiat
ler luiw thronle? Ask your drugKlut for
Munyon'R Kuemnatlsm Itemed aud see
linw (illicitly you will tie cured.
If you have nny kidney or Madder trou
ble ct Muuyou'a Kidney Heniedy.
Mtiiiyou'ti Vilallzcr makes weak tiiea
trout; aid restores lost (tower.
1)K. MrlNTOSII reletirHled
iWenlnunmlliile relief. Hold tij all fiiiylral Inntrn.
ini-iitili-iilnrsanil li-uiHny (IniKiiUtu In I. nll-1 Stu
i';m.i.:i. ( iiiiiIiik Ji unci. sent on nt'plw'uuon.
tot WuIiiiii Ht.. rinlaili'liiliia, nmiiiiUi-tiirer of
triiMHi-ii nnd Mile miikcr ul t Uo gotiuuio btauipod
' Mt INTofll" Hnnpurtcr.
Clftntrf iA twititic U tub
I'rtuuotri ft lriTuriant frmwth.
Nvfr Fail! to liMtore Ory
jtair 10 ia xommui -oior.
Cur tralp riipwi ft htif UUUig.
n itri nt rnrlctv fnr Kile nl the lnwi'st priori by
. N. kfcl.t.lH.JMtl'i"lKIO., ;an.lrlanilHI.,tklM
You might Bay of
"Certainly knot."
a legal wedding,
DEFIANCE Cold Wafer Starch
niukes laundry work a pleasure. I'loz. ki;. luc.
Urri Thompson's Eye Walcr
N. U., OMAHA, NO. 6, 1909.
Ask for the
s Cocoa
this trade-
II. H. 1st. Office
misled by imitations
The genuine sold everywhere