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Much more time U wasted In sail
ing the reputation of. successful men
than would be required Icr the erec
tion nf memorials to perpetuate the
memory of their goods deeds.
Frank B. Welch, in The Sundav Mag
Second Statement "Piled Up the
Agony" on Rival Editor.
District Attorney Heney of San
Francisco, a short time after his
wounding, discussed with a reporter at
his bedside one of his statement!
about the San Francisco boodlers.
"They expect me to retract that
statement, do they?" he said, grimly.
"Well, if I did retract it, my retraction
would be like the Tombstone editor's.
"He, you know, printed a story to the
effect that a rival editor's father had
served 37 years in jail. Pressure was
brought to bear on him, and finally he
agreed to retract that statement In
his retraction he said:
"'We find that we were mistaken
when we said in last week's issue that
the Clarion editor's papa had passed 37
Bummers in the penitentiary. AH ef
forts of friends to have his sentunce
commuted to life imprisonment tailed,
and the old man, as a matter ot fact,
was hung.'"
"How do you like the new styles in
neckwear, dear?"
"A little ruff around the neck, love."
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness. It Is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric li
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trou
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch, as It can be applied.
much more thinly because of Us great
er Btrength than other makes.
Comparisons Necessary.
"We find repeatedly how Imperfectly
figures convey to the ordinary mind
the magnitude of objects," says the
Welt Spiegel, "and how much more
readily they are comprehended by
comparison." To substantiate the as
sertion a picture Is produced of the
cathedral at Cologne, which Is 100
meters In height, and next to It is
placed a picture of the Zeppelin air
ship, standing on end, reaching away
beyond the middle of the highest sec
tion of the steeple, and to within 26
meters of the apex. The picture also
shows the Triumphal column at Ber
lin, 61 meters in height, and next to It
the airship Parsifal, CO meters high,
as It stands on end.
The Sneeze That Failed.
A little maid of three has been
taught to say "Excuse me" when she
The other day her mother had her
attention attracted by a queer gasping
noise, und, looking up quickly, saw
the face of the little maid wrinkled
up in a very distressing way.
"You didn't say It," said the mother.
"I didn't do it," responded the little
Omaha Directory
1517 Douglas'St., OMAHA, NEB.
Reliibla Dentistry it Moderate Price
bp mull st cut price. Bend for free catatonia,
M. Spiesberger & Son Co.
Wholesale Millinery
The Beit In the Weil
You cannot afford to experiment with -untried
goods sold by commission
agents. Catalogues free.
The Brunswick Balke-Collender Company
407-9 So. tOth St.. del. I. OMAHA, NEB.
' I a trwtmMit for lb cur at KuUir hlch I
ml nd H coanlnt to . m bo tlmo II I Ml I am
th loTontor of Uili ud th only byile1 who
koldi United lltta ItUnt trdmri lor Ruptur
tar b Irk rtttoivd Uiouwiili to kMltk la tte
t jnn. All ellir tro Imitation.
I tan Bulbing forl.itnrrc!ltr li Ui Curing
Of Rupture, Mid If a pnon kudos ttt. Ju.t put U.
Bootr lo a bank tnd rT bn tttlifltn. Mo oU.f
aMtor vlll do thlo. Wboa taking tnatnwal tat
loan bum coai lo my offlc. KtttranoMi U. ft. Baft
, Uulii. Wrtuorcall,
306 Boa Building, OMAHA
L n story cyl
Illustrations by J.J. Sheridan
(CopyrlKht, G. V. rutnuma Sons.)
The story opens In New York, Hoy Car-
Icnhiie, the story-teller. Inspecting a queer
reptile owned by (ieorse Godfrey of Tif
fany's. Uoy, and Harris and l'lerpont,
iwo friends, depart on a hunting trip to
Cur (II in, I WoodH, a rather obscure loial-
ty. Harris revealed the fnct Unit he had
Joined the secret service for the piirpin
of running down a gang of gold milkers.
Prof. l.a(i range, on discovering the
gang s formula, had been mysteriously
killed. Karris received a telegram of in
structions, lie and l'lerpont set out to
locate the gold making sang. A valet re
ported seeing a queer (.'Mnaniun In the
supposedly untenanted woods. Hoy went
CHAPTER III. Continued.
The dog sprang to the front, circled
once, zigzagged through the ferns
around us and, all In a moment, stif
fened stock still, rigid ,as sculptured
bronze. I stepped forward, raising my
gun, two paces, threo paces, ten per
haps, before a great cock-grouse blun
dered up from the brake and burst
through the thicket fringe toward the
deeper growth. There was a flash and
puff from my gun, a crash of echoes
among the low wooded cliffs, and
through the faint veil of smoke some
thing dark dropped from mid air amid
a cloud of feathers, brown as the
brown leaves under foot.
Up from the ground sprang Voyou,
and In a moment he came galloping
back, neck arched, tal' stiff but wav
ing, holding tenderly in his pink mouth
a mass of mottled bronzed feathers.
Very gravely he laid the bird at my
feet and crouched close beside It, bis
silky ears across his paws, his muzzle
on the ground.
I dropped the grouse Into my pocket,
held for a moment a silent caressing
communion with Voyou, then swung
my gun under my arm and motioned
the dog on.
It must have been five o'clock when
f walked into a little opening in the
woods and sat down to breathe. Voyou
came and sat down In front of me.
"Well?" I Inquired.
Voyou gravely presented one paw
which I took.
"We will never get back In tlmo for
dinner," said I, "so we might as well
take it easy. It's all your fault, you
know. Is there a brier in your foot?
Let's see there! It's out, my friend,
and you are free to nose about and
lick it If you loll your tongue out
you'll get It all over twigs and moss.
Can't you lie down and try to pant
less? No, there Is no use In sniffing
and looking at that fern patch, for
we are going to smoke a little, doze
a little, and go home by moonlight.
Think of Howlett's despair when wo
are not in time! Think of all the
stories you will have to tell to Gamin
and Mloche! Think what a good dog
you have been! There you are tired,
old chap; take 40 winks with me."
Voyou was a little tired. Ho
stretched out on the leaves at my feet,
but whether or not he really slept I
could not be certain, until his hind
legs twitched and I knew he was
dreaming of mighty deeds.
Now I may have taken 40 winks, but
the sun seemed to be no lower when I
tat up and unclosed my lids. Voyou
"The figure a Woman'e Turned
Slowly to Me."
raised his head, saw In my eyes that
t was not going yet, thumped his tall
half a dozen times on the dried leaves,
and snttled back with a sigh.
I looked lazily around, and for the
drat time noticed what a wonderfully
beaitlful spot I had chosen for a
nap. It was an oval glade In the
heart of the forest, level and carpeted
with green grass. The trees that sur
rounded it were gigantic; they formed
one towering circular wall of verdure,
blotting out all except the turquoise
blue of the sky-oval above. And now
I notices that In the center of the
I greensward lay a pool of water, crys-
Ital clear, glimmering like a mirror in
tha meadow grass, besldo a block ot
grarlte. It scarcely seemed possible
that the symmetry of tree and lawn
and lucent pool could have been one
of nature's accidents. I had never be
foreseen thla glade nor had I ever
heard it spoken of by either FMerpont
or Darrls. It was a marvel, this dia
mond clear basin, regular and grace
ful as a Roman fountain, set in the
gem of turf. And these greut trees
they also belonged, not in America
but in some legend-haunted forest of
France, where moss-grown marbles
stand neglected in dim glades, and tho
twilight of the forest shelters fairies
and slender shapes from shadow-lalnd.
I lay and watched tho sunlight show
ering tho tangled thicket where masses
of crimson cardinal (lowers glowed, or
where one Ions dusty sunbeam tipped
tho edge of tho floating leaves in tho
pool, turning them to palest gilt.
There were birds, too, passing through
the dim avenues of trees like Jets of
(lame the gorgeous cardtnnlblrd
that gave to the woods, to the village
15 miles away, to tho whole county,
the name of Cardinal.
I rolled over on my back and looked
up at the sky. How pale paler than
a robin's egg It was. I seemed to bo
lying at tho bottom of a well, walled
with verdure, high towering on every
side. And as I lay, all about mo the
air became sweet scented. Sweeter
and sweeter and more penetrating
grew the perfume, and I wondered
what stray, breeze, blowing over acres
of lilies, could have brought it. Hut
there was no breeze; the air was still.
A gilded fly alighted on my hand a
honey-fly. It was as troubled as I
by the .scented silence.
Then, behind me. my dog growled.
I sat quite still at Hist, hardly breath
ing, but my eyes were tixed on a shape
that moved along tho edge of the pool
among the meadow grasses. The dog
had censed growling and was now star
ing, alert and trembling.
At last I rose and walked rapidly
down to the pool, my dog following
closo to hoe!.
The figure, a woman's, turned slowly
toward us.
She was standing still when 1 ap
proached the pool. The forest around
us was so silent when I spoke tho
sound of my own voice sturtled me.
"No," she said, und her voice .was
smooth as flowing water. "I have not
v fete';
"I Saw Her Eyea Were Fixed on My
lost my way. Will ho come to me,
your beautiful dog?"
Ilefore I could speak, Voyou crept
to her and laid his silky head against
her knees.
"Rut surely," said I, "you did not
come here alone."
"Alone? I did come alone."
"Hut tho nearest settlement Is
Cardinal, probably 19 miles from
where wo nro standing."
''1 do not know Cardinal," she said.
"Ste. Croix in Canada is 40 miles
least how did you como into tho
Cardinal Wooda?" I asked amazed.
"Into the woods?" she repeated
little Impatiently.
She did not answor at first but stood
caressing Voyou with gontlo phrase
and gesture.
"Your beautiful dog I am fond of,
out l am not ronii or Doing ques
tioned." she said quietly. "My name Is
Ysonde and I camo to the fountain
hero to see your dog."
I was properly quenched. After a
moment or two I did say that In an
other hour It would be growing dusky
but she neither replied nor looked at
"This," I ventured, "Is a beautiful
pool you call It a fountain a de
Melons fountnin! I have never before
Been It. It Is hard to Imagine that
nature did all this."
"Is It?" she said.
"Don't you think so?" I asked.
'"I haven't thought ; 1 wish when
you go you would leave me your dog."
"My my dog?"
"If you don't mind," she said
sweetly, and looked at nie for tho
first time In tho face.
hor nn Instant our glances met,
then she grew grave, and I snw that
her eyes were fixed on my forehead
Suddenly she rose and drew nearer
looking Intently at my foreheud. There
was a faint mark there, a tiny cres
cent, Just over my eyebrow. It was
a birthmark.
"Is that a scar?" she demanded
drawing npaicr.
"Thnt crescent shaped mark? No.'
"No? Are you sure?" ahe Insisted
"Perfectly," I replied, astonished
"A a birthmark?"
"Yes may I ask why?"
As she drew away from mo, I saw
that tho color had fled from he
cheeks. For a second she clasped both
bands over her eyes as if to shut
out my face, then slowly dropping he
hnnils, she snt down on a long squarr
block of stono which half encircled th
linHln, and on which to my umnzemen
I snw carving. Voyou went to he
agnin and laid li Is head in her hip.
"What Id your name?" Dhe asked at
"Rot Cardenhe."
"Mine Is Ysonde. I carved these
drauoi! files on the stone, these fishes
and shells and butterflies you see."
' You! They are wonderfully dell
rate but those are not Amuriran
"No they are more beautiful. See.
I have my hammer and chisel with
She drew frrTii a queer pouch at her
aide a small hammer and chisel and
held them toward nie.
"You are very talented," I said;
'where did you study?"
I? 1 never studied I knew how.
I saw things nnd cut them out of
stone. Do you like them? Some time
I will uhow you other thiiiKs that I
have done. If 1 had a great lump of
bronze- I could make your dog, beauti
ful as he Is."
Her hammer fell Into the fountain
and I leaned over and plunged my arm
Into the water to llnd It.
it is there, shining on the Band,"
she . said, leaning over tho pool with
Where," said I, looking at our re
flected faces In the water. For It was
only in the water that I had dared,
as yet, to look her long In tho face.
The pool mirrored the exquisite
oval of her head, the heavy hair, tho
py's. I heard the silken rustle of her
girdle. I caught the flash of a white
arm. and the hammer was drawn up
dripping with spray.
The troubled surface of the pool
grew calm nnd again I saw her eyes
"Listen," sho said In a low volco
'do you think you will come again
to my fountain?"
1 will come," I said. My voice
was dull; the noise of water filled my
Then a swift shadow sped across the
pool; I rubbed my eyes. Where her
reflected faco hud bent besldo mine
there was nothing mirrored but tho
rosy evening sky with one pale star
glimmering. I drew myself up and
turned. She was gone. I saw tho faint
star twinkling above mo In tho after
glow. 1 saw the tall trees motionless
In the still evening air. I saw my dog
slunihlng at my feet.
The sweet scent in tho air had
faded, leaving in my nostrils tho
heavy odor of fern and forest moltl
t blind fear seized me, and I caught
up my gun and sprang Into the dark
qning woods. The dog followed me
crashing through the undergrowth at
my side. Duller and duller grew tho
light, but I strode on, tho sweat pour
lng from my face nnd hair, my mind
a chaos. How I reached the spinney
I can hardly tell. As I turned up tho
path I caught a glimpse of a human
face peering at me from tho darkening
thicket a horrible human face, yel
low and drawn with high -boned cheeks
and narrow eyes.
Involuntarily I halted; the dog at
my neeis snarieu. men l sprang
straight at It, floundering blindly
through tho thicket, but tho night had
fallen swiftly nnd I found myself pant
ing and struggling in u mazo of twist
ed shrubbery nnd twining vines, un
nble to see the very undergrowth that
ensnared me.
It was a pale face, and a scratched
ono that I carried to a late dinner that
night. Howlett served me, dumb re
proach In his eyes, for tho soup had
been standing and the grouso was
David brought tho dogs In after they
had had their supper, and I drew my
chair before the blazo nnd set my alo
on a table besldo me. Tho dogs
curled up at my feet, blinking gravely
at tho sparks that snapped nnd flew
in eddying showers from tho heavy
David, saia i, "did you say you
saw a Chinaman today?"
"I did. sir."
"What do you think about it now?"
"I may have been mistaken, sir"
"Hut you think not. What sort of
whisky did you put In my flask to
"Th usual, sir."
"Is there much gone?"
ADout threo swallows, sir. as
"You don't suppose there could hava
been any mistake about that whisky
no niedlcino could have gotten into
it, for Instance?"
David smiled and Bald: "No. sir.'
"Well." said I. "I have had an ex
traordlnary dream."
nen l said 'dream. I felt com
foiled and reassured. I had scarcely
dared to say it before, even to my
"An extraordinary dream," I re
peated; "I fell asleep In the woods
about five o'clock, In that pretty glade
where the fountain I mean the pool
Is. You know tho place?"
"I do not, sir."
1 described It minutely, twice, but
David shook his head.
"Carved stone did' you say, sir? I
never chanced on It.' You don't mean
tho New Spring "
"No, no! This glndo Is way beyond
that. la it posslblo that uny people
Inhabit the forest between hero and
tho Cnnnda lino?"
"Nobody short of Ste. Croix; at least
I have no ktiowlcdgo of any."
"Of course," said I, "when I thought
I saw a Chinaman, It was imagination
Of course I had been more Impressed
than I was aware of by your adven
turo. Of course you saw no China
man, David."
"Probably not, sir," replied David
Birthplace of Vegetables.
Turnips and radishes caiuo origin
ally from central Europe. Tho beet
root nnd the beet, which have bei
greatly Improved by cultivation, an
considered as tho same species bj
botanists. The beet, only tho stnJi
of which Is eaten, growa wild in tl.
Medtterrnntnti, Persia and HabylonlQ
' raw fjrs :
I trr ...
Mr. Sport Mere Is a little some
thing for you drink a glass of beer
to my health.
Tramp Light or dark? Fllegcndo
A Needed Chang.
The navy department recently re
ceived from the commander in chief
of the fleet an olllcial communication
lativo to certain changes recom
mended by him to be made In the uni
form shirt of tho enlisted men. In ac
cordanco with custom this letter was
forwarded to various ottb Inls for com
ment or expression of opinion, tho re
marks of each oflleer being appended
on an Indorsement slip. Kach indorsi1-
llient Introduces the subject matter of
the letter in a brief, and one of them
thus terselv explained the contents:
'Commander in chief di'slres to change
ahlrt." Llpplncolt's.
How's This?
We offer On iiuiulrml nullum Ilewunt tor mi
(mh ol ( atiiriti thut ntmi'il txi runtl b 1111 1
CtarrU Cuti-.
V. ,t. niKNTY CO.. Tolnlrt. O.
W. til limli'PtUtlitl, linvp hmmil J tirnrv
for th InHt 15 vivirN. ru! hdli-vc lum tH-rff-ftlr lion- i
tble to crry out. nny nhm-ntlo'id mntlo ly hut llnti.
linifwilo lnmuhtM, Tnlrlo, o.
1111' Catarrh lliri w taken Intirtmllv. aetinii
dlrri-tly uix)ii tlx hlood anil luui-ixm aurfartw of tha
etrtti'iii. Ti'Mlltnoinnln wiit fnii. I'rlt-tt crtii pot
!ttle. Malil by Ml lrm:vnn
luko Hull 1 u ill lly I'HI lir ctmtluatln.
A Fatal Breath.
Hrookton (with statistical benO
Do you know, old man, I ve Just been
reading up a lot ot statistics on present-day
mortality, nnd 1 have learned
some remarkable things. Why, every
tlmo I breathe a man dies!
Hrockton (conipreliendlngly) fly
the great nntofuines! Then why in
the name of the census don't you chew
Prof. Munyon says: Curoacold nnd
you prevent ( oiisii;:-.;:!!on. Ills opin
ion Is now shared by tho leading
physicians of (lie country, and the
wonderful cures that tiro being made
by Miin'j on's Cold Remedy have at
tracted (lit! attention of tho whole
medical fraternity. Theso little sugar
pellets break up a cold In a few hours,
and almost, universally prevent Bron
chitis and Pneumonia.
Could Only Guess.
"How many rlba have you, Johnny?"
asked tho teacher of physiology.
"I don't know, ma'am," giggled John
ny, squirming around on one foot.
"I'm so awful ticklish' I never could
count 'em."
Smokers lmve to citll for Lewi' Single
Binder cigar to ci't it. Yout' dalcr or
Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Less than a pint of
make a peck of trouble,
whisky may
For T CPL " "
1 1 m ii .Ji m
lnrr inainaa-' " " - ' Jp J
Sloan's Liniment) is the best remedy for sprains
and bruises.
It quiets the pain at once, and can be applied to the
tendcrest part without hurting becausffit doesn't need
to be rubbed all you have to do is to lay it on
lightly. It is a powerful preparation and penetrates
instantly relieves any inflammation and congestion,
and reduces the swelling.
Tr mam nat
Ajy 1'irmn
To one hr.lf pint good whiskey, add
ono ounce syrup sarsnparilia and one
ounce Toils compound, which
procured of any druggist. Take In tea
spoonful doses before each meal and
before retiring. This relieves In 24
hours, and cures any cold that la
Jamaica Ginger Output.
The ginger grown in Janinlca com
mantis more than double the price ol
any other. I'nder favorable conditions
an acre will produce us much as 4.OO0
pounds. During tho last fiscal year
about 1,400,000 pounds was exported
from that island.
Western Canada
Another 60,000 set.
lifts ft oui ihc United
States. New dis
tricts opened for set
tlcment. 320 acres
ofland loom h set
ii t ler, 100 free
homesteud and lbO at $3.00 per ucre.
"Avut rich conn try on J n contented pro
perou people." A' rfr.i. it am ,vrsft,trmi
a f.tilttir, trt.'i t int l.i ll iitrrn
CaMitit.1, in tlugHit, luoi', an tnitt'alton.
Many have pnld the entire cost of theii
firms and had a balance of from $10.00 to
$20.00 per acre as a result of one crop.
S-pting wheat, winter wheat, oats, barley,
Dux and peas are the principal crops, while
the wild grasses bring to perfection the
best cattle that hnve ever been sold on
the Chicago market.
Splendid climate, schools and churchel
In ull localities. Railways touch most of
the settled districts, and prices for produce
are ulwnys good. Lands may also be pur
lhased from railway und land companies.
For pamphlet, map and information re
Rnrdlnir low rullway rnle. apply to Superin
tendent ot Immiuratinn, Ottawa, Cunada.or
the authorized Canadian Qoverntnent AyeuU
101 New Tork Lit Bulldlnl. Ncbnit.
h inn i To cch 60 ci'$.
UlllUU OLLU alb.
I Per bitlrer's catalog page tn.
Lamnst grower of onion and vgRtable.1
I si-eds in tliu world. Din catalog (tea: or. I
' si-ii'l loom t.iini and mreiva catalog atidl
turn kernels each ol oninii. carrot, celery, I
I rathslie, 1 100 each Inltiico, rutabaga, tur-
1 11 1 1 a. ino Pauley, 100 tomatoes, 100 melon,
Itiiv) charming nnwer aff-ds, in ll lo.nnol
I kernel, easily worth $1.00 ol any nian'l I
iiioner. Or. neml 200 anil ws will add one I
Ilk of Iiai licst l'cep O'lijj bweet Corn.
SAL2ER SEED CO., B01 W. La Crone, Wla.
is an excellent antiseptic and germ
killer heals cuts, burns, wounds and
contusions, and will draw the poison
from sting of poisonous insects.
l'rlce, 2of., C0e., and $1.00.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston, Mass., U5 A.
Sloan' ImmiU on Imrvea, rnttle, cheep anil poultry lent frtxt
vtj. vr m w a w a bai a m
l V wTyfn bo hftndl. rm nvlljr, Th 1ik rnirf1. tn, 1I olhmlti
r "i( V 'M. wune Htai- no matter 4mmimI,' kir ft-mi hat Inn th dl
V fvVil' wtiimiiMir tn tt A'tt on thw lilmtil uml ihi (remit of
in iiiPimTT, iwni rrinwy pvr Known lor limn in fuL
I Uil'trnn nFtlrutfKfiiii'l li.rtiriJMlirt or trtitciir.Mi 1J hy
tinanMliti'turrrw. Cut I'huwi how to wniltlv tlitwin. Our frm
jiooliM irivrtfrvi)iiiitf. ImhI wnt uitwL LuyMt Mlll&t
Jtwlv la uiltu.c--4vri.vv ."
t (.tautiuJDMUrtdotHt, Cc t.on, 1nd Ut f A