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R. 0. WATTERS, Business Manager
The Busy Reader Can Absorb In a
Few Moments a Good Deal of
Tho war depart n.ent wants con
press to pass u retirement bill lor
civil employes of Hie Philippine
government and charge the expanse
up to the Filipinos, General Edwards
of the bureau of Insular nffalrs an
j eared before tho house roininhoe
v,l Insular nffalra in advocacy of such
,'i measure.
Senator Teller made an extended
speech on Senator Bacon's hill quoi
Honing the authority of the president
to withhold ollleial papers from con
gress. Congressman Mondell of Wyoming
In a speech In the bonne made a se
vere attack on the forestry Horvice.
The house locked horns with the
Kcnato on the question of automobiles
for the. White house nnd refused to
accept an amendment to the urgent
deficiency bill striking out the ap
propriation of $12,000 fur that pur
pose. Congressman l'ollard of Nebraska
made an argument for federal Inspec
tion of train.
Tl senate has agreed to vote on
the Aldrlch substitute for the Forakor
bill February 23.
The bouse reduced the appropria
tion for balloon experiments to $2511.
000. A bill passed the senate to permit
drainage of Omaha Indian lands.
Congressman Pollard appeared be
fore the Interstate and foreign emu
inerco committee of the house in be
half of his bill providing for the stand
ardizing of grain for export only.
The Hei.aie passed the house bill
making hundredth birthday of Abra
ham Lincoln a le?al holiday.
Senator Gamble's bill providing
for the creation of a new land district
at Rollo Fourche, S. D. has passed
loth houses.
The house lncoriiated an amend
ment In t ho army bill appropriating
$750,000 for experiments in aerial navi
Organization of the committee of
the next house presents a b'g problem
to leaders because of defeat for re
election of chairmen of a number of
Important committees and promotion
of others.
HUM were passed by the house ex
tending the time In which the city of
Jlurliiigton inny .construct a bridge
across the Mississippi at that point
and creating a new land district in
South' Dakota to be known as- the
Belle Fourche district:
Senator Bullion's bill appropriating
$15,000 for the nurimso of additional
ground for" the postofllee at Beatrice
passed, the senate and probably will
be attached to the . sundry civil n
When that bill reaches the senate.
Representative Kennedy Introduced
a bill appropriating $100,000 for Urn
rrectlHn of a postofllee building at
Fort Mad'.son, la.
Senator Aldrlch introduced a bill
providing for court of inquiry to pas.t
upon application of discharged negri
roldlefs for enlistment.
The California house passed Hie
separate school bill, aimed at Japan
rse, the worst of all, the president
Bays. :
The two Nevada senators are not in
(sympathy with anti-Japanese legisla
tlon in that state.
There is no Indication that the llll-
rois senatorial deadlock will soon be
Gov! Haskell of Oklahoma will not
resign because he has been Indicted.
Senator Cummins is an advocate
cf specitle, rather than ud valorem
duties' on imports.
An Increase in battle efficiency has
teen shown by the Atlantic fleet.
Captain Qualt rough is reported to
have been found guilty In the court
mm Hal trial at Gibralter.
Venezuela refused to sign the pro
tocol drawn up by Buchanan.
Speaking to an immense crowd at
the race track at Tampa. Fla., Will
iam J. Bryan said he brought to the
denioirnts of the south a message of
t;nod cheer and declared there Is a
utoadlly Increasing sentiment that
makes for i he growth of the democra
tic party in the United States.
The governor of Tennessee vetoed
the bill prohibiting the manufacture
of liquor In that state, but it prob
ably will be passed over the veto.
The governor of Kentucky Issued a
proclamation asking the state to do
lienor to Lincoln on his birthday.
Captain (Jiinltroiigh of the battle
ship Georgia was tried on the charge
of Intoxication.
The historic coach In which A.bra
"ham Lincoln rode to Washington t"
be Inaugurated was burned at Sharps
ville. Pa.
The South Dakota legislature
passed a 2-cetit passenger fare law.
The state court has issued a. writ of
mandamus to compel its observance,
and the federal court enjoins officials
,from enforcing It.
M. LoopKine, former director of po
Ice In Russia has been arrested on
charge of high treason.
Standard Oil company makes a
proposition for a compromise in the
suit In which It was ousted from tho
rtate of Missouri.
Henry Lair, promoter of the white
slave traffic, was sent to prison for
two years and fined $2,',0it by the
federal court In Chicago.
Foreign Minister Komura in an ad
dress to the Diet declares Japan's
policy is for peace and he says anti-
Jap legislation will not lead to com
There is ihree hundred thousand
dollars In sight for an Omaha univer
sity If that city will raise $200,000.
The Federal grand jury at Musko
gee Is expected to bring In at least
100 bills Involving about twenty per
sons In lot frauds.
Tho Countess Do Losseps, widow of
Count Ferdinand Do Iz-sseps, pro
moter of the ship canals of Suez, Cor
inth and Panama, died In Paris.
Compels says he will not stop talk
ing, notwithstanding court injunc
tions. Presidentelect Taft Is pouring oil
on the troubled political waters In
Panama. Colonel Cocthals says the
Panama canal will be completed by
January IS, 1315.
rbe lower house of congress met
on Sunday to hear eulogies of the
life and public, service of tho late Con
gressman Powers of Maine.
The lower house of the South Dar
kota legislature killed the senate
resolution for the submission of a
woman's suffrage amendment.
The California court of appeals In
deciding a will case holds that a man's
divorced wife Is still his wife, al
though she has remarried.
The Itiirllngton and Missouri Pa
cific have come to an agreement about
terminal differences la St. Joseph.
Governor Hughes In an address in
New York said ho hoped to see the
time when legislators are acotintable
to their constituents only for their of
ficial acts.
President Gome, of Cuba has with
drawn i he nomination of Rlca.rdo Am
auto for chief of secret police at the
demand of Vice President Zayas and
several cabinet members.
Anthony Howard, a car cleaner of
Council Bluffs, la., was frozen to
death during the late Btorm.
A Japanese student who Is a gradu
ate of the Imperial Uunverslty of
Toklo was driven from the campus of
the University or California by a
group of white students.
President Roosevelt has given his
consent to the plac'ng of the head of
Lincoln on one of the popular eoin
Southern Spain was shaken up by
an earthquake shock and tho city of
Barcelona is reported overwhelmed
by a tidal wave.
Trouble between the president and
vice president of Cuba over political
appointments may lead to resignation
of latter official.
Xew York Importers are preparing
a protest against the attitude of the
people of California toward the Jap
l oan agents have discovered It will
not be safe to loan on Tripp nnd Gre
gory county lands until five years
from date of entry.
Fire In retail district of St. Paul.
Minn., destroyed six buildings, caus
ing loss of $(100,000.
Recommending that the standard of
the different grades of cotton as fixed
by them be adopted as the official
iassllleatlon of the government, the
committee, of export cotton classifiers
designated by the secretary of agri
culture to assist him in establishing
such a standard, have made their re
port to the latter.
John Norrls, of the American News
papers Publishers association sent to
the house ways and means committee,
a letter wherein he charged that the
Irternatlonal Paper company In pre
senting its argument for the rotca
lion of the tariff on paper, had do
lllieratcly misrepresented to tho com
niltee the amounts paid by the paper
ctmpiiny as wages to paper makers
Surgeon Francis C. Nash, who has
been on duty at the Naval academy at
Annapolis, Is to bo tried by court-
martial In Washington February in
on charges of having administered im
proper treatment to Midshipman
Harry W. Stephenson of Nebraska.
The supreme court of the Unit
States refused to advance on the
docket the ease of the Noble State
bank of Noble, Okla., vs. Governor
Haskell and other members of tht
Oklahoma state banking hoard, involv
ing the validity of the Oklahoma bank
guaranty law.
The annual report of the United
States commissioner of patents shows
that there wore issued xlurlng 1'.0S to
citizens of Missouri patents to tho
number of 055. or one patent to every
3, 2515 persons In the state; to citizens
of Kansas 431 patents, or one to every
3.3KS persons.
The Nebraska delegation ami their
wives were entertained at dinner by
Senator Buikott. All were present
except Congressman Hitchcock.
The Bulgarlen government sent a
note to the jniwers complaining of th
uncompromising attitude of Turkey.
Judge J. J. Sullivan took the oath
of office at Omaha and accepted ap
pointment as Justice of supreme court
of Nebraska from Governor Shallen
herjer. ,
F'rst division of American battleship
fleet under Admiral Sporry reached
Gibraltar Sunday morning.
Samuel Gompers addressed a labor
meeting at New York In defense of his
Pttltude toward courts.
Charles E. Magoon. provisional gov
ernor of Cuba, Is In Washington pre
paring his final report.
Work that He Thinks May be Done
by Congress if the Eight
Hour Law is Applied.
Washington "The evil effects of
the spoils system and of the custom
of treating appointments 1o the pub
lic service as personal perquisites of
professional politicians are peculiarly
evident In tho case of a great public
work llko the taking of the census, a
work which should emphatically bo
done for the whole people nnd with
an eye single to their Interest."
In these words President Roosevelt
summed up a message to the house
of representatives returning without
his approval the bill providing for tho
taking of the next census, because
of the provision provldln; that ap
pointments shall be made on the basis
of non-competlllve examinations In
stead of through the Civil Service
commission. As passed by congress
the bill permitted members and sena
tors to designate person for posi
tions a?tcr they had undergone a
simple examination.
Incidentally the president referred
to the provision authorizing the print
ing of census reports by private con-
erns and laid stress on the point
that where work was so allotted the
light hour law should be applied In
iTeetlve fashion.
Outside of these matters the presi
dent said that on tho whole tho bill
was satisfactory to him and represent-
d nn improvement on previous legia
at Ion on the subject. The house
idjourned without action on the
message. '
The president says he vetoes the
bill with extreme reluctance, realiz
ing the value of time In beginning the
census, but declares it Is of high con
sequence that It shall be conducted
with extreme accuracy, that it shall
not be c;ien to suspicion of bias on
personal and political grounds nor to
bring a waste of the people's money
and a fraud.
"Section 7 of the act," he says, "pro
vides lu effect the appointments to
the census shall be under the spoils
system, for this is the real meaning
of the provision that they shall bo
subject only to non-competitive ex
amination. The provisions added that
they shall be selected without re
gard to political party affiliations. But
there Is only one way to guarantee
that they shall be selected without re
gard to choosing them after competi
tive examinations from the lists of cli
glbles provided -by the civil service
Continuing, the message says:
"To provide that the clerks and
other employes shall be appointed
after non-competitive cyn,"tion.
atnl yet to provide that iney shall
be selected without regard to politi
cal party affiliation, means merely
that appointments shall be treated
as 1 lie-perquisites of the politicians
of bqth parties, Instead of as tho per
quisites of tho politicians of one
party. I do not believe In the doc
trine that to the victor belong the
spoils, but I think even less of tho
doctrine that, the spoils shall be divid
ed without a fight by the professional
politicians on both sides; and this
would be the result of permitting tho
bill In Its present shape to become a
Farmers and Others Urge Congress
to Pa? Measure.
Washington Westerners interested
in agriculture are writing to members
of congress urging the passage of a
bill Introduced by Congressman Griggs
of Georgia, appropriating $237,000 for
soil Investigation. The bill was re
ported back carrying $137,000 nnd an
effort is being made to get the addi
tional $100,000.
Auto for President Taft.
Washington. When Mr. Taft be
comes president ho will ride In an
automobile furnished by the govern
ment. That question was settled by
the adoption of the report of the con
ferees on the urgent deficiency bills,
which carries an Item of $$12,000 for
the "purchase, care and maintenance
of automobiles for the use of the
president." The appropriation of
$j(lo.0o0 to enable the secretary of
agriculture to continue his cammilgn
against the foot nnd mouth disease,
also in dispute, was reduced to $$150.
OOfl and adopted.
Refuced Drink, Kills Three.
Salina Cruz, Mexico- Play. Uipez,
In the Twenty-fifth Mexican Infantry,
went on a rampage because the bar
tender at La Union Cantina refused
to give him a drink, and began shoot-
In? Into the crowd. When he had fin-
Ished Ihree were dead.
Hanning Stopped at Callow.
Bismarck, N. I). The hangman's
noose was ready and Invitations had
been Issued for the hanging of Joe
Peltier, an Indian, when notice was
received that a new trial had been
granted the condemned mum
To Publish Tolstol'i Works.
Moscow. A local publishing house
is planning to bring out the long
awaited comnlete edition of the work
of Count Leo Teistol. an undertaken
that up to the present time La been
Items of Interest Taken From Here
and There Over the State.
A sew bank is soon to be organized
in Arlington.
The hard wind storm played havoc
with windmills all over the state.
The Midwest Life of Lincoln sells
life Insurance to prudent, thrifty and
sensible men and women. Write for
an agenoy.
Orlando Davison, Rock county,
was found guilty on six counts for
rruelty to domestic annlmals and was
fined $200.
The annual corn show of Washing
Ion county will be held in connection
with the Washington county farmer's
Institute on February 11 and 12.
Fire at Cairo destroyed property
valued at $25,000, made three families
homeless and damaged adjoining pro
perty to the extent of several thou
sand dollars.
Dr. R. 11. Holyoke, a physician of
Lincoln, was found dead In his room
at the Windsor-Clifton hotel. H1b
death Is believed to have been caused
by poisoning.
Farmers should all have telephones.
Write to us and learn how to get the
bcRt service for the least money.
Nebraska Telephone Company, 18th
and .Douglas streets, Omaha. "Use
the Boll."
Gory Gates a colored porter In a
barber shop at Holdrego was found
at the foot of the stairs leading to
the room occupied by him over the
shop dead. It Is thought he fell down
the stairs.
An action for $10,000 damages has
been filed in the district court of
Cage county by John Trsek against
Jake Dlvoky to recover for loss of a
hand In a corn sheller.
Bert Wendt, a roomer at tho Pra
gue hotel, Omaha, was found dead In
bed. The gas in his room was turned
on full and tht; cracks in the door
and windows and the keyhole were
The Travelers' Protective associa
tion of Beatrice held a largely at
atended meeting at tho Paddock ho
tel at which plans for the coming con
vention, to be held in that city April
23 and 24, were discussed.
The "wild" man found north of
(lidy was declared Insane by the
board and sent to Norfolk, He has only
muttered three words in answer to
different, questions asked him. "Joe
Bohemia, fourteen."
Walter B. Rowan, general mnnager
(.f the Lincoln Coffee and Splco Mills
and a prominent business man of Lin
coln, was found dead in nn excavation
near the city. Ho had suicided by
shooting himself.
Thomas Andrews, of Nebraska City,
who runs a lunch counter and used a
gasoline stove on which to do his
cooking, came near being cremated.
The stove exploded, throwing gasoline
all over the Interior of the building
and over him.
Fire originating In the heating
plant of the Green & Wiley green
houses at Kearney partially destroyed
several hot. houses. Broken glass nnd
old completed what the flames start
ed and the damage to the plant and
stock is extensive.
County Treasurer Lord of Richard
son county, has remitted to the stale
the tnxes collected in that county In
1008 for the state, amounting to $4fi.
420.18. This Is one of tho largest
amounts remitted In one year from
Richardson county to the state.
Amherst. Mass.. dispatch: David
R. Mowry of York, Neb., has been
chosen to the "Hardy Sixteen" at Am
hercst college to try for prizes of $30
and $20. The men nre selected for
excellence ln,debates from the senior
course In public speaking.
State Treasurer Brian has compil
ed a report that, shows the debt of the
state of Nebraska, before any war
rants for appropriations made,by this
legislature have been paid not', to bo
$388,1(19.05. considering all the state
The Missouri Pacific depot at Glen
rock together with four boxenrs which
were near, was burned to the ground.
An extra train happened into Glen
rock Just In time nnd pushed the
burning cars down tho track a ways
and saved the elevator and other near
Nebraska furnished the earthquake
sufferers in Italy through tin Na
National Rd Cross society alone
$l,305.3G. This information Is con
talned In a statement sent the gov-
ernor from the headquarters of the so
clety. Considerable wns furnished,
of course, trough other channels.
Wetenkamp & Schmdor have Just
completed a Job of sawing 2,300 feet
of cottonwood lumber on Herman
Oelshlaglr's farm, one nnd one-half
miles south of Walton. The trees
were planted thirty-four years ago by
Mr. Kldenberk. pioneer, with the ex
ception of a few logs that were hauled
In by neighbors.
Governor Shallenberger issued
proclamation which was read In both
houses of the legislature on the cele
bration of the centennial anniversary
of the birth of Lincoln, February 12
He asks that all "citizens of Nebraska
display the flag, and assist nil patrlo
tie societies and Jnstltutlons lu their
efforts to venerate the memory of
he lamented Lincoln."
Ex-Governor Sheldon nnd family
have gone to Mississippi, to remain
till midsummer.
The handsomelv remodeled Chris
t tan church was dedicated at Con
'.ral Citv Sunday with Impressive
services, conducted by the Rev. Al
en Jay. of Indiana, who has been do
Heating churches in different parts of
he Unltel Stales for fifty years. A
buntlon and subscription .was taken
it different hours during the day and
ihout $3.80o in cash and subscriptions
ere taken, $1,500 over and above the
amount needed to liquidate all out
standing Indebtedness.
uuii rami
Two Bills Providing for Agricultural
Experiment Stations Passed
Other Legislative Matters.
Senator Miller of Lancaster intro
duced senate file No. 209, a bill that
has been approved by temperance
workers. The bill provides that coun
ty boards may grant license upon the
application of a majority of the rest-
dent freeholders of the town, If the
county i under township organization
and if It Is not under townshln orean-
lzatlon then upon petition of a major-
lty of the resident freeholders of the
pfeclnct. The applicant must be a
man of good character and standing
and a resident of the state. The price
for a county license shall not be less
than $500. Such board has no power
to grant a license in any city or in
corporated village or within two
miles of the same.
In counties having 160,000 Inhabi
tants the county commissioners may
grant or refuse license within two
miles of any city In the county.
In all cases the power to grant a
license shall be subject to the follow
ing conditions: When petitioned by
not less than 20 per cent of the qual
ified voters of the county, as shown
by the votes at the last state election.
praying that the question of prohibi
tion In the county be submitted, said
question shall he submitted at a spe
cial election, which shall be called
In ten days after the filing of such
petition and held not less than sixty
days and not more than ninety days
after filing of said petition. Several
petitions may be Joined together and
constitute one petition. Ten free
holders nre to verify on oath that they
believe the signature are genuine.
The form of the ballot shall be
Against saloons In county."
and "For saloons in county"
with a square following each propo
sition wherein the voter may make a
cross. The laws and rules of county
nnd state elections shall govern and
the expense shall be paid by the same
authorities that pay for county and
state elections.
Important Road Bill,
The Joint committee on highways Is
preparing a bill that Is intended to
be In harmony with Senator Laverty's
bill for state supervision nnd state aid
In road building. The committee Is
revising Laverty's bill, but In addi
tion it will Introduce a bill of Its own
to create the office of county high
way commissioner. Senator Ban
ning of Cass, chairman of the senate
committee on highways, says it Is de
sired to have a county highway com
missioner who shall appoint a deputy
for each road district. The deputies
shall be responsible to the county
highway commissioner and that officer
shall answer to the county for the
work under his control. The county
highway commissioner Is to bo the
county surveyor or some other suit
able person.
8ink's Bill Recommended.
The railroad committee decided to
recommend John Sink's fifty-car train
bill for passage, but It is doubtful -If
Mr. Sink will recognize anything more
of tho 1411 than the- number and en
acting clause. It was not any snap
Judgment, that which the raijroad
committee took, wnen it deciuetr to
simplify the bill. It was after four
long, veary sitting that final action
was taken.
In the first place .the bill Is not to
be a firty-car train bill at all, but a
Blxty flve enr train bill. In the second
place the bill as amended will provide
that the railway commission may re
move this limitation whenever in Us
Judgment, the removal of the limita
tion Is In line with better train ser
City Comptroller Bill.
The senate passed the bill which re
peals the uct of the Inst legislature
making the county comptroller ex-
officio city comptroller. In cities of tho
metropolitan class.
The Commistlon to oC"trol
Stoecker of Douglas county would
place In the hands of the State Rail
wny commission practically complete
control over eovry public franchise
corporation In Nebraska, and to that
end he has Introduced 11. R. 239. It
provides that no corporation operat
ing under a franchise shall extend
that franchise or exercise any of its
rights without first having cil.iined
the cousent of the railway conums
slon. No corporation operating under
a franchise shall asslnn. transfer or
lease, nor shall It make any contract
or agreement affecting Its franchise.
Advertlsina Amendments.
The bill Introduced by Senator Tan
tier of DoiiKla county, providing that
the governor shall Instruct the sec
retary of state In what newspapers to
ndvertle the amendments to the eon
situation, passed the senate, tho com
bined ferro of republicans, against it
making the vote of 19 to 12. It was
iMa tan uhlrh the renubllcatis so bit
terly contested In tho committee of
the whole, because the secretary of
uiaiu who bss done thin In the last
fow years Is a republican, while, the
governor Is a democrat.
The Lower House Endorses Two Bills
for Same
The house stamped Its approval
upon furtherance of dry farming ex
periments for sand hl'l farmers when
It indorsed in committee of the whole
two bills for the establishment or ex
periment stations in the semi-arid re
gions of the west and northwest.
The limitations upon the location of
these stations require that they be
located somewhere In Kimball. Scotta
Butte, Sioux, Sheridan, Cherry. Keya
Butte, Souix. Sheridan, Cherry. Keya
Paha. Brown or Rock counties.
Brown of Keya Paha pleaded. In
asking for the establishment of one
of the stations, that It has taken the
dwellers In the sand hills twenty-five
years to find out what they can grow
in those regions.
Tho bills carry appropriations each
of $15,000. Representative uaiK, in
urgln j their passage, declared that he
believes the state could not spena
money to better advantage than In
testing the resources of the sparsely
populated, semi arid portions of the
There is a tendency on the part of
a good many of the members to con
sider that the establishment of ex
periment stations will answer the pur
pose of a western agricultural college.
Mr. Kelley denies this, however. He
says a college Is a college and an ex
periment station Is an experiment
tlon, and this legislature will leave
one platform unfulfilled If it does not
provide for a school similar to the
Lincoln school somewhere in the
Float Reprecentative from Cass and
Otoe Counties.
Long Hours for Saloons.
Nebraska's saloons will not be
closed all over the state from 7 p. m.
to the same hour in the morning, tho
r.enate committee on judiciary report
ing to postpone Indefinitely the bill
offered by King of Polk to this effect.
Insurance Bill Is Killed.
H. R. No. 15, by Gates of Sarpy.
was put to rout by the house In the
committee of the whole. The bill
provides that farm mutual Insurance
companies had the right to insure
detached residence property and lim
ited the liability of the members to
one and a half times the board rate,
nnd that losses could be prorated. The
bill was Indefinitely postponed.
As to "Dope Fiends."
Senator Henry of Colfax does not
believe the state should have to take
care of dipsomaniacs and "dono
fiends." He Introduced a bill repeal
ing all acts that had to do with the
examination of such persons and pro
viding for their care.
Want New State School.
The Nebraska association for the
protection of the blind has drawn a
bill for the erection of a new state
Institution, a manual training school
for the blind. The school Is to be lo
cated by the state officers, and build
ings are to bo erected at a cost of
Placed on General File.
The house committee on railroads
placed on the general file the Evans
bill to compel railroads to furnish
scales for weighing grain, without
recommendation, nnd deferred action
on the Sink bill limiting the number
of cars In a freUht train to fifty.
Miller's Divorce Bill.
S. V. 120, by Senator Miller of Lan
caster county, is drawn to amend tho
divorce law In general In accord with
the unlorm divorce law that has been
drafted by the congress on divorce
Senator King of Polk has a measure
that is drawn exnetly in accord with
the uniform divorce act, but tho Mill
'r ll, '"odlflcatlon, and while It
Is Intended to prevent emigrant di
vorces It does not pretend to enact
the entire law.
For District Clerks.
A bill In which district clerks of
the state are Interested was Intro
duced Into the senate by Senator Ran
som. It provides that orders of the
courts will bo filed without charge
and fixed specific charges for entering
all ether papers. The clerks have, had
n difficult time lu collecting the money
on judgments and other orders by tho
court, and In many cases these have
never been filed. Tho new list raises
the proces of filing other documents
so that the chnrgo will not have to be
made for the ordur.
, . t v.