The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, February 04, 1909, Image 3

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'wi w jwftnf mm 11 I 'I WM
fNI'SfAL (N'OritKKNVr.S In Hie nil-
0 unit n'.l ir khiu'luns aiv nhvays the
riiof.t Inlrri-slini; to the Ani'Tl'.-iii peo
ple. The editor that nf Ian- t!iert
l ave lint lnvn eiioii;rh "iiueer" liappi n
lng.i.'li seemingly ielite nature's
lawn, ntnl tlieei;h upnaily lav.-ni.iilliis be
h:ta oni'iavci-eii to tupply tl:c want. In with this p-iliey Nate frefiike.
C'.e ri'iKiwneil mill mneh-lr.i v-l-il nattiral
tst. who (iirlltioil ri-et iilelit Hoi'SeVelt's of
fer tn ucciiiiipany t lie ixecuthi' on li If
Vast Afii'-an hmiMni; trip, was i mployed
In scout tip I'limlreils of unusual, yet In
terest In;; iK Tuncnce.-.. The tour tool; bcv
rral nutiths ami from time to time the
nntlior mailed the following iie'.vunts of
the str:i!i(;e things which were reported
tn 'ini. only this week Mr. frefakeo
rtrraiiia rnnie tA an ml. anil lie delicate
ly confi.le.l i!;at he liad sworn off "for
gooil." leiltor's Note.
town was deeply silrred up
and Paris Creek s;ici"ty cir
cles were unusually ugog up
on the arrival of your eorre
spotiflent. The whereof of this
was the birth of an ossified
chicken from out of a hard
boiled egg. This strange oc
currence took flare on the
farm of II. J. Seaman, a
wealthy countryman.
Mr. Seaman avers that he
placed the hard boiled egg in
the mother hen's nest simply
to conx her to lav and she.
being deceived into the belief that fihe had
laid tho proceeded to hatch It out. the
process taking four months.
The wee chick has no feathers and much
resembles a lottery creation. It walks me
chanically, its small lgs working in sock
els, while its neck does not wag like that
of tho ordinary fowl in search ef food. The
youngster appears in good health und will
probably live. So hard Is the chick's body
that Mr. Seaman will paint tho ntars and
stripes where the feathers should be anil
when the paint, is dry he will present the
wee fowl to the Smithsonian Institution at
Wnshinploii, which has been reeking just
such a phenomenon for the post SO years.
Tiiscaloolno, Nov. One of the qtiaintert
exhibitions of mot her love which ever drew
tears to the eyes of a matinee girl was that
which this small bustling city witnessed to
day when n number of town officials off on
a junket, returned tw tell of the manner In
which a mountain lion protected Its young.
The ollieials ha I conn; to a point In a
mountain pass and were surprised to see a
little distance ahead of them a male and
female mountain lion rolling a gigantic
boulder down tho side of a hillock. Deftly
the pair placed t In big rock agalnr.t a hole
In tho fueo of the mountain and then de
paried In search of food. It wan marvelous
In the eyes of tho city ollieials and they pro
ceeded to Invt i tignte. In tho cavern they
found seven lion cubs, playing peek aboo,
secure from zittat k.
The watchers hid a short distance away
and a few minutes later were greeted by
the soft fuotialls of tho reluming Hons.
The male, Iwipi nlng a small rock beneath
the boulder, allowed it to slip a few feet
to the right ami both animal.-, pas-sod Into
tho cavern iitnl out i' ihf.-.
..Jy.ll.. Tk.H .It..
This Is r.ot a local option
town. Some of the city ollieials
missed the rare siht, being
too tired.
J '
Morning After, Ark In a
part of this coanty which Is
sildom frequented war. fouud
to-day a tree growing down
ward into the ground. U Is
the only case of 1;:? ki:id i:i the
world. Your correspondent
saw the rare sight. The roots
of tho tree project seven; I feet
above tho ground and are of
the palest green, while tho
leaves, seine .f which tho
writer dug up. are white and
taste not unlike celery.
Tho only explanation of the
strange occurrence was given
by an old Indian who Is saiM
to have lived in this section
"00 years Ho ir. known as Big
(,'hkf Kick a-IIole in the Sky.
and he declares that long ago
the chief of the happy hunting
ground vented his wrath upon
Uig Chief Kick a llole-in-tiio-Sky's
great grandfather, who
had ilanted many trees. I In '
caused the seeds to bo planted
upside down, thtu accounting
for nature's reversal. There was
once a whole grove of this In
verted timber,
"Heap much too plenty
bunk," sighed the aged red
skin, us ho turned to re-enter
his cabin.
Firewater, Minn. Josh Stillfngs arrived In
this city to-day from a hunting trip and told
a wonderf;:! story, which upon Inves' igation
of the quality of the liquor which Mr. Sel
lings carries, your correspondent found to be
an absolutely true tale. Mr. Stilling said;
"I was hunting b'ars up north and had
traced a big one iolo a clump of trees when,
to my surprise. I saw fly towards me a full
grown jack rabbit, equipped with eight pairs
of '.'.lugs. Tho rabblf flew faster than the
fastest train. I ever rode upon. When my as
tonishment had somewhat subsided I hinvd
my rifle at a point about a mile ahead of tho
queer animal und so fast did It Hy that It
ran right Into the shot. After half nn hour's
walk I came .upon Hie carcass, which had
frozen stiff. The wings were of Huffy down
and curiously shaped. I was anxious to bring
the fly Ins rahbit. home, but that nlcht It
was niysteiiouhly stolen and so I h.ive no
proof for my story other than what, little
lleker I have left In my flask. Have another
drink, friend?"
Your correspondent then saw a whole (lock
of Hying rabbits. Tho phenomenon is wholly
fiwan. N. J. The most wonderful sen fish
ever seen appeared off this town tvice dur
ing the past few days once by night nnd
once by day. The reptile is shaped like a ser
pent and planted between Its eyes Is a gi
gantic headlight, which is only visible at
night nnd which marks tho reptile's progress
through tho waves. The cons'nnt sputter of
electricity In tho form of dots and tl'i-hes led
summer residents here to believe that tho
serpent uses Us tail for a wlrclcss instru
ment ui.d thus conveys tnea-i'.g", to o'heis of
- . 7 7.7 r.; - r- ----iT . -Sr"T".' '- " 7:.S .v-r-:ti ''V.i.-'ie.-'v v- rv;tv),' jv V'v'i vv.c.".rr Mt-.'fci'iiywl'
W- .4 i' .,, ''.1,7
. iJr-
1 fl
' ;;t
. ..i
- i
It -i species who are in deeper water. The
serpent seemed to like this little summer ul
lage until its appearance at night when it
is supposed that the loving couples on the
sai.ds cither made it Tixious or gave rise
to nausea. Then it disappeared, its tail tick
ing oft the telegrapher's ".'A" which means
"good right," rind i.ometinos "never imain."
Tor several days the young women bathers'
desirted their favorite haunts on the sands
i. ml the young men wittily said that at that
time there was si u" excuse for not getting
their pretty bathing itiits wot.
IMir.gpnth. Cal i'r"babl.v tho most won
derful mistake whiih t.nMiro ever made is
that which was ii:naith"d lure in the birth
of a cow with its bono; on Its rear hoofs. It
h.v no horns c.n i' l head. It was several
months before the hori.s on its hoofs began
to sprout. It is a very savage animal and
none date go near it, for it lights just as does
a game roost r nnd i.-i more virions. The
owner, Mr. A. .1. Ilirshfu-M, Is planning 1
breed the species and hopes to develop a new
uport to take tho pi; to of both chicken licht
Ing nnd bull fl:;hts. lie !. I1 a contest last
week between a ha I d:: and his "devil cow, "
the name which r .-rle'its of tVis scc'ion hav
applied to the i,!ii'::al and ti cow reduced
tho ";iiine to miiii i'U'.t at. giving rise to a
pew industry that of tVj manufacture of
bull nog rail:. age.
Ding a Ling. China The belief of five-year-
o'd American buy;- tl a
the earth they will si d.
tf.rj was lllus rated in
w In ti your corre; po V
suburb ou'tid" of Dlog
ill'.' houses ain lueui!,
: If t'-ey dig throu;h
(oi in Chino.v terrl
a ic.-ulai I'in to day
:.t ;.;;iv. I lu a lilt!"
a Lin'-', In nldch all
:md hang litis from
a gigantic crag which projects
from tho side of a precipice.
Tho people do not walk upsldo
down as might be supposed.
Macon, A crowd of grief
stricken coloied people con
signed an iiMslfiiiment of lino
peiir trees to a grave u'. Pnlltit;
broke just ut dark, thlnklns tl)y
were the remains of Too',rer
Adams, a nepro woman, whose
denlti was due to a ntul from
another negro woman In Tyhee.
The police had the case and
worked It nut; finding the dead
woman formerly lived In I!o
llni'hroke and notllieil friends
that the t mains would he sent on
the afternoon central train and
when the box arrived containing
the pear trees It had ko much
the nppearance of a cotrin case
that the party took charge.
For Home reason, not ex
plained, the casket did not Ret
off at Macon and tho negroes
who were waiting at the train
took the pear trees off with the
deepest Borrow and care, car
ried the box to the home of
relatives and sat up, bans and
prayed nil nU'.ht.
The word was out that the
body was terribly slashed by
th( worn
mi's assail
ant ami for
that. rea
son, togeth
or witli the
long delay
after death,
the hox
w a s not
opened. At
lh hour
for the fu
neral tho
colored pas
tor hail his
text: "ty their fruits
Pallbearers, mourners
ye shall know them."
and attendants, after
the usual custom
ictually buried tho pear
I reep.
When tho next north
sender train came bearln
ound Central pas
; the corpse of the
ili-ad woman and tin
funeral attendants were
notified, tliei.- wa
Witisliip Caban;:-.-.
amazement and surprise.
. one of the most protlli
the (ommunlty, fouml tht
tnude a Healt h for the pear
ri"iit tanners of
mital;i' wiien h(
Al'i n. III. -Nature, in an A' mood,
broui'l.t anotl er womler to th door of James
CheSf.i II of Fast Alton, noted ,is the owner
of the famous swearing parrot. When Cites
sail first proclaimed the v. ility of his par
rot's powers in "efaaity the bird was dublcd
a nauir" lal.e. So 'l. ss-ti invit. d a ruiibor
of le.'oi,.,, i.i;.!ig them a ilivlt.i'.y s:ud':il.
to hear Jlie bird r' l.''ave. Since thi n Chos
sen's 1 1 put at it di ft r fruthf-ilr.ess in liast Al-
ton has been unquestioned, evon na the par
rot's popularity has crown.
Hut this time a hen was at the bottom of
It, rather a setting of eggs, which Chesscn
found in a nest reposing in tho middle of a
bit; pumpkin which ho purchased from Her
bert Culp, a truck farmer. Tho Httlo brdwn
hen had made entrance throufih a hole which
a hungry cow all cowa are hungTy In a
pumpkin' field-had bitten out of the gamboge
vegetable. As CheHsen; who boasts that ho
drives a good bargain, gavo only 15 cents
for the pumpkin, and there were 14 eSR"
In the parrot nest, he thinks ho is the finan
cial gainer, though he may have to exhibit
pgnln to re-establish his reputation for ver
acity. ChcBsen took the pumpkin In his hen
houses, and now a setting fowl is clucking
over the I'ggs. lie expects to sou mo juum
when they are hatched, at from 35 to
cents apiece.
n.vspepsla, Kan. In n single night thla
burg has passed Into history and all because
of tho sidetracking of $50,000 worth of os
triches here. Tho oBt riches were bound for
Is Angeles. Cal.
It Is said the birds had not been fed slnco
leaving Africa and the first thin they did
was to cat up all tho freight cars which pro
vided their homes. Then they descended up
on this town, first devouring a $200 plate
glass window in (leorgo Krlckson's poultry
store about midnight. The town marshal
fled when ho saw the things that the
ostriches relished. Inadvertently he
ran right into the flock In his flight.
They looked him over, smelled him, but
passed on to more Bavory delicacies In
the shape of the railroad depot. Hav
ing eaten this they started in on the
homes of the residents and when dawn
enmo there was only a crumpled mass
of ostrich language nnd Borne human
cuss words, where the town onco stood.
Most of the residents tied In their night
clothing to Hawkeye, a near-by village,
and have formed the Society for the
Prevention of Wearing Ostrich Plumes.
Tho birds are now roaming the coun
try devouring everything in their way.
Tho militia company at Hawklnsvlllo
may bo called out.
Later It wasn't. The ostriches died.
Atmosphere, N. C -Physicians who
were performing nn operntlon for ap
pendicitis upon Herman Graustark In
this city today were astounded when
they extracted four $" gold-pieces from
the appendix of the patlont.
The currency was piled In the appendix
when extracted and one report has it
that the money was labeled "issue of 1904."
Mr. Graustark Is cashier in the First State
Trust Company of this city and consequently
was Immediately placed under arrest on
cliaiges of misapplying the funds of the bank.
Ho pbads innocence, declaring that ho must
have accidentally swallowed the coins whilo
biting thorn to see It they were genuine.
Whoe. Tenn. lily longdistance telephone.)
Your corros-ihlcl-i'ondont had quite a (hlc)
time today in this (hlc) hamlet. He had
tpii'e a severe cold when he struck (hlc) here
and was one of the hlcers who were present
at the (Useov (hlc) ery of a tnnglc well on tho
city hall square. The well flows real moon
shine whisky (hie. hlcj. This 19 a drysh
town thiol. The well is a pub-(hlc)-llo utility.
Jim Oifion made tho (hie) wonderful dis
covery, it Is considered very (hlc) probable
that the wvll will bo enjoined from flowing
ly tho supremo (hie) court. You have to
drop IT. cents in the thle) well to make It
IVv.v. Your cunes-t hicl pondcnt Is broke.
-. j SCT