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The MewsMeraejd.
NKWS. F3tallih-1 NVv. 5. !S91 1
HiKALU. Ki-talluhid Apillo. 14
Cur.o;i('Uil Jn. 1. is.r.
. . . .
HIS bUDSCnptlOll Kauy U on will be awarded by the Nebraska Farm
Full Blast Addition- I er to the contestant securing the most
j votes in a group of eleven other con
al Prizes. ' tests. Now is the time to get in the
The subscription rallv which we have Kame ad beK' workinS 0l- u
been telling you about through the col- j Remember the names of all who have
umn of this paper, and which is being ' 0l'en nominated will be published in
conducted bv the Nebraska Farmer of next week's paper and the stanclmg of
Lincoln, this paper, and eleven other
papers over the state, is becoming in
teresting and causing considerable talk.
There have been quite a number of
names suggested as contestants in this
local contest, and the list is still open
for nominations. Those who have been
nominated have been furnished with
supplies to begin work and they can
secure additional supplies and the names
of the people who are already taking
this paper by calling at this office.
Anvone who has received notice of
the fact that they have been nominated 1
as a contestant will confer a flavor on !
us if they will let U3 know at oqce
whether they expect to make an effort
or not, as we will publish the names of
all nominated in next week's paper un-;
less we are notified to the contrary. yair an(j 0f Tampa and the day is term
We hope that all who have been nomin- ; e(j "Bryan Day" at the Fair. Gover
ated will go right to work since some j nor Albert W. Gilchrist and his cabinet
friend ha3 taken the interest to nomin- j are nere an(j during the morning Mr.
ate you. It will not take much work p,rvan was the center of an admiring
among your friendi and neighbors s- crowd of Florida democrats in the re
curing subscriptions to take this paper tunja 0f the Tampa Bay hotel, where
and the Nebraska Farmer tJ get votes
enough to win one of the fine prizes.
There is no way to secure votes except
by collecting money on subscription,
therefore one has as good a chance to
win as the other.
As soon as the subscription money
has been received at this office the votes
will be issued, and we will have a ballot
box in this office where they may be
cast and they will be taken out once i
each week and counted and published
in the paper. The standing of the votes
will be published for the first time week
after next. Anyone who has not been
nominate as a contestant may get in
the race by letting us know at this
office. " We would be pleased to hear
from anyone wishing to enter.
The price of this paper is the same as
before the contest started, $1.50 per
year. During this contest we are mak
ng a special clubbing offer with the
Nebraska Farmer of $2.00 for the two
papers. Votes are given on single sub-
scriptions to this paper but by getting
subscriptions on the clubbing proposi-
tion for both papers more votes may
be secured. Votes are allowed on all
v subscription payments as follows: Each
year b renewal subscription to this
paper counts
400 votes. Each year's
new subscription to this paper counts ( guegt 0f honor at the fair and a formal
800 votes. Each year's renewal sub-1 rcception will be held in the French
scription to this paper with a year's j parior 0f the Tampa Bay in her honor,
subscription to the Nebraska Farmer i rn tne receiving' line will be Mrs Gil
included counts 1,200 votes. ;Each ! cnrist amj others of society in Florida,
year's new subscription to this ..
paper with a year's subscription to the j Now is the time to have your piano
Nebraska Farmer included counts 1,-! tuned. Mr. Becker of the Plattsmouth
600 votes. Contestants can see that it j Music Co. is an experienced man in
pays to work for the new business and j this line of work,
also for the two rmDcrs. I
This contest will be of short duration
nnlv torn mnntVia nnH if. will rinvnnv
one to get in the race at once and work
for the prizes offered. Remember that
TKf Hoturol Kurp-nSr:-nf
C. E. Wescott's Sons.
"Where Quality Counts."
j there is a fine Howard piano, ami other,
' prizes to be given away in this county !
! by this paper and that in this
contest has a fine chance for winn.rgi
the $1,500 Iiuick touring car which :
liie VULCS Will nimffliuu nit Hici
j week after next.
If you want one of these fine prizes
and have not been nominated, send in
your name to this paper at once and
you will be in the game. This contest
1 is open to both ladies and gentlemen.
lL.. ...Ml l. i.n .L.. tH.i
! Distinguished Nebraskan Guest
of Honor at Big Mid
Winter Fair.
i Ta.nwa, Fla., Feb. 4 William Jen
1 njgS Bryan and Mis. Bryan are today
the cruests of the Florida Mid-winter
Gov. Gilchrist introduced to the Com
moner those who desired to meet him.
This afternoon Mr. Bryan is at the
races where at 2:30 the "Bryan handi
cap" will be run and the winning jock
ey will be presented with a sash by Mr.
Bryan. At one o'clock this afternoon
Mr. Bryan will preside at the laying of
the cornerstone for the new $100,000
Y. M. C. A. building in Tampa and will
deliver an appropriate address.
The evening will bring a brillian Madame Calve is at the hotel
and this evening at 8 o'clock she will
give a recital in the Tampa Bay Casino
at which Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Bryan
will be the guests of honor in separate
boxes. In Mr. Bryan's box will be the
governor of Florida and other distm
guished public men, and Mrs. Bryan
will have- as her guests the governor's
mother for Gen. Gilchrist is a bachelor
governor-and other ladies. After the
recital Madame Calve will share the
honors with Mr. and Mrs. Bryan at a
: hannuet oriirinallv planned for the
j Brvans by the democrats of Florida
anj after tne banquet the guests will
j take part jn tne first formal hall of the
flcason jn the elegant oval Sun Room of
i the Hotel.
Tomorr0w Madame Calve will be the
When buying candies, why not buy
- the hest? We alwavs have a fine line
; of the superior grades on hand. Ne
j metz & Co. next to P. O.
A Perfect Fit in
10 Minutes
When you need a suit of
clothes you do not need to
resort to the "dress
maker" plan with its long
delays and disappoint
ments. If you are not de
formed we can fit and
please you perfectly if
you will stop in at our
store for 10 minutes.
Our knowledge of the
needs of this community
and our large assortments
make this possible. New
spring goods arriving now.
Plattsmouth, Neb. Feb, 2, 1909.
Hoard of County Commissioners nn?t in
regular session, with all members pres
ent. Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved, whereupon the follow
ing business was transacted in regular
form :
In the matter of the road petition of
Andrew J. Hoover, et. al., which was
filed November 10, IMS came on for
hearing, together with a remonstrance
of John Sass and others against the
locating of the proposed road,
Action j
postponed until next meeting
County treasurer was ordered to
........ . .l r , I F.....I
transfer JMiNi irom me uencrui ruimi
to the Soldier Relief Fund. j
Countv clerk was this day directed to!
serve written notice on James Hoover,
Road Overseer Road Dist. No. ", in
structing him to serve notice on P. O.
Esmny to remove his fence from the
public highway, running from a point
ti'J chains west of the north east corner
of the north-west quarter of section
23-12-11, south 2 chains and 50 links,
terminating at the east end of Second
street in the village of Louisville, Cass
county, Nebraska, 30 days from this
Bond of VV. C. Bartlett, road over
seer district No. 15, approved.
Bond of Ben Beckman, road over
seer district 10, approved.
Bond of G. Metteer, justice of the
...... . . . j
peace,. Jit neasant precinct, approveu.
Bond of Geo. N. LaRue. member
Soldiers Relief Commission, approved.
Plattsmouth News-Herald was
awarded the contract for county print
ing year 1909.
Dr. J. B. Martin, awarded contract
physicians district No. 1.
Dr. J. F. Brendel, awarded contract
physicians district No. 2.
Dr. J. W. Brendel, awarded contract
physicians district No. !!.
Dr. E. D. Banghart, awarded contract
physicians district No. 4. .
Dr. N. t. Talcott, awarded contract
physicians district No. 5.
Streight & Streight was awarded the
contract for burial of pauper poor 1909.
F. F. Schlater, petit juror certi
ficates $ 39 00
B. I. Clements, inquest of John
Thacker 18 05
C. D. Quinton, same 8 80
E. T. Comer, jury of John
Thacker 1
W. B. Cross, snmc 1
Chas. Lake, same 1
A. L. Becker, same 1
J. D. Bramblett. same 1
Lee Thacker, witness of John
Thacker 1 "0
James Stephens, same 1 50
Carter Albin, same 150
Dr. Livingston, same 2 05
Dr. J. F. Brendel, same 1 50
Ira Clark, same 1 10
Lennie Crawford, same 110
Carl Albin, same 1 10
J. L. Pell, jury of John Thacker 1 50
E. E. Hilton, salary 49 84
Mary E. Foster, salary and exp. 126 39
F. M. Foster, salary and laundry 62 90
C. R. Jordan, salary 35 00
M. L. Friedrich, same 38 75
L. D. Switzer, same 3i 6)
W. E.Rosencrans, sal'y and exp. 157 65
S. F. Girardet, mdse 8 85
Katherine Minor, labor recorders
J. V. Egenborger, fuel
J. F. Brendel, 6 mos. salary Co.
Weeping Water Republican,
19 00
214 07
13 40
26 57
Wm. HaFsler, labor 19 50
Chas. Oil warkcr, coal 0 50
Lorenz Bros, mdse to farm 41 25
C. A. Rawls, expense 4 (54
Robt. Sherwood & Son, mdse to
Pollard lor Crain Standardization, i
Congressman Pollard appeared before
the interestate and foreign commerce
committee of the house today in behalf
of his bill providing for the standardiz
ing of grain for export only.
The main point brought out by Mr. ;
Pollard during a speech of an hour and
a nuartcr before the committee was '
that a large per cent of the grain
1 shipped ubroad is graded too high, for (
j the reason that when it reaches its de- j
I stination it is found in mouldy, musty (
and in some cases in a rotten condition. !
Three years ago out of 5,000,000 bush- j
els of grain examined by United States '
'experts 11 percent was found damaged, i
I Two years ago the same quantity of j
grain being inspected ran up as 19 peri
K"i'cent. Last year, however, the ptr-!
,") !
il 4S
1 f0
M. Archer, cost State vs. Wat
kins 4
C. I. Quinton, same 2
M. Archer, costs State vs.
Tucker 4
J. K. Denson, same 2
Stone Mercantile Co. mdse. to
F. G. Fricke & Co., same
8 (Ml
12 o
Dr. L. Meier, reports birth and
I). Ktelfens, same
i Geo. Reitter. ir.. same.
I!. I. Clements, same 300
W. E. Hand, same 4 00
Mike Tritsch, same 5 00
P. S. Crink, same 50
II. M. Soennichsen, same 9 15
Wm. II. Lyman, same 8 95
Chas. L. Graves, same 30
A. E. Slater, same 30
A. Kurtz, same (50
H. F. Kropp, same 30
State Journal Co., record 21 00
J. J. Svoboda, mdse. to Co 11 35
Earl R. Travis, taking testi
mony Thacker inquest 7
J. A. Clements, printing 7
Chas. Rager, livery and board
ing pauper ".' 3
R. A. Bates, typewriter paper 8
Joe Fitzgerald, freight and
Klopp & Bartlett, supplies 82
M. Hild, express on casket and
labor 3
Caftle Raper & Mathews, burial
of pauper 20 00
M. Herald, mdse 75
The News-Herald, printing.... 1 50
M. Fanger, mdse. to farm and
paupers 19 50
C. W. Baylor, coal to pauper. . . 63 24
J. H. Tarns, sal'y and exp 63 40
John Kopia, mdse. to farm 38 13
John C. York, barber work at
poor farm
E. Manspeakcr, serving subpoe
2 75
nas State vs. Riley & Hixon. .
Neb. Institute Feeble minded,
clothing for Partridge, Hunter
13 70
and Hamilton 122 68
A. N. Sullivan, defending Wm.
Riley et. al T 00
B. C. Marquaidt, mdse 8 00
John Waterman, lumber 75
L. B. Egenberger, mdse, to
paupers 27 90
Mineral Springs Sanitarium,
care of Mrs. Wagner 33 00
R. Rector, rent for Mrs. Allen. . 4 00
Geo. Timblin, return of poll tax
R. D. No. 14 2 50
Ellis Lee, same. No. 10 2 50
Harry Gartner, same, No. 6 . . . ' 2 50
John Albert, damage No. 2 4 00
Avoca Lumber Co., lumber R,
D. No. 13 8 90
Avoca Lumber Co., lumber R,
D. No. 14 24 02
City of Plattsmouth, return of
city road fund No. 17 688 00
A. D. Hathaway, road work R.
D. No. 11 49 00
H. B. Jones, same R. D. No. 14. 9 00
Gus Ruhga, same No. 14 3 00
Robt. Jamison, same No. 14.... 1 50
Geo. A. B. Hicks, same No. 2.. 8 00
Ben Beckman, same No. 10 .... 41 75
J. A. Wilson, same No. 7 12 50
Frank Rouse, same R. D. No. 5. 31 50
Wm. Hassler.labor R. D. No. 1.
Avoca Lumber Co., bridge lum
ber G. L. Grinton, bridge work....,
John Waterman, same
61 44
4 CO
23 05
Board adjourned to meet Tuesday,
February 16, 1909.
County Clerk.
centage of damaged grain in export
shipments was considerably less, the,
reduction being traceable to the reduced I
amount sent aboard on account ofj
the hih prices prevailing in this
country. j
Mr. Pollard is hopeful that his bill
will be reported favorably by the house '
committee in view of the fact that his,
hill concerns but export trade. -Omaha
Looking lor Land.
Joe Adams and Robert Tioop left
he first of the week for Gngory, So.
Dakota, where they go to look over the
country with h view to making some
land investments. Thoy expect to be
absent several days.
C. II. Smith, postal supplies ,
Peter Goos, meals to pauper. ,
New Prizes Added.
The NKWs-IlKKAi.n has added two!
more prizes to be uwarded in the great j
subscription rally now in progress. The i
first is a handsome combination desk ,
and bookcase, which is now on exhibi-1
tion at the furniture and undertaking '
rooms of Streiirht & Streiirht. the re
tail price being $:11.25. This is an ele- j
gant piece of furniture and would be
an ornament to anybody's home. The j
fourth prize will be a $10 due bill on
any merchant advertising in the Nkws-
Hkkald. Several candidates for these
prizes are already in the field. Supplies
and full particulars may be had by call
ing at or addressing this office.
Photo post cards of Taft at Platts
mouth. Now on sale Ten different
views at lie each. Nemetz & Co. next
Spokane Making Preparation to
Kntertain Three Time Cham
pion of America.
Plattsmouth devotees of the game of
chess will be interested in the announce
ment that Frank A. Marshall, three
times winner of the American chess
championship, who had just returned
from a trip through Europe, will play
a series of games in the rooms of the
Spokane Amateur Athletic Club, begin
ning February 20. He will take on all
tne players at the club at the same
time, going from table to table until all
the games are finished. Afterward he
will givo several exhibition plays, ex
plaining the various moves and counter
moves. One of Marshall's opponents will be
J. C. Bird of Spokane, who claims to
be the oldest living chess and checker
player on the continent. He has been
playing continuously, since 1838, when,
at 10 years of age, his father taught
him the first moves on the board. Mr.
Bird was secretary of the first chess
club of St. Louis, Mo., in 1854. prior to
which he ranked as one of the best play
ers in that city, H participated as an
amateur in all the club's tourneys until
1896, whn he eame west, settling in
this city.
Fred Blomberg, manager of the
Spokane Amateur Athletic Club, an
nounces that Mr. Marshall will begin a
tour of the United States and Canada
at the close of the series in Spokane,
playing in many of the larger cities be
tween the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Fruit Traa Tru To Nam.
I have the agency of the Watrous
nurseries of Des Moines, Iowa, the
most reliable institution of its kind in
the west. Every tree tested in the
nursery before being sent out. I have
dealt in nursery stock for years and can
say this stock is correct in every re-
spect, and prices right. If in need of
anything drop me a postal and I will
call. Ornamentals of every description.
70-4 C. C. Despain.
We now have Compound Fig Syrup
at 25c a bottle. F. G. Frick & Co.,
DruggiUs. 72-4.
We sell the Monarch Malleable Range.
Krochler Brothers, Coates Block.
What is Home Without a Piano?
Not many years ago the pianoforte was looked
on by the great majority of people as a luxury. To
day it is regarded as nothinj? short of a necessity in
every American home. The refininjr influence of
music is so potent a factor in the character develop
ment of a growing1 child, that no conscientious par
ent can -save for the gravest reasons, ncjrlcct mak
ing the addition of a piano to the furr.iture of a
household. While we sell the higher priced instru
ments, it is our constant aim to furnish thoroughly
honest and reliable pianos on very easy terms to per
sons in moderate circumstances. Investigation will
not go amiss, as you will find to your profit if you
are in the market for a piano. Come in and get ac
quainted and we can talk the matter over, We
are praclical Piano Tuners.
The Plallsmoulli Music Company
J. A. BECKER, Manager
Writes of the Big Subscription.
Rally Now in Progress.
Other Notes.
Dear Editor: I cannot impress too
strongly upon your readers the impor
tance of enterintr the biir automobile-
pian0 C()Iltest carIy Never ,,efore to
my knowledge nas an automobile of
such splendid value been offered as a
free premium when tho competition
was so limited. It was our intention
that fifteen country publications would
enter this contest, but at the time of
opening there ae only twelve. This
restricts the competition just that much
more, and I can safely say to your
readers that the winner of this auto
mobile will find his task an unusually
easy one.
The utility of the automobile upon,
the farm is becoming so well known
that I anticipate the time, not very far
hence, when they will be in quite as
popular use as rubber tired buggy, or
any other kind of a farm rig. Any
thing that Baves time for the farmer is
worth practically what it costs regard
less of price, and farmers who have
automobiles, having paid for them any
where from $1,500 to $2,500 claim in '
unqualified terms that the investment
was a good one. That being the case
it certainly seems to me that any farm
ers, his wife, son or daughter, or the
whole family can afford to get right out
and put in two months' effort in an at
tempt to win this machine. It should
also be given due consideration that the
one who fails to win the automobile,
yet having the second highest number
of votes will win a piano and is fully
described in the advertisement.
And I wish to impress further upon
your readers that in taking subscrip
tions for the Nebraska Farmer and
the News-Herald the work will be
exceedingly agreeable. Every resident
within thirty miles of Plattsmouth
should be a regular reader of your
aplendid publication, and the same is
true of the Nebraska Farmer. I
hope that contestants will begin work
at once as there is ho question that the
ones who get into the game in earnest,
at once will be the ones having the best
opportunity to win. The contest closes
April 3 which makes the time for work
limited. S. R. McKelvie.
Publisher Nebraska Farmer.
List ot Latter.
Remaining uncalled for in
office at Plattsmouth, Neb.
the poat
, Feb. !,
Miss N. M. Bcingham, Mrs. Rosa
Cole, Miss Lulu Netharray, Adolf Le
deen and Thos. Stage).
These letters will be sent to the dead
letter office February 15, 1909, if not
j delivered before. In calling for the
above please Bay "advertised giving
date of list. C. H. Smith, P. M.
Something new in post cards every
week. Nemeti & Co. next to P.O.
Some cigars are
Peppcrburg's "Buds'
t'Always reliable.
only cigars, but
'are a good smoke