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    The News-Herald
EntaraH t th poitoffic at flattnwutb. Cax
County, Nebraska, a Mccnd-clana mail matter.
A. L. Tidd, Editor.
R. 0. Watters, Manager.
WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE, j Now bobs up the insinuation that' XXX"!X!"X
Liniuin bbiu, nu mat i am, ur nuj'tr ot-naiur .uincr vi i-iniuui imrouuceq
to be I owe to mv atre mother." I his woman's suffrage bill from selfish i
William McKinley, in an address to ! motives. He is one of the proprietors
an old settlers picnic in northern Ohio, of a big department store in the capital
some years ago, said, "It is a proud , city, and
pleasure to me to le able to credit to
Om Taar in Advanet.
ia Maolhi
. .75
Plattsmouth No. 85 Nebraska No. 85
It might be a good idea for the
Journal to include the ground hog in
its proposed gopher bill.
If your neighbor has a good idea for
the general benefit of the city, find a
better one if you can, and go to the
Commercial club and give it to the club.
The suggestion of an interurban
railway is causing much discussion. It
may be possible to make this city the
starting point for some interurban question of woman suffrage
lines. Give the matter your best frngist woman in every community is
thought. j the agitator. She is never found at-
but al-
my wife and to my mother whatever
good things my fellow-countrymen as
cribe to me. To wife and mother, man
kind is indebted for those high moral
qualities, gentleness, truth and virtue,
which are so indispensable to good
character, good citizenship, and a noble
life. Our whole political fabric rests
upon the sanctity of the American
home, where the true wife and mother
preside. They teach the boys and girls
purity of life and thought, and point
the way to usefulness and distinction.
The world owes them more than it can
ever repay. The man who has a pure
and true love for mother and wife, re
quires no bond for his good behavior,
and can be safely trusted in every rela
tion in life."
The testimony of Lincoln and Mc
Kinley ought to forever seal the lips of
every self-respecting woman on the
The suf-
It is push that makes a prosperous
city. There is not another city in the !
west, that will develop as much push '
to the square inch this year as Platts-:
mouth will. If you don't know how to '
i i . : 1 1 .1 i . . i i i
pusn neep buii, uun i let anyuouy Know f
about it, they'll laugh at you.
Don't object to a proposition which
is for the general good of the city,
simply because you think someone else
is going to derive a little more benefit
from it than you do. If vou can derive
any benefit from it, even though your
neighbor may derive ten times as much
benefit, still it is a good thing.
Don't grow cross when a committee
from the Commercial club calls on you.
They are your friends and want to do
something for your benefit. They may
have a good idea.and one that if worked
out properly, might prove a greater
benefit to all, than had been antici
pated by any.
Plattsmouth will run a number of
trade trains during the summer. There
is no good reason why every merchant
in the city should not double his busi
ness in 1909. Let extension of trade
be the aim of every busines man. Give
the people the best bargains ever
offered, and better than can be found
anywhere else. We'll wager you will
get the trade.
A committee of the allied temper
ance forces of Nebraska, has issued
an -address demanding that Mr. W.J.
Kryan declare himself on the liquor
tending to her own business,
ways trying to run other people's busi
ness for them. She assumes too much.
She never did anything and did it
well, except to make a noise.
Some years ago- the suffragists sent
a petition to the president asking that
he make a recommendation to congress
in thtHr behalf. The petition contained
the following false assumption, "this
was practically the unanimous desire
of American womanhood as a whole."
The president picked out fifty women,
whom he thought would fairly repre
sent the average American woman, and
wrote each one a letter asking for her
individual views on this question. To
his letter the president received forty
six replies with the result that forty
five of these women said they had
no desire to vote or were absolutely
indifferent as to the question, and just
one lonely woman said she might vote,
but added, "probably when the time
cume, I wouldn't bother about it."
Investigation among various classes
"That some may be rich shows
that others may become rich, and
hence is just encouragement to in
dustry and enterprise. Let not him
who is homeless pull down the
the house of another, but labor dilli
gently and build one for himself;
thus, by example, assuring that
his own shall be safe from violence
when built." Abraham Lincoln.
This saying of Lincoln is true in every
walk of life. That your neighbor is
prosperous in his business, only dem
onstrates that you may become prosper
ous in your business. Apply all your
energy building up your own business
and not waste it trying to bear down
some other fellow's business, thus, by
example, show that your own should
be safe when you have built it up. P.e
not jealous one of another.
Mr. Bryun also must choose this
day whom he will seive. He can
not any longer attract the moral
and political support of the anti
saloon church member and the
saloon interests both at the Fame
time. No flourish of moral pre
tensions will shield him any longer
in his harmonious relations with
the liquor interests. He must come
out into the open. He must either
l for or against it, and the action
of his legislature ought to and will
be charged up to his account by
that part of the Nebraska people
who have believed in him and fol
lowed him in part for his high
moral character.
The democratic party is now in
power in the legislature and execu
tive departments of the state gov
ernment. Mr. Brynn is the leader.
He is the acknowledged leader of
both the national and state demo
cracy. This legislature will do what
he wants done on the liquor ques
tion just as it is doing what he
wants done on the bank guarantee I
question. He is in control. If he I
denies that he was a party to any i
iwrgain to shield the liquor inter
est, let him prove it now. If Bryan
should come out into ihc open on
the liquor question and demand that
this legislature do for this Btatc
what the Tennessee democracy did
for Tennessee a few days ago, he
would lose caste in the bartenders'
association, the Eagles, which he
joined recently, but he would gain
among the better element of the
people who are in the majority.
If the pre-election bargain was
made by Mr. Shallenberger alone,
nd if Mr. Bryan had no part in it
except as an innocent benticiary, he
can and he ought to repudiate that
bargain now, and the people of Ne
braska will not believe him innocent
until they see him do this.
The committee is composed of the
following: T. Q. Wimbcrly, chair
man; S. K. Warrick, treasurer;
Frances B. Hoald, secretary; Sam
uel Zanc Batten, Thomas Darnell,
A. G. Wolfcnbarger, C. C. Flans
berg and E. E. Thomas.
It is rafe to suy that Mr. Bryan will
not make any rt p'y to this demand. In
every campaign, wh .mi he has been a
candidate, ho has had the loyal support
of the liquor inte.-is.s, houses of pros
titution, gamblers, and at the same
time many preachers and the anti
saloon organizations. How tan Mr.
Bryan declare himself.
It will be remembered that the
Plattsmouth Journal, under a former
management, namely, C. W. Sherman,
did more to injure this city and its
business interests and those who were
employed in the B. & M. shops, who
had purchased homes here, than all the
other causes of injury combined. It is
a well known fact that the Journal,
under the management of C. W. Sher
man, did more to cause the removal of
the B. & M. shops from this city to
Havelock than any other one thing, and
almost as much as all other things com
bined. Under the present management'
of the J oil ru al . that tinner bv its sensa-
The mothers of the boys who had a'.. , .. , A, , . . . ,t
i tional write up of the floods in this city
in the nast few veara. in th onininn of
if that mother's care and teaching I . , ,
. . the writer, has done much toward keep-
ling outside persons from investing in
this city. In our opinion, the sensa
j tional write up of the recent storm,
I which appeared in the Journal last Fri
j day, will do this city great harm, and
j is a gross imposition. As a matter of
j fact this city suffered less from the
I ravages of the storm than almost any
1 other city of its size, and much less
The address in part is as of women in Viirious ,orli,,nH of the
i country have shown similar results,
mother's care and a mother's teaching,
if that mother's care and teaching
were of the kind given by the mothers
of Lincoln and McKinley, need have no
fears but that woman's rights will al
ways be protected. It may be safely
said that there i no real reason or de
mand for woman suffrage.
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The capital invested in the farm prop
erty of this country is $20,514,000,000
and this is distributed among less than
5,000,000 farmers, giving the average
capital for each about $4,100.
The manufacturing industries have a
cupital of about $9,831,000,000, distrib
uted among 703, 000 owners, and making
a capital for each of about $13,0(10.
comparatively than cither Omaha or
Lincoln. Such journalism thould meet
with prompt disapproval.
During every campaign in this county
the democrats and the democratic press
The capital invested in railroads is nave advocated lhat the republicans
estimated at ?1 2,000.000, 000, ar,d i ! HoukI vote independently of party,
owned by more than 950,000 persons, so j Nw that the city election is approach
that the capital stock of each holder J in we are frei! to advocate the nomira
averoges about $12,500. j tion of a "trong and capable ticket.
The great steel trust is capitalized at , We believe that a ck'a11- dupable busi
$l..r)2K.000.(iOOnnd mw..ll,v mnr hnn ! "ess man should be nominated for
When it tore loose last night it
aroused all the boarders and tran
sients at the Hotel Riley who verily
believed that the end of the world
was at hand. The rustling of the
roof and the noise of the wind
coupled with the sweep of the storm
at the unearthly hour of the morn
ing, all, served to make the guests
uneasy to say the least. They fled
pell-mell into the halls and corridors
and for several hours the greatest
difficulty was experienced by Land
lord Dunbar and his force in han
dling the panic-stricken guests.
From the Journal's account of
Thursday night's storm.
It is harrowing to contemplate what
might have happened had the doughty
landlord and his force eventually lost
control of the fear-maddened guests.
They had doubtless wandered around
in the intense cold till daylight, and
nmy perhaps even perished. A move
should be made to obtain a Carnegie
hero medal for Mine Host Dunbar.
Business Men
Eat here to their own great sat
isfaction and profit. Our lunch
from 11:30 to 1:30 meets most
want9 of the man who looks for
easily and quickly digested food
tastily prepared apd at a price
not prohibitive to one of ordinary
means. Plenty of variety. Gla'l
to see you any day.
V. S.
For Ho! Fires Get Egenber-
ger's Coal!
mayor of th'n city independent of par
tisan politics. We shall therefore take
the liberty to mention some of the
70,000 persons, which would average
about 22,000 each.
The total capitalized wealth of this i
country in 1900. was $S4, 000,000,0(10. , name9 of Persons w"o have bei-n sug
and the census for that ysar showed , B8ted to us by persons from both
the population to be 76.000,000 persons, t Partit'8- The name;) of H. N. Dovey,
showing the average wealth of every ! F H Steimker, H. A. Schneider and
man, woman and childtobeover$l,000. j Dr- E- W- Cook nave bcei1 suggested
from the republican side as good men
If you have an idea that you think for the nomination for mayor. While
might benefit the city generally, go to j on democratic side the names of F. G.
the next meeting of the Commercial ' Fricke, J. M. Roberts, D. O. Dwyer
club and tell them about it. Don't get I a"d Dr. E. D. Cummins have been sug
offended, if your idea is not adopted at ; gested. Those men are the right kind
once. If it is a good one, someone will : of timber for the office of mayor. From
surely grasp the proposition and begin i the point of view as to what will be the
to consider it, and the first thing you ! best interests of the ?ity and for the
know you will have a staunch supporter, building up of this city, we shall take
A good idia is sure to grow. the position that some such clean and
- - capable man as a iy of the above named
The Journal th'nks it would hi. ve gentleman should be sck i ted for the
nothing more to wish for if the leg is-' next mayor of this city. Then support
lature would only pass a law placing a them by a clean and capable city coun
bounty on gopher scalpr. And in a ! cil and other city oilicers, and you will
recent issue it am ojn.-es that it is real i witness progress in the development of
"insistent" about the matter. Why the city a:id city n flairs. We favor
don't formulate its ideas into the shape j this method or the adoption of the
of a bill ntv.l puss it along to the j Galveston or Des Moines plan of city
"kunnclV" I government.
The News-Herald is in receipt of
copy of the Western Investors Review,
a neat little, publication in magazine
form, w ith the name of A. U. May
field as one of the editors. Mr. May
field formerly lived in this part of the
greatest state on earth, and this editor
cannot understand his defection in re
moving to Colorado. However, we join
with his many friends in wishing him
an abundance of prosperity in his new
business venture. He has ability and
Versatility and his influence will be felt
In his new field of labor.
Sure satisfaction every time you light a fire if on
top of the kindling is ebony fuel from our yards.
It's heat and light giving and slate-free when it
leaves the mines, screened and cleaned again here
and served to you full weight and with celerity of
delivery. Order any way that suits you. Uoth
Get out your old musket and watch
for his groundhogship tomorrow. The
pesky little critter should not be al
lowed to butt into the deliberations of
i the weather man at this critical stage
of the game.
At.t. signs point to the fact that this
will be a yearof unexampled prosperity
for tlii j old town of Plattsmouth. Let
us be on the alert to see that none of
it gets away.
Don't freeze up just becauso the
weather man lias given us a touch of
cold weather. There is a thaw to
foil nv.
now going on at our store. Below we quote many
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