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J 3 ! !,-'
; By
$ Illustrations by J. J. Shrriian
0 ,op i'in!it, ii. p. I'm :
Cotioi'i'liiiif; V no 1.1,011
know noMilir; ptiio :h
ml t li
Xia 1
lt Villi
Know. I juii I'lis.-i :t!i!y
1 lie tnaltrr tip. l'l-rli
may save the I'li'li-i
lllOllt lltoilry and live:
amuse the scii-nl iiic
ttixi-iii.i to idrar
what I write
l Stales ;;mern
, perhaps il l:t:iy
world to anion;
at any rale ii will put an end to tlio
lorrilile :-nsieipc of two people Cer
tainty is heller than suspense.
If the f.rovii'i;!in iit dares to disre
gard the wtll't'.eiV' a. id rel'nsi's to send
a thorotiulily eiiii'p.ed expetiii i.i.i at
once, Iho people i f ih" t-talo tuny la.i.e
(twlft, von);e;ti'.ce on the wind" ii v-ions
and leave a h!acke::od, dova dated
waste whole to-day forest titul (lower
Ini; inottdow land holder the lake in
the Cardinal Woods.
You already Know part of the story;
the Now Yoil; papeis have hi. mi full
of alleged details. This tuitidi is true;
Harris oaiij'.hl the Sliiuer." i il
liandoil, or rather yellow hatuli d, for
his iool;ets and hoots and dirly (i's
wcr" stuffed with I'ttnps of I
nay cold advi'cdly. You may call i
what you ph use. You also Know how
Hiirrhi was hut unless 1 hoy, in at the
hf't-'lnnini; of my own experiences you
will ho none th-' wiser afier till.
On (ho ltd of Au:;ti-it of this presi nt
yrar I was slandini; in TiTany's ohat
tins with (leorne Codfiev of the d--Kigiiinx
de artniet'.t. On the y.lass coiin
tor hotwocn us lay a ended ;erpent, an
iXfil!sito specimen of chiseled y.iM.
"No," ri'pliod (hiill'iey to my ipies
tion, "it isn't my work; I wish it was.
Why. man, it's a masterpiece!"
"Whoso?" I asked.
"Now, I should lie very ulad to Know
also," said flodlrey. "We himyht it
from an old jay who says lie lives in
the country somewhere ahottt the
Cardinal Woods. Thai's near .Siarlit
lake, I holieve "
"Lake- of the Situs?" I
"Some call it Siarlit
hiKe-it s all
the same. Well, my in
tic lieulioii
says (hat he represents the sculptor
of (his snake for all practical and busi
ness purposes, lie y,ot his price, too.
Wo hope he'll brini; us soinet liini;
nioro. We have sold this already in
the Metropolitan museum."
I was loaning idly on the pjass ease,
walchins (ho keen eyes of the artist
in precious metals t's lie stooped over
(ho nold serpent. "A lirtsteridei el " f
he muttered to himself, fondling tin1
BliltcriiiK coil; "lock at the t"t iir'!
whew!" '.nt 1 was not looking at the
Horpont. Somcthini,' wtis tnovltiu'
crawlilic out of (lodltey's coat pocket 1
the pocket nearest me soiuei hint!
soft and yellow with crab like h-us all
covered with course yellow lnilr.
"What in heaven's mime," said I,
"have you pot in your pocket? It's
rrawllnij out it's living lo creep up
your coat, (Jodfrcy!"
Ho (urned ipiicKly and (lraued Iho
ri."aturo out with his lo!t h.-oid.
I shrank hack as he held the re
pulsive object diitmlitii,- before me, ami
ho laughed and placed it on the coun
ter. "Pid you ever see any I him;' like
that ?" ho demanded.
"No," said I, truthfully, "and I hope
I never shall imniti. What is it ?"
"I don't know. Ask Ihetn at the
Natural History musenm -tliey can't
toll you. The .Smithsonian ai! aT
soti, too. li is, I believe, (he connect-,
Iiik link between a sea urchin, a spi-h-r
and (ho devil. t looks venoinous, hut
1 can't find oil her fangs or moinli. Is,
It blind? These tlilnt;-. limy be eyes, ,
but I hey look as i! Iliey v. en' painted.
A Japanese sculptor have pro
duced such an Impossible lieasl, bat
il is haul (o b-'lii'M. dial Cod did. It
looks unfinished, loo. I have a mad
Idea (hat this creatine is only one of,
the purls of some laiuir and mine
j-rotosipte organism--It looks so lone
ly, SO hopelessly depetideat, so euived-
ly unllnisheil. I'm going to ie
) model. If I don't out Japan.
Jii's my name isn't (JodiVcy. '
The creature was moving
iicros.t (lie glass case towards
it as
e th.
drew back.
"(ioilfl'"y." 1 -aid. "I won! I rv- cuie
a man who exociiied sipv nu ll wot I. as
you propose. What do you want to
perpetuate such a t.-aiil" for? I cri
stand the .lapanese giotes-pie, imt l
ran't sdind (hai --spider- -"
"It's ii iraii."
"Crab or spid- t or blind wimw
ugh! What do oii uaut tn do it fur?
It's a nightman --it's mu le-in!"
( haled the tl'.i'.i". It was Hie II; st
living creatine that I had eej' :ai- -I.
For some tune I had notn
acrid odor In the a!r. nnd (!
It eitnie from the r- pti!".
"Then kill It t -A I u-
"it'id. by i !: w.ij , v!' 1
d a -i.iaip.
"I (!cn l l,:uv t!i;i;. ci '!nr."
tlm'.l'ivv ; I I,;):; I ii i i
lio that tliis jmM 'it w.i.;
I Ml H'
K- i)i i' is .
"if llii- ('.a'
it".'; li;i' s c
'I III! S.lll.v
(.'animal Wo
"At'-' N I'll'.'
l, w
; !hir.v!
l:t In:'..
" .ai.l I.
; :o !;
"for i l:o
'i i .
i iiUr
that I
iiski'tl tlddlrox
siioot in
"Viv', with Hairis i'ti'l
Why don't i ll Kill t (ti'i.iiitc'.' ' J
"do i.ff on vniir :-'in,it im; ttip ami
lot in.' nlnne," l.ntulio.l Cmll'ivy. i
I Imk! I ivl at lhi "i : .h" :iinl l:t !t j
t!('li'" ttoii'l-'iy tmiil 1 ' ccmlior.
That l.i;:ht I'ioi iinlit. i!ar; i.; itti.l I sat j
(ha'tini; iit 11..- MiinUiin; c;ir of t'toj
(Jmbr 'j,ro.-'s when th.- lotii; train
1 nil' (1 mi? of th.. (Ir.iml t'ontral
I i.i. Diil I'.ni'l had f.ioi" Inrwar.l wit li
i!:i :!..- : hh:' tliins.i. Hn-y hated to i
in it'..' imiiuaiu' our. i ii t tin- ij,i'-.
In -o - Noi ll'.i'i ii r 1 1 .i oviilrs no
.I n: I ' ii'i'M s i-ais, an I h.uid ami iiio
i litre (luplna sol t ' i wore in tnr an
ttiironttiii'trlile ni'ht.
Ksoojit I'm- I'i'-ri'ont. Harris and iny-
i!' r.r car was rtnply. Hairis, Him.
iiiililv ami iiro:ioii, sal (,;-iitn
inia.: uii I. ie wind
.-.l:oi t frai:i ;'.iit pi, e
be: id.' him en the I
"When 1 have w
of (lisi'v. lion," said
ov 1 di,.', pulling a
Mis c.nucasi' lay
:ite hair and yeai s
rierpoitt, lar. rii!,!-
ly, "I'll net lliri with
pretiy servhir.-
tnaiiN ; will you, Uov ?"
"X:." said I. lookiag tit Karris.
"You mean i he maid wit ii the
I he Pullman car?" said I'ierponi
"Yes," said I'ierponi.
I smiled, lor 1 had s"mi it also.
Harris twi.-i
his oris
giay tints
tin he am! yawned.
"You children be
liliti:; off to bed," lie aid.
maid is a i a m I n t- of tin
ler be to
"That l.nly
secrel s'
"Oh," said Pieiiont. "out
of your
"You mi-'lit present us, you Know,'
I said; "the jour ley h; monotonous."
'Except for Pierportt, Barris
Harris had drawn a telegram from
his pocket, and as he sat turning it
oxer am! over between his linger;, he
sn.ili d. Alter a monn'iit or two lie
handed ii to Pierponi. who read It
with .--lightly tiii'i il evebrows.
"Ii's rot I suppose it's cipher," he
said; " I see it's signed by (Ion. Drum
niond "
"t'rumiiioiid, thiol'
IIP lit secret son Ice.'
ol (he govern-
" said Harris,
tinu?" I inquired.
"Sonii iliit'.g hid
li-;iu itig a cigarette.
"Sonieil'.ing so interesting," replied
Harris, "that I'm going lo look inio I!
nr.M If - "
"tiil break up our shooting tno "
"No. Ho vou want to hear about ii?
Ill) you. Hillv Pie'-pout?"
"Yes," i-iplied that innnai uhi!" 1
voiing tuna. '
Harris nibbed the amber mouth-'
piece of his, pipe on his lliindkerchh't'. j
cle.iri'd the stem with a hit of wire.1
puffed once or twice, ntid leaned back
In his chal:'.
" ." he said, "do mi re-;
member thai rn'i!!m: -.t the I'niied
Stales club when Ceil, .V1!"S, Hen. ;
I Iriuiimeiid iia 1 I v.eio exatn'nlng thai i
gold iimiL.t that dipt. Malm 1
You examined b al. o. I
"I did." said l'iei out.
"Was i! col. I?" it-Keil
lata i
tiling on the window.
"It was," n pll- d I'ioi poa;.
"I siivv it. loo." said I ; "of com
was gold."
' Prof, ha ilrate-e : aw i; j-lso,"
t " - . !
-aid li v,
t iletice Pie
be. ii ti::i !.'
i'-l l",is.'
ed State-:
add, . o i.
i:. I'm it
it i'sl.i'd whip
1 hat
i: I-
has n l
el - il i,
I'iei poio
f d
colip ie thru
-si I Pauls. .
' a i . "i'-il
, -ft. wh.-i i-
' 1 i'li'l .- I !' I
tl .
at: i'l-
I ll'Vf
y y. '
Hilly I'ii riKiut," sulil l;ar
r',.. coolly.
Cold was tin i
'lenient hen I wont
to school." said I.
it has not bet n an clement for two
wi i ks," said Harris; "and. except Hen.
Ih iimiiioiid. Prof, ha Clause and m
m'!i'. mi tt.n youngsters ai th oaly
people excojit one in the world who
know it or have Known it."
"Do you tiiciin lo say that gold is a
cotuposiie incial'.'" said I'ierpont,
slow ly.
"I do. hit Ciiiilge li;is made it. lie
produced n scale of pure gold (lay hi
foie yesterday. That nugget was inati
lllactin i d gold."
Could Hairis bo joking? Was (his a
lolossal lioax? I looked tit Piori'oal .
He muiteted sonii'lhing about that, set
Ming iho silver question, and turned
I his bead to Harris, hut Ihero was lhat
i:i Hairis' lace which forbade jesting,
mid I'ierpont ami 1 sat silently ponder
ing. "Don't ask me how it's made," said
!!arrK quietly; "I don't Know. Hut
I do know that somewhere in (he re
gion of th" Cardinal Woods there Is a
;ne-r of people who do know liow gold
is made, and who make it. You Miider
s'aad the danger (his is to every oii
lix.ed mil ion. It's got to ho slopped,
of course. Oruminond and 1 have do-
i.Vd that i it th the man to stop il.
Wherever and whoever these people
are Iheso gold milkers (hoy must be
laugh;, every one of (hem cnufeht or
"Or shot," lopeaieil I'ierpont, who
was owner of (he Cross-Cut gold mine
and found his income loo small; "Prof
ha (image will of course he prudent
science need not know things that
would upset the world!"
"Utile Willy," said Harris, laughing,
"your income is safe."
"I suppose," said I, "some Haw in
the nugget gav Prof, ha Orange Iho
"Kxactly. lie cut (he (law out be
fo;o sending (he nugget to he (esled
and Myself, the Car Was Empty."
He worked on the Haw and separated
gold into Its three elements."
"He is it great man." said I'ierpont
"but he will he (ho greatest man in
the world if he can keep his discovery
to himself."
"Who?" said Harris.
"Prof, ha Orange."
"Prof. h:i Orange was tdmt through
the dealt two hours ago," replied Har
ris, slowly.
(Tit UK CuNTINCK!).)
First Requisite for the Attainment of
Success in Any Line.
A prime ciunlillcalion for success in
aay ail, trail" or profession Is tho
1'Ho of It. though love alone will by no
' melius biiiig success In it. The love
j must be
1 lion mu
sons w 1
: lu s .os
reciprocal; (hat Is. the voca
il deslie Its follower, for rea
ioh must remain as much a
lo him ,-ts to any of his wit
"She was lovc-worthv." savs
Heine, iu treating of a more passional
tas.', "and lie loved dor; but do was
ai.' lo-.c worthy, and .she loved him
U'ji." The fond youth, university-bred
or s. !f iiiade, may have ever so groat
a de.-.ii-e for Journalism, but Journal will have no desire for dim, tin-'f--s
he has the peculiar charm for H
I'i' h commands affection In all cases.
In can only prove the fact by Irving
ami b 1 mglng to try with n longing
that excl.idi s the hope of over) other
rowan! beslili. tlio f., -,,.. .,f il, ...i 1,,,
'", ..,.i hi .in; in l ii,:
ivlsbev In i, u,. im.,i r.
power may be In (he event, but they
it fe not to lie lii the iinest Tlin wish
" ' run " '
teiiil is s-:'ish. I j to succeed In it for lis own ;ike must
mm- ),.,,,. p,, v i, j ;r, . ir,t llltljMi )U) ,), hlMK,1 (
I- no g'dd -snd j si-ec...i In It must be left tn add (lieill-
I -elves, without his striving for them.
" "-' ' I -tlances. : s'o far as he strive. for them, they will
'"' u ual!.i.,y and dilute his Journalistic sue-
"' v'"'' "," ivl': iccs.H.--V . 1). liowells, in Harper's
I loo!: upon the simple and (dildlsh
vi-iu-'s of veiiiciiy and honesty at
!'" to'it of all that is siihllmo ii chajs
a"i r - Cat lv".
The followliiK liiteri'sting bit of i l
fonual'on Hiipeini'd in a Montreal
"I.sst Hecetiiber, In rovlewinf! the
year li0T, we had to record a wheat
hilt-vest considerably smaller in vol
ume than in the previous year. Against
ninety millions In ll0ti Hie w heat crop
of the West In P.HI7 only totaled some
sevt iity inie million bushels, and much
of this of Inferior quality. Hut Ihu
price iivi'iaM'd high, and the toial re
sult to I hu farmers was not unprofit
able. This year we have lo record by
far I lie largest wheat crop In (he coun
try's history. Kstlniales vary as to
(he exact ligiire, hut II is certainly not
less than one hundred million bushels,
and in all probability It reaches one
hundred and ten million bushels. The
quality, moreover, Is good, and iho
price obtained very high, so that In
all respects (lie Western harvest of
PUIS has been a memorable one. The
result upon I ho coinnierce and finance
of the country Is already apparent.
The railways arc again reporting In
creases In t raffle, the general trade of
(he comiminii y bus become active
after twelve months' quiet, and Iho
banks are loosening their purse strings
to meet the demand for money. The
prospects for lHOll me excellent. The
credit of the country never stood as
high, lii i Immigrants of 1!)07 and P.0S
have now been absorbed Into the In
dustrial and agricultural coiiimiinpy,
ami wise regulations are in force to
prevent too great an influx next year.
Large tracts of new country will be
opened up by the (irauil Trunk Pacific
both In Must and West. If the seaaona
are favorable the Western wheal crop
should rencli one hundred and twenty
million bushels. The prospects for
next year seem very fair." An inter
esting letter is received from Cardston,
Alberta (Western Canada), written (o
nn agent of the Canadian Government,
liny of whom will he pleased to advlso
correspondenls of the low rales that
may he allowed Inlendlng settlers.
"Cardslon, December 21st, Hios.
"Dear Sir: Now lhat my threshing
h done, and the question 'What Will
the Harvest He,' has become a cer
tainly, I wish to report lo you the ro
unds thereof, believing II will lie of In.
terest to you. You know I am only
a novice In the agricultural line, and
do not wish you to think I am boasting
because of my success, for some of my
neighbors have done much better than
1 have, and I expect to do much bet
ter next year myself. My winter wheat
went 53 bushed per acre and graded
No. h My spring wheat went 4S'i
bushels per acre, and graded No. 1,
My oats went !i" bushels per acre, and
are fine as any oats 1 ever saw. My
stock Is all nice and fat. and are out
In the Held picking their own three
square meals n day. Tho weather Is
nice and warm, no snow nnd very
little frost. This, In short, is an Ideal
country for farmers and stockmen.
The stock requires no shelter or win- !
tor feeding, and cattle fatten on Mils j
grass and mako the finest kind of beef, I
better than corn fed cattle in Ills, j
Southwestern Alberta will scon be
known as the fanners' paradise; and I !
am only sorry 1 did not come here five
years ago. Should a famlnv ever
strike North America, I will be among
the last to starve and you can count
on that.
"I thank you for the personal assist
ance you rendered me while coming
In here, and I assure you I shall not
soon forget your kind ofllces."
Would Sell His Chance.
Pnlrlolic Centlenian Sly lad, every
American boy has Iho rhanen of bo
enmltiR prefldenl, Just nt every KnR
Halt hoy has tho opportunity of being
prime minister.
Small liny (thoughtfully) Well, I'll
sell my chanee for a dollar.
Thill U i.AVATIVK ItlU'Mo UliJNlNK. lxik fni
III.' llll:illin. ir K. W. (KltVl'i. 1 i'il tba VVurlJ
nvt-r In Ciun ti Colli In linn Jiar. liit".
It's eatder for a pirl to look like ar,
angel than It is for her to act like
Ivvis' Sinde Hinder Rtniiht Cc eipar
made of ru-li. iiu-llmv tnlmcco. Your
dealer or Ix'vvis' l-'uidory, l'cnria, 111.
A Rood dotertlve makes Hsht of his
.ability as a uhadnw.
If "iotip lrl Avh or Hum
"' n I'U loim. of Allen h K.K.t.Kaw. It yiros
ijiiuk ri'lin. Twu in 1 1 1 ion put k.i(i'i mil jrraily.
Smiles make a belter salve for trou
ble than do frowns.
U. s. I'm. ouic
The genuine sold everywhere
"Isn't that .Lu "s over there
iraa who uriie-i the bi'u-r articles
about nlioliidiin.; the tipsing nui
latic"?" ' Yes, th.'.t'i, Jones."
"What's he talking about?"
"II" Is ra:smg ii r-.inas: ic howl
over the fact that a noted millionaire!
is alleged to have given a waior a
nickel Hp."
I Vn' in n.,,r.. c.o u,h in tlin m-.-iii.ti in- r.intr
0' n nil i.i ii. r ,h.. , e,l tu :, Umt. mi. I ic in ti. i ,,i
lr 1,-iiM . s.i. t., . 1,.1-ii'iil.i ,,r :i to il
"'" 'I-'" Il !"":ii..ll'i'. il It II I... .II ills, .H
'li..TII.,'.l I... .H I. -., ,i,i, ,-i: , In i u ov lurln
'" '''"-' tttl " e. 1 1 i'i "it. ."i iuh'i'V I It i , iir ,l,...
S.i.'llri' h;i pirn, ti ( ,i,,rrll I.. In- :i ...n-t i... i .....
rtiM-, n'ltl t !). it!
Hi.'' r.":lilill;.'i! il lr,-.-, M. ii -til.
ti. mill ii tM'.-il i.v is ,i i i,, ,.v
tl: i t ri-rc .in
' ll:l.l I Oll'il .-li l "II n-
A t'l. I "..-.111, l'l,. ;.
, IN' nrirl.i't It t ,.
' ilr.'in tn i Ii-. , Ini
' ntul mnriMo mu r.i. -s
i I' l' i unity Is i! Itmn l.l
II M'lf, il.m t;V I'M til,' l"i.
I II, i- m ill iii 'I lirv i.llrr one
liiinilriil iimi'in. tor :ii i:
tor rlrrul:irn unit 1 4---1 1 n-. i' 1 1 1
Miloiw r .1 i 1 1 I'M. V
It talis In nn,-
Cl., 'Iillill.l, iho.
i..i !iv Itri; :ki-t. ,
like 1 1 1 1 a Kinilly I UN l,.r
Early Conditions Important.
Artists say thai the surrounding of
the child determine whether or not ho
may become an artist. Hideous sur
roundings warp and twist tho percep
tion of the beautiful so that In laler
life the child cannot compote, with
those who have enjoyed a more artistic
Pettit'a Eye Salve for Over 1C0 Years j
bin been used tor coiio --led and iiill.nii,',! j
eyi'H, removes lilin nr m 'ii tn mil- tin' cyci. 1
All tliuns-i.-Nor Unwind I'.niv, Ihili'.ilii. '. Y. '
A man's wife never thinks bis Ill
ness Is serious until lie quits using Inn
Kuage that wouldn't look well lu print.
The I'.i'-t hit, it ivc Harlii'ld Tc i! Coin- ,
piiM'd of lli'i bi., it exert it bcjii ctl ed i
iipnn the cntiie sv sti'in, i-fj'.iilnl ing liver,
kllllll'Vl, HtOIII.II'll II 1 1 1 1 bovvi-l:..
Many a man lias lost hW good tiiiino 1
by having It engraved on the bandit) i
of his umbrella.
hew is' Snii-'lf
pood quality nil
Lewis' I'm ti rv
lb, c lor li.iii'ht. .1
the tunc. Voiir
I'l'oria, 111.
ciu ir n
cider or
liven a fast man may
rapid recovery when he's
not make a
mom 1
ri at i
mloisss WW
Much of the chronic lameness in horses is due to neglect.
Sec your horse is not allowed to j;o lame. Keep Sloan's
Liniment on hand nnd npjly at the first signs of stiffness.
It's wonderfully penetrating goes right to the spot relieves
the soreness limbers up the joints and makes the muscles
clastic and pliist.
will hill a spavin, curb or splint, reduce wind puffs and swol
len joints, and is a sure and speedy remedy for fistula, sweency,
founder and thrush. Trice, 50c. and $1.00.
Dr. Eorl S. Sloan, - - Boston, Mass.
Sloan's Imok on linrsivi, rut'lo, nliwp ami poultry M-nt fro.
it. fAnM.. - C J
w v. -, -
you have a couji, yo-j r aa itop it
limrjHi-. j, co:a, tioncliilis
er,.,n ll. J,. .-...I ,1 ..
An id-vii rtmci.y Inf thilJ cn.
rixi:fi:t I c; li.-Jt n ccnluiy ll.u
joniej. k.vca chionic turn: ol
Ask for the
aiier s
bearing this trade
mark. Don't be
misled by imitations
HayVcYctWQLwewXXv cvacoc
y wcict yosim cus w V1
ssVorc;cj c cwcXtwVj Iktu.$vcw
UxiVvvi x;v'.Sytiv J$ 8itVvxr
VaVAfttiaAv, scW as?AoiA(:v,o tvciik
wvav; be vavM CvvcwscOi vU
ukw wo cr nuic bcs tj
wa.vv,s wVwruwxii art ca5ss
wauvc.awiviv. Vo svyyaviKvaVkTo.
JuwtVwws .vut.vwvi Acycal wViv-
vrcper tJJoUs.QttitvWv' gcuay.
Ti..t iSbwv4owjJvctavwvs)v tle cnvuW,
Fig Syrup Co.
Tho Tlcaxon I Mnko and Soil Moro Men's $3.00
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flexible and Longer Wearing than any others.
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, Thompson's Eye Wafer
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U., OMAHA, NO. 4, 190?
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