The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, January 14, 1909, Image 8

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Iff U
to see nurh handsome turnouts ab
goes from Manspcaker's livery
stable. Our rigs are up-to-date,
our carriagea are swell in stylo
and comfortable to ride in, and
our horse are always well
groomed, well dressed und well
fed. When you want a drive
crmc to Mnnnpeaker'8 for your
Jones' Old Iiivcry Barn
Seventh h Maw Hi. l'Utluinoulh, Neb.
Bank Building.
Murdock, Neb.
Phone No. 99
Homeseekers' Low
Round Trip Rates
Evry tut rd 3rd Tuesday
Iron Mountain
Liberal Step-overs
Return Limit 25 Days
When the wheat is gathered, take
a trip to the country of low-priced
lands, and we what is offered to
you there. Ask for particulars
and literature.
ttuh. Norton, fluent
M. I Railway.
y y y y y y g 1 Jyyynr
What You like
When You Like
But depo.-it your money
It is popaible that you
have never felt the abso
lute necessity of having a
bank account, it it! prob
able you could drift along
for years without one but
in this life in a financial
way it is essential that
you have a Dank .Account.
We Rive you a personal
invitation to make this tank
your depository whether
you have a email sum or a
large one to lay aside for
safe keeping.
Bank ot Murdock
H. R. NEITZEL, Cashier.
Individual Responsibility Over
j I tended nnd the crowd seemed to ap- 4
, premte the e ntertainment very much,
I Tl .l 1 ..
1 nuu mule
I'l.tttsmouth, Nebraska
No. 20' Facille Junction 2:55 p. m.
No. 2 Loral ExiirrxH. to luwt points. Chi.
capo anj the C:03 p. m.
No. 4 Lincoln to Pacific Junction, con
necting witl). pointd north, cast
ml south (! need und.iy) 0:' a. m
Miss Viola Everett is entertaining
her father from Elliott, Iowa.
Will Sehewe is getting ready to
move into his fine new dwelling.
The Misses Emma and Anna Bore
nemeier are at present in Omaha.
Harry G. Schmidt and family will
move unto a farm near Raymond, Neb.
A daughter came to bless the home of
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Ncitzel last Tues
day. Mr. and Mrs. August I'anskn visited
last week with relatives near Dillcr,
Don't forget the sale of Chris. Eich-
, mann whivh ia to take place next Mon
day. j David Rager of neur Ft. Scott, Kas.,
is -here visiting relatives for a short
j time.
1 Mrs. P.. Guthlstoroff and her eon,
I Edwin, were Omaha passengers Wed
I nesduy.
The stork brought a fine son to the
; home of Mr. and Mr
I last Monday.
There is till another number on the
program of this course.
Carl Kadtkc is billing a sale of his
horse.?, rattle, etc. to be held January
23th on his place que mile west of Mur
dock. He has some lino stock which
should se ll well.
The Hemkc boys, August and Ed
l ward brought in five musk rat skins and
; one beautiful mink skin lust week, the
. animals had been trapped on their farm
; three miles west of Murdock.
j A chimney burning out at the home
I of Mrs. Crawford in town last Monday
: morning caused considerable excite-
tner.t but little loss to property as it
j required but a few hours work of the
j carpenter to repair the damage,
j JohnT. Evans and Sturzcncg
i ger left for a trip to Mexico last 1 ues
i (ley evening to look after their mining
: interests. From reports these gentle
man will be ns rich as the famous chief
of the Montezumas, und wo wiBh them
succees in this enterprise.
Ole Carr has rounded up a bunch of
likely local talent for a little play to be
given as soon as rehearsals nhow the
troupe is ready for a public appear
ance. The subject is "Through Snow
and Sunshine" and those who have
read over the manuscript say that it is
a fine play.
Strange as it may seem, with so much
live stock being thipnerl to South Om
nha from this vicinity, Henry West
lake our local butcher found it to his
advantage to go to South 'rnaha and
there buy a car-load of cattle to supply
his demand for beef steak. They will
be cared for on the Fred. Weaver place
until they arc to be cut up for the trade.
We understand that a good sized
audience witnessed the play by local
talent of Murray in th'j little sketch en
titled "Valley Farm" on the boards of
Murdoch Opera Houso lust Saturday
evening. The weather was very incle
ment which worked agnint a large turn
out. The play was well rendered and
the crowd went home pleated with the
Maple Grove
Special tUuresjioiiilenc 0
Ben N'oel shelled nnd delivered his
Carl Schlophof ; corn Friday.
Mrs. Will Rentier spent Monday with
The revival melting nt the local I Mm. Ben Noel.
Evangelical church were closed last 1 Mrs. D. Murray spent with Mrs. Will
Saturday evening. I Renner Tuesday.
This is great weather for the ice man Kay Shepherdson was a Weenintr
. V::.Op.m.
No. 06 From Omaha
No. 30 Freight to Pacific Juration...
No. 0 Through BtilMUu eiprnss
No. II Frum Omaha
No. 19 Ical oxpreta, daily, Omaha. Lin
coln, Wray, Cot., and Intermediate
tathina s:ii- a, m,
r-o.7 Fast mail. Omalia and Lincoln
(becept Sunday) 12:::' p. m,
No. S3 Local exprws. lauu'fillc. A ihlaiwl
No. 29 Local frwitrht. Cwtar Cn-k
Louisville and .South ilvnd MO a. m
'Daily, except Sunday.
:S5 p. m". i an(1 our ,wcal mcn are hwy Putti,,R: !P : Wiiter visitor Saturday.
..4 ir, p. m. ; a supply for next summer.
L. C. Muirayand familv were Platts-
m. Iiourke has been busy slapping mouth visitors Saturday,
out a carload of live rfock every other W5 Honrt and famj,v Su.
clay the past week. wit!l rh;ifl Hamn Jim,
Markets Wheat, One; com, rc; oats. Fri(, 1mU .m Mij!9 M.lta PuU
-IHc; hogs, f-..r,r: butttr, c; eggs, '"c; , ritsmouth visltm-x Sxtux-
F. J. Snangkr of Weeiiin ' Water
Special Offerings at a Large Discount
We are invoicing and working hard every min
ute of the time, nevertheless we are going to give
a few specials this and next week; this discount
ought to mean something to you because you can
buy the specials here advertised for much less
than actual value.
33 l0 Furs 33!o 25 Blankets 25 !0
We will sell any fur in Any blanket in the
the h?" regardless of house 10-4, 11-4 and
cost at 1-3 off. in vthmg 12-4 goes at discount of
reserved. 25 per cent.
Fleeced Wrappers Brokcn lot ol Underwear
A nice Jot of dark . TbiG is a .f to
wrappers. Worth $1.25 "ave mone lf 7e have
to $1.50. Yours at your size. Good assort-
y5c ment now. Yours at..
19c per garment
330 Fancy China 33 ;0 33 lo P8 33 00
All our salad bowls, j Here is an opportunity
sugar and cream sets, ! to ?et 0IJe of onv fancy
vases, salt and pepper Parlor lamPs at less
sets, fancy cake plates j than you will ever buy
and others go at 1-3 I llQ asam. Come and
off the actual value. j look at them, if you do
you will buy. j
wise iasKsoyuieumce Boy
Remains Brought From Kansas I
City Tuesday and Interred
f WPl Time
TI;AiN.-. ;(i:v; N. !
No. 10.'. Omaha
No. lftl NYlinista Mnd
No. U Lwal fnMiUi
No. 104
No. I0ti
I.ociil FiTiu'it
If 19 o4 lain an tmpraytf firm
Li it mtaaMt nt r Utneit. Write
t. flaOrlif. I. SIBBERItSCfl,
204 buiM Stvt tH , Onihi.
hens, c, cream. 27c.
Conrad Wohrmann has fmrchaswl a
8fl0p.m. ; handsome and strong span of horses
from II. Hart, pnyii.g? 100 for the team.
Mis. Richard Nutzmann and daugh
ter, Penrl of Avocn visited the Wes-t-lake
family several days of last wee's.
Miss Minnie (iutliinann eume to Mur
dock Tuesday evening and will spend a
few weeks visiting In r sister, Mrs. II.
R. Neitxel. and familv.
T'llllC ,L'0I'e (Tuck! Vanderburg ha- been
1 J on the nek list the part two weeks but
we that he is on the mail to
recovery tt this writing.
.lehn Kupe loft for n short vi.-it in his
old home in Kentucky last Saturday,
wh'To'he will endeavor t sell his Ken
tucky real estate holdings.
We are ip formed tliut the Pawnee
i Creek school U t;w closed while the
yaigagm a teacher Mi-1- Cora Mueller is being
upent Wednesday at L. C. Murrayss
Mrs. R. C. Pnilcy und Mrs. R. A.
Will Patter;
pent Friday with Mrs. Pen i
Fred Yogtman, formerly a resident1
of thiii city died at the home of his
son at 10,'X; Shawnee street. Kansas
City last Saturday night of lick con
sumption. His remains were brought 1
j to Plnttsmouth Tuesday morning and
n I.
I taken to the Hild undertaking estab-
I lishmer.t from which the funeral wns
Oil Was MSltinC at the i lu,l,l W,lI.v nmrninc nndor triK
Husterholt-vhome several ,iy this nu, pkw flfthcA. 0. U. VV. lodge of
Nu" ' ! which deceased was a member.
hzru Whitiiicer f Weeping Water! The deceased was 03 years of age, t
spent Sunday and Monriay. with liar-J but as he lay in the Lunal ctsket he
mond Keck. j did not look a day over forty. His two
Mr.s. Will Kergcr and children wcre'S('n8 Adolph and Albert accompanied
visiting the familic of .. 0. and 1. ,ne'r father's remains to Plattsmouth.
Murray several davs thi.i week. . also Albert's wife and children. The
M. 111.
- I' " :l. Ill-
" " a. m
decease was buried by the side of his
over the arrival of 1 1 nn,l .Untl" "? vv" preceded mm to me great oe-
Mi'. and Mrs. W. H. Puis are iviocing '
! ond several years ago. Mr. Yogtman
was born in fiermany and married there,
opt rated ti on for nu attack
at their home tndav morninL' Jan. s.
.. V ' T V ' v. , , i himself nnd wife coming to Plattsmouth
larger and childn n aru h il Murrav ' i ,
,.Ti.. - u i. y about twenty .wars ago. Three sons
soei't Ihuvsuny at the It. Murrav home. i . . r l
j "u.ia, iionii. i ViyQ born to them, twoof whom snr-
I). Murray. Fdd Muvray. L C. Mur-. vive their parents, both residing in
ia an.i iay .aepner-ison attended thei Kansas Citv.
!n!e south of 'Nehawka !
You can take my word for it-whatever
a fellow hopes to he, he will heirless he
ets on the wrony ear. Whenever I hear
one those worldly wise chars u.inir that
(xrrcsKicn. "Where do I get off?" I
always feel like edqn up and sayinr.
"Put him eft at Plattsmouth because he
will then knew Just where he is going to
,?et crT and we will all know where he' is
getting off. We know that he will get
c;F hotter than ho expected for the
simple reason that wo are primed
to- the muzzle with new goods and we don't
care how soon the people know it. Times are improving.
Ijusu.css is improving, people are imtroving. everything
is improving except the weather and you can't improve
that because it iin't made to be bosssd. Have you tried
our Plattsmouth brand of S: J coffee? Then you can't
go wrong on.
.va.xi. Vhf tt 1 1 n 1 1 M M M II Mi
of nppvn- VYarden-Pn'.r.t
, The illustrated lecture and iin,ior-
sonuting by Prof, (ireen last Tuesday
levelling, given uiuKr the auspices of
. the local Woolmr.n was well at-
now gointf on at our store. Uelow we quote many
saving prices for the buyer. Buy now and be wise
Padutot home, former price $45 now $31 w
Shjj4uee Htd Coal Stove, formey prke WiW, now.... Hit 00
Otwan licatcj". soft or ham! coal, former pricr $JD.0N. . . W 50
Snledl Oak, ricriy trimmed, former price f14.f0 9 SO
Gem Star I.Jgljt Wwnd Stove former price $15.00 10 IS
PvOiii (Ink, former price $19.00, tvow 13 50
A Cood Investment. !
:'.JiJ acres c.f w in-.troved land in'
liekiivou eour.ty. Iowa. Pluck loam, I
clay sub .-.oil, slightly rolling. 'J rooini
, house, cellar and cistern. large bam
with basement, corn cril, hog shed, i
chicken house. Cood well and windmill. I
All fcnewl and cross fenced. Large i
orchard, large grove. About AO acres
in pasture nnd hay land, rest under!
; plow; R. F. P. and tekphone. 7 1-2
j miles to nearest town. j
A new electric railroad is assured!
I trom Moux City to Spirit Lake, and
I the land will be inside of 2 miles fwm
I a stntioii.
I Trice per acre JCO. Tcnw, easy.
j For further rarticaJarsi call upon or
address Ceo. L. Faiu-CY,
Ind. Teleplwoe, No, 127. fhittsmouth.
Operated On At Omaha. 1
Mrs. John Ncmctz was taken to Om
aha Monday by her husband, where
she suffered an operation yesterday
noon. Mrs. Xemetz stfKid the ordeal;
well for one weakened by sickness. Mr. :
Ncmetz and wife have the sympathy of
this community, having suffered much
soitow of lute. It is to be hoped that ,
the lady will speedily recover perma- j
nent health. !
Thomas Wik j fr.e ef the prv?jieroua
i farmers residing just outaklc the city
I limit? departs toAty for Kurlirifton
j when' he will visit his son Lorain for
I seAcrnl weeks, after which he will go
j to Topeku. and nmain the
bidanco of the winter with bi.s dui;h.
Wedtfing Reception.
Monday afternoon John Tupou and
Mis Mary Svehla were married by
Judge Deoson at the private office of
the Judge. The groom was attended
by Ed. Kalosek of this city and the
bride by Miss Josephine Buranck. Af
ter the ceunxmy the party repaired to
the bride's borne on urrt IVarl eteeet,
where a reception was held by the
bride's parent in bonor of the mar
riage. Many gue?t3 were present and
a eumptuous dinner was eentrd near
the hour of six o'clock. Aftc dinner
the young members of the company
and they were all yourc, tripped the
light fantastic for a few hours.
Try Parres Restaurant for n square
WINTER TOURIST RATES: - Daily reduced rate excursions
to California. Old Mexico. Southern and Cuban Resorts.
HOMESEEKERS EXCURSIONS:-First and third Tuesdays
of each month to many points west, south and southwest.
Superintendent IHiblic Instruction of Nebraska, Mr. J. I,. McBrien
leaving Lincoln and Omaha December lfHh. Write G. W. flonrvell'
C. P. A. Lincoln, for itinerary. ' ' '
Horn Basin and Yellowstone Valley: -One of the- last chanwa to
Mr. D. Clem Deavcr on rbc next pw-sonly conducted excursion
He will help you secure oik? of these farms. No charcv far hi
senrscDS. Excursions first and third" Tuesdaj-s.
W. L. PICKETT, Ticket Apent, Plattsmouth
L. W. Wakely. G. P. A.. Omaha.