Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, January 07, 1909, Image 4

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Organization Effected At Lin
coln to Secure Needed
At a meeting held ye9terday after
noon at the state university under the
auspices of the Lincoln Commercial
club, in the interest of good roacte in
Nebraska, an organization wa9 formed
called the Nebraska good roads asso
ciation. The officers are A. Pease of
Fairbury, president; L. F. Gottschalk
of Columbus, vice president; W. S.
Whitten of Lincoln secretary. These
three officers with the following consti
tute the executive committee of the or
ganization: John K. Bennett one of the
county commissioners of Lancaster
county and Lee Arnett of Lincoln. The
plan was to organize a state association
and then appoint a legislative com
mittee to see to it that proper legisla
tions is effected during the coming ses
sion. G. L. Cooley, of the department of
good roads at Washington was the prin
cipal speaker. He advised that the
supervision of the roads of the state bt
entirely taken out of politics. Just a
soon as a man becomes more proficient
in the business of making roads he is
turned out by the opposing political
party. This he said was wrong. An
engineer of roads should be elected or
appointed in the state who will have
charge of all the roads in the state and
have the county organizations under
Congressman E. M. Pollard who has
been much interested in this line ol
government work said that he wa3 anx
ious to see Nebraska get in line with
the other states on the quetion of good
roads. Already many of the Etates had
a commission of three and a state en
gineer who had charge of all the road
making in the state. When a county
desired a line of roads built the
gineer came to the locality, made a
map of the county and determined
which part of the road should be im
proved. He also made an analysis of
the soil and determined what kind of. a
road should be built. The question of
how much of expense should be borne
by the state and how much by the
county in which the work is being done
could be worked out later. Congress
Pollard had a draft of a bill that was
wrieten by one of the road experts at
Washington. He brought several copies
with him for the use of the new organ
ization. Dr. George Condra, Ed R. Sizer and
A. V. Pease of Fairbury were among
the persons present to make statements
i i regard to the question of good
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From ihe Courier.
Mrs. Frank Bates and children of
Union are guests of Mrs. August Os
senkop. Lawrence and Johnnie Wise of Weep
ing Water spent Saturday with their
sister, Mrs. John
Al. Sinnard of Wellington, Colo., is
here visiting with his aunt, Mrs. Thos.
Haddon, and other relatives.
Miss Lillian Bell of Ashland came
down Thursday to spend New Year's
with her sister, Mrs. M. N. Drake.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stewart of Cali
fornia Junction, Iowa, spent Christmas
n Louisville with A. D. Carter and
and family.
Harry Green was at Omaha Thurs
day. Mr. Green has been suffering
from appendicitis and his mission to
the city was to consult a d ictor.
George Waldron has returned home
from South Bend, the stone quarry at
that place having closed down for the
winter. Mr. Wa!dron was emloyed as
Mrs. C. G. Mayfield returned home
Tuesday evening from the St. Joseph
nospital in Omaha, where she under
went a very delicate surgical operation.
She is improving rapidly and bids fair to
soon regain her strength.
John Albert met with a peculiar ac
cident Wednet-dny morning. He was
outchering and was in the act of stick
ing a ho when it struck him in the
left eye with its forefoot, cutting the
eye lid open. He came to town at once
:o have the injury dressed by a local
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Governor and Mrs. Sheldon Is
sue Three Hundred invita
tions for Tuesday eve.
About three hundred invitations were
issued by Governor and Mrs. Sheldon
and Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Wright to
the reception dance given last night at
the executive mansion. The decora
tions were elaborate and effective.
With the exception of the dining room
the entire lower floor had red and green
Christmas symbols, to which were add
ed large vases of red roses and carna
tions and big palms for the reception
room. Jars of pale pink roses were on
the buffet and table in the refreshment
room. Mrs. Sheldon received in a
beautiful dress of yellow messaline sat
in and Mrs. Wright was gowned in pink
satin. The mother of the latter, Mrs.
M. J. Robinson of Chicago, was also in
the receiving line, wore a handsome
black cstume. The assisting ladies in
the reception room were Mesdames C
F. Ladd, Olive Watson.George E. Has
kell and W. H. Ferguson, the follow
ing ladies presided in turn over the re
freshment tables: Mrs. W. J. Bryan,
Mrs. E. H. Ozmun of Constantinople,
Mrs. Charles Robinson and Mrs. K.
Weaver of Chicago. Mra. W. C. Wilson
Mrs. I G. Chapin, and Mra. C. 8. Let
ton. The reception was from 8:30 to
9, and at the latter hour dancing com
menced in the ballroom on the third
floor, where an orchestra played, screen
ed from view by a bank of palms and
other potted plants. The large flags
used for the military ball the night
previous were still in place. Some of
these flags were draped over the walls
of the ball room and one of unusual
size extended from the staircase in the
hallway of the third story to the floor
Among the members of the gover
nor's staff who came t Lincoln from
over the state for the military ball
given Monday evening by Governor
and Mrs. Sheldon, were the following:
Colonel John G. Cowin" of Omaha.
Colonel John C. Hartigan of Fairbury,
Colonel Charles B. Anderson of Crete,
Colonel George Lyon jr., of Nelson,
Colonel Ernest L. Meyers of Newport,
Colonel Andrew F. Strum of Nehawka,
Colonel William Bischof of Nebraska
City, Colonel Penfold of Omaha. All
but two of these gentlemen were ac
companied by their wives and Colonels
Myers and Lyon also each brought a
daughter. Other out-of-town guests
were: Drs. E. J. and Edward Seward
and their wives, of Pawnee City, Maj
or George A. Eberly of Stanton, Cap
tain Morgan J. Flaherty of Fullerton,
Major James B. Hungate of Weeping
Water, Captain Emile C. Underburg
of Stanten, and Captain S. E. Yoder of
Wymore. Governor and Mrs. Sheldon
were assisted in receiving by Adjutant
General and Mrs. Charles F. Schwarz.
The grand march was led by General
Schwarz and Miss Lyon of Nelson.
Snilh G Smith, Props. ,
Sixth nrJ Vine Ste.' .. Plattsnonth, Ketrcslia
I City And County
C. A Marshall, dentist
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week. Nemetz & Co. next to P.O.
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Miss Kathyrin Windham left Monday
evening for University Tlace to renew
her studies at the college, having spent
the holidays with the home folks.
Asa McCollough, of Kansas City, ar
rived in the city Tuesday evening and
will visit friends for a few days. His
son Arthur is in school and did not ac
company his father.
Mrs. Turtollot, of Lincoln, is the
guet of her daughter Mrs. William
Baird. Mrs. Turtollot was formerly a
ing been in business here.
Real Fatate Transfers.
i R. L. Hoback to" John W. Baty,
w. d. W 1 2 N W 1-4 8-10-12. .$ 4800
Geo. N. Walradt to John H.
Busche, w. d. S 1-2 S W 1-4
17-12-12 7750
Evelyn W. Root to Helena Tip
pens, w. d. N 1-2 1 and 2, all
of 3, block 97, city 1100
Same to same, w. d. Lot 4, block
97, city ......
Sarah J. Beck to J. W. Menden
hall,w. d. E 1-2 N E 1-4 25-10-10
W. F. Chalfant to Will Jean, w.
d. S E 1-4 N E 1-4 7-11-14 2700
E. L. Daniel to C. F. Harris, w.
d S 1-2 N E 1-4 2-10-13 7900
J. P. Falter to W. S. Goodrich,
w. d. Lots 9-10 N 1-2 11-12,
block 22, lot 5, block 172, lot 5,
block 50, S 1-2 lot 7, block 62,
lot 8. block 5, Iota 7-8-9, block
2. lots 3-4, block 52, lots 11-12,
block 221. lot 3-4. block 82,
Young & Hays add. lots 5-6,
block 9, same add., lots 5-6,
block 7, Doves add., lots 15.16.
block 10, So. Park, lot 2 N 1-2
3, block 4. Thompson's add., lots
2 and 3, Streitwieser's. All in
city of Plattsmouth 24200
F. P. Sheldon and postmaster Palmer
of Nehawka, were Plattsmouth visitors
Tuesday, looking after business. These
gentlemen are two of the enterprising
citizens of that thriving city.
Mrs. S. Anderson and daughter, Miss
Agnes, left Tuesday afternoon for
their new home at Palmer, Neb. Miss
Agnes will be greatly missed among
her circle of young friends in this city.
F. A. Rennie and wife of Madrid,
Neb., who have teen spending the
holidays with Mrs. Rennie's parents
departed for their home Tuesday morn
ing. Mrs. Rennie's brother, Frank
Seiver accompanied his sister home.
Mrs. S. Reed and children of Mitchell,
S. D , who has been visiting her
brothers, the Tulene boys, departed
Tuesday for Percival, la. Mrs. Reed
was accompanied by her sister Miss
Tulene and they expect to visit rela
tives for a time.
John P. Sutton, Editor of the Chi
cago Citizen, was in the city Monday
and visited Rev. Father Shine for a
few hour. Mr. Sutton had been spend
ing his i nntinn in Liar... I M n TT-7I
TUsway back to Chicago to begin work
for another year,
A Fire Tuesday Morning.
About 6 o'clock Tuesday morning the
citizens of Plattsmouth were startled
i bv the fire alarm being sounded. A
house on Winterstine hill caught fire in
the roof and was theatening destruction
There was rather a high wind at the
time and the cold weather coming on
demon a hard proposition. The
neighbors turned out in force and had
the fire under subjection before the
fire company arrived. The residence
was that of a widow lady named Mrs.
Williams, the damage was not great,
as only the shingles in the roof were
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Superintendent Public Instruction of Nebraska. Mr. .1. I. McIJrit n.
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n..r !..,
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190. France Skonasal. filed petition for the ap
pointment of aa edininietratoe of the abve es
tate, and askine that she be appointed ra h ad-;ni.tMtrir-
that -there will be a bearine
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ZzZSr P... r .. until ir 'rfK I
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Dated this 6th day of January. A. D- 1909.
Byron Clark. Axlsn J. BeaeoN.
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$OK9 t - - mm '- 1
v. -J