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A Dlu bUulAL JlYiini mapieurove i umun : .
.tar- jjMS I. hi fc
Although this range may have
an exterior aDDearance reaemh-
ling the Ranges exhibited in other
stores in the city, and therefore
does noc appeal to you, as a sub
ject of special attraction. We
assure you that it is decidedly
different from all others in construction, containing those particular
features which make it the best Range ever offered to the user. The
firebox i3 so constructed that the heat will radiate into the oven at the
same moment a fire is started. Consequently, soon as the fire has at
tained the necessary 250 decrees of heat, the oven also will register the
same, temperature; therefore, it is ready to bake. The results of this
direct action will have a telling effect on the coal pile, saving nearly
half the fuel used in ordinary stoves. The fire back lining is guaranteed
for 5 years use. The front section of the top can be suspended, making
a convenient place for broiling or toasting. A special cover or lid on top
is arranged for cooking oat meal, milk.rice, etc., without fear of scorch
ing. The body is made up of three dintinct walls, which retain all heat
into the stove. If you will call at my store and examine this Range, you
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Come in and let us show you how you can re
duce your coal bill one-third with this stove
and get the same amount of heat as from
other brands.
Reception On New Year's Day
in Honor of Rev. Moore and
Geo. Porter and Families.
The New Year's reception tendered
by the Christian church in honor of the
arrival of Rev. Moore and family and
j of the departure of George Porter and
wife was a most enjoyable event.
Every church in the city was repre
sented in the company and all vied in
an effort to make Rev. Moore and his
wife and daughter feel that their wel
come to the city was heartfelt and
warm. . A neatly printed program was
handed to each guest as he or she en
tered the room, and after being pre
sented to the guests of honor each
comer was made to feel at home, and
was later ushered into the dining room
and served with cake and fruit punch.
The reception was given in Coates
hall and was largely attended. About
4 o'clock the program was announced
by Mrs. Mae Morgan, the first number
being a piano selection by Miss Mollie
Godwin, which elicited much applause.
Miss Joe Hall then gave a reading, "In
May, " to a piano accompaniment, played
by Miss Ella Margaret Dovey. Miss
Hall's readings never fail to please
and this one was exceptionally good.
A solo, "Her Greatest Charm," by
Miss Zelma Tuey, was sweetly sung,
while B. A. McElwain rendered a bary
tone solo, "King of the Forest Am I,"
which was well received. A reading
by Mrs. William Baird, who is an elo
cutionist of rare merit, won the warm
est applause. In response to an encore
she gave "The Wordless Foem," which
excited great mirth.
Rev. Randall made a strong speech
on "Wesleyan Welcome," after which
Mr. H. S. Austin sang "Out on the
Deep," by Lohr. This number was
J exceptionally fine, as the song seemed
; to have been written for Mr. Austin's
most excellent voice. Rev. Salsbury
extended "Calvinist Congratulations,"
the speaker being in his most happy
vein. At the conclusion of Rev. Sals
bury's remarks Rev. Luther Moore
gave a response to the words of wel
come and congratulations spoken to
him by his brother ministers. Rev.
Moore said he appreciated the welcome
; extended to him, and thanked the pco
i pie for it. Mrs. E. H. Wescott sang
a solo after which Prof. E. L. Rouse
jgave a short address. Mr. Rouse was
I warm in his commendation of the har
mony among churches of different de-
nominations in Plattsmouth, and be
lieved the time would come when his
' Satanic majesty would be driven out
; Plattsmouth. All of the speakers
i regretted that Mr. Potter and wife
i were going from our midst. A fitting
j number for the close of the program j
! was a piano solo by Miss Ella Margaret i
' Dovey. j
Thus ended one of the most success -!
I ful New Year's receptions ever given i
: in the city. J
Special Correspondence
J. A. Smith and Wm
their porkers this week.
D. Murray and family spent . Sunday
at the L. C. Murray home.
W. H. Puis and Louie . Puis -were
Plattsmouth visitors Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cha3. Herren were
Plattsmouth visitors Wednesday.
Ed Murray went to Eight Miie Grove
Tuesday for a visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Neuman of Far
nam, Neb., are visiting at the Beck
The sales of Wm. Lewis and Ham
Norris were the attraction Monday and
Chas. Herren and wife spent Sunday
at the home of Val Gobbelman south
of Murray.
Dr. Niley Davis, wife and sons. Dee
and Ray are spending the holidays here
with relatives.
II. Beck and family and Mrs. Corbett
attended the funeral of Wm. Chap
man at Nehawka Friday.
II. Beck and family went to Avoca
Saturday for a visit with Geo. Shackley
and famil returning home Sunday
Grace Porter, Clara Copenhaver,
Glen I'orter, Arthur Copenhaver and
Ed Murray spent Sunday at the Fritz
patrick home.
L. C. Murray and family returned
home Saturday from a pleasant visit
with relatives at Alva, Okla. They
report Alva on the boom now.
Mr. and Mrs Ham Norris and son,
Earl spent Sunday at the H. C. Long
home. They are soon to leave for
Coleridge. Neb., where they will make
their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Fritzpatrick in
vited a few young people in to spend
Tuesday evening with their son, Ar
nold, who will leave Fiiday for York
to attend college. Those present
were Misses Fern Shrader, Georgia
Massie; Messrs Lester Shrader, Lovell
Massie, Tom and Garland Tilson and
G. E. Fitzpatrick and family
Old Papers For Sale at This Office
Some cigars are only cigars, but
Pepperburg's "Buds"are a good smokt l
"Always reliable.
Next Big Huct
WiU be held on
Saturday, January 9. '09
This Hardly Expresses What
Plattsmouth People
Say of It.
Any itchiness of the skin is annoying.
Little danger in itching skin diseases.
But they make you miserable.
' Doan's Ointment is a never-failing
For Piles, Eczema.all itching troubles,
Plattsmouth citizens endorse it.
Mrs. Joseph Warga, of 1400 Main
street, Plattsmouth, Nebr., says: "Ex
perience has taught our family the
value of Doan's Ointment. My mother
was troubled for a good many years
with a skin irritation on one of her
feet. Despite the fact that she tried
remedies of various kinds no relief was
obtained until she usd Doan's Oint
ment which by chance she learned about
and procured at Gering & Co.'s drug
store. This preparation not only ban
ished the trouble at the time but ef
fected a permanent and absolute cure.
I also used Doan's Ointment for a
terrible itching on my right hand and
wrist. A few applications reduced the
inflammation and stopped the itching.
I have had slight touches of the trouble
since but an appeal to Doan's Ointment
ha3 always given me relief. We are
never without this splendid preparation
in the house, finding it invaluable."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
From the Ledger-
Mrs. Emery Hathaway and little
daughter Ethel went to Nehawka Wed
nesday forenoon for a visit with Mrs.
Myrtle Rutherford.
Harry Allen, the genial section f ore-1
man, returned yesterday morning from
Arlington, Colo., where he had a fine
time visiting relatives during the holi
days. Ernest Smith and wife, residing south
east of town, are the parents of a fine
little daughter, born on Wednesday,
Dec. 23rd, a very acceptable Christmas
Moses Taylor of Geneva has been en
joying himself here for the past week,
visiting his brother James W. Taylor
and other relatives and many old-time
The house on Mrs. Clara Davis' farm
north-east of here was burned Wednes
day night. The house was unoccupied,
and the orgin of the fire seems to be a
Liss Austin and wife, who made sev
eral days visit among relatives . and
friends in and near this village, depart
ed Sunday morning for their home at
Miss Myrtle Swan of Alliance arrived
here Tuesday evening for a visit with J
her uncle Charles Swan and other rela j
tives northeast of town. She goes from j
here in a few day? to enter a musical
college in Indianapolis, Ind.
John Faris' little daughter four years
old suffered a fracture of the collar
bore by falling at the door Monday
evening while they were visiting at E.
L. Daniel's. It was a very painful in
jury, but the attending physician stated
that no serious results will follow.
Mrs E M Pollard of Nehawka was
a guest at the Barnum home Tuesday.
She went to Omaha that evening to vis
it a few days, after which she will ac
company her husband. Congressman
Pollard, to V ashington. They have
been enjoying themselves among their
Nebraska relatives and friends during
the holiday recess of congress.
2 -
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Opiuni-Morpliinc ncrliacnL
lit LardMlftLJ
ApenVcl Remedy for Corsica
Hon . Sour Stonuch.Dtamjn
Worms .Convulsions. FAerish
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c ii r
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Thirty Years
Josh Wiie itayrf. "Soni men
-recr t worm-n'i hoppirjf but
when women thrp thy don't hT
to eat dove to dit?uie what
they've been buyir.f. " Spek:r.
of clovej I think we curry the
smoothest line of ppiccx that ever
rame over the ee. You know
ome spices are all drawn out of
one barrel fo a to ppeak. ar.ij d -tred
up with the ener.tml o.l to
represent each particular ipue,
uch as cinnamon, cloven. al!.pice,
pepper and mustard. Tliat ave
a lot of trouble for the pue rr.ilU.
becau-e they den't have to have a
ditTerent hopper forgrinii.rji every
hind of epice, but f cour that i
all don away with now. When
you buy apices at our tore you
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unbroken western horses and four cows. You
are cordially invited to avail yourselves of the
benefits of these free auction sales.
Smith & Smith, Props.
SixCi tnd Vine Sts.
The Elmwood correspondent to the
State Journal gives the following inter
esting account of the marriage of two
popular young people of Western Cass,
which occurred at the Methodist church
in Alvo, Tuesday evening December 29-
th. The Journal says:
Orville D. Quillhorst and Miss Flor
ence Alfa Rouse were married at 8 o'
clock Tuesday evening in the Methodist
church at Alvo, in the presence of near
ly a hundred relatives and friends.
Elder J. Y. Heckler, pastor of the Dun
ker church, officiating-aijJIothfamHiis
BJtcWlFSnJWn In Cass county. The
bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs
J. P. Rouse, of Alvo, is a graduate of
the Elmwood high school, attended
the Nebraska Wesleyan three years,
and has taught three successful terms
in this county. The groom is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Quillhorst, resid
ing near Alvo. Following the ceremony
a reception was held at the home of the
bride's parents, a three-course lunch
eon being served. Mr. and Mrs.Quill
horst will soon be at home to their ,
friends on a farm near Alvo.
We ping Water
From the Republican.
Miss Mary Fisher went to Dubuque,
Iowa, Friday to spend her vacation
with uncles, aunts and cousins.
Miss Henrietta Butler went to Her
man, Saturday to visit her sister Mrs.
Marie Johnson during the holidays.
Mrs. J. R. Shannon went to Lincoln
Tuesday, to see her sister Mabel. The
latter was not improving very rapidly.
Since the reorganization of the pen
sion board and Dr. Rickard appointed
in the place of Dr. Neely, Dr. M. M.
Butler is acting as secretary.
Elizabeth and Helen Day went over
to Plattsmouth Monday afternoon to
spend a few days of their vacation vis-
lung ii. j. ocnneiuer s iamuy. s j oijves
Peter Bates of Plattsmouth was a
visitor with his sister?, the Misses
Bates, Monday and Tuesday morning,
going to Elmwood from here to look
after some carpenter work.
Bennett Chriswisscr and wife, and
son Richard and wife, of Plattsmouth
spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Z.
Schrader. Mrs. Richard Chriswisser is
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shrader,
and she visited several days.
Miss Mary Hungate went to Falls
City Tuesday evening to attend a house j
party at tho home of Mra. T. J. Gist.
She remains about three days, and there
is every prospect that Mis Mary will
keep things humming all the time. 1
W. W. Coglizer i3 over in Cedar j
Rapids, Iowa. He ill be absent about
one month. We have our suspicions j
Due are not saying ne is marriea nor
that he isn't. Not long ago he told us
that when he got married he would let
us know, and no message has come.
r0an rr,o, in t,,, io Thnrartov I to California, Old Mexico. Southern ar.d Cuban Kesorts
The Home Paper ZJ:t::t:ZZZ Z
terrw ti-r hnire r-rv I mvtt y
i"uo will prove a welcome visitor us everr tnrtnhti of the fajau: it
should head your list of ns-!.paper aril perio-iical kutcripiati.
WINTER TOURIST RATES: - Daily reduced rate rxcur.s;on.
visiting his parents. Mr. Timblin
joys renewing old acquaintances,
his parents of course like to Thave
come as often as possible.
F. M. is quite feeble.
and J
him I
His father
Lose Valuable Mare.
A. Kaufenterger, residing west of
this city was in town Thursday
HOMESEFKERS EXCUR3lONS:-Firstand third Tuesdays
of each month to many points v. cst. south ::nJ southwest.
Superintendent Public Instruction f Nebraska. Mr. J. I. McBrien.
leavinpr Lincoln and Omaha Dwmber l'Jth. Write G. W.'Bonr.ell.
C. P. A. Lincoln, for itinerary.
made the News-Hkrald office a pleas- i Horn Has in and x ellowstono alley: - Oopiu-th' y 3t chances to
ant call. Mr. Kaufenberger had the j secure good fzrmQJXLXh Oftrrfnment at low pes. Go with
misfortune to lose a valuable .ariTJvor on tl:c nGxt personly conduil-d excursion
He will help you secure one of these farms. No chirgn for hi.
Excursion.- first and third
the 2Cth of DecejnbeFTfce animal was
fliFlho pasture and either received a
kick or blow on the right hind leg
which broke it. A veterinary was
called but advised Mr. Kaufenberger to
kill the animal. This he hated to do as
the animal was his favorite driving nag,
and one he would not have taken $150
in gold for. Aa nothing could be done
to relieve the mare, Mr. Kaufenberger j
had it shot. I
services. Excursions hrst and thi:a Tuesdays.
W. L. PICKETT, Ticket Affcnt.Fatt3mouth
L. W. WAKELY. G. P. A.. Orniha.
State Agricultural Associations.
Seventeen different Societies to hold
annual meetings at the University farm
and Agricultural School, J'.ruary 18-23
With the new Stock and Groin Judg
ing Pavilion, the Woman's Building and
the new Veterinary Building, the State
Farm is better ablo to accommodate the
people who attend these meetings than
ever before. Twenty-five hundred
farmers and stock growers are expected
to attend. Prominent men from other
states will take part on the programs,
The pwn inosoBinn,S, -- flCfSnall v
. 1 Aim can not attord to miss
these meetings.
Something new in post cards every
week. Nemetz & Co. next to P.O.
Mother Cray's Sweet Powders.
For children successfully used by
Mother Gray, nurse in the Children's
home in New York, cure feverishness,
bad stomach, teething disorders, moves
and regulate the bowels and destroy ;
worms, uver iu,uuu testimonials, iney
never fail. At all duggista, 25c Sam
ple free. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Lo Roy, N. Y.
Your Printing Advertisements
Attend Institute.
J. G. Spangler and John Group, of
Louisville came in Friday and were in
attendance on the Fanner's institute.
These gentlemen are alive to the in
terests of the farmers, and
to see the
It should be a fit representative cf yoor
business, which means the high grade, ar
tistic kind. That.s the kind we do.
These represent our facilities for doing
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would liLa
Ask for Allen's Foot Ease.
A powder for swollen, tired.
smarting feet. Sample sent free.
Free Sample of the Foot-Ease Sanitary
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Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
C. A. IURSKaLL, D. D. S.
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piles Gunn?
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