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Man Charged With Crime
Hastardy Kscapes.
He Had a Preliminary Ex.niloat.ioo at
Weeping Water Yeaterday aud Hound
Over to the District Court Ardell's
Case Continued Two Bad Wrecks on
the Burlington.
From Monday's daily.
John Walker was piven a prelimin
ary examination before Justice Peck
at "Weeping Water yesterday on a
charge of bastardy preferred against
him by Miss Lillie Parker, and was
bound o'ver to toe district court in the
eum of $"00. C. S. Polk or thin city
represented the complainant. Both
parties to the action reside at Avoca.
Constable G. D. Quinton took the
defendant to Avoca this morning:,
wheio he was to furnish a bond
for the required amount. It
appears that the constable went into a
barber shop to ffet shaved, leaving his
prisoner standing- outside. When
Quinton reappeared his man was gone,
ani he at once realized what a serious
mistake he had made. Although the
officer and several Avoca citizens are
making a thorough search of the
neighborhood for miles around, at last
accounts no trace of Walker has been
found. ,
Wrecks On the Burlington.
Tho early morning north bound
train on the I'.urllngton, which con
nects with No. 5 at PaciGc Junction,
was delayed nearly four hours today
on account of two wrecks which oc
curred on the G, B. & Q. last night
They wore freight trains and one of
tho wrecks occurred near Afton and
the other near Nodaway, la. Very
few particulars in regard to the acci
dents could be learned today, but it is
reported that una was a head end and
tho other a rear end collision and that
threo men wero killed and several in
jured. Ketlres from Newnpaper lliiilnrm.
Coroner Gass informs The News
that, aftor hearing of the diabolical,
dastardly and heathenish conduct of
some of the ruftiians in the great state
of Colorado, when they deliberately
and with malice aforethought did mob,
bruise, maltreat and insult Governor
lloosovelt next vice president of the
United States he has therefore dis
posed of all his right, title and inter
est in the Plattsmouth Journal and
ha9 turned the same over to II. B
Groves to "have and to hold," (if he
can) and that P. P. Gass aforesaid de
nounces all allegiance to the pop or
democratic olitical papers, and will
vote the straight McKinley-lloosevelt
Ardell Cane Continued.
Sheriff Wheeler received a letter
from Deputy Sheriff J. J. White of
Fresno. Cal., this morning, informing
him that Charles Ardcll, the man ar
rested here last month and who is
wanted at Fresno on the charge of
murder, was not tried at the lust term
of district court his case having been
put over unCTt the next term. Mr.
White also sajs that he became aware
of a plot formulated by friends of Ar
dell to dispose of the state's main wit
ness in the case, and he is holding
the witness in pending tho trial,
whicTS will probably be held next
Att Engine Wrecked.
Tuesday was an unlucky day for Jim
Beckner. While ho was movine his
threshing outfit from one placo to an
other he struck some soft ground near
a bridge. His engineer refused to run
it across, and Jim put his team in front
and asked II. J. Stoll to act as engi
neer. Henry complied, and as he
turned on tho steam forgot to turn the
steering apparatus, and in a 6hort time
it run off tho side of tho bridge and
fell in the gutter five feet below. No
one was hurt and no serious damage
done to the engine. They soon pulled
it out and had it running again. Ne-
hawka Register.
Iatli of -l-l Crabtree.
Abel Crabtree of Murray, one of the
oldest settlers of Cass county, died Sat
urday evening, as a result of a general
breaking down of the system, due to
old age. Deceased came to this county
in the early 50's, and leaves seven
children to mourn his demise.
The funeral was held thiB afternoon.
interment being made in Young's
cemetery, near Murray.
Was Locked In a Saloon.
Policeman Fitzpatrick was called to
John Mumm's saloon about 2 o'clock
this morning to assist John Boetel in
getting out of the placo. Boetel, it ap
pears, went to sleep in the rear of the
saloon early in the evening, and when
the proprietor closed tho place for the
night he did not notice the young
man's presence. lie awoke shortly
after midnight and succeeded in at
tracting attention from tho outside by
rapping on the window.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Ileadache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Mm UV- and ft. Larse size contains 2"- times
mall size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed tree
Prepared by E. C DcWlTT & CO, Chlcaso.
- Tragedy at Beatrice. .
The usual Sal. bath quiet of Beatrice
was violently disturbed at noon yester
day by a shooting affray, with Dr. W.
F. Lee and Will Hum, a hackdrlver,
ts principals, the latter being shot
through the left lung by Lee. - The
doctor claims that, be presented Hum
a bill for services, and was told that
Sunday was not a proper time to col
lect bills. The result was a quarrel,
during which Ilurn assaulted and
choked the doctor, and the latter fired
two shots at bis assailant.
At last accounts the attending physi
cians reported Hum in a sinKing con
dition, and, although Lee had furn
ished a bond in the sum of $1,000, ho
was rearrested last evening. Dr. Leo
is one of the best known physiciats in
Tells Kansas l'eople That ' ICoontvelt
Is the American Cyclone.
Governor Roosevelt, who is "at pres
ent making a tour of Kansas is being
warmly welcomed at every point where
he stops. A dispatch from Junction
City, Kan., to tho State Journal gives
tho following account of the reception
given him at that place by Buffalo B Ill's
soldics and Indians:
'When the train arrived at Junction
City a great surprise awaited the gov
ernor. Drawn up m - line on their
horses wero 'Buffalo Bill's' soldiers
and Iadians in costume and a largo
crowd of people. A dozen or mora of
the soldiers were found to have been
members of the governor's own regi
ment who were with him in Cuba.
When the train stopped Colonel Cody,
in the picturesoue dress of a pioneer
frontiersman, appeared at the rear of
the coach and was warmly creeled by
tho gpvernor. Aftor Governor lioose-
velt had concluded his remarks of a
fo.v minutes' duration, he introduced
Colonel Cody to the crowd. Colonel
Cody said: - . -
"'Ladies and Gentlemen: Governor
Roosevelt is tho American cyclonc.and
I don't wonder that some have taken
to their cellars. Tho 'Wild West' is
here not to make political speeches.
The ticket Governor Roosevelt repre
sents is already elocted, and all they
have got to do is to show down and
take the pot. Everj mile of Kansas
has been covered and won with blood.
Wo had to expand. Kansas is still ex
panding. Ths state was then known
as 'Bleeding Kansas.' It is no longer
'Bleeding Kansas.' It is one of the
great states of the union.'
'At this point the train moved IT
and Colonel Cody's oration was cut
short. When he arrived at Iluthison
the governor was much worn by his la
bors of the day and after a reception
and k brief address, retired to rest."
An Iiuportaut Ouestlon.
The question sometimes arises
whether a man is entitled to vote at an
election held on the dry preceding tiie
twenty-first anniversary of his birth.
Blackstonc, in his Commentaries, bonk
1, page 403, says: "Full age in mule
or female is twenty-one years, which
age is completed on tho aay preceding
iho anniversarj7 of a person's birth.
who. till that time, is an infant, and eo
styled in law." Tho late Chief Jus
tice Sharswood,in his edition of Black-
stones Commentaries, quotes Chris
tian's note on the above a9 follows: "If
he is born on tho l(th of February,
1C0.S, he is of age to do any legal act on
the morning of the loth of February,
1G20, though ho maj' not have lived
twenty -one years by nearly forty-cighl
hours. The reason assigned is that in
law there is no fraction of a day; and if
the birth wero on tho lat second of
one day and the act on tho first second
of the preceding day twenty-ooe years
after, then twenty-one years would bf;
complete; and in the law it is the same
whether a thing is done upon one mo
ment of tho day or another." The
same high authority (Sharswocd) adds
in a note of his own: "A person is of
full ago tho day before the twenty-tirst
anniversary of his birthday."
A Word to Mothers.
Mothers of children affected with
croup or a severe cold need not hesi
tate to administer Chamberlfid's
Cough Remedy. It cont lins no opiato
nor narcotic in any form and may bo as
confidently given to the "babe as to an
adult. The great success that ha? at
tended its use in the treatment of colds
and croup has won for it the approval
and praise it has received throughout
the United States and in many foreign
lands. For sale by all druggists.
Kinlnh the Foundation.
The brick work on the foundation of
the new Methodist church is now com
plete. Rev. Asa Sloeth, C. E. Wes
cott and G. M. Spurlock, the building
committee, have selected John Kjb
bins,sr., to superintend the wood work.
A carload of lumber is on the ground.
and a gang of men are pushing ih
work as fast as tho weather will per
mit. Fall to Capture Walker.
John Walker, tho man who got away
from Constable Quinton at Avoca Sat
urday, is still at large. A couplj of
bloodhounds woro put to work on the
case Saturday evening and yosterday
morning, but were unable to take the
trail of the escaped prisoner. By this
time he is probably far away from the
sceno of his crime.
Kdltor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Uiggins, Editor Seneca (Ills.,)
News, was filleted for years with
Piles that no doctor or remodj" helped
until he tried Bucklen'a Arnica Salve,
the best in tho world. He writes, two
boxes wholly cured him. Infallible
for Piles, Cure guaranteed. Only 23c.
Sold by F. G. Fricko Si Co., druggist.
As usually treated a 6prain will dis
able the injured person for 'three' or
four weeks, but if Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is freely applied a complete euro
may be effected in a very few days.
Pain Balm also cures rheumatism, cuts,
bruises and burns, t For sale- by all
,1'lctnre That Is Visible from the Mew
Yorx Life ltatidlnr. Omaha.
A writer in yesterday's Omaha News
gives an interesting account of the
beautiful surroundings which can be
seen from the top of ; the New York
Life building at that placew As it is
interesting reading to people of east
ern Nebraska generally, THE News
reprints a portion of the. article aa
"Nono but those who have entered
the elevator of the New York Life
building, been whirled upward to the
tenth story, and then clambered into
the observation tower, can appreciate
the delightful scene that surrounds
"Strange as it may seem, but a very
small proportion of the people of this
city have availed themselves of this
rare treat, yet hundreds from all over
the country, who have visited Omaha,
are familiar with Omaha's surround
ings. This fact recalls what Mr. Lin
mger once paid: That the people of
Omaha knew too little about Omaha,
and too much about eomo other place.
"There are few prettier pictures than
that w"hich greets the eye of the ob
server on this lofty pinnacle. Looking
off to the east the first thing to attract
attention are the muiky waters of the
Missouri, as it wends its way though a
country fertile to the very banks.
Spanning its bosom aro seen three
great steol and. wood structures, the
Union Pacific traffic way, the Douglas
steel bridge, and the Terminal bridge.
All of these cause-ways are alive with
activity. There are steam care and
puffing engines, street cars, wagons,
carriages and pedestrians, each ap
parently in a hurry to reach the oppo
site 6ide from the starting place.
"Just over this bluff range, and a
little to the east from where Oreapolis
once stood, cm bo seen the blue emoke
as it rises from the old river town of
1'latUmouth. Here, too, can be soen
tho dim outline of tho Platte river, as
it takes its course from tho far west to
mingle with tho waters of the Missouri,
near Oreapolis.
"As ono scans the view in this direc
tion, watches the eun glistening on the
waters of the rivers, and sees trains of
cars as they make their way up along
the bank, it is hard to realize the won
derful changes that have taken place
thoro in the last quarter of a century.
In thor-c days the old time sido-wheeler
provided the means of transportation.
and the river was seldom free from
some of tho craft.
"To tho north a field-garden is
spread out, t-o enchantingly beautiful
that the eyes could fiast thereon fur
hours without becoming weary. Well
laid out farm?, orchnrds laden with
ripening fruit, pastures in which feed
leek cattle and bloodod horses, well
built and neatly painted houses, all sot
down there as if by the hand of a magi
cian. yet in truth the fruits of energetic
men and women Nebraska's kings and
queens." ; , .
The Hravery of W onmn. -
Was grandly Vhown - by Mrs. John
Bowing of Butler, Pa., in a throe
years' strugglo with a malignant
stomach trouble that caused distress
ing attacks of nausea and indigestion.
All remedies failed to rolieva her un
til fho trind,E!octric Bitters After
taking it two months, eho wrote:"I am
now wholly cured and. can eat any
thing. It is truly a grand tonie for
tho-whole system as T gained in weight
and feel much Urongor since using it.'
It aids digestion, cureB dyspepsia, im
proves appetite, gives new life. Only
50o. Guaranteed, at F. G. Fricko &
Co's Drug Store.
- Kndured Death's Ag-onle.
Only a roaring fire enabled J. M.
Garrettson, of San Antonio, Tex., to lie
down when attacked by Asthma, from
which he suffered for years Ho writes
his misery was often so grea that it
seemed he endured the agonies of
death; but Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption wholly cured him.
This marvelous medicino is the only
known cure for Asthma as well as Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, and all
Throat, Chest and Lung troubles.
Price 50c and $1.00. : Guaranteed.
Trial bottle free at F. G. Fricke &"
Co's. Drug Store.
Half Kates to St. Lou s.
See the St. Louis fair.
One fare for the round trip via the
Burlington route only $11.50 to St.
Louis and return.
Tickets on sale September 30 to Oc
tober 5, inclusive.
Return limit, October 8
For tickets or further information
call on nearest agent of the Burlington
route, or write to J. Francis, General
Passenger Agent, Omaha.
"To Have and to Hold"
Boautiful hair and skin, use Kirk's
Antiseptic Skin, Scalp and Hair tonic.
It is a pure, clean, stainless tonic, con4
taining no dye, grease or other delete
rious properties. Curos dandruff,stops
falling hair and prevents baldness. It
strengthens and beautifys the hair and
heals and whitens the skin. Sold by
Gering Si Co.
A I'owilrr Mill Kxplonlon.
Removes everything in sight; so do
drastic mineral pill?, but both are
mighty dangerous. No need to dyna
mite your body when Dr. King's New
Life Pill do the work so easly and
perfectly. Cures Headache, Constipa
tion. Only 25 cts. at F. G. Fricke &
Co's Drng Store.
You may bridle the appetite but
you can not bribo the liver to do its
work well. "You mus be honest with
it, help it along a little now and then
with a dose of Herbine, the best regu
lator. Price 50 cts. F. G. Fricke &
Co. ; " ' '
, A9 an external liniment of most won
derful penetrative and curative power,
Ballard's Snow Liniment is not equaled
by any other in the' world. Price 25c
and 60c. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Ed Stone was in town today from
Earl 'Miller visited ia Omaha this
afternoon. .
John Barnes of York was a Piatts
moutb visitor today.
Miss E izabeth Edmunds of Murray
was in the city today.
Henry Winslow returned to his
home at Kenesaw today.
Will Seibert of Cedar Creek was &
Plattsmouth visitor tcday.
W. O. Ogden of Weeping Water was
a county seat visitor today.
A. S. Will departed this afternoon
for his ranch at Akron, Colo.
Will Smith and Marion Spangler
spent the afternoon in Omaha.
Attorney A. J. Graves made a busi
ness trip to Omaha this morning.
A. L. Munger of Council Bluffs was
a business visitor in the city today.
Sheriff Wheeler returned from his
trip to Avoca and Eagle this morning.
Nick Halmas came in from Weeping
Water this morning to look after some
business matters.
AIT Tucker and wife and Burt
Tucker, from near Nehawka, rere
county seat vieitors today.
O. M. Streight : went over to Red
Oak today to negotiate for the pur
chase of a fine team of horses.
William Neville, jr., who has been
working for the Burlington out at Al
liance, returned home yesterday.
The meeting of the Mozart club will
be held at the home of Miss Kittie
Cummins Monday evening, October 1,
at 7:30 p. m.
Mrs. William Stewart and twodaugh
ters of May wood are in the city for a
visit with the former's father, W. II.
Newell, and family.
Mss Fern of the teachers
in tho local schools, went over to Hills
dale, Ia., this morning to spend Sun
day with her parents.
George Ballanco and family of Have
lock, who have been visiting with rela
tives in the city for a week past, re
turned home this morning.
George Meisinger and George
Weyrich of Pekin, 111., who have been
visiting in this county for some time,
departed for home this morning.
Mrs. Kate Sandall of Lead, S. D.,
who has been visiting in the city with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Hem
pel, departed today for her home.
John Kuhney has returned from his
trip to the Black Hills. While there
he met quite a number of former
Plattsmouth people. He looked around
for a location, but as yet has not de
cided what he will do.
The cn test at Murray-last evening
for the gold medal was attei dod by a
la"go ciowd. Those competing for the
prizj were Roy Yonng, Mr. Burger,
Elizabeth Craig and Grace McDonald
of Murray; Miss Shinrock and Miss
Hall of Omaha. Miss McDonald won
first place and Miss Shinrock second.
The former goes to Aurora in Novem
ber to compete for the diamond medal.
In presenting the medal to the
winner, Mrs. Shinrock made a neat
little ppe ch.
The judges were Mr. Garvin, Dr.
Svtrartz and Mr. Fling of Nebraska
City. The music was furnished ty
Misses L;llian Ktuble.Florence White
and Messrs. Hilt Wescott and J. G.
Koch of this city.
Mrs. Val Burkel visited in Omaha
this afternoon.
L. A. Moore made a trip to the
metropolis today.
Mrs. B. M. Stoutenborough was an
Omaha visitor today.
A. L. Cox, the Mynard merchant,was
in town today on business.
Commissioner Turner Zinkcim-jin
from Wabash this morning.
D. O. Dwyer left this afternocn on a
business trip to the state capital.
J. IL and G. C Tarpenning of South
Bend were county seat visitors today.
Miss Byrd Bakerone of the teachers
in the local schools, spent Sunday at
Council Bluffs.
Roy Dodge returned to Omaha this
morning, after spending Sunday with
his parents in this city.
(2(1 TMdd
Get fat ; get nice and plump ;
there is safety in plumpness.
Summer has tried your
food-works; winter is coming
to try your breath mill. Fall
is the time to brace yourself.
But weather is tricky; look
out ! Look out for colds espec
ially. Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is the subtlest of
helps, It is food, the easiest
food in the world ; it is more
than food , it helps you digest
your food, and get more nutri
ment from it.
Don't get thin, there is
safety in plumpness. Man
woman and child.
If you have not tried It. send for free sample
Its agreeable taste will surprise you.
409 Pearl Street, New York.
A Prominent Virginia Editor Had Almost
Given Up. But Was Brought Back to Per
fect Health By Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy Read His Edi
torial. From the Times Hillstille. Va.
I feuffercd from diarrhoea for a iong
time aud thought I was pa-t being
cured. I had spent much t me and
money at.d suffered to much mi-ery
that I had almoet decided to give up
all hopes of recovery and await the re
suit, but noticing the ad vert is- inr-nt of
Chamberlain' C"li. Ctio'era and
Diarrhoea RmeJy .nd also !um tes
timonials li-iw oni" wo derful
cures had been wrought by this rem
edy, T decided to try it. After taking
a few doses I was entirely well of that
trouble; and I wish to fay further to
my readers and fellow-sufferers that I
am a hale and hearty man today and
feel as well as I ever did in my life.
O. R. Moore. Sold by all druggists.
John Kuhney made a trip to Omaha
on the fast mail.
J. M. Ley da was a-business visitor
in Omaha this afternoon.
Mrs. Kessler and eon, Herman, and
daughter, Antonia,bave returned from
their visit at Kansas City.
Mrs. G. M. Spurlock and son de
parted today for Maryvllle, Ma, where
they expect to visit for a month.
Mrs. U. P. Beach and daughter, Mrs.
Anderson, spent Sunday in Omaha
with their son aud brother, Will Beach.
County Attorney Root wont to Papil
lion this morning on business con
nected with the Louisville bridge case.
Mrs. Marvella Rowland expects to
leave this evening for Chicago, where
she will resume her studies at the art
Charles McBride, who has been do
ing some riprapping for the Burling
ton at Grand Island, returned home
M. Fanger, the dry goods dealer, re
turned last evening from his trip to
New York. While in the oast, he pur
chased a large stock of goods.
Mrs. Chris Christenson and children
of Missouri Valley, I a., spent Sunday
with the former's parents and friends
in this city, returning home last even
ing. Professor Bond, leader of the Ord
band, was a visitor in the city yester
day. Threo members of the t;d band
will assist tho local B. & M. band at
the Roosevelt meeting tomorrow night
John Mockinhaupt returned yester
day from Red Oak, Ia. The Mont
gomery county fair was in progress at
that place last week and John con
ducted a fruit store on the grounds.
He reports a good business.
Dr. Agnstus Rosrgles, Treasurer of the
Greater New York Medical Association,
ays," There Is just one scientific compound
known as Diamond Digest Tablets which
can be relied upon to cure dyspepsia and
constipation bo they will stay cured. Posi
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They promptly difrest every particle of food taken
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tion, Heartburn, Sour Stomach, and Con
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to perfectly natural action In two weeks or
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DIAMOND DRl'Q CO.,83-88 W.B'way.N. V.
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bowel troubles. Never gripe. P. G.
Fricke & Co.
For Rent Walker section (No. 16),
Mt. Pleasant precinct. For further
particulars inquire of Mrs. Emma F.
Walker, Plattsmouth, Neb.
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only harmless remedy that quickly
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p irt of the civilized world. For sale
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We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to the neighbors and frionds
f jr the kindness shown us during the
illness and death of our beloved baby.
Poisonous toadstools resembling
mushrooms have caused frequent
deaths this year. Do sure to use only
the genuine. Observe the same care
when, you ask for DeWitt's Witch
Hazel salvo There are poisonous
counterfeits. DeWitt's is the only
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The progressive nations of the world
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Belf. It contains all of the digestants
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digest all classes of foods in a bottle.
No other preparation will do this. It
instantly relieves and quickly cures all
stomach troubles. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county. Nebraska.
Lorenzo D. Curtis
Joshua Brown. Jaims E. Neal,
.J . : .L . 1 . . , -
Auaiu LJavis. mc ncira ui cmcr- l vi itipc
nn H Katnn viz VVilNan, T rtUIH-fc.
Eaton. Mrst William T. Eatou.
Simon F. Eaton. Alice Eaton
and Frederick Eaton, et al.
loshua Brown. lairus E. Neal. Adam Davis.
iiliam T. Eaton. Simeon F. Eaton xnd Fred
erick Eaton will take notice that on the tth day
01 septemDer, a. u., ivm. Lorenzo u. Lurtis.
piaintitf herein, tiled his petition in the district
court ot Cass county, Nebraska, against said de
fendants, the object and prayer oT which was to
quiet the title to the following-described real es
tate, to-wit: Lots one (1) and two (2), being the
north half oi the northwest quarter, and frac
tional lot three (3). all of section four 14. in
township ten 110. north of range fourteen 114,
east, in Cass county, Nebraska, as against said
defendants herein named, by reason of it appear
ing 01 record tnat tney. ana eacn 01 mem, claim
to nave some-title and hen in and to said real
estate, and parts thereof, and that the plaintiff
and his grantors have been in the open, actual,
notorious, exclusive, adverse, continuous and
peaceable possession of said .and for more than
ten years prior to the time ol riling his petition,
and each of said defendants be forever enjoined
from ever having or claiming any right, title or
interest, either leeal or eauitable. in or to anv
part of said land, and that judgment may be en
tered continuing plaintin s title in and to said
land, and each and every part thereof, and the
same be declared free and clear from all claims
held by any of the said defendants, and for
equitable relief. .
You are required to answer said petition on or
before the 39th day of October. A. D.. lnuu.
Dated this l:ith day of September. A. !., IS0O.
LORENZO D. CUR IIS. Plaintiff.
Byron Clark,
C. A. Rawls.
A. J. Graves,
Attorneys for Piaintitf.
First pub Sept 18-4
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska.
Cass County. S
In County Court In the matter of the estate of
William Wallace Hull, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the executor of said estate be
fore me. county judge of Cass county. Nebraska,
at the county court room in Plattsmouth in said
county, on the 21Hh day of October, A. I. 1HUO,
and on the 1st day of April, I 'Jul, at 9 o'clock a.
m., each day for the purpose of presenting their
claims for examination, adjustment and allow
ance. Six months are allowed for the creditors
of said deceased to present their claims and one
year for the executor to settle said estate, from
the 29th day of September, 1900.
Witness my hand the seal of said county court
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this 4th day of Sep
tember. 1900.
ISeal J. E. Douglass, County, Judge,
'irst publication September 4-4.
Articles of Incorporation.
Notice is hereby given that The Murray State
Bank of Murray. Nebraska, has been incorpor
ated for the purpose ot transacting a banking
business (Commercial) .
The authorized capital stock of this corpora
tion is Five thousand dollars, fully paid up. The
highest indebtedness of this corporation shall
not exceed two-thirds of the paid up capital,
(Except deposits). This corporation shall begin
business on the First dav of September. 1900, and
shall terminate on the First day ot September.
19-.M- The principal place of business of this cor
poration shall be at Murray in the County ol
Cass, State of Nebraska.
E. B. Finney,
E, Kinney.
R. E. Kinney,
First publication September 7-4.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska
Cass County,
hss. In County Court.
Ia the matter ol the estate of Joshua Gapen de
ceased. Notice is hereby given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the administrator ot said es
tate, before me, county judge of Cass county,
Nebraka, at the county court room in Platts
mouth in said county, on the 13th day of Novem
ber. A. !.. 190U. and on the lfth day of April. r.ail,
at 9 o'clock a 111. each day for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination, adjustment
and allowance. Six months are allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to present their claims
and one year for the administrator to settle said
estate, from the l:ith day of October, 11 0
Witness my hand and seal of said count v
court at Plattsmouth. Nebraska, this 15th dav ot
September. 1900.
County Judge.
First publicat'on September 1S-4
Legal Notice.
Beujimin A. Gibson. Clarence E. Tefft. and
Carrie It tit, and others interested, are hereby
notihtd that on the 19th day of January. 1W. I.
the undersigned, purchased at private sale from
the county treasuier of Cass county, Nebraska,
the following-described real estate, situated iu
the city of Weeping Water, in Cass county, Ne
braska, namely: Lot number one (1) and lot
number two (2). iu block numbered fifty-one (51),
which was duly sold and bought (or the delin
quent tax ot the year 197, and I hive paid the
taxes for the subsequent years ol 189 and lr99.
Said real estate was assessed and taxed in the
name of It A. Gibson. The time for the re
demption of Maid premises will expire on the
19th day of January, 1901. Persons interested
will govern them elves accordingly.
Dated September slst. 19oa
Legal Notice.
To Elizabeth I Cooper, non-resident defendant:
You are hereby notified that the county of Cass,
in the state of Nebraska, on the ?4th day of Sep
tember. H4J0, tiled its petition in the district
court of Cass county against you impleaded with
Jacob Vallery, jr., the object and prayer of which
petition is to foreclose liens for taxes levied and
delinquent for state, county, city and school pur
poses for the years in 192 to lt99, inclusive,
against lots 5 and A, block 63. Plattsmouth, Cass
county, Nebraska, and being as follows: 192,
riKKO; ltW), a).9H; 1H94, $ 44; 19:.
I-JI.S); 1896. $19.09; l!-7. friO.53; 1X9N, $10.14; 1!99.
20.0. and amounting with interest to date
of riling petition to $iV.9-J; to have the Interests
of all defendants adjudged junior to plaintiff s
lien on said property; to foreclose all defendants
of all right of redemption in said property, to
sell said property to satisfy said taxes and for
equitable relief.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, the 5th day of November. A. D ,
VM0 The Count v or Cass.
By its attomey, Jesse L. Root.
First pub September 25-4
2 jxjm S
en m 20 o
:cnq erf. s,
A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, by Mail, 76 cents; bottles, 60 cents.
JAMES F. BALLARD, Soli Proprietor, - - 310 North Ut!n Street, ST. LOUIS, U3.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Sherwin-Williams Paint,
Covers Most, Looks Best, Wears Longest, Most
Economical, Full Measure.
For sale In Plattsmoutn by .
F. G. FRICKE &l CO.. Druggists.
For 20 Ycsrs lbs Led all Xhm Remedies. AWSI
EHqqsS Pals ami
There is no poison so highly contagious,
so deceptive and so destructive. Don't be,
too sure you are cured because all external
signs of the disease have disappeared, and
the doctor says you are well. Many per
sons have been dosed with Mercury and
Potash for months or years, and pro
nounced cured to realize when too late
that the disease was only covered up
Uko Bagots IIre.
out again, and to their sorrow and mortifi
cation find those nearest and dearest to
them have been infected by this loath
some disease, for no other poison is so
surely transmitted from parent to child
as this. Often a bad case of Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Scrofula or severe skin disease,
an old sore or ulcer developing in middle
life, can be traced to blood jwison con-
inVarly 17,0 Sln of th Parent.
life, for it remains smolJering in the sys
tem forever, unless properly treated and
driven out in the beginning. S. S. S. is
the only antidote for this peculiar virus,
the only remedy known that can over
come it and drive it out of the blood, and
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mineral to break down
your constitution ; it is
Eurely vegetable and the only blood puri
er known that cleanses the blood and
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tive ever issued; it not only tells all
about this disease, but also how to cure
yourself at home. It is free and should
be in the hands of everyone seeking a
cure. Send for it.
1'robate Sotice.
In County Court, Cass County. Nebraska
In the matter ot the estate of Thomas Rankin,
Catherine W. Rankin, Kate R. Inibrie. Joseph
A. Rankin, Mattie B. Ryerson, Sallie M. Rankin,
Mary L. Rankin. E. W. Rankin. Millie I) Mont
gomery, Annie r. McMillan, Kate M. Campbell,
ean M. Hodgins. Lillie E. Brown. Jesse K.
lontgomery and all other persons interested in
said matter, take notice that on the irth day ot
September. A. D. 1900, Joseph A. Kankln
filed a petition in said court, alleging
that Thomas Rankin, late of said county, died
intestate at Murray, in said countv, on the 7th
day of July, A. I). leaving an estate situated
in said county, of about the value of Sl.loo. aud
praying that Letters of Administration be
granted to loseph A. Rankin. Vou and each ol
you are notitied that a hearing will be had on
said petition at the County Court room iu Platts
mouth, in said county, on the -1th day ol Octo
ber. A. D., 19U0, at 10 o'clock a. m.. and that it
you fail to appear and contest said petition, the
prayer thereof may be granted, and Letters ot
Administration in said estate issued to Joseph
A. Rankin, or some other suitable persou, and
proceed to a settlement thereof.
Witness my hand and the seal of said court at
Plattsmouth. Nebraska, this th day of Septem
ber. A. D., 1900. J. E. Douglass,
t Seal J County Judge,
'irst pub Sept 25
FOR SALE OR TRADE I will sellcheap. or
trade for good farm lands, my two-story brick
building 100 feet deep: also the two-storv frame
dwelling house on Vine street; both properties in
riattsmoutn ana in good repair, Mrs. c.nuly
Drew, Marcy street, Omaha, Neb.
A. 6. Bach & Co.,
Staple and
Also a Fine Line of
Cured Meats and SaUcSaaes
Cash paid for Butter and Eggs
Piatt a. Phone 23B.
Eciiiociats ami
Claim that unless their favorite
candidates are elocted, the country
will go to the bow-wows. We don't
know about that; but wo Do know
that we will sell vou as eood DIlY
GOODS and GROCEK1KS for the
same amount of money as any re
tail house in Cass county.
51S Main St Plattsmouth, Neb
If you know anything new call No.
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