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Germany Makes It a Condition
Precedent to Diplomatic Re
lations With China.
No Small Fry Will Satisfy the Kaiser
Leader of the Boxer Devil- .
tries To Be Punished.
Washington, Sept. 10. A copy of a
German note demanding the punish
ment of the leaders of the rebellion
la Ohina was presented to Acting Sec
retary Ad at the state department
yesterday from the German embassy.
The German charge. Baron Sternberg,
helng temporarily absent from the city
there could lie no attempt at discussion
of this most important communication.
The baron Is expected to return today,
when the subject may be taken up
with him. Meanwhile the note Itself
will receive the earnest attention of
the president and such members of
the cabinet as are in Washington to
day, the president at this writing being
en route from Canton. O.. to the Capl
toL The German note was 9ent to the
German embassies here, at London,
Paris. St. Petersburg, Koine, Vienna
and Tokio.
States m Condition Precedent.
The text of the note Is as follows:
The government of the emperor holds
as preliminary to entering upon diplo
matic relations with the Chinese gov
ernment that those persons must be
delivered up who have bt-en proved to
be the original and real instigators of
the outrages against international law
which have occurred at Peking. The
number of those, who were merely in
struments in carrying out the outrages
Is too great. Wholesale executions
would "be contrary to the civilized con
science, and the circumstances of uch
a group of leaders cannot be complete
ly ascertained. But a few whose guilt
Is notorious should be delivered up and
Kaiser la Fishing- for Whales.
"The representatives of the powers
at Peking are In a position to give or
bring forward convincing evidence.
Less importance attaches to the num
ber punished than to tbelr character
as chief Instigators as leaders. The
government believes It can count on
the unanimity of all the cabinets iu
regard to this point, insomuch as In
difference to the idea of Just atone
ment would be equivalent to indiffer
ence to a repetition of the crime. The
government proposes, therefore, that
the cabinets concerned should Instruct
their representatives at Peking to In
dicate those leading Chinese person
ages from whose guilt in Instigating
or perpetrating outrages all doubt Is
Signed "VON BUELOW."
It la Mow Up to Tour I'ncle Sana.
The state department has been all
along directing its efforts to the speedy
opening of negotiations for a final set
tlement with the Chinese government,
and has so far not been heard from
relative to the matter of punishments
beyond the indirect reference con
tained In the notes that have defined
the government's purposes. The ques
tion Is now presented plainly whether
or not the negotiations shall be pre
ceded with a decision on this point.
They Will Urge Congress to Modify the
Patau! Medicine Tax.
Chicago, Sept. 19. The twenty
sixth annual convention of the Na
tional Druggists' association convened
at the Auditorium hotel yesterday for
a four-days' session. At the same
time the Proprietary Association of
America opened its convention to act
In conjunction with the druggists. The
two associations represent 800 of the
leading wholesale druggists of the
country. Between 400 and 500 dele
gates are present.
The enactment of a national pure
drug law to -be urged by the conven
tion will be an attempt to regulate
the inspection snd sale of drugs by a
federal statute Instead of, as at pres
sent. by the laws of the various states.
Modification of the war stamp tax
also will be urged. Before the ad
journment on Friday the associations
expect to have a committee on its
way to Washington to present their
project before the congressional com
mittees. Insurance Company Accused.
Springfield. Ills., Sept. 19. State
Superintendent of Insurance Van
Cleave and Insurance Attorney Perry
Hull heard the charges of Hartford,
preferred by H. II. Klayer. a former
employe of the company, and took the
case under advisement. The Insurance
company demanded a full examination
of its books and this was granted.
Klayer charged the insurance company
with over NH violations of the Illi
nois Insurance laws.
Politics Dead In TbU County.
Okemos, Mich., Sept. 19. Never In
the history of Ingham county has there
been so little said politically Just pre
ceding the national campaign, as this
fall. The wisest politicians are won
dering what It means. Four years ago
you could tell how nine out of every
ten men would vote because he had
hi hat and coat off shouting for Mo
Kinley or Bryan, as the case might be.
Position of the Trainmen.
Denver, Sept. 19. P. II. Morrissey,
grand master of the Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen, arrived In Denver
yesterday. Asked whether the organ
ization of which he is the head would
call out his members to aid the mine
workers of Pennsylvania who are on
strike, his reply was non-committal.
"Naturally the sympathies of our men
bers are with the miners," he said
"Our order has an agreement with the
carrying companies, and to observe
agreements made In good faith and
demand their strict observance by the
railway companies is oue of our prln
Elroy. Wis., Sept. 19. .v enicago
troniimr man was held up near Oil
City. The robbers fired two shots at
him, one striking him In the snouiaer,
Thief Makes Small Ilaal.
The home of Peter Welsh, on Third
street, between Pearl and Granite, was
visited by a thief Monday night. A
wagon was backed to the shed in the
yard and about half a ton of coal loaded
on, together with a sled and rocking
chair. The thief was undoubtedly
stocking up for winter.
The officers are watching a certain
party whom they suspect is guilty of
the theft.
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Supreme Court Kinds the Missouri
flc Company Liable For V5,UOO.
From Thursday's Daily.
The supremo court yesterday
affirmed the decision of the district
court of Cass county in tho case of
William K. Fox. as the administrator
of the estate of AmosTbomas,decea3ed,
vs. the Missouri Pacific railway com
pany. Matthew Gering, as the attor
ney for the plaintiff in this case,, se
cured a judgment again6t the defend
ant for 35,000 during tho March, 1S99,
terra of district court. The company,
however, appealed tho case, with tho
result above stated.
On October 28,1 S92, Amos Thompson,
a brakeman for the Missouri Pacifie,
was killed at Union, this county, while
making a coupling on a freight train.
W. K. Fox was appointed as his ad
m!nistrator,and suit for $5,000 brought
against the defendant company. -Tho
victory is not only an important ono
for Mr. Gering, but means much for
the deceased's widow and three? chil
dren. ' - '
ki:li kf of this . ii:oiLi 3
Nebraska State Itar Association Diprnssca
Needed Legislation.
Fifty or seventy-five members of tho
9tato bar association met in this city
yesterday and considered tho legisla
tion of Interest to the profession and
to the people, says the State Journal.
The meeting was held at the etate
capital in representative hall, but as
tho supreme court was hearing oral
argument at the same time many at
torneys were unable to attend the
meeting of the association. Judge E.
Wakeley of Omaha, president, and
Iloseoa Pound of Lincoln, secretary,
wero at their posts when tho hour for
the meeting arrived.
The special businces to be considered
was the formulation of a plan to re
lieve the overcrowdoJ condition of the
supreme court docket, which now con
tains over l,G0O cases. Tho committee
on legislation recommended the enact
ment of a law creating a commission
not to comprise less than six attorneys
to aid the court. As an expedient for
temporary relief the commissioner sys
tem was favored by nearly every law
yer present, but some contended that
it was unconstitutional and that lhe
better way was to go before the people
with a constitutional amendment pro
viding for the election of an increased
number of supreme judges. As a re
sult of the meeting some interesting
discussions were brought out, but- no
action was tatten further than to in
struct all standing cGmmittea to bring
bills embodying their ideas before the
next annual meeting of tho association
which will be . held sometime, "during
tho session of tho noxt legislature.
Funeral of Mrs. Mi ruck.
From Thursday's Daily.
The remains of Mrs. Morgan Shrack,
whose death occurred in Om;ha Tues
day, arrived in the city at 11:.'!0 this
morning, and wero taken to the homo
of tho deceased' sister, Mrs. C D.
Funeral services were held at 1:C0
this afternoon, conductod by Kev.
Baird of tho Presbyterian church.
The music consisted of two hymns, en
titled "Beyond the Smiling nnd the
Weeping"' and "Sometime We'll Un
derstand," sung by a quartet.
Tho remains wero followed to their
last resting placo in Oak ITill cerai to-y
by sorrowing relatives and a largo
number of sympathizing friends.
A Farewell Surprise Party.
Miss Edna Elton's Sunday school
class and a few of their friends gavo
Miss Eunice Davis.who is a member of
the class, a uleasint surprise Tuesday
evening. The young people gathered
at her home to bid her farewell, as 6ho
leaves with her sister this week for
Lincoln, where they will attend the
A good socibl time, with conundrums
and music, was enjoyed. Light re
freshments wero served.
Those present were Misses Edna
Eaton, Rose and Clara Button, Gertrudo
Beeson, Margaret Kennie. Myrtle
Dunn, llermie Windham, Margaret
Mapes; Messrs. Charles and Merritt
Kerr, Cliff and Hilt Woscott, Will
Hamilton, Dr. Piimpton, Clyde Lessor.
Smith Was Drugged.
From Thursday's Daily
Orrin Smith, the man who was
brought from Greenwood Monday
evening ana wno was tuougnt to be
mentally unbalanced, was released this
afternoon. He seems to havo entirely
recovered, and was able to givo a very
intelligent accouni of himself, lie said
that he had been working on a farm
eight miles south of Lincoln, and that
he had $15 in money when he reachod
Greenwood. He also stated that his
companion had drugg d him and taken
the money. Smith has gone to Iowa,
where he claims to hive relatives.
As usually treated a sprain will dis
able the injured person for three or
four weeks, but if Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is freely applied a complete cure
may bo effected in a very few days.
Pain Balm also cures rheumatism, cuts,
bruises and burns. For ealo by all
First church of Christ (Scientist)
will hold service Sunday at 11 o'clock.
Wednesday evoning at 8 o'clock.
Reading room open Tuesday and Fri
day from 2 to 4 in Fitzgerald block.
Many years ngo truth was discovered
lying at the bottom of a well and we
have no subsequent record of " its res
cue. '
Whites' Cream Vermifuge is per
fectly harmless, and will remove every
worm. It is also a tunic, and by its
strengthening properties "will restore
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full line of pumps and is now prepared
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Deputy McBritle Brings an In
sane 31 an from Greenwood
Some Who Are Familiar With the Cir
cumstances Arm Inclined to Believe
That He Was Doped by a Companion
- airs. Koehler'a Strang Actions Dr.
Miller of Omaha Becomes Insane.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Deputy Sheriff McBride returned
from Greenwood last evening with an
insane man named Smith. The author
ities at Greenwood reportthat the man
came to that place Monday evening,
and that his queer actions at once at
tracted attention. He imagines that
be is being followed by people who in
tend to kill him. The unfortunate
man is very despondent, and nothing
has been learned as to where he came
from or the cause of his condition.
There is a mystery connected with
this unfortunate case, and those famil
iar with the circumstances are in
clined to believe that Smith was doped
by a companion who was seen with
him Monday evening, but" who has
since mysteriously disappeared. The
suspicion is strengthened by the fact
that Smith, in the course of his mutter
ings, froquently speaks of some green
backs which he had at the time he ar
rived in Greenwood and which are now
Hopes are entertained that the man
will soon recover sufficiently to give an
intelligent account of himself.
Made Eaormoni Purchase.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Mrs. Lena Koehler, who resides on
Wintersteen hill with her husband,
was taken in charge today by the offi
cers, as sho displayed unmistakable
signs of insanity. Mrs. Koehler came
down town this morning, and.entering
Egenberger & Troop's store, asked
that a hundred sacks of Hour be taken
to her home. She also visited several
other stores, and at each place she
made enormous purchases.
The unfortunate woman was confined
in the asylum at Lincoln several years
ago, but was aiscnargea as curea. sne
is tho mother of a young child. It is
probable that tho board of insanity
will take some action in regard to her
case tomorrow.
A Sad Misfortune.
Dr. George L. Miller, the veteran
physician, editor and political writer
of Omaha, is at present confined at St.
Bernard's hospital in Council Bluffs.
Dr. Miller has been suffering for some
timo from a mental ailment, and his
disease took a, violent form Monday
evening. It is said he spent a portion
of the evening in the lobby of the Pax
ton hotel, where ho attracted some at
tention by speaking disjointedly about
a fortune of $4,000,000 that had just
been left him. He insisted on hiring
twenty carriages to celebrate the
event. Ho afterwards became so vio
lent that it was found necessary to take
him to the police station for safe keep
ing. It is thought this outbreak was the
culmination of a mental breakdown
that has been noticed by Dr. Miller's
friends for some timo. Until recently
his mental derangement has usually
taken the form of despondency, and he
has frequently complained that since
his misfortunes he has not had a friend
upon whom he can rely. His physician
believes that his ailments are directly
traceable to the misfortunes that have
befallen him recently the loss of a
magnificent residence and many val
uable relics and curiosities at Seymour
park, and the, death of his wife and
the dwindling away of his means.
Owing to the unfortunate man's ad
vanced age seventy-three years it is
feared that his mind is permanently
- Death of Mrs. Schrack.
From Wednesday's Daily
The many friends in this city of Mrs.
Morgan Schrack will be sorry to hear
of hor death, which occurred at ber
home in Omaha yesterday. She leaves
a husband and one child to mourn her
demise. Mrs. Schrack was a sister of
Mrs. C. D. Eads and Mrs. Clel Morgan
of this city.
, The remains will be shipped to this
city tomorrow morning for burial, and
the funeral will take place from the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eads in the
First ward at 1:30. Interment will be
mado in Oak Hill cemetery.
Krowlek- Black.
William Krowlek and Miss Sarah
Jane Black of this city were married
last Wednesday morning by Rev.
Asa Sleeth the happy event being
consummated at the minister's home.
The groom is well known in Platts
mouth, where he has been employed
at the B. & M. shops for a number of
years. The bride recently came to
this city from Iowa.
Tjik News wishes the young couple
much joy and happiness.
- The Bravery of Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs. John
Dowingof Butler, Pa., in a three
years' struggle with a malignant
stomach trouble that caused distress
ing attacks of nausea and indigestion.
All remedies failed to relieve her un
til she tcied Electric Bitters. After
taking it two months, she wrote:'I am
now wholly cured and can eat any
thing. It is truly a grand tonic for
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For Rent Walker section (No. 16),
Mt. Fleaeant precinct. For further
particulars inquire of Mrs; Emma F.
Walker, Plattsmouth, Neb.
. An Ohio giri who was unable to de
cide between two admirers finally set
tled the matter by marrying one and
eloping with the other, all in one day.
D. J. Pitman was in town today from
Ex-Senator Orlando Tefft of Weep
ing Water was in town today.
E. F. Richards of Weeping Water
was a visitor in the city yesterday.
Carl Kunsmann purchased twenty
six head of fat cattle at South Omaha
The government guage .indicates
that one inch of rain fell during the
storm last night.
Mrs. Mathew Akeson from near
Manley spent yesterday in the city the
guest of Mrs. S. A. Davis.
William Krowlek and wife went to
Havelock this afternoon for a visit
with relatives and friends.
OMrs. S. L- Carlyleof Kimball, Neb.,
arrived last evening to attend the
funeral of her father, H. P. Beach.
Alex Beach came in from Alliance
this morning, having been called here
by a telegram announcing the death
of his father.
F. R, Guthman is erecting a fine
two-story house on his farm near Mur
ray. The dimensions of the building
will be 28x28.
B. Spurlock returned to his home at
York today after a visit of several days
in this city with his son, George Spur
lock, and family.
Miss Florence White was in Murray
yesterday, where she has a class of ten
pupils in voice culture. Miss White is
well prepared for her work, and is
making a success of teaching.
Charles E. nolmes,the man arrested
Monday morning by Detectives Malone
and Flynn on the charge of stealing
brass from the B. & M. shops, will be
given a preliminary hearing tomor
row morning at 8 o'clock.
Dana Sleeth, who has been spending
the summer vacation with bis parents
in this city, returned to Lincoln this
morning to prepare for attending the
coming term of the state university,
which opens next Monday.
A Plattsmouth man eays the coming
winter will be a bard one. He knows
it by readings of the goose bone and by
further fact that his mother-in-law
will spend the winter visiting his fam
ily. Nebraska City Press.
William DuBois of Union was in
town today.
D. Clem Deaver of Omaha, editor of
the True Populist, was in town today
on business.
J. H. Becker and wife loft this morn
ing for Knox county. Mo., for a few
days' visit with friends and relatives.
W. B. Porter of Council Bluffs, who
has been visiting in the county for
some time, returned home this morn
ing. The News ha9 just printed some
large colored posters announcing the
Roosevelt meeting to be held in Platts
mouth on the evening of October 2.
Misses Katharine Terry, Madge
Young and Maud Rusterholtz, whoso
homes are in the vicinity of Nebawkn,
are attending the High school in this
The president and vice presidential
candidates on the prohibition ticket
will pass through Plattsmouth from
the east at 6:4? this evening. They
have a special train.
The infant child recently adopted by
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler died at
5 o'clock last evening as a result of
stomach trouble. The funeral occured
this afternoon.
The funeral of II. P. Beach was held
at 4 o'clock this afternoon, the services
being held at the A. O. U. W. hall
and were conducted by Rev. Asa
Sleeth of the Methodist church. In
terment was made in Oak Hill ceme
tery. The county commissioners yesterday
gave Egenberger & Troop the contract
for furnishing coal for the court house.
They are to receive $3 98 per ton. The
contract for furnishing coal for the
jail, poor farm and paupers was let to
Week bach & Co., their figures being
$4.10 and $4.25 per too.
A hearing on the matter of the final
settlement of the estate of Michael
Kennedy, deceased, was bad in county
court today. Mrs. Kennedy, widow of
the deceased, S. W. Orton, executor of
the estate, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy
and Attorney C. E. Tefft of Weeping
Water were in attendance.
Constable J. R. Denson and wife are
taking care of Mrs. Lena Koehler, the
young woman who became insane yes
terday. Mr. Denson informs The
News that last night the unfortunate
woman's condition took a sudden turn
for the worse and that she has been
unable to leave her bed today. Her
husband is working on a farm south of
Holmes Bound Over.
From Thursday's Daily.
Charles E. Holmes,the man arrested
Monday morning on the charge of
stealing brass from the B. & M". shops.
had a preliminary hearing before Jus
tice Archer this morning and was
bound over to the district court in the
sum of $1,000.
Henry M. Cary, Charles BelLGeorge
Kroehler, Ed Swoboda, James Malone,
J. A. Gutsche, H. J. Helps and John
Chase appeared as witnesses against
the defendant. Several of them testi
fied as to having seen Holmes in the
act of stealing the metal, others In re
gard to having missed the brass from
the shops, and altogether the evidence
was of a very damaging character.
Holmes' wife was present at the hear
ing. County Attorney Root and Byron
Clark conducted the prosecution and
A. N. Sullivan appeared for the. pris
oner. . " :
Attorney General Smyth Declares It Is In
the Starch Trust.
Attorney General Smyth is now after
J. Sterling Morton's starch company
of Nebraska City, and yesterday filed
an information in the supreme court to
enjoin that company from doing busi
ness in the state under the present
management. The allegation is made
that the Argo company sold out to the
United Starch company, which is op
erated as a trust. Speaking of the
matter the State Journal says:
"This action of the attorney general
was not un looked for as the report was
published several weeks ago that he
would soon attack the octopus in its
lair at the home of the Sage of Arbor
lodge. The petition is an information
in the nature of a quo warranto. The
attorney general in the name of the
state asks that the agreement by which
the Argo Manufacturing company sold
its property and rights to the United
Starch company be adjudged void and
that it be decreed that the United
Starch company is an unlawful trust
and that it be excluded from this state
and be enjoined from doing business in
this state.
"The petition alleges that the Argo
Starch company was incorporated June
2, 1894, and in violation of law sold out
to the United Starch company on Aug
ust 28, 1899, the consideration being
$125,000 "and other valuable consider
ation," and has since refused to do any
of the business for which it was organ
ized." A Powder Mill Explosion.
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Bobbed of 300.
Eli Eaton, of Union, who was in the
city yesterday looking for a trace of
$300 in gold that was taken from his
trunk at his home on the farm near
Union, returned home last evening
without having been able to secure
any trace of the yellow metal that he
hoarded up and which was filched by
someone who probably thcugVt they
could put it to a better use than to
allow it to lay there and mildew. Eli
will probably have some confidence in
the banks In the future. Nebraska
City News.
Editor's Awful Flight.
F. M. Higgins, Editor Seneca (Ills.,)
News, wns r filleted for years with
Piles that no doctor or remedy helped
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Carious Irony of Fate.
By a curious Irony of fate the great
fortune made by Erckmann of the
Erckmann-Chatrian combination, in
praising the military glories of France,
has now been inherited by a Prussian
officer. The officer In question mar
ried Erckmann's niece almost imme
diately .after the cession of Alsace and
David City, Neb., April 1. 1900
Genesee Pure Food Ca,Le Roy, N. Y.
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Yellow rtver at Havana
Havana, Sept. 19. The yellow fever
situation Is decidedly unfavorable. An
drew B. Patterson, of Wheeling, W.
Va., died yesterday of this disease.
August Flower.
'It is a surprising fact," says Prof.
Hou ton 'that in my travels in all parts
of the world, for the last ten years, I
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A Prominent Virginia Editor Had Almost
Given Up. But Was Brought Back to Per
fect Health By Chamberlain's Colic. Chol
era and Diarrhoea Kent dy Read His Edi
torial. '
From the Times Hillstillc. Va.
I suffered from ditirrhoea for a long
time and thought I was past being
cured. I had spent much time and
money and suffered so much misery
that I had almost decided to give up
all hopes of recovery and await the re
suit, but noticing the advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Rimed y and also some tes
timonials slating how some wot.derful
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edy, I decided to try it. After taking
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Feature of thai Sears Case.
Eau Claire, Wis., Sept. "JO. Judpc
O'Neill sentenced Eliot Carter, aged
23, to the Green Bay reformatory for
one year for daytime burglary. He
also sentenced Frank Sear to three
years at Waupun for an attempt to
break Jail. The Sears case Is remark
able because the prosecution for burg
lary, on which charge he had been put
in tall, had been nolled.
Endured Death's Agonies.
Only a roaring fire enabled J. M.
Garrettson, of San Anton io,Tex.,to lie
down when attacked by Asthma, from
which be suffered for years He writes
his misery was often so great that it
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Brewery Workers Adjourn.
Detroit, Sept. 19. The convention of
the National Brewery Workers' asso
ciation ended yesterday afternoon aft
er having decided to tax each member
of the association $1. The delegate to
the American Federation of Labor was
Instructed to advocate this same move
ment In all uniions of organized labor,
the lda being to raise a great strike
supporting fund.
The great success of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
in the treatment of bowel complaints
has made it standard over the greater
part of the civilized world. For sale
by all druggists.
Dr. Agustus Ruggles, Treasurer of the
Greater New York Medical Association,
says, "There is just one scientific compound
known as Diamond Digest Tablets which
can be relied upon to cure dyspepsia and
constipation so they will stay cured. Posi
tively the only ad vertlsed dyspepsia remedy
ever endorsed by prominent physicians.
They promptly digest every particle of food taken
into the stomach, and are positively guaranteed to
cure the worst forms of Dyspepsia, India-cation,
Heartburn, Sour Stomach, and Con
stipation, restoring? the bowels and liver
to perfectly natural action In two weeks or
money refunded, by all druggists. 25 and 50c.
DIAMOND DRUG CO.,83-86 W. B'way.N. V.
A truly wonderful discovery containing
none of the dangerous drugs found in ALU
OTHER headache remedies,
One Tablet Curea
One horrible Headache, la Just
One Minute, for only
Ask your Druggist for Strong's Peony''
Headache Tablet. - -
160 acres, two miles north of Eagle; 130 acres
under cultivation; (air improvements:
price $6400
80 acres four miles northwest of Eagle; 70
acres cultivated; good young orchard and
small fruit; fair improvements; good tubu
lar well; price 2800
160 acres, three miles northwest of Eagle, all
smooth and cultivated; fenced and good
improvements; price 7000
160 acres, three miles west; rich and level
land; fenced and cross-fenced; one of the
best improved farms in Lancaster county;
price 8000
340 acres of good, smooth land, 6 miles south
west; fenced; two sets of buildings; about
200 acres broke; will sell in 80 or 160 acre
tracts; price $35 per acre
CO acres, 5 miles south; 130 acres cultivated;
all fenced and cross-fenced; good pasture
and orchard; improvements fair; price.. .. 5600
160 acres, 3 miles east; level and finely im
proved: as good a farm as there Is in Cass
county; desirable in every particular; price 8000
160 acres, four miles southeast; good, new
substantial improvements; W0 acres culti
vated, balance in pasture and hav: a num
ber one stock farm; price 5000
200 acres, three miles east: smooth and first
class: tinelv improved: fenced and cross-
fenced; a modern farm; price 9000
200 acres. 5 miles southeast; 160 acres broke,
balance in pasture; fair improvements; all
fenced and a splendid stock farm; price... 0000
For further particulars concern
ing these properties, inquire at or
Bank of Eagle,
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska.
j-ss. In County Court.
Cass County,
In the matter of the estate of Joshua Gapen de
ceased. Notice is herebv given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the administrator of said es
tate, before me. county judge of Cass county,
Nebraka. at the county court room in Platts
mouth in said county, on the 13th day of Novem
ber. A. D.. 1900. and on the 15th day of Aprii.1901,
at 8 o'clock a. m, each day for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination, adjustment
nrt illnaranM. Six months are allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to present their claims
and one vear for the administrator to settle said
estate, from the 13th day of October, 1900.
Witnan mv hand and seal of Said COUtltV
court at Plattsmouth. Nebraska, this 15th day ol
September. WUU. . r
County Judge.
First publication September 13 4
Sores and Ulcers never become chronic
unless the blood is in poor condition is
sluggish, weak, and unable to throw off
the poisons that accumulate in it. The
system must be relieved of the unhealthy
matter through the sore, and great danger
to life would follow should it heal before
the blood has been made pure and healthy
and all impurities eliminated from the sys
tem. S.S.S. begins the cure by first cleans
ing and invigorating the blood, building
up the general health and removing from
all morbid, .
effete matter. UPON THE SYSTEM.
When this has been accomplished the dis
charge gradually ceases, and the sore or
ulcer heals. It is the tendency of these old
indolent seres to grow worse and worse,
and eventually to destroy the bones. Local
applications, while soothing and to some
extent alleviate pain, cannot reach the seat
of the trouble. S. S. S. does, and no matter
how apparently hopeless your condition,
even though your constitution has broken
down, it will bring relief when nothing
else can. It supplies the rich, pure blood
necessary to heal the sore and nourish
the debilitated, diseased body.
Mr. J. B. Talbert. Lock Box Z4V Winona. Miss.,
says: "Six yesrs sko iny leg from tbekneeto
the foot was one solid sore. Several physicians
treated me and I made two trips to Hot Springs,
but found no relief. I was induced to try b S. S.,
and it made a complete cure. I have been a per
fectly well man ever since."
is the only purely veg
etable blood purifier
known contains no
poisonous minerals to
ruin the digestion and
add to, rather than relieve your suffer
ings. If your flesh does not heal readily
when scratched, bruised or cw t, your blood
is in bad condition, and any ordinary sore
is apt to become chronic.
Send for our free book and write our
physicians about your case. We make no
charge for this service.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
Lorenzo D. Curtis
Joshua Brown, Jairus E. Neal,
Adam uavis, trie neirs ol cmer
son H. Eaton, viz William T.
Eaton. Mrs. William T. Katon,
Simon V. Eaton. Alice Eaton
and Frederick Eaton, et at.
loshua Brown. lairus E. Neal. Adam Davis.
W illiam T. Eaton. Simeon F.Eaton and Fred
erick Eaton will take notice that on the 8th day
Of September, A. I)-, 1H00. Lorenzo D. Curtis,
plaintiff herein, riled his petition in the district
court of Cass county, Nebraska, against said de
fendants, the object and prayer ol which was to
quiet the title to the loltowing-described real es
tate, to-wit: Lots one (1) and two id), being the
north half of the northwest quarter, and frac
tional lot three (3), all of section four 141. in
. l. : I 1 A 1 n r r l. ni ranA f . . .. r .. fill
east, in Cass county. Nebraska, as against said
defendants herein named, by reason otit appear
ing of record that they, and each of them, claim
to have some title and lien in and to said real
estate, and parts thereof, and that the plaintiff
and his grantors have been in the open, actual.
notorious, exclusive, Adverse, continuous ana
peaceable possession of said '.and for more than
ten years prior to the time of tiling his petition,
and each of said dclcndants be forever enjoined
from ever having or claiming any right, title or
interest, either legal or equitable, in or to any
part of said land, and that judgment may be en
tered continuing plaintiffs title in and to said
land, and each and every part thereof, and the
same be declared free and clear from all claims
held by any of the said defendants, and for
equitable relief.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before the th day of October. A. D., 11.
Dated this 13th day of September. A. D.. 1H00.
LORENZO D. CUKIIS, 1'laiutitt.
Byron Clark,
O. A. Kawls.
A. J. Graves,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
First pub Sept 10-4
Probate Notice.
In County Court of Cass County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of George F. Terry
berry, deceased.
William Volk. Elmer Boedeker. Roderick Bae
deker, Leonard Terryberry, Nettie Terrybery and
Mary Terryberry, legatees and devisees under
the last will and testament of George F. Terry
berry. deceased, and all other persons interested:
you are hereby notified that on the -th day of
August. litUO. James L. TerryberJy. executor,
hied herein his tinal account and petition, alleg
ing among other things, the payment of all debts
and expenses and all demands against said es
tate, except the specific bequests to the aforesaid
named persons, and that said estate was fully
and finally settled, except the execution of the
specific bequests to the aforesaid devisees, and
asking that his said final account be allowed, and
that he be allowed commission, attorney's fees
and expenses and for extraordinary services, not
required by an executor in the common course
of his duties, and that all of said estate, except
that specifically devised and bequeathed
to the aforesaid devisees be assigned
to the said James L. Tenyberry.
residuary legatee under said will, subject to the
lien of said specific bequests, and that said ex
ecutor be discharged of all obligations and liabil
ities as such executor, except the execution of
conveyances and payment of bequests to the
aforesaid legatees as provided by said will.
Take notice that if you iail to appear before
said court on the 19th day of September, A. D.,
1900, at 9 o'clock a. ni., and contest said petition,
the court may grant the prayer of said petition
and make such further orders, allowances and
decrees as the court may deem proper, to the end,
that all matters pertaining to said estate may be
finally settled and determined, except the execu
tion of conveyances and payment of bequests t
the aforesaid legatees as provided by said will.
Witness my hand and tne seal of said
Court at Plattsmouth. Nebraska, this the 2Hth
day ol August, A. D., 1900.
J. E. Douglass.
(Seal) County Judge.
First publication Aug. 28-3
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of 1
Eugenia M. Thorngate. NOTICE
Deceased. I
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an
order of the Honorable Paul Jessen. judge of tne
district court of Cass county. Nebraska, made on
the 21th day of August. A. I). 1WK), for the sale
of the real estate hereinafter described, there will
be sold at the south door of the court house in
Plattsmouth. Cass county, Nebraska, on the U"th
day of September. A. D. 1100. at one o'clock p.
m., at public vendue, to the highest bidder for
cash, the following described real estate, to-wit:
Lot five (5) and lot five and one-half !'i, both
in block sixty-six (tiri), and the south twenty-two
(32) feet of lot four (4), and the south twenty-tvto
feet of the west halt of lot three (H), both in block
sixty-four (64), all in the city of Weeping Water,
Cass county, Nebraska, and lot eight (8), in block
one (1 , in Rector's addition to the city of Weep
ing Water. Nebraska. . Said sale will remain
open one hour
Dated this 28th day of August. A. D.. 1900.
Ella Thorngaie, Administratrix.
Byron Clark & C. A. Rawis.
Attorneys for the estate.
First publication. August 24.
Notice to Creditors.
Rl.t. nt V.hrs.lra
Cass Countv. I
In County Court In the 'matter of the estate of
William Wallace Hull, deceased.
Notice is herebv given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the executor of said estate be
fore me. county judge of Cass county. Nebraska,
at the county court room in Ftattsmouth in said
county, on the 29th day of October, A. D. iwou,
and on the 1st day of April. 1901. at o'clock a.
m each day for the purpose of presenting their
claims for examination, adjustment and allow
ance. Six months are allowed for the creditors
of said deceased to present their claims and one
year for the executor to settle said estate, from
the 29th day of September. 19U0. .
Witness my hand the seal of said county court
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this 4th day of Sep
tember. 19U0. . .
Seal J. E. Douglass. County, Judge.
First publication September 4-4. .
Articles of Incorporation.
Notice Is hereby given that The Murray State
Bank of Murray. Nebraska, has been incorpor
ated for the purpose of transacting a banking
business (Commercial).
The authorized capital stock of this corpora
tion is Five thousand dollars, fully paid up. The
highest indebtedness of this corporation shall
not exceed two-thirds of the paid up capital.
(Except deposits). This corporation shall begin
business on the First dav of September. lMUU. and
shall terminate on the First day of September.
1920- The principal place of business of this cor
poration shall be at Murray in the County of
Cass, State of Nebraska.
. . - - E. B. Finniy.
E. Finney,
R, E. Finney,
5 Incorporators.
First publication September 7-4.
If you know anything new call No.