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One of Klodriart's Men Meets
With an Untimely Death.
Mike McUee trails Distance of About
SUty Feet aiid Wheu 1'Uked L'p Is lu
a tnconicloni Condition Dlee From
Injuries Received an flour Later UU
Horn Is Io Iowa.
From Monday's Daily.
A very sad accident occurred at the
bit? Burlington bridge abouS 9:30 this
morning, when Mike Mttiee, one of
Contractor Stoddart'B men, tell off the
work train on the bridge to the ground
below a distance of sixty foot sus
taining internal injuries from the
effect of which ho died at the Perkins
house an hour later.
McGee struck the ground near the
wagon road on the east side of the
river. It appears that the train was
going over with a load of drt at the
lime, and McGeo was standing on the
rear car. No one saw him fall, and
his absence was not noticed until the
train reached its destinanion. A
search was immediately instituted and
soon after he was found ljing uncon
scious where he had struck tho ground.
He was quickly takeu to the l'erkins
house, but in spite of all the attending
physician could do tho unfortunate
man breathed his last aVout 10:30.
It is not known whether he accident
ally fell or was Mown off the train. It
is thought he fell on his buck and sus
tained internal injuries, as there were
no marks on the body to indicate that
he had been seriously hurt.
The unfortunate man is about twenty
three years old and has a brother who
is also employed by tho Stoddart com
pany at this place. His home is at
Brooklyn, la., where his mother re
sides. He had just started to work
this morning after a two weeks' layoff,
having visited during this time at his
home, and the young man's death will
be a great o hoc It to the mother.
The remains will be shipped to
Brooklyn this evening.
Attorney General Suiytb Asanils Nebraska
tiraln Dealers' Association.
Attorney General Smyth filed a com
plaint in the police court Monday
against A. II. Bewsher, secretary of
the Nebraska Grain Dealers' associa
tion, charging him with violating the
anti-trust law by seeking to control
the price of grain throughout the
state, says the Omaha Bee. The in
formation is drawu in eight counts,
which set out elaborately and at great
length the various phases of the law
which the eocretary is supposed to
have transgressed.
Learning that such a complaint was
about to bo filed, Mr. Bewsher appeared
in court of his own volition, not wait
ing for a warrant to issue, and pleaded
not guilty to tho charge. He was re
leased on his own recognizance. No
date was fixed for the hearing. This
will be determined upon wban his at
torney returns to the city.
A significant foaturo of, the caso is
.that Bewsher, although torraorly a
democrat, had been tolling h's friends
that he is going to voto for McKinley
and against Bryan this year aud that
his position on this question is well
known, but whether this fact had any
thing to do with selecting him for
criminal prosecution is not known.
The eight counts are as follows
First, he is charged with conspiring to
form a trust for the control of the
grain trade; second, with conspiring to
form a trust for fixing the price of
grain; third, with being a member of a
trust for controlling the grain trade;
fourth, with being a member of a trust
for fixing tho price of grain; fifth,with
aiding and advising a trust for con
trolling, tho grain trade; sixth, with
aiding anil advising a trust for fixing
the price of grain; sevonth, with issu
ing orders and Gxing rates in pursu
ance of a trusty for tho control of the
grain market; eighth, with issuing
orders and fixing rates in pursuance of
a trust for fixing the price of grain.
It is set forth in the complaint that
the Nebraska Grain Dealers' associa
tion controls all the grain elevators in
the state and that the prices are fixd
from the central office in Omaha.
"Let us suppose there are two ele
vators in one town,", said Attorney
General Smyth, "there is no competi
tion between them. The prices they
shall pay for grain are regulated by
the association of which they are mem
bers. ; If, at the end of the month, a
comparison of their business shows
that one elevator has bought more
grain than another, a balauce is struck
between them, whereby the latter is
paid for the share of business it failed
to get. In this way competition is
stifled. An Independent elevator or
. grain buyer cannot do business in Ne
braska because he can't Cod a market
for his grain., -Any market buying
his produce is promptly blacklisted by
the association. ' ' ; ,
Mr.f Smyth explained that the case
is made a criminal instead of a civil
action, because the dependant is an as
sociation awl not a corporation.
..Will Open a feed Mill.
About the first of next month a new
feed mill will be opened on Chicago
avenue', just south of Cummins' lumber
yard. EJgerton Bros, are the pro
moters of the new enterprise, and the
building for the mill la nearly com
pleted. Yesterday Manspeaker & Marler.the
implement dealerslosod a contract
with them for the vale of nearly $1,000
worth of mill machinery. It will ar
' rive' over the Missouri Pacifio in a few
days, and it is thought things will be
in first class running order by Septem
ber 1. "' '." '
' "- Try Thk News a week 10c.
If you know anything new call No.
repperberg'rt Buds 5-cent cigar.
Thai's all.
Wall paper, 5 cents a roll at At
wood's drug store.
Choice perfumes and toilet articles
at Atwood's drug store.
Will trade a driving team for a
heavy single driving horse. J. 1). Mc
Bride. The Ehinger Hardware company
will sell the balance of their ice cream
freezers at cost.
The King's Daughters will hold
their regular meeting Wednesday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock.
The Ebinger Hardware Co. has a
full line of pumps and is now prepared
to do pump work of all descriptions.
You will never find any other pills
so prompt and so pleasant as DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. P. G. Pricke & Co.
A new lino of samples of imported
and domestic cloth goods. Como in
and examine them. IluJecek & Mc-
Since January 1, 1900, Judge Doug
lass has issued 114 marriage licenses.
This is generally considered a very
good showing.
Ballard's Snow Liniment gives in
stant relief in cases of bleeding, burns,
bruises, scttlds, cuts, etc. Price "H and
50 cts. P. (J. Pricke & Co.
Tho repair work on Joe Lake's resi
dence property in the Second ward has
been completed. The brick and plaster
ing work was done by Harry Johnson.
The men who are to estimate the
damage on the Journal printing plant
have finally started to work. No
agreement, however, has thus far been
reached in the matter.
Those who htve tried a "Gut Ileil"
or a "Silver Wreath" cigar will smoke
no other. These famous cigars are
made at Wurl's factory, and all first
class dealers handle them.
Judge Douglass performed the mar
riage today of Charles W. Burgess and
Miss Edith Dell Hartle. The groom's
home is at Dewitt and the bride is one
of Murray's handsome young ladies.
E. A. Oliver visited in Omaha today.
L. G. Todd was up from Uuion today.
J. II. Becker of Puttsmoulh precinct
was ia town today.
L. J. May field of the Louisville
Courier was in town today.
George L. Parley mide a business
trip to Omaha this afternoon.
C.M.Butler and wife, were passen
gers for Lincoln this morning.
' II. C. McMaken made a business trip
to the state capital this morning.
Ed Conrad of Nehawka was a busi
ness visitor at the court house today.
Mieses Louise and Bertha While
were pasaeno'ers for Omaha on the fast
Attorn -y A. L. Timhlin of Nebraska
City was In town today on legal busi
ness. V. V. Leonard, the photographer,
made a trip to the metropolis this
Charles Stone, assistant cashier of
the Nehawka bank, was in town today
on business.
II. D. Heed, the Weeping Water
real estate man, was a Piattsmouth
visitor today.
Dr. J. B. Hungate of Weeping
Water was among the Piattsmouth
visitors today.
Messrs. W. W. Coates and II. R
Geriug were business visitors In the
metropolis today.
Mrs. E. A. Kirkpatrick and son. Lee,
and Albert Alford of Nehawka are
visiting rolativos in this city.
Baxter Smith and f.wnily departel
today for Denver, where they will
visit relatives for a short time.
Mrs. A. B. Todd departed this after
noon for Holla, Mo., and from there
will go to Sargent to visit friends.
Mrs. Margaret Schulhof departed
this afternoon for Denver, in company
with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Smith.
Jame'Wintersteen, traveling repre
sentative of the State Journal company,
was a business visitor in the city to
day. Prank Doud returned to his home at
Bloom ington this morning, after a.
short vinit with relatives in Piatts
mouth and vicinity.
Miss Minnie Liljeberg, who has been
visiting friends in the city for several
days past, returned to her home at
Omaha this morning.
Mrs. Clarence House of Correction.
Ia , arrived in the city last evening
for a three weeks' visit with her sister,
Mrs. M. W. Twitcheil.
Prank Otto and Fred Ludwick cme
in from Milwaukee this morning. The
former's family will remain at that
place for a more extended visit
Mrs Winona Lowery, of Lee, Neb.,
who came to this city to attend the
funeral of her uncle, the late W. W.
Hull, return d to her home today.
Messrs. II. M. Soennichsen, George
Shaniz, George Klintrer. Peter (inn
John Buck and Gus Burmeister, who
vent to Oermany about two months
ago. are expected borne tomorrow.
Mrs. J. H. Keasoner And ilfliifrhtAi
Mabel, of Hillsdale. Ia:. and MrJ
Charles Peer and son of Strahan. Ia-
spent two or three days In the city the
guests of the Misses Hobson, returned
home this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Young and their
son, Byron, from Franklin county ar
rived in the city today to visit J. M.
Young and family. They were early
settlers in Cass county and resided
nere until two years ago. when thev
removed to their present home.
Miss Lansing's Kcsignatioii is
Considered anil Accepted.
Proposition to Introduce Physical Culture
In the Public School Is Wrought Up,
Hut Ho Dt finite Action Taken Bryan
Shakes Hands With Piattsmouth
Friends Other Local Mews.
At a meeting of the school board last
evening the resignation of Miss Lan
sing was accepted she having secured
a better position in the High school of
Lincoln. A number of applications
for her place were examined, but no
definite action was taken towards mak
ing a selection. The secretary was in
siructed to ask several of the appli
cants to visit the board in person.
The matter of introducing physical
culture in the public schools was dis
cussed at some length, but it was de
cided to leave the matter over until
the other members of the board,
Messrs. Windham and Prickc,returned
homo. The Turner society has agreed
to furnish an instructor and pay half
of his salary about $350 providing
the board will pay the othor half.
Septemlwir 17 was decided upon as
the date tor opening tho next term of
school. Adjournment was taken for
one week.
Bryan Passes Through the City.
W. J. Bryan and party passed
through Piattsmouth on Burlington
passenger train No. 12 last evening,
enroute from Lincoln to Indianapolis.
News of his coming reached this city
early in the day, and consequently
when the train arrived there were
quite a number of his friends at the
depot to greet him. However, the
train did not stOD at this place long
enough for Billy to favor them with a
speech. The party was composed of
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and son, William,
Colonel Martin of St. Louis, Governor
and Mrs. Thomas of Colorado, the
nominee's private secretary and two
newspaper men.
riueel III aud Costs,
Charles Antone was fined $1 and
costs this morning by Judge Archer
for disturbing the peace, it appears
that Antone went into Sehiappacasre's
place of business about 10 o'clock last
night, and after getting on the outside
of two big dishes of ice cream and a
glass of lemonade, proceeded to leave
without paying for them. The propri
etor did not see fit to do business in
this way, and immediately called an
officer and had the young fellow
lo'.-ked up.
Autone's tine amounted to $ TO, and
he has arranged to work out this
amount on the streets. In the ei d he
will undoubtedly realize that his ice
cream aud lemonade were expensive
It en I KritMte Trtiiixrt-rK.
A deed was filed with Itecorder Hay
yesterday, wheroby Thomas V. Davi
and wife of Murray sell a quarter sec
lion of land, located three and one-
half miles northeast of Murray, to
Henry Spnnjrler. Tho eonnMerrtion
was $S,00U, or $r0 per acre.
Anselmo B. Smith has sold to Lud
wig G. Schliska lot 4 of Wisi' sub-di
vision of lot 14 in Porter Place. Con
sideration, $1j0.
J. II. Thrasher yesterday 6old lot 11,
on Wintorsteen hill, to Ilonry Lahoda
The consideration was $00.
Will Not lie a t'audldatr.
Richard Wilkinson of Eagle was in
tho city a short time today. He stated
that he had bought out bis partner in
the lumber business at Eagle, A. L
Munger,which will make it impossible
for him to be a candidate for tho legis
lature this fall. Mr. Wilkinson ha
been looked upon as the logical candi
date from the west end, consequently
the politicians will have to make dif
ferent calculations.
This will bo a sad disappointment to
his many friends in the county.
Will Ho to Alv...
The county commissioners convened
in regular aession this morning. For
several" years tho commissioners and
inhabitants of Alvo and vicinity have
been trying to get the Hock Island
railway to put in an overhead crossing
near that place,and the county oflitvals
have arranged to go to Alvo Friday to
meet a representative of the road. It
is probable that a satisfactory agree
ment will be reached in this matter.
Will Filed For Probate.
The will of tho late W. W. Hull was
filed for probate in the county judge's
office yesterday. The document was
written in 1S9S, and names It. B.
Windham and J. W. Johri-on as execu
tors. The property of the deceased is
left to his wife and Mrs. Winona
Lowery of Lee, Colfax county.
Contributors to Library Fund.
Tom Parmele All uecessary brick
Mrs C II Parniele. The lot
Usher & Laurie. Omaha.. Plans ao J specilictions
James Robertson The sand
A W At wood The paint
F G Fricke &. Co The glass
S H At wood Sl Co The crushed rock
H C McMaken &. Son $10 worth of grading
S E Hall & Son J. worth ol tin woik
B & M K K K Material shipped
E K Hilton Stakes out lot and building
Furmer donatious $l.luS 50
Standard Oil company 25 (H
(jroneweg& Schoeutgen, Council Blutts. 10 00
Bennett & Tutt 10 00
Kev. Father Carney U)
Samuel Waugh 5 00
J W Sage 5WI
FESchlater & 00
W D Jones -. 5 00
Thomas Walling h W
Jesse McVey 5 Oil
J W Johnson 5 00
Special Train Special Kates.
The local committee of the Modern ,
Woodmen of America lodge has ar
ranged with the officials of the B. &
M. and Missouri Pacific railroads to
run special trains foe the log rolling in
this city August IS. The special on
either road will start from Lincoln.
Enquire of your local agent as to the
time the train will pass through the
various towns.
. According to the Lincoln weather
bureau man, the indications are favor
able for showers and cooler weather
tomorrow. The hot winds for the past
several days have been very disagree
able, and a good soaking shower would
not be objectionable.
The governor of Ontario, Canada,
has issued a card of instructions to
campers, telling how and where to
build fires and where to extinguish
them. The main points urged are care
in the selection of a place to build a
fire, taking note of the risks of com
munication by leaves, grass or brush,
and a warning to campers not to leave
camp even for a day without putting
out the fire. The crown lands depart
ment of Ontario most jealously guards
the vast areas of forest lands in the
northern part of the province, where
fires in past years annually did many
thousands of dollars' damage.
A story is told of a certain Chinese
mandarin who once learned that Mr.
Congor, the Americau minister to Pe
kin, was not to bo balked or bluffed. A
missionary of the American Bible so
ciety, duly provided with passports and
credentials, was stopped by the officials
and held in the military quarters on
some paltry trumped up charge. The
missionary sent word to Minister Con
ger, and tho minister went in person
to see about it. When he learned the
trivial nature of the trouble he de
manded the release of the missionary,
saying he was nn American citizen and
as such his rights must bo respected.
"But my orders are to hold him here,"
said the oflicer. "And my orders from
the United States are to demand his
release." "He must stay here until it
suits his majesty "to rolease him."
"The United States of America de
mands his i .n mediate release," quietly
ivj iued Minister Conger, "and we're
ued to getting what we want." The
missionary was freed at once.
Lieutenant J. P. V. Gridley, eon of
the commander of Dewey's flagship
the Oly mpi , at Manila, and the youug
est officer in the Ueited States marine
corps, will not be able to go to China
as he tried very hard to do, because he
is ill at the Marine hospital, Boston
suffering from severe internal injuries
received while bravely fighling the re
cent fire at the Boston navy yard.
On the .vay from her home in Aus
tralia to Europe to complete her mu-i
cal education is a young woman who
claims to have a voice of higher range
than that of Mis-i Kllen Beaoh Yaw
and consequently to be able t sing a
higher note than anybody in the
worltl She is a Miss IWlha Bird of
Melbourne. She sings several note
beyond P a!tissiina and ranges nil five
The supreme court of Massachusetts
has decided that a bicycle is "more
properly a machine th m a carriage.
ami therefore it has -evorred the ver
diet of a jury in a lower court award
ing $Sf0 damages to a woman who had
wrecked her whcol and injured her
self in ridingr over a depression in i
Dan vers highway. The supreme cour
holds that a bicvele "is of but little
use in wet weather or on frozen
ground. Its value consists in the
pneumatic tire; but this is easily punc
tured, and no one who uses a wheel
thinks of taking a ride of any distance
without having his kit of toots with
him. A hard rut, a sharp stone, a bit
of eoal or triads or a tack in the road
way may causo the tire to be punctured
and this may cause the the rider to fall
and sustain an injury. I would impose
an intolerable burden upon towns to
hold them bound to keep their roads
in such a state of repair and smooth
ness that a bicycle could go over them
with assure ! safety.
Y irtl master Johuson and Switchman
Jake Dciison took a special train from
Pacific J unction to Lincoln this morn
Ed Guthnrtn was a passenger th
afturnoou for Havelock, where he has
secured employ ment at the Burlington
George Sherwood, who has been
visiting his parents in this city for ten
days past, returned to North Platte
this morning. George lias a good p
.lition in the Uuion Pacific shops at
that place.
Weckbach & Co's. west side display
window has hii excellent assortment of
queesware. It is neatly arrangea ana
the display work wasdoue 'by Johnny
Likewise, whJ is getting quite a repu
tation as an artist in this line.
Will lloltl Auolher I'loulo,
The Piattsmouth Turnverein is malt
ing arrangements to hold another pic
nic out at Nick Halmes' grove on Aug
ust 12. The best of music will he fur
nished for those who wish to dance. A
geueral good time is assured.
Cheap Kates to Chicago.
The Burlington has offered one fare
for the round trip (tl.T1)) fiora Piatts
mouth to Chicago, August 24 to 27 in
clusive on account of the annual en
campment of the Grand Army of the
The return limit on these tickets is
September 1, subject to extension to
September tit).
The nearest agent of the Burlington
route will be pleased to give you addi
tional information about rates, dates.
baggage and train serviee.
Herbino is well adapted to the cure
of fevers of all kinds, because it thor
oughly cleanses . the stomach and
bowels of all bilious humors, and ex
pels all impure secretions of the body.
Pricj 50 cts. F. G. Pricke & Cc.
31 array -Jones Controversy lias
an Airing at tileiiwood.
Aulmal Was Turned Over to a Mills
County Farmer Named Keed, and the
Court Decides Against the Latter'
Right of Possession An Interesting
The trouble existing between L. C.
W. Murray and Eli Jones over an old
gray mare, assumed a now phase over
at Glen wood, Ia., Saturday, where At
torney Sullivan had commenced re
plevin proceedings for his client to
take back the animal from Jack Reed,
a Mills county farmer, who held the
mare under a chattel mortgage. The
trial was before a justice of the peace
and disclosed the fact that Jones, to
protect bis possession and also to pro
tect Reed, had sent the mare over the
river to avoid replevin litigation on
this side. The evidence disclosed the
further fact that Jones had cleaned
several acres of timber and brush land
for Murray under a oontract for a team
of horses the old mare being one of
them. He received the animal while
at work and stopped before the job
was completed. Jones claims Murray
ordered him to stop. This, however,
Murray denies, but the fact remains
that he kept the mare for nearly three
years, mortgaging her first to Ambrose
Neligh, the blacksmith, and next to
In May, last, Murrav demanded the
mare, and Jones shipped it accross the
river to Reed. All parties, admitted
at the trial that Jones' had never been
paid for his work. The Iowa justice
decided against Reed's right to hold
the horse in dispute, and Saturday
evening she was turned over to Mur
ray and at once attached by Joaes for
the amouct due him.
This leaves the old mare in Iowa,
and, it is said, Rjed has appealed his
replevin case to the circuit court of
Mills county, while the attachment
suit by Jones has also been carried to
a higher court of Iowa, and, from pres
ent indications the litigation has only
begun. The animal is said to be
worth about $30, and the question is,
where are any of the interested parties
to gain anything by this litigation.
Lew T. Genung of Glen wood repre
sents Jack Reed, Judge Chapman ap
peared for Jones and Judge Sullivan
is looking after the interests of Mur
The funeral of the Duke of Saze
Coburg took place Saturday. Emperor
William attended.
The president arrived safely at Can
ton. O., from Washington Saturday
Evangelists preaching the Koresban
doctrine were egged at Chicago bj
American "Boxers.
Mrs. Dory Freeman died from blood
poisoning at Chicago because a needle
which entered her thumb two years
ago was never extracted.
The date of King Humbert's funeral
has been definitely fixed for Thursday
next, Aug. 9.
Thousands of Jews are leaving
lioumania on their way to Canada.
The Brlghtton cup at Brighton Beach
was won easily Saturday by lUhelbert
by one length; Imp second; Sidney
Lucas third; time, 3:49 1-5; distance
2V4 miles.
Fire Saturday destroyed one of the
mills of the Cuyahoga Lumber com
pany at Cleveland. Loss, X 100,000.
John Zahm, an employe, was fatally
Despite stringent sanitary precau
tions at Havana yellow fever is now
on the increase, forty-eight cases hav
ing been reported.
At West Liberty, O., Delbert Grimes
and Alvln Spellman were Instantly
killed bv an embankment caving in
udod them.
President Flags; la Better.
Foxboro, Mass., Aug. 7. President
Rufus C. Flagg of Rlpon college
showed steady improvement yesterday.
Though not as yet out of danger, his
condition Is so as to warrant the belief
that he will recover, unless he should
suffer a relapse through heart weak
Pullman Seek Army Life.
Xew York, Aug. 7. George M. Pull
man is said to have made application
through two senators for a position
In the transportation department of
the quartermaster general's office, ap
pending to his note a request for as
signment to Cnlua or tne I'biuppines.
Pepper berg 'a
Buds 5-cent cigar.
That's all.
Probate Notice.
In Countv Court. Cass County. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate oi William Wallace
Hull, deceased.
To Maria Hull and Winona Lowery. and ail
other oersuns interested in said matter: You are
hire tiv notmej tnai on rne om aav oi aukusi. a.
IJ. im u inoni Lower y niea pcimuu iu smu
court, alleging among other things that William
Wallace Hull died on the 3rd dav of Aueust. ltM.
leavinir a last will and testament and possessed
of real and personal estate in said county: that
the above named constitute all the persons in
terested in the estate of said deceased: and pray
ing for the probate of said will, and for adminis
tration ol said estate thereunder to josepn
nder to Joseph W. I
lohnson and K. B. Windham
notified that if VOU fall to
M.rl ,.n ih. !lat AlXV fkf AllCTllS
',o...-L. a m n fvm.4it the orobate of said will
the couit'may allow and probate the same and is
sue letters testamentary to 'oseph W. Johnson
and K. B. W indham or some other suitable per
...n nt nnxMj to a settlement thereof.
whereof. I have hereunto set my
hand and the seal ol said court at f lattsmouth
Nebraska, this, the bin day ot August, A. U
Itmu. J. t.. Uouglass,
Ceal) Uounty judge.
First publication Aug.?. 3
(Special notices under this head will be charged
or at the rate of one-half (Vi) cent per word
for each insertion. No notice accepted lor less
han ten cents.)
UK SALE Twenty acres ol land four miles!
east of Murray. A bargain, tuiiuirc oi I. n.
Ihrasher. PJattsmoutb, Neb.
COR SALE A hoe single driver.
See A- H.
CUK SALE A new surrey and a good sewing
niacnioe. inquire oi w . i.. street.
WANTED Competent girl for geueral house!
work, to go to Lincoln. Family of three No
washing. Apply at once at residence of William
OST Pair of sold eve glasses between B. & M.
Lt shops and Mrs. Kessler's residence, on loe
street, render will please leave same at this ot-
nce or return tnem to Miss Antonia Kessler.
ifHJil '. f it &
1 iSKB
- sw m r -r a. -&T
w r w w
is very enCiitiraatLT to u. for it
shows you appreciate a good thiny. Wc have jut itwivetl
another consignment of them, cmhraciny all sizes. The jack
ets are made with the new Raglan Shopldkk : aKo .kt u h
able buttons throughout. "Get iti line.'
The High Price of Sugar
and Glass Fruit Jars
1'ievenled many H'Oilo from piiUiiu' ii Uii u-u il -iiuimnt ..f
fruit. We want no Jars in -tv k aft r tin- t iiimin -.-!. n i- . r.
Until all sold, genuine Manon Jure, I'oM i ltiu lim l ri.-. m t-,.-t
Two Qjuarl Jars, ior dozen 7 ;
O e Quart Jars, per doz"n .ik-
Pint Jars, itr iIomh IV
1'orcelaine-lined Cap.-, per duien ' ..
Ruhlers, per di Zru .'.
0 0 I niin I Formerly F. T. Da It Co ,
L.UINU111 ) By MelhoJUl Churwh
Telephone Niraka. 4 (
) t'lalltmiMit ti, u IHt )
here is a
For anyone wishing to huy good
city property.
G. C. Covalt, who owns a fine piece of
residence property two blocks south of
the Burlington shops, wishes to re
move from the city. He desires to 1 im
pose of his property as soon as possible
and, in order to do ho, will soil the
place cheap. There is
A Fine
Four-Room House
on the place in good repair also a
summer kitchen witti a cool cellar.
brick bottom and cemented ceiling;
two quarter-acre lots, containing tte
Fifty pear trees,
Six cherry trees.
Twelve apple trees.
Twelve plum trees,
Two apricot trees,
Hundred and forty grap? vine.
Sixty gooseberry bushes,
Thirty currant hushes,
(Nearly all bearing fruit)
Plenty of raspberries; Ug crop of po
tatoes, sweet corn, peas, beans, cucum
bers, etc.
Crop is worth fully 2tK. This i- a
bargain, and no mistake.
For terms and further information.
call on G. C. COVALT, or at Nkws
-siafffc arm
( $i.og.;.
The Jeweler.
ars fl
Bookmeyer s Cigars
To Look Around
Before you make purchased.
After you have looked elsewhere,
come to ua and we uarauttie you
will be pleased. Our new Summer
a tuck had arrived, including Dry
Gouda, Staple and Fancy Grit
ceriea. Crockery, Glassware, Flour
and Feed. A square deal to all.
Main Street. Plattamouth
AtmdJo Baaaty Tablets and Pllla. A per
fectly aafa and o-uaranted treatment for all skin
disorders. Restore the bloeai of youth to faded lace.
10 day treatment 60c; SO days' $1.01), by mail.
Bend for circular. AddreM,
HEftVITA MEtMUi. CO tUataa ft JacktM SU., C4kra
Sold by P. G. Fricke & Co.
Lord Roberts'
Weekly Report
of casual tics in Snii
not ttu'oiii ajjfiii! to
li Aliua i.
J.!im Hull.
n rt ot the i.ju!.irit v of
Blue Stripe
Carhartt Oversuits
.. OF
Robert B. Windham
F.fabllhed ts7t.
Commercial, Probate ami Real
Instate Iaw, SjKcialt'u
Titles Kxriiriini'tl. Corrnli'il anl Ab
stracts l'inil.ihf-i I arm Hful ( it
Property lUm'hl. .S.M ami K
I'bangeil If yu inl to sill.
are a few of the harj'-ilD
wo are ;Ti-rnf':
Oue 4 roiiii Cottage. tj l.M
One T room C'ottkge, one lot
Ouc .r. loom L'otte, one lot .
Oue room Hi I. k Cottage, one !
Two :i room Cottage, tlnre lot. .
t ue ft room Cottage. I ' i lot. .
One M-rooin Cottage, two lot . . . .
Oue 4 r.jom Cottage, two l..ti
. : 1
- H
. Till
1 -
Uatres, improve J. clo-e 10
HI ai res, improve I, cloe in
... . l.'-xi
i lose in.
I .- in.
" r-o
"!t acres, imiuoveJ, at r a re
44 acres. iinpiovel, at I7T. j,r a. te -
hh. '4 Sec. H. towu li. raue I I
1 '4 acres, with Cottage ainl It u its. . . .
ft aties, $; 4 aires
Also other Casscouuty Uni
l'Vl ai re. Improve.!, in i lai nu fount y ... I.tiou
Mi) actes, improved, in Loggia i .uiitt. .)ci In
cash .
acres, improved, in W'rr c .nr. I y. cheap
for cash .
SWaies of Tennessee lands i r. hacige f r
city or town property.
We c:in nht.w jou mtnv othor oppor
tunities for in vi'slrnof) t.
Soring and Summer
Suits '
If you have not
Vf t
jiurchasC'tl your Sjrin
r r.r
Summer Suit, call and
five n a chaiiv tr to show
you our fine line of samples
and quote you price.
Clarnients made in our
shop are alway in the
latest style and
We (iuaranlee a
.(rood Fit F.very Time.
HiKleGGk & MGElroy
Kockwood lilock.
Plattsnioutli Coal Yard
Hay, Corn, OaU and all Kind of Fo i
Constantly on FWml.