Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, June 26, 1900, Image 2

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    The Semi-Weekly News-Herald
6EOQOE L. FARLEY, Proprietor.
One Year, Id advance 15 00
Sir Mo&tha, ......... 260
Oa Wek, . ' . . . . 10
SlngU Copies, 6
One Year, in advance, . . . . 1100
Six Month 50
Of aay Cass County Pspsr.
FRIDAY, JUNK 22, 1900.
Wk'kk all for "Billy" and "Teddy."
THE whole country reeruB elated over
the republican national ticket.
John A. (jUTMCUK ia being men
tioned by the democrats for atate sen
ator. Mark HiNNA is to be chairman for
another four years. lie is juat the
man for the place.
The Bee says that the republican is
yet to be found who objects to the
presidential ticket.
Assist in organizing a McKinley and
Roosevelt club at Judge Archer's of
fice this evening at 8 o'clock.
ANY young man can take pride in
casting his first vote for William Mc
Kinley and Teddy" Roosevelt.
Edward Rosewatkr and R. 13.
Schneider have gone to New York for
a few days before returning to Ne
braska. Colonel Roosevelt will servo out
hi term as governor of New York,
which is just what the people want
him to do.
The ladies' edition of the Union Led
ger is bright, newsy and well edited,
and, indeed, a credit to those who bad
the work in charge.
No ONE can say that President Mc
Kinley tried to dictate the nomination
for vice president. lie trusts the rank
and file of the party.
To Tammany the unpardonable sin
on the part of its members is to "get
caught." VanWyck, Carroll et al seem
to be guilty of the great crime.
SOME of the republican leaders in
New York say Odell will be nominated
to succeed Roosevelt, and predict that
be will carry the state by 95,000.
David B. Hill of New YorK is be
ing prominently mentioned in counec
tion with the nomination for vice
president on the democratic ticket.
McKinley and Roosevelt is a com
bination that meets the hearty ap
proval and inspire the highest confi
dence and respect of a great people.
McKinley, Rossevelt, Dietrich and
Burkett are a quart of winners. Cass
county republicans are enthusiastic
for every one of them and they will all
get support from the fusionista.
'Teddy" doesn't do a great deal of
talking, but he acts with undaunted
courage and vigor. He challenges
the love and admiration of a great
American people.
The democrats are not quite sure
whether the republicans were wise in
placing "Teddy" on the national
ticket. But the dispatches indicate
that republicans in every, state and
territory are jubilant.
For the benefit of those who have
been wondering who the one delegate
was that did not vote for Theodore
Roosevelt in the Rational convention,
The News will state that it was the
rough rider himself. He was a dele-gate-at-large
from his state.
: Theodore Roosevelt asks: "Is
America a weakling that she should
shrink from the work of a great world
power? The giant of the west, like the
gladiator of old, looks into the future
with hope, with expectancy, which the
love of all institutions have made dear
to us."
When Senator Quay withdrew the
amendment proposing a change in
rules one and 12, referring to the rep
resentation in national conventions,
the southern delegates arose enmasse
and cheered wildly. Its adoption
would have greatly reduced their rep
resentation. . Texas democrats are divided on the
question of expansion. One hundred
and six delegates in their state conven
tion voted for the minority report of
the committee on resolutions favoring
expansion. Inasmuch as that is to be
the leading issue of the national cam
paign it is significant that the follow
ers of Mr. Bryan are so hopelessly di
vided on that question. They are with
their leader, however, when it comes
to the question of adopting the Chi
cago platform.
The opening words of Governor
Roosevelt speak volumes for President
McKinley and his administration and
are worth repeating: "Mr. Chairman,
I rise to second the nomination of
. - William McKinley, the president who
baa bad to meet and solve problems
more numerous and more important
than any other - president since the
days of the mighty Abraham Lincoln;
- the president under whose ad minis tra-
. tion this country aaa attained a higher
degree of -prosperity at home and
' bonor abroad than ever before In its
bistory." ..
Dr. Harper's comment on bis two
evenings with Tolstoi may puzzle peo
plo who have been prejudiced agalns
the Rusrtlan nuthor by his eccentricl
ties, Bayn the Chicago Times-Herald
It will seem strange to them that a
man who is certainly a religious crank
if there ever whs one should be called
"broad-minded," that wltb all his ap
palling intensity be should yet be mar
velously alert to everything that is go
ing on in the world and in the world'
But it was really -ht racterictic tha
the famous writer should have turned
interviewer and overwhelmed his vis
itor with hi inquiries about and ilia
quisitions on America. Not only has
he the gift of louguen in mii oxtraordi
nary dt-gree, but his range of rending
in foreign languagOH Boemn almost in
credible. We have referred in thc-he
columns to bis discovery that (iiirrison
was a pioneer in the preachment of
nonresistanc-o by force, but although
the fact is not commonly fumiliar to
Americans, who know Garrison only as
auli-ulavery louder, it might bo learned
in a study of American history. I
was simply a good illustration of the
Industry with which Tolstoi seeks sup
port for his doctrines.
. We can give another illustration
however, to show that he finds time
for anything and everything. Some
years ago n slabbing Hurt of book wus
published in this city to prove that
might was right. It camo under a
name that was too obviously assumed
and being of cheap appearance and
doubtful parentage it was ignored by
the critics. Itut Tolstoi gives a shari
review of it in his "What i9 Art?'
along with his epitomes of countless
other authors. So he makes excur
sions into all literatures, reading, one
would say, with such a fierce avidity
such a mastery of the instruments of
speech, such a retentive memory as To
force his own readers into a state of
wonder and humiliation.
How can he get the time? is the firf
question that arises to one's lips, and
then one realizes that the most liberal
allowance of time would not explain
such acquisitions as his. However in
dustriously he may employ himself, ho
owes most of all to those original en
dowments of nature which conferred
upon him the exceptional mind. Many
another man might live four times
four score years withot treasuring uj
a tithe of the information which Tol
stoi has at his tongue's end.
In his speech at Hornellsville, N. Y
August 25, 18DG, Mr. Bryan thus de
claimed against the gold standard:
"They know the gold standard en
courages the hoarding of money, in
stead of expending it in the develop
ment of the resources of the country
And now this policy of hoarding is
driving thousands and lens of thous
ands, and hundreds of thousands of
workingmen out in the streets, wnere
they beg for the privilege of working
for their daily bread.
It was not the gold standard tha
created the conditions to which he re
ferred, but the fear of repudiation and
depreciation drove capital from the
usual channels of investment. If there
was any doubt about this at the time it
has been removed by later events. The
defeat of Mr. Bryan, the consequen
restoration of public confidence in our
financial integrity brought the gold
from biding and employed it "in de
veloping the resources of the country
and thus gave employment to labor.
The democrats and populists of
Gage county held their conventions in
Beatrice yesterday and the populist
had every thing their own way. They
insisted on dictating to their co-work
ers to such an extent that Chairman
G. P. Marvin of the democratic con
vention moved that a vote of thanks be
tendered the populists for allowing
them to hold their convention in the
same hall.
Friday's Chicago Times-Herald
contaiued interviews with republican
leaders from every state and territory
in the union, and every person inter
viewed is enthusiastic over tho na
tional ticket ani sanguine that Me
Kinley and Roosevelt will receive a
larger vote than did McKinley and
Hobart in 1896.
A PROMINENT Filipino of the island
of Cebu says: "The island of Cobu
can yield greatly more than it has
The people are disturbed by what
they have been through and what they
fear. Very few are capable of self
government now." Are the Filipinos
capable of self-government?
Governor Roosevelt's message to
New York, June 21. Hon William
McKinley, Washington, D. C. : "I ap
preciate deeply your congratulation?,
and am proud to be associated with you
on the ticket."
Theodore Roosevelt.
"Boss" Croker has returned from
Europe and says he's going to "look
into that ice business." Being a stock
holder, be ought to have little difficulty
in getting at the facts in the case.
When you have a minute to spare
sit down and compare the war record
of the derm cratic leader to that of
William McKinley or Theodore Roose
The rough riders will have a great
time at their reunion in Oklahoma
July 3 and 4. "Teddy" will be in
Mark H ANNA is claiming Kentucky,
and says: "We will try hard to keep
Bryan's state in the right column, too.'
We hear the name of Matthew
Gering mentioned in connection with
nomination for float representative.
That prosperity has struck Mr.
Bryan is evident from the assessment
returns ns given in Sunday's State
Journal. It will bo obnorved that the
past four years have been very pros
perous ones the past j-ear the most of
all. His personal property for the
past eight years is listed as follows:
Year. Value. Year. Value.
I'VS 12X0 IW $M
ui4 2'jo iw -.y-o
iwr mo iw 2. un)
lxytf L'TO JWJO 4.f-'0
The four years of democratic adminis
tration do not compare vor3 favorably
with that of William Kinley's.
Hinck the nomination of McKinley
and Roosevelt the leading popoerats in
the state house have admitted their
disappointment. They honestly be
lieve that fusion in Nebraska is likely
to bo defeated this fall, and they ac
knowledge that a defeat means perma
nent disruption of fusion and the con
&ef?ient triumph of tho republican
party. Oneo defeated fusion is certain
to fall to piocep. At no time has there
neon any real friendly feeling between
the populists and democrats of the
state. Thej- simply recognized tho ab
solute necessity of working in unit)' to
secure the least t-how of victory. Dis
organization has already sot in, nnd
tho leaders look with gloom upon the
coming election with McKinley nnd
Roosevelt at tho bond of tho national
ticket, and Mr. Dietrich leading tho
state ticket. S'ato Journal.
JnxiK William K. Townsknd of
tho United States district court has
given an opinion in which ho declares
the Porto Rican tarilT to ho valid. lie
holds that "boundaries of tho country
cannot bo enlarged or diminished hy
tho varying incidents of war." Judge
Townsend, in thi9 decision, simply af
firms previous decisions handed down
by United States courts relative to the
government of now territory acquired
by this country from tho acquisition of
tho Louisiana territory down to tho
present time.
It HAS been suggested that sympathy
is democracy's long suit. Tho people
are beginning to wonder what Mr.
Bryan is going to be able to do for
China. Tie will doubtless wait until
tho present administration states its
position then he can simply make uso
of tho prefix "anti."
Stfi'S are being taken to organize a
rough riilor flambo club. Two or
three hundred mon in rough rider uni
forms would bo an inspiration and
in like people want to get in lin for
.fudge Sullivan of Plattsmouth wa
in the city today between trains. The
judge has some queer notions about
politics and his friends fear that he ha
heen leaning: toward populism too
much since he has been visiting thi
city so regularly and they have been
takinphim to task about tho matter
If the judge is only allowed to havo
his own way it would not bo long bo
fore ho would bo one of the long whisk
ered brigade and shouting louder than
anyone for the needed reforms in our
government that the republicans have
not and will not givo us for fear i
would injure tho trusts in some way.
Nebraska City News.
Kxperiments have for some time
been made in England with smokeless
coal. This peculiar fuel may be burned
either in an ndinary grate or in the
middle of the room without devjloping
any perceptible odor or smoke at any
time. The lire looks like the finest
coal fire, and the tl.ime is white and
Robert Avery, of Wineted, Conn.,
who hdd his clothes stolen while in
bathing, wandered in the woods ad
jacent to the stream for two days and
nights. Ho was shot at and chasod bv
dogs as a "wild man" whenever he ap
peared. until finally one courageous
man got close enough to hear his
story and bring him clothing.
There are 100 German commerical
houses, largo'and small, in Guatemala,
josia liica nnu Nicaragua, tne com
bined capital of which amounts to $S,
333,000. These hotires conduct all of
the German and also a large part of
the English, and Californian trade
with Central America. The further
sum of 81G,000,000 is invested in Ger
man industrial and agricultural enter
prises in tho countries named. There
are two railroads, for the most part in
German hands, which have a working
capit il of $o9o,000 and a greater sum
is invested in a lighting plant. The
value of Central American real estate
owned by Germans is estimated at
$18,0SS,000, while the Central Ameri
can bonds, bank shares, mortgages.
etc., held by German individuals and
corporations represent a total capital
ot more man $n,oou,uo(). it tnere is
anything of value in Central America
wtiich is not owned and controlled by
Germans, it would take a microscopic
investigation to discover tho same.
The following prescription may be of
value to some of our readers: "The
laying on of hands is a sure cure for
the cigarette habit if attended to at
the proper time. The left hand
should bo placed upon the neck of the
youngster, with a gentle though firm
pressure forward and down ward, bring
ing the urchin into a proper attitude
over the maternal knee; then apply
the right hand where it will do the
most good. Two or three treatments
will effect a cure. Ladies' Edition of
Union Ledger.
Ex-Governor George
W. Peok of
"Peck's Bad
little country
Wisconsin, author of
Boy," was running a
weekly in tho pineries in tho early fix
ties. It was an unimportant sheet
eavo for ono column of joKcs which
Peck wrote- each week. This depart
ment caught the eye of "Brick" Pom
eroy, who was then printing his Dem
ocrat in La crosse, Wis., and ono day
he wrote to Peck, asking him whether
he would bo willing to yo down to La
Crosse and work for tho Domccrat ut
tweuty-flvo dollars a week. Three
days later Mr. Pomoroy got this tele
gram: "I accept your olTer quicker
than instantly. For heaven's sake
don't withdraw it!'
"Hike,''' the term used by soldiers
to describe their runs after tho in
surgents in Luzon, is the Kansas
equivalent for "hustle." It was orig
inally invented by the Kansas farmers
when they desired to instr uct their
employes by giving the command,
"hike yonrbelf," with the intention of
saying "get a gait on." Funston
brought it to Manila and it became so
popular in tho army that instead of
saying "double time" or "hurry up,"
ornnything else of that character,
when an extra effort is asked of tho
men, tley nro simply told to "hike,"
and tho cry, "hike! hike" is as com
mon in tho Philippines now as "for
ward" is in the drill books.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion ot the ear. Theie is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is bv constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed
condition of the mucous lining of the Kustat hian
Tube. When thistube nets inllamed you have a
rumbling sound or impel lect hearing, and when
it is entirely closed deafness is the result, and
unless the inMamation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever: nine cases out of ten
are caused bv catarrh, which is nothing but an
intlamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We u ill give one huudicd dol iars lor an v case
of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh (hue. Send for circulars,
free. J. Ciienky iV C., Toledo, ().
Sold by druggists, 7.ric.
Hall's Family I'ills are the best.
KniitTiil Monopoly.
All the funerals in Paris are con
iliiftpil bv a single syndicate, which
has a licensed monopoly of the busi
ness. There is a regular traffic o
rates, a first-class funeral costing
$2,000, and a cheap or ninth-class $3,
Soiim Fat Steers .
A. f. Wills, the iMght Milt! urovo
stock feccier, shipped liil head of steer
to Chicago over tho Burlington today
These animals averaged loOO pound
each, and were undoubtedly the finest
lot of steers which have ever been
shipped from Cass count). They occu
pied six cars. Mr. Wills expects to
make another large shipment loinor
liaising tho Hat an Ancient Salutation
When a knight of old entered
comnanv of ladies he removed his
helmet to indicate that he considered
himself among friends, and that there
v:is no need to protect himself. This
practice has survived in the custom o
raisins the hat when saluting a lady
June Ladies' Home Journal.
Ladles Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allen'
FootjEase, a powder to be shaken intr
tne shoos. it nviKes tight or new
shoes feel easy; gives instant relief to
corns and bunions. It's tho greates
comfort discovery of the tige. Cure
swollen feet, busters and callous spots
Allen's Foot-Lase is a coi tain euro fo
ingrowing nails, sweating, hot, aching
feet. At all druggists and shoo stores,
'2oc. Trial package free by mail. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmstead, LeTioy,N.Y
Natural Kock Carvlne".
One of the most beautiful natural
rock carvinss in the world is the
southern cross on the island of Grand
Manan. in the Bay of Fundy. It
stands at the head of a ledge of rocks
jutting into the bay at tho southern
end of the Grand Manan. Its shape
is that of an almost perfect cross.
Charles II. Marks, while noting in
the capacity of nurse at the Second di
vision hospital of the Fifth, army corps
at Santiago de Cubas, used a few bot
ties of Chamberlain's colic, cholera
and diarrhoea remedy for diarrhoea
and found it to work liko a charm. For
sale by all druggists
When Tint a Have IMsiijiip.
When rats have the plague they look
ill and are in a dazed condition, their
eyes are watery and bleary, their coats
are partly deprived of hair, and they
hobble about with difficulty and stag
ger and fall.
Unless food is digrsted quickly it
will ferment and irrit tto the stomach.
After each meal tako a teaspoonful of
Kodol Dyspepsia cure. It digests what
you eat and will allow you to eat all
you need of what you like. It never
fails to cure tho worst cases of dyspep
It is pleasant to take." F. G. Fricke &
The Champion Fat liahy.
Clifford Kami is the name of ;
champion fat baby, and who reside
with his parents at 1231 South Forty-
ninth street, Philadelphia. lie Is nov.
3 years old. and weighs 131 pounds
At the age of 1 year he weighed K.
pounds. He is in excellent health an
getting fatter.
A Wealth of ISeauty
Is often hidden by unsightly pimples,
eczema, tetter, Erysipelas, salt rheum,
etc. Bucklyn's Arnica salve will glor
ify the face by curing all- skin erup
tions, also cuts, bruises, burns, boils.
ulcers, and worst forms of piles. Only
25c a box. Cure guaranteed. SoM bv
F. G. Fricko & Co., druggists.
Merely Reminiscent.
"Mr. Bash, how long have you been
coming to see me? About six
years. Miss Julie. Why?" "Xothing.
only I had a little argument with
mamma about it this morning. She
thought It was seven or eight. Isn't
It a beautiful evening?" Chicago
A Mounter Devil Klh
Destroying its victim, is a typo of
constipation. The power of this mal
ady is felt on organs, nerves, muscles
and brain. But Dr. King's New Life
pills are a safe and certain cure. Best
in the word for stomach, liver,kidneys
and bowels. Only 25c at Fricke &. Co's
drug store.
FIRE LOSS OF $280,000.
IIotlMnze at rittsbtirff and a Ran for fifty
-'-'I I.ivea.
rm.-biirjj, June 1!3. Fire hi one of
the principal down-town busines
'blocks yesterday caused a loss of !G0,-
00O, Involvlug eight buildings contain
ing many otlice tenuuts. The aggre
gate insurance will more than cover
this aniouut. The tire was first dlscov
ered lu the rear of the Elchbauui com
jtuny printing establishment, supposed
ly caused by spontaueoim combustion
In an Incredibly short time the entire
building was a mass of flames. The
greatest excltemejit prevailed in the
rooms of Duff's Business college, where
fifty or more students were at work
'I he extension of the names was so
rapUl that these people had to run for
their lives, not having time even to
gather their ln-lougs together. Heports
were rife that several students had ier-
lshed, but it Is known that all escaped
The principal losses are the Elch
bamn building. $7."i,M0; the Hussey
building, $::o,hm; Kurtz, Langbelu &
N wart z, artists' supply company, $S,
tx h Duff's college, $15,(NK; lMttsburg
Coal company. $7,.r00; Flatt's saloon,
$.",mh); Paulson Bros., hatters, ?."i,0M;
American Fx press company, $', R),
and Holmes' Klertrle company. $3,OUO.
The other losses are distributed among
the ofliie tenants, none of whom suf
fered to the extent of more than ?'J,
Hones to Catch O.OOO to 8.000 Boer
Therein Krugitr'r Sons Are I'eaoe.
London. June 11.1. General Steyn's
forces In tho'Orange river colony are
for the time drawing most of the at
tention of Lord Roberts, rather to the
nejrlee of Commandant General Louis
V.oih:i and President K nicer. The
severance between the Transvaal and
the Orange river colony was completed
vesterdav bv the arrival of General
Dundonald. at Slanderton. The wide
not around the C.OoO or S.000 men tin
dcr General Stevn will now contract
Adroit manoeuvring ami brisk fight
ing are likely to place, because
uatil all resistance south of the Vaal
is at an end the Rrltish line of com
munications will not be safe.
President Kruirer's sons, who sur
rendered to General Baden-Powell, are
back on I heir farms and working
peacefully. General Baden-Powell
rode with onlv 300 men from Mafek-
incr, and he made the last section of his
ride to Pretorfia with only thirty-five.
General De Wet's farm houses have
been burned by the British.
Louronzo Marques. June 22. Presi
dent Kruger's principal condition for
immediate peace is that he be allowed
to stay in the cotintr.
Uniformed Men and Hundreds of Chil
dren In th Procession.
West Superior, Wis., June 23. The
state encampment of the Grand Army
of the Republic closed with a grand
ball, just preceding which there was a
banquet and parade, the latter being
one of the most brilliant of its kind
the state Grand Army of the Repub
lie has ever had. Hundreds of uni
formed men and school children were
in line, besides many elaborate floats
D. G. James of Richland Center was
chosen commander and James II. Agen
of this city senior vice commander,
The woman's relief corps elected Mrs.
Myra Grinnell of Beloit its department
president. 1 he day was made a holl
day here nnd everybody in town
helped celebrate.
Music Teacher's Adjourn.
Des Moines, Iowa, June 23. The
Music Teachers' National association
convention closed yesterday afternoon
with a symphony concert by the Cin-
cinnattl orchestra and a piano recital
by Richard Burmelster of New York.
Richmond, Va., Is the only candidate
for next year's convention, but cannot
assure a guaranty, so the place is left
undecided. Among the omeers are
the following: President, A. L. Man
chester. Camden, N. J.; secretary,
Thomas A. Beckett, Philadelphia.
.Cable to Mackinac Island.
St. Ignace, Mich., June 23. A cable
was successfully laid between this
point and Mackinac island by the
Michigan Telephone company, and
speaking communication established
with the island for the first time. Va
rious cities east and west were spok
en with. Several of the company's
officials are here, and celebrated the
day's event with a dinner at the
Grand hotel.
World W. C. T. U.
Edinburgh, June 23. The World's
Woman's Christian Temperance union
opened its annual meeting here under
the presidency of Mrs. L. M. N. Stev
ens of Maine. Lady Henry Somerset
presided at the afternoon session.
Among the spectators were Mesdames
Bailey of Rhode Island and Stevenson
of Massachusetts and the Rev. C. M.
Sehldon of Topeka, Kan.
Progress of the Columbian Revolution.
Caracas. Venesuela, June 23. The
Colombian revolutionists have occu
pied BucnrnmauKa, on the Venezuelan
frontier. Cuouta. a town in the depart
ment of Santander, also on the Vene
zuelan frontier, continues In posses
sion of the revolutionists.
State Convention Deadlocked.
Jacksonville, Fla., June 23. The
state Democratic convention is prac
tically dead-locked on the nomination
for provernor. T"p to 0 p. m. yesterday
thirty-seven ballots had been taken
with no choice.
Printing Pressmen Adjourn.
Milwaukee, June 23. The Interna
tional Printing Pressmen and Assist
ants' union adjourned sine die yester
day after transacting a little routine
business of an unimportant character,
Secretary Gage Nearly Well.
Washington, June 23. Secretary
Gaee has nearly recovered from his re
cent indisposition, but he has decided
to go to Atlantic City for a few days
before returning to duty.
Noted Western Man Die.
Helena, Mont.. June 23. Daniel P.
McKillican. a mining man of note in
the west, died here, lie built the first
quartz m!ll near Helena, at Unlonvllle,
in the early sixties and put up a num
ber of quartz and other mills in dif
ferent parts of the state. He was a
pioneer of Colorado, having squatted
on property now the heart of Denver
in 1SS30.
Starvation never yet cured dyspep
sia, f ersons with indigestion are al
ready half starved. They need plenty
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A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, by Mail, 75 Cents; dottles, go Cents.
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Hancl-RIaclo Hnrnoss
Genuine Oak-Tanned Leather.
. . jsju gus rJT g; o i ii:k,.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Sherwiit - Williams
Covers Most, Looks Best, Wears Longest, Most
Kconomical, Full Measure.
For Bale In Plattsmoutn by
F. G. FRICKE & CO., Druggists.
For Thirty Davs
In order to advortisn my Finn I'boton duriiir tbn
dull soartoa I will make l'botorapbrt nt
d Greatly Reduced Prices
KKUIT.AU THICK K Kll ( .1 :i) TO
$3 00 Aristo Plntino M-intcllo Cabiiu-.t 1 -' '"
3 50 Aristo 1'lalino Olmon I'anel -"
2 50 Ariato 1'latino Cabinet 1 -'
1.75 Aristo Platino Half Cabinet !'r
1.50 Aristo 1'latino Card Oval W)
1.50 Aristo 1'latino Squaro o
2.00 Glof-s Finit-b Cabinet 1 ''
1.50 (Jloss Finisb Half Cabinot
1.25 (Jloss Finish Ciril Oval 0i
1.25 Gloss Finish Square ,ir'
NOW IS 1 HE TIME to have that picture
taken while you can take advantage of the re
duced rates. Remember the place
OTjSON. T3IioLoirivriIie
Corner Fifth
j; ?or20YeaiT Remedies. iW&7:Jtffli
. lAKflrQ v ra! 1 ARfl. St. Louis.
) r wBBv m ' - - f
K. II Pat too
V. I.. Hnlger
Painters and Paperbgcrs
We are NOT the Only
Painters on Earth
but we will give you prices that are all
right and work that is up-to-uate.
And Employ Competent Workmen,
Let us figure j
on your
Fainting. )
I'lMtts I'hone-
y Kes .... i
f Ship. .
Between Fourth and Filth.
R. Ph.. M. D. C,
Weeping Water, Neb.
To PATENT Good Ideas
may be secured by
our aid. Address,
Baltimore. Ud.
Subscripttoas to "" Patent Becord tl.uu per ananm.
Clsaam sad buuM tbs hafc
I'uiHiii s a IuuimdI growth.
Kern Falls to KetofJ Gray
Hur to its Youthful Color.
Cuttt ac&ip iMMri a bar U ltng.
Sue and SI aum pTMgjJ
sh 4 m . a a mm
in Vehicles..
i te-
June 25 to July 25:
and Main Streets.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor aad Manhood
Cure Impotency. Niglit Emiw ion, Loss of Mem
ory, all wasting diseases,
all ellecta of s;lf-aljus or
excels and indiscretion.
A nrve tonic md
'blood builder. Brings
tlio pink kIow to pale
cheeks and restores the
Vfire of youth. By mail
$2.50, with our bankable g-aurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our bankable Kuarantj bond.
N5UC per rx
6 boxes for
Nervita Tablets
(YELLOW LABEL) luimmaii. "vvo""a
Positively gnarantped enre for Lo3 of Power,
Varicocele. Undeveloped or Shrunken Ornn.s,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Pn-tra-tion.
Hysteria. Fit, Insanity. Paralyii-" and the
Kesultg of Kxcesaivo Cse of Tobacco. Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package. $1.00 a
box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable Koiar
an tee bond to cure In 30 days or refund
money paid. Addre9
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
Sold bv F. G. Fricke & Co.
n n
Digests what you eat.
It artificially dizests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
triiet.iner the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest-
ant ana tonic. ISO otner prepara.tiju
can approach It In efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
l.'fntiilencfl. Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Ileadache.Gastralgia.Cramps and
all other results of imperfectdigestlon.
pi.-o w nnd ti. Iirze size contains 2M times
small size. Book all aboutdyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO., Chicago
n n
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