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II in 3Ien Drive the l.ocrs From
Strong Positions.
Which He Believes He Has Made Un
ter.ab - L'ttle from Roberts.
Iiotlia Swears ti Take tothoMoun
lain The Far 1 lantern Difficulty
o Change Apparent iu
the .Situation.
Ix)nlon, June !. The war office
has received the following dispatch
from ;-ueral I'.uller:
"Yellow Hm Farm, Juue 8. On
June 0 Ccneral Talbot Coke, with tli
Tenth brigade and the South African
Light horse, seized Van Wyke hill. The
t iieiny wade soiue resistance, and a
good ileal of guiping occurred. Our
casualties were about four killed aud
thirteen wounded.
Krll-r a I'nm tal Attack.
"During that day and the followinj;
we got two 4.7 and two Impounder
naval guns on to Van Wyke hill and
two 5-inch guns ou to the southwest
ern .spur of lukewelo. Under cover of
their lire General Ilildyard today as
saulted all the spurs of the berjj be
tween Ilotha's pass and Inkewelo.
May Make Jains' Neck Untenable.
"The attack, which was well planned
-iy lliidyard and carried out with im-
meuse dash by the troops, for whom
no mountains were too steep, out
' Hanked the enemy, who were forced to
retire from their very strong position.
I think we did not have any casual
ties; and I bojie I have obtained a po
sition from wlii h I cau render Laing's
tick untenable.'
Kohertn ISottle V the New .
jArd liobeits has communicated
nothing for three days, nor permitted
the correspondents to wire what is go
ing on. London's inference Is that he
is restincr. although he is possibly dis
posing his army for a reach after
Comma ndan General 1'otha. A block
ade of the wires owing to the crush of correspondence may account
for the scanty press dispatches. Some
telegrams tiled a week ago are only
just now arriving. Among these are
spirited descriptions of the fighting at
Klandsfontvin. According to one of
them the streets were filled with wom
en and children. Rifle-shots could be
heard everwhere. The British soldiers
would stop firing and Join in the ohase
after chickens. The burghers sur
rendered to any one. Kaffirs went
about looting the Jewish stores, and
mounted infantry galloped hither and
8nld to Have Deceived the Prisoner.
"Tlie DiV 'ires-s has the following
from Pretoria, dated Wednesday:
"The 1,00) prisoners who were de
ported from Waterval were told that
they were about to be given tip to
Ixrd Roberts. They entrained cheer
fully and were conveyed to Jsoolt Ge
dache, instead of Pretoria. General
Jxnils Botha, with a rear guard of 2,
000, left Tretoria during the night The
British advance guard, .on entering,
was upon the very heels of the retiring
Jloers. Botha has sworn to carry on
"?tfhe war In the mountains."
. Continued Fightlnj; with the Boxers. Be
gun by the Kussian. Forces.
Washington, June 9. That matters
are In a serious condition in the
"Flowery Kingdom" is evidenced by
two cables received at the navy and
utate departments yesterday. One i3
from Admiral Kempff and says that
there was a battle Wednesday be
tween Chinese and Boxers near Tien
Tsui, and that a large number of Box
ers exiected to reach Tlcu-Tsin to
day, lie also wired tha tho "ltussian
forces began the fighting" and that
lie wants the Helena and a battalion
vt marines at once.
Minister Conger's message said there
was no improvement in the situation,
and asked lor instructions. It was
not deemed proper by the officials to
Indicate upon just what point Conger
needs advice, but there is an intimation
that he wishes to know to what extent
be is to co-operate with the diplo
matic representatives of the European
powers at Peking. Secretary Hay
took the message to the cabinet meet
ing. Conger will be instructed to do
whatever is necessary to protect the
lives of Americans and their property
and to maintain the dignity of this
government. He will be instructed to
form no alliance withan y govern
ment. Then there was a cable from Tien
Tslu. dated yesterday, which said that
Cie Chinese refuted that 4.0O) Box
ers surrounded l.oOO Chinese troops
between Lofa and Yong-Tsun Thurs
day, and, according to the latest news,
fighting wa still going on yesterday
morning. Officials say that 500 Box
ers were killed, but give no account
Of the Chinese casualties.
London. June 0. The Spectator,
commenting on the Chinese difficulty,
g,-ys It considers that If the situation
becomes acut the "only alternative to a
European concert which will be ef
fective only In theor would lie for and Russia to act together In
ft definite agreement." The papers
ndds: "They alone possess physical
power near enough to the scene to be
of Immediate use. English could In
tills case use her Indian troops."
Continuing The Spectator strongly
opposes any partition of China, and
thinks it unsafe to assume that the
Chinese soldiers cannot fight. Tt adds:
"The court of Fekin Is In action the
most Imbecile In the world, but it may
fiuC a "Wallcnstein who will not steal
hi soldiers powder and then Europe
will a new problem to solve.
Mrs. Skott Gets a Divorce.
St. Paul. June 9. Mrs. Mary Lee
Scott has been, on ground of desertion,
granted a divorce, from Thomas B.
Scott, a resident of Chicago for the
pat two years, previous to which time
the Scotrs were prominent In the most
exclusive and wealthiest socil circles
of this tit v. They were married ten
years ago "in Nashville, Tenn., where
Mrs. Scotfs family was very promi
nent. So muter Weather lu Dakota.
Minnewaukan, N. D., June 9.. A
hard freeze Thursday night formed a
quarter of an Inch of ice. Much wheat
was cut back to the ground. The dam
age Is hard to estimate, but the crop
cannot exceed one-half the ordinary
Will Raise the Stamp Duty.
Berlin, June 9. In the reichstag, aft
er a debate on the amendments to the
xtamo law necessitated by the In
cTeastt In the navy, it was agreed to
raise the utamp duty on home shares
to two marks and on foreign shares
to marks per hundred.
A Letter Keceived From Kaunas City
Throw Light L'pon the Mystery.
B. J. Reynolds yesterday teoeived a
letter from Kansas City, containing
the description of a body recently
found in the Missouri rivor at that
place, which Sir. Reynolds ia confi
dent id that of his cousin, Jack Robin
hod, who so myteriously disappeared
fiora his home near Nebraska, City
during the early part of April. The
detcrjption is identical with that of
Mr. Kobinson even to the missing
thumb acd Mr. Reynolds has tele
phoned to the coroner at Kansas City
to learu what disposition was made of
the body and for further particulars.
if any are to bo had. He also received
notice from the Odd Fellows' lodgo at
Tar.Uo. Mo., of the finding tf the
Mr. Reynolds is more certain than
ever that his cousin's Uking ctT was a
cafe of foul dIuv and the matter will
be thoroughly io vestigated.
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will ferment and irritate the stomach
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Kodol Dyspepsia cure. It digests what
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Enjoyed a "Stag" Party.
D. S. Guild invited a large number
of his gentlemen friends to his homo
Saturday evening to enjoy a "stag"
party. Tho host proved himself to
bo a very successful entertainer,
and the guests spent a very enjoyable
evening at various social amusements.
Rsfreshments were also served and
the only thing which in any way mar
red the pleasure of the occasion was
tho fact that quite a number of the
"boyo" were caught in tho rain while
returning home. The following gen
tlemen wore present: Dr. W. 15. Ul
ster, Fyron Clark, J. M. Robertson,
C. C. and Tom Parmele.Thomns Kemp
ster, II. J. and Arthur Helps, S. C.
Wilde. J. K. Pollock, Dr. K. W. Cook,
Dr. T. P. Livingston, F. E. White, D.
Ilawksworth, W. L. Pickett, G. M.
Spurlick, L. 11. Egenberger, II. B.
Groves, W. Heed Dunroy, Will Str.dol
mann, V. L. Laonard, II. N. Dovey,
Joo Klein, Clayton Barber, A. W.
White, J. M. and T. M. Patterson,
Philip Thierolf, W. K. Fox and F. A.
A sallow, jaundiced skin is a symptom
of disordered liver, as it springs from
biiinry poisons retained in the blood,
which destroy energy, cheerfulness,
strength, vigor, happiness and life.
Herbiiio will restore the natural func
tions of the liver. Price 50 cts. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
A Popular Bachelor Wed.
The Courier is in receipt of a neat
announcement card of the marriago of
Miss Millio Beatly Bell of Ashlat.d to
Mr. Miles Niekson Drake of this city
at the home of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard K. Bell, on Wednes
day, June 6.
Tho bride and groom are well known
to Louisville people, the bride having
taught two very successful terms in
tho primary department of tho Louis
ville schools.. The groom is one of
Louisville's popular business mon and
a member of tho village council.
Mr. aud Mrs. Drake will occupy
their elegant new home on Third and
Vino streets July 15, after which time
they will bo at home to their friends.
They have started down the pathway
of married life in the month of roses,
and may it ever be strewn with flowers
is the hearty wish of their many
friends. Louisville Courier.
Starvation never yet cured dyspep
sia. Persons with indigestion are al
ready half starved. They need plenty
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Keakxey, Neb., June 8. Editor
F.VKXixu News Dear Sir: I hear
that someone in Plattsraouth has
started the malicious report that I
forgt d a certain letter, purporting to
be written by Mrs. Z. M. Fisher, and
other tilings derogatory to my char
acter. I wish, through tho columns of
your valuable paper, to otTer a rewar J
of twenty-five dollars ($25) for the
namo of the person, together with
proof positive that he is the insti
gator of said report. Very truly.
A. Disbkow, M. D.
Goshen, III.
Geneseo Pure Food Co., Le Roy,N. Y.
Dear tsirs: borne uays since a, pack
age of your Grain O preparation was
left at my office. I took it homo and
gave it a trial, and I have to say I was
very much pleased with it, as a substi
tute for cotTeo. We have always used
the best Mocha and Java in our fam
ily, but I am froe to say that I like the
Grain-O as well as the best coffee I
overdrank. KespectfulJy,
A. C. Jackson, M. D.
Attention, Taxpayers.
The board of county commissioners
of Ciss county, Nebraska, will sit as a
board of equalization for the purpose
of equalizing the assessment of Cass
county for the year 1900, in the com
missioners' office at the court house,
Piatt smouth, begiouing Tuesday, Juno
12, l!00, at 10 o'clock a. m., and con
tinuing from day to day up to and in
cluding June 20, 1900. (thirteen days.
not including Sundays). All persons
owning real or. personal property sub
ject to taxation should call and ex
amine their assessment, that any er
rors &s to valuation may be adjusted
by said board as the law provides. By
order of the county commissioners.
James Uobektsom, County Clerk.
Isaac Nelson Loses All of His
ltesitlenee Property.
The Loss Is Estimated at About Sl,500,
With No Insurants Owing to the Pre
vailing High Wind and the Absence of
Aouaratna to Fight the Flames the
Buildings Could Mot Be Saved.
Isaac Nelson, residing five miles
south of Plattsmouth, lost all of his
residence property including three
buildings by fire at 6 o'clock Friday
evening, the origin of the same being
from a defective flue. One of tho build
ings was a substantial new residence,
another the original home and the
third a temporary building which his
son, Lafayette, was occupying during
the construction of a new bouse about.
ei?htv rods distant. The buildings
t n
destroved stood within six feet of each
other, and, with tho prevailing high
wind and the absence of apparatus
with which to fight tho flames, they
soon went up in smoke.
The furniture in tho buildings was
nearlv all saved. Tho loss was about
about $1,500, with no insurance.
The senior Mr. Nelson was In Weep
ing Water aEd knew nothing of the
Twelfth Wedding Anniversary.
Friday being the twelfth anni
versary of tho wedding day of Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Hoot, it occurred to twelve
friends to invade their domicile and
assist them to celebrate tho occasion.
Mr. Root pretended that surprise
parlies were an every-day occurrence
at his home, but when the guests pre
sented Mrs. Hoot with a set of ex
quisite green and gold dessert plates.
he concluded thcro were surprises and
surprises, and this was tho most enjoy
able of any he had experienced. A
dolightful social evenin was tpent
and delicious refreshments wore
served. The guests were Messrs. and
Mesdarr.cs li. O. Fellows, L D. Ben
nett, Byron Clark, C. M. Butler, II D.
Travis, J. N. Wise, Mr?. Cooper and
Mrs. Wilson.
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Au -l imnuttl" Social.
The King's Daughters gave an "un
usual1' social last evening at tho resi
dence of Dr. C. A. Marshall. It was a
very pleasant affair, and all present
seemed to have a good time. The at
tendance was not very large owing to
tho numerous entertainments which
have been held during tho past week
or ten days. The ices left were taken
down to the storo of E. G. Dovey &
Son today, where tho Indies succeeded
in easily disposing of tho samo to
customers who felt the need of a little
If tho predisposition to worms in
children is not cured they may become
emaciated, weakly and in danger of
convulsions. White's Cream Vermi
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A liouiu Iu it en I F.Atate.
J. II. Thrasher, the real estate agent,
made several largo sales today.
lie closed a deal whereby James
Newell becomes the owner of tho
Tusker property, .on North Sixth
otroet. Consideration, $500.
The Black property, on Lincoln
avenue, was also sold by Mr. Thrasher,
but the name of the purchaser or the
consideration was not learned.
As agent for C. C. Parmele, ho also
sold a half section of fiuo farming land
in Merrick county.
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to learn that Do Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve will give them instant and per
manent relief. It will cure eczema
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Files His Report.
Warden Hopkins of the state peni
tentiary tiled his report of tho condi
tion of that institution during the
month of May. On the first day of
June there were 290 inmates of tho re
formatory. April 30 there were 279
prisoners, there being seventeen re
ceived from tho courts during the
month of May. flvo whose term ex
pired and one released on order of the
supremo court.
The report shows that there was 10
cents a day difference between the cost
of keeping tho prisoners and the em
ployes. The stato paid 17 cents a day
for the food of each employe during
the month of Jlay and but 7 cents for
each of the inmates.
In the shoe department work
amounting to 102 days for one man
was done. The total value of tho out
put was $21)1.75, the net profit being
flOD.So. Tho P2r capita earnings in
this department were 89 cents. In the
repair department one man worked
twenty-six and one-half days, averag
ing 91 cents per day profit. Lincoln
A Wealth of Beauty
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The youbg people of the Kieht Mile
Grove Methodist church will give a
basket and necktie supper Saturday
evening, June 16, at the home of Will
iam Wettenkamp. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all.
For ' Said Residence property in
Murray, Neb. Apply to J. Rmkin.
M P. Fleming of Murray was a
Plattsmouth visitor tody.
Dive Livingston, the idanist, left
this morning for Nebraska City.
A. A. Wetenkamp and Phi".ip K&p
ler of Plattsmouth precinct were ic
town tcday.
D. C. Rhcden of Murray wns in town
today doing some shopping with the
local merchants.
Byron Clark returned last evening
from K-tnsa-, where he httd been on
legal busine.-s.
Mrs. S. E McKlwain has returned
from an enjoynble visit with hereon,
Hoy, at Bock Island, 111.
Dave S impson. accompanied by his
wife and little d ughter, weie passen
gers for Omaha this afternoon.
J M. Iwbeits, or tho commission
firm of Puritan & Roberts of South
Omaha, was in town today on business.
J. G. Lemon, a prominent fatmer
from cetr Nehawka, was in the city
today and made The News a pleasant
Uscar Ken, a prosperous young
farmer from near Avoca, was in town
today and made this office a pleasant
F. M. Young of Murray was a caller
at this office today to renew his sub
scription to the Semi-Weekly News-
John Weyrich, who has has been
working at the cirpenter trade in
Omaha for some time, has returned to
Levi Rusterholtz,from near Murray,
was a county seat visitor today. Levi
made a welcome call at this office be
fore returning home.
Mrs. Perry Walker and daughters,
Misses Cora and Clara.expect to spend
part of the summer on their Colorado
ranch.- They will leave about the 19th..
Judge Douglass this morning issued
a marriage license to John Ray Funk
and Miss Alfa Lewis. Both parties re
side at Ashland.
Miss Edna Shipman came down from
Omaha this morning for a short visit
with her sister, Mrs. J. E. Mharshall,
before departing for New York city
to spend tho summer.
John Wichman went to Omaha this
morning to meet his wife, who is re
turning home from Scribner, she hav
ing accompanied Mrs. H. M. Soon nic ri
sen to that place last week.
In the report of the Thursday even
ing band concort yesterday, THE
News neglected to mention the fact
that after the concert Mrs. M. A.
Street trealed the bojs to ice cream at
Holloway's pirlors.
A bearding house is being erected
near the Burlington bridge for the i c-
commodation of the men who are
working with the steam shovel. A
blacksmith shop will also bo placod
near there in which to make repairs.
A number of letters have been re
ceived from Mrs. Fisher by different
parties in this city, and all of them to
the effect that ehe is getting along
very nicely, and is very much pleased
with the assistance Mr. Disbrow is giv
ing her. lhis statement is made in
view of the fact that false statements
have been made as to her actual con
The new time card which goes into
effect on the Missouri Pacific tomor
row calls for several important
changes in the arrival and departure
of trains on that road. No. 10, the
south bound passenger train, has been
changed to No. IS, and instead of ar
riving in this city at 3:51 p. m., it will
hereafter come in at 10:45 a. m. No.
9, the north bound train, has been
changed to No. 17, and will hereafter
arrive at 5:44 p. m. instead of 11:51 a.
Mike McCool was assisting in the
work of painting the Gund Brewing
company's storage house in the Bur
lington 3'ards Thursday afternoon,
when he performed an acrobatic feat
which was a surprise to his fellow-
workmen. Mike was at work on a lad
der about thirty feet from the ground.
when he took an nreonautic leap
through the air. Instead of going up,
as is customary iu such feats, however.
be went straight down to mother
earth, alighting 6quarely on his feet.
Aside from being shaken up pretty
badly he sustained no injury. Mike
will probably be engaged by the Cass
County Agricultural society to give a
like performance this fail.
Commissioner Turner Zink came in
this morning from Wabash.
Mrs. A. Hoffmann and daughter, Al-
mina, spent the day in Omaha,
Ho". William Neville was a business
visitor in Omaha this afternoon.
Dr. E. W. Cook made a trip to
Oththa this mornii g on business.
J. T. A. Hoover and son, William,
wen in town today from Louisville.
Mrs. D. Ilawksworth and Mrs. E. W.
Cook spent the afternoon in Omaha.
Mrs. J. D. McBride and two chil
dren 'ire visiting relatives at Nehawka.
M rs. Alice Post of Chicago, a sister-in-law
of Lmis Ottnat, came in this
afternoon for a short visit.
Miss Ada Hay, deputy recorder of
deeds, went up to Omaha this morning
to get some indexes rebound.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Tartsch came in
from McCook yesterday for a short
visit with relatives and friends.
Miss Anna Pollock has just closed a
successful year's work in school dis
trict No. 45, just west of Mynard.
D . Rudolph Itauen, who is employed
by the Richardson D ug company of
Lincoln, spent Sunday in the city.
Miss Cora Alexander came down
from Omaha yesterday for a visit with
her parents, returning this morning.
Is due to an acid poison which gains
Organs to carry off and keep the system
f I ruin the digestion
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Mrs. Jenoie Stiatt and Mrs. Ruth
Gish of Omaha spent Sunday in the
city the guest of Miss Grace Stouten
borough. Nelson
from his
ports the
Jones returned Saturday
trip to Osceola, la. He re
crops out that way in fine
Mrs. F. R. Guthmann returned this
morning from Murdock where she
spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs.
H. R. Neitzel.
Miss Olga Martin returned yester
day morning from Des Moines, where
she has held an important position a-
trimmer in a large millinery store.
Mrs. Lillie McGuire and children of
Havolock, who havo been enjoying a
ten dys' visit with relatives in this
city, returned home this afternoon.
During the electric storm Saturday
night tho Methodist church at Wabash
was struck by lightning. The belfry
of the structure was ruined.
The Childrens' d iy exercises at the
various churches yesterday were
largely attended. . The programs ren
dered by the young loiks were gen
erally considered fine.
C. W. Taylor, accompanied by his
wife and child, went to South Omaha
this afternoon to attend the wedding
of Mrs. Taylor's sister. Miss Lily
Mathews, whiph occurs this evening.
Misses Louise Smith, Mty Baird and
Ethel Dutton went to South Omaha this
morning. They will attend the wed
ding of their friend, Miss Lily Math
ews, which occurs at that place this
A telephone message from Papillion
was received at the sheriff's office to
day, asking the local officials to be on
the lookout for a team and harness,
which had been stolen at that place
last Saturday.
The funeral of Mrs. Matthew Spader,
whoso death occurred in Omaha last
Friday from the effects of an operation.
was hold jn Wab tsh yesterday. Rev.
Myers of the Methodist church at that
place conducted the services.
Mrs. S. D. Chandler and son, Ray,
who have been visiting with the fam
ily of the former's brother, E. W. Fitt,
left last evening on the Burlington for
London, England, where they will join
Mrs. Chandler's mother. Together
they will make an extended tour of
Mrs. Byron Clark and M"8. S. H.
At wood returned home fron Milwaukee
yesterday morning where they atten
ded the National Federation of Wo
man's clubs. They report a pleasant
trip and are very enthusiastic over
the good work accomplished at the
national meeting.
Golden Rod Castle of the Imperial
Mystic Legion has received a cordial
invitation to visit the Murray Castle
tomorrow night. It is hoped that as
many members as possible will take
advantage of this opportunity to visit
and become acquainted with the Mys
tics of Loyal camp.
Henry, the f even-year-old eon of L.
B. Egenberger, fell "from a horse in
the alley at the rear of Tck News
office this afternoon. He fell on his
rigtt shoulder and arm, and sustained
a painful fracture of the forearm just
below the elbow. The unfortunate lad
was taken to the office of a physician
and the fracture set and dressed, and
he is resting as easy as could be ex
pected under the circumstances.
A Card Of Thanks.
I wish to say that I feel under lasting
obligations for what Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has done for our family.
We have used it in eo many capes of
coughs, lung troubles and whooping
cough, and it has always given the
most perfect satisfaction. We feel
greatly indebted to the manufacturers
of this remedy and wish them to pleae
accept our hearty thanks. Respect
fully, Mrs. S. Doty, Des Mcines, Ia.
For sale by all druggists.
Two Young People Married.
From Monday's Daily,
Just as the court house clock tolled
out the hour of 9 this morning, Julge
Douglass performed the ceremony
which linked the lives and fortunes of
Emery Brant and Lucinda Marilla
Parish, two well known and highly re
spected young people from the vicinity
of Elmwood. The happy event oc
curred in the judge's office, and was
witnessed by B. A. McElwain and
William Coolidge.
The groom is one of Stove Creek
precinct's most prosperous young far
mers, and he is in every way worthy
of the charming young lady whom he
has chosen for a wife. The bride is
the handsome and accomplished
daughter of Simon Peter Parish, one
of Cass county's wealthiest farmers.
The News extends congratulations.
access to the blood through failure of the proper
clear of all morbid, effete matter. This poison
through, the general circulation is deposited in the joints, muscles and nerves, causing the most intense pain.
Rheumatism may attack with such suddenness and severity as to make within a few days a healthy,
active person helpless and bed-ridden, with distorted limbs and shattered nerves ; or it may be slow in
developing, with slight wandering pains, just severe enough to make one feel uncomfortable ; the ten
dency in such cases is to grow worse, and finally become chronic.
Like other blood diseases, Rheumatism is often inherited, and exposure to damp or cold, want of proper
food, insufficient clothing, or anything calculated to impair the health, will frequently cause it to develop
in early life, but more often not until middle age or later. In whatever form, whether acute or chronic,
inlQerrUed! Rheumatism io Strictiy a Blood Disease,
and no liniment or other external treatment can reach the trouble. Neither do the preparations of potash
and mercurv. and the various mineral salts, which the doctors alwavs nrescribe. cure Rheumatism hut
and break down the constitution.
Vouug Belvllle Still Io the Custody of
Kansas Authorities.
News received today from the super
intendent of the state reformatory in
Kansas indicates that the report which
was in circulation last week in regard
tj Elwin Belvilla was untrue. Jack
Djnson, on behalf of one of Belville's
relatives, wrote a letter of inquiry to
the superintendent of that institution
last Friday, and received the following
reply this morning:
Hutchinson, Kan., June 9. J. R.
Denson, Constable, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Dear Sir: In answer to your inquiry
about Belville I have to say that he is
still here and doing very well. He has
never escaped and we do not intend
that he shall. We do rot think that
he would attempt to run away if he
had a chance. Your information was
entirely wrong. Yours truly,
J. S. Simmons,
Hardly a day passes, in families
where there are children, in which
Ballard's Snow Liniment is not needed.
If quickly cures cuts, wounds, bruises
Burns and Scalds. Price 25 and 50
ceuts. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Last fall I sprained my left hip
while handling some heavy boxes.
The doctor I called on said at first it
was a slight strain and would soon be
well, but it grew worse and the doc
tor then said I had rheumatism. It
continued to grow worse and I could
hardly get around to work. I went to
a drug store and the druggist rec
ommended me to try Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. I tried it and one-half of
a 50 cent bottle cured me entirely. I
now recommend it to all my friends.
F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa. It is for sale
by all druggists.
The Press acknowledges recoiptof
an invitation to the nuptial ceremonies
of Harry Northcutt and Miss L.
Blanche Kennedy, which occurs at the
First Presbyterian church at Platts
mouth Juno 14. Congratulations are
extended in advance. Mr. Northcutt
is well known in the city of his nativ
ity, and was court reporter under
Judge Kinney in the district court.
His many friends in Nebraska City ex
tend to him and his bride congratula
tions, and wish them nothing but hap
piness and prosperity. Nebraska City
The Chinese ask "how is your
liver?" instead of "how do you do?"
for when the liver is active the health
is good. De Witt's Little Early Risers
are famous little pills for the liver and
bowels. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Johnny Likewise, the accommodat
ing clerk for Weckbach & Co., hired a
livery rig yesrerday and drove out to
Louisville to see his best girl. On the
way home in the evening, however, he
had a little accident which, for a time,
completely upset his presence of mind.
and he was decidedly thankful today
that he is among the living. A short
dist ince west of the poor farm the
animals began to run away, and it
seemed the more Johnny pulled back
on the lines the faster the horses per
sisted in going ahesd Roalizing that
something must be done quickly, he
turned them in the direction of a steep
embankment which spanned one side
of the road. This move, oerhape.saved
the vehicle from total destruction, but
the horses stopped so suddenly as to
throw Johnny several feet into the
air,and the force with which he struck
the ground gave him a bad shaking
up. The tongue ef the buggy was
broken, and John found it absolutely
necessary to walk the rest of the dis
tance about three miles. He is feel
ing very sore today as a result of the
shaking up he received, and is think
ing of hiring Uncle Ned Baker's horse
hereafter when he makes the trip to
Glorious News.
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Washita, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Electric Bitters has cured
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had
caused her great suffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on her
head and face, and the best doctors
could give no help; but her ctre is com
plete and her health is excellent."
This shows what thousands have
proved, that Electric Bitters is the
best blood purifier known. It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils, and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion
builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co. druggists,
guaranteed. 4
If your fight is blurred with specks
and spots Moating before your eyes, or
you have p .ins on the right side under
the ribs, then your liver is deranged,
and you need a few doses of Herbine
to regulate it. Price 50 cto. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Bistorts muscles,
Sbatters Kepves,
StiffdalS JOalOai
The fishermen's Lurk
M. M. Beal and B. L. Kirkham went
up to the vicinity of Swallow hill Sat
urday evening with a camping outfit.
Everything went well with them until
the storm came up about 10 o'clock and
then they had to make a lively scram
ble for shelter. They ' got under a
small iron bridge on the Burlingtou
track. This place served to shelter
them to them to some extent, but the
cold water persisted in dripping upon
them especially down their backs
and the hours they spent in that posi
tion were far from comfortable. They
finally managed to reach home about
2 a. m. , thoroughly drenched and ex
ceeding weary. The saddest part of
the experience, however, is the fact
that when they drove up to the camp-,
ing ground Sunday morning to get the
outfit they wore unable to find any
trace of it some one having taken ad
vantage oj their absence to carry it off.
They had set out a number of lines the
previous night, and they are qu'te cer
tain the thief must have removed four'
or five hundred pounds of fish from
these lines. Messrs. Beal and Kirk
ham had looked forward with much
pleasure, and the proverbial fisher
man's luck which has attended them is
to be deeply regretted.
Would Not Suffer So Again For Fifty
Times Its Frice.
I awoke last night with severe pains in
my stomach. I never felt so badly in
my life. When I came down to work
this morning I felt so weak I could
hardly work. I went to Miller & Mc
Curdy's drug , store and they rec
ommended Chamberlain's Cholic,
Cbob ra and Diarrhoea Remedy. It
worked like magic and one dose fixed
me all right. It certainly is the finest
thing I ever used for stomach trouble.
I shall not be without it in my homo
hereafter, for I should not care to en
dure the sufferings of laBt night again
for fifty times its price. G. II. Wil
son, Liveryman, Burgettstown, Wash
ington Co., Pa. This remedy is fo
sale by a'll Druggists.
Charles II. Marks, while acting in
the capacity of nurse at the Second di
vision hospital of the Fifth army corps
at Santiago de Cubas, used a few bot
tles of Chamberlain's colic, cholera
and diarrhoea remcdv for diarrhoea
and found it to work like a charm. For
sale by all druggists.
Keferees' Notice of
In the District Court of Cass County, Nebraska.
Annie Mary Huber. George F.)
Huber, Minnie nuDer ana 1
Carl Huber, minor heirs of
John G. Huber, deceased, by
their guardian, William A.
Philip F. Huber. Christine C.
Huber. Carrie K rouse. Cath
erine TariDer. Marv Duerr.
H. E, fankonin. Bank oi
Cass County and Margaret I
Green. j
We, the undersigned reterees. will on the 14th
day of July. A. D . 1WJO. at 2 o'clock p. m. otter
for sale at public vendue the west half oi the
northeast quarter ot section twenty-two pK), in
township twelve (12), north range eleven (11). in
Cass county, Nebraska, and sell the same to the
best bidder tor casn. inissaie is nisae unuer
and by virtue of a decree entered in the above
entitled cause on the SHh day of May. A. I).,
lyuo. by the Honorable Paul lessen, judge of the
district court, after continuing said referees re-
oort that said oropertv could not be divided
among the owners entitled thereto.
OH N t. rtKi.usus,
I. E. Pankonin.
George Woods.
Byron Clark & C. A. Kawls. attorneys for
First publicationIune 8 .
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
Emilie Kathje, Plaintiff.
Fred Otte. Defendant. )
The defendant. Fred Otte, will take notice that
on the seventh day of May. the plaintiff,
Emilie Kathje. filed her petition in the district
court of Cass county, Nebraska, against Fred
Otte. the object and prayer of which are to re
cover the sum of $4.K4.42 and interest thereon,
now due and payable from the defendant to the
plaintiff upon a judgment recovered in the su
perior court of Cook county, Illinois, by the
plaintiff herein and against the defendant. Fred
Otte. on the 5th day of May, lfOU; said plaintiff
caused a writ of attachment to be levied upon the
following-described real estate to-wit:
The northeast quarter (neU) of section twenty
four (24), township eleven (11). range ten (10).
east of the 0th V. M., in Cass county. Nebraska,
as the property of the defendant. Fred Otte. You
are required to answer said petition on or before
the th day of Jul v. 1900. Emilie Kathje.
' By C. S. Polk, her attorney.
: First publication May 29 4.
" Legal Notice.
In the county court of Cass county, Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of Addison P Wes
ton, deceased. William O. Weston. Francis E.
Bixby. Fletcher B. Weston. Abby Sprague.Sarah
G. Hemingway. Lydia Ann Kelsey. Mary Buck.
Emma Kuggles. 1. Page Weston. Wallace Wes
ton, Almina Davis. Maiion Hall. Edgerton Bald
win, Abby Bailey. Addie (Orvis) Spaulding
Thomas Baldwin. Albert A. Johnson. Albert J.
Bixby. Alma E. Bailey; the children of Ferris
Barton, deceased, William F. Barton.and Hattie
May Barton: the children of Joseph Baldwin, de
ceased. Elmer Baldwin. Eldon Baldwin. WallaceV
Baldwin, and Augusta M. Spaulding; and the
children of Mary Sheldon, deceased, Irwin L.
Sheldon, Mrs. Abby Shelters and Mrs. Cora M.
McKinney: and the children of Jane Hall, de
ceased. Jennie Hall, and Mrs. Ida Frost: and the
children of Joseph Weston, deceased, Frank A.
Weston, Arthur Weston and Cynthia A: Orris:
you and each of you. and all other persons later-,
ested. are hereby notified that pursuant to an or- ,
der of the county court of Cass-county. Nebraska, .
duU entened on the ZMh day of May A. I) . laiw,
in the above entitled cause, on the 21st day or
iune A. !.. 1UU1. at 10 o'clock a. m , in the v
county court of Cass county, Nebraska, the ac
count of the executor, Levi C. Poliard, tiled in
said court, on the 28th day of May A. 1UU,
embracing the period from May 22nd, to
May 2Sth 1900, both dates inclusive, including-
charges made for extraordinary services not re
quired of an executor or administrator in the
common course ot his duty.will be examined and
adjusted and a final judgment entered therein.
All of which you and each of you will take due .
notice. Witness my hand and the seal of the
county court of Cass county, Nebraska, this, the
25th day of May A. D.. 1SW0.
I Sea I j J. E. DouGl-ASS, County Judge-