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I'rolonged Defense an Arrious
General Boiler Is Open to Criticism His
Failure to Attempt to Cross Togela
River Regarded In London As Coac-
coanublt-Boers Still Hard at Work
Against Latfysmlt h.
naane Physician Kills Child lie Attempts
to Treat.
Hampton. Ia., Jan. 9. Dr. G. W.
Appleby, for several years the leading
physician at Briatow, Butler county,
ltat evening, in a fit of insanity, killed
a ten-montbs-old child of Henry
Wearly of this place while making an
examination of it in Dr. Hobson'a of
Gee in the city. The parents had
brought the child to Dr. Hobson's of
fice to be treated for some trifling ail-
London. Jan. 9 Further news of
General White's victory is anxiously ment and before he had time to attend
awaited, as it is generally realized to
Judge Jessen Makes Killing: In
Telephone Injunction Case.
to it was called out.
Dr. Appleby, who was visiting Dr,
Hobaon, was in the office, and he sug
gested to the parents that Dr. Appleby
should make the necessary examina
tion, which, as soon as Dr. Hobaon had
left the office, be proceeded to do. He
took the child in his arms and handled
it so roughly that the parents pro
tested, but to no avail. Suddenly he
put his thumbs under its chin and with
his fingers on top of its head crushed
it face in so that blood gushecT out of
its nose and mouth. Then jumping up
he seized the child by one foot and be
gan swinging it around his head, re
sisting all efforts of the terror-stricken
parents to stop him, and it was not
until help was gotten that the child
was taken from him. It ' was quite
dead, and when Dr. Kicb, a physician
who had been called in, prepared a
stimulant to administer to the child
Dr. Appleby knocked the spoon on the
floor, declaring that God had taken
the child.
The insane commission was immcd
lately convened, and at midnight Dr
Appleby was on his way to the hos
pital for insane at Independence
Three or four hours after the occur
rence he seemed comparatively ra
tional and said he knew what he was
doing when he killed the child, but
could not help it. Tne cause of his in
sanity is supposed to be religious ex
citement, be having lately been at
tending protracted meetings and mani
fee ted great interest therein.
day that there wasliltle warrant for
the exultation which followed the an
nouncement of bis repulse of the Boers,
The rcinarkr.ble revolution in Boer
tactics has been another complete sur
prise to the British, who had not reck
oned on the weakened garrison of
Ladyernith being subj cted to such a
courageous assault, and it is realized
that General White's troops cannot be
expected to greatly prolong such an
ardous defense. In some quarters it
is considered unaccountable that Gen
eral Buller did not press his attempt
to effect a passage of the Tugela river
while the Boers were engaged north
ward, and the comments on his ap
parent supmers are uowme compli
From the Boer headquarters it is re'
ported that General Bullcr is con
structing a Mibnidiary railroad from
the main lino toC .lenso wostwardly in
the direction of I'otgietei 's drift,
Advice from the Modder ritrer say
the Boers continue to extend their
works, and it is estimated that 30,000
men are rtqu'ned to defend them
The prisoner s captured by the Cana
dians and Qu: enslanders at Sunnyside
are going to Cape Town for trial as
rebels. The Canadians expressed in
tense indignation on learning thatthe
prisoners wore British subjects.
The colonial troops continue to earn
warm praise on nil sides, the latest
example of their effective work being
recorded in the dispatch to the London
Time,daled January 6, from the Mod
der river, cabled to the Associated
I'rers last night which said that the
Dews from B rlmont showed that the
Canadians and Queenslanders had been
so energetic in tnat vicinity that the
Boors had been compelled to desert a
large belt of the Orange Free Sttte
territory aero-s the border.
No Change at. Colesburg,
Little change is apparent in the posi
tion at Colesberg, General French re
ported to the war office Sunday morn
ing, January 7, that he had recon
noitertd with a squadrou of the
Hourehold cavalry on the Boers east
fl ink, two miles from Achterlang and
drew a considerable force of the bur
gher?, who, being anxious for their
communications with Norvalspont,
The casualties of the Suffolks nenr
Coieburg were:
Killed: Colonel Watson and Lieu
tenants Wilkins, Carey and White and
twenty-three men.
Missing Captains Brett, Thomson
and Brown and Lieutenants Allen,
Wood-Marten and Kuller and 107 men.
Wounded Twenty -one men .
General French further reports that
the casualties of the regiments to Jan
uary 4 were twelve men killed and
forty-four wounded.
The queen has telegraphed her con
gratulations and thanks to General
White and his troops of Liydsmith.
A dispatch from Frere camp last
Sunday night said all was quiet there.
thus dispelling the widespread hopes I Henry Schluntz, a carpenter at the
that General Butler had followed up I Burlington repair etaoD?. had the mis
his demonstration before Colenso with I fortune to have a heavy piece of iron
an effective move elsewhere. I fall on his head this morning, which
The London Times' correspondent at I inflicted a deep gash. He was taken
Lourenzo Marquez cables that, al- I to the office of thecomnan v's nhvsician
The Court Denies the Application For an
Injunction On the Part of the Plain
tiffsDirectors of the Bank of Cass
County Elect Officers L. M. L. A. In
stallation. In the injunction case of C. E. Wes-
cott, George E. Dovey and Israel
Pearlman again t the Nebraska Tele
phone company and the city of Platts-
mouth, heard at Nebraska City Tues
day before District Judge Paul
Jessen, the following modified res
training order was issued:
"This cause came on to bo beard
uoon the application of the plaintiffs
praying for temporary injunction
against the defendants and the tern-
Nels Murray, the Mynard grain
buyer, was in town today.
Postmaster Fred W. Crosser of Mur
ray was looking about town today.
Attorney Byron Clark made a trip
to the metropolis on legal business.
Silas Slocum, the Mynard black
smith, visited in Plattsmouth yester
day. E. Manspeaicer, the implement
dealer, made a trip to Omaha this
M. P. Williams, the Glendale far
mer, was among the Plattsmouth viit
ors today.
W. H. Newell and S. H. Atwood
went down to their Ktnsas stone quar
ries last evening
J. P. Mockenhaupt west to Omaha
this morning to consult Dr. Gifford in
regard to one of his eyes
Charley Troop,the well known cattle
porary restraining order heretofore
issued by the Honorable B. S. Ramsey, I feeder from near Nehawka, called on
and the answer and cross-petition of his Plattsmouth friends todav
tne .Nebraska Telephone company
praying for an order of injunction
against the city of Plattsmouth.
"And the court being advised in tbe j
premises, denies tbe application for
an injunction on the part of the plain
tiffs and codifies the restraining order
heretofore issued so that the defend
ants, the Nebraska Telephone com
pany and the city of Plattsmouth, may
locate the poles of the Nebraska Tele-
yesterday afternoon, was taken to her
home at Mynard last evening in a
carryalL Her injuries were dressed
by Dr. Livingston, and it was found
that she had sustained a fractnre of
the hip joint. Nothing could be
learned cf her condition today..
H. A. Schneider, the Cedar Creek
postmaster, was in town today. Mr.
Schneider made The News p. welcome
call." Ho was on his way to Omaha to
attend the implement dealers' convention.
Leroy Allison filed a petition with
the clerk of the district court todav
against the heirs of Margaret Ann
Swann, praying for a partition of real
estate. Mr. Allison is a well known
farmer of Plattsmouth precinct.
On account of the fact that yester
day was pay day, and that very few
members were able to attend, the Im
perial Mystic L.'gion did not install
officers last evening, but postponed
the matter until next Wednesday.
Mrs. J. T. Twiss of Maywood, who
has been visiting with her husband?s
parents, C. S. Twiss and wife, in this
city for several days, was called home
Joe McCarthy and wife are the
happy parents of a bouncinggiri baby, today by the announcement of tho
which arrived at their home Monday I death of her brother at that place.
Lehnhoff Bros, have just ordered
for their laundrv a new ioint bodv
That is what you can depend upon at our
shop. And that is only one of the many
good points. We have a largfe assortment of
foreign and domestic goods from which to
make selections and every suit or g-arment
we turn out is guaranteed to be satisfactory.
The Only Union Tailor Shop
in Cass County...
Members of labor organizations are invited
to call at our shop, where they can get the
union label placed on their garments, and
where they can get the best for their money.
Hixclecelc fc McElroy,
Rockwood Block-Main St.
David Livingston, tho well known
Chicago clothing salesman and musi
cian, visited some oi tne local mer
chants todav.
District Clerk George Houseworth,
who has been somewhat under the
phone company in the alleys in blocks J weather for the past several days, is
thirty-three and thirty-five in the city feoling a little better today,
oi i laiismouin, so as noi 10 mienere Gust Reikenbere-.who wns a m.mW
witn tne tramc ana use or saia alleys of Comoanv B and whose homo , in
Dy tne puouc in general, ana to place Butier countv. came in last
their poles as mentioned in the stipu
lation filed herein.
The temporary injunction prayed
for by the defendant, the. Nebraska
Telephone company, against the city
of Plattsmouth is hereby denied, and
leave is hereby granted to the defend
ant, the city of Plattsmouth, to with
draw its reply and cross petition to
the cross-petition of-' the Nebraska
Telephone company, and permission
is granted to substitute therefor mo-
for a few days visit with his old com
Ward was a passenger for
ironer from the manufacturers in St.
Louis, and when the new machine ar
rives they will be better prepared than
ever to turn out work equal to any
done in the state.
superintendent J. G. McIIugh made
his two sisters of Omaha a Christmas
present an offer to bear the entire
expense of a tour to Europe, including
a week's visit at the Paris exposition.
The ladies expect to take advantage
of the generous offer made bv Mr.
McUugh, and, in company with the
wife of Judge W. D. McHueh. have a
J. W
umana on the morning train. At summer's outing that will undoubtedly
41 a, 1 i . ... . . I " J
mas piace ne expects 10 meei nis wire, be the source of a great deal of pleas
wnoisonner way noma :rom a visit ure and of untold value in their eduea-
Wlth relatives at Blair. tinnnl nnrsnita Tt i
T. C Gentry, who for some time was that comes to comparatively few
employed as operator at M. S. Brigg's spin's Greatest np.h
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Have been removed to SECOND and
MAIN STREETS. Orders for
ing from St
house, came in last even-
Joe and other Missouri
m coal
From Wednesday's Dally
A force of men and teams have been
put to work hauling willows from the
river bar to cars in tbe Burlington
yards. They are to be taken to the
other side of the river and used for
rip-rap work.
tion or. demurrer within thirty days."! Point9 where he has been working.
from tne a Dove it would appear
that the matter will remain in the
courts for some time.
The January issue of the Corn Belt.
the Burlington's publication devoted
to advertising the region through
which its lines out. It is one
of the most interesting publications
issued by any railroad in tbe interest
of the west, and tbe January number I ersen.
is well tilled with cuts of Nebraska I Secretary J
arm scenes, ana articles showing tbe
value of farm lands in this state. A
number of letters from successful
stock raisers and farmers in Nebraska
are published. The guaranteed circu
lation of the Corn Belt is 20,000, and
it oftentimes runs above that figure.
L.. M. I.. A. Installation.
The Loyal Mystic Legion of America
at the last meeting installed the fol
lowing officers:
Worthy Councilor E, W. Fitt.
Vice Councilor Mrs. Mattie Gray.
Worthy Prophet Mrs. C. ACovalt.
Companion Protector Mrs. Camp
Companion Escort Mrs. J. C. Pet-
District Judge Paul Jessen has ap- pains in the
pouted Washington Smith as a mem
ber of the board of park commission
ers lor the city of Plattsmouth. FTia
term will be for a period of three
County Judge J. E. Douglass today
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
u. vveaK nerves nao caused severe
bacK of his head. On
using Electric Bitters, America's!
greatest blood and nerve remedy, all
pain soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
C. Pet-
C. Petersen.
Treasurer F. H. Sieimker.
Worthy Past Councilor P.
Grand Deputy Van liuskirk of Hast
ings was present and assisted in the
work of installing the officers.
The regular monthly visit of the B.
& M. pay car to this city today had a
tendency to make the boys at the
shops feel rather happy.
The Burlington will build a new
steel bridge across the Nemaha at Te-
cumseh in the near future.
D. C. Woodring, superintendent of
bridges for the Burlington, was in the
city today on company business.
though there is no guarantee that
Transvaal gold is of standard value,
the Hortuguese government compels
the local banks to accept it as legal
tender at tbe same rate as British
sovereigns, "thus giving the repub
lics every facility for extensive trans
actions here and remitting money to
Europe." Continuing, the correspon
dent says: "It is a question whether
tbe Portuguese order is not a breach
of neutrality."
The latest news from Bloemfontein
says the officials there recognize that
they must evacuate the town at an
early date and are secui ing houses at
Pretoria. It is also annouced that the
hospitals at Bloemfontein and else
where are packed with wounded men.
Itrnt on Having Trouble.
RlPLEY, Tenn., Jan. 9. Officer Mar
vin Turner and W. D. Turner today
arrested a negro named Gingerly and
were escorting him to the jail when
two brothers of the prisoner appeared
and shot and killed both officers. A
large posse went in pursuit of the mur
derers. At midnight it is reported
that the po6e had captured and
lynched the two negroes at 9:30 o'clock.
One of the dead men was the prisoner
who was being escorted to the jail.
Searching parties are still out hunting
for other participants in the crime. It
is reported that many negroes in tbe
neighborhood are arming themselves
and excitement runs high. Negroes
are being run off the streets and are
warned to remain quiet.
Manager Martin, of the Pier&on
drug t-tore, informs us that he is hav
ing a great run on Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. He 9lla five bottles
of that medicine to one of any other
kind, and it gives great satisfaction.
In these dys of la grippe there is
nothing like Chrmberlaio's Cough
Remedy to stop the cough, heal up tbe
eore throat and lungs and give relief
within a very short lime. Tbe sales
are growing, and all who try it are
pleased with its prompt action. South
Chic igo Daily Calumet. For sale by
all druggists.
and the wound dressed. Tbe piece of
iron fell from tbe top of a car while he
was at work below.
Superintendent of Motive Power D.
Hawkswortb went to Havelock and
other points on the western division
of the Burlington this morning.
Reduced rates have been announced
by the railroads for tho following
gatherings: Red Cloud Interstate
Poultry association, January 9-11; an
nual convention Nebraska Volunteer
Fireman's association, Norfolk, Neb.,
January 16-18; annual meeting Farm
ers' Mutual Insurance company, Ne
braska State Board of Agriculture and
State Farmers' institute, Lincoln,
Neb., January 16-19.
Passenger officials of Chicago and
St. Louis to north Pacific coast points
met at tbe rooms of the Western Pas
senger Association in New York yes
terday to consider the question of re
bates on tickets sold via Missouri river
gateways to meet the competition of
the direct lines from St. Paul. The
meeting failed to reach an agreement,
and the question was left for general
passenger agents to handle at their
meeting Jan. 15.' These rates cannot
be met by the Missouri river lines ex
cept on the plan of paying rebates
without demoralizing rates to inter
mediate points. The lines concerned
have been unable to carry out their
plan because the Oregon Railway and
Navigation company refuses to pay
tbe rebites on account of the initial
lines. It has been suggested that the
Missouri river routes should let busi
ness to north Pacific coast points go
by the direct lines. The application
of short line fares by indirect routes
causes much of the demoralization of
passenger rates.
L. T. Travis, agent Southern R. R
Selina, Ga., write. "I cannot say too
much in p aisi of One Minute Cough
Cure. In my case it wt rke 1 like a
charm." The only harmless remedy
that gives immediate re-ultc. Cures
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, and
all throat and lung troubles.
performed the marriuge of Edward
William Nidkiff and Miss Lydia Isa-
bellelcll. Thejoung coup'.e are re
specuveiy nineteen years of age and
their home is at Union.
A divorce suit, entitled Josie Craw
ford vs. William A. Crawford, wna
filed at the district clerk's office yes
terday. The grounds upon which a
divorce is askod is desertion. Th
plaintiff resides near Louisville.
The rep.iir work at" the court house
is progressing rapidly. Louis Ottnat
and hi nssistints are at nrntnn.
gaged in frescoeing the walls and ceil
ing of the district court room. Thf
carpenters are also busily engaged,
anclhive nearly finished the repairs
to tho damaged wood work in thn
boiler room.
Joseph Goldschmidt has moved his
family and household goods into
Harvey Holloway's residence property
on North Frurth street. Joe thinks
Plattsmouth is located about right fur
his business, and that he will now be
A Narrow Escape. enabled to do even more effective
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada I work for the Imperial Mystic Legion
E. Hart of Groton, S. D. " Was taken oi which order he holds the position
with a naa cold which settled on my I oi deputy state regent.
lunfs: COUO-h set in Rnri finnlltr tn.tnl. I
c j ShprirT WhoJor r.J... s J
nated in consumption. Four doctors u, 1 , Z 'Z 'ci;oiveu
gave me up, saying I could live but a T h Z .1??
ahorttim 1 era iro mnaol r . n , o "v. "'Ku, usiiiUK nimiOlOOK
oo" u tu lily oi v-
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed,
only 50 cents. Sold by F. G. Fricke &
Co. 1
Will receive PROMPT Attention.
Here are some of the grades they handle:
Bank Officers Elected.
At the annual meeting of the direct
ors of the Bank of Cass County, held
last evening, the following officers
wero elected for the ensuing year:
President Charles C Parmele.
Vice president B. S. Ramsey.
Cashier J. M. Patterson.
Assistant cashier T. M. Patterson.
A dividend of 10 per cent upon capi
tal stock was declared.
Brrlin" Mall .1 utnmnbllra.
The postofFce of Berlin has just put
into i actical use six of the "Loutzkl
autonicb.les." A large additional num-
1- Al 1 .
uer oi iese norseiess wagons are un
der tonttriRtion at the works of the
Gesellschaft fur Automobile Wagen-
oau, which is a pood proof that this
system of mail delivery has come to
stay In Germany and ceased to be an
experiment. Several other large cities
in Germany will soon adopt the same
delivery method.
I'ubllcly Whips Male Malefactors.
Del.: are whips some of its
male malefactors, but no woman has
been thus punished in the state for
nearly bO years, the law exempting
them from Its infliction having been
enacted in 1855.
And for everything under the sun.
Every home lias need of paint.
Each kind of
ior,determined if I could not stay with
out for a man named General WiUiam
T . WKUq 1 .
mv friends on earth T w,lH I "u"0'""0 quartermaster general
- - "w-. uii .y.-
-.1 . -1 . . . I OUClfcO
auseu. ones aoove. iuy Husband, was
advised to get Dr. King's New Dis
covery for consumption, coughs and
colds.I gave it a trial, took in all eight
bottles. It has cured me, and thank
God.I am saved and now a well and
healthy woman." Trial bottles free at
F. G. Fricke & Co. Regular size 50c.
and f 1. Guaranteed or price refunded.
oi wicnigan, against
whom an indictment and criminal war
rant is pending. The letter contained
a portratt of the man wanted, and he
appears to be a fine looking fellow,
aressed in tbe uniform of . TTnit
States army officer.
Will Sladelman was in the metroD-
olis today.
B. Cecil Jack wont up to Omaha this
Matthew Gering of Plattsmouth was
in the city yesterday to arrange for
the taking of the testimony in the
case where W. W. Coates made a bid Charley Uichey came in this morn
of $16,000 on some property put up fori Im? from Inuisvlllo.
sale by the Fitzgerald estate and then W. J. McFadden was n.n.
l . . ,
ma not fulhil its agreement and that
he was prevented by bis backers re
treating irom tbe deal. The taking of
testimony is to come off before Court
Reporter Mockett at some early date
to be fixed. The evidence will be sub
mitted to the court without any action
Dy rereree, as this was agreed to bv
all parties. Mate Journal.
It has been demonstrated repeatedly
in everv state in the nninn and in
the early train for Omaha.
Attorney R. B. Windham was in
Omaha today on legal business.
Henry Winslow, of Kenesaw. Neb..
is visiting at the home of S. A. Davis.
" " ujocj ui ujaar u; eeK was
a caller at The News office this morn
".Majnje oumvan has iron e to
Chicago to take a course in a ncbonl
tor vocal culture.
Burl Chandler
was a passenger for
many foreign countries that Chamber- 0m!buV!!i3 ffterDoo, where he will
tain's Cniitrh TfmrA j .... I Uia oroiner.
" v j o c oi iaiu pro i
Duwe ana cure for croup. It has be
come the universal remedy for that
disease. M. V. F18her of Liberty. W.
Va., only repeats what has been said
iround the globe when he writes: "I
have used Chamberlain's Cough Rem
ody in my family for several years and
lw.iys with perfect success. We be
ieve that it is not only the best cough
remedy, but that it is a sure cure for
croup. It has saved the lives of our
children a number of times." This
remedy ia for Bale by all druggists.
Wanted Several persons for dis
trict office managers in this state to
represent me in their own and sur
rounding counties. Willing to pay
yearly $3C0, payable weekly. Desira
ble employment with unusual oppor
tunities. References exchanged. En
close self-addressed stamped envelope.
S. A. Park, 320 Caxton Building, Chicago.
Ottn Wurl V, : .
kUo tiur manuiacturer.
went to Havelock and Lincoln this
morning with a supply of cigars.
William Houseworth and wif m
in irom Lincoln thin mrn;..
visit at the home of their son, George
. Houseworth.
JooGoldsnhmHi . , . ...
I, . "em io iouisvil e
sol bun!nff' "here he ook after
wi h the lT3 mtttOM in connection
! Impor,al Myc Legion.
A. B. Neligh. th hlo,
apn. "a"mu, was a
a, ' morning f,.r We9.
"""k, wuere ne was mHo.
,.f h calIo(1 OQ account
i.mess or a brother.
Mis.4 ninif r.
. 7 . . "l "uimona, who has
y vising with relatives and
friends in the city for several weeks,
returned to her home in Dead wood, S
D., this ufternoon.
Making: a Piano.
There are forty-eight different ma
terials used in constructing a piano,
from no fewer than sixteen different
countries employing forty-five differ
ent hands.
Eczema !
The Only Cure.
Eczema is more than a skin disease,
and no skin remedies can cure it. The
doctors are unable to effect a cure, and
their mineral mixtures are damaging
to the most powerful constitution. The
whole trouble is in the blood, and
Swift's Specific is the only remedy
which can reach such deep-seated Diood
Eczema broke out on my daughter, and con
tinued to spread until
her head was entirely
covered. She was treated
by several good doctors.
oat grew worse, and the
dreadful disease spread
1 O 1. A n
bealth springs, bat re-Zr'iP
oelved no benefit. Many -Si-t r9S,ii'SMf
natent medicines were taken, bnt without re
sult, until we decided to try S. S. S.,andby the
time the first bottle was finished, her head be
gan to heal. A dozen bottles cured her com
pletely and left her skin perfectly smooth. She
Is now sixteen years old, and ha9 a magnificent
mwiu ui uuir. aui, a sum oi we areaoiai
: has ever returned.
H. T. Shork.
2701 Lucas Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Don't expect local amplications of
BAAna on1 ' n 1 tt n r-t n ...... A T. n . n FT!.
reach only the surface, while the di
sease comes from within. Swift's
is the only cure and will reach the most
oDstmate case, it is iar ahead or all
similar remedies, because it cures cases
which are beyond their reach. S. S. S. is
purely vegetable, and is the only blood
remedy guaranteed to contain no pot
ash, mercury or otner mineral.
Books mailed free by Swift Specific
Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
la specially suited to some Lome use either cmtside or Inside.
It's knowing the right kind of paint, and putting it on the rlgtt
place that makes painting a success. Tell us what you want to paint,
and we'll tell you the riuht kind to use.
For pale in Plattsmouth by
F. G. FRICKE & CO., Druggists.
Most in Quantity.
Betinf ..lity.
For 20 Years Has Led all Worm Remedies.
BALLARD. St. Louis.
C Prepared by-
When in need of China
Goods of any description
be sure and call at our
store. We have a fine line
and can please jtou.
We have anything- you
want . . .
ing from
I $
Notice of Sale Under Chattel Mortgage.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage, dated on the Hth day of June.
and duly filed in the office of the county clerk in
and for Cass county. Nebraska, on the 30th day
of July, 187. and executed by D. D. Draper and
D. S. Draper to the Keystone Manufacturing
company to secure the payment of three promis
sory notes, one payable October 1st. 1S7. one
payable January 1st, lKfc.and one payable March
1st, 1X98. amounting in all to the sum of $Jo0.89.
and all bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent
per annum from the 8th day of Jute, 1&7. and
upon which there is now due the sum of $242 45
Said chattel mortgage and notes were duly sold
and transferred by the said Keystone Manufac-
to iheodore W. Castor and.
aeiauu Deen made In the payment
of said sum. and no suit or other proceed
ing at law having been instituted to recover said
debt or any part thereof: therefore I will .ll h
property merein aescnoea.
eignt l
mi iu idu, wcigm iw poucias, named Mollv.
at public auction, at the residence of Isaac
Wiles, on the southwest quarter of section 13,
tuwusnip range in cass county, Mebraska,
on the 31st day of January, 19u0, at 10 o'clock
a. m. of said day.
Dated this 9th day of January, 1900.
Theodore W. Castor,
Assignee of Mortgage.
C. S. Polk, Attorney for Assignee of Mortgage.
First publication Jan. 9.
viz: One bay mare.
t years old, star in face, weight 1.300 pounds,
ed Pet. and one bay mare, eight years old.
in face, weight 1.300 pounds, named Molly,
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Centrally Located.
O m 'or t ably Furnished.
Shinn keeps a full supply of candies,
fruits and nuts. Perkins house block.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska , r- . r.
County of Cass. In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Sarah M. Wins-
low, deceased:
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administrator of said
estate before me. County Judge of Cass county,
Nebraska, at the county court room in Platts
mouth. in said county, on theCth day of July, A.
It. 1900. at 9 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of
presenting their claims for examination, adjust
ment and allowance. Six months are allowed
for the creditors of said deceased to present
their claims, from the 6th day of January, 1UO0.
Witness my hand and seal of said county court
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this Vth day of De
cember, 10V9.
George M. Spurlock,
(Seal) County Judge.
First publication December 12. 18W. .
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