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.Relative of the Lad Traces Him
Jonuaru Clearing Sale
to This City.
Left Hit Home ar Weeping Water Last
Saturday, and Wm In Platts month
Yesterday He Boarded a Freight
...All Winter Merchandise at Greatly Reduced Prices...
Train Lat Evening- and la Now at
Some Point In Iowa.
T , i m
jodd jviurpny, a larmer from near
Louisville, cace to town Monday
and immediately buoted up Chief of
Pulice Slater and told that official a
rather interesting' story of a runaway
boy. He staled that his brother,
James Murphy, who resides on a farm
five miles northeast of Weeping
Water, has a son who is inclined to be
somewhat disobedient, and the father
occasionally found it necessary to pun
ish the lad. Saturday noon the boy
disappeared from home, but he was
traced to this city, and Mr. Murphy
had come after him. lie is described
as being about thirteen years old,
rather tall for his age, and fleshy;
. light complexioned.
The chief remembered having
noticed a lad who answered that de
scription on Main street yesterday.
The boy had a satchel with him, which
he left at Shinn's restauiant, saying
that he would send for it later. It was
learned, upon farther investigation,
that he went over to Pacific Junction
on a freight train last evening.
The officers at the Junction wore
called up by telephone and asked if
they had seen anything of the missing
boy. Tney replied that they had not,
and it is therefore probable that be
went on through to some other point.
It is thought he will send for his
satchel in a few days, and his where
abouts can be thus ascertained.
With plenty of cold weather before us, and prospects of having to pay from 25 to 33 1-2 per cent more for Blankets, Underwear
Mittens and in fact all winter Merchandise next season, due to increased cost of raw material and labor, it would hp a annH cnnhfL'
to buy your needs in this line now, as we bought our fall and winter stock last spring and summer, when all classes of merchandise
were at their lowest point, at prices that probably will not be duplicated again within the next five or six years. All woolen goods Dress
Goods, etc., are now from 15 to 25 per cent higher, and all cotton goods are from 20 to 33 1-3 oer cent higher than iv mnnthc aLn
not without reason, as raw cotton that six months ago was 4 3-4 cents a pound is now worth 8 3-4 cents, and a corresponding advance
in raw wool, besides labor at the mills has increased from lO to 20 per cent, but long as our oresent stork last will rnntinQ
our customers the benefit of our early purchases.
C. A. Marshall, Dentist.
The street commissioner had a force
of men at work today removing the
mud from Main street.
reier rerry, ooe oi the prosperous
farmers from near Eight Mile Grove,
was patronizing some of the local mer
chants today.
The cou,nty commissioners today
awarded the contract for printing
records, etc., to the State Journal com
pany of Lincoln.
Steve Buzzell was wearing- an unu
sually broad smile today, the cause be
ing the arrival at his home last even
ing of a bouncing ten-pound boy. The
mother and child are doing well.
Call on Attorney T S Becker for in
surance in old line companies. Collec
tions given prompt attention. Notary
public. Anheuser-Busch block, Fourth
and Main streets.
As. Will came in this morning from
Akron, Col., enroute to his home near
Eight Mile Grove. Mr. Will has several
laree cattle ranches in Colorado, and
reports everything out that way in the
most prosperous condition.
L. J. Mayfield, editor of the Louis
ville Courier, was in town yesterday
J 1 1 J . m . .
ftuu tnueu hi j. K in ews new quar
ters. Mr. Mayfield expressed himself
as being well pleased , with the new lo
cation and tho interior arrangements.
The Department store has just put
in a complete line of groceries. Far
mers should take notice that butter,
eggs, chickens, corn, etc., will be
taken in exchange for all kinds of
merchandise. The Metropolitan stock
of millinery goods is also now in the
Department store, and trimmed bats
which sold at from $3 to $5 are now
from 50 cents to $1.19.
The second entertainment Sun
day evening, January 14, by Prof.
E. Leischke and his classes in zither,
piano, violin and vocal, assisted by L.
Ottnat. New songs and the latest In
music. A social hop after the pro
gram. Admission 25 cents. Children
under fourteen years, when accom
panied by adults, admitted free. En
tertainment to be given at Turner
of Jackets, Wraps, Skirts and
Tailor-made Suits.
Many good thing's are here, but they
must go because an unwritten law of this
store says, "No garment shall be carried
over from one season to another." So
here is the chance for the shrewd buyer to
make an investment which will surely
prove a paying one. Yonrs is the gain,
ours shall be the loss, as long as we'll have
clean tables when this "January sale is
over. We have placed our entire stock of
Cloaks in three lots, as follows.
LOT 1. All Ladies and Misses'
Jackets that sold at $6, $6.50, $7 and $7.50
your choicefor $3.75.
LOT 2. All Ladies and Misses'
Jackets that sold at $8, $8.50, $9 and $10
your choice, $6.75.
LOT 3. All Ladies Jackets that
sold at $11, $12, $15 and upward your
choice for $9.75.
First come, first served. At these
prices they must bring cash. We have in
structed our sales force to sell all our re
maining stock of Ladies Tailor-made
Suits. Dress Skirts and Golf Skirts "at
the first figure," which is cost.
of Blankets, Comfortables,
Mitts, Knit Goods and
There are many who have not bought
their needs in this department, but the
prices that we quote throughout our stock
will make it good economy to buy for fu
ture use. Everything- goes nothing re
servedat a strttght cut of
20 Per Cent Discount.
All $5.00 Blankets during- January, $4.00
All 4.00 Blankets during January, 3.20
All 3.00 Blankets during January, 2.40
All 2.00 Comfortables in January, 1.60
All 1.75 Comfortables in January, 1.40
All 1.50 Comfortables in January, 1.20
Mitts, Hoods, Fascinators, Knit Skirts,
Flannelette Skirts, Wool Skirts, Flan
nelette Underwear, etc., at corresponding
Make your "New Year's
and make this opportunity
chanise at a low price yours.
calls" early
to own mer-
Our sale of Kid Gloves has been re
markably large this season, leaving us
with a great many broken lots, which we
aJe desirous of cleaning up before the ar
rival of our new spring stock month. We
have placed them in three lots and priced
them as follows, which is much under
Lot 1. About 150 pairs of guaranteed
gloves that sold at $1.50, $1.75 and $2.
Real kid, some silk lined, and the Grinnell
sample line of 1.75 and $2; Mocha gloves,
your choice 9gc a pair.
Lot 2. About 100 pairs of $1, $1.25
and 1.35 gloves, all sizes and about three
dozen size 5 of $1.75 and $2 gloves. Your
choice 75 cents.
Lot 3. A lot of $1 gloves, slightly
soiled and messed; a quantity of cream and
white chamois gloves that sold 79c, your
cho ce 49c a chance to buy good gloves
cheap that you should not miss.
Shoe Department.
Lot 1. Children's shoes from broken dozens, sizes
5 to 8, sold at 75c to $1. Your choice 50c.
Lot 2. Misses' sboes, siz-o 8 to 2, sold at tl.75.
Your choice 75o.
Lot 3 Ladies' Kid shoes, style a littlo off, but ex
cellent stock; a hoed that sold at 1.25; your choice 75c
Lot 4. Lidies' Sboes from broken dozens; shoes
that sold at from 81.75 to 2. 60. Tn olnao nut
duce stock we offer entire lot at $1.39 for your choice.
January Clearing Sale
Wool Dress Goods.
There are severaf reasons why we in
augurate this sale, but we mention the two
main reasons.
First To reduce stock before our an
nual February inventory, and prepare for
Second We are anxious to make 1900
better-than the one just closed. "So goes
Monday, so goes all the week," says the
old adage, and we projx)se to make Jan
uary a busy month. To accomplish this
we will offer a
5 Per cent discount on all cash
purchases of Dress Goods during- January
Remember this is no "bunco" depart
ment store scheme, witn goods marked up
for the occasion, but a straight 15 per cent
off on all cash purchases from our regular
selling prices, which are "alva s the low
est," and with the price of Dress Goods
steadily climbing upwards in the whole-
sale markets, will be
cent discount from
months from now.
the retail
to 25 per
price six
Large Grist of Accounts Re
ported Upon Favorably.
C. A. Weldey Hake Several Proposition
to That Body In Regard to Operating
the Oat and Electric Light Plants W.
D. Jones' BlliI Finally Allowed In
Foil Other Mew.
The city council held a short ses
sion last evening, there being no ab-j
sen tees.
After the reading and approval of
the minutes of tne previous session,
the clerk read a communication from
C. A. Weldey. This gentleman
offered to run the light plant furnish
all the manual labor, providing the
city would supply the necessary ma
terial for the sum of $150 per month.
Mr. Weldey also submitted another
proposition to the effect that he would
operate both the electric light plant
and the gas plant for the sum of $180
per month. Lutz of the Third sug
gested that he did not think it was the
proper thing to discharge the present
superintendent until he had been
given thirty days notice, and after
motion by Hinshaw to allow Mr. Jones
the futl amount of his claim $16.50
The report of Chief Murray of the
fire department, giving a list of the
officers selected by the department at
tneir last iteeting, was confirmed.
A sidewalk in the Third ward, near
Chicago avenue, was ordered repai ed.
as was also the walk near White's ice
house, in the Second ward.
Superintendent Boyer, of the light
station, was present and showed the
council some receipts for moneys which
he had paid at the time the arc light
was put in for the Bryan meeting. '
There was a great difference of opinion !
as to whether Mr. Coyer was entitled
to collect this claim, but nothing de
finite was decided upon.
There being no further business be
fore the meeting, adjournment was
Fruit is now being shipped from New
South Wales packed in the bark of the
ti tree and the outer bark of the mela-
leuch'i leucadendron, which is shred
ded into a sort of coarse chaff. These
barks seem to have some peculiar
power oi preserving oranges during
carriage. This may be owing to the bers who had hP nrant o.,
. . 1 . . 1 . 1 .J.I . J a i . . - -
The Old Corp of Teacher at the Meth
od In t Church K -elected.
The following officers were recently
elected by the Methodist Sunday
school for the year 1900:
Superintendent C. C. Wescott.
Assistant Superintendent C. S.
Primary Superintendent Mrs. It.
Secretary Mi?s Bertha Kennedy.
Assistant Secretary Miss M&eele
Ma pes.
Treasurer Merrit Kerr.
Librarian Clara Batton.
Assistant Librarian L L. Stafford.
Chorister Mrs. A. P. Campbell.
Organist Mi9 Florence Richard
son. The old corps of teachers were re
elected. The annual report showed that there
had been an- attendance during the
past year of 6,778, and that $110 15 had
been taken up in collections. The re
port also showed that Miss Eikenbary's
class had the largest attendance for
the year, and that Mr. Polk's class
ranked first in regard to the largest
amount in collections.
Priies were given to the four mem
celebrate the nineteenth birthday of
Misses Mary and Katie Gucnther. The
surprise was a complete one. The
evening was spent in (Uncing and all
had a good time. In the wee small
hours of the morning all departed,
wishing the girls many happy returns
of their birthday.
considerable discussion this was in-1 elacticity of the packing and the fact I day during the entire year.
A. B. Ilass, the messenger at the
Burlington depot, went to Lincoln
yesterday to take a station agent's ex
amination, lie returned this morn
ing. Burlington passenger train No. 12,
due in this city at 8:25, was over three
hours late last e vining.
George LaFolliett, who is employed
at the B. & M. round house at Gibson,
has moved his family and household
goods to that place, and will in the
future reside there.
"No. C, the fast Denver-Chicago
train, was one hour and forty minutes
late this morning, being delayed on
account of a wreck which occurred out
in the western part of the state.
Henry Waterman of the Burlington
supply department at Lincoln was in
town today on company business.
The Burlington has just finished
overhauling its fast trains between St.
Paul and Chicago. All of the coaches
have been in the shops and came out
painted and varnished in magnificent
style. Steam heating has been substi
tuted for the coal stove and electric
lights take the place of oil lamps.
William Kroehler has gone to Have
lock, where he has secured employ
ment in the B. & M. boiler shop.
The pay car is
scheduled to arrive
Tabler's Buckeye Pile Ointment ia
the only remedy for blind, bleeding or
protruding piles, Indorsed by phys
icians; cures the most obstinate cases.
Price 50 cents in bottles, tubes 75 cts.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
eluded in the communication. He
then made a motion to lay the matter
on the. table for further consideration
At this point Saltier moved to amend
that the matter as to which of Mr.
Weldey's propositions should be ac
cepted be placed in the hands of the
light committee with instructions to
report at the next meeting. By a vote
of six to four the amendment carried.
The report of the oity treasurer,
showing the condition of the city
finances, was referred to the finance
The reports of the police judge and
city marshal were referred to the
police committee.
The claims committee reported fa'
vorably upon the following bills, and
tne clerk was instructed to draw up
warrants for the same:
Fred Kunsman, foreman hose
cart, salary $6.25
E. W. Fitt. same 12.50
that it permits of ventilation. Un
less the bark is cut too fine there is no
sweating possible. The bark costs
only $20 a ton.
Jsew York's board of health has
taken action toward the strict enforce
ment of the law regarding the sale of
poisons. There have been many cases
of suicide lately by carbolic acid
poisoning, and if this chemical were
more difficult to obtain it would doubt
less decrease the number of cases.
A new dredge for use on the Volga
river in Russia has just been built and
is constructed in two parts, so as to
pass through the canal system leading
from the Baltic. Each half is 216 feet
long, 31i feet wide and 9 feet deep
and each half can be operated sepa
rately, making a bottc m cut of 62 feet
wide. The dredee has steel hulls and
Annual Meeting of Farmers.
1 he Mutual Insurance comnanv of
Cass county recently elected the fol
lowing officers:
President Jacob Tritsch.
Vice-President J. H. Becker.
Secretary J. P. Falter.
Treasurer A. A. Schaefer.
Directors Adam Hild, Henry Horn,
J. XVI. Meisincer. C. F. M r.
Freidrich, John Albert, Albert Pappe
ana William Wetteokamp.
The company during 1899 only had
two small lossep, amounting to $18;
their total amount of expenses for the
year were, including the losses,
$138 20.
They have written during the vear
118 policies, amounting to $164,575.
They have now in force 435 policies,
amounting to $577,937, and have $623. 24
in the treasury. The company is ten
ouu uos Buyer maae an na
VV. W. Crates was in the metropolis
W. M. Talkington of Union was in
town today.
C? A n I . .
, t-icurjr uenng weui 10 iiaveiocK
this afternoon.
H. N Dovey went up to the metrop
olis tnis m rniog.
lorn rarmeie was a passenger for
Omaha this morning.
Attorney Byron Clark went down to
Nebraska City this morning.
Henry Week bach, the grocery man,
made a trip to Omaha this morning,
Editor Charles Graves of the Union
ledger was a Plattsmoutb visitor to
Attorney Matthew Goring went to
Lincoln this afternoon on leeral busl
t. c AlcMaken and sister, Mrs,
ueorge f 'airfield, made a trip to the
metropolis this morning.
Ssnenn Wheeler has been on the
sick list for several days, suffering
from an attack of the grip.
Charles Murphy one of Center pre
cinct 8 well known farmers, was
caller at the court bouse todiy.
w. u. fitzer. who ia now practic
ing law nt Nebraska City, was a busi
ness visitor in the city yesterday.
6. t. wesson
Lest We Foroet"
Says Ooid Paul, a ho twists
the British Lion's tall.
Lost you forget wo wish to re
mind you that our lino of Men's
All Wool Suits at 7.;( is a
bargain. You'll pay no even
$10 for thom next yerr,but yours
now while they last at
& son.
For 20 Years Mas Led all VcnaBemedies. IW&IM
.iucb nasi a ax a . i
?Ar"mfj 'S !LPUed R"dCODlroHed b .e,ectric eessment on its member..
machinery of American manufacture.
Steam is generated by American boil
ers fired with naphtha.
John Ledge way, same 12.50
L. a. UberBOla, work 1.60
A. Smith, drayage 4.15
lu. KUdow, salary 40.00
W. A. Boyer, same 60.00
J. W. Case, same 50.00
Ebinger Hardware Uo..mdee. . . . 4.00
Week bach & Co., coal ,
jonn oingery, laoor U.UUI the naval intelligence bureau on Feb-
John Gingery, labor, 60l vvasningion, wnicn will be occupied
v. u. f ricke, mdse 2.25 J Qe oigsoee lamily,
rublic library, exp.. 32.75
I'lattsmontn Uas ana Electric
Light Co.. lease. 233.37
Adam Kurtz, sal 37.50
U. Hendrickeon, street wk 3.15
M. Archer, uncollected fees.... 8.10
Egenberger & Troop, fuel 4.50
W. W. Slater. 6alarv 50.00
P. J. Hansen, same 40.00
T. T. Fry, same 40.00
John Fitzpatrick, same 40.00
J. U. Wallinger has been on the
sick list.
Ida Stadler
was suddenly taken ill
Captain Sigsbee, the hero of the
115.401 Maine, and who will take charge of Monday morning
George Horn was an Omaha passen
ger Monday evening.
Cedar Creek can at last boast of a
full fledged gambling hall.
Richev A'. Dickson am hnilHinrr
In the opinion of the Chicago News I new office t their lumbur vrrf
thai hiatni-it u)R.k 9 r . i I
vuuuou Vl oubwd, so loner win c!,i0 .. 1 c.i
4l,n1n. ...1 I .u Dunnes oieiD
- . uv neraiuic crest, had business at Gretna Saturday,
Notice of Sale Under Chattel Hon...
Notice is hereby piven that hv virin. .( -
"""'isf uaiea on me otn day ot lane. 1W
nd dulv hied in the otfir f th. in..JZ Jt'C'
?? fir cunty- Nebraska, on he 20th day
of July 1W7. and executed by D. D. Draper ana
t. S. Draper to the Kevstone M.n.,f,.
.. ";" ' - ", fiucui oi enree promis
sory notes, one payable October 1st. l57. one
payable January 1st. 1898.and one mv.hl. M.r-h
and all bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent
per annum from the 8th day of Jute. 1SS7. and
baid chattel mortgage and notes were duly sold
and transferred by the said Keystone Manulac-
l t .uvwuic it. v,asiur inu,
f -a "" U Deen made In the payment
" - ouiii. auu no snir nr nrh.r nrnrimi.
ner at law havinir hiwn fnjiirl n rmr
debt or any part thereof; therefore I will sell the
property therein described, viz: One bay mare.
cigm years old. star in lace, weight 1.300 pounds,
named Fet. and one bay mare, eight years old.
star in face, weight 1.3UU pounds, named Molly,
at public auction, at the residence of Isaac
Wiles, on the southwest Quarter of section 13.
. . . K n . V. ," n 19 r ...... "I . . T . . '
" " r iu vitas cuuncv, neuraska.
on the 31st day of January, 1900, at 10 o'clock
Dated this Vth day of January, 1900.
Theodore W. Castor,
A a.,n... t ft .
C. S. Polk. Attnrr... tZTXZZ. .
First n., i 'o .-. murigage.
r....bHi,.vw j aUa m .
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are ngents for the world
renowned Wrshburn ManaoIiuR
and Gui'ars the finest intti ru
men ts m-ido. Let us figure wi'h
you on nf these fine instruments.
! 1 1 r
i Km
House Furnishings,
Herold, of the claims committee, re
ported that they had decided to allow
W. D. Jones an additional amount of
$4.40 for keeping the hose cart and
other fire apparatus at his barn, and
made a motion that the council grant
the same. However, an amended
must now bide its
Its glory pales before the matchless
brilliancy which must illume the first
fish caught in the Chicago river in
thirty years. That fish, preserved
and gilded, should be set on high in
the city council chamber and kept
there, that future generations may see
and marvel at the sight.
Ex-Commissioner George Young
came in from Nehawka last evening.
The fine weather of the last few days
nas again started work at the stone
There are a number of young sports
about fourteen years of age who are
carrying revolvers.
Fred Metzger and Henry Leucht
weis attended the shooting match at
South Bend last Saturday.
A surprise party was given at Mr.
Guenther's last Saturday night to
wur ihwi complete in an iinea and we
lurlte our friends to look it over We will
en learor to please yon. Call and see us.
(Special notices under this head will be charged
lor at the rate of one-half () cent per word
for each insertion.)
I OST A little kid mitten. Find,- will
L leae same at this office or at borne of Ed
(Bucoeaaore to Ueary Iloeok.
(.nnstian ehnrr-h nri n.t.
gold chain bracelet, lint. no-rvrl
on one siae. r inaer piease leave at this offiu.
I OST Between
L, office.
i w rirn Tm r..mi.i i . .. . .
L. M linger.
IIANTEITwo irirls
i . .
urn wore ana one 10 laice care o
one for general house-
Address box 1177. citV.Statinir nm nam
Good wages.
Centrally Located.
Comfortably Furnished.
It's Like Pouring Water
TIiroiiQti a Sieve.
to buy poor coil. We claim, anil w
think justly, lo S'll a really i-i fct
coal, aiid are content to aell itnta
really fair price Those who u-e it
are unanimous in their opinion (f Jt8
quality, and it is free from dirt, stone
and c!ir.keri. Intense heat with slow
combuHt'oi Is one of its rrcommenda-
thins. orico is another.
Mendota $ 4 so
Hard Coat 9, OO
r,,"' ! Jil.e.
4 df Trrt '. Uti,i rellabu.
Mla With -.!.. K T - I 1
iVI. AiIrK(.M..r-B.
in nmr, fu ,.rf lp i... . .. . .
"HjOleJ for
IO.Oel i e !1 moe 1 .J . ITau rp
bflUUillrmlitt. VlliLADi, TT