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A Number ot Important Wit
nesses Give Testimony.
Many People la tbe Court Room to Lis
ten to tbe Evidence Three of the
Murdered Man's Companions On the
Stand Other Happening's of Local
From Thursday's Daily.
A large crowd is listening- atten
tively to the evidence in tbe Harris
murder trial, which is being fought
very strongly by both sides.
Hart, one of Jones' companions, was
the first very important witness for
the state on the 6tand yesterday
afternoon. He stated that he went to
Elmwood with Jones and three other
men, and was present when the shoot
ing occurred. He was lying down
while the men were playing cards,and
arose when the 3econd shot was fired.
As soon as he got up he was shot, and
he then ran away. He testified that
Harris was backing away from Jones,
who had hold, of him, and that finally
he jerked one band loose, and pulling
a revolver, Bhot his adversary in the
He was followed by George Winter
smith, the colored man who was pres
ent, and who contradicted Hart on
several points, as be did Malone who
followed him. Wintersmith stated
that Harris told Jones to let him alone
and he retreated from seventeen to
twenty feet. He did not hear Harris
swear, as Hart bad 6tated he did.
This morning Malone, the third eye
witness, was put upon the stand, and
was questioned for about three hours.
He contradicted both Hart and Win
tersmith on several points and did not
make a very favorable impression. He
has been working in St. Joe for Hud
Tracey, an uncle of Jones, and did not
know that there were any gambling
devices in tbe wagon in which
the quartet journeyed to Elmwood
He 6tated that he could Bee the card
game over which the trouble arose,
and that each man had seven cards in
stead of six; and that Jones called a
misdeal before the hands were played
out. This was in contradiction of
Wintersmith, who was closer to the
men than Malone, and who said that
the misdeal was not called by Jones
until after the game was played and
Harris had won.
No other important witnesses were
called by the prosecution, which,
Bhortly after the noon recess, rested.
From the Nebraska Teacher.
The schools at Crete have beea dis
missed because of an epidemic of
Edith Hutchinson, formerly at
Greenwood, has charge of the eighth
grade at Ogallala.
The Speer number work has been
adopted for use in the first and second
grades in the schools at Ord.
The South Omaha board of educa
tion are considering the advisability
of establishing night schools at public
Superintendent Fling of Nebraska
City and his teachers will visit the
schools of Omaha and Council Bluffs
November 10.
The McCook board of education has
established a night school for short
band and tvoewriticg. to which
juniors and seniors only are admitted.
Several excellent men were defeated
for the office of county superintendent.
On the other hand, some strong
teachers succeeded in getting the
Mrs. Bouse is assistant principal in
the Weeping Water high school. The
board of education added the third
teacher for the high school last
The Nebraska City school has joined
the Nebraska high school debating
league and will be represented in the
annual debate to be held at Lincoln
during the holidays.
No less than a dozen different kinds
of foot ball games are played In the
schools. They are nearly all different
forms of the old "shinny" game. Each
school seems to evolve a different set
of rules.
The United States commissioner to
the Paris exposition of 1900 has asked
the University of Nebraska for com
plete statistics of courses, instructors,
students and equipment for tbe educa
"tional exhibit.
Superintendent Fowler announces
that a rate of one fare for the round
trip has been secured from all the
railroads for the state association.
Tickets will be on sale December 25
and 27, with return limit December 30
Judge Archer Married.
Judge Michael Archer was united
. In marriage at 5 o'clock last evening
to Mrs. Charlotte N. Archer, at the
in the Third ward
v ' - ,
-r nnnnn nt thpi Christian church
IWTi Juu,c -
performed the ceremony in his usual
'mnnnnr. The ladv is Mr.
Archer's divorced wife, they having
been married eight years ago. She
has been living in umana oi taie.
News wishes them much Happiness.
Injuries May Prove Fatal.
While oiling the overhead machin
rlincton Dlaninsr mil
yesterday David Wichtman fell to the
floor below, a distance of twenty feet,
and struck on his head and shoulders
... onma machinery.
VU ovuiv
Mr. Wichtman used to be a sailor
A lu.lnr ATI adeDt at climbing at-
tended this particular line of work, it
. a. 3 lntnMitt.1 In.
Is feared that ne guswiuou iu.
juries, as he is suffering much pain.
He resides in iiappy
Flatulence is cured by Beecham's
C. A. Marshall, Dentist.
Smoke the "Exquisito."
A. W. Atwood sells the best paint
on earth.
Don't miss the auction sale in tbe
Golding building Saturday.
Oysters served in any style at
Shinn's cafe. Perkins house block.
The court house flag was floating in
the breezes today, out of respect to
Vice President Hobart.
E. M. Clark mashed his right hand
Quite badly this morning while mov
ing a stove. Two of his knuckles were
Prof. C. A. Doty the famous dress-
cutter and designer is here introduc
ing a late merchant tailor method of
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian church will meet Friday af
ternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. T.
M. Patterson.
When you want to smoke a 10-cent
cigar try Otto WurlV'Sllver Wreath"
union made you can find n tor
on the market. .
I have just received an installment
of Baldwin pianos. See 'em and make
auseful X-mas gift. Agency at Sher
wood's shoe store. J. O. Weborg.
On Saturday with every cash pur
chase of $1, except sugar and flour, we
will give a 15 cent bottle of high grade
perfume. F. T. Davis Co ,UnIon brk.
The Jr. O. U. A. M. will attend
Thanksgiving services at the Christian
church next Sabbath, November 26, at
11 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Dungan.
Mrs. Howland is displaying some
water color studies in the show window
of Wescott&Son. Those interested in
such work would do well to look at
The T. B. society will give an oyster
supper, Tuesday evening, at the home
of George Anderson, corner of Eighth
and Pearl streets. Everybody in
Mrs. H. C. McMaken received a let
ter from her husband last evening,
stating that he would arrive home
Saturday. He did not state how much
game he bagged.
A.' W. Atwood received a telegram
from his wife this afternoon Btating
that his brother-in-law. Dr. H. Lee
Hatch, died at his home in Jackson
ville, III., at 7 o'clock this morning.
Funeral Sunday.
If you are suffering from drowsiness
in the day lime, irritability of temper,
sleepless nights, general debility.
headache and general want of tone of
the system, use Herblne. You will
eret relief and finally a cure. Price 50
cts. F. G. Frlcke & Co.
LaGrippe, with its after-effects, an
nually destroys thousands of people
It may be quickly cured by One Min
ute Cough Cure, the only remedy that
produces immediate results in coughs.
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia
and throat and lung troubles. It will
prevent consumption. F. G. Fricke It,
Do you want to fix your rooms up
this season? Of course you do, and it
is probably high time for it. You in
tend to buy wall paper? And buy an
other paper in two or tbree years?
Now, let me talk to you about haying
a nice decorated house, stylish and
up-to-date and save much money on
it. Get your rooms painted and deco
rated in a modern style and you are
through with your house 4or many
years. Don't paper every two years
and ruin your plaster with it. Call on
Louis Ottnat for full explanation of
the economy of frescoed rooms. He
has the experience of many years and
a great many references in town.
Plattsmouth telephone 253.
Witnesses Give Favorable Testi
mony For Harris.
A Deputy United States Marshal From
Atchison Is AIM Placed On the Stand
By the Defense to Give Evidence As
to the Character of Malone and Jones
Other Local News.
In the Harris murder trial yesterday
afternoon Richard S. Nurval, an at
torney of Seward and a brother of
Judge Norval of tbe supreme court.
was the first witness for the derense.
He testified to the good character of
Harris, whom he had known for years,
and that several years ago defendant
was assaulted in the yards at Lincoln
and beaten over the head with a coup-lino-
ntn? that since that time he had
been very nervous and excitable and
easily startled or alarmed.
ITarrv T. Jones, a banker oi bewara,
corroborated Norval's testimony.
A number of farmers from near .Ne-
hawka, where Harris had worked
testified as to his good character an
bis sobriety and truthfulness.
DtiDositions from officers ot tne law
at Atchison and St. Joe, where Jones
and Malone had lived, were read to
show that they were gamblers and
grafters, and that their reputation
was bad.
This afternoon Mr. Anderson, a
deputy United States marshal and for
mer nolice officer of Atchison, testified
to the bad character of Jones and Ma-
Georze Wintersmith was recalled
and stated that he had told the county
attornev and William DelesDemier,
after the shooting, that it was done in
Belf defense, but this testimony was
stricken out.
Frank Green of the Journal and
Rush Fellows of the Post testified that
they bad heard Malone say to Hart
that he (Malone) "would make the
damnest best witness he ever saw."
George Williams, who has been in
iall for some time, and who was dis-
charred last Tuesday, having been ac
quitted of burglary, testifiea that
Hart had said to him ttiat "Harris
had to shoot or get hurt."
Dr. Walker of Union was in the city
Mrs. Utterback was in Omaha this
E. M. Clark, the barber, went to
Omaha this afternoon.
E A. Oliver made a business trip to
Omaha this afternoon.
Dr. C. A. Marshall, wife and sieter
spent the day in Omaha.
T. M. and Ry Patterson were pas
sengers for Omaha on the fa6t mail.
Elitor J. K Keithley of the Weep
ing Water Republican was in the city
William Clary of Nebraska City is
attending to some legal business in
the city.
Mrs. C. A. Rlchey and daughter.
Katharine, are in the city visiting
Mrs. W. W. Coates and Mrs. W. L.
Pickett were Omaha visitors this
H. B. Groves departed this after
noon for Lincoln and Crete to visit
friends over Sunday.
Mrs. S. II. Atwood was in the city
today, returning to her home in Lin
coln on the fast mail.
El Dutton.the Burlington engineer,
was down visiting his mother and bid
ding his friends goodbye prior to go
ing to Alliance, whore he had been
transferred for road service.
St. Luke's Church. '
Rt. Rev. A. L. William?, the co
adjutor bishop of Nebraska, will
preach in St. Luke's church on Sunday
evening next. A cordial invitation is
extended to alL A reception will be
given the bishop and Mrs. Williams
at the residence of Mr. Paul Goring on
Monday evening. Let all friends and
parishioners give him a ohance to get
For Sale I offer for sale my prop
erty on North Sixth street, consisting
of two acres, all in fruit; two houses
and a barn, in good condition. G. IL
Longenhagen. f
Examinations have begun in most of
the rooms below the high school and
will continue next week.
The foundation for the tiew high
school building is practically com
pleted and the joists were partially
laid today.
Flags were displayed at half-mast
upon the school buildings today, out
of regard for the death of Vice-Presi
dent Hobart.
The sophomore clas have perfected
an organization, Joe Zovodsky being
elected president and Helen Cox vice-
president. This class numbers about
fifty pupils.
The graduating class has selected a
very attractive set of class colors, con
sisting of purple, gold and white. If
it is practicable, the decocrations at
tbe commencement exercises will be
in these colors.
The class of 1900, which graduates
next June, contains sixteen members.
as follows: Eunice Davis, president;
Charles Gutbmann, George Clark,
Tom Murphy, Lloyd Wilson, Loretta
Clark, Verna Cole, Maud E iton,Emma
Eikenbary, Anna Hassle r, Amelia
Martin, Ella Ruffner, Bertha Richey,
Margaret Rennie, Mattie Spangler
and Eva Fletsher.
The board is securing estimates
upon tbe additional furniture needed
In tbe new high school building. The
assembly room, or the main roooa, will
be provided with double desks and
seats, while the recitation rooms, be
ing comparatively small, will be
seated with recitation benches with
writing arm attachments. By this
means a much larger number of
pupils can be accommodated in each
room than by desks.
The present junior class which
graduates in June, 1901, will in all
probability eclipse all other classes in
point of numbers, as there are over
forty members at present, indicating
a graduating class of over thirty
pupils. This class will have had the
benefit of the new high school course
of study during their entire four years
and will be much better fitted for the
university than any previous class
Tbe classes thereafter will have a
The junior class, which graduates
one year from next June, contains the
largest percentage of boys of any
class that has graduated for years
Out of the entire class of forty-two
nearly one-half are boys. This large
increase in the proportion of boys is
gratifying. The number of boys
alone will probably exceed the entire
number of boys and girls in the larg
est class that has yet graduated. Ac
cording to the teachers they are as
fine a lot of boys a9 can be found any
Dinner Party.
Judge and Mrs. Spurlock gave
dinner to the former's parents and
few friends last evening, the occasion
being the first anniversary of their
marriage. Those present were R. B.
Windham and sister, Mrs. H. H.
O'Neal of Champagne, IU.,Mrs. B. K.
Davis, C. E. Wescott and wife and B.
Spurlock and wife of York.
Miss Ida Walters of Plattsmouth
spent Sunday with Lulu Page.
William Nessan departed for Wood
ruff, Kan., Wednesday night.
Mrs. M. P. Schroeder ha9 been on
the sick Jist for the past ten days.
Emanuel Kline and Jacob Seybert
were passengers for Plattsmouth
W. E. Newkirk of Alvo spent Tues
day at this place soliciting Woodman
accident insurance.
A laree number of people enjoyed
themselves at the dance given at the
hall Saturday night.
M. P. Meisinger had the misfortune
to hurt his shoulder last week, so that
he was unable to husk corn for several
Mr. and Mrs. Patterson of Louis
ville spent Sunday at Cedar Creek, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Hol-lenbeck.
The Duff Grain company shelled
some of their old corn Thursday to
make room for the new corn now com
ing to market.
Lewis E Myers left last Monday for
Dallas, Texas. "We understand that
he has a good position a9 a bookkeeper
for a wholesale furniture company.
J. M. Ramsey of Manley was a visi
tor here last Saturday. He will move
down in a few days and will take
charge of the City Hotel on Decem
ber 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Nickel of Elm-
wood, Mrs. Mary Eidmann of Lincoln
and Mrs. Eidmann of Stuart, Neb.,
were visiting with George Horn and
other relatives in these parts last
Contractor Hazen of Sarpy county
has entered info a contract with S. H.
Atwood & Co. to do a largo amount of
stripping at their Culloni stone quar
ries, east of this place. They will be
gin work next week, and will in all
probability have a winter job.
Miss Nina Clark celebrated her
eighth birthday Thursday night by
asking in her young friends) to spend
the evening with her. After playing
games for several hours, they sat down
to a tablo loaded with everything
that's good. The children all en
joyed themselves highly and wi.-h
Miss Nina many happy returns of her
What might have been a serious
conflagration was averted here Thurs
day afternoon by Mrs. George Horn.
When going into her house she found
her lace curtains burned to the floor
and her carpets and some other things
on fire. By hard work the fire was ex
tinguished without doing a great deal
of damage. The fire was started by
their three-year-old boy playing with
matches at the foot of a lace curtain.
Richey & Dickson of Liuisville
were hee Wednesday looking up a
location for their new lumber yard.
They say they will give us a good
lumber yard, and if they do they will
find that the people appreciate it.
They expect to build large sheds and
all the lumber will be kept in a dry
place. These two gentlemen under
stand the lumber business thoroughly,
and should they see fit to give us a
good yard, it will be a valuable addi
tion. Last Sunday afternoon five of the
leading sportsman of this place bar
rowed as many guos and all the stray
dogs in town and started for Four Mile
Creek on a coon hunt. Arriving at
the creek they met about an equal
number from Plattsmouth, also in
search of coons. As it was now nearly
dark, they decided the first thing
should be supper, and after eating a
good, hearty meal they started after
their game. For six long hours they
wandered up and down that creek,
but failed to tree a single coon. They
arrived homo at 2 o'clock Monday
morning, not making half as much
noise as they did when they left town
twelve hours before. There hasn't
been a word said about coons since.
Woman's Club.
The Parliamentary drill and Amer
ican Literature departments will meet
on Friday evening, Nov. 24, at 7:30.
Lessons Duties of officers, Quorum
and committees; Selected reading from
Holmes and "The Chambered Nau
tilus. " Mrs. W. H. Newell, hostess.
Call for the "Exquisito." Every
retailer carries them.
John Tighe of Manley was in town
The flouring mill has shut down a
few days for repairs.
Mrs. James Alloway returned from
Omaha Tuesday much improved in
C. A. Richey and wife were in
Plattsmouth and Omaha tho forepart
of the week.
The county commissioners were in
town Friday of last week. They were
inspecting county bridges.
Richey & Dickson were in Codar
C:eek Wednesday looking after their
lumbar yard interests. After paying
freight on a car of lumber they con
cluded to walk home.
Madam Rumor hrs it that a wed
ding is to take place in the near future
between two of our most prominent
society people. Tf Madam is correct,
can give you particular next week.
H. E. Pankonin made a trip to
Plattsmouth Saturday,and while there
commenced the necessary steps to
compel S irpy county to repair their
part of the Platte river bridge at this
The livery business which J. D.
Ferguson has conducted so long and
satisfactorily in this place is about to
change hands. Tom Johnson and
James Alloway are the prospective
purchasers. Success, boys.
Two of our prominent citizens en
gaged in a friendly (?) boxing con
test on the train home from Omaha
Monday evening. Bad blood has ex
isted between the parties for some
time, but it is understood the quantity
has been reduced.
Worth $2.25, $2 50 and $3.00
-Pattern Hats.
Worth 87 and 88; for 84.BO and 85. OO
Hats from $1.50 to $3
....AT THE....
Main Street, bet. Fourth and Fifth.
Lumber and Coal
Mendota Coal, $4 50
Hard Coal, - - 9.00
Yurds in rear of Waterman block.
B-ef-:j;.".l.,.'!.-,1.-..-1 :. Jr--v
r,----- C-A - S fl? T
Who's on Top
in the Transvaal?
It depends on how you look
at it. No matter how you
look at it, we're on top in
the matter of Light-colored
Covert Overcoats. Prices on
the bottom. We anticipated
the demand tor these and
bought them kight. You
are the gainer. See us for
Thanksgiving "fixin's."
6. E. wescou & Son.
Corner Main and Fifth Streets.
Our Prices
In December will be in accordance with
those of last year. It is an established fact
that we offered lower prices and as good
goods as you could buy elsewhere in our
Holiday Sale last December. We are satis
fied with the business we enjoyed then ;
therefore we intend to offer you the same
opportunities again. You have a larger and
better stock to select from at present than
you had then. We have added a large
stock of Cut Glass to our regular line. This
ware is of the very latest design and cut.
Watch for prices in this space later.
Jno. T. Coleman,
Second Door South of PostoJlcc, Plattsmouth, Xeb.
Black Currant Loienge.
Many housekeepers w'il have made
tnelr jams ana j.viies tr now, out siui
It will not be too late to make a few
lozenges for the children to give them
in the winter nights before going to
bed. These lozenges will not only do
their colds good, but please them.
Those who hava robbed the sirup
from the Jam for their jelly may use
some of that, but those who have not
made jelly may take some of the juice
or sirup from the Jam. The currants
can be reserved for currant tea for the
invalids, so nothing is wasted.
Mix half a pound of sugar with one
third of a pint of black currant juice,
dissolve an ounce of gelatin and sim
mer the whole in a pan for twenty
minutes. Pour the mixture out in thin
layers into tins about a quarter of an
Inch thick. When nearly cold, stamp
out. Dust lightly with sugar and keep
n airtight boxes for future use.
Tailoring )
Is Booming JJ
Fancy Chrlatmaa Boxes
Equal to highest grade 10c cigars.
Buy a box of Pepperberg'a make to
send to your out of town friends.
Auction Sale.
A good line of dry goods, notions,
jewelery, watches and silverware at
auction Saturday, and for ten days in
Golding building.
All members of Jr. O. U. A. M. are
requested to meet at their hall next
Sabbath, November 26, at 10 a. m. for
the purpose of attending Thanksgiv
ing service at the Christian church.
By order of counselor,
J. F. Robisox.
The "Gut Heil"6-cent cigar has an
enviable reputation among smokers.
Union made. For sale by all dealers.
Otto Wurl, Manufacturer.
Candles Valuable In Meilroomt.
No one who has not used candies tot
the oedrooin can appreciate their val
ue. The light is soft and there is no
unpleasant, unhealthy oior, as there
may be from gas or kerosene; nor tha
staring whilanesa of he eltctric light.
Lamps are pretty for jhe bedroom, but
it is almost impossible to turn them
out without leaving some odor in the
Toom. But candles are for retiring on
ly, when they furnish sufficient light.
No room can be too light where a wo
man Is dressing.
"I- wouldn't be without DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve for any consider
ation," writes Thos. B. Rhodes, Cen
terfield, O. Infallible for piles, cuts,
burns and skin diseases. Beware of
counterfeits. F. G. Ft icke & Co.
your order with John C. I'tak for
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ens ami stock of Tailor's Trimmings
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go xl goods and trimmings and fl rst
c'asa woi k, latest style and cut. Mr.
Ptk is the only tailor in Cass county
holding a cutter's diploma.
Merchant Tailor,
Leonard Block.
ORMS! veriviifu
Moat In Quantity.
For 20 Years Has Led all Worm Remedies. iWNM
Prepared by JAMES F- BALLARD. St. Louis.
tity. . I
Have been removed to SECOND and
MAIN STREETS. Orders for
M CQAjlV m
Will receive PROMPT Attention.
Here are some of the grades they handle:
Testaments, Catholic
Prayer Boons, Episcopal
Prayer Books, Church
Hymn Books, in endless
variety of bindings and
sizes, at
aey overcome Weak
ness, irregularity and
omissions, vig-
. ' .lilOiA lltllUS
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