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AUx Sclileel state capiat
THE NEWg. Establsbed Nov.5. 1991. 'rnnaolldated Jun. 1 IKOS
THE HERALD. Established April 10. 1?6I. ( t-Onsonaatea Jan. I.lbus.
VOL. IX, NO. 6.
AFTER FILIPINO LEADER&mmmm?mHm?nmm?mnmmm!
Known to Have Passed Between
San Fabian ami Fernando.
! 1
, American Force Have a Little Kncoun-
trr Wltn the Filipino Kear Ugard,
It lit the Knemy Forced to Ketrt-at
With Considerable Lohs Otis Reports
Manila, Nov. 22.-12:55 p. m.
General Young; reports that Aguin-
aldo, with a party of 200, including
Borne women and a few carts, passed
Aringay, on the coast between San
Fabian and San Fernando, in the
nrnvinon of Union, on Fridav. Nov. 17.
Tho nana...! alrla A rTIMTlftKill
- A .1 UI U4 UU U .3 V U C. V -
probably intended to etrine inland
IIIIUUU I U O 1J VI mini n w
:; Bayambong, in the province of Nueva
V I .'! I'-l
General Young, with cavalry and
Mrt.uebes, is pursuing the Filipino
IcaJer, part of tho American force
taking the direction of San Fernando.
In a fight with Aguinaldo's rear guard
at Aringuy one Maceebebo was
wounded and the insurgents retreated.
There Iors is unknown.
Otln Report Operation.
Washington, Nov. 22 General
Otis today cabled the war department
as follows:
"Manila, Nov. 22 Dispatch 21st
from Jj-iwton at Tayug reports Young
withctvalry and Maccabebo ecounts
at Arinpay, with advance north to
Baoang rear San Fernando about to
move on trail east to Trinidad. Young
reports considerable insurgent force
moving in that direction; that Aguin
aldo is in charge, seeking to cross
over to B yambong.
"Portions of Lriwton's troops now
being pushed through to Tayug with
rations. Battalion Twenty-fourth will
join Liwton tomorrow. Nothing
from Wheaton tor several days. Mac
Arthur operating west of railroad
and north of Tarlann. Wire from
Tarlann north working; troops on en
tire railroad lino stationed without
"Iloilo reports seven companies
Sixth and Twenty-sixth volunteers,
under Dickman, struck insurgents
northeast Jaro;v casualties, six
wounded. Enemy left on field eighteen
killed. Dickman captured seven
primers, four one-pound brass
field pieces and several thousand
rounds ammunition. Eighteenth in
fantry yesterday drove insurgents
north on Santa Barbara. Hughes
with column north and west of Sacia
Barbara; reports of results not jet
The dispatch from General Otis does
not yet make it appear that the ef
forts to capture Aguinaldo and the
larger portion of his army will be suc
cessful. The intention of General
Young to prevent A guioaldo reaching
Ilaj-onbong seems evident, but this
seems scarcely probable now. Some
errors have been made in the trans
mission of the dispatch. Ba3-onbong
is evidently meant instead of Bayam
bone. The town eiven as Tarlann is
probably Tarlac, as the situation of
MacArthur would indicate that he is
operating not far from that place. No
alarm is felt regarding the situation
of General Wheaton, as he has been
for some time beyond telegraphic com
munication. Operations are also progressing in
the islands south of Luzon, as the last
portion of the dispatch indicates.
A few days ago we had a slight Fire in our building. There was no damage by
Flames or Water, but a slight damage by Smoke. A large portion of the Clothing shows
NO DAMAGE WHATEVER the only way you could detect-it at all is by a slight smell
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Ills Doctor Are Hopeful of Permanent
Mkukaska ClTV, Neb., Nov. 23.
Senator Hayward has rested easily to
day and appears better than he was
yesterday. His pulse and temperature
are normal, a fact that is gratifying
-tahl physicians. The paralysis of
the lower limbs which alarmed the
physicians yesterday seems to be
gradually rereding today, giving
these members freer action, but his
right arm is useless, hi speech diffi
cult and his mind is clouded at inter
vals. Dr. Bridges came from Omaha last
evening and spent most of the night
with tho sick man. Ho says that the
condition of the patient has improved
over wbat it was when he was here be
fere. He held a consultation with Dr.
Wbitten and indorsed the treatment
prescribed by the latter during the
last few days.
Dr. Bridges agreed with Dr. Whit
teu that it cannot be known at this
time whether or not there is serious
inflammation about the lesion in the
brain. Both physicians expressed
themselves as being satisfied with the
manner in which the case is progress
ing, but were reticent upon the sub
ject of the prospects of any permanent
Irrent Petition From the Farmers' and
Planters' Association.
Washington, Nov. 22. Evaristo
M. Montalvo and Francisco Figueras,
commissioners appointed by the Plant
ers' and Farmers' association of Cuba;
V. O. McDowell, president of the
Cuban-American league, accompanied
by Senor Quesada, the Cuban commis
sioner, called upon the president to
diy and laid before him a petition
adopted by the Farmers' and Planters'
association. The petition is basad on
the oelief of the commissioners that
tho rehabilitation of Cuba depends,
first of all, upon the revival of its
natural industries, sugar, tobacco and
mines. To secure this industrial re
vival the commissioners pray the pres
ident to provide for the establishment
of an agricultural bank, with branches
in the principal cities of the island so
thai money may be easily obtained by
the planters on crop and land security.
They pointed out, however, that no
amount of production can bring pros
perity to Cuba without a market for
its crops. They, therefore, ask that
the president extend to Cu the same
commercial privileges as will be en
joyed by the islands of the British
West Indies under recent treatries, or
else that he renew the reciprocity ar
rangements made for Cuba's benefit
with Spain under President Harrison
in 1891.
Minor points touched on by the peti
tion is tho desirability of the same
postal arrangements with the United
States that now exist between the
United States and Mexico and Canada,
also the repeal of any order prevent
ing competition in capital out of Cuba.
The petition quotes the view9 of
Commissioner Robert P. Porter on the
economic needs of Cuba and submits
the dratt of a charter for the proposed
agricultural bank. They discussed the
general situation in Cuba with the
president and when they left the
White house said their conference had
been very satisfactory, thought not in
clined to go in to details as to what the
president had told them. Later they
went to the treasury department,
where they had an interview with
Secretary Gage.
Filipinos Kill Four Americans
and "Wouiitl Twenty-five.
Male Help Wanted Reliable men
to handle our line of high grade lu
bricating oils, greases and specialties.
Salary or commission. Address, Mu
tual Itefining Co., Cleveland, O.
Recorder George A. Hay is enjoying
a visit from his brother from near
Elm wood, who is a juror in court.
Rebels Driven From Trench to Trench By
Colonel Carpenter's Force Another
Engagement Is Anticipated at Santa
Itarbara. Where General Hughes Is
Already Snpposed to Have Met Rebels.
Manila, Nov. 23.-10:50 p. m Se
vere fighting in the north of Iloilo be
gan Tjesday, November 21. Four
Americans were killed and twenty
five wounded, including three officers
The insurgents are retreating to Santa
Barbara, but the fighting continues.
Colonel Carpenter, November 18, ad
vanced to Santa Barbara, straight
north from Jaro, taking trench after
trench, the enemy fighting and re
treating. General Hughes' column has stead
ily been advancing north to gain a po
sition west of Santa Barbara.
It encountered the enemy in small
detachments. Six to ten Americans
were wounded in this column. Colonel
Carpenter started during the night of
November 20, and opened with Bat
tery G of the Sixth artillery at day
break, November 21, on the trenches.
The enemy volleyed as the artillery
took up a position, wounding four.
Two companies of the Twenty-sixth
regiment garrisoning Jaro, moved
time, seemed anxious, consulted with
his companions and the villagers as to
the nature of the roads, secured fresh
horses and proceeded immediately
towaia Mangalaren in Pangasinan
province, west of Bambang.
The corporal tells a straight 6tory,
giving minute details. Ha is con
vinced he is not mistaken, having
seen Aguinaldo several times during
recent months.
Aguinaldo, it appears, would have
time to leave Bayambong November
13 and pass through General Whea
ton's lines November 17.
Hi: IKS TO $."0,000 MISSING.
Pnblie Administrator at llatte, Mont., Is
Loo lnjr, for Legates of Singer's Will.
Bctte, Mont., Nov. 23. Public
Administrator J. II. Collins is looking
for heirs to the $-50,C00 estate of the
late James C. Singer, a formely well
known old-timer in Butte, who died
suddenly in San Francisco, in Septem
ber, 1898. Before leaving Butte, Sin
ger purchased government boo as and
$50,000 worth of them were found in
his trunk in San Francisco.
An administrator was appointed for
the estate in that city and the public
administrator in Butte took charge of
the portion of the estate remaining in
Montana. He siys he is satisfied that
Singer's legal residence at the time of
bis death was Montana and that the
money in San Francisco should bo
turned over to the estate in Montana.
Sintrnf loft, n will in vhiph Mrs
l l . ? - .1 . I A. '
hi i uus; " vbuhj, uiiui-k i n g ine enemy ,t
.1. L. T ' "Jtt
Attempted Train Wrecking.
Ottumwa, la., Kov 23. What is
supposed to have been an attempt to
wreck the Burlington fast mail No.. 8
occurred this evening two miles east
of Russell. While the train was run
ning at the. rate of moro than fifty
miles an hour it struck a number of
ties on the track, knocking them
clear of the train, far onto the rightof
way. No one was hurt and the train
arrived in this city forty-five minutes
late. Oae of the ties became lodged
in the pilot and necessitated the re
moval of tho pilot. The object of the
perpetrators of the deed is supposed
to have been robbery. There is no
clue to the guilty parties.
Graves Are Neglected.
The dead heroes of the Buena Vista
battlefield, where 6,000 American vol
unteers under General Zachary Taylor
defeated 20,000 Mexicans under Santa
Ana, after a desperate and bloody bat
tle, lie In a neglected and unmarked
jjspot near Saltillo, Mex.
Cost of the Ctah Jubilee.
Utah's recent pioneer Jubilee cost
54,000, nearly all of which was raised
by subscription.
Will Likely Help Roberts.
Mcncie, Ind , Nov. 23 Said Con
gressman George W. Cromer of the
Eighth district:
"I predict that Brigham H. Roberts,
congressman-elect from Utah, will be
allowed to retain bis seat in congress.
through the influence of democratic
politicians. The republican majority
in the Fifty-sixth congress will be
only fourteen. The democrats, I be
lieve, will never permit a free suverite
and expansionist democrat to be
ousted from his seat by republicans in
congress. It would be voting against
themselves. Besides, to expel Mr.
Roberts it will require two-thirds of
the members and unless the democrats
vote with the republicans he will keep
his seat."
on the right flmk just north of Jaro
at daybreak, November 21, driving
thera toward Colonel Carpenter. The
country between Jaro and Santa Bar
bara is thickly entrenched especially
near Pa via. The Sixth artillery fired
on the trenches and the Eighteenth
regiment charged, the enemy ret' eat
ing to the next trench. Tho Eigh
teenth again charged, encountering
and attacking a force of bolomen who
were hidden in the long grass and
who severely wounied several Amer
icans. During tho afternoon of November
21 the fighting was severe immed
iately south of Pavia, three miles
north of Jaro.
Capture Three Cannon.
The column returned to Jaro after
the flank movement, having captured !
three eix-pound smoothbore cannon
and a quantity of arms and ammuni
tion. The enemy's loss was not obtainable,
but seven men were found dead in one
trench. The insurgents are falling
back on Santa Barbara, whic'a it is ex
pected General Hughes has attacked
before this.
A Spanish corporal, captured by the
Filipinos, has arrived here from Tar
lac. He Bays he saw Aguinaldo, ac
companied by a prominent leader and
fifteen men, arrive at Bayambong
during the night ot November 13, hat
less, his clothes torn and spattered
with mud and his horse exhausted.
Aguinaldo, it appears, rested a short
non iiennie ana Alice jenKins are
named a9 the legatees, but Mr. Collins
says he has been unable to locate them
or get any trace of them
Wreckers Find Gold Chest.
Santiago De Cuba, Nov. 22. The
wreckers working on the sunken Span
ish armored cruiser Almirante
Oquendo yestf rday discovered a chest
containing $18,000 in Spanish gold,
which the Cendoya company, the firm
employing the divers, will retain.
Work on the cruiser has been in pro
gress for five months and many thous
ands of dollars worth of treasure has
been secured. The safe was found in
the bottom, where it fell during the
burning of the ship.
Only a few days ago the wreckers
began on the torpedo boat destroyer
t uror. Thev have alreadv found a
Bervice of heavy silver plate. Experts
assert, after inspecting the destroyer,
that it might have easily been raised
ana repaired. The wrecking opera
tions have proved a source of large re
turns to the companies. nKiimntnH -t
t $500,000.
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The Kind Kaiser and Bis Krruiun.
In a recent story about i-e kaiser,
William is made to size up his own
ability as a preacher. It i3 well known
that the kaiser on his annual trip on
board the Hohenzollern to the Norwe
gian fiords is in tin habit of conduct
ing divine bervice every Sunday morn
ing. He usually reads a jhort liturgy
and follows the prayers with a sermon.
In hH recent trip the officers of the
Hohenzollern noticed that a sailor dur
ing divine service had fallen fast
asleep. After service the captain call
ed the sailor before him, gave him a
sound rating and sentenced him to two
days' arrest. The captain afterward
reported the incident of the sleeping
sailor, and the punishment Inflicted on
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fore?" asked the kaiser. "He was.
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