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rromisps to TVstily Before the
Industrial Commission.
ITuaniaker May Have Home Kvidence
Next Wffk Concerning Combination
Store Whisky Trout I'rcnident y
1'rlce-CuttiiiK lias ICeen AIiilon-I.
Wasiiinotox. Nov. 17. The Indus
trial commission ha received from
Andrew Carnegie a promise to appear
before that body in December and give
testimony on the subject of trusts.
His will be the last taken upon this
subject preparatory to the preliminary j
report wnicn will ne maue 10 congress
early in January.
John Wanamaker is expected to
testify before tho commission next
w3ek upon tho question of combina
tion 6tores.
Samuel M. Illce, president of the
Distiilins; Company of America, com
monly designated as tho Whiskv trust,
was before the commission toJay. He
said that hisompany controlled about
90 per cent of the spirits distilled in j
the United States, but that tho com
pany had abandoned tho policy of cut
ting prices.
There was no intention of driving
competitors out of tho business, he said,
the iutention being to sell at a f;iir and
Kure prolit. letting others do as they
might please in fixing prices.
Mr. Hice gave the details of the or
ganization of the trust, t-aying it was
formed from the Distilling and Cattle
Feeders' association, tho American
Spirits Manufacturing company, the
Standard Distilling and Distributing
company, all of which were controlled
by tho pr incipal company by tho own
ership of stock. It had merely be
come a clearing house for the other
companies. All the stockholders of
these several concern-, with the excep
tion of a very small minority, had
entered into the combination with zeal.
The parent comp iny also owns a rye
whieky distillery at Minneapolis and
the Hannis distillery.
The trust controls about 90 percent
age of the brands of Kentucky whisky.
Of the capital 9tock of the company
thero had been issued $31,2.10.000 in
preferred stock and $10,2."0,00 in com
mon. He said ho could not say what
amount had been paid to tho organizer
of the trust, but it was a very delicate
and important undertaking he thought
and he should luive been well paid.
He was unablo to stale what had been
paid for tho Hannis rye distillery, but
ho considered it worth not less than
$5,000,000. The company had made no
public statement of its earnings, but
its books, Mr. Ilice said, were always
opon to tho inspection of the stock
holders of tho company.
Mr. Kice contended that the effect
of the consolidation was to cheapen
the cost, of production and also to
lessen the price to the consumers.
A change of the revenue laws go as
to permit the transportation of alcohol
in tank cars was advocated by Mr.
Rice. With this change ho thought
the United States could supply the
world with alcohol. He also thought
that tho whisKy tax should bo lower.
fixing Ip the Kallroacl.
Manila, Nov. 17. 9:20 a. m. Gen
eral Mac Arthur's and General Law
ton's commands are now near each
other. General MncArthur is getting
supplies into Tarlao over tho railroad
from Hambam with an engine which
was raised from tho river by the Ninth
Colonel Howes, who occupied Vic
toria with six troops of the Third cav
alry,has advanced to Ilosalos. A letter
was found at Victoria from Private
Desmond of the signal corps, one of
the twent3'-one American prisoners
held there. These prisoners, the letter
said, were expecting to bo taken to
the mountains before tho army ar
rived. Two thousand insurgents are re
ported to bo missing at Garona, above
Tarlac, and General Mascarde is said
to be in tho mountains west of Angeles
with 1,000 men, preparing to make
raids. Rain has been falling through
out the month and for the last weeK
there has been a heavy downpour.
The whole country is in as bad condi
tion as at anv time this season.
Meeting of the Woman's Clnb.
From Saturday's Daily.
The Woman's club was highly edL
fied last evening by a lecture from Mr,
1 Ull, U13 DUIJJltU ULIU Allium.
There was a fair attendance of club
members and a number of visitors,and
all expressed themselves much pleased
with the history lesson and Mr. Polk's
eloquent manner of presenting the
subject assigned him.
The Current Topic department oc
cupied tho first half of the evening,
and Mrs. Waugh was prepared with
interesting topics on a variety of sub
jects for discussion.
Mrs. MacMurphy of the Omaha c'ub
being present, the president called
upon her for a little speech. Mrs.
MacMurphy, although unprepared,
responded gracefully and gavo a short
resume of late work done in the
Omaha club.
Next Friday evening American
Literature and Parliamentary Liw
will engage tho club.
Used By British Soldiers In Africa.
Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known
all over Africa as commander of the
forces that captured the famous rebel
Galishe. Under date of Nov. 4, 1S97,
from Vryburg, Bechuanaland, he
writes: "Before starting on the last
campaign I bought a quantity of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, which I used mv
eelf when troubled with bowel com
plaint, and had given to my men, and
in every case it proved most benefi
cial." For sale by all druggists.
Private Morgan Killed on the Street of
L. Platte Ity Soldiers.
From Saturday's Daily.
Corporal Faire and a private soldier,
both of the Tenth United States in
fantry, shot and killed Private Mor
gan, a deserter from the Thirty-ninth
regiment, now en route to the Philip
pines, near John O'Leary's etore about
6 o'clock last evening at Li Piatte.
At 3 o'clock in - the afternoon two
prisoners, Privates Morgan and Dea
con, overcame their sentry and es
caped from the guard house at Fort
Crook. Morgan had been confined in
the guard houso since September, al
though no charges have yet been for
mally filed in his case, and no douot
found prison discipline irksome..
Guard details armed with rifles and
ball cartridges and the stern com
mands that go with military law, were
at once sent out to scour the surround
ing country and towns in search of the
fleeing men.
It was just growing dusk as a
s'rangor walked wearily into La
Platte, and accosting a citizen, in
quired the way to Plattsmouth. Hav
ing gained his information he passed
on, and a little farther came upon two
soldiers of the Tenth infuntry, armed
and standing in watchful pose near
John O'Leary'a store.
As the stranger passed, looking
neither to the right nor left, one sol
dier attracted the attention of tho
other and said:
"I think that is him."
Instantly the corporal shouted,
The command was unheeded, and
again "Halt" was repeated.
The pedestrain looked b ick and said,
'What do you want?" but started to
run as tho sharp, torse, "Halt," again
rang out.
Crack, crack, spoke two Kr&g-Jor-gensens,
almost in unison, and Ihe fu
gitive fell across. the road. The horri
tied bystanders ran to the wounded
man, who cried piteously, "Save me;
get a doctor," and, fainting, died in a
few minutes and before medical assist
ance arrived.
Both men were awaiting trial by
general court martial for the most
serious offeuso known to military law.
Deacon has not yet been apprehended.
i:xpi:nsi:s of caniiiati:s.
The Amount the Hoys Eipmled to tiet
to Nerve the People.
The following table shows the
amounts tho various candidates spent
during the campaign, as filed with
County Clerk James Ribertson:
:. ?!
CV ,-" 1 ' "w ?C v -.
: Si : ggggji gSSSifSrjg -SS3SSV
: : : : : : uxl oja'spien
:::::: f gg: g-ggg! v ggg
:::.::::::::::::::: s quicken
. : - : v i
::::::::::::::::::: ai ! auijaaiu
::::::::::::::::::: s anojs
:::::: : : : . : : : : I-" 3kjso,j
;;;;;; tizi'. zz z pnB
gsl: : : : z ' ' : t? Jimuou,!,
::::;::::::-:::::: 2t: Jsuuaaui
::::::::::: g: g
-bk"K: ; y. -pjeoq
.::::::::: s :::::::: : I hoijmiti
I sosnadx
I nam piej
at ic js sx-j -j 22 s ii a- S S2iX3 a
5 c C c:- S."L'5cw
ieox '
A Plucky Woman.
The following item from the Lead
(S. D. ) Tribune is an indication of the
metal of which the frontier ladies are
"Mrs. Tileoo.wife of William Tilson,
tho ranchman who lives out toward
Dumont, had a bit of frontier exper
ience the first of the week that is
worth repeating. She was at home
alone, when the barking of the dog
attracted her attention, and looking
out she noticed a wounded deer close
to the blacksmith shop. She set the
dog after the animal and it caught
the deer by the nose and 5n the scuflle
that ensued the deer got into the
blacksmith shop, the wide door having
been left open. Mrs. Tilson hastily
closed the door, went to the house and
securing a sharp butcher knife she
returned to the shop nnd soon dis
patched tho animal like an old hunts
man. When Mr. Tilson returned in
the evening he could scarcely believe
the story until ho had been shown the
deer, which was a fine large one."
Waa Not loxane.
From Saturday's Daily.
The board of insanity completed the
examination of Mrs. Mary Ptak this
morning and decided that she was not
insane. About sixteen witnesses were
examined and the testimony of none of
these indicated that she was insane.
If you have sore throat, soreness
across the back or side, or your lungs
feel sore or tender, or you are threat
ened with diphtheria or pneumonia.
apply Ballard's Snow Liniment exter
n ally, and use Ballard's Horehound
Syrup. -.F. G. Fricke & Co.
Antiquity of Glaas Making.
No Industry except that of cloth
manufacture has contributed so much
to the comfort and advancement of
man as that of glass-making, whteh ts
one of the oldest, of technical Indus
trie. Its earliest home was Egypt.
City and county.
G. S. Upton of Liberty was a county
seat visitor today.
E. T. and Arthur Tool of Murdock
were in the city today.
II. E. Pankonin of Louisville was a
Plattsmeuth visitor today.
Conrad F. Vallery was today granted
a permit to wed Miss Mollie Snyder.
Mrs. T. L. Murphy and daughter,
Josie, were in Omaha this afternoon.
A. B. Todd departed this afternoon
for Alliance on a few days' pleasure
County Superintendent-elect W. C.
Smith of Elm wood was in the city to
Attorney Matthew (l.ringf went to
Atchison, Kan., on legal business last
Frank Kroehler and August Mumm
of Havelock are visiting relatives in
the city.
Miss Hortense Butts of Ashland was
in the city today taking teachers' ex
John Albert of Cedar Creek was in
the city yesterday and made this office
a pleasant call.
Miss Cora Beaver returned last
evening from a four weeks' visit with
relatives near Gresham.
Mrs. C. S. Johnson returned to her
home in Schuyler this afternoon after
a visit of several days in this city.
Thomas Patrick Ryan and Miss
Emma Thompson were married by
County Judge Spurlock today. The
former resides in St. Louis and the
latter is a Nebraska City ladj.
A new time tablo will go into effect
on the Missouri Pacitic railroad to
morrow. Passenger train No. 10, go
ing south leaves at 3:3-5 instead of 4:04
p. m.; freight No. 12, going north,
leaves t 3:35 p. mJostead of 4 p. m.
Dr. Jones of . South Bend was a
Plattsmouth visitor today.
Samuel Smith of - Weeping- Water
was a county seat visitor today.
Miss Jessie Lansing of the city
schools spent Sunday in Lincoln.
Judge-elect J. E Douslass is over
from Weeping Water attendiug court.
William Case of Nehawka was at
tending to business in the city today.
Lew Meyers, the Cedar Creek drug
gist, was in the city today enroute to
Mrs. William Neville went to Al
liance yesterday to visit her nu3band
and son .
John Koop, S. W. Ball and M. N.
Drake of Louisville were Plattsmouth
visitors today.
Jesse Scott, who is working in the
Cedar Creek quarries, spent Sunday
with his family in this city.
Miss Cora Walker taught school at
Rock Creek last week in the place of
Miss Mary Trilety, who was ilL
A. S. Will held a horse sale at his
farm south of town Saturday. Sixty
head were sold, the price averaging
S63. It was a fine herd of horses.
L. J. May field of the Louisville
Courier was in the city between trains
today. He was enroute to Omaha.
John Busche and wife returned yes
terday morning from Pokin, 111., where
they had gone to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Busche's sister's husband.
O. F. Scoville and wife of Brown
ville are iu the city visiting at tho
home of Zack Brown, Mr. Scoville be
ing a brother of Mrs. Brown's. Mrs.
Scoville will remain for several weeks.
The case of the State vs. George
Williams, tho colored man who is
charged with having broken into a
car in the Missouri Pacific yards last
April, was being tried in district
court as The News goes to press.
Mrs A. W. Atwood received a tele
gram this nfternoon from her sister,
Mrs. Dr. Hatch at Jackson ville. III.,
announcing the serious illness of her
husband. Mrs. Atwood expects to de
part tomorrow for her sister's home.
jWard Barr and Ed Christianson
were tried in police court this morn
ing upon a complaint filed by Jesse L.
Draper, charging them with stealing a
horse blanket and a mackintosh. They
were each fined $10.35, and being un
able to pay the same were lodged in
Mrs. W. D. Mulford departed for
her home in Denver today, having
stopped off here on her return from
Ottumwa, la., where she attended the
funeral of her husband, whose death
occurred at Denver la-t week. The
decepsedwasa brother of Mrs. S. P.
Holloway and she stopped off here for
a short vi-it with the latter's family
Miss Carrie Holloway accompanied
her as far as Omaha.
Infant mortality is something fright
ful. Nearly one-quarter die before
they reach one year, one-third before
they are five, and one-half before they
are fifteen! The timely use of White's
Cream Vermifuge would save a major
ity of these precious lives. Price 25
cts. F. G. Fricke & Co..
Farm For Hale Cheap.
One hundred and sixty acres adjoin
ing Wabash, Neb. Each eighty has
good house, barn, windmill, abundance
of water and bearing orchard. Will
take $2,000 down, rest on time to suit
purchaser. Charles NorEs,
Louisville, Neb.
Lost A ladies' gold watch. Has i
shell case, and a small chain attached
Case No. 2,700; works No. l,939,78f
Waltham works. Finder will be re
warded by leaving same at this office,
Mrs. Tom Barnum, Union, Neb.
The "Gut Heil" 6-cent cigar has an
enviable reputation among smokers.
Union made. For sale by all dealers
(Otto Wurl, Manufacturer.
Guilty of Petit Larceny.
From Monday's Daily.
William Belvillo was tried in police
court this morning upon a charge
of petit larceny filed by C. H. Mattox.
The plaintiff in tho case was hauling
his household effects from South Om
aha to Rock Bluffs, and when a few
miles from South Omaha a bundle con
taining a suit of clothes fell from the
wagon. Mr. Mattox did not notice
that the bundle was missing until
some time afterwards, and then he re
quested his son to go back after the
same. In tho meantime Bel ville eame
along with his team, and, picking up
the bundle, concealed it in his wagon.
He was afterward questioned by both
Mattox and the latter's son in regard
to the bundle, and told them be had
passed the goods laying in the road
several miles back. The owner after
wards discovered Belville wearing the
suit, and immediately filed a charge of
petit larceny against him.
A f ter hearing both sides of the case
Judge Archer fioed Belville $5 and
costs, amounting to $13 05, and being
unable to pay same he was taken back
to jail.
From Monday's Daily.
Conrad F. Vallery and Miss Mollie
Snyder were united in marriage by
Rev. T. K. Surface at the United
Brethren parsonage. three miles south
west of this city, yesterday, at noon.
The bride is the daughter of Henry
Snyder, a prominent farmer of Platts
mouth precinct, while the groom is the
youngest son of Jacob Vallery, sr.,
and a well-known and popular farmer
of the' precinct.
A reception was given the friends of
the newly-wedded couple at the Val
lery home and was attended by many
friends from this city, who report a
mo?t joyous time.
The happy couple left today for
Ulysses, where they will visit friends
and relatives.
A Fine EutertaiuinenC
From Monday's daily.
There was a fine musical entertain
ment at the Turner hall last evening
given by the pupils of Professor EJ
mund Lischke, on the zither and
piano. Fred Ebinger and Louis Oit-
nat sang solos which were well re
ceived. Profes-sjr L'iischke accom
panied on the piano and zither.
There was a largo crowd in attendance
and the entertainment was thoughly
enjoyed. Following are pupils who
participated in the program:
E sa Steitweiser, Christina Soen-
niehsen, Matilda Soannichsen, Francis
Whalen, Katie Heinrich, Josephine
Droege, Ella Sattler, Sophie Sattler
and Annie Wichtman
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have 'proved their match
less merit for sick and nervous head
aches. Thsy make pure blood and
strong nerves and build up your
health. Easy to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
EiprmKian of Appreciation.
Golden Hod Castle, No. 15, Imperial
Mystic Legion, desires to publicly ex
press its appreciation of the services
rendered by the members of the cast
in "Aberdeen," the realistic perform
ance of which play so greatly re
dounded to tho credit of each indi
vidual performer. The play was a
great success in every way, and the
Castle reiterates its thanks to the pro
moter, Mr. Lawrenco Russell, and the
players for the time and trouble cx
pended in the interest of the order.
G. F. S. Bl'KTOV, orthy Regent.
F. W. FlTT, Sec'y. Treas.
A Fine Play.
The home talent play "Aberdeen"
was given the 6econd time at White's
hall Saturday evening under the aus
pices of the Imperial Mystic Legion.
The play was even better Saturday
evening than it was Friday evening.
this being attributed to the fact that
those participating in the play had
gotten the "new worn oil" and felt
more at home on the stage. Each one
taking part did well and it would be
out of the question for THE News to
decide which one did the best.
Shlnn Suocemtfal.
Judge George M. Spurlock today
rendered a decision in the case of
Douglas W. Shinn vs. School district
No. 28, in favor of Mr. Shinn for the
full amount sued for $270 and costs
of trial, which were $10.20.
"I had dyspepsia fifty-seven years
and never found permanent relief till
I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Now I
am well and feel like a new man,'
writes S. J. Fleming, Murray, Neb
It is the best digestant known. Cures
all forms of indigestion. Physicians
everywhere prescribe it. F. G. Fricke
& Co.
Kept on hand at FTgenberger &
Troop's feed store. Charcoal is the
bulk of all hog cholera remedies,
which sell at ten times the price of
i i
Dried Flowers.
A German chemist has found a way
of preserving the colors of dried flow
ers, even of delicate poppies. Flowers
lose their tints in drying through am
monia in the air. The inventor presses
his specimens between sheets of paper
which have previously been saturated
with a solution of one per cent of ox
alid acid In water.
For burns, cuts, bruises, lacerations
or Injuries of any description J3allard's
bnow Liniment is a sovereign remedy
It never fails to do good, and so
promptly that its wonderful curative
properties frequently create surprise,
Price 25 and 60 cts. F. G. Fricke &
Foil Sale ou Rent Store room
and dwelling combined, 34x58 feet,
known as the T. V. Davis store, in
Murray. Inquire of J. W. Edmunds,
Murray, Neb.
Not a Surprise.
It will not be a surprise to any who
are at all familiar with the good qual
ities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to know that people everywhere lake
pleasure in relating their experience
in the use of that splendid medic'ne,
and in telling of the benefit they have
received from It, of bad colds it has
cured, of threatened attacks of pneu
monia it has averted and of the chil
dren it has saved from attacks of croup
and whooping cough. It is a grand,
good medicine. For sale by all druggists.
A I'ru.ttrattl Ambition.
Whf-n Mary Leittr goes to India as
j-icei ne she will put an end to the
mbition of the Princess Victor
p Singh. This princess, who is
a ca:; 'nler OI me eari or uuveniry, auu
t ber.t.tiful girl, married the prince for
vr..;:h and rank. He is a Hindu
f ar.cient royal family, fabulous
n n. cut unpleasant uauus. iuu
v' y of India's wife takes prece-
t. ..f the wife of a native prince.
li't the Princess Dhuleep Singh count
ed on the fact that the vicereines are
j old and unattractive to make
. queen in India. The appoi-t-
rf Mr. Curzon, with his beautiful,
r- -p clever and popular Ameri-
or i
Notlce to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received at the
county clerk's office at Plattsmouth,
Neb., until 12 o'clock (noon) Saturday,
December 2, 1S99, for the building of
all bridges for Cass county, Nebraska,
for the year 1900; bids to be accom
panied by plans and specifications and
a certified check for $500.
The board of commissioners reserve
the right to reject any or all bids.
James Robertson,
County Clerk.
American Shoes la Germany.
Twenty years ago American shoes
were unknown in Germany. Indeed, at
that time our shoes were not regarded
as superior to those o German manu
facture, but the many improvements
which have been made in machinery,
together with the careful study which
our manufacturers have made of style
end comfort, have placed our shoes in
the front rank. An American can al
most always be distinguished In a
crowd by his shoes. In 1880 the value
of shoes imported into Germany from
the United States amounted to $1.6C6;
in 1890, to $9,044; In 1896 it was $39,-
508, and for the first five months of
this year the total value of the shoes
Imported from the United States was
Chamberlain's Pain Balm Cures Others,
Why Not You?
My wife has baen using Chamber
lain's Pain Balm, with good results.
for a lame shoulder that has pained
her continually for nine years. We
have tried all kinds of medicines and
doctors without receiving any benefit
from any of them. One day we saw
an advertisement of this medicine and
thought of trying it, which we djd
with the best of satisfaction. She has
used only one bottle and her shoulder
is almost wen. Aaoipn iviineii,
Manchester, N. H. For sale by all
Kohrell & Kroehler are ready to
butcher hogs on short notice. They
have all the necessary equipment and
can do good work. Leave orders at
Kunsman & llamge's meat market.
V i will rav the above reward lor any case of
Liver complaint. Dyspepsia. Sick Headache,
Indigestion. Constipation or Costiveness wecan-
not cure with Liverita. the Up-to-Date Little
Liver Pill, when the directions are strictly com
plied with. lhey are purely Vegetable, ana
never Ian to eive satisiaciion. c ooxes contain
100 pills, Nlc boxes contain 40 pills, ftc boxes con
tain 15 pills. Beware of substitutions and imita
tions. Sent by mail. Stamps taken. NERVITA
MEDICAL CO., cor. Clinton and Jackson Sts.,
Chicago. 111. Sold by F. G- Fricke & Co.
Probate Notice.
In Countv Court. Cass County. Nebraska.
In the matter ol the estate of Edward B. Holmes,
Frances A. Holmes. Zara C. Holmes, Oliver
W. Holmes. Harvev A. Holmes. May Holmes
Campbell, and all other persons interested
in said matter, are hereby notified that on
the 13th dav of November. 1W9. Thomas Pol
lock hied in said court a duly authenticated copy
of the last will of the said Edward B. Holmes,
deceased, together with the probate thereof by
the probate court of Cook countv, Illinois, to
gether with the petition of Frances A. -Holmes
and Oliver v. Holmes, alleging among otner
thinir that Edward B. Holmes died on the SUth
day of February, 1W6. leaving a last will and tes
tament and possessed or real estate situated in
the county of Cass and state of Nebraska, and that
the above named constitute all the persons inters
ested in the estate of said dacaased, and praying
that said will may be probated and that adminis
tration be eranted thereunder in this state. You
are hereby notified that if you fail to appear in
said court of Cass countv. Nebraska, on the 5th
rlav of December. Ih99. at 2 o'clock p. m.. to con
test the probate of said will, the court may allow
and probate said will and grant administration to
Frances A. Holmes and Oliver W. Holmes, or
some other suitable person and proceed to a set
tlmnt thereof .
Witness mv hand and the seal of said court
at riattsmouth. Nebraska, this 13th day of No
vember, iyy. m. :
George M. Spurlock,
(Peal) County Judge
First publication November 14. 1M9.
Notice to Creditors.
STu.?,Fv ls 1 Count, Court.
In the matter of the estate of William Young,
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the executor ol said es
tate before me. County Judge of Cass county.
Nebraska, at the county court room in Flatts said county, on the lflth day of June, A.
I), im 10. at 2 o'clock p. m.,for the purpose of
presenting their claims for examination, adjust
ment and allowance. Six months are allowed
for the creditors of said deceased to present
their claims, from the th day of December. 1S99.
Witness my hand and teal of said county court
at Plattsmouth. Nebraska, this 11th day of No
vember, l&ys.
George M . Spurlock.
(Seal) County Judge.
First publication November 14. 18W.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska
Walt M. Seely, Plaintiff.
vs. T
I. L. Goldsberry & Son, J. L.
Goldsberry. first name un
known. Charles O. Golds
berry. K. C. Peacock, first
name unknon. and the
Weotern Land ii Cattle Co.
Limited, of London, Lug..
t ih. above named defendants
You and each of you are hereby notified that
upon the IMh day of October. A. D. lswtf, the
above plaintiff tiled bis petition in the district
court of Cass County, Nebraska, against said de
fendants to recover the sum of thirteen hundred
thirty-eight dollars ninety-three and eighty-one
hundreds cents (flXig.BJ 81-1 UO) as commissions
for procuring a purchaser for all real estate in
Texas county, Missouri, belonging to the West
ern Land & Cattle Co.. Limited of London,
England, upon a contract with plaintiff.
That plaintiff filed his affidavits for attach
ment ana garnishment in said action and has at
tached the moneys and properties of said de
fendants in the hands of Henry K. Geriag and
William W. Coates.
You are required to answer plaintiff's petition
on or before December 11, ltSfe, or said petition
will be taken as true.
Dated October 24. 1899.
Walt M. Seely.
By his Attorneys, Byron Clark and C. A. Kawls.
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