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Till". NK.V. H. r.Mtul)lln-J Nov. 5. Ih'.tl ,. . ,
TIIK HI.IIAI.Ii. IslahhHl,...! April 10, 1;. ( -'HOlldat..l Jan. I. 1s'j!i.
0--iitiH Tiihaiian jiiiiI iiiim
lal on Soul lii-i'ii ( nasi.
A ' U
Q) c
(-port mi l:'llltoii KviKlt-al IImi Nnvy
I'orl of Niilll InIiikIh, OiitHliln r
AiiM-rlciui I'orlH, Am Orilrrnl I'IohoI
lo Ciiiiiini n r Ci iiniirSi mil In n Nmum
of Klllil ami Wniiiiilril.
Manila, Nov. 1",. i p. ni. (Jen
iMiil IlulxtM, with piirtn f the Nine-
tiM-ntli iiml Twenty -Hixth rciraonts,
inovod from I loilo Thursday, November
to Otton, six milcH west, for the pur-
pou of capturing Santa I tarharu, tlx
rohi-l Hlronholi, tun miles woat of
lloilo. Heavy rains preceded tho
liiovoinoiit and tho roiidrt were in
places iinn;iHH:ihl!. 'I'hu Hamo niht
Colonel ( ,irp;ntnr, with tho Kiyh-
trontli ri'iiiwint anil 15 ittery (J of the
Sixth artillory, made woHtwardly from
I 'aro to connect with (ieneral Hughes.
Colonel Carpenter whs forced tore
turn to .Jam, on account of tho hoavy
roads and by lack of proper tranpor
tation. ('omp'iny C of (he Twenty-
sixth regiment had the only lijjhtinir
VV'lien only three miles out of J art)
this company charged tho rebel
trenches and throe of tho enemy were
killed. Ono man was wounded.
(ieneral Hughes November 12 occu
pied and Guimhal, on tho
southern coast, and also Cordova, in
the interior. The enemy did not op
pose (ieneral 1 1 tithes' advance.
llocont orders from Afjuinaldo found
in the trenches said: "Do not opposo
tho Americans' advance, liurn tho
villages as they aro evacuated. Divide
the forces in small bands and harass
tho Americans on every occasion."
Areneta, the rebel leader of tho isl
and of l'anay, was captured nt Taj
bitnan whilo attempting to pass tho
lines into lloilo. Two battalions of
the Twenty-sixth will garrison lloilo
and .Taro.
A sipnal visible fiom 1 loilo has been
burned by tho rebels.
It is rcport 'd that an expedition,
evading' tho navy, recently landed
arms and ammunition on tho Antiqua
coast, and that tho rebels threaten op
position with an armed force of 3,000
men. These stories aro not believed.
All ports of tho Sulu islands, out
side of the Amorican ports, have been
ordered closed to commerce
CfiiBor Strut li-s Nam oh.
New Vokk, Nov. 15. The dis
patches from Manila yesterday re
ferred to Major Marsh as commanding
the left battalion of tho Thirty-third
regiment, commanded by Colonel
Luther 11. Hare, in the sharp engage
ment with the insurgonts near San
Fabian, Saturday. Tho otticcr is Major
Peyton C. March, formerly captain of
tho Astor battery and later on General
MacArthur's stuff. Owing to the
elfaracter of tho censorship at Manila,
General Otis is not permitting tho
sending of tho names of tho killed and
wounded. A full account of the en
gagement near San Fabian was cabled,
but the correspondents were not per
mitted to send tho name of Major John
A. Logan, killed in action, or those of
others killed or wounded.
McKttiloy t'Hllen Agulnaltfo.
Washington', Nov. 15. Tho presi
dent is making otTorts to secure the
protection of tho Spanish prisonors
with the insurgents in tho Philip
pines. A cable message has been sent
to (ieneral Otis, and by him forwarded
to General MacArthur, with instruc
tions to tret it to Aguinaldo,if possible,
relating to this subject. Tho presi
dent requests tho kindly and humane
treatment of the Spanish prisoners,
and tho message also contains an inti
mation that any of tho insurgents re
sponsible for the ill-treatment of such
prisonors will bo held to strict ac
count when they aro taken by the
Unitod States forces operating in the
Itljj Strike I I'rolnble;
ClilCAuo, Nov. 15. Chicago's labor
war broke out afresh today as a result
of the failure of the long promised
conference between special commit
tees appointed by the building con
tractors' council and the Building
Trades counc?i, respectively.
The representatives of tho contrac
tors were on hand, but the labor com
mittee did not put in an appearance.
This piqued the contractors a&d it is
announced that at a meeting of the
Builders' association called for tomor
row the gauntlet will be thrown to the
labor unions.
Courtship at Long Distance.
Mt'XCiE. Ind., Nov., 15. Tonight
there arrived here directly from Dub
lin, Ireland, Miss Mary Mangrin, who
will be wedded to a man she saw for
the first when she stepped from the
train here yesterday. He is Constable
William Plume.
Mr. Plume and the girl have carried
on a courtship, by mail and even the
proposal of marriage and acceptance
were made in the same way. Not long
ago Plume sent the girl a ticket for
passage to America and she came last
night. Tne bride-to-be is a sister of
Piume's first wife, who died a few
months ago.
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ing Wabash, Nob. Each eighty has
good house, barn, windmill, abundance
of water and bearing orchard. Will
take $2,000 down, rest on time" to suit
purchaser. CnAHL.ES NoYKS,
Louisville, Neb.
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Flames or Water, but a slight damage by Smoke. A large portion of the Clothing shows
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flORGAN, The Leading Clothier, I
No. 502 flain Street, Plattsmouth, Nebraska. s
His licmaiiis Laid Away In l'aeo
Conu'tery, Manila.
Chaplain I'iorce Officiates at Grave and
the Twentieth I u fan try Furnishes the
Kitcort, Commanded lty Major Kod
mun.With Captains of Same Kegiment
as l'allhearera.
Manila, Nov. 16. 7:15 p. m. The
remains of Major John A. Logan,
killed in action at Sin Jacinto Satur
day, were buried in Paco cemetery
this morning-. Many persons followed
the body to the srravo. Chaplain
Pierce officiated and tho Twentieth
infantry furnished the escort, which
was commanded by Major Iiodman.
The pallbearers were the captains of
the Twentieth infantry.
Keports have been received here
from General Young dated Ilumingam
yesterday, Ilumingam is about thirty
miles east of San Fabian. General
Young is supposed to have Jvaneed
considerably furthor toward. San
A correspondent of tbo Associated
Press telegraphs an account of the
rapid pace with which General Young
covered the road with his cavalry.
The Macabebe scouts demoralized the
insurgonts around the low country. A
messenger and reinforcements, who
were captured, say no town from San
Jose to San Nicolas expected the ar
rival of tho Americans until a day or
two after they actuallj' arrived.
Aguinaldoand his government are
making desperate efforts to escape to
Bayombong. The information here is
that he is still in the low country.
Lieutenant Johnson, with Troop M,
Third cavalry, captured yesterda3r at
San Nicolas twelve barrels containing
the wardrobe of Aguinaldo's wife,some
personal effects, the records of the
secretary of war and much commissary
and medical supplies. Senora Aguin
aldo probably escaped over the divide,
but the secretary of war is thought to
be inside the lines.
Thomas W. Hayes, a civilian, and
Calviu S. Davis of the Sixteenth in
fantry, who were held prisoners by
the insurgents, have been rescued.
Colonel Wessels capturod at Tayug
several hundred thousand pounds, of
rice, 7,500 pounds of salt, 1,500 pounds
of flour marked "Dayton, Ohio," 2,500
pounds of sugar, 1,300 new uniforms
and hundreds of thousands of Mauser
The names of Lieutenant Gilmore
and seven of his men were found writ
ten on the walls of the convent of San
Quentin. The garrisons of all the
town surprised resisted feebly. Gen
eral Wheaton his not yet appeared.
American Force Advances.
"Washington, Nov. 16. General
Otis today cabled the war departmant
as follows regarding the situation of ;
the American advance in pursuit of
"Manila, Nov. 16. During thirty-
six hours four and one-half inches of
rain; still raining north. Lavvton's
telegraph line not beyond San Jose;
last dispatch evening 14th reported
capture of many supplies, transporta
tion, north and east of San Nicolas
and our troops moving from Ilum
ingam and Tayug west on Urdaneta,
where insurgent force was reported.
Lawton has abundant supplies, sub
sistence, forage and transportation at
San Isidro and Cabanatuan, but un
able to move it. MacArthur has rail
road between Bambam and Tarlac in
operation, five miles, road south of
Bambam being reconstructed; re
moved rails found t north of Tariac.
MacArthur sends four battalions and
one troop of cavalry: forward to Gerona
todajr; advance from Aliaga at Vic
toria five miles north of east Tarlac
Partial Paralysis S'ts In and He
Is Slightly AVorst.
Mrs. Logan In Prostrated.
Youxgstown, O., Nov. 15. Only
the greatest care will enable Mrs.
Major John A. Logan to survive her
bereavement. Sho is using all her
strength to bear up under her great
loss. Tho family has been notified
that the Sikh will leave Manila to
morrow for San Francisco with his
Hundreds of telegrams of condolence
have poured into the desolate home.
Among the senders were Former Presi
dent Ilarrison, Former Secretary of
War R. A. Alger, Quesada, Cuban
envoy at Washington: Governor Asa
S. Bushnell of Ohio, Governor "Wil
liam A. Stone of Pennsylvania, David
L. Kingsbury, recorder Loyal Legion,
Minnesota, announcing resolutions of
It has been practically decided by
telephone between tho widow and the
mother of Major John A. Logan to
bury his body at Youngstown in the
Andrews mausoleum, Oak Hill cemetery.
Wireless Telephones.
London Correspondence New York
World: For some weeks experiments
of great interest In wireless telephony
as distinguished from wireless teleg
raphy have been carried on near Car
navon by Sir William Pierce. Four
high poles have been erected at the
south end of Menal straits on a sand
bank across the Gwyrfal river. Half
a mile off four similar poles were
erected. Half a mile still farther is a
high pole supporting a coil of wire,
with one end anchored in deep water.
Between these points Sir William has
succeeded, without any intermediary
other than ether, in transmitting the
sound of a succession of taps. The
taps were made with a view to sending
messages by the Morse code. They
were distinctly heard at the receiving
station by placing a newly invented
ethereal telephone to the ear. Mes
sages were sent without interruption
for several days. Further experiments
are contemplated. So far the system
yields much more rapid results than
Marconi's, although the sounds are not
quite so distinct.
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the best patent medicines.
lust Keen Made Public That the Senator
Suffered a Slight Attack of the Same
Nature In Lincoln Last Winter Great
Sorrow Kxpressed In Washington Over
Mr. Ilayward'a Serious Illness.
Nebraska City, Nov. 10 Senator
Hayward'a condition tonight is not
much changed from yesterday. His
brother, Major E B. Hayward, of
Davenport, la., arrived this morning
and was recognized by the senator.
Dr. W bitten states that the pressure
is on the left side of tho brain just
over the speech center and extending
to the motor center of the right arm
and leg. These members are there
fore without feeling or motion. The
patient's temperature is 100, pulse G7
and respiration 23.
It has just been made public here
that Senator Hayward suffered a
slight attack of a similar nature in
Lincoln on the night that be was nom
inated in the republican caucus last
winter. He was hurried to bed by his
friends and by morning was able to be
Washington, Nov. 10 Great sor
row is expressed in Washington over
the serious illness of Senator Hayward
and in seme quarters, especially among
the leaders of currency reform, con
sternation is shown over the possibil
ities that may arise should an ad
interim senator b3 appointed from
Nebraska. Chairman H. H. Hanna of
the Sound Money league is'especially
solicitous, as he had hoped that a cur
rency measure would pass congress
during tho coming session, but with
the small majority the republicans
have in both branches he has almost
given up hope that anything but a
makeshift in the way of currency
legislation will be attempted.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo. I
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To Spend SCO, 000,000 on Oar Navy.
The United States has fallen into
line with Great Britain and Russia
Id wanting a new naval outfit that will
cost from $50,000,000 upward. Each
of the two last named countries says
It needs an extraordinary naval in
crease in order to keep pace with the
other. The United States wants $60,
000,000 worth of new outfits for our
navy because of the large and widely
scattered interests it has now to pro
tect. According to present plans our
navy now requires, or will require as
soon as they can be constructed, three
first-class battleships of 13,000 tons
displacement each, three armored
cruisers of 12,000 tons each, three pro
tected cruisers of 6,000 tons each, and
six unprotected cruisers of 5,000 tons
each. Our new navy needs greater
weight and speed, a minimum of
wood work, fewer thirteen-inch guns
and more secondary battery weapons.
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L4ne of
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ation," writes Thos. B. Rhodes, Cen
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Paris to ITave a Great Theuter.
The Paris exhibition of 1900 will con
tain the largest theater in the worM.
According to the report of M. Ranlin.
the architect who has been intrusted
with its construction, it will accommo
date from 12,000 to 15,000 persons.
Some men drink for the shakes an'!
others shake for the drinks.
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nually destroys thousands of people.
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The Innocent Convict.
On the very day when the Rennea
court martial returned a judgment of
guilty against Dreyfus there arrived
at Marseilles from Noumen a man who
Is known throughout France as "le
forcat innocenc" tbe innocent convict.
This is Benjamin Reynier, who was
condemned to death in 1883 on the
charge of having murdered a little
girl, and whose sentence 'vas commut
ed to Imprisonment for life. Not very
long after Raynier's conviction it was
found that he was innocent, and after
a long campaign in the press, which
was supported by M. Yves Guyot, and
several other deputies, President Lou
bet granted a full pardon. Reynier was
met at the wharf by his father and
mother, his brothers and sisters and
his finance, who had remained faith
ful to him for over sixteen ytT3, aud
who is now a gray-haired, elderly
A Rnarkable Village.
In New Guiana tha village of Tupu
eelei is most remarkable. The houses
are all supported on piles and stand
out in the ocean a considerable dis
tance from shore. This is to protect
the villagers from the attacks of the
dreaded head-hunters always looking
out for victims. Other villages in this
Queer land are perched up In trees for
the same reason. Spare Moments.
and all
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