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I'lIK II KUA LI), l.NtahliHhod April 10. 1W5t f Consolidated Jan. 1.1806.
VOL. VIII. NO. 81.
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Positionof fln)ericao Troops In the
Phlllplnes Is MarKcd Off In
Every Particular.
Plans to Conquer the Filipinos Are
Effected With a View of
Closing the War.
Washington, Aug. 1:0. The inup
f the Philippines and oriecially of
that portion of the Island of Luzon
north and south of Manila, which haa
boon prepared for the uao of Secretary
Hoot, may asaunio a more important
part in the coming campaign than had
bnon given it heretofore. Secretary
Koot hiis not only ascertained where
the United Stated troopn are located
and has them nicely marked olT on
the map, but ho has also taken into
consideration such information as can
bo obtained relative to the population
of the adjacent country, the kind of
people and their disposition toward
tho United States. Tbe secretary has
also been studying the lines of trans
portation und learning what ho can of
tho geography of the country.
Jt is believed that more than one
army can operate to advantage in the
l'hilippiin-8 and tho suggestion has
been made by some army officers that
an army should start from different
points and operate in such a manner
as to diotraet and destroy the Fili
pino forces. At proscnt the United
States forces do not occupy the lino of
railway half way to Lingayen, on the
gulf of the same name.
It has been suggested that if one
force were to start from Lingayen and
move soutb at tho same time that an
other were moving north there would
hi a v- ry great probability of soon se
curing the entire railway for the use
of tho army aod tho insurgents would
be separated into divisions east and
west by the railroad, as they are now
divided into northern and southern
bands. Between Angeles and Lin
gayon is Tarlac, a town of consider
able size and situated in a province
where the natives are said to be not
uufriendly to tho United States. If
this province could bo occupied it
ini;tit te of great advantage to the
While these are merely sugges
tions, it ma j' ho that when tho army
in the Philippines consists of 60,000
men, ir.stead of about 20,000 or 25,000,
it wiil be possible to have four or
more armies operating instead of two,
as durinir the lust campaiga.
Tho locations of troops, as marked
by pins on the map prepared for Sec
retary Koot, show the places as fol
lows: North of Manila, under General
MacArthur A point above Angeles
(Goueral Wheaton), Angeles, Porac,
Calulet, Santa Ilita, San Fernando
(General McArthur), Batis, Candaba,
San Louis, Caluinpit, Malolos.Quinga,
Kaluig, liustes, Guiguinto and Bigaa,
South of Manila I in us (General Law
ton's headquarters,) Mingting, Lupa,
Cavite, I icoor, Taluba, Paranaque,
Taguig, Pasig. Maiiouina and points
adjacent around the aqueduct and
pumping station, Taytay, Antipolo,
Moreng and C ilamba, tho farthest
point south, and which .ivas no com
munication by land.
Warping Water Hoy Itadly Injured Uy
the Ilurstlns; of m Shotgun.
The following account of a deplor
able accident to a boy . at Weeping
Water it taken from the State Jour
nal: William Craeier, a boy about six
teen years old, and son of Thomas
Crasier, section foreman on the Mis
souri Pacific railroad hero, met with a
very painful accident yesterday about
4 o'clock p. m. He was practicing
with an old shotgun, and it burst.driv
ingapieceof the end of the barrel,
two and three quarters inches long,
and one and one-half inches wide,
through his left arm below the elbow,
entering on the inside of the arm and
sticking out through the skin on the
outside. This was taken out by Dr.
Butler, and also a smaller piece out of
tho elbow. The arm is badly mangled,
but no bones are broken, and he rested
very well lan night, but the wound is
a terrible one, being made by that
ragged chunk of iron."
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vK 1 1 LliM
n n
Cold-Blooded Crime Is Committed
By a Young Srjeeprrjan Near
Town of Chadron.
Quarrel Over Pasturage flights
Causes Frank. Coil to Use
His Revolver.
Bismarck's Iron herv
Was the result of his splendid health.
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ergy are not found where stomach,
liver, kidneys and bowels are out of
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mmmmmmmmmmro mm w w m mmmm mmmm&z
.Miss llorlorker la An Ahj-Iuiii.
IIastinos, Neb., Aug. '20. Word
comes to Hastings that Miss Viola
Tlorlocker, who is resting jnder a $.",
Ol'O bond charged with having at
tempted to take the life of Mrs. Charles
F. Morey by sending her a box of
poisoned candy on the tenth day of
las-t April, is now in an insane asylum
at Jacksonville, III.
Aoout two months ago Miss llor
locker went to New York City to visit
her sister and recuperate, but it was
generally thought at that time that
she would not return to Hastings to
attend the continuation cf her hearing
which was to come up in the equity
term of the district court September
25, after which she was to have been
bound over to the jury term of the
district court in December. It is the
general feeling here that Miss Hor
locker will be adjudged insane and
this celeb?ated ca?e will thus be
brought to a close.
Triple Hanging In Alaska.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 20. Passen
gers on the steamer City of Topeku,
which arrived tonight from Sk tgway,
Alaska, bring news of the first legal
execution in the Klondike.
A trip e hanging occurred at Daw
son on August 4 The parties hanged
were two Indians, Dawson Nantuck,
Jim Nantuck, and one white man, Ed
ward Henderson. Henderson was
convicted of murdering his partner,
nam 3d Peterson, on tbe trail near
Marsh Lake, in September, 1SD7. Tbe
Indians were convicted of murdering
William Mahan and injuring his part
ner, James Fox, on tbe McClintock
river, in May, 1S9S. There were orig
inally four Indians implicated in the
murder of Mahan, but two of them
died in jail at Dawson last fall.
The execution was private and
passed off without special incident
R. P. Nelson of Wisner over
by hia harvesting machine and seri
ously injured. He was caught in
front of the sickle and impaled on the
guards, being severely cut and bruised
about tbe hips and legs.
Itlot at Leavenworth Itesults lu Two of
I lie Participants llelng Wounded.
Leavenworth, Kan., Aug. 20. A
riot botween the soldiers of tho Thirty
second Volunteer regiment and North
Leavenworth negroes took place this
afternoon, during which shots wore
fired and one man was wounded on
each side.
The soldiers had trouble with a
negro named Alex Johnson last Sun
day and when Johnson met a couple of
volunteers near the Fort Leavenworth
reservation today he renewed hostil
ities by knocking a jjoldier down.
Volunteers and negroes soon gathered
in force and clubs, stones and guns
were brought into play. The 6oldiers
outnumbered the negroes and ran
many of them down towards the cen
ter of tbe city, where the police
quelled the riot.
Corporal Johnson of the Third bat
talion was shot in the left leg. Alex
Johnson was shot in the left shoulder
and is seriously injured.
The Missouri Pacific railroad will
run an excursion to Omaha on August
25 on account of the exposition.- The
train will leave here at 9:43 a. m. The
rate will be 60 cents for the round
trip, tickets good to return till the
What Alay Be Found lu Iiily Papers
Thirty Yearn II-noo.
"The reunion of the Eccietj of the
Survivors of the Bawl of C.ivite at
Madison Square gaitic'.i last evening
was a most successful occasion from
both a social and financial point of
view. Over 7,000 members were in at
tendance, nearly four-fifths of the en
tire membership, and the accomoda
tions of the hall were strained to the
utmost. After the banquet addresses
were made by a number of the promi
nent members, and letters of regret
were read from the president and the
governors of New York. Pennsylvania,
Porto Rico and Cuba. Among those
who addressed the meeting were Rev.
George Dewey Fltzgibbons, Dewey Ma
nila Brown, Cavite G. Jones, Governor
Philliplne Olympia Green and Vice
President Raleigh Concord Tubb. After
the banquet was over dancing was in
dulged in until a late hour." "The
Patriotic Order of the Sons of Cuban
Liberty gave an entertainment in their
hall at 1647 .Bowery last evening, the
receipts of which are to go toward
building a monument to' the memory
of the Cubans who lost their lives in
the late war. A fair attendance was
present and the musical numbers were
rendered by Mrs. Santiago Cortez
Coogan, Clenfuegos Murphy, Amphit
rlte Cook and Matanzas Johnson. Mr.
Habana O'Donoghue made quite a hit
with his recitation of 'When Gomez
Marched to Dinner.' Quite a neat lit
tle sum wes realized." "From Simp
son, Ky., comes a dispatch which says
that John K. Littlejohn, a gunner's
mate on the Nashville in the late war
with Spain, who claims to have fired
the first hostile shot of the war, died
in that town on Wednesday. We have
no wish to doubt the veracity of the
Sampson Bugle, but at the same time;
Mr. Littlejohn is the twenty-third man
to die since the war was ended claim
ing the honor of having fired the first
hostile shot. Isn't this rather overdo
ing It?" "Schley J. O'Brien. 28 years
of age, was picked up by Officer Good
on Bleeker street last night in an in
toxicated condition. Before Judge
Cooley this morning O'Brien claimed
that his condition was the result of
discussing the war with Spain in the
Maine saloon yesterday evening with
two old cronies, Bill Dewey Naugh
ton and " Bagley Terror O'Rourke.
Judge Cooley declared that in view of
the circumstances the prisoner was
lucky to offend by a mere plain drunk,
and Mr. O'Brien was released." "A
youth giving his name as Augustus
Cuba Libre LIghtfoot was arrested
yesterday while acting in a suspicious
manner on Broadway. Lightfoot 13
thought to be an alias of Hot Shot
Smith, a noted sneak thief, who has of
late been operating successfully in the
neighborhood of Fifth avenue and
Thirty-eighth street. The prisoner
claims to have been the first child born
on Cuban soil of American parents
after the capitulation of Havana. He
is still In custody."
Chadkom, Neb., Aug. 21. Thomas
Ryan, a prominent cattleman, wa9
shot and instantly Killed by Frank
Coil, a young sheepman, fifteen miles
southeast of this city early this morn
This disastrous affair is tho direc
result of a feud that has always ex
isted between the cattlemen, who claim
priority of right on pasturage lands
and the sheepmon, who have insisted
that they were equally entitled to tho
general uso of the land for the graz
ing of their sheep.
From reports coming in from tho
scene of the murder, it is learned that
Hyan was the aggressor and insisted
that young Coil, who is but twenty
one years old, should move his 6heep
from whore they wore then grazing
This Coil refused to do. Hot words
were exchanged, when suddenly, with
out a word of warning, young Coil
whipped out a revolver and, taking
deliberate aim, shot Ityan, killing him
almost instantly. Friends of Hyan
soon notified the coroner, but up to a
late hour he had not returned from
the scene of the tragedy.
Coil immediately came to this city
ana crave nimseii up. When ques
tioned he seemed greatly excited and
nothing authentic could be learned
from him. The cold-blooded murder
of Eckman, who was shot down by
cattlemen several months ago, is btill
fresh in the minds of every one. In
view of the intense feeling prevailing
between the two factions, the outcome
of the murder of Ryan will be watched
with unusual interest.
The prediction is made that more
blood is likeiy to flow, unless some
more definite agreement can be 3atis
factorily agreed on to govern the
rights of tbe cattle and sheepmen,
who are constantly warring with each
other over pasturage lands.
Dreyfus' Counsel Is Su tliclen tly Recov
ered to Resume Work.
Rexxes, Aug. 22. The second day
of the third week of the second trial
by court-martial of Captain Alfred
Dreyfus on the charge of treason be
gan at 6:30 this morning.
Maitre Lbori was present. He
drove to the court in a carriage and
entered the hall at 6:30. The aud
ience greeted him by standing up and
by a general clapping of hands. Maitre
Labori walked quite briokly but hold
ing his left arm close to his side in
order not to disturb the wound. He
met General Mercier and General Bil
lot in the middle of the court room,
stopped, chatted and smiled. Labori
looKcd very well. He was given a
cushioned arm chair.
Mme. Labori, looking well, was also
in court. Labori was warmly con
gratulated by friends. Captain Drey
fus on entering smilingly shook hands
with Labori.
Colonel Jouaust addressed a few
words of congraulation to Labori and
expressed the profound indignation of
the tribunal at the attempt to assassin
ate the counsel. Labori was much
moved and thanked Co'onel Jouaust
in 'an eloquent speech.
Indians on the Rampage.
San Francisco, Aug. 21. A special
from Winslow, Ariz., says: Two hun
dred Iadiaos in Foreman Mink's grad
ing gang at Navajo Springs, seventy
five miles east of here, are threaten
ing to exterminate all the whites in
that section. They were paid off on
tho 15th and proceeded to gamble and
drink heavily. A gambler named C.
H. Landreth, after a quarrel with
some of them, assaulted one, shooting
and stabbing him serious'. The
tribe armed themselves with all the
weapons in the camp, shot the gam
bler seven times, scalped him and
mutilated his body beyond recogni
tion. Troops from Fort . Wingate have
been ordered to the scene and serious
trouble Is feared.
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Detectives are scouring Northwest
ern Nebraska in the belief that some
of the Union Pacific train robbers are
in that section.
Nine Soldiers Are Drowned.
Manila, Aug. 21, 5:40 p. m. While
a reconnoitering rarty of the Twenty
fourth infantry, under Captain Crane,
was crossing the Marinqina river on a
raft today the hawser broke. The
current, very swift at this point,
caused the raft to capsize, drowning
nine enlisted men.
The Unitea States transport Tartar,
from San Francisco, July 24, with
General Joseph Wheeler and his
daughter, troops of the Nineteenth
infantry and more than $1,300,000 in
coin, has arrived.
Germany Leads In Electric Railroads.
Germany has more electric street
railways than any other European
country. Next in order come France,
England, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and
toorited States Coin In (Hawaiian Islands.
Nearly all the gold coin in circula
tion In the Sandwich Islands Is of
United mintage.
Old Josh Parkens Knocked Reynard Over
with Ills Uuu.
When the awtll riding club from th
city went away up into Ualoon town
ship to rid to hounds, and incidentally
follow the course of the fox, it arranged
with old Josh Parkens to provide the
fox, says the Detroit Free Press. lie
was offered liberal pay for attending
to this preliminary, but he declared
that he was something of a fox chaser
himself, and would call it square 'f
they'd let him "jine" in the sport.
Thera was no good reason to offer for
barring him, and the committee satis
fied its conscience by tellipg him to bo
on hand half an hour later than the
time really fixed for making the cross
country dash. Sure enough, the hounds
were giving tongue, and the ladies and
gentlemen in their gay attire were just
beginning to form a procession which
grows from the bunch In which they
start, when old Josh burst with a
whoop from a thicket on the side. He
was on a rawboned mount that had a
wonderful gift of shuffling over the
ground, and he carried a six-foot rifle
of the olden times. He went after the
fox at an angle that compelled it to
cover about two rods to his one. and
before the risers could prevent he had
ended the eport by putting an ounce
of lead through the game. There were
some vigorous protests against this
mode of fox hunting, which put a stop
to the fun Just as It commenced, but
John only said: "What was them city
swells huntln' a fox fur if it warn't to
git 'im. I knocked him over cold afo.-e
all them women folks, and the other
fellers was jealous. Every one of 'em
had gone huntln' without his gun. I
never see nuthln like It since I was
I E. G.
D0VEY c-
SON. 1
Sealed Proposals.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the county clerk until 12
o'clock (noon) of September 5, 1899,
for hard and soft coal to be delivered
at court house, jail, poor house and
paupers, for the ensuing year. The
board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids. James Robertson,
County Clerk.
Our Original
Prices on these
H S1.00, $1.25, S1.4-0, $1.70. H
A Question of Locality.
"I'll tell you one thing," said Mad
pop to his long-suffering wife, "if Wil
ly does not behave himself 111 give
him the worst spanking he ever had.
He'll get it on the neck." "Do be se
rious, my dear," replied Mrs. Madpop.
"lhe neck i3 no place on which to
spank a child. Harper's Bazar.
"Do you think that women are much
Influenced by a man's personal appear
ance?" asked one young man. "I should
say so," replied the youth with a
peachy complexion and enrly hair.
"Apollo was all right in his day, but
he'd have to put on quilted trousers
and wear a football mask to make any
Impression now." Ex.
His .Word.
"Just think of his committing sui-
tide for love! Wasn't It awful?" "It
was the only way he could keep his
word, poor boy, for he had avowed to
her that he would never love another
woman." Ex.
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Bng-lish Ambassadors.
There are only seven ambassadors
representing England abroad. The
seven great powers entitled to receive
them are France, Austria, Germany,
Italy, Russia, the United States and
Turkey. Their salaries range from
$35,000 to J50.000, the British ambassa
dor at Paris receiving the highest sum
and holding the most coveted post In
the diplomatic service abroad.
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digests food without aid from the
stomach, and at the same time heals
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A Voluble Echo.
The most remarkable echo in the
world Is that which comes from the
north side of a church in Shipley. It
distinctly repeats any sentence not ex
ceeding twenty-one syllables.
The Cheerful Presence.
"I can't understand how some peo
ple always have a good time wherever
they go."
"That's easy enough; they take it
along with them."
There are over 3d,000 series arc
lamps in service in the United States
at the present time.
Japan's New Commercial Museum.
Japan has established at Yokohama
an imperial commercial museum, mod
eled after the one in Philadelphia.
Against Cat-Kate Drug Stores.
Baltimore druggists have organized
and will try to stop price-cutting la
British In Iaaia.
There are only 100,000 British la In
dia one to every 3,000 of the population.
Kxpected Too Bfacb.
"What kind of a time did you have
on your vacation, Rumley? Did the
friend you visited treat you well?"
"Yes, but not often enough." Detroit
Free Press.
French Courts.
French counts have nine equal pearls
In their coronets, while the British
baron Is entitled to a coronet of four
big pearls.
lOO Reward SIOO.
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learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
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disease, and giving the patient strength by build
ing up the constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Usllars for any case that it fails to cure.
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Toledo fruit cans, guaranteed not to
leak, at the Ebinger Hardware Com
pany. Explosive Power of Water.
It haa been demonstrated that the
explosive power of a sphere of water
only one Inh in diameter is sufficient
to burst a brass vessel having a re
sisting power of 27,000 pounds.
He Seeds Protective Armor.
Bob (to Tommy, who has just been
6panked) "Tommie!" Thomas
"Yea." Bob "Don't you wish you
were an Ironclad?" Harper's Bazar.
Both Mary Queen of Scots and George
II. were buried at midnight.
Mountains in the Philippines.
The highest mountains of the Phil
ippine islands are Halcon (Mlndora),
8,868 feet; Apo (Mindanao), 8.804 feet;
Mayon, active volcano (Luzon), 8,283
feet, and San Cristobal (Luzon), 7.375
and Vanilla
Beat the World
& Co.
in or
y? w sv sr w vv w- w vr wr y r w sr i yr r yr ? ?.
& & k ii j:; va fa & 2 2 lit Hi iu vA
Job Printin
Oriental Swallows.
In Palestine the swal!ov are allowed
the freedom not only of the houses and
living rooms, but of the mosque and
acred tombs, where they build their
nests and raise their yomng.
Champion Shot of the World,
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