Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, March 03, 1899, Image 1

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    kOULld Xvli.iL V V JLLdllldlfJLd 1L '4 Alld v v7 bJ LL jLjlLLjIl t j -A II a A V,,
Til K NKwy. !tal)lsli;l Nnv.r., l-M ( , .
TU I. Ill ItAl.l. I xtiiUihlM-u April ID. I Li. , C.oruiuiJ.-a 1 1 U .J m. 1.1-;.
Ucsklents of Tlat Little Village
Content With Their Lot.
Many t lllniu 'l lirrr UlinMiirlul In lui- J
. inc. ii Nnmlxr t,t Vt-urn Ajii Willi
Only it I-, w Inliiiri An- Now Wealthy
1trl t Mii lchfK .f Sonic of J i'o-
lit t I t Ii lCIIM.
i:.;i.i;, Neb., Mni-fth 2. (Sp'fi;tl. )
Two in 1 1 1 -t from tli(! riiin-itstLT county
line iuxl two mib.'s from Oto? county i
"ii" of thuso (!;t-t) county towns whom
t In.' cit i.ens am satis-licil with their
Inl., junl have no more idea of moving
to aiioili -i- .-title tlifiii tliey h:ivu of fj"'
in; 'Ik- Klondiku with the wind
blowir.r f-otn tin- nui'tliwoii. Men
v. i o Im':ui busltiit.-s hero u few years
;!:' .villi a fnw doll-.n-H Imvu prompt-red
-i...v; p:-opci ty and can discount their
Ii j Ley live in a healthy country
with irood society, i.nd church, and
srhrol, and fraternal :ui v:eit;ires, and
are very nearly n. unanimous people
a jjooil illustration of vhieh whs ji veil
on Saturday evening, the 2"th hist.
At tho town hall rathcred member.- ef
the K ol I'. and M. W. A. and niein
li rs of the I'onprrog'iitioiia.l church.
Tin: ladit s brought beaming smiles
una other delicacies, and the ass 'm
b'.ajre ive proof of their regard and
wi.-h for the welfare of a food citiz
a railw .y man, who will !-oun transfer
his abilities to another part of the
Missouri lae In-.
John Hogarth has been eleven years
here, and section foreman on the Mis
souri I'aeifie. His true ma-.hioil
gained 'nirn intimato friendship wjtti
those far :inovo him financially, and
by general social recognition and the
reception of Satuid iy w.hs an expres
sion of united esteem. Mr. Hogarth
has been representative- of the Crand
Lode, K. of IV, aud in all pertaining
to jlto-hI lining he was always on the
list, lie has an excellent wife and
live bonnie youngsters, and they
.-Don become iicquisitions to Julian,
Neb., where too iool wishes- fellow.
New buildings are being erected all
around Iviglc and in Eagle, and ni iny
of the pioneers are adorning their
farms with new barns, new fences, and
tr a rd en gatos. are being made -trong
for the summer evenings when Jenny
and her Joe- will bo there. John
Michael is building for a renter a two-sto-y
residence 1)2x18, with L 1(3x10.
Ilerk Maiben, near Michael's, is
gr.icing his place with an attractive
cottage 2S.3'J. Georgo Halter aids the
scunery with a two-story beauty II 1 x Ji .
and Uan Ilai'dnock is building a pi o
p 'rtioiiute ard attractive house one
and a half stories 16x24.
J. II. Weaver, wanting more room,
has added an addition to his dwelling
and a new granary, and thinks co.-n-fiH-fii'ly
now of the times when ho was
roughing it. Tom liunton, a revived
old pioneer, "and h lind fine tho Jan'
w' cakes." is building a cottage 24x24.
iJ. l Knight's hig new ba n is a
prominent improvement, !ird Jacob
l-'rohlich is not behind the procession
with :v residence which others m y
rej y.
Ln Ka'le a ncv building will be
opened soon as tho Eaglo Millinery
cc-nipany, and the doors of an artist's
stu wo almost next door, will further
illiist'ute K agio's advancement.
Six years ago Frank Clements
started business in Eigle with 8t7. Ho
hs just added an addition to his busi
ness building, making it 22x50 feet
with two cellars the new one being1
HxIOxS. Ills ice house now contains
ninety-eight tons, chielly for his ice
cream parlor, when Old King Sol is at
iii, -ummer's work. During 1S9S his
t.tisiness in restaurant and provision
store amounted to ?-,f?&0.2(), and he is
now selling three tons of flour per
month. Mr. Clements was born in the
Ilawkcye state, came to Nebraska
eleven years ago and has raised him
self from the shovel. He is a K. of E-V
and a member of the Business Frater
nal as-oeialion and owns his property
and stock.
Wij-g'ns, English &, Co., established
as such firm in November, 1898, have
been successful. Their sales (general
merchandise) in first three months
amounted to 51,372 -52, all cash on tho
II. G. Wiggins is a rusher, and risen
from a modest clerkship. He was
born in Illinois and has clerked and
managed at d fferent points. In Illi
nois he was tax collector and school
director, and is a pioneer M. W. A
as camp No. 43 attests.
W. Ii. English was born in Lincoln,
and manhood has but dawned upon
him, but he comes from a commercial
stock, and takes to business as a duck
to water.
Hy tho way, Mr. Wigtrins' father-in-law
is the ilev. I) S Donegan, a LJ ip
ti?t minister, widely known and re
spected. His lino library is being
transferred from Weeping Water to
Easrle. Young Donegan Wiggins, a
bright boy,gives promise of his grand
father's rhetorical ability.
From the foregoing there can bo no
doubt bs to the enterprise of the cit
izen of this region aod no queftloo as
to prosperity, while the year of 1899
is expected to exceed all.othen as to
volume of trade and development of.
the entire surrounding country.
The lumber yards of Stopber & Wil
kiuson have- been very busy, and are
t 1 e. li -t i !. a a .eh
of t i. e eoi; .1 1 y , and j
i : f a million . e t of j
Hin'n r. ;iMi
I ri -y
i ':i ' e L ca i ! 1 1 id - of
tile Tiien- s I
many tn l !cs, ai.d w i i ii :;
yo u- v. i 1 1 ri l i p.,. i i... , i
I '. A . Mophi-i- ha - r
e .: . X'ei.dcd '
"I ! v tl; -
ii. C
county for about t t- i rty
' ar-;.
pioneei , b'l-i a. --; tun n
deserved v ry s;i
esteem soei.i ! ! y . 1m ! -.
ve-ti-U a port ion c f b : -.
hp 1 e'.t'. -a has
in the I umber
ha- s -eii it g; '
!r. S1
M iiv a t. S i li 1 i ' n.
re-jdence in i -
acres. 11 h bar- -I -
a' .. I.
ml . i i i i
. . a 1 o v i
; . e e
ImihI live iiii'i-- ! r . .i i
in 1 ) i v. son ei in: . . I I
t lie A iiier-icari 1 '. :' . n
1 ' I
e ij t
,f !'.
.1 ; Ii i
wo id and v iee j .r . . : i ; '
I I h aca and is li n a :e ' i
many vedu es v. i, i ii i
pu Id ic wi al ! h, a t! d lie i-
. , t
' re - ' (' ( ! i a
tiiol to tl.c
.!.-!,,'..: ,,f
tie: M . W
A . ai,d A. O.
ii. rd
i head bus
'i lie junior
k i IISI 'II r.s II'.I :
riess id a ii. i- "-re
gro .vt hi! E tg'
d isp! a v:d i n to .
a lii'sl ela-s buv
1 1 . r ! no;
r ate
. i : v
att ii 'mt.i'iie lot he
I!!.: the e
nd e -u n 1 r . 1 1 i s
o 1 1. g i n w i 1 h , and
as a saicsin in one of the i-.o-l pop-slar
in a tier f c iunti. s Mr. Wilkin-im
was boin in th j iliiK-rald I.-lc, and
with memb.'rs of his family enue! to
the Centennial at 1 'ii i ; ade ! ph i.t in
ISTij He was mi iiiitire-.-ed that hedo
cid d to see ue re of ITuc'.e Sam's
country. !! i:as ii'eii in livestock
and f.rmitg iai--.-i.its in Iowa, and
mercantile and Miaib- r int-. rests in
Nebraska. lie owns a l iv.'iy co'tage
with shubb-jry n'.d gar.b.-ns in Egle,
lands in Towa, ; nu is int v s'e 1 in
ireiH-r tie- in Line, le. ami ail he lr s
made has been by righteous, amViiion, I
industry and geiuleiieuihood. Of-
licially he h is been ''Mis Hoian-, th-'j
Mayor" of Ivig e thier- year.-: was rep
resentative to the (Ii.ind End go, K. of
I. . on several occa-ion-, al-o at state
convcutio; s of the M. Y. A., and has
just been re eiect d as j -re-id wig o'.
licer, and he was a delegate to state
and congrcs-ionti i rep-:b ii.-an conven
tions in fact, sociill y, commei clal ly
and politically he has been ri cogn;. -d
as a representative man in tie- prime
of life and having a bright future.
Mr. Wilkinson, while a thorough ba-i-n
ess man arid in love with trade, is de
voted to his happy home and fweily.
The gent. email was married i' Iowa,
and now he and Mrs. Wilkinson, a
lady of innate re!i n Maont, ha e a right
to be provide! Ilse. a bravo lad of
fourteen," and Chaly-, a wee bonnie
lass'c. who gladdens every heart.
O.iC of the permanent business men,
also a self-m sde m !i, is (i. . Ven
r.or, who came to C is eou:ity in 1 S82.
He f irmed i nd u-trion- i y. augh t school
for a d "Z -n ears, rented land, then,
with(r. M. Ih-.U'h. went into mo-can-tile
business, vow eari ing :A t)'M
wot t.h t-f good s. lie is al-: a in -mi her
of Iieach S: Co., with grain t-lev.-.t-.",
and shinned 2':h0"i' ha.-ucls c-f grain in
lSi)s. Mr. V
st li oat, bet
has lately,
his home on
att active in
-,-r ii
La ( chances to
s lo 'av, "i.d
pro: er:
i IP. r. -( : v
ent". imi'ie
. f I In
ti.e pi
c :.-s't'j-it and uio.-t
ee. I-Vr six y-;-;rs
the to - n !."i i i d,
was a m mp ic
four ye i .
of vv!i
was (
ma n.
y :.
.n y
He is pestiiK st
two and forwar
daily, a nd is- u
ord rs a mon t .'. .
l'ionce's of (as-- c- ..ii'y, in any of
whom are vigoroe- i a ni:nd and. h dy,
and over three sc re years and t. a,
live near l-' 1 tears ?-rling
over furrowed el ee i s, an i tlo.-n ey i?
bright. and hear h arty, cheery
chorus as morals charge, wi'h the in
tluenee magnetic (' "Cm" Thomas
mandolin and George Curries' guit .r.
Eagle is a musical town, ..nd old .and
young will give harmony to the next
Eagle letter.
F-.iSle In
The Hmk
f Eagle il-
:",oi.) on
The E:ig'.e Millinery company will
have a reception and grand opening
on tho 10th of March.
I. S. Brown, pu- Usher of the E iglet,
made an in vcs! igatory tour on Tie s
dajT. Ho publishes iu Lincoln.
Eig'.e hauls Hour from Ashland,
Syracuse, Benn-.-tt and Line -In, keep
ing teams constantly on the road.
Uncle Johnnie S miner, a pioneer,
will soon take another trip to Boston.
Dr. Clancharu will occupy the Sumner
reridi uce until his return.
Walter Stopher, now in Mexico, is
reported as being no belter. The
j'oung gentleman was for a year with
the lumber interests of Stopher &
Wilkinson, and had ho retained his
health the firm would have established
j'ards at other points.
Mrs. Kollogjr of Seattle, Wash., ar
rived here on her way home from the
east Mondav-, and will mako a few
days' visit with her brother, Rev.
Di iTenb icher.
The Easrle hotel caught fire on Wed
nesday morning. The landlord's ac
tivity kept it down, and the bucket
brigade soon quenched it. The tire
started in the kitchen chimney.
lathe quick agent of death. Fully
one-tbird of recent deaths have been
from pneumonia following La Grippe.
Peeumjnla cannot follow the use of
E'oley's Honey and Tar. V. G. Fricke
& Co.
jorlOil :ii l;i ill,
to A i ( ri'i(,n
will M),itl li;V: I
lrir- Itronki t Kt-lii-. Vtuttrli:H
Army to 1 0.IKMI Men
Havana, March 2. (J -nerai (imui z
J vcrii'T tieneral Iirooke to re
due the American army to 10,(MM), ro
taining lO.UiJU (,'ubui soldiers in the
service of the military government.
i At le,t-t so s iys Scnor Manu d do Ces-
linaip-ial! v arid ! I"'de, who ne'e l a- interpreter at ye--J
l,e v in- j tetd iy's council, adding that General
j -, j , a t il I !rf)o!ce took tho proposition under
ai . :i nd c.onsidera' ion aim xomised to consult
w as'iingtoa.
! ! ..t .,.,.1 . ii,n
y urn' I iM li: ui'hu IHHiili, eu UlU
u subj-'ct. If t'uljun soldiers are on-'li-ted
it will b-j under Ameiican of
, 1 ficer s, imd the old organ i . it ;ons will
,f ,! broken up. Wert! 1 ' , enlisted
. this would allow the S:j,0U.0)') to be
divided among the remainder, less
! i!,o-i; aire ,dy emii'.oyed on the street
nnd rural iolice, about 1,J()0.
The Cubiii military assomhly mot
today at Mariano, (Jcneral Andrade
presiiiing. After the minutes of the
meeting were read, General Andrade
announced that tho pending business
was of a very important and serious
nature connected with tdo royort of
the special committee which had
called on I 'resident Mclviuley. Ho
suggested tliat the session bo private,
and the chairman so ordered. It is
u-iii rstood that the sossioi was a
slot my one, tho discussion being over
the acceptance of the 3,000,000 ten
dered by tho United States govern
ment. Seven members, it is said,
favor accept but no tin ii decision
was leached. The assembly will meet
tomorrow evening at Corro
(itiu-rul Injury to Fruit U Widespread,
Hut lrn!n 1'roKpects Are Fair.
( 'nicAiio. March 2 Tho Tribune
tomorrow will print dispatches from
states in which the crops have been
injured by the severe weather of Feo
ruary. Tho statist'Cs show the follow
ing condition-:
Ii inois Wheat, not damaged in
e Mitral section, butinj r ed in southern
Iowa Peach crop destroyed; pears
and apples damaged.
Wisconsin Potatoes in pits, 40 per
cent crop; peaches, (10 per cent crop.
Nebraska Peaches, pears and
apples badly damaged.
Missouri Mo 'gro fruit prospects.
Kan.-is Sin ill applo crop; s raw
berries killed.
Georgia Per.ehes, orunc3 and pears
all killed; early vegetables ruined.
Piorida Citron fruit and trees dam
aged lo pp cent, general fruit crop 30
per cent better than last year; 90 per
cent of vegetab'e crop destroyed.
Louisiana Lioss to orange crop,
?S00,OOi) to $1,000,001); truck farmers'
loss. 3'Jii.UU0; s.igar cane danriged.
Kentucky Peach crop killed; wheat
Sj i-.'f cent crop; apples all right.
Slate ot Ohio, City of Toledo, I
Iaicp.s County, f
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that lie is the
senior partner ot the firm of F. J. Cheney oc Co.,
io ins business in thecitv of To'edn, county aud
state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the
sum o( One Hundred Dollars for each and erery
c: e of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
i, Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Chenby.
-,v,-rn to before me and subscribed in my
p cn.e tiiis Oiii day ol December, A. D. 18.
c-d ! Notary 1'ublic.
H iii'sCa - rl Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and surfaces ot the
sxstem. Send f ir testimonials, free.
F. J. Ciie.nuy & Co., TrleJo, O.
;.,'"S'.ld by druggists, 7".c.
Hr.'.i's Family i'Uis are the be?t.
Ourposia are Fir-I I'pou.
Manila, March 3 lfl:2o a. m.
Tii'j outposts b-'j'ond San Pedro
Macati were iired upon by the rebels
from tho wa'ns of the Guadaloupe
church. A gunboat advanced 31)0
yaids beyond tho lines and cleared
avaytho enr ray with gatlings. No
casualties are reported.
General Miller has been ordered to
quarter his troops in l oi'o in the
custom house or other public build
ings and authorized to make the
necessary changes at a cost not to ex
ceed $40,000, the same to be met from
the revenues collected in Iloilo.
Going Down Hill.
from Kid
ney Diseares
feel a grad u d
but steady loss of
strength and vital
ity. They should
lose no time in trying
Foley's Kidney Cure, a
Guaranteed Preparation.
F. icke & Co
Lons Watch Chain.
Possessors of the long, plain, old
fashioned sold chains will be glad to
hear that they can near them now
with the sanction of fashion. A long
watch chain, with perhaps a bunch of
charms, a gold buckle in the now
common snake shape, and a simpla
brooch and earrings, are all the trin
kets a Parisian elegante permits her
self when walking ia the stret.
Recommended for La Grippe.
N. Jackson, Danville, III., writes:
My daughter had a eevere attack of
La G ipf seven years ago and since
then - whenever she takes cold a
terrible cough settles on her luogs.
We tried a great many remekies with
out giving relief. She tried Foley's
Honey and Tar which cured her. She
has never been troubled with a cough
since. 2oc. F. G. Fricko & Co.
tine tin- Chllilrt-ii it Drink
called Gmin-O. It is a deli'-iou-1. ap
petizing, nourishing food drink tot ike-
tho place of colTtc. Wlii'ii propcrlv
ipreptred u tasies iihm ino nm-st coi
'fee but i.s fit: - from nil it- injuriius
properties. Grain ) ads digestion!
and strengthens tho noi Vii. It i-; i-oi ;
a stimulant but. a health builder, Mid j
children, as well as adults, can drink ;
it with great bereli t. Costs about nut-
lourth as inui'li as coneo. l- mui
at grocers.
KelltH of Waterloo.
Jane, dowager Lady Carew, has just
entered upon her one hundred and firt
year. She danced at the of
Richmond's ball at Urussela on th
night bpfore Waterloo. Two other la
dies still living, at a very advanced ;
age, were present at tht hall, Lady
Louisa Tilie and her aister. Lady 3u
phia Cecil. The latter, a child of U.
had been put to bed, but stole out iu
her nightgown and watched the ball
from the banisters. She was the dau,;h
ter of the duchess.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not expre.-s tho rapture of
Annie E. Springer, of 112") Howard f-t -Philadelphia,
Pa., when she found
that Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption 1 ill completely cured
her of a hacking cough thai- for many
years had made life a burden. All
othr remedies and doctors could triyo
her no help, but she says of this l'oyal
Cure "it soon removed the pain in my
chest and I can now sleep soundly,
something I can scarcely remember
doing before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the universe." So
will every ono who tries Dr. King's
New Discovery for any trouble of the
throat, chest cr lungs. Price oOc. and
$1.00. Trial bottles free at F. G.
Fricke fc Co's. drug store: every
bottle guaranteed. o
Tlio Obvious.
In the meantime there had come
among them another, the purpose of
whose thought was to eliminate the
Esoteric from the Obvious. "In hard
times," mused this person, "the peo
ple talk of nothing but the money
question!" "Well, it is then they have
no money to f-'peak of!" retorted tho
Unconscious Imbecile, thus revealing
his identity. Detroit Journal.
Faults of digestion cause disorders
of the liver, and the whole systern be
comes derangrd. Ilorbius perfects
thejvoce-s of digestion and assimila
tion, and thus makes pure blood. Price
oO cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Uofore Mergentliuler.
Beheld the printer. He is lutntiajt
for a pickup of half a line. He ha
boen hunting for two hours. He could
have set the half line in twenty sec
onds, but it is a matter of principle
with him never to set what he can
pick up. The printer has a hard time.
He has to set type all night and phy
pedro for the beer all day. We would
like to he a printer wero it not for
the night work. Eugene Field's
"Tribune Primer."
Children who nro troubled with
worms are pale in the face, fretful by
spells, resiles in sleep, have blue
rings around their eyes, bad dreams,
variable appetite, and pick the no-e.
White's Cream Vermifuge will kill
and expel these parasites. Price 25
cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Orders Must He Obeyed.
Adjutant: "Hew often have I told
you that the duties of a uon-commls-sioned
officer consist iu implicit obedi
hc to ordrs? Fr instance, if I say,
'Corporal, take your men up to the top
f that tree,' don't ask 'How?' but do
it like a flash of lightning, even if it
takes yu all day."
Frequently accidents occur in the
household, which cause burns, cuts,
sprains and bruises. For use in such
cases Ballard's Snow Liniment has for
many years been the constant favorite
family remedy. Price, 25 cents and
0 cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Overdid It.
"I wonder if Johnson hadn't heard
that story before?" "What makes you
think so?" "He laughed so heartily"
Indianapolis Joursal.
Any Clor So Long a It's Red.
Am Atohlsoa farmer says farmers
bite quiakest on red-painted machin
ery ca long rime. Atchison Globe.
If you have a cough, throat in ita
tion, weak lungs, pain in the chest,
difficult breathing, croup or hoarse
ness, let U3 suggest One Minute cough
cure. Always reliable and safe. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Bobbie Pop, what is a divine heal
er? Papa A female physician, my
sen. Sawarville Journal.
Spent n Silk nail.
U is calculated that the men of G?at
Britain spend at least $23,000,000 every
year in silk hats -
As the eeason of the year when
pneumonia, la grippe, sore throat,
coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and
lung troubles are to be guarded
against, nothing "is a fine substitute,"
will "answer the purpose " or is "just
as good" as One Minute cough cure.
That is the one infallible remedy for
all lung, throat or bronchial;'' oublee.
Insist vigorously upon having it if
"omething else" U offered you. F.
6, Fricke & Co.
3 fQ-l.
-ss -:--
Owing to very large
purchases in some
lines of goods, such as
Solid Gold Rings,
Gold Cuff Buttons,
Ladies' Brooches,
Ladies' and Gents'
Fancy Chains,
Waist Sets,
Stick Pins,
Gold Pens,
Hat Pins,
Sterling Silver
Silverware, Etc.
I will offerthese goods
at a genuine cut of
from the actual value
of the goods. This is
the first time I have
ever advertised a cut
of this kind, and it is
made in good faith, in
order to raise the
These prices will
prevail for
B. A.
Insure in the German American
Fred Ebinger, Agent.
Per C
Quick -
4 1
5 V
4 V
4 V
4 V
4 V
4 V
Tin; h.i thr hrsi 1 5 .( U ;i ml Job I'rint
ni;' ofluv in Ca- edml ami I'lin hainllr anv kiiul
l a iif print int;" mi vliort notice. V makr a
lreia!tY o( ly.iw 15 riff-, and otiu-r I'ook work.
For Sale HilK ami all kinds of 1'os.ti r work,
we haw the proper type and other material.
Letter heads. Note head-., Iil! head-, Statements-,
Knyelopes, and all kind-, ol Commercial
Printing in the La1e-t Stle.
The News Printery
No. 35 Main Street 1 L ATTSMOUTII
'frtVl'' is5"".?." -h
tn n
7 r CI! . "II t. : . -; .
A New Discovery for the Certn-p. Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, 3 Mail, 75 cents; Bottles, 50 Cents.
JAMES F. OALiiFa Scl3 Prcfrictor, - - 3ID North Main Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
F. G. Fricke k Co.
Don't Buv Base Burners at
any prices when you can get a
Furnace in your house complete
oic:o 1 to
and Guaranteed by
South Sixth Street, -
Continue to do a leadingbusiness in Fancy
and Staple Groceries. Because they carry
an immense stock, buy for cash and sell at
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Horner of Sixth and Pearl Streets.
Prints More County News
Than Any Other Cass
county Paper.
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Plattsmouth. Neb
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