Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, February 24, 1899, Image 4

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Workman With the Shcclcy Bridge
Company Killed.
Wwt In the Act of ThuwiiiKr !"
mite In Hot Sitml Wlicn It Kzplixlol,
I'HtHlly Injuring n Man by Hie Name
of Cllne Anuihrr Mini Knocked Iown
hy I tin I'"orce.
1 'utricle Clin, one of the men em
ploy id hy tho J. R Sheek-y ( instruc
tion nul Ih-iil'O coin p.-inv, mot. a siid
dentil yestoi l:iy ut Ni-liuvvka by tliu
expoion (tf tlyn mi to. Tlio unfor
tun.ito niiiu Wiis ji-.-i-t i n jr in iho Con
struct inn of an iron liidf'' and while
worl inr at. tlio iih'it niijiil , tti twiiig i ut
frizuu dynfiri.ito with hot Miml, 11. i;
tlanj,' rc u- .-it i. IT ox j' i (.1 i) w 1 1 1 i ' lio wr.f
h:indl tnj it I'nn fnii-M .f tin; ex
p'onioti tliri'W i i i ii iij.-iirit, a com i.ui
ioi)btaidii:g about oirlit feet away,
kno' ki . x t In; lulUT duvvn.
Tho xplo.ii vt; d ic:,ai-,ro blow both
of Clino'b urm-i olT. and he was injured
in other ways very :vervl.y. His
dealli occurred nhoiit an hour after
the accident. '1 ho unfortunate man
was ubout twctity-uiyht years of nge,
and rnado his homo with a relative in
Lincoln. The body will bo taken to
Lincoln tomorrow for burial.
From Thursday's Daily
Machinist Frank Kroehl'jr returned
to hitj work at Ilavelock this after
noon, having feuflieienUy recovered
from his attack of the grip.
D. C. Woodring, assistant sunerin-
tenden of bridges, was in town today.
Tho Union Pacific llyer was wrecked
at Weed elation, in Colorado, yester
day, caused by a broken rail. One
passenjjor was killed and five injured.
There were also two wrecks of freight
trains on tho Union Pacific, but with
out serious results. It seemed to bo
an off day for that road.
The Burlington now has under con
struction at tho Baldwin works two
biff locomotives. These engines are of
the "Atlantic" typo and differ some
what in construction from any loco
motive now in uso on the Burlington.
Their boilers are larger than those of
the class II engine, and the flue sui-
face is considerably greater. The
diameter of tho drivo wheel is seven
feet that of 590 but in other details
the two new engines aro somewhat
larger than this one. They will ulti
mately be placed in the fast mail ser
Henry Miller, an employe of the
freight car department at the B. & M.
shops, met with a rather painful acci
dent yesterday, which will necessitate
an enforced lay-off for a few days.
While at work a heavy piece of timber
fell on one his feet, breaking the toe.
Ed Frye mashed his finger yesterday
while working in tho lumber yards,
which will give him a ten d-tys' rest.
II. C. Jones been enstalled as night
operator at the Missouri Pacific depot,
G. W. Mason, who has tilled the posi
tion for the past year having been re
moved. Mr. Jones is a crack pistol
shot and together with his wife used
to travel over the country giving ex
hibitions, but abandoned it on account
of rheumatism in the arm. Ho is
very accoturr.o Sating a: d will no doubt
give good satisfaction in his new posi
tion. C. A. Uull, the Bu:lington relief
doctor, was in town today on conipinj
busi ness.
Ed Iiyan is c.iri: g for a badly
mashed fiage.-, whic i git under a
truck. Ho refuses to take a vacation,
but will guard the linger with j ;;;lou
care. A l'ack (1 House.
White's opera house was filled last
night with an imra. nse crowd, who
witnessed the first performance of the
Irving French company "The Itun
away Wife." Tho play was inter
spersed with many funny situations,
and, from the frequent loud applause,
the audience was well p:ea?ed with
the entiie evening's entertainment.
Some very fine specialty acting was
also introduced, together with many
beautiful calcium light views, which
were thrown on tho curtain between
acts. An illustrated song, entitled
"Break tho News to Mother," sung by
Mr. Lowe, was greatly appreciated,
and was considered one of the best fea
tures of the entertainment.
The same company will appear to
night in a rollicking, musical farce
comedy "An Lishman's Troubles."
An entirely new series of illustrated
songs and scenes will be presented, to
gether with other specialties. There
will undoubtedly be another immense
audience in attendance this evening,
as every member of the compiny is an
artist, and this, together with the low
price of admission, will go far towards
attracting a larjre crowd.
Kenl Ktate Transfers
Following are the real estate trans
fers of the county as recorded in the
office of ltecorder of Deeds Hay:
Carrie Ossenkop to Jas ?tander. e: n;.;
23 1M1 wd oo
A Beeson to I II Dunn, pt se1 and pt
ne't 12-12-1:1 d 2,uj 00
T L Davis to T F Jameson, lots 4. 5, fi.
blk ft. F & K add to WccpiiiK Water
Ino Copple to T L Davis, same wd
W K Ineuerson and wife to T F lameson.
5(fl 00
4'.5 00
pt lot 8, blk 5. F & K add to Weeping
Water wd 25 (XI
G II Dunnis and wife to Weeping Water
Lumber Co. eH lot 1. blk 3. F&K
add to Weeping Water wd l."0 00
D M Oflteckeubush and wife to George
Leaver, lots 6-0. 21. (ireenwoo 1 wd 8( 0 00
R Ii Windham to F I Bates, lots II, 12.
blk 110, Flattsrnouth wd 450 00
Anton Ilucek to F IJucek, se1 nw)i 12-12-
l;jwd v 1 00
A li Haldernian et al to Wm Westlake So" ..,.
'i ne e'.-i aw t 110-12 qcd '. S 1 00
S C Fattcrson et al to W 1J Hill lots 7. 8
blk 9 and lots 3, 4, blk 18, With Bend
wd -y5 1000 00
rpiiN nn
iii f
C. A. Marshall, Dentist.
Leeturo tonight.
Subi-criho now for TllH News.
"Retribution" March JHh and 10th.
A. W. Atwood, tho druggist. Tele
phone 27.
Innuro in tho German American.
Fred Khi tiger, Agent.
"Hobson" ft cent cigar is tho liuost
ever manufactured in town.
Come and see Major Bacon and hi
tnull box in the uraiaa "Retribution."
Clmrigo clothes und h ive your wash
ing d tie at City Steam Liundry.
Telephone 7-x
$eh mne-ey lectur s at tho Presby
teii n church tonight, on "The I'eople
of lb Orient "
J..i,ilor work of all kinds satisfac
tion guarantied hy Teller & Suep
p itvl, H5 Vine street.
The Kbing r Hardware company is
-oiling skates al cost. Now is tho
time to get your ska t'j.
The Nkws office is the bo.-t equipped
job otliee in Cass countv. first class
work done on shod notice.
The duelling scene in the drama
"R tribution" will be fine Don't miss
seeing it. Match 9 and 10.
Collars 3 cents, cuffs 5 cent-, shirts
10 cents, done in artistic style at City
Steam Liundry. Telephone 75.
You will feel better and look better
if your clothes aro washed at the City
Steam Laundry. Telephone 7o.
Anyone desiring spring house clean
ing done would do well to call t n
Telfer & Sheppatd, on Vine street.
Big ills, as well a9 little ills of the
kidneys, cannot resist the curative
power of Dr. Sawyer's Ukatina. A.
W. Atwood.
In the future W. L. Street, tigent
for the Singer Manufacturing com
pany, will bo found in W. K. Fox's
stationery 9 '.ore.
If you wont your washing done this
week get it in by Friday morning.
City Steam Laundry.
Telephone 75.
Hear tho Oriental lecture at the
Presbyterian church tonight under
the auspices of tho Christian Endeavor
and Epwoith League.
It costs but 2-5 cents to see $5,000
worth of Oriental costumes and hear a
most interesting lecture besides, at the
Presbyterian ohurch tonight.
T. M. Patterson sells the neatest
and quickest eenorated gasoline lamp
on the market. See him before you
buy and let him demonstrate it to you.
Luke, a son of Captain Wiles, has
had his left wrist in a sling for several
days, as a result of having been pushed
against the tide of a barn by an unruly
Coo'ing and grateful in its effects,
you will find Dr. Sawyer's Arnica and
Witch Hazel Salve for eczema, piles,
hives, burns and cuts. A. W. At.
The board of county commissioners
is in session again, the members hav
ing icturned from Lincoln where they
attended the state meeting of commis
sioners. "Give me a liver regulator and lean
regulate the world," said a gei-ius.
The drucgist handed him a bottle of
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the
famous little pills. F. G. Fricke & Co
"C.ear.liness is next to Godliness."
"Soap has gone up." That is what
tho wholesale men say. We still s 11
ti n b irs of Diamond "C" f . r a quarter
all thes: ni3. F. T. Davis Co., Union
John Crabill has ipicvhI his watch
repair shop in with W. K. Fox, the
.-.t.-itioii. r, where he would be pi -ased
to see all of his former customers and
its many new ones sis wnt reliable
wo: k done.
Re ;d the advertisi ments in th6
NEWS and trade only with those peo
ple who solicit your patronage. These
are the live merchants that do busi
ness on the principle of quick sales
and small profits.
For a quick remedy and one that is
ptrfectly safe for children let us
recommend One Minute cough cure.
It is excellent for croup, hoarseness,
tickling in the throat and coughs. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Behannesay, a native of Damascus,
will lecture at the Presbyterian church
tonight on "The people of the Orient."
The value of his lecture will be en
hanced by the use of $3,000 worth of
genuine Oriental costumes.
Louis Olsen is now located in the
Palmer block with his pool and billiard
hall. He has had his tables put in
good condition and carries a full line
of cigars, tobacco, etc. He invites his
friends to call and see him.
There will be 40 people adorned in 40
different Oriental costumes at the
Presbyterian church tonight, as a
back ground for the lecture by Behen
nesay you will bo entertained and in
structed by attending this lecture.
While working about the farm of his
mother several miles southwest of
town yesterday James Wiley or York
mashed his thumb quite badly. Ger
trude M. Wiley, his mother, was in
the city today to get somo medicine,
be not being able to make the trip.
List of Letters.
Remaining uncalled for at the post-
office at Plattsmouih, Feb. 24, 1S99:
Bardon, T V Martin, Charlie
Bednaverik, George Rainev, W R
Cody, W F Shears, George
Gradnell, Jacob Sheada, J L .
Gustafson, Jehu Way. Miss
Miller, Jo?eph B
When calling for any of the above
letters please eay "advertised."
C. H. Smith, Postmaster.
The Ebinger Hardware company is
offering for sale all of its heating
atoves at cost. Now ia vour oppor
tunity to get a bargain.
Neiiiitorinl Vtt
Lincoln, Feb. 24. (Special to The
News ) Following is tho vole today:
Allen, 5S; Ilayward, 11'.); Thotnp-on, l.'i;
Webster, 10; Field, 0.
R. B. Windham, was in Oinah i to
day. George S lyles was down from Ced r
Creek today.
H. G. Strong of Nehawka was in
tho city lat evening.
E A. O.iver, the butcher, waj in
Omaha this afternoon.
Mayor F. M. Richy was a pa-snger
this mornrig for Om ah i
f. W. Teegardeo of Wce,.i ng Water
tt arisac.od husiui ss in town today.
Mrs. II. R. L oris of G e w od i- in
the city visiting Mrs. C. W. Sherman.
J ison Streiht is down f . om .South
Bind, vi.-itit.g his sons, 11. J. and O. M.
Ross Little returned 1 t night from
a three months' sojourn tit the Pi 1,0
Hid go agency.
S. H. Shum.iker and James l!u -uott
left, his morning for a vit-it in
Counci. Biu Us.
Miss Florence Martin, accompanied
by her little brother, were Omaha
visitors today.
Mrs. Rankin of II ive'o-k is in tho
city visiting her sifters. Misses Nina
and Moilio Tucvcer.
T. J. Thomas cama in this morning
from Council B:uffs. Ho is buying
and selling slock at that place.
County Commissioners Zink and
Young went to Weeping Water this
afternoon, the former being on the
program at the school board conven
tion tomorrow.
Clippings From County Kifliane I)ilil
ITp for "News" KearierH
From the Weeping Water Republican.
Tho Misses Anna and Louise. Gor
der, and little niece, Anna Wohlfarth,
came up from Plattsmouth Satutdiy
and have begun housekeeping for
their brother, Fred. How about it
anyway. Is Fred going to get mar
ried? Mrs. John Tighc, living near Wa
bash, has been very sick for the past
week. It was thought for a while
that she was suffering with appendi
citis, and that an operation might
have to be performed. At present the
is eraininer, so the doctor thinks somo
other organ is affected, rather than
the appendix.
Superintendent Farley is ever on
the alert in looking to the welfare of
Cass county, as regards educational
matters. He has inaugurated a new
idea in this section at least, and on
Saturday of this week at tho high
school building, in this city, will be
held a meeting of ihe members
of the various school boards of
the county. An interesting p-o-erjuii
which appears on the first p.-'ge
will entertain and instruct theso who
are fortunate enough to bo present.
The gentlemen who aie. so closely
allied to the education of the youth of
Cass county, will be welcome visitors
to Weeping Water, and to Mr. Farley
due honor and appreciation wi l be
given for this advance step in educa
tional needs.
Weeping Water Ioing'.
Weeping v ater, Feb 22 (Sp c!al
to The News ) Sackett Bros.' sale
cf blueb.'Oltd hois vva- i.eld hero
last Satu-day and was in every w..y a
The grain buyers he'd a m eiing in
the city nail block 1 i-t Moi.u iy. We
suppose tney are ar anging to raise
the prie-' on grain.
William SR-rry r-ays that ho can put
his finoer on the man th it h s been
borrowing corn from his field without
permission. Mr. Speny saw the gen
tleman gathering o rn the other d:iy
and started to make his ucquaintunce.
The gent eman riid not have time to
wait but started for parts unknown at
such a rapid gait that Mr. Sperry was
unab'e to overtake him. The gentk
m in passed some friends of Mr.
S perry and they were able to ad vise
him who his visitor wa-.
Mr. George Whitney who cime to
We'eping Water last June to organize
a camp of Modern Woodmen, left yes
terday to visit his old home. The
Whitney camp cf Modern Woodmen is
evidence of his labors here.
Miss Brrger returned borne today
from a pleasant visit with her friend
Miss Burke.
F. M, Timblin went to Lincoln today
on business.
Card of Ttiaukd.
To the many friends who assisted us
during the last sickness and death of
our little son, Georgie D , and the
minister who so kindly rendered assis
tance, we return our heartfelt th inks.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Reynolds.
The Way to go to California
is in a tourist sleeping car personally
conducted -ia the Burlington Route.
You don't change cars. You make
fast time. You see the tinest scenery
on the globe.
Your car is not so expensively fin
ished nor so tine to look at as a palace
sleeper but it is ju?t as clean, just as
comfortable, just as erood to ride in,
The Burlington excursions leave
eveiy Thursday reaching San Fran
cisco Sunday and Los Angeles Mon
day. Porter with each car. Excur
sion manager with each party. For
folder giving full information call at
nearest B. & M. R. R. depot or write
J. Francis, General Passenger Agent.
Omaha, Neb.
Omah'i laundries employ Omaha
people. Plattsmonth laundrks employ
Plattsmouth people.
City Steam Laundry.
Telephone 75.
Cold, colder, coldest, co!de.-d right
John L, Bums and wife wero Omaha
visitors Tuesday.
Now if a rutin had a few thousand
eggs, wouldn't be bo in it for a while?
M. N. Druko has boen called to tho
bed-ide of his father, who is lying
very sick at York.
Johnnie Mohinkle has the contract
for digging E. Palmer's collar, and
anyone looking for work can get a job
f roro Job n
K- Palmer is having the ktntie
hauled to build tho foundation of his !
irianm.o'h More building, which hoi
I s lho f,cst !
out of tho ground.
Rev. Ta'Tart is permanently located
h-'tc r.ow, haviiii; movt-d hero lira
week. lie will preach half the timo
tiere and half at, Springlie!d. We
gl-.dly wolcomo Mr. ' aggart and wife
to our humble little village.
Am is K.-iser's team, which w is b;?
ing diiven by Mrs. Keiser, became
fr ghtened at a turkey in the buggy
11 pi ing its wings. Tho horses be
came unmanageable and ran doivn
Gospol hill, atid its thay turned the
comer at Miin streou threw Mrs K
an i Mrs. Reeso out. Tho ladies were
picked up in dazed condition. They
esc iped with a severe shaking up.
Henry G ible had the misfortune last
Saturday night to loso two ten dollar
bills which ho had p'aeed in memo
randum book and kept in his vest
pocket, but in somo way it got out of
pocket. He did not miss it till Sunday
morning and then he hitched up his
fastest horse and came to town and
undo a thorough search, but as yet
the tenners havo not returned.
Two runaway boys from Omaha, aged
eleven and thirteen years, slept in a
straw stack one milo o ist of Louis
ville Wednesday night. They did not
suffer from the cold until near morr
ing, when they became badly chilled
and app oached tho home of Josso
Livingston, where thev were taken
care of and will bo kept. They tire
both very bright little fellows to be
out on the road when the 'hermometer
stays below ze.i o.
Juck Buskirk is getting to bo quite
a sportsman. At le ist he goes out
out hunting very often, but nino times
out of ten he don't go very far. Jack
likes to be in tho company of ladies
pretty well and if reports aro true
why Jack is all right. He says ho
wants to go hunting but that is oily
an exou-e because when he go;s hunt
ing with the boys he leaves them after
he gets out of town away?. Well you
can guess where ho goes.
Thire aro a f-ew young men in Louis
ville who are in the habit of teasing
and ti rmenting the smal'er boys, thus
makisig life m'sjrablo for the latter.
They c-irvy it to extremes and the
small boys are some times provoked to
say and r!o things which the larger
boys don't 'appreciate and the latter
are I hen mean enough to abuse tho
little ones. Now, doesn't it look nice
to seo a man lighting a boy, just for
nothing? S ieh things have happened.
If you will torment the little fellows,
you must expect to get paid back, with
Louisviile is blessed with a gang of
young men who seem to take great
pleasure in debasing a young girl's
reputation. Young men stop for
moment and think. Perhap- you may
have a dear lit le sister who somo dav
may hive the suno r.vmrk made
of her. While you are talking of
some girl, someone else may be dik
ing i f your sister, and if you were to
he if tho remarks what would vou
thi ik? A certain young man hee in
town heard someone eise say some
thing, so ho started to tell it and
added a little more to it till finally it
was tenible. Beware voung man
when you blight a girl's reputation.
Tli Ins
la the World
Sick Cow.
A reporter who spent Christnas
among the Pennsylvania Germans of
Lancaster county discovered what will
probably be to most people a dis
tinctively new use for sauerkraut, a
native production of old Lancaster and
a staple article of food, says the Pitts
burg Times. He had called to see an
old friend who keeps a dairy, and
found the dairyman in the act of tak
ing great bunches of succulent cab
bage from a barrel in the cellar. The
odor pervaded the neighborhood and
made glad the nostrils of every true
and loyal Pennsylvania "Dutchman '
within a distance of about half a mile.
The reporter was astonished when the
dairyman picked up a bucketful of
sauerkraut and carried it to his cow
stables. The second animal in the long
row of stalls was a big, strong-boned
cow. Her head was hanging low un
der the manger, although there was a
plentiful supply of hay in the rack
above. Her ears had a dejected droop
and her eyes were half-closed. She
was evidently a very sick cow at a
time when she should have been in
good spirits, for among the Pennsyl
vania Germans it is still a popular be
lief that on Christmas eve the cows
in their stalls may be heard to talk to
each other of the great event the day
commemorates. The bucketful of
sauerkraut was dumped into the man
ger. The cow, by some peculiar sys
tem of feeding, first gave evidence of
her appreciation by slowly switching
her tail, which had before hung limp
and lifeless. Then she raised her head,
poked her great muzzle into the kraut
and slowly began to munch the sttift.
Fifteen minutes later she looked quite
happy. She had eaten all the kraut,
and was taking great mouthfuls of the
hay. The dairyman said sauerkraut
had long been known as one of the
best things In the world to give a
sick cow an appetite.
Mrs. George Kroehler is recovering
from an attack of the grip.
To (lie I'ultllc.
Tho board of hoalth requests The
News to notify tho public that in
view of the fact th it many cases of
contagious diseases havo been found
to exist in tho city, and woro not re
ported to tho proper authoiitics the
city clerk such neglect on the part of
tho people in whoso families the
diseoso exists will make them liable
to a fine. Many people regard tho at
tendance of a doctor us unnecessary,
and thus the matter is not reported to
tho proper authorities. Hereafter any
person having krowltdge of the exist
jeiueof contagoous disease, who fail
to notify the city clerk of tho same.
will bo properly fined for his neglect,
, .. .
10,000 Gnllons In a Tun.
A huge brewing imnlement. a mash
tun holding 10 000 gallon3 and th-
largest in the eastern counties, wa3
"opened" by Lady Bullard on Wednes
day at a brewery In Norwich. When
filled it weighs fifty-five tons and holds
267 barrels. Each time it Is used It
will hold as much barley as twenty-two
acres of land will produce. London
-A CjooiI 8niuke.
Ju-st a wni IT of one of our cigirs will
igivo you an idea of the quality of
thorn. Only tho best tobacco used.
Th",v burn freely, don't bite the
tongue, and have a flavor that is al
together pleasant. Tho flavor of our
cigars is not artificial, but tho natural
an m i of the tobacco..
Otto Wcrl, MTr.
Irost Bites and Chilblains
Quickly enred by Banner Salve, the
most healing remedy in the world. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
T he drama of Colonial times, which
will be given for the benefit of the M
W. A. bind on the 9th and 10th of
March, is full of fine sentiment, start
ling situations and dramatic effect
while the costuming will lend a pic
turesquenoss true to the period. Be
sure and witness this plav.
Don't irritate your lungs with
stubborn cough when a pleasant and
effective remedy may be found in Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup. Price, 2o
cents and oO cents. F. G. Frit ke &
Dr. Shlpman, speciali-t in chronic
diseases and diseases of tho eye and
ear. Glasses accurately fitted. New
lenses put in old frames. Artificial
eyes and ear-drums inserted. Con
sultation free. Office over Schiappa
Cure For La Orlppe.
Foley's Honey and Tar heals the
lungs and cures the racking cough
usual to la grippe and prevents pneu
monia. It is guaranteed 25c and 50c
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage, dated on the 4th day of August,
1SH7, aud duly tiled in the office of the county
clerk of t'as county, Nebraska, on the 21st day
of August. 1897, and executed by L. M. Mowrey
to H. R. Waldron and by him assigned to the
.first National Hank ol (greenwood on the 4th
day of August, 1897, for a valuable consideration.
which said mortgage was given to secure the pay
ment or tne sum ot no. and upon which
there is now due the sum of $1 5'JH. 15, d. fau t hav
ing been made in the payment of said sum, and
no suit or otiier proceeding at law havi ig been
instituted to recover said debt orany part thereof,
therefore 1 will sell tha property therein de
scribed, viz:
One gray mare, 10 years old .
One gray horse. 10 eais old.
hour brown mares, 5, 6, 7 and 11 yeais old re
One gray gilding, 5 years old.
One bay gelding, 5 years old
One I leering bind. r.
One Esteriy mower.
One Whitewater lumber wagon.
Two listers, two plows.
One truck wagon, one harrow.
At public auction on the premises to-wit: The
southwest quarter of section 10. township eleven.
range nine, in Cass county, Nebraska, being two
and one-nail miles south ot the village ot Oreeu
wood, in Greenwood precinct, on the 13th day of
March, isU'J. at one o ciocK . m. ot sai 1 day.
First National Bank of Greenwood,
Assignee of .Mortgagee.
Dated Feb. 21, 1S99.
Depends greatly on tho care
which tho ownr bestows upon it. A
good w itch, if CAREFULLY CLEANED
and OlLtD once a year, as it should be,
will last a lifetime; yes, a hundred
years. Many good watches are al
lowed to go without cleaning and oil
ing for years, with tho result that the
oil is entirely dried up, the pivots are
cut and rusted out, fo that it costs
twice as much to put the watch in
proper condition again as it would if
given timely attention. I have a long
established reputation for serving my
customers carefully, as well as doiog
the best of work, if your watch is
not giving satisfaction, bring it to me
and I will tell you just what it needs.
No charge for examination, and if left
with mo, I guarantee that you shall
have an accurate and reliable TIME
PIECE. Jno. T. Coleman.
V. .J. WHITE, Mnnascer.
i irviiii 1
I 3rVeinoli
In a repertoire of the latest Comedy suc
cesses, including hijih class Singing and
Dancing specialties at every performance. -
Tonight they will present the Rollicking Musical
1 arte-omeuy
An Irisliman's Troubles."
Prices 10, 20 and 30 Cents.
Twenty-two years' experience as a Carpenter and
Builder in Omaha and other cities has prepared
him to do all kinds of carpenter work in the
neatest and most substantial manner, satisfac
tion guaranteed. Call on or address at I'lattt
mouth, ieb.
But if you want that cough
and Grip cured, take a bot
tle of
It has no
fails 25c.
i Worms!
For 20 Years Has Led all
Prepared by-
New Hardware Store
Having returned to Plattsmouth, I will be tflad
to welcome all my old customers, as well as new ones,
and show them a select line of Stoves, Hardware,
Tinware and anything usually carried in a first-class
hardware store.
Be sure and call, as 1 have some ju ices that will
interest you.
Rockwood Block,
Do not neglect a Cough Foley's Honey end
or Cold. a delays areof- TorisgunrantHedtoclvo
en dangerous. Foley's prompt roliof in all cases
Honey and Tar Is B of Asthma. Uo not clans
pleasant, afo and sure this with othnrmodicino
core. Contains no opltttea that hns failed to give
and Is guaranteed. i'ou relief.
Foley's Honey end If yon have hud thuGr! ,
Tar does not hold out you iirobr.bly n-d a ri'
false hopes in advanced llntito medicine lilie Fo-
tages, but claims to b'ivh ley's Honey and Tor
relief In the very worst to heal your Iuuks an'
cases, end In early BtuKCS ntnp lha racking com-!
to effect a core. iucUnutii! tothis dim-aa'
Thousands of Infants Dr. .T. C Ilinhop, of Atr-
and children die yearly new, Mich., Bays: "I havo
of Croup, every one o'i used Foley'3 Honey
these Innocents could and Tar in threo very
have been saved had Fo Jsovnr cases of Pneumo-
ley'S Honey and Tar nia tho past month, with
been given them in time. 'good results."
There is no place like
The best class of
Omaha are here at from $1 to $2 cheaper
per pair. We make a specialty of High
Grade Shoes in the Latest Styles. We are
glad to have you come in and see our stock
An Immense Line of FALL and WINTER SHOES
that will suit all classes of purcascrs.
We paid the CASH and
benefit of heavy DISCOUNT.
413 Main Street, - Plattsmouth, Neb.
Syrup of Tar and
Wild Cherry
It never
ll..-:t l:i Qn:intit.7. !!' t In Ou;iiilv. (
Wermi Remedies. r32i&&I
3 -XJ o o x r- .
goods to be found in
will eive vnn