Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, February 24, 1899, Image 3

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l5Joodth?rsty Proclamation of Fili
pinos Cabled By Otis.
Inurfc nt Around Hollo Art LoLo
Ilrart and Scattering l All Direction
Miller Confident of Maintaining Ilia
I'OHltlon Without Klnrorceineut Hot
Wi-ai Iiit at Manlln.
Washington. Fob. 21 . The follow
ing dispatch wiih received this after
noon from Conoral Uiis:
".Manila, Feb. 21. Adjutuut Gen
em I, Witf hinjton: The ollowliif was
l-ism-d tty mi i tn iKir la u t officer of
tin- i n mii rri-n t f,'evornment ut Maloloa,
Feluu iry 1.) for oxi-oution during t.liat
e v e 1 1 1 n tf ji ml iiiyht in ihis city:
"'First Vdii will so dispose thiit ut
M o'clock ut ni'lit the individual oi
tin- territorial militia nt 30111- ordor
will ho fniimi united in nil of tho
ht ro-ts nf San I Yd ro, m ined with their
halos and nvol vera or yutiM and am
niMtiil ion, if com ven ier.t.
" 'I'hilipuino fmiilios only will ho
respected. Ylley houlU HOI lui mo-
le-di (I, 1, nt. all other individuals of
whatever race they may bo will bo ex
terminated without, any com passion
after tho e x term i n at ion of tho uruiv of
'ecu pation.
" ' I bird -The dt fenders of the Phil
ippines in your comumnd will attack
tie; tjuard at, I i borate tho pria-one-s
and prosada r 10s and, having ac
complished this, thoy will h.i armed,
sayintr to them: "Hrothers, wo must
avenge ourselves on tho Americans
and exterminate) them that we may
take our revenue for tho infamy and
treachery which t hoy have eommi tted
upon us; have no compassion upon
them; attack with vijjor. All Fili
pinos on ma-so will second you. Lony
live Fil i pi no-.' independence!1''
l.-alh to TyraiitH.
" 'Fifth The order to be followed
in the attacks will be as follows: The
riharo.shootei s of Tondo and Santa Ana
will be-jii. the attack from without and
these shots will he the signal for the
militia of Troso I'inondo, (Juiato and
S-impaloo to yo out into tho street and
do their duty; those, of Pake, Ertnlta
and Malate, Santa Cruz and San
Mieuel will not start out until 12
o'clock unless they see that their com
panies need assistance.
"'Sixth The militia of Tondo will
start out at .'( o'clock in tho morning
and if aii do their duty our revenge
will ho complete. lirothers, Europe
contemplates us. We know how to
dio as men, shedding our blood in de
fense of the liberty of our country.
Death to the tyrants!
" 'War without quarter to the false
Americans who have deceived us.
" 'Either indepanee or death.' "
Ttie portion of General Otis' dis
patch indicated by dashes the officials
were unable to decipher tonight.
There is no "fourth" parngrah in
the insurgent statement as furnished
to the press.
Kebels Disintegrating.
The War department received the
fo'lowinsr this morning:
Manila, Eib. 21. Adjutant Gen
eral, Washington: General Milier
reports on the 19th inst. that the in
surgent forces a few miles out from
Iloilo are believed to be disintegrat
ing. Ho can maintain his position
with present force. Business in the
city is being resumed.
Ho has sent up four representative
men, oHieials from the capital of the
island of Xegros, where the American
Hag was raised and American protec
tion requested against a small insur
gent force in , tho islands. Affairs
their and in Cebu are very encourag
ing. 1 shall endeavor to maintain and
improve the present promising condi
tions. A H aii s here a:e quiet. A small in
surgent foice east of the city were
driven a way yesterday with consider
able loss to the enemy. Oris
Owiiiir tn a lack of punctuation and
economy of cable tolls General Otis'
cable is not very clear in some parts,
particularity in relcreneo to the island
of Negro.
A careful study of the dispatch on
tdat point indicates that General Otis
means to says four representative in
habitants of the island of Negros have
come to Manila, having been sent by
t.eneral Milier to confer with General
Otis regarding the extension of Ameri
cans to that island.
Neros is tho fourth island of the
grout) in importance. It lies at its
nearest point about ten miles from the
island of Pa nay and General Miller's
forces must have been in sight of
Negros during the weeks preceding
the capture of Iloilo. Just east of
Negros, separated by a very narrow
strait, is the island of Cebu, which it
is also a part of General Otis' intention
to occupv. From the dispatch it is
gathered that neither at that point or
at Negros is there likely to bo a very
substantial resistence.
Hot Wrather at Manila.
Manila, Feb. 21. 5:15 p. in The
l.'nited States transport Newport has
arrived here fiom Iloilo with dis
p;it hes from General Miller to Gen
eral Otis. It reports all quiet at
iioilo. The American troops there
are occupying tho suburbs of Jaro and
Molo. Business has been resumed
generally with the outside world.
Some rico is coming in from the prov
inces and there has been no fighting
since February 12.
All is quiet at Manila. The heat is
causing tome inconvenience, but no
casualties have been reported.
Dr. Shipman, specialist in chronic
disenses and diseases of the eye and
ear. Glasses accurately fitted. New
lenses put in old frames. Artificial
eyes and ear-drums inserted. Con
sultation free. Office over Schlappa-casse's.
Three Mom Member of tint Nelraka
Ke(liiiant Wounded.
Washinoton, Feb. 22 (.Special to
TllK News. ) Tho following casualties
were reported la the bklrmlsh near
the waterworks at Manila this morn
ing: Firat Nebraska Wounded: Com
pany I), Private John S. Allen, neck,
very severe; Company F, Allenzo
Flko, elbow, slight; Company M,
Charles Govoryck, knee, 3light.
G. I. Mkiklejoiin,
Assistant Secretary of War.
Third Ntbranka Kegiuit-nt Olve Ounce
to AuierU-nn (Jirl.
Havana, Feb. 22. Sal u ten were
fired at noon tod y in honor of Wash
ington's birthday and General Ludlow
held a review of the troops. General
ilrooko and stall' being present. Gen
oral Ludlow hell a public reception
from 4 to 0 p. m , and at liuena Vista
General Leo held a reception.
Tho Third Nebraska regiment gave
a dance to forty American girls, their
mothers and k'nawoinen, residing at
Quein idos.
Summer (MmitcrH t or Troop
Havana. Feb. 22. Maj r General
Urooke, the governor general, ap
proves tho plans of erecting plain
wooden barracks for the troops which
will remain here during the hot
weather. A building for each com
pany, 1 AO .."( feet, with double roof and
having for the sides of the house
panels on horizontal pivots, so as to
swing completely open, with a kitchen
separate, but connected by a covered
way, will cost per c .mpany ",()()(.
Some of tho troops will occupy tho
Spanish masonry barracks. General
Carpenter has just found one capable
of accommodating 3,(K)0 men at Ciego
do Avila, on the Moron trocha.
11 el ticker-KalTenberffer
At 2 o'clock. .. Tuesday afternoon
Kev. Katz of the',Gorman Presbyterian
church pronounced the words which
made Julius Helficker and Miss Mary
Kallenberger man and wife, only the
relatives and immediate friends of the
contracting parties witnessing tho
ceremony. The groom is well and
favorably known in the city, having
been employed for a number of years
in the Burlington shops, while the
bride also ei.j )V9 a largo circle of
friends, having resided here for a
number of 3ears. The happy couple
departed on Wednesday for Kearney,
near which place they will reside in
the future.
The News extends congratulations
and best wishes to tho j'oung people.
Monday February 20, 1899, just as
the clock was about to strike tbe hour
of 12, Mr. George Bengen, of Peoria,
ill , led to the hymeneal alter Miss
Tilly Bengen, the lovely daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Bengen, re
siding near Mynard. The ceremony
wa9 performed by Rev. J. D. Oldham,
pastor of the Presbyterian church of
The bride was attired in a beautiful
cream colored dress and looked very
charming. The groom wore the con
ventional blnck and was at his best.
After the ceremony the guest9 re
paired to the dining room to unburden
the groaning table, and went away
feeling glad th tt they were there.
1'rogram of School Hoard Convention.
Following is the program of School
Board convention to be held at Weep
ing Water, February 25, 1899:
10:00 A.M. Should the Board Hire the
Teacher Before the Annual Meeting'!' ...
L. C. Pollard, Nehawka.
ll:tOA. M Is the Free Text book Law a
Suct-eBs? F. F. Everett, Weeping WMier.
1::J P. M. Are Teachers' Wages High
Enough? Turner Zink, Wabash.
2::vi P. M. Transferring Pupils from one
District to Another Will it Worn Suc
cessfully? (i. P. Foreman, Alvo.
:l:00 P. M. Que8tion Box. (Questions may
te written or oral, and you need not
sign your name ...County Superintendent
An opportunity will be given for
general discussion of each topic.
Several directors have suggested
that it would bo an excellent idea for
members of the school boards to meet
and discuss important matters con
nected with their work, hence this
experiment. Farmers can get away
about as well in February as any
month in the year. We want as many
districts represented as possible.
It would be perfectly legitimate and
proper for the 6chool district to pay
the actual expense of any who take
the time and trouble to attend. They
could hardly afford to spare any of
their "salary.'"
The convention will be held at the
school house. Respectfully,
Geo. L. Farley
For frost bites, burns.indolent sores,
eczema, ekin disease, and especially
piles, DeWitt's Witch Hazsl salve
stands Grst and best. Look out for
dishonest people who try to imitate
and counterfeit it. It's their endorse
ment of a good art'cle. Worthless
goods are not imitated. Get DeWitt's
Witch Hazel salve. F. G. Fricke &
I'lattsiuouth Nursery.
I quote very low prices on first-class
stock. Apple trees, three year9, 15
cents; $10 a hundred. Apple trees,
two years, 12 cents; $8 a hundred.
Plum trees, three years, 30 cents; $20
a hundred. Cherry trees, three years,
30 cents; $2C a hundred. Peach trees,
three years, 15 cents; $12 a hundred.
Grape vines, 5 cents; 3 a.hundred.
Rasp berries, 75 cents a hundred and
black berries, 75 cents a hundred.
J. E. Leeslev, Prop.
Lost A letter addressed to Mrs.
Gertie Thompson, from Miles City,
Mont. It had not been opened. Was
lost on tho Louisv.Uie road, west of
own. Finder leave at the poitofHce.
.1 ni
Fresh Outbreak of Incendiarism Is
Followed By Fighting.
Many Kesidenoea and lluilut Hoii
Horned and Hundred of Inhabitants
Wfte itendered Houielew The Nli;iit
a Terror to Thousand of liiintliilMut
of Manila
MANILA, Feb. 23. 7 30a. m. There
was an outbreak of incendiarism, ac
companied by lighting, in Manila hint
evening. The casualties were few, but
the property loss is enormous.
0:.'50 a. m. Immense damage ha-,
been done by fires, which are believed
to have been started by insurgents last
night. Tho tire department has ex
perienced great difficulty in lighting
the Humes owing to defective ap
paratus. It is reported that the
natives have damaged the apparatus.
There was some fighting in the
streets during the night, but the
Americans quickly quelled thoupis
ing. A number of insurgents were
killed and several Muerican soldiers
were wounded. A large market place
was among tho fust to burn nnd from
51 M) to t Id residences and bti-iuet-s
houses were destroyed. Fires weie
started at several points simul
taneously and spreading witn great
rapidity resisted all elTori to control
them. Hundreds of homeless natives
are huddled in the streets, making pa
trol duty of the Americans difficult.
The night was one of terror to
thousands of tho inhabitants of Ma
nila, the rebels making geol their
threats of buining acres of Manila.
One officer was wounded. At: K o'clock
an incendiary lire occurred in a block
of brick buildings occupied by Chinese
0:1 Calle le E-ic street. A still breeze
was blowing and the inflammability of
tho structures caused the blaze to bo
i spread with alarming rapidity. The
city lire department was hopelessly in
competent, and the English volunteer
brigade from Santa Mesa was sum
moned and with a modern euyine
pumping adequate streams from the
canal succeeded, after four hours
work, in getting the blaze under con
trol. Hundreds ltendered Homeless.
Meantime the entire block and tbe
g renter part of two others across the
street were completely gutted. Hun
dreds of inhabitants were rendered
homeless. Chinese and natives "lined
the adjacent streets while hundreds
more, fearing a general conflagration,
removed their furniture and other
portablo goods in every diiection,
within a radius of a quarter of a mile
when the alarm was first given. Gen
eral Hughes personally superintended
the police arrangements. The whole
city was thoroughly patrolled and
guards were doubled. Every avail
able man was dispatched to the region
of the fire.
Impediments were placed in the way
of the firemen and the hose was cut
live different times. This resulted in
all the natives being driven off the
streets, those in the immediate vicin
ity of the blaze being corralled in
vacant lots and guarded until the ex
citement was over. In many instances
the natives were insolent and paid no
regard to the orders given them and
the soldiers were compelled to use
harsh measures. The butts of their
rities and their bayonets were freely
Captain Robinson of Company C,
Thirteenth Minnesota, and three men
were wounded.
Oiseovered by a Woman
Another great discovery has been
made, and that too, by a lady in ihis
country. "Disease fastened its
clutches upon her and for seven years
she withstood its severest test, but
her vital organs were undermined ana
death seemed imminent. For three
months she coujrhed incessantly, and
could not, sleep. She finally discov
ered a way to recovery, by purchasing
of us a bottle of Dr. King's Xew Dis
covery for Consumption, and was so
mm h relieved on taking first dose,
that she slept all night; and with two
bottles, has been absolutely cured.
Her name is Mrs. Luther Lutz." Thus
write V. C. Hamnick ev: Co., of Shelby
X. C. Trial bottles free at F. G.
Fricke & Go's, drug store. Regular
sizeoOc and $1.00. Every battle suar
teed. 4
Home iirowu Fruit Tree Are the bent.
The Riverside Nursery Co. has a
full and complete stock of all kinds of
fruit trees, vines and plants which
they have grown with care. Their
many years of experience in the busi
ness has enabled them to grow nur
sery stock that will compare with any
in the countty. They have all the
standard and choice varieties suitable
for this climate, also new and valuable
varieties. They do their own budding
and grafting, and can guarantee their
varieties to be true to name and strict
ly first-class. Why not buy your trees
here where you can get them fresh
and grown in tho Fame soil and. cli
mate in which they are to be trans
planted? It will save you time and
money. They invite you to come aud
inspect their docii and be convinced
of these facts. Nursery two and one
half miles east and one-half mile north
of Union, Neb. Call or write in regard
to varieties, prices, etc.
C. F. Mohton, Prop.,
Union, Neb.
J. Sheer, Sedalia. Mo., conductor on
electric street car line, writes that his
little daughter ws very low with
croup, and her Ufa paved after all phy
sicians had fulled, only by using One
Minute cough cure. F. G. Fricke &
In the future W. L. Street, sgent
for the Singer Manufacturing com
pany, will be found in W. K. Fox's
stationery store.
John diluents ,f Elm v. o,l was in
the ci'y yesterday.
K A. Wilkinson, the Eagle lumber
man, win in the city today.
A. T. Leydu 1 f eeping Water was
a business vi-itor in the city today.
Tho anniversary of Washington's
LirthUiiy was ob-erved hy the banks
and the county officers today.
The funeral of 11. J. Reynold,' babe
Whs h Id this aftern'ori from hi resi
dence in the south part of town, nnd
interment was made in CMk Hill ceme
tery. Colonel Peter E. IlutTner, the demo
cratic war horse from the second ward,
was down town today for tho lirnt time
after on illness of two weeks. Ho has
been sullVririg with the grip.
Will Petersen, Ed Tutt, Harry
ii.irthold and Ed Smith were in
Omaha today as delegates to the state
council i f the. .Junior Order of I'liil-al
A inericau Mechanic .
Editor PieKett of the Greenwood
Itccord was i:i (lie city today. Mr.
PieKett caffio down to attend to some
j (lUsj noss at the court Ionise, but found
the temple of justice was c osed, the
officials having closed up to celebrate
Washington's birthday.
The disbarment action iig linst John
C Watson camj up in the Otoe county
district court yesterday afternoon.
Attorney W. C. Sloan appeared for
the defendant and demanded prompt
hearing. However, Judge JJamsey
took the matter under advisement.
1). M. (,u;ikenbush, who has been a
resilient of Green wocd for a number
of years, was in the city shaking
hands with oid friends, being on his
way to Philadelphia, where he has
accepted a lucrative position as book
keeper for a large firm of that city.
Mr. and Mrs. 1 homas Waliing enjoy
the distinction of having been born on
the same d iy as the father of our
country, the immortal Ceoi'ge
Washington. The au-pieious event
was celebrated in a proper man
ner today. Mr. and Mrs. Walling
unquestionably enjoy an isolated, but
deeidt dly p'eas mt, distinction.
Mrs. George Kroehler is tecovering
from an attack of the grip.
Jerry McTIugh of South 11 jnd is vis
iting friends in the city.
Superintendent G. L, Farley is at
tending to school business in Weeping
Wallace Carter returned today from
a visit v ith his mother at Weeping
Jake Ileiurich has been quite ill for
seveial days, but is considerable better
Mrs. W. II. Deal ing went to Omaha
yesterday to meet her busbind, return
ing to Piatlsmouth today.
II irry Race, tbe ex-newspaper man
of Weeping Water, was attending to
business in the county judge's oftice
Gottlieb Numeisler and Miss Mag
gie Berhus of Avoea were united in
marriage by Judge M. Archer yester
day afternoon.
At the home of the bride near the
shops Judge G. M. Spin-look last even
ing united in marriage John Price
and Augu'ta Schultz.
C. If. Petersen departed yesterday
with his household eoods for Hum
boldt. He has a farm near there and
will engage in farming next summer.
His faini'y will go down in a few days.
A young cat which makes its home
in W. D. Jones' livery barn is gelling
quite, a reputation as a mouse-killer.
Yesterday it. killed sixteen of the little
yermins. and today its record woa even
Mrs. Maiy E. Longcnhagcn today
received a dra t for $,',000 from the
head officers of the Modern Woodmen
of America, that being the amount of
the insurance carried hy Fred Longen
hagen. This is pretty quick woric, as
the papers were only sent in three
w-eeks ago.
Elias Sage, who was so serious' y
wounded Monday afternoon by a tree
falling upon him, is getting along as
well as could be expected. He sus
tained some internal injuries, but the
attending physician is of the opinion
that he will soon recover from that
part of his injuries.
Frost Bites and Chilblains
Quickly enred-by Banner Salve, the
most healing remedy in the world. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
A tiooil Smoke.
Just a wiiitY of one of our cigars will
give you an idea of the quality of
them. Only the best tobacco used.
They burn freely, don't bite the
toneue, nnd have a llavor that is al
together pleasant. The flavor of our
cigars is not artificial, but the natural
aroma of the tobacco.
Otto WuitL, MTr.
The drama oi Colonial times, which
will be given for the benefit of the M.
V. A. band on the f th and 10ih of
March, is fuil of line sentiment, start
liny situations and dramatic effect,
while the costuming will lend a picture.-que
r. ess true to the period. Be
sure and witness this play.
Marriage Permits.
The following marriage license were
granted by County Judgre Spurlock
today :.
Name and Residence. Age.
j George W. Towle, Weeping Water
( Ella Daisy Mitchell, Hendiey, Neb
) William Clark Timblin. Weeping Water..
I Emma Josephine Wiiey. Weeping Water..
t John Price. Plattsmouth
I Augusta shultz. Plattsmouth
Gottlieb Nunieister. Avoca
Minnie Maggij lierhns, Avoca
, . . -.'s
. ..
. -'I
The duelling scene in the drama
"R-tribution" will be fine. Don't miss
seeing it. March 9 and 10.
Probate- No?ic:
In tin? ("on nt v 'en 1 1. (a- ' . ni 1 iv
In 11, c- niHll. i 1. 1 lii,- i--t.11- 1. 1 A.
Tliuliiits, dn 1-I
'I ln'n;is . I l,,m;.i--. ,-.,it:-
t-iii,t L' .1
: . t 1 'I: . i 1 111
l'liHiiri., s-tis in 1 i!.i 1 li Hii.t '.. i -:w , .i.rii. 1
Tfioiiia and i tn. ' i am! Sv. :a 1 li in.i .
minors, and all other p.-i-ons inten tnl m
estate, an- lu-iebv ii"t,!i-d that i cbiu.uv '.'n, I ..(,
I .. ' I d-i, ku.'ii d'.fi'i ! t !ic ;i i e n.iiiu d Hi 1 :i,r -.,
.1 p,.'Utic 'li in t t a i .-j ; ills- jv.i nth' i
thu.tts, that Albin-i 1'. 1 ..;... v . lutj nt sa:J
county, u.ed - I 1 1 1 Is. l-'js, inte-t.ile, hud j ,-se-sc-'J
of an estate in .nd rnunn ; that the above
named Cousiuiue ai 1 t h'- h'-.i - nl sail ,1 .im-,.
that Septumber M, Is'.'S, '1 h.imas J. Ilmum-, w.i,
appointe-d adriaui"! r.t t .r. i inl it ;i nn-d i.pnri t.i,
giving the required bond. and that -,ii I I'hmiias I
1 homas ha n-lue-d to give- bund, but on l let. em
oe-r iss, ie-signe.1 in-, appointment mi 1 term,-
mended the appointment 1. 1 i .ei ne W Ihoma ,. ;
jr.: that )e,en.liei i '.'-. tieme-. Si:srtn ami
l-.lizzie Thomas h'ed the-it iiioimii asking the ap
pointment ol s,i: 1 'junt.'O . l'ti, ni as. jr., .md
up in said date, the s-im ieni,;e V 1 hoir is, p.,
was appointed adin inistiatnt , i on.) I mtie, I upon
thegningol bond, le-ipiiie-d by !a lhit x
( leorge . Thomas, jr , has never leti U ied lm '
llinj; any bom!, and has wholly tiegleiled P-J
q .alllvloi saidnlliee. i'etlti liei plays ho a I
iniiiisttat ion ,, this estate, ami I n l.'.e appoint !
ment ol llaiiyl, I II as a lm , n ;st i at m t! en ,,.
on will theicf oi e tabe- no i u e t il y ,,u tin to
appear at said e-outt Man. h I I. s;.;, ,,i : i.'i lot k
p. in., and Contest said petition, the lonil wnl
K'laut the piayei ol s;tl,l petition and appoint
flail y (j. Todd, or some othei smtalile p(:.-,,ii.
adiiiimstraloi , and pt ort-.- j n, a sett U menl ot
said estale.
itiiess my r and the seal ol said cunt at
Hlattsmouth. Ni.'oiaska, this, the J!-t day ol
I'eh.. A. 1. Is'.''.' il.,K.,l- M.siinn.i K.
l-Si:.l. County J'. Ire.
Iegal Notice.
Notu.e is beii-by nivili that by vilttie o a i hat
tel moitHa;e, dated on the 4th day ol . 1 1 y; 1 1 t ,
is'.)?, and duly lile-d in Hie otli. e of the county
clei k ol I'ass i oimtv. Nebtasksi, on the 'Jlst dav
of Aiifjusl, lsl'7, and executed hy I.. M. Moun y
toll. K. Waldion and by him assigned to 1 li
f irst National Hank ol Ce eiiuood on the Itii
day nl August, I si'7. lor a valuable considei at ion,
w h icli said nun ta-e was iy en to seen i e t he pa y
ment of the sum ol j l ,:)s i'm i. and upon wh: h
there is now due the sum id ,l.."Jtl. I", delaint bav
ingf been made in the paynie-nt ol said sum, and
no .suit or other proceeding at law having been
instil u led to recov er sai l debt or any jiai t I hei eof ,
there-lore 1 will sell the piopi itv therein de
scribed, vi:
t)nenray mare, I" yeaisoM
due Kray hoise, PI years old
hui brown marcs, .". 7 and il ve.n s ,,l e-sjie-Ciiely
ne Riay Keldinfr, .1 years old
One bay a eld inn. " yeai s e : !
( ue I leel inn bindei
( lite f 'sterly mower.
One Whitewater lumber waip-n
Two listers, tyvo ployvs.
One truck vvasion, one linn nyy .
At public auction on tip: premises to-yvit: I he
southwest quarter of section If,, tow n hip eleven.
raniie nine, in Cass county. Aebiaska. nein- two
and one-halt miies south of the village nl ( i eeu-
wood, in ( ireenwood jiiec'iii t, on the 1 1 1 1 1 day of
March, IS'.i'.l, at one o clo k p. tn . id sni 1 day.
I iks i N a mi in. m. Hank or ( in i- i:yy i urn.
Assjo,.,. ,,( 1 ,, tj-aec,.
Hated Feb. "I. IS'.i'.l
Notiee i,f I ml. 1I ediiesH
i he l'lattsmoutlf ( ias and IJectiic I-ijdit com
pany hereby nives notice that the foiloyyin is
the list and amount of all existing debts el said
corporation on the lirst day of bcbritaiy, A. !..
lsifti. namely:
First mortgage (1 per cent bonds ot the
1'lattsmoui li Gas and F.lectric l.ijdil
company, interest payable semi-annually.
une 1st and Uecembei 1st -slu.Don to
Accrued interest on same mm no
Total indebtedness j:td,:!i.'il 00
This notice is (riven in compliance with the
provisions of chapter sixteen of the compiled
statutes ot the stale of .Nebraska.
J. i. Kicur-Y, ''resident.
S. U. Ilirt hV, Treasurer.
C 1). Joni s, Hecrc-iary
Majority of board of dircctois.
Frobate Notice.
In County Court. Cass County, Nebraska.
Ill the matter ot the estate of Henry Moll, de
ceased: lacob. Phillip. Fred, Charles and Wiiliam Stoll.
F.lizabeth Mc 1-arland, Christinae Leach, Martha
l.ana beery, Mena lhierolf, Kosanna Mai'tcr,
Louisa Ripple, the unknown heirs ol Adam
Stoll, Mary Mctdynti and Catharine Lear, the
last three named being now deceased, the un
known heirs ot Henry Moi'i, deceased, and al!
other persons interested in said lnattei aie here
by notified that on the "JOth day ot f-ebtuaiy,
IsOSI. Henry M . Soenniclisen tiled a petition m
said county court, praying that his final admin
istration account be settled aui allowed, t o or
der distributing assets and that lie be discharged
from his trust as administrator yy ith will annexed,
and that if you lad t.) appear before said court on
the lHtn day of March, A U, ls i'.i. at Ml o'clock
a. m., and contest ;;aid petition, the court may
grant t he prayer of said petition and make su h
other and further orders, allowances and decrees
as to this court may seem proper, to the end that
all matters pertaining to said estate may be
final y settled and determined.
Witness my hand and the seal of said court at
Plattsmoutii, Nebraska, this, the 'ith day of Feb
ruary, A lJ, IS'.i'.l Gl.OKCE M. Sl-I KLOCK.
(Seal) County Judge.
Legal Notice.
Administrator's sale of land.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
In the matter of tbe estate ot John Buns, de
ceased: Under and by virtue of a license to -el! the real
estate hereinafter described, made in the above
entitled cause bv the Honorable basil Kanisey,
judge, on the l-'ith day of February, A. I). 1 1
will on March 11th. A I). 1-i'H. at in o'clock a. m.
at the south door ot the court house. ::i Plaits
mouth, in Cass county, Nebraska, oife-r tor sale
lots seven and eight, in block fourteen: the .south
one-third of lots four, live and six. in block se-y en
teen; and part of lots tour, rive and six, in block
six, in Duke's addition, all in the city of I'iatts
mouih. in Cass county. Nebraska, to the highest
bidder for cash- llr.NKV M. Hons,
Administ rator.
Byron Clark, attorney.
First publication Feb 14, !".;'
I.pgal Notice.
In the district court of Cass roiinty. NVhiuska.
Hilina Lindblad
vs .
Warner Lindblad.
To Warner Lindblad:
You are hereby notified that planum in the
above entitled cause has tiled her peti'ion in the
district court of Cass County, Nebraska, to ob
tain a divorce for the reason that since her mar riage
to you. vou have grossly, wantonly, and
cruelly, while being of suliicient abihtv to pro
vide her suitaDie maintenance failed, refused and
neglected to provide such suitable maintenance;
and fraudulently and wiilfuily deserted and
abandoned her. Vou are required to answer said
fietition on or before March u, A. !., ls;is: and
ailing so to do, your delauit will be entered of
IIii.MA LiMaa.AD. I'la.iitltl.
Byron Clark. Attorney.
Probate Notice.
In County Court, Cass County. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Bushrod Washing
ton Richardson, deceased.
Ann M. Davis, Lavina Conley, Caroline Fow
ler, the unknown heirs of David Richardson, de
ceased, the unknown heirs of Parnielia Duiing.
deceased, and all other persons interested in said
matter are hereby notified that on the 'ith day
of February, IS'ay, Mrs. A. M. Davis tiled a peti
tion in said county court alleging among other
things that Kushrod Washington Richardson
died on the loth dav of January, A. D. ls'J.t.
leaving no last will and testament, and pos
sessed of personal estate, and that the above
named constitute all the persons interested in
the estate ot said diseased, and praying for ad
ministration thereof. Vou are hereby notified
that if you fail to appear at said court on the :th
day of February, A. I. at Hi o'clock a. m,
and contest said petition, the court y iil appoint
H. M. Gault, or some ether suitable person, ad
ministrator, and proceed to a settlement of said
Witness my hand and the seal of said court at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this 7th dav of Feb
ruary, AD. Is'.'ll. Gkorge M spurlock,
seal County fudge.
Lejral Xotico.
In the District Court of Cass County. Nebraska.
Carrie F.. Black, plaintiff,
Junius N. Black, defendant-
To Junius N. Black, non-resident defendant:
Vou are hereby notified that on the 31st day of
January, lf-yy, Carrie K. Black tiled a petition
against you in the district court of Cass county.
Nebraska, the object and prayer of which are to
obtain a divorce from you on the ground that you
have grossly, cruelly and wantonly tailed, ne
glected and refused to support the plaintiff, be
ing of sutticient ability so to do, and for the
custody of the minor child the issue oi said mar
riage to-wit: Sarah B- Black, aged fourteen
years: and that certain personal property, rights
and credits be decreed to be the property of ttiis
plaintiff, and for reasonable alimony. Vou are
required to answer said petition on or before
Monday, the sUth day of March, l-'y..
Carrie E. Black, Plaintiri.
By C. S- Polk, her attorney- -
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, ) . ... .
Oass County. , " s- In County Court.
In the matter ot the estate of Franklin Niemann,
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the administrator of said es
tate, before me. county judge of Cass county. Ne
braska, at the county-court room in Plattsmouth
in saiJ county, on the 17th day of March. A, D-,
l!sW. and on the 17th day of August, ls;i, at In
o'clock A. M. each dav for the purpose of pre
senting their claims for examination, adjustment
and allowance. Six months are allowed for the
creditors of said deceased to present their claims
from the l"th day of February, lKy
Witness my hand and tha seal of said county
court at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this -4tli day
January, 1;V9.
George M. Spurlock,
(Seal) County Judge.
C fl A o n r s
Livery, Feed
Sale Stable.
Fines! Rios in tho
by tho D.iy
,ii I- ;ii-s 1 1
We are hero for the Business ol
tho County...
Ami will "..-t il, if Fair lnil:uo :nd Cud l.o'd- will cut nnv li-.'uro with
our l'ariu--r Frui.ds. Winn you nro in tmvii. i omo i'id -! ii wo will
gl.--ily show von : : i i -1 I i 1 1 a- b:ii- in -'" 1.
ML E. Manspeaker & Son,
Pearl St., between 6th and 7th, Plattsmoutii
ill I
3? ; "..v
M Sr-''
ii i v.
o -
OF PL TT.sMi il"i II, N .!.
( life I'
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lot il'
Legitimate Banking Business.)
TOUKS, bonds, void, go vcrn in -n t -mil l
Beouritlos tjouglit and sold. 1 :jiosl ts re-
cctved nnd interest ulluwed on the
Drafts flrawu, avallaolo In any
Dart of tbe U. S. mid ull tbe principle I
towns of Eurou. 'JolU'tt! .ins mad.- and
nromnllv rr-lriiLted. lil.'best lliari,
price paid for county wur.-nnts,
and i-r-u n fcy liomls.
il. N. Dovey. I). Ila-.-Ksv.ori!;. S
F. E. Wiiit j. (.,. F. liovi
Go . K. i jev. Pre'.. S. Wnaijb.
H. N. Dovev. Asst. Cashier
Hattsmouth Coal Yard!
is Tin: flag;; to in;v-
ALL iRADi:3 OF WOO!). !
H:i.3-, Corn, 0;tts and alt Kir
Constantly on. liand.
Oar stock Is eoinplfjte In all lines and we j
Id vite our friends to loolt it over We pill i
srdoavor to please you. Call nnd ee
Successor t In err ilneek. i
PL .'yT."SMOI!TP ';T'.i
GoiitJnJi or
Contracts taken for the erectien ot Residence?
Barns and any kind of carpenter work, in anv
part of the county. Call on or address..-
HARVK IIOLLOWAr.riatlMuonth, Sfb
or Week.
in al
I; i M I
Kneelantl Crystal Creamery
and Refrigerator Combined.
.i;iUs .,n per riMil. inore linttor
liinn tin- old w;.y of t k i n tr can- d
milk. Th'i luilk from ( iobt -r,w.;
ii 1 1 b(( t.-UCi ll r-u-o of with le-s labor
limn foriio-rlv with Unit hf uiiecmv.
: i.;n-ity from two ,, eighty e n s
."Jo f'll-Ho;l- who lil 'l.'s butter fun
:ll'oid to do yvithont one. For fur
I her i j r rt ieul a r- t " ui re of
It. F. Dean, Acnt.
Flat tsiiioiintb, bra-ha.
M Ktlll.K STS ,
If. I. S'.)i;M( IISi;., Maiingtr.
J Si;j.ily of all th'i
i:i:sr ckadks
In' 'ud. iig U,e I' 'atiioii
Mi-.-aiUri. I !lilH.M,
.;i(:S'.-Oii Hill (iini
'nn on ( ,'i t y 1 .u m ;i.
. :: .i on hand A !- i.aiil:tv of
heape-r Gi a b.s of N I "1 ' M.. We a v)
keep on hand a!! kiiids ol Wood. Ail oi-
ders prompt. y de.i.ered. I.ea'.e orden
at gr oceiy storeof A. H. Weemba' h ii Co.
Leading Liveryman.
-t ot r:
r nish'jc
at aii ho.
r -a
r.d h,
:s are a.v.ay, reasonabJe. 'J bciro-t
onveceut LriardinjrstaU'i! for fai-nit-rs
in tl,e ritv.
: fe,
! inW.B.Ml
Jjoav-s Kansris City every Friday
3 i via Colorado Spriri(.'s and Si-c-ric
j Southern Koul o lea v.-s Kiin-as City
I every Wednesday via Ft. Worth and
El L'aao to Lo- A n ;.;'. os.
Tlu-ee excursion cir; arc attached
to fast iassor.f'er train.-, and their
f popularity i- evidence that we offer
tho best.
Write for handsome itinerary which
ffives full i nforni ition ar.d ra-yc map,
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rates ai d horth r:-.--r v-i I ion, so-e yo-jr
local ticket aeui or nddie-s VL K.
MacLi:oi. A. G. 1'. A., Topeka, Ivan.
John SKiiAsriAN, (i. I'. A., Chicar.
Missouri Ca!t feiuiine ( ,iin;ii ( itj Coal
i FOP CiAriH
. ,s . .
(JliVi- ortlePl fit r. S. hlto o store.