Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, February 24, 1899, Image 2

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    February 2 4. ll)9.
A H .
& CO.
R"' Ji
.1 '
Always on the
We an- not content with
anything loss than a con
stantly increasing trade in
fancy and staple (iroceries,
and so are constantly on the
lookout for novelties in table
delicacies, sell cver'thingf at
prices that clear our shelves
and hence get you fresh
joods every week some of
'em ever' day.
A full lino of fancy Lumps, China
Cups and Saucers of all descriptions
and at way down prices.
Don't forget to stop and examine
our stock bo fore purchasing.
A. H.
Up-To-Date Grocers.
F. G. FR16K& & 60.
Keep constantly on hand a fall
and com pie to stock of pure...
Paints, Oils.
Special attention given to
..Compounding Prescriptions..
Also a fail lino of Druggist's Sundries
and l'uro Wines and liquors, for
Medicinal purposes.
South Sixth Street. ..Platrsmouth
San F? anclsco
All points vfjst.
St. Joseph -Kansas
t. Louis and all
pefnts East and
No 1. Ien ver ex uross 11:18 pin
no i uieiii; e. nrosg i:l:2 am
No 2t. Local express, daily, St Joe.
Kiiimas. :-t Louis, ail points
south 10:0) am
No 4. Local exu. dally, liurllugton
Chicago, all point? east 10:31 aru
Sundays take No. 20 (10 a in)
No 93. Local ex n. daily except Sun
day. Pacific Junction 11-J pin
oao. reixnt, aany except Sunday
Pacific JuDction 2:4-) pin
iso'Jb. vestiouied exp, dally. Ilur
llnKton, Chicago and all
points east. Through train for
St. Louis and St. Sue 5:27 pm
o i. Local exp, daily. St Joe. Kan
sas City. St Louis. (Julc-aeo
all points east and south..
No 19. Local exp. daily, Omaha, Lin
coln. Denver and interme
diate stations
No "27. Local exp, daily, Omaha. ...
No 2H. Local freight, daily, ex Sun
day. Cedar treoK, jouis
ville. South Bena
No 7. Fastinail, dally, Omaha and
No 3. Vestibuled exu. dallv. Den
&:2: pm
7:39 am
lo nx am
i Ai am
2:22 pm
ver and all points in Colo
rado, Utah and California.
Grand Island, Black Hills.
Montana and Pacific N. W 3.2s pm
No l:t. Local exp, daily except Sun
day. Louisville. Ashland,
Wahoo, Schuyler :t 50 pm
No 11. Local exp, daily except Sun
day, Omaha and Lincoln.. 5-uO pm
Sleeping, dining and reclining chair ears
(seats free) on through trains. Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any uoint In the
United States or Canada.
For Information, time tables, maps and
tickets eull or write to
W. L. PICKETT. Agent,
Plaltsmoutb. Neb.
J. KKANCES. Gen. Pass. Ant..
Omaha. Neb.
No. i
No. 9
No. 121, local freight
No. 2
No. 122, iocal freight
No. 10
.L.tO a. m
.11.51 a.m
...4.04 p.m
10:4:i p m
. 7:M5 a m
4:01 D in
Arrival anil IJt-p.irture of Mil.
7:00 a. ni. Omaha and North. South on M. I.
7::4 " West, Kast and Soulli on Muriingt on.
7:40 " Omaha. Wci-t on U. P.
10:2rt "' Lincoln and iocal to Omaha.
10:45 -Schuyler, Kast on X. V.
11:55 " St. Lou, South on M. P.
2:20 p. m Last on B. !.. North on St. Paul
& S. C.
4:04 " Omaha, Kast on C. M. St. Paul and
R. I., also West on R. I.
5:00 " Omaha. West and South on li. ,1c M.
:10a. m Omaha. West on R. I. and Burlington.
rf:20 " South on Burlington.
10:05 Kast on Burlington.
n-30 Omaha. North on M. P.. West on
Elkhorn. North on St. P. Al. & O.
2:00 p. m Omaha, West on B. & M. and U. P..
North on St. P. & S. C. Kast on R.
I.. N. W . and C. M. & St. P.. South
on Wabash.
South on M. P.
West on Burlington. South on sub
branch M. P. Schuyler.
Omaha, East on Burlington, Went on
R 1
South on M. P.. West M . P. to Lin
coin. North on M. P. via Ixnii.tville.
Omaha. East and Soup on Bur I
llntftt-n. West on Uiirliritft ui we i
(A I
of itaxtiriKM.
The emi-Weekly News-Herald
HV 111
, ; '. i ! ' I i ! ' 1 !A .
I. -.. Al A Ks II A . Ju-inc-..- ji,.i..ifcci.
):i Yrol. in alTrn r 00
'h Mouth . . - io
Oil- WVrk, . . I'
Sing'' tJopiti "
(Inc Year, in advance, .... (I
Six Months
Ol any Cass County Paper. '
Fill DA Y. FUIUIUAIIY 18'.i.
'" Tt-lcptiom H
t'latt -mouth.
Owing to the change in the raanage-
IU.11 t Kit X 11 1..... w -J vv J....
.... .
hit money uue on suosurjpiion or oiuor
accounts bo paid as soon as possible,
All accounts are pay a bio to either C.
S. Polk or J. E. Marshall.
Till-: people will now use American
pineapples from Porto llico.
t'l- I w- r r ni.Al it llial it lrlll I 1 l.'a I U'li
11 1 -. - .i"-- ... .v .....
years to lay an Americin cable in
tho Pacific ocean. Congress should
set about tho work.
It is thought that the recent cold
we it her wrought great injury to tho
fruit crops in the south. It was not
far enough advanced in this part of the
country for the cold weather to do any
"I lo not prophesy," said the presi
dent in his latest speech. "Tho pres
ent is all-absorbing to me." Those who
are fondest of predicting the downfall
of tho country should try the patriotic
perfomanco of duty as an antidote.
1 1" A few of the numerous candidates
for United States senator could be in
duced to fellow the wise policy of ox
Governor Crounso there would bo
some hope of an cirly election. The
glamour of a complimentary vote
should have been dispelled iong ago.
Poli,AKI's bill establishing rules
and regulations for tho control of con
victs in the stato penitentiary is a
meritorious measure worthy of full
discussion. The extra expense to the
state would be small, and the good
that would result from it is unques
tionrd. Tiik First Nebraska regimen has
shown conspicuous gallantry in the
fighting at Manila and has won com
mendation for i'self from one end of
the country to the other. It wou d
have been an act of proper apprecia
tion of their services had tho leisl.i
ttire passed the relief bill killed in the
house verterdav.
FlEiti: is a pointed remark from the
president's address at Boston: "Many
who were impatient for the contlicl a
year ttgo, apparently heedless of it--larger
results, were the first to cry out
.'gainst the. far-reaching conseq uences
of ii.eir own act." Luckil" f r the
cooiihy thisc! tss, though peraiciously
aciivo. Is not large enough to spoil the
dcrtly a ui?n of considerable artistic
taste with an eye for the beautiful.
His expense account of-$l!8 for car
pets for his two little office rooms and
$3.50 for painting: two radiators, would
seem to indicate that he, like "Sock-
less" Jerry Simpson of Kansas, had
forsaken the straight and narrow path
of populism and shattered one of its
most cherished idols.
Thk time for discussing different
plans for the upbuilding of our mer
chant marine in the foreign trade has
passed by. The true friends of Ameri
can shipping will not divide upon poli
cies, since a plan has already received
the approval of the proper committees
in each branch of congress, a bill to
carry it into effect now hanging upon
the respective calendars of , each
branch of congress. All the enemies
of American shipping revivals will be
aligned against that bill the foreign
iohby will be doing its utmost to pre
vent its passage. In such a condition
no man can claim to be a friend of
American shipping and yet place him
self in the ranks of the opponents of
that bill. The enemy's camp is no
place for the real friends of American
shi pping.
Hon. J. Henxikek Heatox, one of
the best known members of the British
parliament, in a paper published in
the "North American Review," in
1S94, thus expressed his amazement at
the neglect of American shipping in
terests bv the government of tho
United States: "As a consequence of
refusing $5,000,000 a year in subsidies
during thirty years to native ship
owners, or $lo0,0(K),000 the United
Slates had to pay in the same pariod
no less than $3,000,000,000 for freights,
whiie their mercantile marine dwin
dlad into insignificance." But the
passage of the bill now upon theca'ea
dars of each branch of congress, favor
ably reported by the proper commit
tees, will correct the neglect thus
vividly stated, and, as a consequence,
the next thirty years will find the
United .States far on the way toward
reaeetnlne itself. That bill will give
us our proper rank in tho world, and
hi!o providing employment for our
people, strengthen the national de-1
i feufo, if it cccouies a law.
Tho proceedings of Dm SpinLh
corieson the dav of its new s-ts-
, fion 'evoil noth rig h'u ofa! for h.i'
Country Tt.e allie ii le .1 n if II-
d in: h, ' i d - t i i i i i i , i t i t
j liil: U fcJ I I i -S, i.ll I V l .1 1 1 ll )i . 1 1 1 ii lit 1 1 i . L j
'.'. rburi ty kv-i' clnr ; . iv 1 u- uf i t do-
I i ti fa t ii in - tt; Hi I' i
f.; lyuv A u Ii , i Li...
thfe tiinfiiry i fiii-dii
Deo Tho til It to -i'
to I In- I 'niti-d State,
'i'. OlU'tlt to 111- I-
1 1 : 1 1 i ,
t he 1 "h i I i pro in -i
tlllli'kt-ll be.Tltl-.e
n-.ri n t iisusl y d i.-
cu-i-ifd," tin." wild attack
f the (Join t
r j d:Almeiian, litteily coin ila i fi i n l lliat
llvo tnonth. had elapM.-d and i:ot ;i
i-iriyie t-i.cral had Iic-imi .-hot," ami
tho fairy tale of Sonor Annix, t fiat
I're-ident McKinh-y arranged the sur-
render of Santiago with the Madrid
cabinet ana telegraphed Shifter to
make a sham attack, are, all sad monu
ments to tVu) degeneration cf a count ry
i whence statesmanship stems to have
I taken permanent departure.
Tho most discourag ing foa tare jibout
the hituation is the attack on the
... . , .
Spanish generals who surrendercl to
. . . . .
American forcos. Count d'Almenas
'e peak 8 not for himseif alone, hut
voices what is probably popular sonti
! men t in Spain in his insisionco upon
I the execution of these generals. Home
iof llienii at lesst) will ,)0 f0Ptunatl. to
j escape the penalty ho advocates
iThHt tliese generals did not lack cciir-
1.2.1 ,
Hire nui niauo ine nesi rosistenee po:
j siblo in a bad cause, with the inade-
; qUHte means p-ovidee by an incapable
j governments known to all the world,
! save Spain. But the eyes of its alleged
, , ... . .
Matosmeu are so teaieu wnn me scales
of modiaevalism that they can preceive
only the disastrous fact of defeat, but
not the cause leading up to i'-. Were
the.-e causes laid b ai e enough infor
motion would come to light lo justify
a demand for the political dec ipila
tion of these statesmen. Yet no .-uch
information will be forthcoming and
the commanders of t he defeated Span-
i h foi ces will be made the scapegoats,
where not saved by political i a lii.eaee.
- -
If Great Britain e mid persuade Die
United Stales to repeal its legist ry
law. which excludes foreign ships
fi'.'in registered American ownership,
then it would be possible, in any
emergency, were it deemed accessary,
for British shipowner?, to temporarily
put their ships under our Hag if Km
land went to war v. i h any great or
strong maritime power. As American
property, whether nominally or
actually, they would be freo of confis
cation or capture, and the "mis'ress of
the sea" could concentrate her war
ships upon her enemy's most weak
point, leaving her shipping, under our
flag free of danger.
Situated like this. Great 15. Haiti
would he more ready to go to war,
since she would jeopardise little or
nothing if her merchant ships were
thus e.-.sily taken care of ai d without
the oroteeiioa c f British war.-hips.
The existence of her v.-iol merchant
shipping is at present a serious check
upon any war like tendencies the
i . . i . . , . , .
i.riii.sii may nave, ror tne peace 1
the world, therefore. Die present con
dition of our rcgi-try laws are worth
all that they cost, and much more.
If Senator Banna's shipping bill
should become a law, in a lew yea.s
tL;i: would bo no justification' what
ever for the suggestion of the free
registry of foreign-built ships, because
the operation of the Banna .'bill, as a
law, would redt.'co the cost of building
ships of war and of commerce in Die
United States to p rices lower than
they couid bo built for unywhere eise
in the wo Id. S long as "free ship."
means only Die purchase of Britisn
ships, the reason Britons clamor fo:
the removal of our registry laws is
clear. A few years of cheaper Ameri
can eteel shipbuilding would be a
splendid test of British sincrely. The
Hanna bill if enacted, would apply the
test. .
Tup. tepa'lican supreme court of
Kansas has declared tho iate extra
session of ex-Governor Leedy to have
been legal. This was ta have been ex
pected. Fven a populist governor can
not be robbed of tint prerogative,
since he, apparently, is the sole jadge
of the "extraot dinary "' occasion. How
ever, the decision cf the court does I
not excuse the senseless calling of re
pudiated populist legislators. A new
republican houe of representatives
had been elected by the people, and
most people will incline to the opin
ion Kansas would have remained in
existuuee during the four weeks inter
veiling between the special and regu
lar sessions without the a-si-tance of
these repudiated law-makers.
Dr. Sawyer's Little Wide Awake
Pills give purity ol body and vigor of
thought hv perfectly regulating the
bowels and curing biliousness.
U At-
liver and constipation. A.
1. 1 K tit from Sagnr.
A phenomenon, the cause of which
bas not yet been satisfactorily ex
plained, was described at the last
meeting of the British association.
Disks of loaf sugar were mounted on
a lathe and rapidly rotated while a
hammer played lightly against them.
An almost continuous radiation of
light was thus produced from the su
gar. It was shown that the light did
not arise from heating of the sugar,
and it is believed to he caused by
some change taking place in the su
gar crystals. The act of crystallization
is known to be sometimes accompanied
by flashes of light. The practical bear
ing of these experiments is on the
question of the possibility of obtaining
artificial light by methods as vet un
tried. Anyone desiring spring house clean
ing done would do well to call cn
j Telfer & Sheppad, on Vine street.
1 In- Town 1-t On y K lit Ycnrn OUI. ltut
Ih afiiii It pnlly.
M i-r dock, boul four in;!i from the
lh I' t v r. ml m ilii- I hi. aire.
Ho I I i d iV P-o Ii r ilv. , is a
handsome eli.' ht yi'Kr o! ! village, with
w i -1 . r ? : .n Uriel; and fri.ti.e buil.ii'g-,
i'.-it.'v :t-'.- hi.: tn:rii ti.y ino.iiu' i-n
I l.t- U-V 't f : t 1 ! i . I lie lltt.- tnwi: auii
ilifi 'irr'aKid iiu' ci-unlrv i-- developing
nid i 1 1 J . f . V i I) ; rapidly, and t he i I iz-li-
.-liip r.i-in-f cf,iell from t'. nn-ylvnnia ! he picks bnlt.-r and ehiprflotof prc
and Die Fatherland :.c o-- Die sea, j d ace. Ho handles Die D. V. Lnvallo
there U a tlirifi and a n rm incncv to
tiieir work,
('onrad W'i-
th i-i building a hand-
, ri(,m 1 lw, st 'T i chidonce, and Hei man
'Schmidt haa a nice enttatre on tho
way. August Denning is completing
an agricultural machinery house and
additions and improvements arc keep
ing hampers busy in Murdock.
The farmers are equally progressive.
Henry Timm is building a commodious
and attractive home, two ctnvies high,
measuring l(x:;2 with 10x20 wing and
kitchen hesides. Wesley Bird will
soon have a I ouso warming in an
elpgant new house Kx2 1, addition
12x14, and Charles Schneider is re
building ha'iis, and improving his
place generally, ami tho ow'look far a
hi s-pring lumber trad-- was never
more promising.
Murdock has a handsome echoo!
house, a coup e of elevators and a
j number of two story buildings, but it
1 needs a church and spire and
trees to
make it a beauty spot on th
Fight years ago Die Uev. L. Xeilzel
was looking in oat stubble and corn
s all-.s for the stakes which indicated
whore M u. dt cK was to be. His store
is now in the center of a busy town
with grand farms all around. lie is
in the Evangelic 1 association min
isti v atal sells hard ware and mt-chin-
j 'r.V oirector of the German bank
of Murdt ; ; ml a member of the M.
W. A.
F. Wolf, now retired from active
j bu-sincss, is a member of the lumber
j and grain tirm of Wolf & TVo'. He
i . . .....
came horn Viermanv in on ami nas
been a score of years it Nebraska!! .
11-) owns va 'liable properties in Madi
son and several buildings in Murdock.
K '!'. Tool came here seven years
ag.', and with some more men like
him this region would blossom as Die
rose. He is a Pennsyl vanian, was
builder and c.-n in. ctor and many
vents in the lumber business at Akley,
la. During the war he served sever
ally with t lie Or.e Hundred and Fourth
Pennsylvania, the One Hundred and
Seventy sixth Pennsylvania ai:d Die
Forly-i-ixl h Illinois regiments For
fourteen yiais ho mn secretary
of the Fountain Lodge, No. 2IM.
A. F. and A. M. at Akley, la.,
ami has a valuable gold fudge given
him by his b: other masons He is n!so
in Die M. W. A. and the Iowa Legion
of lloriO'- and he owns the best resi
de! ee in the p'ace. His on, A. J.
Totil, ims a busy harness shop and the
gral i lie . t'on of having customers from
town and country all around.
Many of the German farmers here
-ii o
remarkaiiiv well to do. l . II.
' . . ., a.-,,
maimer is (juoiou as worni s-ju,u h',
F Meekonhaupt, -o0.f00 and Arthur
Hiokli 2r, Odd and they are officers of
tho German bank, which has $7,0 )0
paid up capital, deposits $.!2.00:) and
undivided profits $J,2j."i.
The bank building is elegant for a
small town, and it is ab'.y managed by
ii. ii. Neilzei as cashier, who for ten
years was accountant witn tho Slucle-
bak.-rs of Couth Bend, Iod.
Frank Martin of Omaha has the best
business house here. 1 1, is an impos
ing two siory brick, contains about
$8,0o() worth of merchandise and does
an immense produce trade, at times
shipping $1,000 pounds of butter, 500
to Gf.'O pounds of poultry and as high
as 1,000 dt zen eegs a w eek. Mr. Mar
tin is a member of tho Marks Bros
Sadcielry company of Om ilia, the coal
firm of Marks iV. Johnson of Omaha
and a member of a banking house in
Ackley, la. His manager at Murdock
is ii. A. lool, who began as clerk in
1S01 and two yeaisago became buyer
and manager. He is only twenty
threo years t f age, but carries an o'.d
head on young shoulders. He wa
born in Aklev la., graduated at the
hiiib school there and at Lincoln
Business college and thus equipped,
rapidly attained promotion. Mr.
Tool has the clear head and snap to
him that argue welt as to his futuro.
He is ably assisted by George Leis,
a native son of this region, born about
two mile- from where Murdock is
Machinery, wagons aud buggies by
the carload lots tire coming immedi
ately after the cold snip let up and
C. A. F. Dehning is filling up his new
warehouse for tho '09 campaign. He
keeps up the tiDe of the firm Chris
Denning it Son, although his reverred
father went to his long home in "i'G.
Mr. Dehning says he was satisfied
with l;st year's trade which exceeded
$11,000, but expects to far exceed that
this yonr.
Ho has a handsom ; two story build
ing liked with hardw ire and has trace
from a dozen miles around, and is one
of tho stirrinsr young men of this busy
ThiAoung cetitleman was born in
Hamburg, Germany, and was brought
to this country in "72. He graduated at
the Omaha Business college and
clerked in biir houses in that city, and
became established here in 'o:i.
lie has been banker of the M. V.
A. and is in the front rank of all per
taining to enterprise and the town's
prosperity. Ho was county central
committeeman and is politically up to
the times.
A. Zabel has proven one of the most
successful business men in this part of
Cass county. He came from Germany
in lh69 and was engaged in coal min-
inp in Illinois and arrivod In thl.i
vicinity in 1SS2 and bought a farm and
raiicd porkcin cxieiiMivoly. He wad
attiactcd to l ol r.ido, t-o!d hi-n farm
aini hi-Vati mo' chandi-iinff in t he ml vtsr
wiiit -. In lHS'.t do camo li ck und
si- rii-.l bu iikp in a -. ah wtiere for
three years his annual fale were over
iii'.OUii. In lb92 h- bean ousinerti in
Muri'inck wnern tie hns a big two story
store witli $4.00i worth of jjood--, and
his A-hland Flour and Feed Exchange
ipj.roxiinau s ennl Ion a month and
Ctaj. unei y Separator nna i-old several
Ibis year and he i- an all around hust
ler. Mr. Zabel owns three, dwellings
and lots besides his business property,
is a M. XV. A. and a live citiz-Mi and
genial gontleman.
About fifteen months ago J. H.
Smith became an acquisition to Mur
dock and ho is a busy man. His Hour
exchange disposes of from six to eight
tons of Louisville Hoar por month. Ho
handles potatoes by the carload, apples
by tho carload, and buys about all
raised on Die farm including grain and
produce of every dfscription. He is
also proprietor of a general Racket
store with multifarious articles useful
and ornamental, and possos-sos the
attributes which makes the popular
business man.
Mr. Smith was born in Pennsylvania,
as many of the best citizens in this
region were, and from youth to mar.
J hcod he was a miller and knows what
j good Hour is.
j Murdock wants a Hour mill, a live
young doctor, a church or two and
otherwise has plenty of competition .
Glorious News
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile. of
Washita, I. T. Ho writes: "Four
bottles of Fleetric Bitters has cured
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had
caused her groat sullering for years
Terriblo sores would break out on her
head and face, and Die best doctors
could give no hoi p; but her ctre is com
plete and her health is excellent."
This shows what thousands have
proved, that Fleetric Bitters is the
best blood purifier known. Its the
supremo lemedy lor eczema, tetter
salt rncum, ulcers, boils, and running
sore-. It stimulates liver, kidney-' and
bowels, expels poisons, helps digo-tion
builds up the strength. Only ."Ocents
Soi l by F. C. Frieke iV- Co. d uggists
fju a ran teen.
The New Planet.
i ppr air. that the new planet, TJQ
is astronomers now call it, which at
::"i;s comes so near the earth, made
:re of the closest possible approaches
i IS-U: it is "hard luck." and just a
little surprising, that it was not dis
GViti! Dien, for it will not be again
.favorably placed until 1924. when for
...:. days it will be less than 14,000,000
.li.if s distant from the earth. In De
t -i..; i.-er. K'OO, it will come within about
.c niiO.uiMj miles, and in 1917 a little
loser. One of our American astrono
:ers suggests for it the name of Pluto,
wiiether the discoverer, who, ac-
d:;.g to accepted astronomical
s:!gc. has the right to name It, will
ceiii the suEEesiion remains to be
Lfngering Li Grippe Cough Cnrcil.
Mr. G. Vacher, 157 Osgood St., Chi
cigo. Aiy wite naci a severe case oi
La Grippe three years ago and it left
her with a very bad cough. The
tried a bottie of Foley's Honey and
Tar and it gave immediate relief. One
bottle cured her cough entirely. Now
we are never without a bottle of this
wonderful Cough Medicine in the
house." 25 and 50c. F. G. Fricke &
Congratulation in the West.
This is how the Salt Lake City Tri
oune felicitates a railway officer upon
his recent marriage: "A thousand
congratulations to Superintendent
Welby on his happy change of domes
tic state. May his car of life a ways
be a palace, safe ever on the guide rail,
smooth as though roses were the bal--last,
and happy as if there were no
such things in the world as competitive
rates. He now has a monopoly: may
he never lose his high appreciation of
that blessed privilege."
The Appetite of a Goat
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose stomach and liver are out of
order. All such should know that Dr.
King's New Life Pills, the wonderful
stomach and liver remedy, gives a
9plendid appetite, sound digestion and
a regular bouuy naoit maL insures
perfect health and great energy.
Only 25c, at F. G. Fricke & Co's drj?
tore. 4
Frightening: Yo1ven.
It is believed in Norway that wolves
are frightened away by telegraph lines.
On one occasion a village voted monev
to help in the construction of a line
passing near them for this reason
Djn't irritate jour lungs with a
stubborn cough when a pleasant and
effective remedy may be found in Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup. Price, 25
cents and 50 cents. F. G. Fricke &
Kusila Amusement Tax.
Russia has an "amusement tax."
which was instituted a year or two ago
to found an institution for the poor
under the title of the 'Empress Marie
Foundation." The tax is levied upon
every amusement ticket sold, and the
managers raise the price accordingly. !
Iterommended for La Urippe.
N. Jackson, Danville, III., writes:
"My daughter had a severe attack of
La Grippe seven years ago and since
then whenever she takes cold a terri
ble cough settles on her lungs. We
tried a great many remedies without
giving relief. She tried Foley 'a Honey
and Tar which cured her. Sbe has
never been troubled with a cough
since. 25c. F. G. Fricke &. Co.
The Ebinger Hardware company is
selling ekates at cost. Now 13 the
time to get your ska'es.
During the Battle of
ill, a rush
The Packers at the Battle of Santiago de
Cuba Were All Heroes Their Heroic
Efforts In Getting Ammunition and
Rations To the Front Saved the Pay.
P.E.Butler, of pack-tinin No. :i,
writing from Santiago do Cuba, on
July 23, says: "We all hud diarrhoea
in more loss violent form, and when
we landed wo had no time to son a
doctor, for it was a e iso of rush and
rush night and day to keep the trt ops
supplied with amunltion and rations,
but thanks to Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, we
were able to keep nl work and keep
our health; in fact, I sincerly believe
that at one critical timo this medicine
was tho indirect savior of our army,
for if tho packers had been unable to
work thorn would have been no way
of getting supplies to tho front. There
were no roads that a wagon train
could use. Mv comrade and myself
had the good fortune to lay in a sup
ply of this medicine for our pack-train
before we left Tampa, and 1 know in
four cases it absolutely saved life."
The above letter was written lo the
manufacturers of this modioli. o, the
Cnamberlain Medicine Co., I e
1 Moias, Iowa. For sale hv all druggists.
Ked Spectacle for Seuiiickii-H.
Bright red spectacles, accompanied
bv internal doses or calomel, lorm a i
new German specific against seasick
ness. It is deduced from Epstein's in
'estigations on the influence of color
on the biood vessels in the brain. .Sea
sickness is due to lack of blood in
the brain, while red sends blood to
the brain with a rush. By looking at
one point for some time through the
red glasses, the patient is cured rad
ically. Happy is tao man or woman who
can eat a good hearty tnoal Without
suffering afterward. If you cannot, do
it, take Kodol Dyspepsia cure. It
digests what you oat. and cures al!
forms of dyspepsia and i nn i l' es' ion.
F. G. Fricko tt Co.
A In in inn in In India.
Within tire past year aluminum has
been introduced in India for the manu
facture of cooking utensils employed
by the native inhabitants. The ex
periment was b :, at Madras, and it
is reported that ti.e native metal-workers
have readily substituted aluminum
for copper and brass, while refusing to
change the traditional shapes which
for generations have been given to
their utensils. They insist on genuine
hand work, and some of them have de
veloped much skill in manipulating
the new metal.
Are you restless at night, ar.d
harassed by a bad cough? Use Hal
lard's Horehound Syrup, it will se
cure you sound sleep, and effect a
prompt and radical cure. Price, 25
cents and 50 cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Tobacco Law in Norvrny.
Norway has recently enacted a law
forbidding the sale of tobacco to
youths under 16 without signed or
ders from. adults. Tourists who offer
cigarettes to youths render themselves
liable to prosecution, while the police
are empowered to confiscate the plpe3,
cigars and cigarettes of youths who
smoke in public streets, a fine for the
offense being likewise opposed, which
may be anywhere between 2 shillings
and 5.
There is nothing mysterious in the
wonderful cures effected by Dr. Saw
yer's Wild Cherry and Tar. You get
the benefit of an eminent physician's
prescription for all throat and lung
diseases A. W. At wood.
Newest ghadm for Electric Lights.
A novelty in shades for electric
lights turns out to be a big cluster of
silk rhododendrons, In crimson, deep
pink and ruby red. According to the
New York Commercial Advertiser, such
tt cluster hides the bulb completely and
is made safe from combustion by a
fireproof lining. Roses, hydrangeas
and hawthorn are utilized for Die .same
purpose. Ornamental bronze figures
re made to hold branches, vinp.s and
reeds, specially mounted tor eleerric
t lights, each light having a flora! shade.
Tabler's Buckeye Pile Ointment is
no panacea, but is recommended for
piles only. These it will cure. Price
50 cents in bottle-; tubes, 75 cents. F.
G. Friclce & Co.
x Mranee Funeral CnatontK.
In an interesting history of his par
ish, the Kev. James Murray of K-i
malcolm, Renfrewshire, mentions tha j
"amid the enjoyments of the peoph j
we must not fail to notice ftinera'.s.' j
ana ne cans attention to a cunou
custom which was prevalent in con
nection with them. It appears
sieve containing clay pipes, filled wir!. !
tobacco, was handed round just bfoi J
the cortege started. Then the mou. : I
ers smoked, and when the klrky.i:;
was reached, as the grave was tn-he. j
filled, each stepped solemnly f-ji v. . i
and cast his pipe "amang the moo' - ' j
Jotc-s anil 'Jueries.
U. Presson, Pre-son ville, Kan.,
writes J m. i-5, 1809: "Ship order at
once, only have one bottle left."
"Nothing liKe Foley's Honey and Tar"
is the universal verdict of all who
have used. Especially has this been
true of coughs accompanying and suc
ceeding la grippe. Not a single bottle
failed to give almost immediate relief.
Everybody recommends it. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
The News oilice is the best equipped
job office in Cass county. First class
work done on short notice.
NEW : AI)VL:a!,Sf:vU",fiT.S
BP Vour Own Boss i7,i-m'!iY,7,::''
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ana !!... t
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M . .i.i.h
I a-, k I-, n.
i f-Aii. bAl-!AM
I ?v vr:;':
Dyspepsia Curo,
Digests what yon cat.
It artificially digest st lie food and aids'
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted tligeslivo or
gans. 1 1 is the latest, discovered (i ige-t-antand
tonic No other preparation
can nimroaoli it in efficiency. It in
I stantly relieves and permanent ly cum -;
Dyspepsia, J iKllgOsi ton, man i om o,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sicklleadaolio.Gast laltfiii.Cininps.and
ail other resulm-f imperfect dige , iou.
Prepated by E. C DeV.'Ht & Co.. C:)t.;oo-
F. G. FKM 'K ) c. CO.
Best Reached in Through. Cars
by Louisville & Nashville R. R.
H7;7.' f,tf Itifrni.itiori
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is prepared better than ever
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Pi General Livery Business
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county. Low prices arid court
eous treatment assure.;.
rial 1s men! Ii. .Wiiikn.
Rates SI and S1.50 oer 0?u
Centrally Located arm Corn
fortnbiy F'rrnisued.
Heading Rooms and Mspensiry ,
l)re Huitding, riattsi!i.i(i!!i, Nib.
'':'"' ' !' ' f -. t mi 7 i i.
r ;
?r vy 5 'i 'if-.
i v." - d
"-itU y r ,;-f''J
Rotary Motion and
Ball Bearings.
Cures kidney and liver diseases
(m lot-da
1 1 mii i iii u -ULJJJj w .11 " " '
- ., -.r'vVil-. .
coi A BEST