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;!.!!'' 'P'. 'tal)ll,-tl SOY. 5, 1MI . , ,.: . J .
i tn-. il l.l. -.MtiiMlHlji April 10, ISO I. f """uuniru j au. J,
VOL. VIII. NO. 32.
I W I Tl
Insurgents Harass American Lines
All Along the Frort.
Tln-y ,M,ikr k !( t' ! Atturk IS-r
( itlfMK'iin, Itut Were Soon t lir-k-tl (y
i:iTi-ilvi- IMiiHktlry hikI Artillery Hre
From Ami riran Troop Many Kirett In City.
Manila, Fob. r, 05 p. m. With
(lu y 1 ti t this morning the one my com-numce-d
worrying taeties at various
part- of the Aiiieiiean lit.o, apparently
for tin- purpose of w i thd ra winj,' atten
tion from (i tl.i i i s i ;bido t tie c:ty .
An attempt was made to rush
tin ou;:li ( in- extremu loft near Caloo-
an. Put it was promptly cheeked by a
hot and e fb-ct i vo mu.-ketry and'-ry
lire. la the meantime binall
bodies of i d els, evidently some of
thus: engaged la?,t night ill the
cowardly work at Tonde, sp:oad out
between tin- city and outposts. 10 very
available man win .sent to drive them
away, with the ioult that there was
desultory bring all the morning.
From 8 to lu:,"o a. in. the United
States dou ble-tu rreted monitor, Mon
udnook, j .iuod in the etiL'ageraont,
hurling ten-inch :hells over tho
American lines into bodies of tho
enemy as indicated by tho signal
corps. Si) far our c. is-ualties aro one
man killed and ten men wounded.
At 11 o'clock there wero sharo en
gagements at the Chinese cemetery
and at San l'edro Macati almost
simultaneously, but tho artillery tiro
from toth positions drove tho enemy
From the high towers of the city
tires can ho seen burning at a dozen
different points outside. Some of these
are probably due to tho Monadnock's
It is currently reported that the ua-
tives have threatened to burn Kscolatu
and the walled city tonight.
Scores of rebels havo been arrested
in the Tondo district. A band of sixty
rebels having two carl oads of arms and
accoutrements was captured in a house.
l&usiuess is temporarily suspended.
Washington, fob. 'J.'l. General
Otis today cabled the war department
as follows:
Manila, Feb. 2:. Adjutant Gen
eral, Washington: Determined ef
forts to burn city last night. Build
ings t'rod in three different sections of
city. Firo contro.led by troops after
severe labor. A considerable number
of iucendi iries shot and a few soldiers
wounded. Early this morning a' large
body f insugents made a demonstra
tion oft McAi thur's front, near Caloo
can, and wero lepulsed. The loss of
piomporty by tiie last night probably
A) .1,0(10. Otis.
lurfrw Oril'mmire of Otis.
Manila, Feb. :!:. 5:;5 p. m. Major
General Olis today issued a general J
o.-der directing all the inhabitants of
Manila until otherwise ordered to con
fine themselves to their homes after 7
o'clock in the evening, wnen the
streets w i;l be cleared by the police
The g nor . 1 also warns incendiaries
and suspects that they will bj s-everely
dealt with if discovered in any local
ity. Extraordinary p 'ceaulions have
been taken for the suppression of
further trouble which is threatened to
take place in the tv.ty tonight. But it
is generally believed last night's ex
perience will effectively quell the dis-"
turbi ng element.
Fire has been burning in tho Tondo
district all day and has been dealing
the residents out of many houses in
the cut-kirts, from which the enemy
previously firel on,the Americans. A
clt 11 i of smoke hovered over the city
today, conveying tne impression to
the people about the bay and in the
outside districts that the whole city is
The rebels between the city and the
ou'-po-ts ate being smoked out this
afternoon and driven towards the
beach. Sharpshooters at various parts
of the line are very annoying, but
otherwise there has been no further
excitement since tho frustration of the
morning's at tack.
Lieutenant Eugene S. French of
Company L, First Montana volunteers,
and Private Oscar Fulton of Company
C, South Dakota volunteers, were
killed and two other Dako',ans were
wou nded.
Start t I5y American Shells.
Paris, Feb. 23. Agents in this city
of the Filipinos have received news
from Iloilo saying that the outbreak
of fire there was not the work of the
natives, but was started by tho Ameri
can shells.
When the attack commenced, the
Filipinos added, the foreign residents
wete endeavoring to persuade General
J.oiez. the Filipino commander, to
submit, as lloilo was not forlfied and,
therefore, was not in a position to
resist the American attack.
The whole commercial quarter at
Iloilo. it appears, was destroyed with
four-fifth of the rest of the town.
Finally, the Filipinos pay, the for
eign residents met, resolved against
the bombarding and resolved to put in
London, Feb. 23. The F.lipino
agent in London has received a mes
sage from Agoncillo saying he is com
ing to Europe in order to enlist the
sympuhiesof European governments.
Story of IlolIo'B Evacuation.
Berlin, Feb. 23. Tho Cologne
Gazette today publishes extracts from
u private letter dated Iioilo, January
12, saying that prior to tho conclusion
of peace, Lietenant Krandeis, formerly
of the Twenty-flrht Baden dragoons,
with 80) Spanish troops, held tho
town against 20,000 to 20,000 Filipinos.
When peace was concluded, the let
tor nays, Brandeis informed the
Americans that ho would hold Boilo
fur another twenty-four hours. But it
appears that as no Americans arrived
Brandeis finally evacuated the place
and two days later the Filipinos
formed a republican government.
Relative to tho incident between
the commander of tho Irene and the
Filipinos the letter says the Filipinos
who wero watching closely to prevent
tho Americans from forcing the en
tranco of tho river flopped and
searched boats from tho Irene and a
German officer immediately landed
and demanded an explanation. The
Filipino president thereupon apologi.d
and promised satisfaction.
Tho Americans, the writer s lys,
scrutinized all tho movements of the
Germans with great suspicion and one
in li ning the commander of tho United
States cruiser Baltimore boarded th.c
Irene, just as tho Germans were man
ning a boat, and warned tho German
commander that Iloilo was L'niied
Slates territory.
Itrokrt IIIh I.pit.
From Thursday's Daily.
Lincoln Pettit, i young man about
tweuty-one years of age, living on tho
Morgan farm west of town, met with
an unfortunate accident today which
resulted in a broken leg. Ho was
driving a team hitched to a wagon.
when tho horses became frightened at
soma object and ran away, throwing
Mr. Pettit out of tho vehicle. The
unfortunate man was taken to his
home, and Dr. Schildknecht summoned
immediately. It was found that his
left leg was broken below the knee,
and the injury was verv oainful. The
physician set tho broken limb, and at
last accounts Mr. Pettit was getting
tt loner nicely.
m-rtiiue Violently Ionmie.
Last fall there camo to this city a
man and woman oa a flat or houseboat
giviog their names as Mr. and Mrs.
Conrad Faber. The woman was taken
sick, and for months was cared for by
the ladies of the city. She was after
wards taken to tho county infirmary,
where a short time since she became
violently insane. A few days since
she proceeded to smash up everything
out there, and before she was re
strained was quite successful, and it
required quite a number of wiidcw
lights toreplace those that she broke.
She will be examined today for in
sanity, and will probahly be sent to
the asylum at Lincoln. Nebraska City
Rapid Increase In the Number of
In Recent Tears.
Peeing that the peerage is a class
that ought to be honored and respected.
the Osaka Mainchi considers it a pity
that in several instances members of
the privileged class have acquitted
themselves in such a way as to bring
disgrace upon themselves, says the
Japan Weekly Times. The journal fears
the cases cited will increase in propor
tion to the multiplication of peers. Ac
cording to our contemporary there are
at present 719 noble families in Japan,
against a total number of 8,400,000 fam
ilies. Notwithstanding this insignifi
cant ratio in comparison with the total
families in the empire the number of
the aristocratic families shows a strik
ing rate of increase. When the peerage
law was first enforced, in 1884, the
nobles were estimated at 509 families.
It Is therefore clear that 210 families
have been added during the last four
teen years. Although this large addi
tion is due to the creation of a num
ber of new peers in recognition of ser
vices rendered by them in connection
with the late war with China, the fu
ture tendency to increase can easily be
anticipated. The journal reluctantly
declares that the multiplication of the
nobility will involve an increase of
peers unable to maintain the dignity of
the exalted class. The daimio (former
feudal lords) nobles are placed in such
circumstances as are favorable to keep
up their dignity, being relat ely well
off and supported by their 'ormer re
tainers. But on, the other hand, the
kuge (former court nobles) or other
nobles are continually subject to in
fluences threatening their corruption
and degeneration. In order that a
wholesome moral tone be preserved
among the nobility of this country the
Osaka Mainichi proposes that the au
thorities should adopt the following
provisions: (1) That if a nobleman
fail to recover the credit he has lost
by his unworthy conduct, the title
should not be allowed to pass to his
heir. (2) That if a newly created peer
decline to make the honor successive
puch request shall be accepted. Fur
ther, the journal suggests that the cus
tom to elevate a worthy man to the
peerage when he is on his deathbed
should be abolished and that the dis
tinction should be conferred at a time
when he Is still able to appreciate it
and decide whether the honor should
or should not be inherited by his pos
terity. It is to be understood that our
Osaka contemporary recommends the
measure as a means of purifying the
patrician atmosphere, not because the
nobles only are the protectors of the
Imperial household which would be
in absurd and antiquated notion but
because the future of the nobility in
spires the journal with uneasiness.
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets re
moves that cause that produces La
Grippe. The genuine has L. B. Q. on
each Tablet. 25c.
Atembers are Royally Entertained
at the Home of Airs. Dovey.
Mm. Harbour, Nlnle Orjuiizt-r, In I'reneut
Hiul Vlt-MM Initiatory Work-Slarriuge
of Kliurr Vounkrr nl MUit Cora Joii
Otlit-r Local Il.tppt-iilug'i of Intt rtst
to "Ncwn" Keaur
From ThursJay's Dally.
Tho I. E. O. ladies gave a barquot
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Gecrgo
Dovey last evenintr, which was a very
inteiesting affair. Mrs. B.trbour of
II irvard, the ttate organizer, wan
present and tho initiatory work was
gone through with for her bonetit.
Nearly every member in tho city
anout thirty-five war. present, despite
the co'd weather.
Mis. Edith Patterson favoied tho
guests with a vocal solo, which was
highly enjoyed, and Mrs. Barbour and
Miss Florence Kichardson played
beautifully on tho piano.
An elegant supper was served, the
tables being decorated with cut Mow
ers, and altogether tho affair was ono
of the most pleasant of the season.
Elmer T. Vounker and Miss (,'jra
Jones were united in marriage last
evening at tho home of the bride's
piretits in South Park, Kev. Dungan
of the Christian church officiating.
Tho bride is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. G. J. Jones and has been a resi
dent of this city for miny years and
has a large number of friends. Tho
groom is a joung man of exemplary
hnbits and has lived in Plattsmouth
and vicinity since childhood. The
young couple will make Plattrmiuth
their home. TlIK Nkv.'s extends b.-st
wisbe-i for their future happiness.
Kzpert Operates on Twenty-Four Ani
mals a Day.
A Mexican mining company which
owns 200 mules keeps a dentist on its
staff simply to look after the mules'
teeth. One of Mr. Mule's amiable
weaknesses Is the habit of bolting his
food, which frequently causes dyspep
sia or other diseases. This bolting of
his food is not caused by a desire to
hasten his meal, but because his mo
lars, or back teeth, having more work
to perfori . than his front teeth, wear
away in the course of a few years and
become much shorter than the front
ones, thus allowing the food to pass
into the stomach without being prop
erly masticated. In cases of this kind
the incisors, or front te&th, have to he
filed down an eighth or a quarter of
an inch. The molars of a mule are
threo and a half inches in length,
ivhilo tho Incisors measure two and
a half inches, and, judging from his
signs of pain, the nerves are as sensi
tive as those of human beings. An
expert dentist operates on twenty-four
mules a day. The extracting instru
ments are from two to three feet in
length, and the entire case of instru
ments weigh fully fifty pounds. The
teeth of every mine mule are exam
ined and treated, if necessary, once or
twice a year.
KlOO Reward SIOO.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all its
stacres, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the medic&l
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength by build
ing up the constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they otfer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it lails to cure.
Send tor list ol testimonials.
Address. K.J, HE.v'EY &Co., Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists 7oc
Hall's Family fills are the best.
To Preserve Plants.
b'alt hay is used In wintev for cov
?ring various kinds of plants that grow
rlose to the earth. It has a long staple
and it serves this purpose well. Straw
with long staple is still used for bund
ling up plants and shrubs having
?talks. Salt hay is used in cemeteries
to cover up ivy-clad graves. The ivy
is thus kept in better condition than if
It were left exposed to the blasts and
the cold of winter. The brown hay is
laid lengthwise upon the grave in a
covering of uniform thickness all dver
it. which is held in place by bent rod3
?ett!ed down upon it at intervals, hoop
like, and with their ends in the ground
on either side.
As the season of the year when
pneumonia, la grippe, sore throat,
coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and
lung troubles arc to be guarded
against, nothing "is a fine substitute,"
will "answer the purpose' or is "just
as good" as One Minute cough cure.
That is the one infallible remedy for
all lung, throat or bronchial troubles.
Insist vigorously upon having it if
"something else" is offered you. F.
G, Fricke & Co.
The Mitter-of-Fart tilrl.
In the county of Wieklow lies the
picturesque vale of Avora, famous in
song. Here is the confluence of two
rivers, the Avonmore and Avonberg,
which bears the name of "The Meeting
of the Waters." Two British tourists
chanced to meet at this spot a girl
bearing a pitcher of water, of whom
they inquired the name of the river.
"The Meeting," was the prompt reply.
"Oh! we know thit," quoth th- tour
ists. "But what river is it what name
do you call it by?" "Och!" said the
girl, "I never call it at all; it always
comes of itself." From the spectator.
Ilefore the di?-covery of One Minute
cough cure, ministers were greatly
disturbed by coughing congregations.
No excuse for it now. F. G. Fricke &
(lve the ChlMrrn a Drink
called Grain O. It is a delicious, no- j
petizing, nourishing f jt d drink totake
tho pin co of coffee. When properly
prepared it tastes like the finest cof
fee but is fte; from all iti injurious
properties. Grain-O a'ds digestion
and strengthens tho nerves. It is not
a stimulant fur a health builder, hiid
chiidicn, as well as adults, can drink
it with great benefit. Costs about one
fourth as much as coffee. 15 and 2jc.
at grocers.
Tower DU-
Inittauces of
!:&? eil.
Among the many accidents which
are on record one of the most notable
is that of the explosion of fifty-five
tons of bla.sting gelatine which was
being unloaded from a railway train
at Iiraarafontcin, 200 yards west of
Johannesburg, in South Africa, on
Feb. 19, 1S!G, and which was exploded
by an end-on collision. The result of
the explosion of this enormous quan
tity of one of the most powerful ex
plosives used was to produce, says
Crosier's Magazine, a crater 200 feet
long, 05 feet wide and 30 feet deep in
soft ground; or, taking a cubic foot of
earth as weighing 100 pounds, the su
perficial explosion of this fifty-five tons
of explosive gelatine excavated about
20,000 tons of soft earth. Besides this
there was a total destruction of all
buildings within a radius of 330 yards,
while from that distance to C60 yards
all the buildings were shattered, and
the roefs were battered in up to about
1,000 yards; but all these buildings
were built chiefly of corrugated iron
and mud, and therefore were of a most
unsubstantial character. On the other
hand, we have in the United States
the blowing up of the Hudson river
Palisades at Fort Lee in 1S93. when
the explosion of two tons of dynamite
placed in a chamber in the rock,
brought down 100,000 tons of rock; the
bla.sting at the Dinorwic quarries,
Lamberts, in the same year, when two
and one-half tons of gelatine-dynamite
placed in chambers in the dike over-
threw 180,000 tons of rock, and the de-
structlon of the famous Talcen Mawr
in 1S03. when seven tons of powder
poured into two shafts dislodged a
mass of rock computed to weigh from
125,000 to 200,000 tons. From tlVg we
find that the dynamite on the inferior
at Fort Lee was over forty tinl$- as i
efficient as the explosive gelatihe.'on j
the surface at Johannesburg, while the !
powder at Talcen Mawr was over
forty-two times as efficient. It is '
hence not surprising that the super- '
ficial explosion of the 300-pound charg- j "Why, half from the top or s is 0. and
es of gun cotton thrown by the Vesu- balf of 5t sidewas is 3!"
vius guns at Santiago during the late J
war between the United States and" The niece of Fu.sY Agitation.
Spain produced no serious structural j All the emissaries from foreign lands
damage and simply harassed the ene- ' who come to the United States on a
my by their frightful reports, which ; questionable errand are careful to
occurred at infrequent intervals and ' bring with them a correct map or the
unexpected times. j 6hortest route to Canada.
or the Same Class.
"You," said the sentimental boarder, I
"are n person who would carp at the i
lovely butterfly." "Ycu get that idea," j
said Asbury Peppers, "from my ocea-
sioaai hiciv;iiij ai lue gruo. cincin
nati Enquirer.
The Voice of Wisdom.
iTays Epictetus Only the thing3
which are within jour will concern
you. Those outside the power of your
will are not yours. Therefore let them
alone and be untroubled.
t.rain O" Urines Keliff
to the coffee drinker. Coffee drinkine
is a habit that is universally indulged
in and almost as universally injur
ious. IInve you tried (irain-O? It is
almost like coffee but the effects are
just the opposite. Coffee upsets the
stomach, ruins tho digestion, elTect3
the heart and disturbs the whole ner
vous system. Grain O tones up the
stomach, aids digestion and strength
ens the nerves. 15 and 25c. per pack
age. Will Erect a Tablet to O lal 4toue.
Arrangements are being made for
the erection of a tablet to the mem
ory of Gladstone on the house in Rod
ney street, Liverpool, in which he was
born. The work is being undertaken
by the Historic Society of Lancaster
and Cheshire, to whom the necessary
permission has been granted by the
possessor of the residence.
What a Prominent Kentuckian Says.
W. I,. Yancy, Paducah, writes: "I ;
had a severe c ise of kidney disease
and three of the best physicians of
southern K-.ntucky treated me with
out success. 1 was induced to try
Foley's Kidney Cure. The first bottle
gave immediate relief and three bot
tles cured me permanently. I gladly
recommend this wonderful remody."'
F. G. Fricke eS: Co.
A Call for ail At la. j
An elderly lady, well dressed and i
with an air of good breeding stood in 1
the postofnee lobby and looked around
irresolutely. She held an envelope in
her hand, and her helpless look at
tracted the attention of a young wom
an. "Are you looking for a place to
drop your letter?" the young woman'
asked. "Y-yes," replied the lady
"Here's the place,'' said the young
woman, and she pointed to the slo'ts
labeled "East," "West" and "City." bit.
still the lady hesitated. "Thank you,"
she said. She looked about her. Then
she leaned forward towards the young
woman and in a low whisper asked: "is
San Francisco east or west?" Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Faults of digestion cause disorders
of the liver, and the wh lie- system te
comes derang d. Ilerbins perfects
the process of digestion and assimila
tion, und thus m ikes pure bljod. Price
50 cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
DolngM of tliti ur- Will It-
Wntche.l Willi tirfut lnterxt
'.Everybody is inteie-ted in the work
of the lawmakeis now in f-ession :.! N-
brakaa capital, n in 1 '. h" ni way t'
keep posted on their move men !P is t
subset ibe for a Lincoln paper. I be
State Journal prints th futl puree. I
ings of the lcgi-lature and gives u
concise report of all other happenings
all over the world. It contains more
Nebraska news th:wi any other paper
in the state. For its Sunday issue it
has a corps of the best writers tho
country alfoi ds.
The Journal a:d Tilt: Kvkninc;
Nkws are furnished to Plattsmouth
subscribers for the small sum of 120
cents a week. Tin: Nkws contains all
the local happenings of the day, and
the two papers make a coinbit alioti no
ono can afford to overlook. A trial
subscription will convince you.
Order by telephone No. So or call at
the office of Tun Nkws.
Wander from Their Original Mean luff.
Words often have a way of wander
ing off from their original meaning
that, while sometimes very puzzling,
is also very curious and interesting.
Who. for instance, would imagine that
our word "book" had anything to do
with a beech-tree? And yet it comes
direct from the Anglo-Saxon hoc, a
beech tree, because the wood of that
tree was used by our ancestors for
writing-tablets before the Invention of
paper. In the same wayour word
"code" Is derived, through the Latin
"codex," from caudex, the stem or
trunk of a tree, because the Romans
used for wrlting-tabletri thin wooden
plates covered with wax. In fact, the
vegetable kingdom has played an im
portant part in our literary vocabulary
paper, as you know, being named
; from the Egyptian plant papyrus, that
j long furnished the ancients with their
: principal writing material; while our
"library," like the Latin liber, a hook,
is from liber, meaning the inner bark
of trees, one of the earliest writing ma
terials used by the Romans.
Not to He ""K'1 That Way.
"Tommy," said the teacher, "how
many is the half of eight?" "On top
or sideways?" asked Tommy. "What
do you mean by on top or .sideways?"
lie Fooled the Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton,
of West Jefferson, O.. aftr su'Jerinfr
18 months frcm Rectal Fisuln, he
woul(J dio unl,3,s a cotlv operation was
performed; but he cured himself with
: five bottles of Bvicklen's Arnica Salve,
the surest Pile cure on earth, and the
best Salve in the world. 25 cents a
box. S IJ by F. G. Frickc & Co.. drug
gists, i
The Yeir 1810 IJore Notalili-.
The year 1S10, in which the late
duke of Northumberland was born,
seems to have produced a long-lived
race, for there still remain four peers
who date their birth from it Lord
Tankerville, Lord Gwydjr, Lord Max
borough and Lord Armstrong.
I iieiual Klght.
She Do you believe that men and
women will ever have equal rights in
this country? He No; I don't believe
the time will ever come when one man
will be permitted to occupy room
enough for two in a street car with
out a row. Cleveland Leader.
Children who are troubled with
worms are pale in the face, fretful by
spells, restless in sleep, have blue
rings around their eyes, bad dreams,
variable appetite, and pick the nose.
White's Cream Vermifuge will kill
and expel these parasites. Price 25
cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
A Dainty I)ih.
A chafing dish dainty served at a
recent Sunday night tea was chopped
little neck clams salted in a little but
ter. Just before they were iraly to
serve two or three eggs were brok-'-u
into the brazier and the mixture tossed
lightly with a fork until the eggs had
cooked to the consistency of a soft
scramble, when it was turned on: on
squares of tcast. a little rarrha s; rin
kled over It, and the dish served. Nw
York Evening Post.
Frequently accidents occur in the j
household, which cause burn
sprains and bruises. For use in such
cases Ballard's Snow Liniment has for
many years been the constant favorite
family remedy. Price, 115 cents and
50 cents. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Dog' laltor.
A dog's tailor flourishes in Paris.
This tailor is a woman, and in her reception-rooms
Prince Bowwow has
rugs, water bowls, and biscuit jars to
refresh him during the trying-on proc
ess. Here are the daintiest water
color pattern books to choose from,
and anything from sealskin to chamois
Is provided.
If you have a cough, throat irrita
tion, weak lunrs. piin in the cheit,
difficult breathing, croup or hoarse
ness, let us suggest One Minute cough
cure. Always reliable and safe. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Si . .
Qui ok
1 i
5 V
4 V
TlIE NeV. lias the
injr oflkv in (Juss c'nuntv
of a job f jifintin on
specialty of Law I 'tic Is
For SaU- IilN and
we have tin- prope r tvpc
iC A A, Cm t i 1 t T .
, .JJ ...
hflliT heads. Note heads, liill head-. State
ments. Knvc-lopes, and all kind- ol ( 'onniieivia 1
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The News Printery
No. :5 Main Street l'LATTSM M'TII
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F. G. Fricke & Co.
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Don't Btiy Base Burners at
any prices when you can get a
Furnace in your house complete
S50 UP
and Guaranteed by
South Sixth Street, -
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Prints More County News
Than Any Other Cass
county Paper.
Continue to do a leading business in Fancy
and Staple Groceries. Because they carry
an immense stock, buy for cash and seii at
low prices. Everything good to eat of Best
Quality. Call and try us.
Corner of Sixth and Pearl Streets,
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- Plattsmouth, Neb.
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Plattsmouth. ft'eb
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